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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/24/04

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Mary: Jason. What are you doing here?

Mary: Oh.

Mary: No, stop it. Stop that. Stop that. Get out of here. What are you doing in here? Get out of here. Get out of here! Get out of here! Get out of here!

Vince: What is it?

Mary: Oh. Oh. I -- I think I was dreaming. Oh.

Vince: What are you dreaming?

Mary: I don't want to talk about it.

Vince: You're shaking. You're shaking.

Mary: Just hold me, please. Oh. Oh, I feel so much better when you're here.

Vince: I want to be here for you all the time, Mary.

Mary: I know. I know. I know. I know we need to talk. Um -- I can't -- I can't talk to you now. I got to get up. I got to go to work. Maybe later, huh?

Vince: Ok. I'll be here, I'll be here.

Mary: I -- I have to go. I have -- I have patients I have to see at the office. But -- but I'll -- I'll come back later, and -- and maybe we can talk about this then, ok?

Vince: Ok, ok.

Jason: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi. Is Jamie here?

Jason: No, he left already.

Lisa: Is -- what, is he jogging?

Jason: No, gone to the hospital.

Lisa: But his car is here.

Jason: It's a carpool or something at the -- something new. The -- that cardiologist lives over the hill -- he went with him.

Lisa: I didn't think he had any appointments this morning.

Jason: I'm sorry. I'll tell him you were looking for him. They're changing the schedule at the hospital. Which reminds me, I got a couple business meetings coming by. If you don't need me for anything else, I'm going to --

Lisa: Did Jamie happen to get a ride with Vicky Hudson?

Jason: You worry a lot about her, don't you?

Lisa: Not as much as he does..

Jason: Just one word of advice -- Lisa, he's a Frame. Frame men don't like to be questioned.

Lisa: Do they also stick together? If I want your advice, Jason, I'll ask for it.

Jason: Better do it quick before I get all booked up.

Jamie: Who was that, Jason? I heard a car.

Rachel: Dean, I really need to talk to you about Matthew. Right. I -- I'm worried about him. Yes, and I would like to talk to you about it. Well, no, not over the phone. I -- I'd like to come up. Well, right. I'd like to come up today.

Vicky: "She wanted him. She knew they were right for each other. She knew it was her turn to make the next move." I live better than this. As they say, Jamie, it's my turn to make the next move.

Jason: Rye toast coming up.

Jamie: Would you forget the toast? Who was here?

Jason: Oh, a -- a construction guy looking for John Hudson. I think he needed a job.

Jamie: I thought I heard a woman's voice.

Jason: I'm going to pour you a cup of coffee. I think you're still half asleep.

Jamie: Was Lisa just here, Jason?

Jason: What, you got Lisa on the brain?

Jamie: Why are you lying to me? She was just here, wasn't she? Why didn't you get me?

Jason: I'm sorry. I thought you had already gone to work.

Jamie: What did she want?

Jason: What she always wants -- you.

Jamie: But you decided that it would be better for us not to see each other today, is that it?

Jason: I decided you could use a little sleep this morning, that's --

Jamie: I was up before you were.

Jason: I made a decision that for one morning you could start without having a hassle with her.

Jamie: I can make those decisions myself, thank you very much.

Jason: You're not going to like to hear this, and I'm sorry, but I'm your uncle. I do care. And I've seen it happen to a lot stronger guys than you, and I think it's beginning to happen with you.

Jamie: See what happen?

Jason: You get blinded by love.

Jamie: Oh, God.

Jason: Lisa's a nice girl, but she is too possessive for you, Jamie.

Jamie: Keep talking, uncle, and you'll talk yourself right over the edge.

Jason: Edge of what?

Jamie: Oh, my -- my self-control, my good nature. We don't know each other that well yet, Jason, and yet you seem very involved in my personal life. There are some things for Lisa and I to work out ourselves. Understand?

Jason: Capisce.

Adam: Good morning. Good morning.

Lisa: Uh-huh.

Adam: "Good morning to you, too, Adam. And how are you on this fine, bright, spring day?"

Lisa: Just cut it out.

Adam: What?

Lisa: I said stop it. I don't need your advice. I don't need you to cheer me up. I don't need your help. I don't need anything.

Adam: What's going on?

Lisa: I went to see Jamie this morning. I think he knew I was at the door, but he wouldn't come out.

Adam: Jamie wouldn't do that.

Lisa: Oh, wouldn't he? Doesn't he have every right to be angry?

Adam: Seems to me like you're the angry one.

Lisa: Yes, you know, as a matter of fact, I am.

Adam: Look, Lisa, it's not going to do well for you to take your anger about Vicky out --

Lisa: Don't do that. Don't try to analyze me.

Adam: I'm not.

Lisa: And don't you ever try to fight my battles again.

Adam: Now, hold on a second.

Lisa: No, you hold on. I talked to you because I thought I could trust you.

Adam: You can.

Lisa: No, obviously I can't. I thought that what I told you was -- was between us and private.

Adam: Jamie told you about my talk with him, didn't he?

Lisa: Oh, yeah, he told me. Why would you do that, Adam?

Adam: All right, look, Lisa, maybe it wasn't my place. But somebody had to tell him how much he was hurting you by all this Vic -- this Vicky business.

Lisa: What for? I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself.

Adam: I know you can. I was just trying to help you. I wanted to help you. I needed to help you.

Lisa: I needed you to be my friend.

Adam: I was being your friend. Look, I just couldn't stand there and watch Jamie make you so unhappy.

Lisa: Well, if you were being my friend, you would have stayed out of it and let me handle my life alone.

Adam: All right. All right, you're right. I -- I admit it. It may have been the wrong thing to do. But, look, I was just trying to help you.

Lisa: Well, next time, don't help.

Adam: It may be kind of hard, you know? I mean, we do work together.

Lisa: Well, Adam, if you're going to have such a hard time separating our personal and our work lives, then, you know, maybe I should just quit my job.

Ada: Look at the boxes of pictures I found stored in the closet. I'm going to start a family album for Amanda.

Rachel: Oh, is that why you were up late last night?

Ada: Well, that and I was listening to Loretta go on about her date.

Rachel: I'm glad I missed that.

Ada: Look at these pictures of you and Mac. Look at that. Do you remember the day you and Mac --

Rachel: Aw.

Ada: Took Amanda home from the hospital?

Rachel: Oh, yeah. What a memory. These are great, Mom.

Ada: You think?

Rachel: Amanda's going to love this.

Ada: There's some pretty good shots of me in here, too.

Rachel: I'll tell you what. Why don't you stay tonight for dinner? And after dinner, we'll plan Amanda's baby shower.

Ada: Why don't you come to the restaurant and have lunch with me, instead?

Rachel: I can't. I'm going up to Matthew's school today to talk to the dean.

Ada: That sounds like trouble.

Rachel: I hope not. Anyway, if I go up and talk to him, I'll find out what's going on, and then maybe I can rest easy.

Loretta: Oh! How did I live before I met Howard?

Rachel: Howard?

Ada: Howard, my friend. Howard with the flowers.

Rachel: Howard.

Loretta: The most charming, most delightful man. I can't remember when I've felt such a connection with someone. I felt as though I could stop my sentence in the middle and he'd know exactly what I was talking about.

Rachel: Oh, Loretta, how lovely. I'm so happy you had such a good time.

Loretta: Oh. Ada, do you think he really liked me?

Ada: Why, sure he likes you. Howard likes everybody. Howard's a salesman.

Loretta: Ah, I've been thinking about him nonstop. Now, how can a feeling like that be one-sided?

Rachel: Well, I'm sure he's thinking about you, too.

Ada: Among other things.

Loretta: He said he'd call. Now, that's a good sign. We are destined to know each other better. He intimated that, too.

Ada: Loretta, I don't think you should take Howard too seriously.

Loretta: Oh, you worrier, you.. As if, ooh, I didn't know enough to shield my heart from the wolves out there.

Felicia: I hope it goes well up at school.

Mitch: I'm sure --

Felicia: Is Mac going with you?

Mitch: No, no, he's away on a business trip.

Felicia: Well, it makes it simpler for you and Rachel. Good luck. Tell Matthew I said hello. Ok?

Mitch: Ok. I will see you later.

Felicia: All right.

Mitch: I'll see you tonight, unless there's some problem and I have to stay over.

Felicia: Oh.

Mitch: And whatever you do, will you see and make sure that Loretta doesn't take advantage of you?

Loretta: Oh. Mitchell, wait till you hear what I did last night. You're going to be really happy for me. I had the time of my life.

Mitch: I'd like to hear it, but I've got to go.

Loretta: Oh, well, too bad. I guess it'll be just us gals. Oh, Mitch, you'd better wear a scarf. It's a real spring chill out there.

Mitch: I have an extra one in the car. See you later.

Felicia: Hey, you know what I did? I unearthed the book for you.

Loretta: Oh!

Felicia: I know you're going to love it.

Loretta: Oh, romance. Just what I need.

Felicia: Yes, I think so. It's one of my favorite books. I realized how much -- well, how much I love what I do for a living.

Loretta: Oh. I know what it is to give up a career and be saddled with family.

Felicia: No, Loretta, I think a family is a wonderful blessing. It's just that -- well, I chose my career a long time ago.

Loretta: Never give up on your dreams, Felicia.

Felicia: So, tell me, how was your date with Howard?

Loretta: Oh, perfect. Maybe I'll give him this book. It might give him some ideas. It'd be an excuse to have him call me and lend him -- lend me his favorite book. And -- oh, they say talking and communicating is good for a relationship.

Felicia: Ooh. Sounds like you had some date, huh?

Loretta: We went bowling. Isn't that marvelous?

Felicia: Yes.

Loretta: Bowling. It's so original and physical.

Felicia: So romantic, huh?

Rachel: How are you?

Adam: Fine, I guess.

Rachel: Have I done something wrong?

Adam: No.

Rachel: Are you here on business?

Adam: Yeah. Not -- not that kind of business. Not exactly, no.

Rachel: Are you looking for Jamie?

Adam: Actually, I was wondering if Lisa had been here. She stormed out of the office a little while ago, and I haven't been able to find her.

Rachel: Oh, no. Are Lisa and Jamie fighting again?

Adam: Yeah. And I did something really stupid. I got in the middle of it.

Rachel: Oh. Sit down. Well, I'm sure you can work it out. I mean, all three of you are such good friends.

Adam: Well, I took it upon myself to tell Jamie that if he didn't shape up that he might lose Lisa.

Rachel: Well, he's probably angry because what you said hit close to home.

Adam: Lisa's furious with me because I interfered. She's probably right.

Rachel: Adam, you care for Lisa?

Adam: I didn't -- I didn't realize it. Realize this until she just stormed out of the office. I've made things worse now.

Rachel: Well, maybe she shouldn't have come to you with -- with her problems.

Adam: I wanted her to. See, I wanted to help her. And now I've betrayed her. I've betrayed her trust.

Rachel: Adam, I -- I don't think you should tell me anything more about this. I'm not exactly an impartial observer.

Adam: Yeah, but you have observed what's been going on.

Rachel: Yes. Jamie loves Lisa, and Lisa shouldn't let Vicky get between them.

Adam: So you think Vicky's the real problem?

Rachel: Honey, there are always going to be people who interfere in a relationship. But if the relationship is a strong one, it's based on trust and it'll survive. Now, maybe this is a time for Lisa and Jamie to test their love.

Adam: Maybe they're not meant to be together. If he can't inspire that kind of trust in her --

Rachel: Maybe that's wishful thinking on your part because of how you feel about Lisa.

Vince: Try not to drop these, ok?

Charlene: Ok.

Vince: All right.

Charlene: Yeah.

Cheryl: So we have a feta cheese omelet.

Mary: That's the white one.

Cheryl: And we have a Spanish omelette.

Mary: That's the red and green one. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Cheryl, after you finish taking these people's order, could you take a break to talk to me?

Cheryl: Mom, come on. Are you serious?

Mary: I understand that you're probably terribly hungry, but I have something terribly important that I have to tell her. It'll take two minutes. And then you'll have her back and you'll have the best meal you've ever had, I promise you. Charlie! Wait a minute. Charlie, you've got to go upstairs and find Scott for me.

Please don't tell me he's left yet. Tell him I have to talk to him. It's terribly important. Go on. Go, go, go, go, go. Ok, that's good. All right. I've got you, I've got Scott. I need Vince. Where's Vince? Do you know where Vince is? Vince, are you --

Vince: I'm right here, I'm right here.

Mary: Oh, well, good.

Vince: What are you doing here? It's work time. What are you --

Mary: Ok. Oh, just doing something I should have done a long time ago.

Scott: Hey, what's going on here?

Vince: Yeah, yeah, what's happening, Mary? What --

Mary: Well --

Vince: All right, come on.

Mary: I'm finding it very difficult to propose to a man wearing an apron.

Vince: Uh-oh, Mary. Wait --

Cheryl: Did I just hear what I think I just heard?

Charlene: I think so. It must be spring fever.

Mary: So, do you have an answer for me, or do I have to get down on my knees?

Vince: Oh, no. Oh, no, there's no need. There's no need.

Mary: So? What? Will you marry me?

Patrons: Oh!

Vince: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Scott: Believe it, Vince. Believe it, believe it.

Mary: See, I went into work this morning, and I had to counsel two people, so I did. I counselled two people. Then I counselled me. And this is absolutely the right thing to do.

Vince: Are you sure?

Mary: Are you trying to back out?

Vince: Not on your life! Yes, I'll marry you!

[Silverware clangs on glasses]

Vince: Sounds like the rabble want their food.

Cheryl: No, pops, they want a kiss.

Scott: What, do we have to teach you everything, Vince? Come on.

Vince: I have to kiss all these people?


Mary: A long time ago, we lost each other. I'm not going to let that happen again. So, what about that kiss, big boy?


Patrons: Aw.

[Patrons cheer]

Scott: Cheryl, come on, let's get some champagne! Come on!

Vince: I knew that if I waited long enough, you'd come back.

Mary: Thank you for being so patient.

Ada: No Mitch?

Rachel: No. He should be here by now. I want to get up to that school.

Ada: Did you try to get ahold of Mac?

Rachel: Yes, I have been trying. Don't worry. I understand what the situation is. I'm not going to go all the way up to Matthew's school with Mitch without telling Mac.

Loretta: Watch out! Runway model coming through!

Rachel: Oh, it's lovely.

Loretta: Ada, does it suit me, or does it suit me?

Ada: Do I have a choice? It suits you.

Loretta: Do you think Howard will like it?

Ada: Well, do you really care?

Loretta: Oh, just asking.

Ada: Well, sure, anybody would like it. It's terrific.

Loretta: Thank you. Felicia and I had the most wonderful lunch. Felicia, who's a romance expert, thinks that Howard and I are made for each other. Oh, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to him.

Ada: My pleasure, I think..

Loretta: Ah. Did he call when I was out?

Ada: No, he didn't.

Loretta: Were you here the whole time?

Ada: Yeah, I was.

Loretta: Were you on the phone a lot? Maybe he tried to get me and -- and -- and it was busy.

Ada: How do you like the family album I'm getting together for Amanda?

[Loretta sighs]

Loretta: It's -- it's -- it's nice.. Well, just wait, I guess.

Ada: A watched pot never boils.

[Phone rings]

Loretta: Oh, my! Oh -- it's him. I -- oh, I can't answer it. It would look funny.

Ada: Answer it.

Loretta: I couldn't. He'll think I was just sitting here by the phone, waiting for it to ring.

Ada: Well, you are.


Loretta: Oh --

Ada: I'll answer it.

Loretta: Good afternoon. Howard. What a surprise. Yes. Ada? Yes, Ada's here. Do you -- do you want me to give her a message? Oh. Well, when will I see you? I -- I -- I have this book. You'll simply devour it. What? Yes, I suppose you could get it from the library. She's here now. Ada is here. Bye, now.

Ada: Hi, Howard, what's up? Uh -- well, no, no, I'm not busy tonight. Dinner? Ok. I'll see you then.

Loretta: Did -- did Howard ask to speak to me?

Ada: Loretta, I am late for lunch with Amanda.

Loretta: Seems you have a dinner date, too.

Ada: Oh -- oh, that. Well, that isn't a date, exactly. I mean, Howard eats at the restaurant a whole lot, you know, and he's always talking about how he's going to cook for me for a change, you know. It's like returning a favor..

Loretta: Well, Howard is so polite.

Ada: Polite, yeah. Well, I got to go.

Loretta: Well, that -- that's nice for you, Ada. Would you like to wear one of the new outfits that I got at Nicole's? Huh? Oh, sorry. I guess they wouldn't fit.

Ada: Thanks anyway, Loretta. I don't feel like getting dressed up.

John: Looks good.

Jason: Yay, partner! Yeah.

John: Yeah, I think that by the end of the year, if we can get the Frame name, we should be rolling in the money. Now, why don't you just let me get back to work, all right?

Jason: Hey, hey, I quit. I -- I made one mistake already today trying to give jamie advice on women.

John: You? Now, that's a bad idea.

Jason: He needs a little man's advice.. He's letting this little girl run his life for him.

John: Seems to me that Lisa and Jamie were getting along just fine.

Jason: He needs freedom.

John: Oh, look who's talking. You talk the talk, but if the right woman ever came along, you would settle down so fast, you wouldn't know what hit you.

Jason: I bet that's Lisa. If it is, you watch just how angry she gets with me.

John: Uh-huh.

Jason: Cheryl. Hi.

John: Hey, come on in.

Cheryl: I came over right away. I couldn't wait to talk to you.

Jason: Well, that sounds intimate.

Cheryl: It's none of your business.

Jason: Oh, like mother, like daughter, right?

Cheryl: What is that supposed to mean?

John: Jason, I think that Cheryl came to see me, not you.

Jason: Yeah, I can't get over it. I mean, this farm seems to attract the McKinnon women like flies.

Cheryl: Just leave my mom out of this, ok?

John: Cheryl --

Jason: Yeah.

John: Come here. Don't mind Jason. He's been meddling in everybody's life today. So, what's up?

Cheryl: My Mom is going to remarry my Dad.

John: Well, terrific..

Cheryl: Isn't that great?

John: Terrific. That's great.

Jason: Yeah.

Cheryl: Well, good riddance to him.

John: Oh, don't worry about him. His bark is worse than his bite.

Cheryl: I don't worry about him, anyway. I'm glad you're here. I rushed all the way over to see you.

Ada: Can we have lunch now?

Amanda: What?

Ada: I came here for lunch!

Amanda: Oh.

Ada: Whew.

Amanda: You did. I'm sorry. I must make the worst hostess, huh?

Ada: Not great.

Amanda: Well, it's just that I was so involved in this book -- to think that one day my baby's pictures are going to be in here, too.

Ada: Oh, that's ok. I never was much for lunch anyway.

Amanda: Good, because all I can make are sandwiches.

Ada: I like sandwiches. Anyway, I'm going out for dinner.

Amanda: Really? Anything special?

Ada: Just dinner. Don't match-make.

Amanda: Sorry. It's just that I'm so happy, I want everyone to be as happy as Sam and I are.

Ada: Don't forget the bread.

Amanda: Very funny. I just wish that he wasn't so proud.

Ada: Amanda, Sam has to make his own decisions about his career.

Amanda: But he gave up a perfectly good job at "Brava."

Ada: But if he won't be happy working for your father, don't push him into it.

Amanda: What's he doing now -- he's driving a cab. I mean, he's an artist.

Ada: Is he unhappy?

Amanda: Not yet -- because he's sacrificing for me and the baby.

Ada: Oh, honey. Don't make a problem where you haven't got one. You two love each other. You have a nice apartment. You have a good home life. Sam has something special to come home to every night. Well, who knows -- I mean, you know, he might just love this day-to-day life.

Amanda: I find that a little hard to believe.

Ada: Why? Just because he's doing something that's different from what you had in mind -- what the young, upwardly mobile men are supposed to do? Does that mean that what he is doing is bad?

Amanda: Well --

Ada: Just because he doesn't wear a tie or carry a briefcase doesn't mean that he's unhappy, you know, every day going to work. He can look forward to coming home to a wife who loves him.

Amanda: I just hope that one day when we look back on this, we can do it with nostalgia, not bitterness.

Ada: Oh, honey, enjoy what you have now and here. Come on now. Don't push everything. You've got your whole life ahead of you.

Amanda: I love you, grandma. You always know the right thing to say to me to make me cheer up.

Ada: That's what grandmas are for. Ah! I love you, too. Give me a sandwich.

Amanda: All right. All right, all right.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Ok, just a minute. Ok, ok. This is -- yeah, it's good, I think. Lisa, hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Felicia: Honey, why aren't you at work?

Lisa: My work is interfering with my personal life, or maybe my personal life is interfering with my work. I'm confused!

Felicia: So am I. What is it? Tell me, come on. Sit down.

Lisa: Oh -- no, you're working.

Felicia: Oh, honey, don't you know writers? They love their interruptions. Now, come on. Sit down. Tell me.

Lisa: Jamie has me so angry, it's affecting my work.

Felicia: I thought you'd resolved all that.

Lisa: Oh, well, you know, now there is a certain kind and understanding man at work who I'm not sure how to handle.

Felicia: I wonder who that could be.

Lisa: And this -- this -- this man at work thinks it's his right to go and see Jamie and try to fix up our relationship.

Felicia: Well, somebody should tell Adam that chivalry is a very dangerous thing.

Lisa: Well, now that I think about it, I probably brought it all on myself. It's just hard to keep things separate when I know Adam socially.

Felicia: You know what, honey? I know this is very awkward for you. You don't suppose that you're trying to show Jamie a little of his own medicine by depending on Adam?

Lisa: I don't depend on Adam. He's just -- he's always there. He's just always ready to listen to my problems.

Felicia: With a nice, strong shoulder to cry on?

Lisa: Felicia, Adam is a good friend.

Felicia: I know that. Wouldn't it be better if you just kept him like that?

Lisa: Yes. But how does one keep a friend and keep your distance? I have a commitment to work at the police station.

Felicia: Always with Adam?

Lisa: He's part of the job.

Felicia: I don't think his job descriptive says that he has to listen to all your personal problems.

Lisa: It's not so easy. I can talk to Adam about things that Jamie doesn't understand.

Felicia: But, honey, you love Jamie.

Lisa: Well, does love have to be difficult? Talking to Adam is easy. He's so supportive.

Felicia: I remember when you used to feel that way about Jamie.

Lisa: Oh, Felicia, what is going on? Has Jamie changed or have I?

[Vicky hums]

Vicky: Jamie, hi. Vicky. Guess what -- I'm calling and there's no emergency or nothing urgent I need you to do. I was just wondering if you were busy for lunch today.

Jamie: No, I have no plans. Why, is something wrong?

Vicky: I just said there wasn't anything I needed you to do for me.

Jamie: Uh -- Vicky, there's something I should tell you.

Vicky: Oh, well, great. Then it would be better to do it in person, right?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, I guess that would be the easiest way.

Vicky: Well, terrific. Then lunch, my place?

Jamie: Yeah, I'll see you in a bit.

Vicky: Great. I'm really looking forward to it.

Vicky: Ok. Yes.. Yes.

John: Well, I've got some work to do.

Cheryl: John, I -- I hurried all the way here to tell you my parents are getting remarried. I thought you'd understand how much that means to me.

John: I do understand, Cheryl. I -- I told you, I'm very happy for you.

Cheryl: I just feel so connected to you, John. Whenever I think of someone to talk to, I think of you. I think we have something incredibly wonderful, and I'd like to keep it that way.

John: Cheryl, don't you think that somebody your own age would be --

Cheryl: Am I making a fool out of myself?

John: No, no. It's just that I think maybe you might be asking more than I can give.

Cheryl: Did I do something wrong?

John: No. No, it has nothing to do with you.

Cheryl: You're seeing someone else?

John: No, I'm not seeing anyone else. I -- I have been alone for so long -- I don't open up easily.

Cheryl: I could help you with that, John.

John: No, Cheryl, you can't.

Cheryl: I'm not worldly enough for you, I guess.

John: No. Listen, you are a sensitive, beautiful young woman with a whole future ahead of you. If you had the right man -- our lives are very different, that's all. I mean, yours is right at the beginning.

Cheryl: And, what, yours is at the end? You know, you drive me crazy. You keep putting yourself down, John. We could have something really special.

John: Come on, Cheryl. Comparatively, you're still a kid.

Cheryl: Is that how you see me? You know, I really thought you were different. I thought you really knew me.

John: I think I do. I don't think that you ever got over your first real love.

Cheryl: What are you saying?

John: I think you still love Scott. You don't really love me.

Cheryl: You know, John, if you're not interested in me, I wish you'd just say so. You really don't have to make excuses.

Rachel: Ah. Well, forget it. I'm just going to go up there by myself, then. There you are!

Mitch: I'm sorry that I'm late. I had to stop off at "Brava."

Rachel: Listen, I'm worried about Matthew. I want to get up there.

Mitch: Matthew's going to be fine. He's a good kid. The only thing we need to do is just let him know that we're there to support him.

Rachel: Right.

Mitch: Are you ready?

Rachel: Yeah, I'm ready. No, I'm not. I've got to call Mac again. Let me just call him. I've been trying to get him all day, and I can't get him.

Mitch: By all means.

Rachel: I want him to know our plans. Listen, while I'm doing this, why don't you go upstairs and see your mother? It looked like she was depressed.

Mitch: Well, I'm sure she'll be able to get by without my help. She always has.

Rachel: A sense of family is important, you know.

Mitch: Yes, it is. But with Loretta, it's different. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

Rachel: What would happen if Matthew did something that turned you against him? Would you be as unforgiving with him as you are with your mother?

Mitch: Will you just make the phone call and let's go.

Rachel: Boy, this is going to be a fun trip.

[Phone rings]

Woman: Good morning. Third floor South, nurses' station.

Lisa: Hi, this is Lisa Grady. I'd like to talk to Dr. Jamie Frame.

Woman: I'm sorry, Lisa. He's not here. Would you like to have him paged?

Lisa: Yes, please.

Woman: Paging Dr. Frame. Dr. Jamie Frame.

Lisa: Come on, Jamie. Please be there.

Woman: Lisa, he's not answering the page. Any message?

Lisa: No. No, that's ok. Thank you.

Rachel: What do you mean, Mac left already? I mean, Mr. -- This is Mrs. Cory. I have been calling here all day trying to speak to my husband. Now, they told me that he would -- all right, all right. I'm sorry. I didn't realize. Well, did the day receptionist leave you a message? From Mr.. Cory to Mrs. Cory? No? Do you have any idea of where he left? I -- I've called the hotel. He's not there. No. Ok, fine. No, no, there's no message. Darn it.

Mitch: Are you ready?

Rachel: Yes. I wish I could've reached Mac.

Mitch: Look, you know, at the rate we're going, we're going to end up having to spend the night.

Rachel: All right, well, then, we'll spend the night. I'm not coming back until I know what this problem is and how we're going to solve it.

Mitch: Well, let's not let our imaginations run wild. As soon as we know what's going on, I'm sure we'll face it.

Ada: Did you reach Mac?

Rachel: No.

Ada: Well, I'll stay here and try to calm him down if he comes home and finds out that you left without him.

Rachel: Mom, Mac knows that if there's a problem with Matthew, mitch and I have to deal with it.

Ada: Don't go without talking to Mac.

Mitch: Ada, there should be no problem. I thought Mac and I had worked out our differences. You know that.

Ada: He said yesterday that he'd never forget what happened between you two.

Rachel: We've worked all this out, Mom.

Ada: Rachel, please!

Rachel: I'll call him when I get there, ok?

Mitch: Don't forget to bring some things if you want to stay.

Rachel: Um -- yeah, ok. It won't take me a minute.

Ada: Rachel, will you please wait until tomorrow?

Rachel: No.

[Ada sighs]

Mitch: Looks like she's determined to go now, Ada.

Ada: And I suppose you're not?

Mitch: I think it's time you admit that I'm -- I'm a fact of your lives. I'm not going to just go away.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Hi, Jamie!

Jamie: Hi, I'm glad you called.

Vicky: Yeah, not as glad as I am.

Jamie: Listen, for a long time now, I've -- I've wanted to --

Vicky: Oh -- wanted a drink, yes.

Jamie: No --

Vicky: Let me get you a drink. I've got --

Jamie: No, I don't want a drink. I can't stay.

Vicky: Oh. You're on duty?

Jamie: . No, I'm not on duty.

Vicky: Great. Then we've got all afternoon.

Jamie: Listen, Vicky, I've -- I've got to tell you something, and you're not going to like it.

Vicky: Please, Jamie, let me just get you that drink --

Jamie: Listen, hey -- no, here. Come here. Sit down, sit down. And listen to me, ok? Just listen to me. I love Lisa. And she doesn't understand our friendship. It bothers her. And I have to stop seeing you.

Vicky: Jamie, you're not seeing me. We occasionally bump into each other, yes, but that's it.

Jamie: Lisa thinks it's more than that, and I'm beginning to suspect that maybe it's more than that, too. Now, I don't want to lose Lisa. I love Lisa. And when you're in love, you learn to make certain sacrifices.

Vicky: Oh, so you have to give up your friendships with people of the opposite sex?

Jamie: No, no --

Vicky: Jamie, forget that.

Jamie: It's not just that. When you're in love, you willingly give up things to show the other person that you care about them, and I want to do that. If Lisa finds our friendship objectionable, then I'm willing to cool it off.

Vicky: She's got you wrapped around her little finger, now, doesn't she?

Jamie: It is not just that. When you fall in love, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Vicky: Maybe I have. Maybe it's somebody that I'm willing to share with Lisa.

Jamie: I can't be shared, Vicky. Bye.

Vicky: Oh!

Adam: Felicia. Hi, it's Adam. Yeah. Listen, does -- does Lisa happen to be there by chance? She doesn't? No, I was just -- just checking. Never mind. Yeah. I'm sorry to have bothered you. You have -- you have a nice evening, too. I didn't think you were coming back here.

Lisa: I wasn't going to, but I was passing by.

Adam: Look, I know you're angry. You don't have to mention it. I got the message.

Lisa: I don't need you to take care of me. I can take care of myself.

Adam: I know that. Look, I -- I really went overboard. I was out of line, and I'm sorry. Friends?

Lisa: Friends. Friends who respect each other's privacy.

Adam: Absolutely.

Lisa: Ok. I'll just have to remember not to come running to you every time I have a problem now.

Adam: So we should make a fresh start, huh? Are you sure you're ok?

Lisa: Adam.

Adam: Ok, ok. I -- it's just that when I made you angry this morning, it -- well, it really bothered me. And I felt feelings that I haven't felt for a very long time.

Lisa: You know, it's talk like that that gets us into trouble, ok?

Adam: You're right. No more talk.

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