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Another World Transcript Friday 3/26/04

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Cheryl: Hey, Mom, good morning.

Mary: Good morning, sweetheart.

Vince: How's the sexiest counselor in Bay City General today?

Mary: Not feeling like a very successful counselor. My first two appointments this morning -- one got canceled, the other one got postponed.

Cheryl: Oh.

Vince: Great.

Mary: Great? My whole morning is ruined.

Vince: Yeah, but maybe we can use the time to make some plans, huh?

Scott: And what kind of plans are these?

Vince: Well, I was going to ask your Mom to make me an honest man by setting the date.

Mary: Well, I think since I had to do the proposing, you could at least set the date.

Vince: Oh. Oh, ok. Well, maybe -- let's see. Something in a -- May 25, maybe?

Cheryl: Oh, yeah.

Scott: Why then?

Mary: Because that's our anniversary.

Vince: Well? What do you say?

Ada: You look like a tiger in a cage.

Rachel: Oh, don't be silly. Tigers eat their young.. All I want to do is shake some sense into mine.

Ada: Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Rachel: Who's kidding?

Ada: Rachel, please calm down.

Rachel: How can you say that to me? My son says I don't trust him, and then he sneaks off to spend the night with his father without telling me.

Ada: Not a bright move, I'll admit. But spending the night at Mitch's house is not a major crime.

Rachel: No. I wish he'd talk to me. I wish he'd tell me who he's protecting. I mean, it's not fair, really. He's being punished for something he didn't do. I mean, he's facing expulsion just because he's trying to be loyal. I wish he'd talk to me.

Ada: He's a teenager. You don't speak the language.

Rachel: It's not a question of speaking. He's clamming up. I don't know what to do.

Ada: Well, in the first place, get your head together. Don't come off the spool the minute he walks in the door, ok?

Mitch: I'm returning him, live and kicking.

Matthew: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: Don't you "hi, Mom" me. You owe me an explanation.

Matthew: See that? You don't even understand.

Rachel: Don't you give me any excuses, Matthew. We're going to have a long talk later, but right now you're going over to Bay City High to register for classes.

Matthew: No, no, forget it. No way.

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: Jamie.

Jamie: Thanks for coming down here and meeting me.

Lisa: No problem. What did you want to talk about?

Jamie: Us. I want to move back home.

Rachel: What do you mean, "no way"?

Matthew: I'm not going to register.

Mitch: Yes, you are.

Matthew: Look, I don't even like that school. I'm not going to go.

Mitch: I don't see that you have any other options right now.

Matthew: Look, I've seen the building. It's gross.

Ada: There's nothing wrong with that building. Our kids have been going to school there for years.

Matthew: Yeah, well, I won't know anybody there.

Mitch: Well, you will, eventually.

Matthew: Look, you know all the people there are going to be a lot different from the people at Winston.

Mitch: Well, then it'll do you good. You'll get to see how the real world operates for a change.

Matthew: Hey, don't knock on Winston. It's a great place.

Mitch: I'm not doing any knocking. You're the one that had the option to stay. You chose to remain silent.

Matthew: Look, I didn't even -- Mom, you think Winston Prep is a great place, don't you?

Rachel: Yes, I do. I wish you were still there, and you could be if you were willing to talk to the dean about what it is you're hiding. Are you willing to talk about what happened? I didn't think so.

Ada: Matthew, the important thing is that you go to school. You can't go on hanging around here.

Mitch: That's for sure.

Matthew: Mom --

Rachel: I agree.

Matthew: But the term is almost over.

Rachel: There's no reason to lose a whole year of school just because you don't finish out the term. Besides, the dean has said that he has arranged for you to take the finals at Bay City High.

Matthew: Oh, great.

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Rachel: Mitch.

Mitch: Yeah?

Rachel: You could have brought him home last night.

Mitch: He said he didn't want to come here. He said that you had a fight.

Rachel: Well, I'm just not getting along with him very well right now. And Mac is in New York, so he couldn't help.

Mitch: Then why don't I come back, and I'll --

Rachel: That's not necessary.

Mitch: I want to.

Rachel: Well, somebody's got to take him to school to make sure he registers. All right, ok. You're getting along with him better than I am.

Mitch: Once he gets squared away at Bay City High, everything's going to be fine.

Rachel: Maybe.

Mitch: I'll be back later.

Rachel: Everything's falling apart.

Ada: Rachel --

Rachel: I don't know what's going on in that boy's head. And then there's what's going on with Mac.

Ada: How's everything in New York?

Rachel: It's awful. He called last night late. I don't think he's going to be able to stop that takeover from happening.

Ada: Oh, Mac's a good businessman. He'll find a way.

Rachel: I hope so. And then there's Jamie. He's not getting along with Lisa.. And Adam isn't getting along with Jamie and Lisa. And then there's Sam and Amanda, who are struggling to make ends meet and having a baby. And then there's Loretta, who's decided she lives here. And the nursery is in shambles. And on top of all of that, I'm having trouble with Matthew.

Ada: Is there anything I can do?

Rachel: Yes. You could move back in here.

Cheryl: May 25 sounds so romantic.

Scott: It sure does.

Cheryl: Well, is that going to give us enough time to make all the arrangements?

Vince: Oh, of course. This is just going to be a small ceremony, Cheryl. I mean, just friends and family.

Cheryl: What about the church? Is St. Elmo's available?

Vince: I don't know.

Cheryl: Here. I'll call and check.

Vince: Uh-uh -- actually, instead of St. Elmo's, I was thinking maybe something in a St. Malachi's?

Mary: Where we were first married.

Vince: I tracked down Father O'Connor.

Mary: Who married us.

Vince: Yeah. He's still making the rounds. And he said, because we're still married in the eyes of the church, he'd be willing to officiate at the ceremony where we renewed our vows.

Mary: Well, you've certainly given this a lot of thought.

Vince: Well, it's not something you do every day.

Cheryl: May 25 is in the middle of the week, so I guess we're going to have it at night? And it's over a month away, so that should give Ben and M.J. enough time to make plans to come home.

Scott: Well, if you guys need any help, you just let me know.

Vince: Yeah, but before we, you know, decide on this, we should make sure that this date is all right. Now, Mary, is that all right with you?

Mary: Oh, I think it sounds wonderful.

Vince: Well, then I'll call St. Malachi's right away.

Mary: I guess since my appointments got canceled, I can at least run errands, get something constructive done here. I'll see you guys later.

Cheryl: Ok.

Scott: Ok, Mom. See you later.

Cheryl: Bye, Mom.

Mary: All right.

Cheryl: This is so exciting. It's great.

Mary: Yes, yes, isn't it? It really is.

Cheryl: Yeah. I'll see you later.

Mary: Ok, honey.

Cheryl: Ok. Bye.

Mary: Bye.

John: Oh, Mary.

Mary: John.

Cheryl: Hi.

John: Hi, Cheryl.

Cheryl: Breakfast or --

John: No, how about just some coffee.

Cheryl: Hey, John, what -- what's that on your shirt?

John: What?

Cheryl: Right here. What is that? Ha! Gotcha!

[Cheryl laughs]

Cheryl: I'll get you your coffee.

John: You'd better. Because if you don't, I'm going to throw you in the lake.

Cheryl: Ok. Be right back.

Singer: Brings me back to you again

Lisa: These are beautiful.

Jamie: Those little ones there -- the florist told me they were --

Lisa: Forget-me-nots.

Jamie: I didn't want to slip your mind.

Lisa: You haven't. I think about you all the time. How are you?

Jamie: I've been better. I miss you.

Lisa: I miss you, too.

Jamie: Well, you know, six whole sentences, and there's not a fight in sight. So, what do you think? I'd like to move back into the apartment.

Lisa: That would be wonderful.

Jamie: You don't sound like it would be wonderful.

Lisa: I don't want us to argue like we did before.

Jamie: No, me, neither. I hate that. I -- what do you say we make a pact? That we respect each other's opinions and that if -- if we have a disagreement, we just keep our mouths shut.

Lisa: I don't know if that's enough. You see, I -- I've loved you because you were always there for me and you seemed to understand me, and -- and now --

Jamie: Lisa, how can I understand these daydreams you have of me being unfaithful with Vicky?

Lisa: They're not daydreams.

Jamie: Well -- well, whatever, ok?

Lisa: Jamie, they're important to me. You used to understand it.

Jamie: And you used to trust me.

Lisa: How many times do I have to tell you? This isn't about trusting you.

Jamie: Yes, it is. I mean, you think -- you seem to think somehow, some way, some day, I'm going to be with Vicky, which makes me think that you don't trust me nor think much of me.

Lisa: We think so differently.

Jason: Jamie. Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Jason.

Jason: The head nurse said I'd find you here, but why don't I wait outside?

Lisa: It's ok, Jason. I'm just leaving. Thank you for the flowers, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, my God --

Jason: Jamie, I hope I didn't interrupt something. Jamie?

Jamie: No. No, I guess you didn't.

Zack: Hey, how's it going, buddy?

Scott: Hey, Zack, how you doing?

Zack: Good, good. Care if I join you?

Scott: Be my guest.

Zack: Thanks.

Scott: What brings you around?

Zack: You do.

Scott: What do you mean?

Zack: Look, I need your help. There's a takeover bid on Cory Publishing going on. I have to go to New York overnight and help Mac fight it off. I want you to cover the Roburn case for me this afternoon.

Scott: Oh, Zack, I don't --

Zack: It would just mean a quick court appearance.

Scott: I am not really up for it.

Zack: I'd really like you to do it. Now, you're my associate -- for now.

Scott: What do you mean?

Zack: I had an interview with Sidley and Banks.

Scott: Wait a minute, man. That's that big firm over in Chicago, isn't it?

Zack: That's right, and there is a very interesting opening in their litigation department.

Scott: You going to take it?

Zack: You got to keep all your bases covered.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Zack: I said I would discuss it with them. It's too attractive an offer to turn down. If I do take it, it would mean giving up my practice here in Bay City with you --

Scott: Zack --

Zack: That's including all the court business.

Scott: I'm not ready to handle that.

Zack: Look, Scott, no one knows your work better than I do. You're qualified --

Scott: Zack, wait -- hey, wait -- wait -- wait a minute. What I'm trying to tell you is I don't really think I want to do it. Ok?

Zack: Scott, what is it with you, man? You just going to sit around for the next 20 years? Look, I mean, thinking about Dawn is not going to bring her back..

Scott: Ok, I --

Zack: Now, I may be out of line, but I know what I'm talking about. Look, when Quinn died, you know, I thought I wasn't going to make it. I didn't think I was ever going to accept her being gone. That's reality, man. She is gone, and I got to keep going.

Scott: I know that must have -- I know that had to have been hard for you. With Dawn and I -- everything was a blur, Zack. I mean, we met and we fell in love.

Zack: Yeah.

Scott: And then we found out she had AIDS. And, I mean, every single day -- every day was a crisis. We were trying to be there for each other. We were trying to help each other get through. We were trying to do the things that we always wanted to do because we didn't have enough time and we knew something was going to happen.

Scott: I guess what I'm just trying to say is, I'm not sure what I want to do with my life right now, that's all.

Zack: Well, you can start by doing something besides feeling your own pain. I don't believe Dawn would want you to just sit around.

Scott: No, she wouldn't.

Zack: Well, I'll tell you what. I just happen to have a few files with me.

Scott: A few files, huh?

Zack: Yeah. What do you say you and I work on them together and then tomorrow you can come back to work?

Scott: Oh, you, man -- I'll try. If you buy the coffee. How's that? Hmm?

Zack: You got a deal.

Scott: All right.

Jamie: So, what brings you here, Jason?

Jason: I had to come down and see about some group insurance for the company. Thought I'd stop by and say hi, but evidently I didn't pick a real good time.

Jamie: It's not one of my better mornings, that's for sure.

Jason: You want to talk about it?

Jamie: It's not that important.

Jason: Well, you're still fighting with Lisa. It's pretty important.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I know you don't care that much for her, so --

Jason: True, I would not look for somebody like Lisa for myself, but I'm not talking about my feelings. I'm talking about yours. That's what concerns me. What's going on?

Jamie: I talked to her about moving back in to the apartment.

Jason: You going to?

Jamie: I don't know.

Jason: What happened?

Jamie: We think differently. The crazy part is, is that I've -- I've known Lisa for a long time now and I care so much about her. I thought those feelings would overcome any problems that we had, and I thought I'd be moving into the -- the apartment right now.

Jason: Maybe she needs a little more time.

Jamie: Maybe. You know, you think you know someone, and you do. I mean, you're close, and you're in love. And then you realize that -- that you don't understand them at all, how they -- how they feel and what they need. Then all of a sudden, bang -- there's this huge distance between the two of you.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Jamie: I want to understand. I really want to understand.

Jason: Jamie, she has got to want to understand how you feel, too. It's great that you want to see how Lisa feels, but you can't lose your own judgment. You let a woman start to run your life, you may never get it back.

Amanda: It smells good! I did it! I made a good pot of coffee!

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi, Vicky, come on in.. Have a cup of coffee.

Vicky: Thank you.

Amanda: How are you?

Vicky: I'm fine, actually. I'm on my way to the hospital for a shift, and I was just wondering if you needed anything while I was out.

Amanda: No, no, I think I'm covered. How's the coffee?

Vicky: It's good.

[Amanda laughs]

Vicky: And what else is cooking?

Amanda: I am making brownies.

Vicky: Oh, a little afternoon spoiling for your hubby today?

Amanda: Sure, if he comes home for lunch.

Vicky: Well, where is he?

Amanda: He's working.

Vicky: He found a studio for his artwork?

Amanda: Uh -- no. No, he didn't.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I thought you said he was working.

Amanda: He's driving a cab.

Vicky: A cab? Why?

Amanda: Well, our rent went up. And with the baby coming and everything --

Vicky: Well, aren't your parents going to help you out?

Amanda: They're dying to, but Sam doesn't want to take the money from them. He -- he wants us to be independent.

Vicky: And how do you feel about that?

Amanda: I think it's going to be tough at times, but it's teaching me to do things on my own -- like this. Actually, I'm -- I'm just learning to take care of myself. It's not bad.

Vicky: Well, that's good, but anything extra you can get, you take, ok? Because having a baby isn't a picnic.

Amanda: Yeah, I know. But Sam seems to think that we can support ourselves, and, actually, that's one of the main things that attracted me to him in the first place.

Vicky: Well, as long as you're happy.

Amanda: Very. So, how about you? Is everything ok?

Vicky: Sure.

Amanda: How's it going with those cute interns at the hospital?

Vicky: Haven't noticed.

Amanda: Oh, come on. There has to be at least one that's worth dating.

Vicky: Believe me, there is nothing happening in that department with me.

Amanda: So far.

Vicky: Stop it, ok?

Amanda: Don't forget, I've got my brother, the doctor. I can always keep tabs on you and the interns.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

[Bell rings]

Amanda: It's my brownies. I've got to check on them. Excuse me.

Jamie: I love Lisa. And she doesn't understand our friendship. It bothers her. I have to stop seeing you.

Vicky: Jamie, you're not seeing me. We occasionally bump into each other, yes, but that's it.

Jamie: Lisa thinks it's more than that, and I'm beginning to suspect that maybe it's more than that, too. Now, I don't want to lose Lisa. I love Lisa. And when you're in love, you learn to make certain sacrifices.

Vicky: Oh, so you have to give up your friendships with people of the opposite sex? Jamie, forget that!

Jamie: It's not just that. When you're in love, you willingly give up things to show the other person that you care about them. And I want to do that. If Lisa finds our friendship objectionable, then I'm willing to cool it off.

Vicky: Well, she's got you wrapped around her little finger, now, doesn't she?

Jamie: It is not just that. When you fall in love, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Amanda: Vicky?

Vicky: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just daydreaming a little.

Amanda: You looked worried or something.

Vicky: No, I was just thinking about a run-in I had with a friend.

Amanda: I hope it's nothing serious.

Vicky: Me, too. How are your brownies?

Amanda: Oh, they aren't nearly done yet.

Vicky: Oh. Sometimes things take a lot more work than you had originally planned.

Amanda: Yeah.

Vicky: Well, I'd better be on my way to the hospital. Now, you're sure there's nothing I can get for you on my way?

Amanda: No. In fact, if there is something, I'll probably just pick it up. I have to take Jamie's watch down to the shop.

Vicky: You're taking Jamie's watch to get fixed?

Amanda: Yeah. Well, see, since he has such a busy schedule and I am such a wonderful sister, I'm taking it down to Wyler's. It's right around the corner.

Vicky: Well, isn't that nice of you.

Amanda: Yeah, isn't it?

Vicky: You know, Amanda, you have that article due today. Why don't I take it? I'm going right past Wyler's on my way to work.

Amanda: Oh, no, I wouldn't want to make you late for the hospital.

Vicky: Really, I can take the time. It's no problem.

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, so that's it. I got to register for Bay City High today, you know? No, the dean won't let me back in unless I tell him what happened.. You know I can't do that. Hey, hey, hold on. I'll call you back later, ok? Bye. Grandma, hi. How you doing?

Loretta: Loretta. So, how are you doing, Matthew?

Matthew: Well, ok, I guess, Loretta.

Loretta: Not feeling too good about those troubles at school, are you?

Matthew: Well, I have to register at Bay City High today. That's kind of a drag.

Loretta: Pretty soon, all your troubles in prep school are going to blow away. You'll see. And then you'll be able to go back.

Matthew: Think so, huh?

Loretta: Well, one has to hope. So, tell me, how's everyone here treating you?

Matthew: Well, you know, Mom's been kind of mad. I guess she could be a lot worse.

Loretta: Hmm. What about Mitch?

Matthew: I don't know. He's harder to figure. You know, I know he's happy that I'm here going to school instead of at Winston. But at the same time, he's mad because I got in trouble there, you know, so --

Loretta: Well, you have to remember, Mitch wants to be a very, very good father because, you see, he and Sam grew up without one.

Matthew: I guess I'm pretty lucky to have two dads.

Loretta: Oh, you certainly are.

Matthew: Huh. Did dad have a tough time growing up?

Loretta: Huh. It was no picnic, let me tell you. We didn't have much money. I had to struggle to make ends meet. But he managed. We all did.

Matthew: You two have many fights?

Loretta: Oh, yes. Well, they were more like discussions. I -- I -- I wanted to know what was on his mind and on Sam's, and -- whenever there was a problem, I -- I'd say, "let's talk about it." Well, that is, Mitch would talk and I'd listen.

Matthew: You see, now, that sounds great.

Loretta: Well, now once I remember there was this time -- I guess it was for his prom. He needed a car to get there, and I needed the car to get to work, so --

Matthew: So what did you do?

Loretta: Well, we had a neighbor who had this fabulous thunderbird. 1955 thunderbird.

Matthew: Oh! 1955 --

Loretta: Well, now, I talked him into letting Mitch use the car for the evening.

[Loretta and Matthew laugh]

Loretta: I was a pretty fast talker. Oh, he was so excited when I gave him the keys. And, of course, he was the hit of the prom.

Matthew: I'll bet. My gosh.

Loretta: Well, the next morning, I went into his bedroom with little Sam. We had his breakfast on a tray. I sat down. We all talked about the evening before. Oh, he told us all about the cars and the girls --

Matthew: Uh huh.

Loretta: And the band and --

Matthew: Gosh, that sounds really nice.

Loretta: Oh, it was. It was a lovely, lovely time.

Zack: Well, I guess that about covers everything. Listen, you have my number in New York --

Scott: Yeah.

Zack: In case you need me, although I don't think you will.

Scott: Well, listen, I want you to go knock 'em dead, ok, bro?

Zack: Ok, buddy.

Scott: And, hey -- if you decide to take that offer, I want you to know I'm going to miss you.

Zack: Listen, I'll tell you what. When I get back from New York, let the two of us hang out, ok?

Scott: You're there, man.

Zack: All right.

Scott: Good luck, huh?

Zack: Thanks a lot.

Cheryl: So, when are you going to name the company?

John: We're waiting on Jamie -- for his approval. If he doesn't give us approval for the right to the Frame Construction name, we're going to have to start looking around for another title.

Cheryl: You know, you could name it Hudson Construction.

John: No. Everyone would think that it was Michael's company.

Cheryl: You really think so?

John: Mm-hmm.

Cheryl: Well, then why not pick something more specific, like John Hudson Construction?

John: Well, now that has a nice ring to it.

Cheryl: It's not bad.

John: Although I don't think that Jason would appreciate it.

Cheryl: You're just as important as he is.

John: Thank you.

Cheryl: Don't thank me. It's the truth. Nicole raves about the work you did on the salon. I know firsthand. I worked with you, remember?

John: Yeah, I remember.

Cheryl: Yeah. It was a lot of fun, wasn't it?

John: Yes.

Cheryl: Well, if you ever need my help again, I'll be more than willing.

John: Well, maybe. Just maybe.

Cheryl: Well, I'll prove to you what a great worker I am and get you that second cup of coffee you've been waiting for.

John: I was hoping you'd get around to that.

Cheryl: Yeah. Ok, I'll be right back.

Scott: Hey, John.

John: Scott.

Scott: Looks like you and Cheryl are still pretty tight, huh?

John: Yeah, we're friends. That's not going to change.

Scott: What does she think?

John: Scott, I'm handling this.

Scott: Are you?

John: It's pretty important to you, isn't it?

Scott: Yeah, John, it's -- it happens to be real important to me.

John: Just relax. Don't worry.

Cheryl: Ok, John, your coffee.

John: Thank you.

Cheryl: Can I talk to you for a second in the kitchen? I -- actually, I need your help. Excuse me.. Come on.

Cheryl: What are you doing?

Scott: Well, I was just talking to John.

Cheryl: What about?

Scott: Things, you know.

Cheryl: Scott, you were talking about me. I don't appreciate the interference.

Scott: Cheryl --

Cheryl: Just stay out of my business, ok? Excuse me.

Jason: Hey, partner.

John: Hey. How'd it go with the insurance guy?

Jason: I knocked him down to a lower group rate.

John: Great. That's great.

Jason: Yeah.

John: Hi, Ada.

Ada: Hi, John. Jason --

Jason: Yeah?

Ada: Could I talk to you alone for a minute, please?

Jason: Sure.

Ada: Excuse me, John.

John: Sure.

Jason: John. What's up?

Ada: Are you and John having a meeting here?

Jason: Well, we're talking about something to do with the construction company, yeah.

Ada: It would be better if you had it someplace else.

Jason: Why?

Ada: It would just be better for everybody, that's all.

Jason: I know you've never been really excited about me reviving Frame Construction --

Ada: It isn't that.

Jason: Mary.

Ada: This restaurant is not the best place for you to be spending your time.

Jason: Ada, I think you're out of line.

Ada: Let me put it this way. The less time you spend here, the better it will be for you and everybody else. Do you understand?

Jason: Perfectly.

Jamie: No, Mom, it's ok. No, really, it's no problem. I've got some time. I'll come -- I'll come by right away, ok? Bye-bye.

Vicky: Good morning, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, look who's here.

Vicky: I work here, remember?

Jamie: Of course I remember.

Vicky: So, why are you surprised to see me?

Jamie: Well, I just thought with your inheritance that you might not be all that interested in sticking it out here.

Vicky: Are you kidding? This volunteer work is the most important thing I do. But I did want to find you. I don't think my feelings for you are really clear.

Jamie: Well, what are they?

Vicky: You're my best friend, Jamie. If that means sacrificing time together because your relationship with Lisa is first priority, I completely understand.

Jamie: Well, that about sums it up.

Vicky: I just want you to be happy, really.

Jamie: Thanks, Vicky. I've got to run now, so --

Vicky: Well, wait, wait. Before you go, I have a little something I want to give you.

Jamie: Oh, Vicky --

Vicky: Come on. Come on, just open it up. See what's inside.

Jamie: Oh, Vicky --

Vicky: Amanda told me that your watch broke. I thought why fix it if you can get a whole new one, right?

Jamie: Vicky, this is --

Vicky: So read the inscription, and you'll see I mean what I say.

Jamie: "Friends always, Vicky."

Vicky: Do you like it?

Jamie: It's beautiful.

Vicky: Good.

Jamie: But I can't accept it.

Vicky: Jamie, you've got to! I already inscribed it in the back.

Jamie: Vicky, this -- this kind of gift is way too expensive for one friend to give to another.

Vicky: I've got tons of money. And besides, I want you to know that I really appreciate your friendship. I want all my friends to know, and my family.

Jamie: Vicky, I already know that, and I can't accept this.

Vicky: Only because it's too expensive?

Jamie: That's right. You can't buy me or my friendship.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Excuse me. Hello, Dr. Frame. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. What's the white cell count? Uh-huh. Ok, start her on the penicillin, then, ok? Very good. I'll be at my parents' house if you need me, ok? Thank you. Well, listen, I've got to run now, so --

Vicky: Oh, yeah. I'd better get back to work myself.

Jamie: Ok. Me, too.

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: Yeah, what?

Vicky: See you around the hospital, doc.

Jamie: Yeah. Goodbye.

Vicky: Bye.

Mitch: If you're ready, let's go.

Matthew: I could drive myself, you know.

Mitch: Well, that's ok. I want to spend some time with you.

Matthew: You mean you want to make sure I get to school?

Mitch: That, too.

Matthew: I didn't know I was coming home to a prison camp.

Mitch: Hey, look, your Mom is upset. Don't be giving her a hard time and don't put her down.

Matthew: Sorry. I don't mean to put her down. I just wish she wouldn't get this disappointed look on her face every time she sees me or make every conversation we have into a lecture. And I wish, for once, she would just listen to me. You know, the -- the way you had it with Loretta.

Mitch: And how was that?

Matthew: Well, we were talking earlier, and she told me about all the great times you guys had.

Mitch: And what did she tell you?

Matthew: Lots of stuff, like the time she got you the 1955 t-bird to go to the prom.

Mitch: Come on, let's go. We'll talk about this in the car.

Jamie: Hi, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Matthew.

Matthew: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Where are you going?

Matthew: Bay City High.

Jamie: Hi.

Rachel: Hi.

Jamie: What's wrong with Matthew?

Cheryl: Sorry I snapped at you.

Scott: Oh, that's ok. I guess I was probably pushing a little too much.

Cheryl: No, I hate being mad at you. You're my friend, my buddy.

Scott: Well, you're mine, too.

Cheryl: That's why I want to let you know that you have nothing to worry about. You have the totally wrong idea about John Hudson.

Scott: Do I?

Cheryl: Yes, he's a very good person. He's a great guy.

Scott: Well, why don't you tell me about it?

Cheryl: We're friends. We talk.

Scott: About what?

Cheryl: About anything. He's had a really tough life. I think he really hurts inside.

Scott: So, you're just there for him?

Cheryl: No, it's not like that. We're there for each other.. When we're depressed, we help each other out. We kid around, that's all.

Scott: How does he feel about you?

Cheryl: He likes me.

Scott: Is that all?

Cheryl: He's looking for someone who really understands what he's been through, maybe someone a little older.

Scott: That's good.

Cheryl: Anyway, we are just friends, so stop worrying, ok?

Scott: Ok, I'll try.

Cheryl: Good. Well, I'm glad to see you going back to work.

Scott: Me, too.

Cheryl: Ok. I'll see you later.

Scott: Ok.

Cheryl: Bye.

Scott: Hey, hey. Got something on your shirt here.

Cheryl: What?

Scott: Hey, gotcha.

Cheryl: Bye.

Scott: Yeah. Bye.

Loretta: What a silly display of theatricals. Honestly, Helen Hayes would have me drummed out of the guild for that performance.

Mitch: Mom, don't start that, please.

Loretta: But it was not all in vain. While I was in there, I had a brilliant idea --

Mitch: No!

Loretta: About Matthew. Well, all right. No more of those ridiculous stories of mine. Maybe he needs a pet.

Mitch: He's got a dog, Mom.

Loretta: Oh, well, personally, I prefer cats, but --

Mitch: Mom, come on, please, no more ideas, ok?

Loretta: No, I also had another interesting idea.

Mitch: I want to talk about Matthew just for a second.

Loretta: Oh?

Mitch: Look, I know you're just getting to know him, and I'm glad about that. But I've been thinking about it. I don't think it's a good idea for him to be living in the same house with you. I just don't think it's the best thing for him.

[Elevator door rings]

Lisa: Vicky.

Vicky: You're in my way.

Lisa: I know.

Vicky: Want something?

Lisa: I want to talk to you.

Vicky: I'm sorry. I don't have the time.

Lisa: Now!

Vicky: Would you like everyone in the hospital to hear?

Lisa: I don't care.

Vicky: Ok, fine. What's the problem?

Lisa: I saw the little gift you tried to give Jamie.

Vicky: Oh, please don't tell me you're going to go over the deep end about that, ok? Because what I was doing was giving Jamie a little gift to tell him that I enjoy our friendship.

Lisa: Vicky, you don't have to lie when it's just you and me. Now, you can't buy Jamie's affection with gifts.

Vicky: I'm not trying.

Lisa: Then why would you drop the watch in his pocket when he told you he didn't want it? Now, just how would a little trick like that benefit you? I'm not sure. Maybe you thought I would blow up when I found out about it. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't. You see, tricks like this just won't break me and Jamie up.

Vicky: So why are you here?

Lisa: Stop interfering.

Vicky: You know, I'm getting really tired of this, Lisa -- you blaming me for all your problems. Makes life easy, doesn't it, telling yourself that life would be so wonderful if Vicky wasn't involved.

Lisa: You --

Vicky: You know -- no, no, the truth is, you and Jamie have major problems.

Lisa: We wouldn't have any problems if --

Vicky: If it wasn't for me. Go ahead, blame me. Because it's just hurting your and Jamie's relationship.

Lisa: Vicky, Jamie and I love each other, and I'm not going to take any more from you.

Vicky: If you can't stand the heat, get out.

Mac: Here we are. Helen outdid herself. What's the matter? You didn't hear me coming?

Rachel: No, but --

Mac: I was just about to say I think you had a wonderful idea.

Rachel: Good.

Mac: Just the two of us alone, away from anybody. I say that's a stroke of genius.

Rachel: Did you tell Hilda?

Mac: I told Hilda. I swore Hilda to secrecy. Hopefully, Loretta won't squeeze it out of her.

Rachel: Oh, well, Loretta isn't so bad.

Mac: Yes, but she's always here.

Rachel: Not tonight she's not. Tonight she's going over to Felicia's for cocktails.

Mac: Oh, you just made my evening again. Tonight we're not going to think about Loretta, the children, nobody but us.

Rachel: Great.

Mac: I'll get the champagne. Oh, and, darling, why don't you go ahead and make that call to Matthew at school, get it off your mind.

Rachel: You mind reader.

Rachel: Hello, Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah. Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Hi, honey. Is Matthew around?

Kevin: Uh -- no -- no, he's not here, ma'am.

Rachel: Science project, right?

Kevin: Huh?

Rachel: The science project that Matthew says is keeping you two so busy.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, right. I'm sorry. I was just carrying some data, and my mind was in two places. The science project -- that's where he is, yeah.

Rachel: Well, when he comes back, would you tell him to call me?

Kevin: Oh, sure, Mrs. Cory. You bet. You got to tell her something, man. She knows something's up.

Mac: Well?

Rachel: Well, you were wrong about one thing.

Mac: What's that?

Rachel: This phone call did not ease my mind.

Vicky: "Sources say that Reginald Love's bequest to his granddaughter will leave personal wealth somewhere in the name of --" "of --" wow. Look at all those zeros. Oh. I'm rich. Very rich. "Victoria --"

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Amanda?

Donna: No, it's your mom.

Vicky: Oh, great. I think. Hi.

Donna: Hi. These are for your new home.

Vicky: Well, thank you. This is such a surprise. Please come in.

Donna: Well, Jamie says that I should be getting out, and besides, I miss you.

Vicky: I miss you, too.

Donna: Honey. Thanks.

Vicky: You know, I don't think I'm going to be able to do these flowers any type of justice because all I have for a vase is a mayonnaise jar.

Donna: Oh. Well, we'll -- we'll fix that.

Vicky: What?

Donna: You know, this is really some space you have here. Yeah. Yeah, I think we'll have a good time fixing it up.

Vicky: Oh, I'm sorry, Mom. Did you say something?

Donna: I was talking about decorating.

Vicky: Oh, right. Yeah.

Donna: You know, you're so wealthy now, you could actually furnish this place in authentic Louis XIV if you wanted to.

Vicky: Oh, yes.

Donna: But I think just a few nice pieces, you know, just around --

Vicky: Oh, well, Mom --

Donna: What?

Vicky: You don't have to worry about decorating this place.

Donna: Are you kidding? I would love to help you do that. Besides, you know, it would kind of take my mind off of things.

Vicky: Oh. Sure.

Donna: Now, wait a minute. I won't if you don't want me to help you.

Vicky: No, it's not that. It's just that this guy --

Donna: What, what? The same one?

Vicky: Yes.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: I was kind of hoping that I could kind of get him interested by having him help me out with the decorating here..

Donna: Oh, hmm. Oh, I see, I see.

Vicky: Now, I don't want to hurt your feelings --

Donna: Oh, no, are you kidding? You won't do that -- as long as you tell me one thing.

Vicky: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Donna: The mystery man's name.

Jason: Milk? In this house?

Jamie: I'm on call tonight.

Jason: Maybe I should stick to milk myself.

Jamie: Going out?

Jason: Oh, just for a while. I got to see somebody.

Jamie: Business?

Jason: Set something straight now, or nothing's going to go right.

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