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Another World Transcript Thursday 4/8/04

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Michael: Look, honey, I -- I know that seeing him was rough on you. I just thought that talking about him would help.

Donna: But, Michael, it didn't. I'm sorry.

Michael: Ok. But, Donna, let's just talk, all right? Let's talk about it.

Donna: Michael --

Vicky: Now, that is a great idea. Let's talk about something exciting and romantic.

Michael: Huh.

Vicky: What do you say?

Michael: Well, it sounds like a great start.

Vicky: Yeah. Well?

Donna: I -- I don't know what we could talk about. I mean, I --

Vicky: Oh, what -- what about the wedding? People, music, dancing, food.

Donna: Well, no, wait a minute, that's -- that's planning, but that's -- that's not romantic.

Vicky: Well, yeah, but it all leads up to the honeymoon.

Donna: You --

[Donna chuckles]

Michael: Atta girl.

Rachel: Yes, Liz. Yes, it is true. Yes, I will be taking over the administration of Cory Publishing so that Mac can fight this takeover attempt full-time. Mm-hmm. I think I can do it, Liz. Yes, I have signed the original and initialed three copies. Oh. Right. No, I don't have writers' cramp. Yes, the messenger is right here. Right, it's all going off. Thank you very much, Liz. Mm-hmm. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I couldn't do it without you. Thank you. Bye.

Mac: And I couldn't do it without you.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Mac: How could I be so lucky as to have a wife who is --

Rachel: Energetic, very gifted, a wonderful mother, very helpful and loyal, and that's -- how's that for starters?

Mac: That's a great beginning. I just wish everybody at Cory was as loyal as you.

Rachel: But they are, Mac.

Mac: Well, I used to think so. I'm beginning to have suspicions.

Rachel: Suspicions?

Mac: Suspicions that whoever is behind this takeover could be somebody we know.

Nicole: Hey, I asked you a question.

Cass: And I heard you. I was just trying to give you an indication as to how crucial this stuff is.

Nicole: Cass Winthrop, you're just avoiding my question, as usual.

Cass: You said that you were surprised that I wanted you to go it alone in business for a while, and that's not a question. It's a statement.

Nicole: No, it's not. It's an understatement. Now, will you please look at me?

Cass: I'm looking at you, and I also am liking very much what I see. But it just so happens, Nicole, that the answer to the Cory takeover threat is not immediately apparent in your eyes.

Nicole: Yeah? Well, I don't see anything in your eyes explaining why you're leaving the salon after all we've been through together, Cass.

Cass: I'm not leaving. You're overreacting.

Nicole: Go ahead, Cass. Just admit it -- you're bored with fashion work, right?

Cass: This has in no way been boring.

Nicole: All right, then. What is it?

Cass: What is what?

Nicole: Well, if you're not bored with the work, then you must be bored with me.

Cass: If you could make that statement, you don't know me.

Nicole: I know you all right.

Cass: How could you when you keep missing the point?

Nicole: The point is, Cass, that you have always gone into projects with tremendous enthusiasm.

Cass: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Nicole: But as soon as something else comes along, you just drop whatever you're doing like a hot potato.

Cass: You're a fine one to accuse me of this. You know that, don't you?

Nicole: Well, it's hardly reassuring after you and I have struggled against all odds to see that you've suddenly decided to up and leave.

Cass: Nicole, your business is off the ground. You don't need me anymore. You have the money from Donna. I can work on other things.

Nicole: What about us, Cass? Are we off the ground?

Cass: I think maybe you should ask yourself that.

Nicole: Me? Boy, you handle your personal affairs the same way you handle your business affairs.

Cass: Speaking of affairs, I wonder how you're going to handle yours.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Cass: Well, let's just say that I hope that your business relationships remain just that.

Nicole: Why do you always twist it around to make it look like it's my fault?

Cass: I'm just trying to point out some things that you're overlooking.

Nicole: Like what?

Cass: Like the fact that I wanted to be the business manager of this salon myself, completely, so that you'd have the freedom to create.

Nicole: Well, so why are you stopping?

Cass: Because it seems to me that you want to be independent.

Nicole: Cass, who told you that?

Cass: Nobody had to tell me that. I could see it with my own eyes. Drew Marsten III could see it with his own eyes..

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: "Oh."

Nicole: You're jealous.

Cass: Oh, be serious.

Nicole: No, you are.

Cass: That's petty.

Nicole: No, it isn't.

Cass: And if you say that you think it's sweet, I'm going to --

Nicole: No, it's not sweet, and it's not necessary.

Cass: And it's not the problem.

Nicole: Well, Cass, then what is?

Cass: There isn't any, except the one that you're creating. And what you should be creating are those wonderful designs of yours. In fact, I'm going to leave you alone for a while so you can get back to work.

Nicole: You're walking out on me.

Cass: Nicole, Mac Cory needs me, and I can help him.

Drew: Excuse me, Nicole. I'm sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting anyone.

Rachel: Who would do this to us?

Mac: I don't know, but important information is being leaked.

Rachel: Do you think whoever this is knows about your expansion plan?

Mac: Yes. That's why I have to move so quickly.

Rachel: Well, then do it. Don't worry about anything. I'll take care of everything else. Oh, which reminds me -- Dunn, Roger Dunn -- that author you were interested in -- we're meeting with him tomorrow --

Mac: Great.

Rachel: And I have ok'd the anniversary issue of "Brava," so we'll be meeting our deadline on that.

Mac: Wonderful. Rachel, are you sure all this isn't taking you away from important family things?

Rachel: Darling, you're the most important member of our family right now, so don't even think about it. Mom is here. She's helping. And now that Sam's better, Amanda will get some rest, and then Matthew --

Mac: Is still being difficult.

Rachel: Matthew is still being difficult. I don't know what to do about him. I tried to get him to let me help, and I'm not getting anywhere.

Mac: He's certainly one wheeler dealer. Maybe he's the one backing this takeover.

Rachel: You're probably right. Well, we'll get through this, darling. And now I've got to go over and visit with Sam at the hospital.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Whoops. Next crisis. Hello?

Boy: Hi, Mrs. Cory? This is Kevin, Matthew's roommate.

Rachel: Oh, Kevin. If you're looking for Matthew, he's not here, honey.

Kevin: Uh -- ok. Could you just have him give me a call? It's kind of important.

Rachel: Sure. You want to tell me what it's all about?

Kevin: No. No, that's ok. Just have him give me a call back. Ok.

Vicky: Well, Dad, Mom has her wedding party all ready, but so far you're standing alone.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Donna: Michael, you know, maybe we could ask Cass again. Nicole said that she's sure he would do it.

Michael: Come on, Donna. It's almost funny how we screwed this up.

Donna: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Michael: You ask Cass, I ask John --

Donna: And you ask Cass to step aside --

Michael: And then John backs out, for whatever reason.

Donna: Maybe he was pushed.

Michael: Maybe. Victoria, you didn't have anything to do with that, did you?

Vicky: No.

Donna: Michael, no. No, I had something to do with that. I talked to John. You're scowling at me.

Michael: What do you expect me to do?

Donna: I expected you to scowl.

Vicky: Dad, don't you understand why?

Michael: No, I don't really understand why. He's my best man, not yours -- either of yours.

Donna: Michael, look. John was uncomfortable about it, now, wasn't he? And I can't help it. I was uncomfortable about it, too.

Michael: Uh-huh. So why didn't you tell me?

Donna: I wanted to, and -- well, I'm telling you now. Honey, I'm sorry, I really am, about everything. And, well, now I think John should be your best man.

Michael: And I suppose you've already told him that, huh?

Donna: No! No, I think you should do that.

Michael: No, I don't think I should do that.

Donna: Oh. Well, then, you want me to do it? I --

Michael: No, no, no, no. I think you've been proven correct. I think we should leave it just the way it is. That's really not the point, though, Donna. The point is, is that you should have talked --

Donna: I know. I -- I know what the point is. I should have come to you first.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Donna: And I will from now on about everything. Hmm?

Vicky: Ooh, well, I'm glad that's all settled.

Michael: Well, that's not all quite settled. See, I don't have a best man still.

Donna: Well, like I said, maybe Cass would reconsider.

Vicky: Well, you know who would be great.

Michael: Who?

Vicky: Jamie.

Michael: Jamie?

Vicky: Why not?

Michael: Well, I like Jamie, but --

Vicky: Yeah, well, Cass is only your friend. Jamie saved Mom's life, saved my life. And if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have a family to have a wedding with.

Michael: Uh-huh. This wouldn't by chance have anything to do with your feelings for Jamie, would it? Because you know how I feel about that -- being involved with someone who is already involved.

Vicky: He's not involved. Lisa left.

Michael: I know that.

Donna: Michael, it's true. Victoria told me she had nothing to do with that.

Vicky: Absolutely nothing. But the fact that she did leave left Jamie very angry and upset.

Michael: Oh. Oh, I get it. So I'm supposed to ask Jamie to be my best man so that Jamie will feel better?

Vicky: No! One had nothing to do with the other one. I was just trying to help out, it was a really stupid idea, and I'm very sorry, ok?

Donna: Michael --

Michael: What the heck? It's just a wedding, right? I'm just kidding. It's not a stupid idea for the right reasons. Because of that, I have already made an appointment to talk to Jamie this afternoon to ask him to be my best man.

Nicole: Hello, Drew. Come on in.

Cass: Oh, yes. Don't let the fact that we're in the middle of a personal conversation stop you. Barge on in, Drewski.

Drew: As a matter of fact, I think maybe I will. Since Nicole and I are going to be business partners, I should be privy to all pertinent discussions.

Cass: Business partners -- don't you think you're being a little presumptuous?

Nicole: Oh, don't listen to him, Drew. How are you this evening?

Drew: Well, I can't complain. As a matter of fact, I've got some good news for you. Would you like to hear some good news?

Nicole: Oh, right about now, I would.

Drew: I have an idea how we can launch your business in Europe bigger than the Qe2.

Cass: More like the titanic.

Nicole: Be quiet, Cass. What is it?

Drew: I have an idea that maybe we can get some financing for a Paris showing of all your original designs with the baroness to be one of the sponsors.

Nicole: That's terrific.

Cass: Oh, great. I've already blazed the trail and he gets all the glory.

Drew: My, my, what a homespun sense of humor your friend has, Nicole.

Nicole: Yes, doesn't he?

Cass: Nicole -- excuse us, would you, please? What is this partnership talk?

Nicole: Well, he may be ahead of himself a little, but if I handle him right, his financing could do me a lot of good, Cass.

Cass: Who's handling whom?

Nicole: Hey, you really don't think I can do this, do you?

Cass: Do what?

Nicole: Handle my own affairs.

Cass: Interesting choice of words there.

Nicole: Would you stop that?

Drew: Maybe I should come back some other time.

Cass: Try the year 2010.

Drew: Mr. Winthorp --

Cass: Winthrop!

Drew: Whatever. Why are you trying to antagonize me?

Cass: Was I -- was I trying to antagonize? I'm so sorry.

Drew: You know, I have something I can offer Nicole.

Cass: I'm sure.

Drew: In fact, once we take Paris, we can march into any big city in Europe.

Cass: A slight Napoleonic complex, but other than that, he's a nice kid.

Drew: I'm more than that, Cass.

Cass: I preferred it when you called me Winthorp.

Drew: You know, I happen to be someone who knows a good opportunity when they see it. I can take her business and I can boost it.

Cass: Her business, and what else?

Nicole: Well, why shouldn't we, huh?

Cass: Yeah, right. Why shouldn't we? I mean, after all, you're on your own now.

Nicole: Yeah, I am.

Cass: Well, I have an appointment. Nicole --

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: I'll say hello for you.

Drew: My, I'm famished. Would you care to join me for dinner?

Nicole: Dinner? Oh --

Drew: Well, now, one can never talk about Paris on an empty stomach.

Sam: Ow.

Nurse: Oh, come on.

Nurse: Ok.

Sam: Thanks.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Sam: All right, doc. What's the verdict?

Jamie: The CAT scan reveals a small blood clot behind your optic nerve, Sam.

Sam: Excuse me. What does that mean?

Jamie: Well, it's not as bad as it sounds. The blood clot is already dissolving in your system. As long as you take it easy, there shouldn't be any problems.

Sam: That's good, I guess.

Jamie: Mm-hmm. And I mean it, Sam. I want you to follow these restrictions to the letter. No strenuous activity whatsoever. And you must stay in close contact with me at all times, understand?

Sam: All right. Look, don't tell Amanda about this. If it's just going away, I don't want her to worry about it.

Jamie: Sam, I --

Sam: Look, Jamie, let me handle it, ok?

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hi. So what do you think, doc? Six months to live?

Amanda: Don't even joke about that, Sam.

Sam: Come on, it's ok. I'm fine, all right?

Jamie: Maybe we should take a look here, Sam. Ah, looks to me like somebody removed your brain.

Amanda: Come on, Jamie.

Jamie: There is no visible evidence of damage at all.

Amanda: Great. You know, when you get home, I am going to make you the most delicious, most elegant, romantic dinner you've ever had.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Meatloaf from Mary's Place, right?

Amanda: I'm serious, and you don't believe me.

Sam: Hey, I believe you, ok?

Rachel: Hi, everybody. Hi, Jamie.

Amanda: Hi.

Jamie: Look who's here.

Rachel: Hi. How's the invalid?

Amanda: Getting better.

Sam: Hi, Rachel.

Rachel: Your color's better.

Sam: Oh, is it?

Rachel: Yeah. Look what I bought for you -- art supplies.

Sam: Great, thank you. That's nice.

Rachel: Yeah, I thought it was pretty boring sitting around in a hospital room, and this might take your mind off it.

Jamie: Sorry, there's no mind left. We checked.

Rachel: Uh-oh.

Amanda: These guys think they're funny.

Sam: We are funny. Come on.

[Sam groans]

Rachel: What? What is it, Sam?

Sam: Oh, a lot of things. Not the least of which is I'm going to miss Amanda's first Lamaze class.

Amanda: Oh, that's not a big deal. Don't worry about it. I can always tell you what they say.

Sam: But the technique is for two people, hon.

Amanda: I know that, but there's plenty of other classes.

Sam: Yeah.

Rachel: That wasn't it, huh? Something else?

Sam: Yeah. Money.

Rachel: Don't worry about money. If you want something to worry about, why don't you worry about your bride, here? She is in severe need of rest.

Amanda: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Rachel: Honey, any doctor would tell you that when you're pregnant, you need more rest.

Jamie: She's right, again.

Rachel: I know. It's my job.

Amanda: I want to stay with Sam.

Sam: Yeah, I want you to stay here, too, but you've got to get some rest for you and for the baby. Huh?

Amanda: All right. All right.

Sam: Great. As a matter of fact, Rachel, why don't you take my bride, your daughter, home back to the loft and let her get some sleep.

Rachel: I would be very happy to do that.

Amanda: I just want to stay a little longer.

Sam: Go. Get some rest. Ok?

Amanda: I guess I can't argue with a patient, now, can I?

Rachel: No, you can't. Come on, let's go.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Bye.

Amanda: Oh, hey! Don't forget -- Van Gogh produced some of his finest work while he was in the hospital.

Sam: Amanda, that was an insane asylum.

Amanda: Oops.

Jamie: We can only fix one thing at a time, Sam.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Vicky: Well, I guess I better be going.

Donna: No, no, no. Wait, Victoria. We are a family again, and I think we should discuss everything together, right?

Vicky: Well, you two can have some time alone, you know.

Michael: Victoria, I would like you to stay. We think that you should help us with our plans.

Vicky: Really?

Donna: Really. And, you know, you two, I was thinking that maybe we should do things a little differently this time.

Michael: I think not only should we do the wedding differently, I think we should do our lives a little bit differently this time.

Donna: Right. I was thinking about the ceremony, and I think it would be nice if it were maybe a little more intimate.

Michael: What a good idea -- like a small ceremony?

Vicky: Yeah, someplace that's really special for both of you.

Donna: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Michael: Where were you thinking?

Donna: Well, I happen to know this place that is very special. You see, there was a tree planted in memory --

Michael: Oh, Donna --

Donna: No.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Michael, I love you. I should have been there with you when you were planting that tree. So I want to promise my life to you right there. Hmm?

Vicky: Oh, well, hey, are you sure you two want me to stick around?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Don't go.

Donna: Oh! Oh, listen -- you know, maybe we should just have family. What do you think?

Vicky: Oh, Mom -- I was talking to Marley, and she can't come.

Donna: What? Victoria, Marley -- your sister is not going to be able to make it?

Vicky: I know, I know. She says she's so sorry. She just got a new job, and she can't take any time off right now. She's kind of under the gun.

Donna: Oh --

Michael: Look, we're not going to pressure Marley to come or anyone to come, all right? Only people who can be there and want to be there. In the case of your sister, we got to respect her decision, ok?

Donna: Right. Right. Oh, your mother -- I know she's going to want to be involved somehow.

Michael: Want to be involved? She'd never forgive us if we didn't invite her. So I tell you what, why don't we have her help at the reception?

Donna: Great, great. You know, I'm getting excited about this. Maybe I should go down to Nicole's and check on my wedding dress.

Michael: What a good idea.

Donna: Victoria, why don't you come with me?

Michael: No, no, no, no. I want Victoria to stay here.

Donna: Now wait just a minute. We're a family, remember? We're discussing everything together.

Michael: We are discussing everything together, just like mother-daughter together, father-daughter together, now.

Vicky: Well?

Michael: Victoria, I am going to assume that I'm correct in thinking you have some kind of scheme going to get Jamie.

Vicky: I thought we had finished this discussion.

Michael: No, we didn't.

Vicky: I did.

Michael: I didn't. Victoria, I am very concerned about you.

Vicky: What, are you afraid that I'm going to do something tacky?

Michael: No, I'm afraid that you're going to get hurt.

Vicky: I just wish Mom wouldn't have told you this because you both worry too much.

Michael: Victoria, your whole family is concerned about you. Not just me, not just your Mom, but John --

Vicky: John? I should have known he would try to get back at me after what had happened.

Michael: Hey, he didn't say this to try to get back at you.

Vicky: Oh, yeah. You know, why else would he have talked to you?

Michael: Well, he felt compelled to say something because --

Vicky: Because I --

Michael: He wanted to do it before matters got worse, Victoria.

Vicky: No, it was because I said something after he tried to seduce Mom.

Michael: No, that's not it.

Vicky: Oh, I'll bet it's not.

Michael: Victoria, don't try to change the course of this conversation by shifting it on to John.

Vicky: You really think that this has nothing to do with what happened on that boat?

Michael: Victoria, enough! Enough. It's all in the past. It's over.

Vicky: Sorry. You're right. Past is past. And I promise I won't talk about it anymore.

Rachel: Oh, what a relief -- two things off my mind.

Mac: Maybe now you can relax until the next thing to deal with comes along.

Rachel: Yeah. How'd it go with you?

[Knock on door]

Matthew: Hi, Mom and Dad.

Mac: Hi.

Matthew: I saw you come in.

Rachel: Where have you been?

Matthew: Well, after I left the hospital, I needed some time to think, and --

Rachel: Honey, if you go off somewhere to think, or wherever you go off, it's courtesy if you would let us know where you go.

Matthew: Yeah, sorry.

Rachel: Kevin called. Yeah, he said it was important. He wants you to call him back.

Matthew: Yeah, I better go call him back.

Mac: Where'd you go to think?

Matthew: Mitch and Felicia's.

Mac: And?

Matthew: And what?

Mac: Well, what did you think about?

Matthew: About moving in there, and we talked about it a little more.

Rachel: Don't you think you ought to talk to us about it?

Matthew: Yeah, that's what they said, but I already know how you feel about the situation.

Rachel: Do you?

Mac: Matthew, try to understand. Your mother and I really have a lot to deal with right now.

Matthew: Yeah, I know, I know.

Rachel: We haven't made a decision about it yet.

Matthew: Does that mean it's still a possibility?

Rachel: I don't really know yet.

Mac: Whatever we do decide, it's going to be in your interest.

Matthew: That kind of goes along with "this is going to hurt me more than it does you." I got to go call Kevin.

Rachel: Matthew --

Mac: Well, it was a cliché, typically parental thing to say.

Rachel: Yes, but it's true. One of these days, he'll know that.

Mac: First Matt, now Cory Publishing. Sometimes I wonder if these things were sent just to test us.

Rachel: Well, if they are, we're going to pass with flying colors. Don't worry, sweetie. I'll do everything I can to help you in this takeover.

Mac: What I need to know most is who is behind this.

Cass: Oh, now you're talking.


Drew: What the hell are you doing in my hotel room?

Donna: Hello? Ah, I'm back.

Nicole: Well, Donna, I didn't expect to see you again.

Donna: I know, I know. I wanted to come back to tell you a couple things. First, thank you. I am feeling much better.

Nicole: Good.

Donna: And secondly, you better get to work on that dress. And thirdly, after much negotiation, it looks like Jamie is going to be the best man, so, again, I just wanted to say I hope Cass doesn't mind too much.

Nicole: Oh, well, I don't care if he does or not.

Donna: Nicole, that doesn't sound like you.

Nicole: Well, I'm afraid Cass has left the business.

Donna: You're kidding.

Nicole: No, I'm not. Oh, Donna, he deserted me.

Donna: I don't believe that.

Nicole: Yeah, he left to work on the Cory takeover full-time. Just when events were starting to take shape for the business and everything else, too.

Donna: Honey, that doesn't sound like Cass.

Nicole: He just changed suddenly. I don't know what happened. I mean, I've been trying to go over it in my head, but I just can't seem to figure out what made him want to leave the business.

Donna: Well, now, wait a minute. He didn't say he was leaving for good, did he?

Nicole: Well, I think it's obvious, Donna. I mean, he told me to my face I'm on my own.

Donna: No, no, I'm sure this is just temporary. I mean, Michael's working on this takeover thing, too, and he's not going to desert his own business.

Nicole: Yeah, but you know where Michael stands. With Cass, I'm never sure.

Donna: Would you just stop it? You are reading too much into this. After this -- all this fight is over with, he'll come back here.

Nicole: Well, maybe this has nothing to do with business at all.

Donna: Why? What do you mean?

Nicole: Well, I mean that maybe it has to do with me. Maybe he just wants to get away from me.

Donna: Would you stop it? Don't be ridiculous. He cares about you.

Nicole: Well, I don't know. In the meantime, anyway, I'm having dinner with Drew tonight. He's interested in investing, you know, for a new foreign show for me.

Donna: You -- do you really think that's a good idea?

Nicole: Well, why not, Donna? I mean, at least he's taking an interest.

Donna: Nicole, you used to live with this man. And maybe he is going to think this dinner is more than just a business deal.

Nicole: You sound like Cass.

Donna: Well, if I'm worried about you and Drew, how do you think Cass feels?

Nicole: Well, if he's worried, Donna, why did he leave?

Donna: Well, I don't know. You're going to have to ask Cass that. But in the meantime, I suggest that you cancel this dinner and have your meeting here in your office, and I suggest you do it now.

[Monitor beeps]

Amanda: Ta-da.

Sam: Oh, you almost scared me out of my shorts.

Amanda: Really? Well, hold on. I'll go back through the door and come back screaming.

Sam: Oh, no, no, no, no, don't. I miss you.

Amanda: Good. Hey, remember that wonderful cuisine that I was telling you about?

Sam: Yeah, you shouldn't have gone to so much trouble.

Amanda: Prepare yourself. Ahem. Voila!

Sam: Oh, the specialty of the house, huh?

Amanda: [French accent] oh, oui, monsieur. Hours of preparation. Only the best chefs at the deli.

Sam: Well, anyway, this is living. Mmm, mmm.

Amanda: [Normal voice] oh, and guess what else I brought you?

Sam: Hot fudge sundae?

Amanda: No, this isn't food, silly. This is just something to help remind you of me when I'm not here.

Sam: Amanda, I don't need any help doing that.

Amanda: That was the right answer. But just in case -- here.

Sam: Oh, this is great. Thank you. Now I am in heaven.

Amanda: So am I.

Sam: Hey, wait a second. Aren't you supposed to be home getting some sleep?

Amanda: You don't want me here?

Sam: Yes, I want you here, but you need some sleep.

Amanda: Oh, now we're up to my final surprise.

Sam: What's that? Wait, wait, wait.

Amanda: Move over.

Sam: I married a wild woman.

Amanda: Yes, but now you're stuck with me.

Sam: Well, you know, these -- these beds aren't exactly made for -- well -- never mind.

[Amanda giggles]

Amanda: Mm-hmm. Guess we're just going to have to improvise.

Sam: Mm-hmm. You know --

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: Being sick really isn't that bad.

[Amanda chuckles]

Michael: Hey! Just the man I was looking for.

Jamie: Hello, MICHAEL. What can I do for you?

Michael: Jamie, this may come as a little surprise, but I have a big favor I'd like to ask you.

Jamie: Well, name it.

Michael: I'd like you to be my best man.

Jamie: Oh, well, Michael, that doesn't actually come as a complete surprise, to tell you the truth.

Michael: It doesn't?

Jamie: No, no. Vicky spoke to me, although I wasn't sure if she was being totally straight with me.

Michael: Well, about this, she was, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah?

Michael: Jamie, because of you, both my wife and my daughter are alive and healthy. And I would be grateful if you would be a part of our lives in this way. What do you say?

Jamie: I'm very honored that you asked me, Michael.

Michael: Good. Jamie, I hope you do it. And if you do, feel free to bring Lisa. Ok?

John: You've never seen this place before, have you?

Vicky: Oh, yeah.

John: That's right. How could I have forgotten?

Vicky: Oh, well, it seems that you haven't forgotten.

John: What?

Vicky: Should I remind you of what happened the last time I was here? Because it seems like you're trying to get back at me for that time.

John: Whoa, whoa, slow down here. What are you trying to say?

Vicky: Don't play dumb.

John: I'm not. I'm trying to find out what's going on here. Why are you so angry?

Vicky: Because you told my father that I was trying to come between Jamie and Lisa.

John: Oh. Well, Mike and I did discuss the direction your life seems to be --

Vicky: Well, that was none of your business!

John: Well, maybe it was and maybe it wasn't, but Jamie and Lisa do not need you coming between them.

Vicky: I'm not. Lisa's taking care of that all by herself, and I have nothing to do with it!

John: Look, Vicky, you may be able to pull the wool over your father's eyes, but not mine. I can see what you're up to.

Vicky: I'm giving you fair warning. Don't tangle with me.

John: Graduated to threats?

Vicky: If that's what you want to call it.. But I would advise you to stay out of this, especially now.

John: What do you mean, especially now?

Vicky: Now that my Mom and Dad have gotten past what happened in this boat.

John: Nothing happened in this boat, and you know it. But you are just the type to drag up that whole issue again, aren't you?

Vicky: Hey, it's up to you. Your move.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hey.

John: Hi, Mike. Come on in.

Michael: Thanks.

John: Want a cup of coffee?

Michael: No, thanks. I just stopped by to talk to you for a second.

John: Sit down.

Michael: Thanks. I want you to know that I understand why you backed out of being best man.

John: Well, as is often the case in this family, there's more to that than meets the eye.

Michael: Well, I realize that, and I know all about it.

John: You do?

Michael: Yeah, Donna told me that she talked to you.

John: She did? Well, that's a new one.

Michael: Yeah. Well, we're -- we decided to be honest with each other.

John: I'm all for that.

Michael: Yeah. It's a good way to get started on the right foot here.

John: Vicky just left here. She was explaining to me how important that is to the two of you.

Michael: Vicky was here? John, Vicky cares. She's got a good heart. But she has a -- a really strong resentment against you for what happened. How do you feel about that?

John: Mike, what I feel really doesn't matter.

Nicole: Well, what kind of a surprise, Vicky?

Vicky: It's a secret.

Nicole: Oh, ok, fine, I won't ask.

Vicky: Ok.

Nicole: But what's it for?

Vicky: Well, Michael and Donna's wedding.

Nicole: Ooh. The plot thickens.

Vicky: Yeah, but I need your help.

Nicole: Well, you need my help? I'd be delighted to help you.

Vicky: Thanks.

Nicole: What can I do for you?

Vicky: Um -- design something for a very special person.

Nicole: Oh. For who?

Drew: What are you doing in my hotel room?

Cass: Maybe I need a vacation.

Drew: You think you're a smart guy, don't you?

Cass: Actually, I do.

Drew: You know, I asked you a question, Mr. Winthrop. What are you doing snooping around in my hotel room?

Cass: And why exactly are you so interested in Nicole's business?

Drew: It's an investment. Now, I asked you a question.

Cass: It's more than an investment, if you ask me.

Drew: No, I didn't ask you for your opinion. I asked you what are you doing snooping around my hotel room. I could have you arrested.

Cass: Maybe I'll be able to say the same thing to you one day, if I can figure out your motives.

Drew: Look, let's get something straight. I want to help Nicole put her collection on the map.

Cass: It's the way you're doing it that bothers me.

Drew: Well, if it wasn't for your unsavory reputation, she wouldn't need my help in the first place.

Cass: She doesn't need you at all.

Drew: Oh? That's not what she told me.

Cass: What did she tell you?

Drew: Well, she confided in me and said that your smarmy business practices have jeopardized her progress.

Cass: She never said that.

Drew: Oh. How can you be so sure?

Cass: I'd bet my life on it.

Drew: You may just have to one day.

[Phone rings]

Drew: Hello. Yes, yes. No, no, absolutely -- look, I want Consolidated Industries under the umbrella corporation right now. You know I'm trying to take -- that's right. That's right. I want you to be right there by the phone. I'm going to call you, we're going to buy some stocks at 30 1/4. No, wait till I call you. Right.

Cass: Trouble in paradise?

Drew: Look, you just shut up. Now, where were we?

[Phone rings]

Cass: I was just leaving.

Cass: I don't trust him.

Nicole: Well, I don't care whether you do or not.

Cass: Oh, you don't care? Well, that's fine. It's only your business at stake.

Nicole: That's right, Cass, it's my business.

Cass: Drew is not what he appears to be. I have proof.

Nicole: You have proof? Why should I believe you over him?

Cass: Because I thought you trusted me..

Nicole: Well, I thought I did, too. But the thing I want to know is why you're trying to malign Drew if you're really upset with me.

Cass: This is more important than my personal feelings.

Nicole: Oh, well, that's convenient. Why can't you just be honest about it?

Cass: I am being honest! Drew is a manipulator. He's a con man. He's a very bright phony.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Well, I've heard people speak of you the same way.

Cass: Maybe that's why I'm so worried about you.

Nicole: Well, I can take care of myself.

Cass: I know.

Nicole: So why don't you just let me?

Cass: I am!

Nicole: Well, then maybe you should just get out of my life!

Cass: Maybe I should!

Mac: Oh, Cass, I was hoping I'd find you here.

Cass: Well, not for much longer, Mac.

Mac: Is there trouble at the salon?

Cass: No, no, there's no trouble at the salon.

Mac: You said you had papers to show me?

Cass: Just one, but I think it might interest you.

P.A. Announcer: Paging Dr. Frame. Paging Dr. Frame.

Vicky: Jamie.

[Music plays]

Reporter: Excuse me, Dr. Frame --

Jamie: Victoria -- hello, dear.

Reporter: Is it true, Dr. Frame, that you're about to introduce a vaccine that will wipe out all disease?

Jamie: Yes, yes. Everything, including the common cold.

Reporter: Our sources say that you're the frontrunner for the Nobel prize. Do you have a comment?

Jamie: I don't think about such things. I just do my work. Of course, I would be very honored. But the important thing is to save lives..

Reporter: Now, if you could attribute one thing for your phenomenal success, what would it be?

Jamie: My wife, Victoria. In my darkest hours, when I thought there was no hope, she stood by me. Without her, I would be nothing.

Singer: Overnight success ooh

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, are you happy?

Jamie: I've never been happier. Thank God Lisa left town when she did. I might never have been able to have married you. I love you.

Reporter: That certainly answers my questions, Dr. Frame, but -- Dr. Frame?

Second reporter: If I may bring the conversation back to research, doctor -- how do you see your impact on the medical community? Dr. Frame?

Third reporter: Dr. Frame?

Fourth reporter: Dr. Frame?

Fifth reporter: Dr. Frame, could I ask you --

Sixth reporter: Excuse me, Dr. Frame?

P.A. Announcer: Paging Dr. Frame.

Jamie: Vicky? Vicky.

Vicky: Jamie?

Jamie: Are you all right?

Vicky: Is that you?

Jamie: Of course it's me. I think you must be overtired or something.

Vicky: Oh --

Jamie: Look, they are -- they paged me, so I've got to run, but I wanted to tell you something.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: I've agreed to be Michael's best man. Bye.

Singer: An overnight success

Rachel: It seems as though everything happens at once.

Amanda: Oh, don't worry, Mom. It'll all work out.

Rachel: Isn't the mother supposed to be the one that does the reassuring?

Amanda: I'm just practicing. You know, Dad and Sam are both very strong guys. That's why we married them.

Rachel: You're a smart girl.

Amanda: I know. Get my smarts from my mother..

Rachel: Now that Sam is on the mend, I -- I'm going to really dig in and help your father with this takeover attempt.

Amanda: How?

Rachel: Well, I'm going to take over the administration of Cory Publishing, and that'll free him up so he can fight the takeover.

Amanda: Well, that should ease his mind a lot.

Rachel: I hope so.

Matthew: Hi, Mom, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie. Did you call Kevin?

Matthew: Yeah.

Rachel: What's up? Anything?

Matthew: Uh --

Rachel: It's ok?

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you and Dad have a chance to talk about my situation yet?

Rachel: Well, we talked for a few minutes, but it's going to take more than a few minutes for us to come to a decision on it.

Matthew: Ok, ok. I'll be upstairs.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute, wait a minute. Is something up?

Matthew: Oh, nothing I can't handle.

Amanda: What was that all about?

Rachel: I wish I knew.

Amanda: What's he talking about -- his situation?

Rachel: He wants to move in with Mitch and Felicia.

Amanda: How do you feel about that?

Rachel: I don't know. It might be helpful right now, free me up so I can spend more time helping your father.

Amanda: Mother, see, it'll all work out.

Rachel: You're right, it will.

Amanda: Oh, you know, I meant to tell you, I think it was a really great idea of you to bring out the art things for Sam. I think he's going to get better a whole lot sooner as soon as he starts painting me again.

Rachel: Good.

[Monitor beeps]

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