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Another World Transcript Tuesday 4/13/04

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Jason: Coffee hot?

John: Yeah, it's right over here. Sorry you had to sleep on the couch last night.

Jason: Didn't make any difference.

John: Jase, if I'd known that you're coming over, I'd have had the staff fix up the guest wing, but you know how that is.

Jason: Are you always this funny that early in the morning?

John: No, not usually. I think your personality inspires mirth.

Jason: What?

John: Jason, you got a whole house. Why'd you choose this boat to sleep on last night?

Jason: All of a sudden, that house doesn't seem much like a home.

John: Oh.

Jason: Can't figure Jamie out. How could Steve have a son who's so --

John: Stubborn? That runs in the family.

Jason: No, see, it doesn't. You and me -- we're going to be Frame Construction whether Jamie wants it or not.

Felicia: What --

Felicia: Oh, great. I'm going to kill them. Matthew -- I am going to kill them. What is this? Wait, I shouldn't pick this up. I'll let them do it. What am I doing? Let them --

[knock on door]

Felicia: Ok, ok. I'll explain. I'll -- I'll explain. Lisa, honey! You're back!

Lisa: Yes!

Felicia: Oh, I'm so glad to see you!

Lisa: Oh, me, too.

Felicia: Did you have fun?

Lisa: It was beautiful. Oh, Felicia -- oh, thank you so much. It was great.

Felicia: You're welcome, you're welcome. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that.

Lisa: Oh, I wish you'd been there.

Felicia: I wish I had, too.

Lisa: I brought lots of presents.

Felicia: Did you?

Lisa: Yes.

Felicia: That's my good niece. Good, good. Oh, let me have this. Here, here.

Lisa: Just stick it in a closet if it's going to be in the way.

Felicia: No, no, no, no, it's not that. I just thought you would go to your apartment first.

Lisa: Well, I thought about it, but then I thought maybe Jamie would be there, you know, and --

Felicia: Oh, yeah.

Lisa: I -- all I did was leave him a note when I left. I didn't call or write or anything, and he probably doesn't understand.

Felicia: No, no, actually, he doesn't.

Lisa: You've seen him?

Felicia: Yeah.

Lisa: He's angry?

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Oh, boy.

Felicia: Yeah. Listen, come on in, come on in. Don't mind the room. It's this new kind of decorating I'm doing. I just haven't come up with a name for it yet.

Lisa: Ooh, Felicia, this isn't you.

Felicia: No, but it's very much Matthew.

Lisa: Matthew?

Felicia: Oh, and Kevin. Yes, they're living with us for the time being.

Lisa: Maybe I should just go. You've got a lot on your --

Felicia: No, no, please don't go.. Please. I mean, I love them, but I have been knee-deep in Mitch's family since you left, and I could really use the companionship of another Grady. Please don't go.

Lisa: Oh, ok.

Felicia: Oh, thank you, thank you. Come on, help me get this thing off of here.

Lisa: Ok, I'll try.

Felicia: It's very, very heavy. Now -- now don't strain. Ooh -- you see what I mean? See? We got it, we got it.

Lisa: You all right?

Felicia: It's all right. The neighbors probably hate us, but it's all right. Sit down. All right, I'll order us some breakfast.

Felicia and Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Give me that.

Lisa: Uh, so he's really angry, huh?

Felicia: Yeah, but he'll get over it now that you're back.

Lisa: If I'm back in time.

Vicky: Hi, this is Victoria Hudson. I'm calling to inquire about a patient that's on your floor. It's a little boy. His name is Mikey. He's leaving today? Oh, yeah, yeah. Ok. Thank you. Oh. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up.

Jamie: That's ok.

Vicky: You know me -- just can't stay off the phone.

Jamie: You were calling about -- ahem -- Mikey?

Vicky: Yeah. You know, I just can't help worrying about him, wondering what's going to happen to him.

Jamie: Yeah, I know.

Vicky: You know, Jamie, maybe it'll be all right, though. I went a long time without having a family, and now I've got everything I want.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Uh, Vicky -- phone. Hello?

Rachel: Hello, honey, it's Mom. Are you busy?

Jamie: Um -- no, no, I'm not busy.

Rachel: Good. I need some advice from my most levelheaded child.

John: Jason, you really think it's a good idea to be going to battle with the only other Frame in town?

Jason: Look, Jamie's not going to get away with that high-and-mighty attitude, not to me. Nobody is..

John: What happened?

Jason: He got all bent out of joint about the barn dance.

John: Why?

Jason: He didn't like the fundraising part of it.

John: Wow. Yeah, well, I was never too wild about that part of it myself.

Jason: Oh, great. You're beginning to sound like he does.

John: Well, let's face it. I mean, if you're so financially strapped that you got to have a barn dance to raise money, I mean, you might want to reconsider starting this company.

Jason: Hey, we are starting this company, and I need your help.

John: Well, not today you don't.

Jason: Why not?

John: Because Mike and Donna are getting remarried this afternoon, and I told Mike I'd help him with all the arrangements.

Jason: All day?

John: Well, if that's what he wants, yeah.

Jason: Great. Great.

John: Well, listen, I could make it a very profitable meeting, you know. I could always ask Mike for a nice, substantial loan. I'm sure that he'll be in a real charitable frame of mind.. And, you know, that might clear up that name problem, too, because -- well, putting my own personal feelings aside, "Hudson Construction" -- now, that does have a nice ring --

Jason: Forget it, John. Forget it.

John: Now, Jason, I think you're letting your ego and this Frame name problem just create an impediment to progress.

Jason: Hey, the name is what means something. Frame Construction means something in this town. Now, we get that, we sound like somebody.

John: Oh, I see. Rather than two guys just flying by the seat of their pants, is that it?

Jason: Yeah. You go get fitted for your tux.

John: My what?

Jason: You're the best man. Aren't you supposed to wear a monkey suit?

John: I guess the best man does, but that ain't me.

Jason: Well, Michael's got some other brother I don't know about?

John: No.

Jason: What is he, too good to have a carpenter stand up for him?

John: No, I don't think that's it.

Jason: John, has something happened between you and Michael I don't know about?

John: Nah.

Jason: A secret, huh?

John: Forget it.

Jason: Oh, what is it?

Mary: Hi, John. The man on the dock said I could just come --

John: Speaking of secrets -- looks like we both have secrets in common. Hi, Mary. Come on in.

Felicia: Did you get any sleep on the plane?

Lisa: Couple of hours.

Felicia: Oh, good. Then you can go right out to Jason's.

Lisa: What?

Felicia: Yes. I mean, as far as I know, Jamie is still living there, and if you get there now, you can catch him before he goes to the hospital. You can straighten all of this out.

Lisa: If that's possible.

Felicia: Honey, you have to do something. You didn't even write to him.

Lisa: I know. I started to, but then I thought, "no, I'll just take this time to think, and when I get back I'll tell him it all in person."

Felicia: But, honey, why did you write to Adam?

Lisa: How did you know about that?

Felicia: Jamie told me.

Lisa: Oh?

Felicia: Yes.

Lisa: I better talk to him.

Felicia: Lisa, do you love Jamie?

Lisa: I do. I do. I want everything to work out.

Felicia: Well, then, you get out of here. Go find him, all right? And don't worry about your luggage. I'll have it sent to your apartment.

Lisa: Ok. Thanks.

Felicia: All right, you're welcome.

Lisa: I love you.

Felicia: I love you, too, doll.

Matthew: Hey, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Matt.

Felicia: Lisa, you know Matthew, of course. But this is Kevin. This is Matthew's best friend and my new roommate.

Kevin: Hi.

Lisa: Hi, it's nice to meet you.

Kevin: You, too.

Lisa: I'll call you later, ok?

Felicia: Ok, doll. Good luck.

Lisa: Bye-bye.

Felicia: Bye.

Lisa: See you later, guys.

Kevin: Bye.

Matthew: Bye-bye.

Kevin: Wow!

Felicia: Lisa's my niece, Kevin.

Kevin: So that means she comes around a lot or what?

Matthew: Down, boy. She's also my brother Jamie's girlfriend.

Felicia: I hope.

Matthew: What?

Felicia: So, how about some breakfast, guys?

Matthew: Well, let's see, what are the possibilities here?

Felicia: Well, fruit salad or croissants or eggs Benedict if you want it.

Kevin: You can cook all that?

Felicia: I can order all that..

Matthew: What did I tell you? All the conveniences of being home.

Kevin: Yeah, not my home.

Felicia: So? What's it going to be?

Matthew: Well, nothing for me. I got a physics test first period, and I want to study on the bus.

Felicia: You're going to take a test on an empty stomach?

Matthew: I'm used to it. Don't worry about it. Ok, I'll see you two tonight.

Felicia: Yeah. Good luck.

Matthew: Thanks.

Felicia: Ok, Kevin, have you got time for breakfast?

Kevin: I'm ok.

Felicia: Honey, it's no trouble, really.

Kevin: Look, I know it's kind of a pain having me here. I'm sorry about the mess.

Felicia: No, no, it's all right. It's just -- it would help if the two of you could confine your things in one area.

Kevin: Ok.

Felicia: You know, Kevin, Matthew's father -- well, I love him very much, and I've known Matthew for most of his life. You're Matthew's best friend, which means that you're very welcome here.

Kevin: Thanks.

Felicia: If you don't pick up those weights and get them out of here, I am going to have your legs broken.

Kevin: Now it feels like home.

Felicia: Good. Go.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess it's ok. Sam is being released from the hospital, right?

Rachel: Right, well, he's supposed to take it easy, and so I thought I'd take dinner over to them.

Jamie: That sounds great.

Rachel: Yeah, you don't think that'll tire him out too much?

Jamie: No, no, no. Why should it?

Rachel: Well, dinner with three people?

Jamie: You and Mac and who else?

Rachel: You. Sam and Amanda would love to see you.

Jamie: Well, Mom, I'm sorry, I can't make it. I -- Donna and Michael are having a wedding today, and I'm the best man.

Vicky: I'll say.

Rachel: I didn't know that.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I guess I just sort of forgot to tell you.

Rachel: Well, I would've thought that Michael would've wanted John to be his best man.

Jamie: I think that Michael did ask John, but John declined for some reason. I guess that makes me the second-best man.

Rachel: I see. Well, we'll miss you. Thanks for the advice, sweetie.

Jamie: Well, sure, any time, Mom. And, listen, give my best to Sam and Amanda, too, ok? Will you, please?

Rachel: All right. And you give my best to Michael and Donna, all right?

Vicky: Oh --

Jamie: I sure will.

Rachel: What was that?

Jamie: Um -- uh -- that was just, you know, one of those little animals that run around here a lot, you know, and I guess that's just what that was.

[Vicky giggles]

Rachel: Little animals just running around there?

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: I have a feeling you better stay away from that little animal. If she bites you, there's no telling what will happen.

Jamie: I know, Mom. I know. Boy, do I know. I know.

[Dial tone]

Mac: Good morning, darling.

Rachel: That's odd.

Mac: No, it isn't. I say, "good morning, darling" every morning.

Rachel: No, I mean Jamie.

Mac: What's odd?

Rachel: Well, I just called him at Jason's house, and I got the distinct impression that he was there with a lady.

Mac: Our sweet Jamie caught in flagrante delicto by his own mother?

Rachel: It isn't funny, Mac.

Mac: Darling --

Rachel: And don't you give me all that nonsense about men and their needs.

Mac: Rachel, I was only going to say Jamie is a grown man. If he wants to --

Rachel: Act like a tomcat?

Mac: Well, it's still none of our business.

Rachel: Lisa's only been gone a week, Mac.

Mac: During which time she has not written or called him.

Rachel: He can't last a week?

Mac: That's why I want you in on these takeover talks. You are tough.

Rachel: Yeah, you don't know how tough. If that lady is the lady I think it is --

Mac: Well, forget about her. Michael and Cass are due over here any moment, and I would like you to sit in on the meeting.

Rachel: You would?

Mac: No matter who is behind Bennett Publishing, they're no match for you.

Rachel: Smile when you say that, partner.

Donna: Ok, make sure I have everything. I've got my mascara, my eye shadow, lipstick --

[Nicole hums "wedding march"]

Donna: Ah, I don't believe it -- a designer who delivers.

Nicole: Does she ever. Are you excited?

Donna: Of course I'm excited!

Nicole: Oh, well, wait till Michael sees you in this dress. Oh, he's just going to flip.

Donna: Oh, I know, I know, I hope. That's exactly what I want.

Nicole: What's all that stuff for?

Donna: Oh, I'm taking that over to Clara's. I'm going to get dressed over there.

Nicole: Oh, and all this makeup?

Donna: Well, it takes a lot to make you look very natural, you know?

Nicole: You want me to help you schlep this stuff over to Clara's?

Donna: No, no, I've got plenty of time.

Nicole: Oh, ok.

Donna: All right. So, tell me, how's Cass? Oh, that good, huh?

Nicole: I don't want to talk about it now, Donna. This is your wedding day.

Donna: I know that. And I do want to talk about it, so talk.

Nicole: All right. I don't know. It's just that Cass has this thing about Drew. You know, I can hardly talk to him anymore without fighting, and that is when he's there.

Donna: He's not around a lot?

Nicole: No, he makes the phantom look like a pest. And I don't know what to do.

Donna: Well, you know, I really thought with this takeover thing -- I mean, I thought Cass didn't care about getting into law again.

Nicole: Yeah, and I thought he cared about me. I guess we were both wrong, huh?

Donna: Oh, would you stop? No, that's not true. He does care about you, and everything is going to be just fine.

Nicole: I can't even keep Drew interested.

Donna: Well, now, wait a minute. I mean, do you want him to be interested?

Nicole: I don't know. I had dinner with him last night, and he seemed interested. And then out of the blue the phone rings and he just takes off. Do you think it's my breath?

Donna: Nicole, don't be ridiculous!

Nicole: I don't know.

Donna: No! Well, did he say who was on the phone?

Nicole: Well, I don't know, and I don't care. And, please, I just don't want to talk about this anymore.

Donna: Well, Nicole, I do.

Nicole: No, I found something for you to wear with your wedding dress.

Donna: What? What?

Nicole: I was going through some of mama's things that I kept --

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: And I found these.

[Donna gasps]

Donna: Oh, I had forgotten about those. Oh, they're so beautiful. Thank you!

Nicole: You know, I decided that whatever she did, well, she still loved us.

Donna: Of course she did.

Nicole: You and I are going to be happy, Donna. And we're going to have the lives that she wanted for us.

Donna: Yes, we certainly are.

Nicole: And I want today. I want everything good to come your way from now on.

Donna: Thank you. And I want you to know how very much I love you. And everything is going to work out -- for both of us, hmm?

Nicole: Yes. Ok.

Donna: Oh, let's look at these again.

Nicole: They're beautiful, aren't they?

Donna: Help me, I want to put them on now.

Nicole: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: I've got a crush on you Jamie, Jamie. Oh, Jamie -- um -- I hope you're not expecting an extravagant breakfast because I'm not very good at this stuff.

Jason: I'll call you tomorrow. Give Michael my best.

John: I'll do that.

Jason: Mary.

Mary: Jason.

Mary: I don't know why I didn't call first.

John: It's ok. Doesn't bother me. Come on in, sit down.

Mary: Well, actually, I do know exactly why I didn't call first. I was afraid that if I told you what I was concerned about, you wouldn't want to see me.

John: Does this have to do with Cheryl?

Mary: Cheryl? No. It has to do with Mikey, the little boy you met in my office, and how you responded to him.

John: Oh. Well, I -- I don't do real well with little kids.

Mary: Any particular reason?

John: No, I -- I don't know.

Mary: John, do you know something about Mikey?

John: No.

Mary: Ok.

John: I've seen a lot of -- a lot of kids suffer.

Mary: In Vietnam?

John: It's just that when I see a little kid look at me the way Mikey did, wondering if I'm going to be the one to help him, I --

Mary: John, do you need some help with this?

John: No. No, I'm fine.

Mary: There's a phrase that we use. You might not have heard of it. It has to do specifically with veterans who have served in Vietnam. It's --

John: Posttraumatic stress disorder?

Mary: Yeah. You know about it.

John: Yeah.

Mary: It comes from seeing -- being involved in terrible things and not being able to find any acceptance for that --

John: I know where it comes from, Mary. I know.

Mary: Well, it might help you if you could talk about these things --

John: No!

Mary: Ok. I understand.

John: I can't start dredging that stuff up again. I just can't.

Mary: I know some things really do seem to be too painful.

John: Well, it doesn't matter anyway.

Mary: Do you really believe that?

John: Mary, do you really believe that anything that anybody did or felt when they were in Vietnam matters?

Mary: Maybe someday you'll be able to believe that.

John: Yeah.

Mary: Well, I guess I better go back to work. John? If you ever do want someone to talk to --

John: Mary -- thanks.

Mary: Uh-huh.

Mac: Cass wanted to follow up on something in Chicago, but he left me a complete report on the man he suspects of engineering the takeover.

Rachel: Do we know who he is?

Mac: Guy named Drew Marsten.

Michael: I'm afraid he's a friend of Nicole's.

Mac: Cass just told me that. Apparently, this fellow had dinner with Nicole last night.

Rachel: Does Nicole know what Cass suspects?

Michael: Well, obviously not. I don't think it's a good idea that Nicole hang out with this guy, though.

Mac: Well, Cass was there the whole time. Nicole didn't know it, but he was.

Rachel: Did he find out anything?

Mac: No, but he got a phone call and made excuses to leave halfway through dinner.

Michael: Now, he says he came to town to see Nicole, but I think he came here to get you.

Mac: Unless we get him first. And as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, we are going after him in earnest.

Michael: Mac, wait -- Mac, you cannot wait for me.

Mac: But --

Michael: No, no, no. You and Cass are going to have to proceed with this while I'm gone. When I get back, then we'll get going. You got help. You got Rachel.

Mac: Yes. That's true. So you have a wonderful time, and don't even think of this until you get back.

Rachel: I can't believe you're having a meeting on your wedding day.

Michael: Hey, what am I going to do? I'd just get in the way if I hung around the house.

Rachel: You haven't seen her yet, have you?

Michael: Yeah. We're not superstitious at all.

Mac: Good for you.

Michael: Look, I got to be going.

Rachel: Well, only be a few hours now.

Michael: Ok, good, actually. That makes me feel good. I'm getting tired of being single. You going to wish me luck?

Rachel: Yeah, lots of luck.

Michael: Thank you. Mac?

Mac: All the luck in the world.

Michael: Take care.

Vicky: Kind of funny coming to work together, huh?

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Look, Jamie, we spent the night together last night. But I'm not the type to put the pressure on. Hey, no guilt, no pressure, ok?

Jamie: Is that how you feel?

Vicky: Of course. Hey, we had a wonderful evening.

Jamie: Listen, Vicky, what happened last night -- I don't want it to change what we had, ok?

Vicky: What was that? You and I both know this will be easier if you don't feel tied down. And you're not. Hey, I can take care of myself, ok? Don't worry about me. Ok?

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Jamie. Vicky.

Jamie: You're back.

Lisa: Surprise, surprise.

Jamie: Yeah, you could say that. I had no idea when -- when you might return.

Lisa: Obviously.

Vicky: So, Lisa, how was your trip?

Lisa: Oh, it was lovely. Of course, I'm glad to be back.

Vicky: Well, it's great to see you again. Are you going to be there tonight?

Lisa: Pardon?

Vicky: The wedding. Jamie, didn't you tell her that you're the best man?

Jamie: No, we've been out of touch.

Lisa: Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Jamie: Vicky, would you excuse us, please?

Vicky: Oh, of course. I was just going to Mary's office, anyway. Lisa, it was really nice to see you again.

Lisa: Has Vicky started therapy? Such a good idea..

Jamie: She's going to see Mary about a little boy who seems to have lost his parents. She's very concerned about him.

Lisa: How selfless of her.

Jamie: Lisa, knock if off. You disappear on me and you don't call and you don't write. And now all of a sudden you show up out of the blue and start riding on Vicky just like you were never gone?

Lisa: Oh, I learned my lesson. It's not a good idea to show up out of the blue.

Jamie: You didn't even write to me. I don't understand.

Lisa: Seems I've made a very big mistake.

Jamie: But you're not sorry, are you?

Lisa: Oh, I'm very sorry. You've seen to that.

Jamie: Well, this isn't getting us anyplace, and I've got a lot of work to do.

Lisa: Of course.

Jamie: It's great to see you again.

Lisa: It's great to be back.

Adam: Oh --

Lisa: Oh -- excuse me.

Adam: Aren't you even going to say hi?

Lisa: Hi, Adam.

Adam: You know, you're the answer to a prayer.

Lisa: Yeah, right..

Adam: No, I mean it. You're just the person I wanted to see.

Vicky: I can't believe they're kicking a little boy like Mikey out of here.

Mary: They're not kicking him out. The child welfare people are just making sure that he has the kind of care he needs.

Vicky: Oh, in a foster home? Do you know what those places are like?

Mary: A lot of them are just wonderful.

Vicky: Not all foster parents are like Bridget was to me, Mary.

Mary: Vicky, I understand. Believe me, I understand how you feel.

Vicky: It is wrong! This is --

Mary: And I'm not trying to diminish in any way your concern for Mikey, but don't you think it's possible that your own experiences in your life are intensifying how you feel now?

Vicky: Of course they are! I know what it's like to feel like you're not wanted.

Mary: What is it like?

Vicky: It -- oh, this is stupid.

Mary: Oh, no, please, tell me what you were going to say.

Vicky: It never changes. You grow up and you feel like you're still not wanted. Hey, we're not here to talk about me. We're here to talk about Mikey. Now, he is the one with the problem, not me.

Donna: Oh, here you go.

Nicole: Oh, thanks.

Donna: Oh, I tell you, I do. I just love it. It is gorgeous.

Nicole: I'm glad.

Donna: Hmm.

Nicole: Donna, can I ask you a question?

Donna: No. Yes, of course you can. What? Ask.

Nicole: I'm not going to have to do any more of these, am I?

Donna: Absolutely not. This is it. This marriage is going to last forever, I promise!

[Key turns in lock]

[Donna gasps]

Donna: Oh, Michael! No! Uh -- no, no, no!

Michael: Honey, what's wrong?

Donna: What are you doing here?

Michael: I live here.

Donna: Well, then go away.

Michael: Donna, come on, my suit's in there.

Donna: No -- well, my dress is -- oh, hi.

Michael: Nice to see you, too.

Donna: Well, I -- I didn't want to let you in because my dress was on the couch, and I didn't want you to see --

Michael: Where? Where, Donna? Where's your dress?

Donna: Well, Nicole just took it upstairs so you didn't have to see it.

Michael: Nicole's here?

Donna: Oh, I am so glad to see you. Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Nicole's here? Where?

Donna: Well, she's upstairs. She's taking care of some last-minute details.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: Wait till you see it on me. It's going to be so beautiful!

Michael: Really?

Donna: Yes!

Michael: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Donna: Oh, I'll get it.

Michael: I think it's for me.

Donna: Well, hello? Yes. Yes, he is. You're right, it is for you. A Sutton detective agency from New York? I mean, this is a wrong number, right?

Michael: No, that's definitely for me. Michael Hudson here. Yes, thank you for returning my call so quickly. I want that report I ordered on Drew Marsten gotten to me as quickly as possible. Now, you have my whole office and staff at your disposal to help in any way, ok? All right, I expect to hear from you. Thank you. Bye.

Donna: Michael, Drew Marsten? You're having Drew -- Drew checked out?

Michael: Donna, now, don't worry. It's just a little business deal, that's all.

Donna: Well, I know, but Nicole --

Michael: Donna, if I thought you were going to think about another man on our wedding day --

Donna: All right. All right, I promise I won't. But you have to promise -- no more business until after the honeymoon.

Michael: No more business? No more business? What will I do, Donna? I might get bored. What will I do with my time?

Donna: Somehow I think we'll figure out something to do.

Michael: What a girl.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Shouldn't take Mary long to find him.

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Adam: I want to thank you for doing this. I know you just got back from vacation, and --

Lisa: What?

Adam: I said I want to -- are you all right?

Lisa: I'm swell. Just got back from vacation, right?

Adam: Is that why you went away? To go on vacation?

Lisa: Well, I did some research for Felicia for her book. Well, I know it was kind of a split-second decision.

Adam: It wasn't because of me?

Lisa: No. It wasn't.

Adam: I don't know whether to be happy or disappointed.

Lisa: Be happy.

Adam: Listen, before you left, you said something about not being able to work together because of what happened --

Lisa: Don't worry about that. It's not a problem.

Adam: I'd like to believe that. How'd you like to go to Donna and Michael's wedding with me?

Lisa: Oh, well, Adam, I don't know.

Adam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. God, I don't mean to pressure you.

Lisa: Actually, actually, I would like to go to the wedding.

Adam: Are you sure?

Lisa: Yes. I'll go to the wedding with you.

Adam: You'd be ready by 5:00?

Lisa: I'll be ready.

Adam: What's Jamie going to say about this?

Lisa: Don't worry about Jamie.

Mary: Here you go. And we're back.

Lisa: He's adorable.

Adam: Hey, Mikey. Mikey, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Lisa. This is Mikey.

Mary: I know you've met an awful lot of people recently, but Lisa's one of the neatest people I know.

Adam: How you want to handle this?

Lisa: Come here, Mikey. I'd like to talk to you a minute.

Mary: Oh, what a good boy you are.

Lisa: Aren't you cute. How are you today?

Mikey: Mikey.

Lisa: Oh. Is that your friend?

Mary: Yes.

Lisa: You're a long way from home, aren't you?

Mikey: Mikey.

Adam: Are you getting some kind of impression?

Lisa: Well, not a clear one.

Mary: The labels in his clothes were from a children's boutique in New York City. That could mean he's from there, or it could mean they were just presents.

Lisa: Uh-uh. I don't think he's from this area. Nothing about Bay City seems familiar to him.

Mary: But how would he get to Bay City on his own?

Adam: Who knows? Maybe he was traveling with his family, he got lost -- I don't know. It doesn't make sense. We've had notices in the papers, the media, the F.B.I. Everybody's been called on this. I don't know. I just don't understand this.

Lisa: How could anyone lose a little boy like this and not go crazy trying to find him?

Jason: I just wanted you to know before you ordered any food.

Felicia: Gee, I'm sorry. You know, I've never catered a barn dance before.

Jason: Well, it would've been fun.

Felicia: Yeah, it would've. Why did you decide to cancel?

Jason: Jamie.

Felicia: What, he can't dance?

Jason: He thinks it would be inappropriate.

Felicia: And that's why you canceled?

Jason: I got to get along with the guy.

Felicia: I don't know, I've never had any trouble getting along with Jamie.

Jason: When it comes to me, his mother has pretty well programmed him.

Felicia: Jason, I don't think that that's right.

Jason: I got somebody who should be able to help him understand my point of view, though.

Felicia: What, someone close to Jamie?

Jason: I think so, after last night.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Jason: Oh, forget I said that. Look, I hope you're available when I have the grand opening.

Felicia: Oh, so then you are going to go ahead with it?

Jason: Full steam ahead. Thanks for everything.

Felicia: You're welcome. Anytime.

Jason: Great.

Felicia: What are you up to, Mr. Frame?

Felicia: Kevin. Hi. You caught me talking to myself.

Kevin: It's all right. I do it all the time.

Felicia: I guess it's all those years of living alone.

Kevin: Well, I know about that.

Felicia: Do you?

Kevin: Yeah. My Mom died when I was real young, and my Dad was always working two jobs to try to make things work, you know.

Felicia: I didn't -- I didn't know that.

Kevin: Oh, because I went to the same fancy boarding school as Matthew Cory? I was on scholarship.

Felicia: Well, your father must be very proud of you, then.

Kevin: Are you kidding? No, he never wanted me to go to that school.

Felicia: Why?

Kevin: He wanted me to quit school so I could go to work.

Felicia: Money was that tight, huh?

Kevin: Well, to him, yeah. Matthew never understands that, either.

Felicia: Listen, you know, I'm not Matthew. I understand what it's like to be broke. I just don't think that high school years are a time for a kid to worry about money.

Kevin: Yeah, tell that to my Dad.

Felicia: Is it just you and your Dad?

Kevin: And my sister, Tracy.

Felicia: Really? Matthew didn't mention you had a sister.

Kevin: That's probably because I don't talk about her much.

Felicia: Kevin, how long have you and Matthew been friends?

Kevin: Well, ever since he got to the school. I mean, I never thought I'd even know a guy like Matthew, much less be friends with him.

Felicia: Why? Because of his family?

Kevin: Well, yeah. But he makes it seems like it doesn't make a difference, you know? He's just a guy.

Felicia: It doesn't. They're very down-to-earth people, really wonderful.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what he says.

Felicia: You know, they're very concerned about Matthew right now. So is Mitch.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Felicia: He seems to have gotten into some kind of trouble at school, and he refuses to talk about it with his family. Kevin, you really are Matthew's best friend, aren't you?

Kevin: Yeah, I am.

Felicia: Maybe then you could talk to him, get him to talk to his family. You know, sometimes that's what best friends do.

Adam: Well, at least we got something to go on now. I can call New York. Maybe they can come up with something.

Lisa: I hope so. I've got to get out of here, ok?

Jamie: Lisa, you're still here?

Lisa: Yeah, Adam wanted me to help with Mikey. Excuse me.

Jamie: Now, wait a minute. Now, hold on. Would you excuse us, please?

Adam: Sure.

Jamie: You're looking at me like I'm some sort of strange object.

Lisa: I'm very tired.

Jamie: Is that all it is?

Lisa: No, actually.

Jamie: Listen, Lisa, you left the country and didn't even bother to tell me.

Lisa: I left you a note.

Jamie: A note that sounded like you were leaving for good.

Lisa: I don't know what I wrote, but I --

Jamie: Well, I remember, and the letter you left for the milkman had more personal details.

Lisa: I said that I was --

Jamie: You didn't say anything. You didn't call and you didn't write. What was I supposed to think? Did it occur to you that I might've been worried about you? I guess not.

Adam: What happened?

Lisa: I'm not sure.

Adam: He looked pretty angry.

Lisa: The note that I left him -- he said it didn't say anything. I thought I explained. I -- I guess I was kind of vague.

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe he's just getting angry for no reason, huh?

Lisa: I was so upset, I don't remember what I wrote, but I thought it was enough. I guess it wasn't.

Jason: So you went to bed with him last night.

Vicky: You know, Jason, you're a real poet sometimes, a regular Lord Byron.

Jason: Did you talk to him about Frame Construction?

Vicky: Somehow the subject just didn't come up.

Jason: Look, you are getting what you want, and part of the reason is because I helped you.

Vicky: A very small part..

Jason: But it might be a very important part. I just want a little something in return, that's all.

Vicky: Well, it's just not the right time right now, ok?

Jason: Well, when will the right time be?

Vicky: I don't know! I mean --

Jason: Ahem.

Vicky: In case you didn't know, my parents are getting married today. Right now I'm going to go check on Mikey, ok?

Jason: Mikey, that's right. Next thing you're going to tell me about is the poor, misunderstood, little Vicky, right?

Vicky: You know, Jason, I can't expect you to care about me. But could you find it somewhere in yourself to be just a little bit cool? For the time being, I have a lot more important things on my mind.

Jason: I'll bet you do.

Matthew: So, how did you guys get along there?

Kevin: Everything's cool.

Matthew: Mmm -- not without a coaster. Come on.

Kevin: I forgot. Sorry. Well, Felicia's nice.

Matthew: Mm-hmm. Did you guys talk much?

Kevin: She wants me to try and convince you to tell your folks what happened.

Matthew: Well, don't worry about it, man. I won't do it.

Kevin: Maybe you should.

Matthew: What?

Kevin: Well, your Mom and your stepdad and your Dad -- they're all really nice.

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that.

Kevin: Well, having a family that loves you is nothing to fool around with, Matt.

Matthew: Yeah, but I thought you just wanted me to --

Kevin: Look, I appreciate your help. I just don't want you to mess up anything with your family. You're lucky to have them. Just don't mess it up.

Nicole: Hey, you ready to go?

Donna: Oh, you bet I am.

Nicole: This is going to be so much fun.

Donna: I know, I know.. You know, every time I look at Michael, I just know this time it's going to be forever.

Nicole: Well, as soon as he gets back, we can get this show on the road.

Donna: That's true, that's true. Cass, though -- I mean, he is going to be there. He's giving me away.

Nicole: Well, I think so.

Donna: Listen, you know, maybe my wedding will be a new beginning for you, too, hmm?

Nicole: Hey, don't get your hopes up, all right? I wonder what happened to Vicky. Isn't she supposed to go to Clara's with us?

Donna: Well, yes, of course. I mean, I told her what time to be here. Yeah, I wonder what could be keeping her.

Vicky: Mary, I've been waiting for you.

Mary: Hi. Honey, aren't you supposed to be on your way to the wedding?

Vicky: Yes, but I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about Mikey.

Mary: Well, we can talk later. If you don't go now --

Vicky: I've been thinking -- I've been thinking, and I just wanted to ask you --

Woman: Mrs. McKinnon, I expected to find you in your office.

Mary: Well, Mikey and I have been saying goodbye to his friends.

Vicky: Goodbye?

Woman: Well, I'm late. Do you have his file with you?

Mary: No.

Vicky: Are you taking him now?

Woman: One of the reasons I don't like to conduct business in the hallway --

Vicky: Mikey is not "business," ok?

Woman: I will not put up with a scene!

Vicky: Oh, no, you're not going to have a scene. Come here. You want to come visit me?

Mary: Yeah --

Vicky: Yes. He's just going to come stay with me for a bit, just -- no!

Mary: Vicky! Vicky!

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