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Another World Transcript Thursday 4/1/04

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Jamie: Sam -- Sam, what's happening?

Nurse: What happened to this guy?

Doctor: I don't know. He was on the phone and he just keeled over.

Nurse: He's breathing. Let's get him in emergency treatment stat.

Doctor: Jim, give us a hand.

Jamie: Sam, what's the matter?

Amanda: What's wrong? Why isn't he answering you?

Jamie: I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Amanda: I'm going with you.

Jamie: Come on.

[Michael laughs]

Donna: Oh, Michael!

Michael: Hey --

Donna: What?

Michael: I think we can get this blood test, like, right away.

Donna: What?

Michael: Well, come on, I mean, I know a judge that'll waive the waiting period and everything.

Donna: You want to get married, I mean, so soon?

Michael: Yeah, don't you?

Donna: Well -- Michael, I -- I wanted a wedding.

Michael: You wanted a -- you want another one?

Donna: Yes! I mean, do you think that's too embarrassing?

Michael: Well, no, no. I'll tell you what, we'll just keep doing it until we get it right, ok?

Donna: Well, I know it's right this time. I know that.

Michael: You know something?

Donna: What?

Michael: In all the times we've been married --

Donna: Mm-hmm?

Michael: We've never had our honeymoon.

Donna: Oh, boy, that's true.

Michael: So I think that you and I should go away somewhere together.

Donna: Ooh, that sounds good.

Michael: That sounds good?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Maybe when we get back, we can really start over.

Donna: I like that very much.

Michael: I like you very much.

Donna: Hmm.

Adam: I want to thank you for calling us, Miss --

Woman: Zimmerman. Julia Zimmerman. I always try to do my civic duty.

Adam: I understand you were a -- you were a passenger in Mr. Fowler's cab at the time of the accident. Is that correct?

Julia: Yes. I have his number, too, if you need that.

Adam: No, that's ok. You can give it to me later. What I need right now is just -- just tell me what happened.

Julia: Well, we were on our way to the Tiveley theater. There's a -- a Truffaut retrospective there.

Adam: Do you remember what block you were in?

Julia: Yes. We were on Bay Street between Adams and Walden. I have excellent powers of observation.

Adam: Now, is that when you saw the child?

Julia: Well, I didn't see any child until afterwards. The cabby, Mr. Fowler, slammed on the brake suddenly, and the next thing I knew, he was laying across the steering wheel where he hit his head. The horn was blaring. And then all of a sudden he -- he jumped out of the cab, and he picked up this child that was lying in the street.

Adam: Did he hit the child?

Julia: No, I don't think so. The child had a cut on his chin, but that was all. The one I was worried about was the cabby.

Adam: Ok. Are you the one who called the ambulance?

Julia: What ambulance?

Adam: How did they get here?

Julia: The cabby just picked up the child and started running.

Adam: Wait a minute. You're saying Mr. Fowler picked up this child, ran 12 blocks to the hospital with a head injury?

Julia: Yeah. I guess you don't need to go to the movies to find a hero, huh?

Adam: Nurse, excuse me. Detective Sergeant Adam Cory, Bay City Police department. I need to check on the condition of two patients who were just admitted. One, Mr. Sam Fowler. The other is a child, about --

Julia: About 2 years old.

Adam: There's no I.D.. on the kid yet.

Nurse: Oh, the child's fine. The residents sedated him and sutured up his little chin.

Adam: Mr. Fowler?

Nurse: He's unconscious, and that's all we know for now.

Amanda: Adam.

Adam: I was just trying to call you.

Jamie: What happened?

Adam: There's been an accident.

Amanda: I know.

Jamie: Sam called from here, then he just stopped talking. He told me about the child.

Adam: It was a child. He ran out in the middle of the street when -- when Sam was driving a cab. He slammed on his brakes to try and avoid hitting the kid, and he ran his head into the steering wheel.

Amanda: Where is he?

Adam: He's been admitted here into the hospital. He's -- he's unconscious.

Jamie: I'll take a look at him.

Amanda: I'm going with you.

Jamie: No, stay here.

Amanda: Jamie --

Jamie: Stay here with Adam, and I'll tell you as soon as I know anything.

Amanda: Sam, I knew he shouldn't have driven tonight. I just knew it.

Adam: You know, he picked that child up, he ran 12 blocks here to the hospital. Nobody even knew he had a head injury until he got here.

Amanda: Head injuries -- those can be serious, can't they?

Adam: Wait, wait, don't jump to any conclusions until after you've spoken to Jamie.

Amanda: I know, but I've got to call my mother.

Adam: Honey --

Amanda: I can't even remember the number.

Adam: Hey, I'll do that for you, all right? Is there anything else I can do?

Amanda: Yeah, tell me Sam's going to be ok. You can't do that, can you?

Rachel: Can you see out of your eyes?

Matthew: I -- I -- Mom --

Mac: Matthew, I'm truly sorry I jumped to conclusions.

Rachel: It's this takeover, sweetie. We're under a lot of pressure.

Matthew: Yeah, I know. I'll see you later.

Principal: Whoa. Now, let your parents take you home, and you probably ought to see a doctor.

Matthew: Look, I don't want to see a doctor, and I don't want to go home, ok?

Rachel: Honey, somebody should look at your eye.

Matthew: Not until I see Mitch.

Principal: If you want to see a friend, I think you should wait until you get your eye checked out.

Matthew: He's my father, ok?

Principal: Oh, I'm sorry. I misunderstood.

Mac: I wonder if you could give us a minute to straighten things out with Matthew?

Principal: Oh, of course.

Mac: Thank you.

Principal: And I'm sorry about this, Matt. It shouldn't have happened.

Matthew: Look, let me just go see Mitch, ok? It's no big deal.

Rachel: Can we make a compromise?

Matthew: Like what?

Rachel: Like I'll take you to a doctor and then I'll take you over to see Mitch. That way you can get to your meeting with Michael.

Mac: Oh, I can reschedule the meeting. Michael will understand. This is much more important.

Matthew: Look, I got into a fight, that's all.

Rachel: Is there anything more to this fight than you're telling us?

Matthew: No.

Rachel: Then why do you want to go see Mitch?

Mac: Won't you go home?

Matthew: No, not until I talk to Mitch.

Rachel: Darling, maybe you ought to go to your meeting.

Mac: Well, all right. Matthew, I'm sorry if you have a problem that you don't want to discuss with us. Look, you mean the world to me. I hope you know that.

Matthew: Yeah.

Mac: See you at home.

Rachel: All right.

Matthew: See you later.

Rachel: Are you going to tell me the truth now?

Matthew: I can't.

Rachel: Why not?

Matthew: Because it is between me and my father.

Rachel: All right. Let's go.

Donna: Michael?

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: Michael, I was thinking we could order out Chinese.

Michael: Oh, honey --

Donna:: Hmm?

Michael: Not tonight.

Donna: What?

Michael: I have an appointment.

Donna: What, tonight?

Michael: Yeah. I told Mac Cory I'd help him out. He's going through a hostile takeover of Cory Publishing. I have a lot of experience with takeovers.

Donna: Oh, yes, my father taught you about those, didn't he?

Michael: Yes, he did. But that's all in the past now, and now I think I can really help Mac Cory.

Donna: All right. Tell you what --

Michael: What?

Donna: I'll wait up for you, hmm?

Michael: Ooh.

Donna: Hmm?

Michael: Come here.

Donna: Oh! Ow! What?

Michael: No, I think you ought to tell me all about this wedding you have in mind.

Donna: Oh. Well, all right. As you know, our first wedding -- there weren't too many people there.

Michael: No, no, there weren't.

Donna: No, and our second wedding, we just practically invited the immediate world.

Michael: That was about 400 of our nearest and dearest, as I recall.

Donna: Right, right. So this time I was thinking about somewhere in between.

Michael: Like small but special. Yeah?

Donna: You know, this is amazing.

Michael: Hmm?

Donna: You are really on my wavelength.

Michael: No kidding? I'm really on your wavelength?

Donna: No kidding.

Michael: Isn't that amazing?

Donna: It's amazing.

Vicky: Ooh. Maybe I should've knocked.

Donna: Um -- no, no, no, Victoria. It's all right.

Michael: Victoria, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my behavior this morning.

Vicky: Please don't worry about that.

Michael: No, I'm not worried about it, but I did not treat you with respect. I had kind of a rough start on my day, but the day is definitely looking up.

Vicky: Oh, yeah? How's that?

Michael: Your mother and I are back together again for good.

Donna: We're getting remarried..

Vicky: Are you -- are you kidding?

Donna: Well, are you happy about it?

Vicky: I am thrilled about it!

Donna: Yes? Oh, good! Oh, honey.

Vicky: Now, keep this one together, ok, because I'm really sick of being from a broken home, all right?

Donna: Oh, Victoria!

Michael: I'll do my best. I am sure Donna: will, too.

Donna: Yes.

Michael: I'm sorry, but I --

Donna:: You do? You have to go?

Michael: I have to go, yeah.

Donna: All right.

Vicky: You're sure you're not mad?

Michael: Not at you. Honey, I couldn't stay mad at you. Of course, today I don't think I could stay mad at anybody for too long.

Donna: Yeah?

Michael: Well, I'll see you later.

Vicky: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Donna: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Vicky: Oh, you look so happy!

Donna: I am. I am happier than I've been in weeks. Now -- now -- but wait just a minute here. I mean, what was that with you and your father?

Vicky: Oh. Um -- well, a little bird happened to tell him how I feel about Jamie.

Donna: Honey, I'm sorry. I just felt that he had every right to know, and I just didn't want you to do something that you might resent later. I --

Vicky: It's all right. It's ok now.

Donna: Why? What do you mean?

Vicky: Well, Jamie and Lisa have a few of their own little problems, and Lisa went out of town.

Donna: Victoria, you didn't have anything to do with those problems, did you?

Vicky: It -- it had more to do with Adam Cory..

Donna: Well, why Adam?

Vicky: I think Adam and Lisa might be interested in each other, so I figure what's the problem in going after Jamie?

Donna: Victoria, are you sure?

Vicky: Yeah. Now, what harm can I do if Lisa's not interested and I am?

Donna: All right. It's just that -- it's just that Jamie is the first man that you've been interested in, you know, since Jake. And --

Vicky: I know.

Donna: Honey, I don't want you to be hurt again.

Vicky: I won't be. And after you told me this news about you and dad, I think everything's going to start going my way.

Donna: Well, we have definitely been through a lot. But I know we belong together.

Vicky: You sure do. You know, and this time I'll be able to come to your wedding.

Donna: Oh. Oh, speaking of which -- actually, I was hoping that you would be in it. Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Me?

Donna: Yes.

Vicky: I would love it!

Donna: Oh, good! Oh, good, oh, good, oh, good. Oh, I'm so glad that it's all settled.. Listen, why don't you stay here tonight and we can start planning the wedding, and you can even have dinner with your father and me.

Vicky: I would love to. But I can't, not tonight.

Donna: Oh, why? You have other plans?

Vicky: Well, Amanda's planning a little dinner party, and Jamie's going to be there.

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see. Mm-hmm. Oh.

Vicky: Oh, Mom and Dad. Jamie, money. I think I might just have everything I want. So, why don't you tell me about your wedding plans? You've got to tell me about the dress --

Donna:: Victoria --

Vicky: And the flowers --

Donna:: I haven't thought about anything yet.

Amanda: How is he? How's Sam?

Jamie: Why don't we sit down.

Amanda: Tell me how he is. Is he awake yet?

Jamie: No, not yet.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Jamie: Amanda, Amanda, it's not necessarily that serious.

Amanda: He should've woken up long before now.

Jamie: I know it's scary, but --

Amanda: Nobody tells me anything. People just keep walking back and forth in and out of this room.

Jamie: Amanda, Amanda, they're running tests right now, and we'll know a lot more when they're done.

Amanda: What kind of tests?

Jamie: We call it a full battery. We'll check everything out to make sure there's nothing wrong.

Amanda: You think it's serious, don't you?

Jamie: It's too early to tell yet.

Amanda: Nobody passes out like that and doesn't wake up unless it's serious.

Jamie: Amanda -- Amanda, now, I'm telling you the truth. I wouldn't lie to you, ok?

Amanda: If he wakes up --

Jamie: We'll run the exact same tests. It's customary and routine for head injuries. The good news is there are no broken bones.

Amanda: Broken bones mend. He's got a head injury, and he's still unconscious.

Jamie: This is -- I know this has got to be horrible for you to have to sit here and wait, but don't panic. He might wake up tomorrow morning with nothing worse than a headache.

Amanda: I just keep thinking of Vicky --

Jamie: Now, that --

Amanda: And how long she --

Jamie: Listen to me -- that kind of thinking does nobody any good. Ok?

Amanda: Can I see him?

Jamie: Not yet. Not until after the tests.

Amanda: All right. Thank you for talking to me. Everybody else here just seems to ignore me.

Jamie: They're not ignoring you, they're just doing their job.

Amanda: Right.

Adam: Jamie, can I ask you a couple questions?

Jamie: Yeah, sure.

Adam: About the kid -- could you get a name? Anything?

Jamie: No, not yet. No. He -- he's about 2 years old, and he's had a pretty serious trauma. We can't push things.

Adam: I understand that, but if you get anything --

Jamie: We'll let you know, of course. Adam, can you do me a favor?

Adam: Sure.

Jamie: She's trying to hide it, but she really needs to be with someone right now. Could you keep an eye on her until Mom and Mac arrive?

Adam: Sure. I had the same thought.

Jamie: Thank you.

Adam: How's Sam?

Jamie: It's like I told her. It's too early to tell.

Mac: Michael, good to see you.

Michael: Hi, Mac.

Mac: Thank you for meeting with me at this late hour. My schedule is a bit complicated.

Michael: Well, that's no problem. How are you holding up?

Mac: Oh, I don't know. Things are getting a little tense around here.

Michael: I'll bet. Well, you're fighting on two fronts.

Mac: Exactly. You try to fight off the takeover --

Michael: And hold your own business together. I know.

Mac: Suddenly, people who have worked with me for years just start talking to me. Everybody's looking over his shoulder.

Michael: I know. It's difficult. Well, I'm hoping this will help.

Mac: Oh, thank you. What's this?

Michael: Well, these are the names of some lawyers in New York, friends of mine whose specialty it is to handle takeover bids.

Mac: It's a specialty now, is it?

Michael: Absolutely. Now, they'll work in conjunction with your own people. And I want to guarantee you, they have a lot of experience in this matter.

Mac: Well, thank you. I'll certainly get in touch with them.

Michael: Good, and if there's any other way I can be of help, you just let me know.

Mac: Thank you. I really mean that.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Uh -- Julie Ann, I'm with Mr. Hudson now.

Julie Ann: I know. I'm sorry to interrupt. I just got back to my desk, and there seems to be a message from Adam. The temp -- she didn't take it down very well.

Mac: From Adam?

Julie Ann: Yeah, it has something to do with Sam. He said there's something wrong.

Mac: With Sam?

Julie Ann: I have the temp tracking down Adam, but I thought I should tell you.

Mac: Yes. Thank you very much.

Julie Ann: If you're trying to call Sam, we couldn't get an answer.

Mac: No, no answer. And you can't find Adam? What on earth is going on? Excuse me.

Amanda: Excuse me.

Adam: Whoa, whoa.

Amanda: Sorry. Thanks.

Adam: It's ok. Can I do anything else for you?

Amanda: Do you mean it?

Adam: Sure.

Amanda: Well --

Adam: Come on.

Amanda: This may sound kind of silly -- but when we left the apartment, we were in such a hurry I don't remember locking the door.

Adam: And you want me to check on it?

Amanda: I know it sounds silly.

Adam: No, it doesn't. It's just that -- well, maybe you ought to wait until somebody else gets here, huh?

Amanda: Jamie told you to stay with me, didn't he?

Adam: I had the same idea.

Amanda: Look, I really appreciate it, but right now I think I'd rather be alone. And I am worried about the apartment.

Adam: Ok. Whatever you want..

Amanda: Oh, wait. Can you pick up a couple things for Sam when you're there? His -- his shaving kit is in the bathroom. His bathrobe is on the back of the door.

Adam: No problem.

Amanda: If he wakes up --

when he wakes up, I want him to have his own things here.

Adam: Sure. Are you sure you're all right?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.

Adam: All right, look, I'll be right back.

Amanda: Oh -- no, wait. Loretta and Mitch -- I didn't even tell them. I forgot.

Adam: You want me to call them for you?

Amanda: Yeah. I don't think I could tell them.

Adam: Look, don't worry about a thing. Everything's going to be just fine. All right? Trust me. I'll be right back.

Amanda: Please, Sam, please wake up. For both of us, please wake up.

Sam's voice: I took a part-time job working as a cabby.

Amanda: You what?

Sam: We need the money, so I took a part-time job.

Amanda: At a cab company? Why didn't you tell me?

Sam: Amanda, I didn't want you to worry.

Amanda: You're supposed to be painting.

Sam: I can still paint. See, I only work at nights, all right? During the day I can still paint. Today was special. I had to go in today, otherwise I would've lost my job, that's all.

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me? You lied to me.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I didn't lie to you. Somehow you got the idea that this place was a gallery. It's not. I just didn't have a chance to tell you. Ok? That's it.

Amanda: You lied..

Sam: No, I didn't lie. I just didn't tell you. All right, that was dumb. Your father was right.

Amanda: My father? He knew about this?

Sam: Well, kind of by mistake. I mean, I picked him up in my cab.

Amanda: How many other people knew about this?

Sam: Well, no one. Well, except Ada and my brother.

Amanda: All these people knew, and I didn't? You told them and not me? How could you?

Sam: Amanda, I just didn't know how to tell you.

Amanda: Sam, if we need the money that badly, we can always just go to my parents --

Sam: No. No.

Amanda: Sam, really --

Sam: No way. I am not going to take handouts from your relatives.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: No. I said no. Look, I've got a job. I'm pulling in some money. It's a little bit of money, but it's money.. The tips can be pretty good sometimes. Come on. I can still paint, we can still eat. It's a perfect solution. Oh, Louie, you want me to work tonight? Excuse me -- now? Louie, this is my day off. Come on, Louie, I haven't had sleep in -- double-time? Yeah, ok, I'll be right down.

Amanda: Sam, no!

Sam: Look, I don't have a choice, Amanda. It's double-time, ok?

Amanda: What about the party tonight?

Sam: Look, I know, but if we're going to have a studio space and more dinner parties, etc., Etc. --

Amanda: All right, all right, I know. I shouldn't have let you drive.

Loretta: Oh, gosh.

[Phone rings]

Loretta: Hilda? The phone is ringing!


Loretta: Oh. Hilda! Oh, God.


Loretta: Cory residence.

Mac: Loretta, is that you?

Loretta: Mac. You're working late again. I'm getting worried about you.

Mac: Loretta --

Loretta: You know, I was talking to Florence -- she does my nails -- and even she has heard about the takeover.

Mac: Loretta, has Adam Cory been trying to reach me?

Loretta: No, but, you know, I've been in and out all day. He could've.

Mac: Would you please ask Hilda?

Loretta: If I could find her. But wait a minute, there's a whole bunch of messages here. Let's see. Gosh -- no, no. No messages from Adam.

Mac: All right. Thank you, Loretta.

Loretta: Well, is there something wrong?

Mac: Well, I had a garbled message from Adam, something about -- well, I'll track him down sooner or later.

Loretta: Well, if he calls, I'll tell him you were trying to reach him.

Mac: Thank you very much, Loretta.

Loretta: Oh, and, Mac, do you know where Rachel is? I thought she'd be here.

Mac: She's with Matthew. I'm sure they'll be home soon.

Loretta: Oh, good. I told the cook a nice fish fillet would be good, with those steamed vegetables.

Mac: Loretta, would you tell Rachel that I don't know if I'll get back, but I want her to call me just as soon as she gets in?

Loretta: Now, Mac, not eating isn't going to help your situation one bit.

Mac: I'll be -- I'll be seeing you, Loretta.

Loretta: Try and get home in time for supper.

[Click and dial tone]

Mac: What -- what on earth did we do to deserve her?

Singer: This man I love sometimes in spite i wish he would stick to his guns or abandon the fight but when he shines oh, when he shines yes, when he shines

Amanda's voice: Dear Lord, please make Sam be all right. I love him and need him so much. I don't know what my life would be without him. And the baby, Lord -- the new life that we've created together -- Sam -- Sam has to be with me for the birth of our first child. I couldn't do it without him. And for the first day of school and his first baseball game or her first dance recital -- for everything, for the first everything, Lord.

Amanda: I know this may sound selfish, but you've given us such a good start, such a good beginning in life. Please let it last forever.

[Monitor beeps]

Singer: But when he shines when he shines oh, when he shines he shines so bright yes, when he shines when he shines oh, when he shines he shines so bright

Mitch: So there you are. Come on in.

Rachel: Sorry to intrude like this.

Felicia: No, don't be silly.

Mitch: Well, let's see what happened.

Matthew: Don't --

Mitch: When did it happen?

Matthew: This afternoon.

Mitch: It's a real beaut. It should be colorful tomorrow.

Felicia: Matthew, would you like a little ice or maybe a beefsteak?

Matthew: It's not a big deal, really.

Rachel: What do you mean it isn't a big deal? The principal calls us and says you were in a fight, we find out it wasn't your fault, but you still won't tell us what happened.

Mitch: So it wasn't your fault?

Matthew: I don't know.

Mitch: What do you mean you don't know? Look, you can talk to me. You're not on the hook here.

Rachel: We just want to know what happened.

Matthew: Dad, could I talk to you alone?

Mitch: Yes. Yes, you can talk to me alone, but I'm not going to keep any secrets from your Mom.

Rachel: It's all right. At least he is all right and it wasn't his fault. I just want to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Felicia: Listen, would you like to go into the bedroom?

Rachel: Thank you.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: Tell your father what happened, please.

Mitch: You heard your Mom. Let's have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. You got it?

Amanda: Well?

Jamie: He's still unconscious.

Amanda: No.

Jamie: But the test results have showed no internal injuries.

Amanda: That's good, right?

Jamie: Oh, it's very good. But, honey, you know, the -- when Sam got the head injury, he had carried that child about 10 blocks, you know, and that may have -- well, complicated the situation somewhat.

Amanda: That's just like him, isn't it?

Jamie: Yeah.

Amanda: I guess the little boy is going to be ok, isn't he?

Jamie: He's going to be fine, thanks to Sam.

Amanda: Poor kid must have been scared to death.

Jamie: Yeah, he was a little dazed, and he still doesn't quite know what's going on.

Amanda: You don't even know his name, do you?

Jamie: Well, no. I was going to -- I was going to ask Adam. Where is Adam, anyway?

Amanda: Um -- I was really kind of worried about the apartment. I didn't know if I locked the door.

Jamie: You got rid of him, didn't you?

Amanda: I'm sorry. But if Mom and Dad can't be here, I don't -- I just want to be alone.

Jamie: Well, where are they? I know Adam called.

Amanda: He says that he called "Brava" and that whoever answered the phone wouldn't put him through to Dad.

Jamie: What?

What? Somebody's going to be in big trouble.

Amanda: You know he's going through this whole takeover thing. He probably doesn't want any phone calls.

Jamie: Did you get hit on the head, too? It'll be a cold day in hell when Mac doesn't take a phone call from -- hi. This is Jamie Frame. I want to -- Julie Ann. What? Uh, yeah, hold on. They've been calling over town to try and find you.

Amanda: Daddy?

Mac: What's wrong, Amanda? Are you all right?

Amanda: It's Sam. He's in the hospital.

Mac: What's wrong with him?

Amanda: He had an accident, hit his head. Can you come down here?

Mac: I'm coming right this minute, and I'll call your mother.

Amanda: I'm scared, daddy.

Mac: I know, sweetheart. I know. Is it possible for me to speak with Jamie?

Jamie: Mac?

Mac: How is he? What happened?

Jamie: Oh, we're just running some routine tests, nothing to get upset about yet.

Mac: How's Amanda?

Jamie: Well, we're really glad you're coming down, Mac.

Mac: I'm on my way now. I don't know why I didn't get that message. I'm sorry, it's my son-in-law.

Michael: I'll -- I'll drive you to the hospital if you want.

Mac: Thank you very much. Jamie's worried, I can tell.

Jamie: It's going to be ok, honey. It's going to be ok.

Amanda: I just want him to wake up. Why won't he wake up?

Rachel: So I keep saying to Mac, you know, it's not as though we don't know what's going on here. I mean, we've been through this before.

Felicia: Right.

Rachel: I mean, kids get to a point where they just change. For years, Jamie would only communicate with us through grunts, and then Amanda has felt that my intelligent quotient was that of a slug for years. But Matthew -- I don't understand why he drives me crazy.

Felicia: Well, probably because he's the baby, and maybe it's because this might be the last big crisis.

Rachel: How can somebody who's never had children be quite so intelligent about it?

Felicia: Did I ever tell you how much I like your kids and that I think you're a heck of a mother?

Rachel: Do you really mean that?

Felicia: Yes, I do.

Rachel: Thank you.

Felicia: You're welcome.

Rachel: The trouble with being parents, though, is that just when you think, "yeah, I can do this, I'm pretty good at this," something goes wrong and you don't know what it is. You don't know whether it's serious, a regular crisis like with Matthew, or whether it's just a phase.

Felicia: You -- you think he's going to open up to Mitch?

Rachel: I find something very funny about that.

Felicia: What?

Rachel: He thinks it's easy to talk to me.

Felicia: Oh..

Oh, that is funny. You know, I do think that Matthew is going to be all right. I mean, between you and Mac and Mitch, I'm sure he's going to stay on the right track.

Rachel: I hope you're right. No, I do -- I agree. I do, I think.

Felicia: You know, I don't envy you. When Lisa comes over here with problems and she wants my advice -- I'm not kidding -- my hands start to sweat, I stutter, I never say really quite the right thing and, well, you know, she's just my niece.

Rachel: Does she talk to you about Jamie?

Felicia: Yeah, a little.

Rachel: Oh, I hope things are going to work out for them. She hasn't been over in a while. Tell her to come over to the house.

Felicia: Oh, I guess you don't know this -- she's out of town. She's actually doing some research for me. I was supposed to go with her, but, well, I thought maybe I was needed here.

Rachel: Do you think she told Jamie?

Felicia: Oh, I'm sure she did. She mentioned she was going to leave him a note.

Rachel: Do you think he got it?

Felicia: Well, I think she left it at the hospital. I'm sure he did.

Rachel: I wonder why he didn't mention it to me.

Mitch: That's why you got into a fight? Because somebody makes a comment about my doing time?

Matthew: Well, that and the fact that he was a world-class jerk.

Mitch: I don't care! I don't want you losing your head!

Matthew: But he was talking about you and he was --

Mitch: Look, whatever he said, next time it's going to be twice as worse. For one thing, he knows he can get a reaction from you.

Matthew: Look, he was hitting on Tina, he was talking about you. You think he should just get away with it?

Mitch: Looks to me like he did.

Matthew: Believe me, he looks a lot worse than I do.

Mitch: Oh, yeah?

Matthew: Yeah. He didn't get away with nothing. I took wrestling as an elective, only he landed in the locker instead of on the mat. You know, it hurts more that way.

Mitch: Look, I'm glad to know that you can take care of yourself. And maybe the guy is a jerk --

Matthew: Yeah.

Mitch: But I don't want you to get into a fight especially because of me.

Matthew: But, Dad, he was saying all these things like --

Mitch: Wait, do you understand? Do you know what this does to your Mom? Do you know?

Matthew: Yeah, I know. I know.

[Doorbell rings]

Matthew: But she gets upset about everything..

Mitch: We're not through talking about this. Hey, Adam, what's up?

Adam: Mitch. Hey, Matthew.

Matthew: Hey.

Adam: Listen, I'm afraid I got some bad news.

Mitch: What?

Adam: Sam's been in an accident.

Mitch: Where is he?

Adam: He's in the hospital. Listen, you don't happen to know where Rachel is? Amanda's been trying to reach her and can't get ahold of her.

Mitch: Rachel, could you come out here for a minute, please?

Adam: Listen, there's one more thing -- your Mom. I thought maybe -- I thought maybe you ought to call her.

Mitch: You're right, you're right.

Rachel: So, have you talked yourself -- hi, Adam. Adam.

Mitch: Look, Sam's in the hospital, Amanda's there with him. She wants to see you.

Rachel: Is it serious?

Adam: He's unconscious. They're not saying much about his condition beyond that.

Mitch: Look, I need to -- I need to get in touch with Loretta.

Rachel: What about Amanda? Is somebody with her?

Adam: Nope.

Rachel: She's alone? Ok, I'll get right over there. Matthew --

Felicia: Rachel, it's all right. Matthew, Mitch can drop you out at the house, ok?

Rachel: Thank you, Adam.

Felicia: Call me the minute you hear anything.

Mac: Baby?

Amanda: Daddy.

Mac: It's ok, honey. Everything's going to be ok.

Amanda: I'm so scared.

Mac: I know, darling. I know.

Amanda: He's -- he's unconscious and he won't wake up and they don't know why he won't wake up.

Mac: Darling, he's young, he's very strong. He's going to be fine. I know he will be.

Amanda: I couldn't -- I didn't even know where Mom was and I couldn't get ahold of you.

Mac: Well, I'm here now and I'm going to stay here.

Jamie: Amanda -- Mac, you're here. Good.

Amanda: He woke up, didn't he? I knew he would do that. I knew -- I said he would wake up as soon as Mom and Dad got here. He's going to be all right, isn't he? Tell me he's going to be all right.

[Music plays]

Singer: Strangers making the most of the dark two by two their bodies become one

Vicky: Oh.

Singer: I see you through the smoky air

Vicky: Adam. I didn't know you were invited.

Adam: To what?

Vicky: Amanda's party. Um -- I stopped by to help her out with some stuff. She must be doing some last-minute shopping or something --

Adam: She's not.

Vicky: So I thought some flowers might look great and some candles, liven up with the music --

Adam: Look, just can the act.

Vicky: Excuse me?

Adam: You're not doing any of this because of Amanda. You're doing this because of Jamie.

Singer: I never wanted anyone like this

Loretta: Oh.

Mitch: Mom? Are you here?

Loretta: In here, Mitch. What a pleasant surprise. What is it?

Mitch: Mom, there's some bad news.

Loretta: Oh, I hate bad news. I've had a lot of it.

Mitch: Mom, it's Sam.

Loretta: What is it? What's wrong?

Mitch: Well, he's been in some sort of accident while he was driving the cab.

Loretta: Well, it isn't serious, is it? I mean, he's going to be all right?

Mitch: Mom, I don't know. I just know that he's in the hospital, he's unconscious.

Loretta: Oh -- dear.

Mitch: Come on, Mom. Let's go. I'll give you a ride down there.

Loretta: Thank you..

Mitch: Mom, come on. We need to go.

Loretta: Mitch, do you think you could help me?

Mitch: Mom, are you -- do you want to sit down?

Loretta: No, we have to go, I know. I --

Mitch: Are you all right?

Loretta: I -- I was never there for him before and now I can't move.

Mitch: Come on, Mom. It's all right. Come on, let's go. He's going to be ok. Are you ok?

Loretta: Well, it isn't a question of how I am. We have to get there.

Mitch: Do you want me to -- just hang on.

Loretta: Oh, Mitch, I'm so glad you came by to tell me.

Mitch: It's going to be ok. It's ok.

Loretta: I -- I don't think I could get through this without you.

Mitch: It's all right, Mom. Everything is going to be just fine. It's ok.

Vicky: Well, aren't we in a grand mood today, Adam?

Adam: Yeah, just great.

Vicky: You know, even if I was doing all this for Jamie, it wouldn't really depress you, now, would it?

Adam: Knock it off.

Vicky: We all see how you look at Lisa with those eyes --

Adam: Sam has been in an accident. He's in the hospital. There's not going to be any party tonight.

Vicky: Oh. How is he?

Adam: He's unconscious. They're not saying much about his condition beyond that.

Vicky: And Amanda?

Adam: She's pretty shaky. Her family's on their way down there now.

Vicky: Oh, I am sorry. I am really sorry.

Adam: Yeah, I'll bet.

Vicky: Why don't you just spit in my face, Adam? Come on, I'm sure I deserve it.

Adam: Excuse me, I'm sorry. It's just that after everything that's happened, you see, I come in here and I see you planning a party.

Vicky: So why don't you blame Vicky. She -- she takes the blame for everything, huh?

Adam: That's it. Look, we both know I'm right. The only reason that you're Amanda's new best friend right now is because of your interest in Jamie.

Vicky: It must be so great being so perfect, knowing everything. Tell Amanda to give me a call if she needs me. And, contrary to what you may believe, Amanda and I are very close friends.

Singer: We begin to move every breath I'm deeper into you soon we two are standing still in time if you read my mind you'll see I'm crazy for you touch me once

[Radio turns off]

Mitch: Oh, hello. Is there any news?

Rachel: No, not yet. Jamie said it would be a while.

Loretta: Is he -- is he --

Mac: Jamie said the tests all came back negative. Now, that's very good. There are no broken bones, there are no other injuries.

Mitch: See, that is good news.

Amanda: Yeah, but he won't wake up. They don't know why he won't wake up.

Adam: All right, well, as soon as you know something, you call me back here. Yeah, I'm still at the hospital. Yeah, thanks. Jamie --

Jamie: In a minute, ok?

Adam: No, listen, it's about the kid. If you don't get his name, I'm going to have to start moving on this thing because --

Jamie: No. No, no, Adam. We had to give him a sedative. He started to get hysterical. He'll be asleep for a couple of hours.

Adam: All right, all right. I'll see what I can do. Listen -- what about Sam?

Jamie: I have to talk to my sister.

Donna: Well, how serious is it?

Vicky: Sam's unconscious and that's all Adam said.

Donna: Honey, you're really upset about this, aren't you?

Vicky: Yeah, well, I care about Amanda. I really do.

Donna: I know, I --

Vicky: Now, I am very good friends with Amanda!

Donna: Honey, I know that, but something else is wrong here. What is it?

Vicky: I'm -- I'm sorry. Adam just said that --

Donna: What? What did Adam say?

Vicky: It was nothing. Don't want to worry you. I'll see you --

Donna: No, no, you don't -- no, I am tired of everybody saying they don't want to worry me. Now, if you have something that you want to talk to me about --

Vicky: Well, yeah, I want to talk about the wedding. Now, that's what I came back for.

Donna: No, you are changing the subject here.

Vicky: Everybody loves to talk about weddings. Don't you love to talk about weddings? Now, come on, tell me about --

Donna: Victoria.

Michael: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Did I hear someone talking about a wedding?

Vicky: Yes.

Michael: That's my favorite subject. I love talking about weddings.

Donna: I know, I know. I have been trying to reach you.

Michael: Oh, really? Well, I've been in Mac's office.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: By the way, did you hear about Sam?

Vicky: Yeah. I mean, what have you heard? Have you heard anything?

Michael: No. I dropped Mac off at the hospital and he said he'd call later.

Vicky: Amanda must be worried sick. Excuse me.

Donna: Well, honey -- Victoria --

Michael: Donna, it's ok. Let her go. Now, look, you said you were trying to reach me?

Donna: Yes, yes, I was.

Michael: Well, I'm here.

Donna: Well, all right. I was trying to set up an appointment with a wedding consultant, and I wanted to see about Thursday. Are you busy then?

[Michael sighs]

Donna:: Why? What's -- what's wrong?

Michael: Look, we're going to put this off a bit.

Donna: Oh. Oh, really? What, are you getting cold feet?

Michael: No, no, I'm not getting cold feet, but what with the takeover attempted at Cory Publishing and -- and Mac being worried about Sam, I told Mac I'd go to New York for him for a couple of days.

Jamie: And so there's not much more we can do but wait and pray.

Amanda: Is he -- is he in pain?

Jamie: No, he seems quite comfortable.

Amanda: I keep thinking about Vicky and when she was like that.

Mac: And now Vicky is fine and Sam is going to be fine, Amanda.

Amanda: But he won't wake up.

Mac: Look, I know this new son of mine. He's a fighter, especially when it comes to you or his baby. He knows his family needs him and he is not going to let you down, Amanda.

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