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Another World Transcript Monday 3/29/04

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Nicole: Really? Really? Oh, Drew, that's great! Really? Oh, I just can't believe it. Really? Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

Cass: Ahem. What was that all about? [Mocks Nicole] Really? Really?

Nicole: Stop. That was Drew.

Cass: [Normal voice] What?

Nicole: It's all set.

Cass: What is?

Nicole: He can arrange the money for us. Isn't that great?

Cass: He can arrange all he wants. We're not taking it.

Rachel: This is it. This has got to last you for the week, so don't spend it all on lunch.

Matthew: I'm sure I won't be able to resist the fine dining cuisine at Bay City High. They probably have the same dieticians as when you went there.

Rachel: Possibly. They have the same food. The tuna surprise lives in my memory. You're acting as though I'm sending you to the salt mines.

Matthew: This isn't going to work. This is not going to work.

Rachel: Honey, it is. It is going to work. And you are the one who's going to do all the work.

Matthew: Great.

Rachel: Darling. I didn't know you were going to be home this morning.

Mac: I'm sorry I didn't call. Things are just impossible. Matthew, what are you doing here?

Matthew: You're busy. We can talk about it later.

Mac: No, we'll talk about it now. Why aren't you in school?

Hilda: Oh, Mr. Cory, you are here. There's a gentleman from MacGregor Trust on the telephone.

Zack: Oh, no, O'Donnell.

Mac: I told him to give me 24 hours.

Zack: Let me put him off.

Mac: No, no, no. Better not. Rachel, I --

Rachel: It's all right. You deal with O'Donnell. I'll deal with Mr. Cory.

Mac: We are going to talk.

Matthew: Good seeing you, Mac. Well, I'm going to go.

Rachel: Oh, darling, just one more thing. You've used up all your chances, so don't blow it. Have a nice day.

Lisa: Exit? No, I don't want to exit. Come on. Adam, what did I do?

Adam: Looks like you exited the subset when you hit the return.

Lisa: Hmm.

Adam: Is that what you were looking for?

Lisa: Uh-huh. But I don't really need to do this now, so --

Adam: You don't have to leave just because I came in.

Lisa: I'm not doing that.

Adam: We can still work together.

Lisa: Things have changed.

Adam: Because you know -- because you know how I feel about you?

Lisa: I don't think this is going to work.

Amanda: This shouldn't take too long. I don't think we'll have to wait.

Sam: Don't worry about it, ok?

Amanda: All right. Your boss isn't going to mind that you're being late for work?

Sam: Amanda, I don't care what he thinks. I'm going to hear our child's heartbeat today, ok?

Jamie: Hello, you two.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hey, Jamie.

Amanda: We're here for my checkup.

Jamie: How's it going?

Amanda: Just great.

Sam: Yeah. Me, I have heartburns and cravings.

Jamie: That sounds par for the course.

Amanda: Vicky?

Vicky: Hello.

Amanda: Hi. I didn't think I'd be seeing you here.

Vicky: Oh, sure. Still doing the volunteer work, you know. Hi, Sam, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi.

Sam: Look, we better get going. Our appointment's at 10:30.

Amanda: Right. Ok. Say, did Mom ask you to come to the party tonight for grandma?

Jamie: Yeah, I'm going to try and make it, yeah.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Ok, great. I'm looking forward to seeing Lisa. It's been a while.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I'm not too sure she'll be there.

Amanda: Well, we'll look forward to seeing both of you. We got to go. Bye.

Jamie: Bye.

Sam: Take it easy.

Vicky: Bye. Well, I'd better be getting to my magazine cart.

Jamie: Not so fast. I want to talk to you.

Vicky: Well, somebody doesn't sound very happy.

Jamie: Somebody isn't.

Vicky: My fault?

Jamie: You put that watch in my pocket.

Vicky: That's why you're mad at me?

Jamie: I told you I couldn't accept it.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, I give up.

Jamie: What are you talking about, you give up?

Vicky: I come into a little bit of wealth and I try to share it with somebody who has been very nice to me. I mean, why don't you just shoot me at sunrise?

Jamie: Oh, Vicky --

Vicky: I'm serious, Jamie! It's like everything I do is wrong.

Jamie: It's not that it was wrong --

Vicky: Well, then, what was it?

Jamie: A watch. It's very personal.

Vicky: Oh, well, forgive me. I'll return that and get you a little shoeshine kit.

Jamie: You don't have to get me anything.

Vicky: Obviously.

Jamie: If I did anything for you, it's because I like you. I don't expect something in return.

Vicky: Did you talk to Lisa this morning?

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: Oh, I was just wondering if she was the cause of your attitude today.

Jamie: I'm not even sure where she is.

Vicky: Well, I'm sorry if I have created any problems.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I'm sure you didn't mean to.

Vicky: Jamie, I -- I just want you to know that I appreciate what you do, that's all.

Jamie: I know. But you don't have to slip things into my pocket.

Vicky: I knew I would mess it up.

Jamie: You didn't mess anything up.

Vicky: Jamie, it's just that I would really hate it if you stop being my friend. You haven't, have you?

Lisa: What are you doing?

Adam: We got to talk about this.

Lisa: I can't.

Adam: You can't or you won't?

Lisa: How come things never go in a straight line?

Adam: What do you mean?

Lisa: If Vicky wanted Jamie and Jamie wanted Vicky and that's all there was to it, I think I could handle this.

Adam: Did you see Jamie last night?

Lisa: He thinks he's doing everything to make this right.

Adam: And he's not doing everything.

Lisa: No, this is all my doing.

Adam: Says who?

Lisa: Jamie says I don't trust him, Rachel says I don't fight hard enough, and you --

Adam: Me.

Lisa: You're always here, and you're nice to me. And I have to leave.

Adam: Lisa, Lisa --

Lisa: Adam, I don't think we can work together. I really don't.

Adam: Lisa, please.

Nicole: I just don't understand you.

Cass: Obviously.

Nicole: Every time I try to solve our financial problems, you act like I've stabbed you in the back.

Cass: That's not true.

Nicole: Not true? If anyone offers to help us, you act like they're trying to take over.

Cass: Oh, that's what I said about Liz. It's not what I said about Drew-boy.

Nicole: You haven't said anything but no. Now, Drew can help us.

Cass: Can help you.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, we're partners.

Cass: For how much longer?

Nicole: Oh! You know, this is absurd. You're just jealous.

Cass: What is absurd about that? I walk in on you and an attractive man with whom, as it turns out, you've been intimate. He's falling all over you, he offers to solve all your problems, and you find it hard to understand that I'd like him to drop dead.

Nicole: I just wish you would grow up.

Cass: Really? How would you like it if I brought in Yvette and told you I wanted to make her a partner?

Nicole: Yvette?

Cass: You wouldn't like that at all, trust me, especially since Yvette would do anything she could -- and I do mean anything -- to help me.

Nicole: Who's Yvette?

Cass: Oh, it's -- that's not important. It's the principle of the thing.

Nicole: No, who's Yvette? Why haven't you told me about her?

Cass: She was a long time ago, and she's been away for years.

Nicole: Now she's back?

Cass: Just for a year. But you're not -- you don't understand the point I'm trying to make here.

Nicole: So you've seen her again, right? Yvette. Is she French?

Cass: Swiss. A professional skier and model and linguist.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Then what's she doing in Bay City, huh? We don't have any mountains, the design industry obviously isn't taking off, and we all talk the same language, Cass.

Cass: Why does this upset you?

Nicole: Oh, if you invented her to teach me a lesson --

Cass: The mere mention of her name got you crazy. Just think -- I had to watch Drew slobber all over you. [Cass slurps]

Nicole: He doesn't slobber.

Cass: Look, why don't we explore other avenues of financing before we let this Drew-boy come between us?

Nicole: Maybe you're right.

Cass: Oh, I love it when you talk like that. Ooh.

Nicole: Other -- stop -- other avenues of financing means serious, sober investors.

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: Yes. None of your schemes and none of your cronies named after fish.

Cass: No.

Nicole: No.

Cass: So you call Drew-boy and tell him that everything is off and I'll solve all our problems.

Nicole: Oh, I break into a cold sweat whenever you say that.

Cass: Don't worry about a thing.

Nicole: At least he gets jealous. Hmm. Well, if we can't use Drew -- that doesn't mean that I have to leave things up to Cass, now, does it?

Nicole: Hi. It's me. Oh, fine, fine. How are things going with you?

Mac: Is all that MacGregor stuff at the office, too?

Zack: Yeah, I'll call Julie Ann, and she'll have it on your desk by the time we get back.

Rachel: Mac --

Mac: Sorry, darling.

Rachel: You're going back to the office?

Mac: I have to. This takeover attempt is gaining momentum.

Rachel: Are you worried?

Zack: Mac, I'll wait in the car.

Mac: Thank you, Zack. I just can't dismiss it anymore. It's a real threat. I could lose Cory Publishing.

Rachel: Mac.

Mac: Not without a fight, Rachel. Don't --

Rachel: Yes, but this company has been in your family for years. You've made it -- you've made it what it is today.

Mac: That's part of the problem. I've made it so successful, now they want to take it right out from under me.

Rachel: That can't happen.

Mac: Well, I was hoping it'd be a legacy for our children, but -- speaking of children, why is Matthew here?

Rachel: Oh, that's pretty involved. Don't worry. He didn't do anything.

Mac: But why?

Rachel: I've taken care of it. The trip up to school was sudden, but it was necessary. It's all right. We'll talk about it later.

Mac: I'll get back as soon as I can.

Rachel: Ok, don't forget -- tonight is Mom's surprise party.

Mac: Oh, right. No, I'll make it. Is Ada moving in now?

Rachel: Well, she's moved a few of her things in. It's nice having her here all the time.

Mac: I agree. Oh, I missed you so much.

Rachel: Well, you get home soon, ok?

Mac: I'll try, darling.

Mac: It's just so peaceful here. Something is missing. Loretta.

Rachel: She had a trip to Chicago today.

Mac: Just for the day?

Rachel: Well, darling, she's not here that much. I mean, she visits with Amanda and Sam, and she's become friends with Felicia, and then there's Howard --

Mac: That's just what I mean. She's settling in, Rachel.

Rachel: Well, not tonight. Tonight, it's just for family.

Mac: Wonderful. I'm going to try very hard, I promise you, to be here. I love you, sweetheart.

Rachel: I love you.

Boy: Oh, goodness gracious, I'm sorry.

Second boy: Oh, why, our transfer student seems to have stumbled.

Matthew: Yeah, our transfer student seems to have been pushed.

Boy: Hey, I bet you never had students like us at the Winston Prep school, huh?

Second boy: Oh, hey, very impressive this morning in English literature. I mean, your views -- they're so advanced.

Matthew: Yeah, well, I read this textbook last term, guys.

Boy: We saw the movie.

Girl: You all are so impressive. I just can't figure out who's the most mature.

Boy: Oh, well, we've disappointed Tina again. See, Tina thinks we're not serious enough.

Matthew: Well, like I was saying, guys, you know, I can't decide between the pre-law at Harvard or the two years in the peace corps. Sort of a draw.

Tina: Very funny.

Boy: You know, it's terrible someone so cute as that can have no sense of humor at all.

Matthew: A sense of humor isn't everything.

Sam: That was incredible.

Amanda: I know.

Sam: I mean, it was -- it was so loud and so fast.

Amanda: Hey, a healthy kid.

Sam: Yeah, there is really somebody down there, isn't there?

Amanda: Yeah. You know, isn't that kind of odd to think that something we didn't plan -- we almost didn't even know if we wanted -- could make us so happy. I was writing my article the other day, and the baby kicked. I thought, this is it. This is having it all.

Sam: Yeah, we sure do, don't we?

Amanda: I just wish you weren't driving that cab.

Sam: Come on, Amanda. Hey. The baby is fine.

You are fine. I have never been happier in my whole life.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: There's Jamie.

Amanda: Hey, can you just wait a minute? I've got to go talk to him.

Sam: Sure.

Amanda: Thanks. Ooh. Hi.

Jamie: Oh, hi, hi. How'd the checkup go?

Amanda: Great. I gained three pounds in three weeks, but other than that, everything's fine.

Jamie: Way to go, mama. That's great.

Amanda: How are things with you?

Jamie: Fine, fine.

Amanda: Mom told me that you're staying at Jason's.

Jamie: Yeah, for now, yeah.

Amanda: And then you said something about maybe not bringing Lisa to the party tonight? What's going on? Are you two having problems or what?

Jamie: It's nothing serious.

Amanda: Then why aren't you going to bring her to the party?

Jamie: Well, I would if I could find her. I've called all over the place, and I just can't seem to locate her.

Amanda: Oh, is that all?

Jamie: Listen, sis, don't worry about it, ok?

Amanda: Oh -- I'm not worried. It's just that, you know, a creep like you isn't going to find anybody better than Lisa.

Jamie: Thanks a lot. I agree. I'm going to go call her right now again.

Amanda: Ok.

Jamie: Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Is everything ok?

Amanda: Yeah, seems like it.

Sam: Good.

Amanda: Let's go -- daddy.

Sam: Hey, that's right. All right, Mom.

Amanda: Mom.

Sam: Mom, Mom. I like that -- Mom.

Lisa: I'm looking for Dr. Frame. Have you seen him?

Lisa: Dr. Frame?

Nurse: The only thing I've seen today is patients.

Lisa: Busy, huh?

Nurse: Yeah.


Nurse: Ok, Mrs. Pushkin, just one minute. I'll be right there.

Lisa: Could I leave him a note, please?

Nurse: Sure, a note. Yeah, right, ok. Here's an envelope. Here's paper.

Lisa: Thanks.

Nurse: There's a pencil. When you're finished, just put it in that box there.

Lisa: Sure.

Scott: The place looks great.

Nicole: Thanks, Scott. And thank you for responding so quickly.

Scott: Ah, well, actually, you should thank Zack. Or maybe I should thank Zack.

Nicole: Are you ok?

Scott: Yeah, I'm fine. He thought it'd be a good idea if I got back to work. I did, and it was a good idea.

Nicole: Well, that's good. I need to know where I stand with my trust fund.

Scott: You think you might be needing it?

Nicole: Yeah, maybe.

Scott: And you want to know the current status of it.

Nicole: Right.

Scott: Ah --

Nicole: What's wrong? It's not good, is it?

Scott: Seems the money was transferred into a small company --

Nicole: Yeah?

Scott: And the company is in chapter 11 right now.

Nicole: That means it's bankrupt.

Scott: Yes, and that doesn't make any sense because the company was very stable before this.

Nicole: When was the money transferred to that company?

Scott: I believe it was in January. Yeah.

Nicole: Right after my fight with Reginald.

Scott: But that doesn't explain why --

Nicole: Surprise, surprise.

Scott: Do you think he planned this?

Nicole: Oh, it's perfect. He said he was leaving me absolutely nothing, which was all I ever wanted from him.

Scott: Nicole, I'm sorry.

Nicole: He's still trying to beat me, but I won't let him win. I just won't.

Mac: No, I'll be here all day. Just call immediately. Anytime, no matter what time. Right.

Cass: I'm surprised you had time to see me, Mac. You seem pretty busy.

Mac: Yeah, I am, Cass, but I wanted to talk to you, anyway.

Cass: Talk to me?

Mac: I'm not going to beat around the bush. How would you like your old job back?

Cass: You're offering me my job back here?

Mac: That's right.

Cass: But this is --

Mac: I already know how well you can do it because you've done it.

Cass: But why me? I mean, there are lawyers coming out of the woodwork these days.

Mac: People out there these days -- people attempting this takeover -- they have unethical, unscrupulous methods.

Cass: Oh, and you want someone who can think like they and maybe even, hopefully, beat them at their own game?

Mac: You got it.

Cass: Same salary?

Mac: More. Much more if you stave off this takeover attempt.

Cass: Well, gee, Mac, this is very challenging and it sounds very appealing, but it also includes long hours and lots of work.

Mac: I take it the answer is no.

Cass: Well, with my present business commitment, I don't see how I can do it. I'm sorry, Mac.

Mac: It's ok, Cass. Worth a shot, anyway..

Cass: Oh, yeah.

Mac: Now, what did you want?

Cass: Well, actually, I was here -- I was wondering if you had any idea when the royalties would start coming in on Kathleen's book.

Mac: Oh, that should be late summer at the earliest.

Cass: Oh.

Mac: Why? Does that give you a problem?

Cass: Well, actually, Nicole and I came by a few days ago when you weren't in, and we wanted to approach you about --

[phone rings]

Mac: Excuse me.

Cass: Sure.

Mac: Cory. Well, you tell him where he can put his offer. Right. I'm sorry. Looks like I'm back in business again. Was there something else?

Cass: Uh --

Mac: Well, tell him that our lawyers in San Francisco are filing this afternoon.

Cass: No, nothing else.

Mac: Yes, this afternoon, because that office has its own charter. Right.

Cass: Time for plan B.

Donna: Ooh, I'll take it.

Nicole: Oh. Donna, I didn't hear you come in.

Donna: Oh, I am serious. I really like that.

Nicole: I hate it. It looks like Charo going to a business meeting.

Donna: You're not in a very good mood, are you?

Nicole: No, I'm not. Would you like some?

Donna: Uh, no. No, thank you. Why don't you tell me what's wrong?

Nicole: Oh, it's just business, you know?

Donna: No, I don't know. I happen to think that it's more than just business. Come on, now, tell me.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, with everything you've been through --

Donna: Look, Nicole, please. Everyone has been treating me with kid gloves. I don't need that from you, not my sister. Now, come on, just talk to me.

Nicole: Donna, I can't believe it. You know what he did?

Donna: Who?

Nicole: Reginald..

Donna: What?

Nicole: He scuttled my trust fund.

Donna: Oh, honey, no.

Nicole: Oh -- look, I know it's nothing -- I mean, nothing at all compared to what he did to you.

Donna: No --

Nicole: But it's just --

Donna: No, I don't even think it's what he did to us. I think it's the fact that our father set out to hurt us.

Nicole: You know, sometimes, if I think about it, it just -- well, it stops me.

Donna: I know.

Nicole: I mean, I feel if I don't fight and fight and fight, I'll just stop and stare out the window.

Donna: You know, sometimes, I -- I think he's won.

Nicole: Oh, no. No, you and Michael are going to start over. He can't do anything more to you.

Donna: He has. Nicole, I've been advised that I shouldn't try to have any more children.

Nicole: Oh.

Donna: You know, you don't really know what this is doing to Michael.

Nicole: What, is -- is he pulling away from you?

Donna: Oh, no. No, it's not that. On the contrary, he's just like you. He's just going to fight it and fight it.

Nicole: Oh, well, that's good, isn't it?

Donna: Well, I -- I don't know. When we're talking about getting remarried -- he's just so hurt by all of this, and he won't admit it. And I know he wants more children, but he says it doesn't make a difference, that everything's going to be just fine.

Nicole: Well, it will be. You'll work things out after you get married.

Donna: No. No, I told him I wouldn't remarry him.

Mac: But it's only 1:00 in San Francisco. You've got four hours yet. We can't do it here because we don't have the time. We cannot meet that deadline. You've got to do it. All right, and let me know when it's done. Right. Julie Ann, please get me -- oh, never mind, Julie Ann. I'll call you back.

Adam: It's a bad time, isn't it?

Mac: Adam, is there a problem?

Adam: Well, I was just in the neighborhood. I thought I'd stop -- you're busy. Look, just forget I was --

Mac: Adam, Adam -- please sit down.

Adam: I'm sorry, Mac. I just don't know who else to talk to.

Mac: Right. Julie Ann, would you hold all my calls and divert all takeover calls to Zack. Thank you. What is it, Adam?

Adam: Lisa.

Mac: What'd she do?

Adam: Well, I'm not sure she did anything. It's what I've done. I've been having feelings about her that I -- well, I just don't think I'm supposed to have.

Mac: Because she's Jamie's girl. Well, that stands to reason. You two work very closely together.

Adam: Yeah, well, that may be a thing of the past.

Mac: What happened?

Adam: I confronted Jamie. I confronted him about the way he's been treating Lisa. Lisa found out about the conversation. Then she was furious with me. I think she feels -- well, she feels like people are pressuring her.

Mac: From what I understand from Rachel, it's Victoria Hudson who is at the center of this problem.

Adam: Vicky's part of it, but Jamie's part of it, too.

Mac: You mean because you don't think he's doing enough to make her back off?

Adam: He doesn't see it, Mac. I don't understand this. Why doesn't he do something? I mean, I would.

Mac: Well, maybe you should have your talk with Jamie.

Adam: I tried.

Mac: And?

Adam: Jamie wants to do what Jamie wants to do and he doesn't care about anybody else. He doesn't even care how this might even hurt Lisa.

Mac: Maybe he doesn't know. Maybe she's not talking to him. Maybe she's only talking to you.

Adam: Yeah, and you know where that puts me -- right in the middle.

Mac: Well, you get yourself out of the middle because this simply is not your problem. This is up to Lisa and Jamie.

Adam: Rachel called me this morning. She said something about a party for Ada this evening?

Mac: That's right. You can make it, can't you?

Adam: Jamie and Lisa going to be there?

Mac: Adam, Jamie and you are both members of this family.. Look, whatever is happening between Jamie and Lisa, you've got to think about your problem. That's what you've got to work out.

Adam: Well, I just don't want to ruin it for Ada in the process, you know?

Mac: Don't worry. There are going to be a lot of tensions at this party. Matthew's home from boarding school. I haven't gotten to Rachel about the details, but I am sure he's in trouble.

Adam: This could be a party to remember.

Mac: I just hope he hasn't been expelled.

Boy: Hello, Matt. I didn't know you were so interested in debate.

Matthew: Yeah, it's my passion.

Boy: Obviously.. Seldom has anyone joined up so quickly just to be a timekeeper.

Second boy: Oh, what a heady responsibility.

Matthew: Yeah, well, you have to be a timekeeper before you can actually get in there and debate, you know?

Boy: Oh, yeah, and the topic this year, what is it?

Matthew: S.D.I. or Star Wars?

Boy: Oh, he doesn't seem to know the topic, will.

Will: Well, then, why did he join, Chris? Could it have something to do with the captain of the debating team?

Matthew: Now, what was her name? Oh, let's see --

Chris: Tina? The beautiful ice princess Tina?

Matthew: Right. That's right.

Will: You know, it's not going to help. Ok, you joining the debate team is not going to get you any closer.

Matthew: Not now, but wait until she sees how serious I am, how dedicated --

Will: No, no, you don't understand, man. Tina is just interested in herself and her time cards, that's it.

Chris: And in the meantime, you'll be the transfer student who knows all the answers and joined the debate team. Not an auspicious beginning.

Will: I should say not.

Chris: We're talking Saturday night alone with your video games, man.

Matthew: Is this supposed to be peer pressure?

Will: Oh, Matt, hey, look, we're trying to help you out. See, we're going to let you hang out with us, so this way you don't look like a jerk.

Chris: Women will be crawling all over you in attempt to get to us.

Matthew: Oh, yeah, and what's in it for you guys, huh?

Will: These yuppie types -- they're so cynical.

Matthew: Wait, wait, wait, wait, you're asking me to believe that you guys are going to do this out of the kindness of your hearts? Come on, give me a break, man.

Chris: All right, look, I've been trying to get a date with Becky Neemler, and her friend Cathy wants to meet you, so, you know, I thought it would work out.

Will: So come on, what do you say, huh? We'll meet in the parking lot?

Matthew: No, I can't, guys.

Will: No, wait, Cory -- you're not trying to snub us, now, are you?

Matthew: No, it's just I have other plans.

Chris: Such as?

Matthew: Well, let's see -- Tina is going to come over tonight -- that's right -- and we're going to go over the timekeeper's manual. Yeah, you know. Well, look, got to go, fellas. Take care..

Will: Tina's supposed to come over to my house, man, and look at the etchings.

Chris: Got to go.

Will: What's so funny, man?

Vicky: Anita, what do you think? These flowers look pretty here?

Anita: No, Vicky, I think they will be in everybody's way right there. Why don't you put them back there?

Vicky: Good idea.

Jamie: What are you doing back there?

Vicky: Oh, just getting some flowers out of the way.

Jamie: Mind handing me Mrs. Fleming's chart, please?

Vicky: Mrs. Fleming. Sure. There you go.

Jamie: Thank you.

Vicky: Anything else I can get for you?

Jamie: Well, not for me. I'm on my way home.

Vicky: Ah, Jason cooking dinner tonight?

Jamie: Mom's got some sort of a family party rigged up.

Vicky: Oh, great. Sounds fun.

Jamie: Thank you. Good night.

Vicky: Goodbye.

Lisa's voice: Jamie, I've decided that you were right. We need time apart. Everything has gotten so complicated. I'm going away and will return soon. Love, Lisa.

Vicky: And it's written in pencil, too. Almost too easy, Lisa.

Matthew: Yeah, I've always felt the most important function of the timekeeper was the two-minute mark, you know?

Tina: We were in the state finals last year, and you couldn't get people to care.

Matthew: Hmm.

Tina: It was two minutes and 15 seconds, one minute and 45 seconds. I was furious.

Matthew: You must have been. You kept --

Hilda: Matthew, there are some people here to see you.

Matthew: Some people here to see me?

Chris: Matthew, my man, nice of you to invite us.

Matthew: Invite you? I'll take care of this, Hilda.

Will: Tina, you will be glad to know that old Matthew over here has already boned up for the whole topic. We got it.

Matthew: Got what?

Will: "Star wars," man.

[Vase shatters]

Will: Oh. Matthew, man, I'm sorry.

Matthew: That -- that's all right. It was just a vase. 2,000 years old, but just a vase.

Nicole: Do you think the counseling will help?

Donna: Well, I certainly hope so. I think Mary sees the same things that I do -- that Michael just won't admit how much all of this bothers him.

Nicole: Well, Donna, even if Michael does want to have more children, I mean, do you really think that should stop you from getting married?

Donna: Look, you know Michael. He always wants to do the right thing. Nicole, he knows how much Reginald hurt me, how much he's hurt us, and he also knows how much I need him and how much I love him. So he wants to marry me because he thinks it's the right thing to do.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, he loves you. He loves you more than anything.

Donna: I know. I do know that, but I just feel like we have to get all of this out in the open because I don't want -- I don't want us to get married and then for him to -- to realize what he's given up afterwards.

Nicole: Maybe you're not ready to get married, either.

Donna: I never could put one over on you, could I? No, I think it's just that -- well, when I was pregnant, for the first time in my life, I really knew who I was. I mean, I felt so much stronger. It was so different. I had Michael.. I had my family. I -- I don't know. Right now, I just don't think it's a time to make any big decisions.

Nicole: You keep talking to me anytime you need to, ok?

Donna: Ok. You can count on that. I know you understand.

Nicole: Well, I try.

Donna: I know. I just really don't think Michael realizes what this has done to us. I have to be so careful about the things I say to him and how I say it. But you and I -- I know we see things very clearly.

Nicole: Hmm. Yeah, sometimes I wish that weren't true.

Donna: Yeah, me, too. Hmm -- ahem. Excuse me a minute.

Nicole: What?

Donna: Ok, let's see here.

Nicole: Donna --

Donna: No, I told you --

Nicole: What are you doing?

Donna: I told you that I liked that design, so I am leaving you --

Nicole: No, Donna, please. Don't be silly.

Donna: No, here. Here.

Nicole: Donna, no, no, no. This check is for way too much --

Donna: No, look -- you wouldn't have asked me or told me about your trust fund if you didn't need the money.

Nicole: Yeah, but it's not your problem.

Donna: No. Things are bad enough as they are. I don't want you to have to worry about something as stupid as money.

Nicole: And to think, when you were 14 years old, I hated you more than anything in the world.

Donna: You did?

Nicole: Thank you. Thanks.

Donna: You know what? Let's just keep talking. I know things are going to get better.

Nicole: Yeah. No one's fought harder to be happy than you have, Donna. It's going to happen.

Donna: That's what I keep telling myself.

Matthew: Great first day home, huh?

Amanda: You know, you didn't even tell us why you were back so early.

Matthew: Yeah, I'm trying to fix the vase situation now. I cleaned up. Do you think anyone will notice?

Sam: Matthew, you broke a priceless vase.

Matthew: It wasn't me.

Sam: Ok. Where did you put the pieces?

Matthew: In the trash compactor.

Amanda: Matthew!

Sam: That is the most expensive trash compacting in the United States.

Matthew: I just can't do anything right today.

Jamie: Hello, everybody.

Sam: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Matthew, I didn't know you were home.

Matthew: Yeah, it was just one of those last-minute things that came in.

Jamie: Where's Mom?

Amanda: She's upstairs getting ready. Where's Lisa?

Jamie: She couldn't -- she couldn't make it.

Sam: She's ok, isn't she?

Jamie: Yeah.

Adam: Is who ok?

Jamie: Lisa. You know where she is?

Adam: No, Jamie, I don't. She didn't tell me.

Rachel: Oh, good, everybody's almost here.

Jamie: Hi, Mom. How are you doing?

Rachel: Where's Lisa?

Jamie: She couldn't make it.

Rachel: I'm sorry. Hi, Adam. How are you doing, darling?

Adam: Hi.

Rachel: And, Amanda, how was your checkup?

Amanda: It was great.

Sam: It was better than great.

Rachel: Good. Matthew, how was school?

Matthew: Uh --

Jamie: School?

Amanda: You are going to school already?

Sam: Here?

Matthew: Yeah. Why not? As a matter of fact, I joined the debating club.

Rachel: I didn't know you were interested in debating.

Matthew: Yeah, well, I am now.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Must be a girl.

Sam: Yeah, that's it.

Matthew: I got it. Hello?

Rachel: Oh, darling, you made it.

Mac: Ada isn't here yet? Good.

Rachel: No, you're just in time. What's the news on the takeover?

Amanda: It's not going to happen, is it?

Mac: Well, I'll know more in a few hours, but we're not going to think about that tonight. Tonight is for Ada.

Jamie: That's right.

Mac: Jamie, welcome.

Jamie: Hi, Mac.

Mac: Adam, I'm so glad you could make it.

Adam: Like you said, it's for Ada.

Mac: Matthew?

Matthew: Be with you in a minute, Dad. Yeah, I got to go. My Dad's here. Yeah, everything's cool, everything's -- almost everything. Ok, yeah, fine. Yeah, I'll talk to you later when I get -- right, bye. Hi. How you doing?

Mac: I think we have some catching up to do.

Rachel: She's here.

Sam: She's here?

Matthew: I don't think we have time for that.

Mac: Later.

Rachel: Quick -- everybody hide.

Mac: Ok.

Rachel: Over here. Some people over here -- quick -- before she sees us.

Ada: You wouldn't believe the traffic on the expressway. It is bumper to bumper. It's unreal. What's the matter with you? What's that funny look on your face?

Mac: That's because I'm waiting for a --

Everyone: Surprise!

[All laugh]

Rachel: Mom!

Bianca: Well, that's --

Ada: What do you mean, "surprise"?

Rachel: You know, like when you don't know what's going on.

Ada: This is ridiculous.

Rachel: Why?

Ada: Because it's not my birthday or anything. What are you doing home? I thought you'd be worried sick about that takeover.

Mac: I'm here and we're all here because we want to remind you how very much we love you.

Ada: But --

Mac: And I also want to tell you personally that I am very, very happy that you've come home to us. The old place hasn't been the same since you left.

Ada: It's been a lot quieter.

Rachel: Who likes quiet?

Mac: Time for the toast, Matthew.

Matthew: Dum-dum-dum-dum

Ada: He's still here?

Rachel: Later. Thank you, darling.

Ada: Thank you, sir.

Matthew: Wait a minute. There's none left for me.

Rachel: That's right.

Mac: Hilda has your soda.

Matthew: Oh.

Mac: Everybody, to four generations of Corys and Davises and Fowlers -- all the different people that make us what we are -- a family -- and the best one I know.

Everyone: Hear, hear.

Matthew: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Four generations? I only count three.

Amanda: You're not looking at the right place.

Mac: There's a lot of life in this house today, especially now. To Ada.

Rachel: To Mom!

Everyone: To Ada!

Adam: Speech --

Sam: Speech --

Ada: Oh, this is ridiculous!

Jamie: Oh, come on, grandma. Surely you can say something.

Ada: I don't know how I put up with any of you. You're always telling me what to do. You never do anything I tell you to do. I mean, it's enough to make a person realize how lucky I am. I deeply love every single one of you. Thank you.

Nicole: Oh. Now I have the check. Hmm. Where is Cass?

Cass: Frankie? Hey, it's Cass Winthrop. Yeah, yeah, right, right. Has been a long, long time. Listen, Frankie, I've run into a financial situation, if you know what I mean, not to -- yeah. Yeah, I could handle that. Right now? Right away, huh? No, no, no, there's no problem. Yeah. This is pretty handy. Thanks a lot, Frankie. You got it.

All: Side by side

Mac: Ok, come on, everybody. We're ready to take the picture! Everybody in place.

Ada: Where should we sit?

Rachel: All right, Mac should sit in the middle. You should sit on one side of him. Amanda, you sit on the other side.

Ada: Where are you going to sit?

Rachel: You sit next to your bride.

Sam: Where are you sitting?

Rachel: Next to grandma.

Mac: Our director of photography.

Rachel: Jamie sits back here. And, Adam, you be back here with Jamie.

Ada: Rachel, right here next to Mac.

Vicky: Jamie, I don't mean to interrupt.

Jamie: This is a family party.

Vicky: Oh, I know, I know, but I thought you might want to see this. This was left at the desk, and you had already left. The nurse said it was from Lisa.

Jamie's voice: "Jamie, I've decided you were right. We need to be apart. Everything has gotten so complicated. I'm going away and may not return. Lisa."

Vicky: Well, Jamie, is everything ok?

Jamie: I'm not sure.

Mac: Where is Jamie?

Ada: You can't take a family portrait without my grandson the doctor.

Jamie: I better get back inside.

Everybody: Jamie, Jamie.

Vicky: Go on ahead. I'll let myself out.

Jamie: Thank you for bringing this.

Ada: Let's hear it for Jamie.

Rachel: Ok, now, everybody remember -- look in the lens and smile.

Ada: Smile.

Mac: Everybody ready?

Ada: Now, Mac, darling, don't trip or anything, ok?

Mac: Hold it.


Ada: Yay! Good work!

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