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Another World Transcript Friday 3/19/04

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Cass: Ok, high-risk, high-yield. Well, that one's out. Ah, that's a definite maybe. That's a definite no. Why can't money grow on trees, you know? Money. Why does the whole world have to revolve around money? Because you can buy some wonderful things with it, that's why.

[Doorbell rings]

Liz: Cass Winthrop?

Cass: Liz Matthews.

Liz: Is Nicole here?

Cass: No, she's out at the moment.

Liz: Oh. I was having a late night at "Brava." I saw the lights on as I was driving by, so I thought I'd take a peak at Nicole's designs --

Cass: Sorry to disappoint you, Liz.

Liz: Oh, well, then perhaps I --

Cass: Actually, Liz, I've had a bad night.

Liz: Money problems still?

Cass: The idea that I'm interested only in money is one of the great myths of Bay City, Liz.

Liz: Fact and legend are closer than most people think.

Cass: Oh -- do you know what I think, Liz?

Liz: Well, I feel you want to tell me something.

Cass: Yeah -- get out.

Adam: Well, when do you think I can get in to see him? Oh, ok. Yeah, I'll be there. Yeah, thanks, doc. I appreciate it. Lisa?

Jamie: It does no good to reassure you how much you mean to me, does it, Lisa? Because you want more! What?

What do you want, Lisa? Do you want me to walk out of the room every time Vicky enters one? What about every other woman that I know? Will you have visions about them, too?

Adam: Lisa?

Lisa: I'm sorry. I zoned out.

Adam: I noticed.

Lisa: So, important case?

Adam: It's a victim of that stabbing over on Grand Street.

Lisa: Is he going to be all right?

Adam: Yeah. The doc's going to let me in as soon as he's out of I.C.U. If he's conscious, he may be able to tell me who did it.

Lisa: Good.

Adam: So, what's your excuse?

Lisa: For what?

Adam: It's a little late. What are you doing down here?

Lisa: Had some things to finish up.

Adam: That's nothing that couldn't wait. Come on, what's -- what's going on?

Lisa: I --

Adam: Is it Jamie?

Lisa: I don't want to talk about it.

Jason: Mary, now I need you.

Mary: Jason --

Jason: I know how you --

Mary: Jason, stop it.

Jason: Look, I know how you feel about me.

Mary: Would you let go of me!

Jason: I feel the same way.

Mary: Jason, stop it, please.

Jason: Mary --

Jamie: Hey! Hey, what are you doing?


Jason: Jamie. Mary? Are you all right?

Mary: I'll be fine.

Jason: Just a little misunderstanding, that's all it was.

Mary: A big one.

Vicky: Uh -- Mary, can I get you anything?

Mary: No, I'm -- I'm going home.

Jamie: Mary, I'll walk you to your car.

Mary: No, oh -- it's not necessary.

Vicky: I'll walk you out.

Mary: Thank you.

Jamie: Good night.

Jason: Night, Mary.

Vicky: I'll be right back.

Jamie: Jason, what do you think you were doing?

Jason: A misunderstanding.

Jamie: Oh, cut it out! We walk in here, you got your hands all over her! She's all upset! I go to touch her and she flinches! Doesn't take a genius to figure out what you were doing!

Jason: Oh, what was that?

Jamie: You were forcing yourself on her!

Jason: You didn't see the whole thing, then. Mary and I are friends.

Jamie: Well, maybe you were friends, Jason.

Jason: Now, come on, I am not in the mood for some kind of chewing by you! I'm sorry I can't live up to the image of a perfect uncle. I had a really rotten night.

Jamie: Oh, we've all had our tough times, Jason, but that doesn't excuse this kind of behavior!

Jason: It -- oh, forget it! You wouldn't understand.

Jamie: Why wouldn't I understand?

Jason: Because I've seen you with women. You're a nice guy. You probably never had to even raise your voice to one of them, did you?

Jamie: I've had plenty of troubles with women, Jason, but I respect all of them.

Jason: Then you misunderstood the whole thing.

Jamie: Oh, really?

Jason: Yeah.

Jamie: Maybe Mary misunderstood, too, huh?

Jason: Right!

Jamie: I think you've had plenty enough to drink, my friend.

Jason: That's accurate. Women -- they make themselves well, you know about them -- available, and then you start to come on to them and that's when they get scared. They back off. "Hey, hey, what are you doing?" "What do you think I am?" Maybe we got a name for them.

Vicky: Oh, I'll bet you do, Jason.

Jason: How's Mary?

Vicky: She'll be all right eventually.

Jason: I take that back -- not all women are like that. Some women know what they want.

Vicky: I think it's time you go to bed, Jason.

Jamie: Definitely.

Jason: Talk to you tomorrow..

Vicky: Good night.

Jason: Good night.

Jamie: Did -- did Mary say anything about what happened?

Vicky: No, she was just shaken by it. I -- I think she'll be ok..

Jamie: Hell, and he was definitely out of control.

Vicky: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: And it's a good thing that I'm staying here tonight.

Vicky: Yeah, I think so, too.

Jamie: Listen, I'm sorry once again about being so rough on you earlier.

Vicky: Jamie -- Jamie, it worked out great. That walk was wonderful. Certainly helped me out. Thanks.

Jamie: Well, I guess I'd better go upstairs and check up on Jason.

Vicky: Ok. All right.

Jamie: Thanks for taking care of Mary.

Vicky: Oh, hey, Jason needed your help, and we're heroes at large.

[Jamie chuckles]

Vicky: I might say we're a pretty good team.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess we are. Good night.

Vicky: Good night, Jamie.

Vicky: Yes, Jamie, we do make a good team. And I'm going to make sure you know it.

Adam: Come on, Lisa, what's happened? What's -- what's going on?

Lisa: I can't talk about it.

Adam: Look, you talk about it with friends, I'm a friend.

Lisa: Yeah, but you're also Jamie's cousin, and I don't think I should involve you in it.

Adam: You got to talk to somebody.

Lisa: I know.

Adam: All right, look, if it's not me, then -- how about Rachel?

Lisa: Well, that's his mother, you know?

Adam: Yeah. What about Felicia?

Lisa: Yeah, maybe.

Adam: Better yet, why don't you go home, talk to Jamie yourself. I'm sure you can straighten out whatever this is that's going on between the two of you.

Lisa: Yeah -- maybe if he were there.

Adam: What, does he got the night shift or something?

Lisa: No.

Adam: It's that serious? Is it Vicky?

Lisa: It's always Vicky. And it's more than that now.

Adam: What is it?

Lisa: I'm sorry, I told you I wasn't going to talk to you about this and I'm not going to.

Adam: I don't mind.

Lisa: Yeah, you would listen to whatever I said, wouldn't you? No matter how crazy it sounded.

Adam: Well, I don't know about that. Look, I'm sure whatever it is that you have to say would make great sense.

Lisa: Why doesn't Jamie feel like that?

Adam: Doesn't he?

Lisa: He listens, but he doesn't understand. And I know maybe he can't accept what I'm saying, but -- I'm confusing you, I'm sorry.

Adam: Don't be sorry.

Lisa: I'm going to go. Thanks, Adam.

Adam: I wish I could've been more help.

Lisa: Yeah. Me, too.

Liz: What? I have never had any --

Cass: Well, you have now.

Liz: You must be wonderful with customers. At this rate, you'll be out of business in days.

Cass: Ok, Liz, I'll level with you. I was in a lousy mood when you came in here and I took it out on you. I'm -- sorry.

Liz: Yes?

Cass: Well -- you know how it is.

Liz: No.

Cass: Oh, come on. You -- you get busy, you feel harassed. You know me. I -- I start jumping to conclusions, and then apologizing becomes a difficult thing to do. You know, you've felt that way yourself, haven't you?

Liz: Not that I remember.

Cass: I see.

Liz: Well, perhaps I should leave.

Cass: No, I'm sure she'll be back any minute. She very much wanted to show you her collection herself. Although, if you're in a great rush, I suppose I could show you her collection.

Liz: No, thank you, I'll wait.

Nicole: For what?

Cass: Nicole.

Liz: Nicole.

Nicole: Liz, it's so good to see you!

Liz: Well, I was driving by and I saw the lights on. You said, "come up anytime." I hope it's not too late to see your designs.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, I'm so glad you came.

Cass: You two girls have a nice time together, ok?

Nicole: Well, here, I have some of my things down here. Let's start with -- let's start with this one. This is one of my simple cocktail dresses.

Liz: Nicole, dear, there's nothing simple about that dress. You would have to be a stick just to fit in it.

Nicole: Oh.

Liz: Oh, I'm sorry.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, no, it's ok. I want your feedback. But I must tell you that this dress looks smashing on Cheryl McKinnon.

Liz: That proves my argument.

Nicole: Oh, I see your point. Oh, well, who said that fashion to be fashion had to be pretty, huh?

Liz: Andy Warhol?

Nicole: All right, all right. Let's see. This -- now, this dress -- this might look nice on you.

Liz: Well, I --

Nicole: Do you like that?

Liz: I could try it.

Nicole: Ok. Liz, I'm really sorry I wasn't here when you arrived.

Liz: Oh, well, I had Cass to keep me company.

Nicole: Did you two get along?

Liz: As well as we ever will.

Nicole: It's really too bad that there's such friction between you two.

Liz: Well, it's just that we see the world differently, and we always have. I feel he's trying to sell me on something, probably because he is.

Nicole: Oh, I think that's just his way.

Liz: Well, he's hard to deal with. I don't think that I have ever seen him be completely straightforward in my life.

Nicole: Well, you know, when we were on that deserted island, he couldn't have been more thoughtful. And he was really gentle and honest.

Liz: That was a crisis situation. Of course, Cass is always in a crisis situation. Nicole, dear, don't count on him too much. You never know what he's really thinking.

[Knock on door]

Felicia: Come in.

Lisa: Felicia, could I --

Felicia: Hi.

Lisa: Something wrong?

Felicia: Remember that inspiration I had for my new book?

Lisa: Yes?

Felicia: It's gone.

Lisa: I see.

Felicia: Oh -- oh, sorry.

Lisa: Felicia, you were so excited about this book. What happened?

Felicia: Mitch is what happened.

Lisa: He came by?

Felicia: Oh, yeah, he came by, read my outline, and he hated it.

Lisa: Why?

Felicia: He thinks that I'm writing about us.

Lisa: Are you?

Felicia: Well, it's about a woman who is incredibly creative and dynamic who's thinking about giving up her career -- which is also creative and dynamic -- for the nice, quiet, simple, wonderful little life out in the country with a husband -- and a child.

Lisa: Aha!

Felicia: "Aha." No, no, no, wait. Now, the operative part of that is she's thinking about it.

Lisa: Well, why did Mitch get angry? Is he afraid about his privacy or something?

Felicia: No, I don't think it's that as much as it's -- well, I wrote about it before I talked to him about it.

Lisa: And why did you do that?

Felicia: I don't know. I should have. Really, I know that. I -- it's just that somehow I think it helps if I put it down on paper first.

Lisa: Did it?

Felicia: Help? No. Of course not.. Can't you see -- I don't know how it's going to work out on paper or in my life. I don't know.

Lisa: Well, where's Mitch now?

Felicia: Sam called, needed him for something, so we never finished talking about it, and I thought maybe it might be him when you came in.

Lisa: You two have some incredible timing.

Felicia: Yeah, you could say that.

Lisa: You can't let this situation stay the way it is, Felicia. You've got -- you just got to do something about it. Tell me, if there's anything I can do, you just tell me.

Felicia: Honey? Honey? Honey?

Lisa: What?

Felicia: There is. Come here. Come sit down.

Lisa: I guess I'm getting a little manic, huh?

Felicia: Yeah, just a little. Ok, tell me what's wrong with you.

Lisa: No, Felicia, you've got this stuff with Mitch on your mind. It's ok.

Felicia: No, no, no, that's not important. Not nearly as important as you. You know, after you ran out of here earlier, I knew something had happened. Tell me about it.

Lisa: Want to know why I ran out?

Felicia: Yeah.

Lisa: Because when I called up Amanda's house, Vicky answered the phone.

Felicia: Oh.

Lisa: And when I went over to Amanda's, Vicky and Jamie were there together, alone.

Felicia: What happened?

Lisa: We had a big fight! And Jamie decided that he wanted to spend the night by himself.

Felicia: He's not coming home?

Lisa: Felicia, I'm -- I'm beginning to think that I'm going to lose him.

Felicia: Oh, honey. So, when you went over there, tell me, I mean, did you talk to Jamie alone at least?

Lisa: Yeah.

Felicia: And? What happened?

Lisa: He says I don't trust him.

Felicia: Do you?

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: Honey, think about that. Do you trust Jamie?

Lisa: Well, usually, yes.

Felicia: Ok. That's the whole point, isn't it?

Lisa: I don't trust Vicky! And whenever I see them together -- in my mind or in real life -- all I can think about is that he's going to fall in love with her!

Felicia: Honey, if you keep acting so jealous, you're going to push Jamie right into her arms!

Lisa: Oh -- I know, I know. I just don't know what to do! I can see right through Vicky, and he just doesn't see it at all!

Felicia: Maybe that's because all he can see is you.

Jamie: So, what brings you out to the barn so late, Adam?

Adam: I was out already. Actually, I have to stop at the hospital later and talk to a mugging victim.

Jamie: Oh, that's funny -- last time I looked, the farm wasn't anywhere near the hospital.

Adam: Yeah, well, I wanted to talk to my favorite cousin, you know, who also happens to be a doctor.

Jamie: Oh, I'm flattered.

Adam: I knew you would be.

Jamie: So how did you know I was out here?

Adam: I called Mac's. Hilda answered the phone and she said you weren't there, so, you know, I'm a good cop. I put one and one together and came up with this place.

Jamie: Why didn't you try me at home, Adam?

Adam: Well, I -- I knew you weren't there.

Jamie: You saw Lisa?

Adam: At work tonight. She said you weren't going to be home, and, well, I wanted to talk to you.

Jamie: About what?

Adam: Lisa. You know, her performance at work's been sort of erratic lately. It's like she can't concentrate. She seems to be -- I don't know -- preoccupied.

Jamie: And you think I know why?

Adam: Do you?

Jamie: Adam, if you have some problem with her work performance, that's between you and Lisa. But then you really don't have a problem with her work performance, do you?

Adam: No. No, I really don't. Look, Jamie, the truth is I'm worried about the two of you.

Jamie: Thank you very much, Adam, but this is not your business.

Adam: Lisa is in love with you. Don't do something stupid to screw something up like this.

Jamie: How would I do that?

Adam: By letting Vicky get between the two of you.

Jamie: Ah, I knew it! Sooner or later, she'd get around to her obsession about Vicky with you!

Adam: What obsession? She's concerned!

Jamie: Irrational on the subject! Did she tell you that she laid into Vicky tonight?

Adam: No.

Jamie: Well, she did, and for no good reason except that Vicky was over at Amanda's house. And now to drag you into this is just too --

Adam: Now, wait -- wait, wait, wait, let me make something clear. She hardly mentioned anything about your relationship. As a matter of fact, she didn't even want me to get involved in any of this. I came here on my own.

Jamie: And you can leave on your own, Adam.

Adam: Jamie, listen to me --

Jamie: Adam, I really, really appreciate the concern. Honestly, I really do. Now, go catch some crooks, will you, please?

Adam: Ok. Look, just don't do something stupid, something that you're going to regret later.

Liz: Your things are wonderful, truly.

Nicole: Oh, thank you, Liz. I'll call you when the fitting is ready, ok?

Liz: Fine. Nicole, dear, now, remember what I said.

Nicole: Yes, I will.

Cass: Oh, you're leaving so soon, Liz?

Liz: I'm afraid that I must, yes. Bye, dear.

Nicole: Bye. Thank you.

Cass: How was your little chat?

Nicole: Oh. Well, I had a really good time showing Liz around.

Cass: Really? Looked like Liz had a good time spending money. Maybe I softened her up more than I realized.

Nicole: Actually, I think with Liz, it might be a good idea to turn down the charm just a degree or two.

Cass: Are you kidding? Just when I'm beginning to get her exactly where I want her? You know, she's really coming around. But then older women find me irresistible.

Nicole: I'm glad.

Cass: With your talent and my personality, we're going to have Liz and every other woman in Bay City buying Nicole Love originals.

Nicole: Well, that's good. That's just what we wanted, right?

Cass: Right. We're going to make this salon a success on our own.

Nicole: Well, so that means I won't have to get into my trust fund by getting married or anything.

Cass: Nope. We'll never need it.

Nicole: We better get to work.

Cass: Right.

Nicole: This is right.

Scott: Except for Vicky who inherited the bulk of the fortune.

Cheryl: Are you serious?

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Cheryl: All the money?

Scott: Yeah. She doesn't seem too happy about it, though.

Cheryl: Oh, come on, Scott. Vicky?

Scott: No, really. When she got this gift, it was like there was this distance put between her and everybody else in the room.

Cheryl: Even with Michael and Donna?

Scott: Well, they're not angry with her. I mean, they know it's not her fault, but there is some strained feelings there.

Cheryl: Oh, poor family.

Scott: Why are you so concerned about the welfare of the Love family? Hmm?

Cheryl: Actually, I, like, see them as the Hudsons rather than the Loves. John talks about them a little bit, and they seem like really good people.

Scott: You and John Hudson talk quite a bit?

Cheryl: Actually, we're -- we're becoming pretty good friends, yeah.

Scott: Oh.

Cheryl: He -- um -- he really listens to me, and I love listening to him.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Cheryl: He's a good guy. He really is.

Scott: Yeah. And that's all you guys do is talk, huh?

[Cheryl and Scott laugh]

Cheryl: What do you think?

Scott: Well --

Cheryl: No! We -- we've worked together a little bit.

Scott: Hmm.

Cheryl: Yeah, we -- we worked on the Frame kitchen together.

Scott: Oh, yeah.

Cheryl: It was a lot of fun.

Scott: Frame kitchen, yeah.

Cheryl: It was. It was a lot of fun. He's great. He is really, really considerate and very gentle --

Scott: And very older. Hmm.

Cheryl: He's not that old.

Scott: Cheryl, the guy was in Vietnam when you were in diapers, wasn't he? Right? Huh?

Cheryl: So what? Look, Scott, age doesn't mean anything. Once you get to know someone --

Scott: Cheryl, this guy --

Cheryl: Scott -- I mean, as friends. It doesn't mean a thing.

Scott: And that's all you guys are? Friends?

Cheryl: Oh, Mom -- hi.

Mary: Hi.

Scott: Mom, you got Jason home all right?

Cheryl: Jason?

Mary: Yeah, fine.

Scott: Are you feeling all right?

Mary: I feel fine. I'm going upstairs for a little while.

Cheryl: Boy, that's weird.

Scott: Yeah, I wonder what's going on with her.

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: Can I come in?

Jamie: Sure.

Lisa: I want to talk.

Jamie: But, um, I told you I need some time alone.

Lisa: I know that's what you said, but I also know that we shouldn't go to sleep angry like this.

Jamie: Well, you should've thought about that before you talked to Adam.

Lisa: Adam?

Jamie: Yeah, he was just over here reading me the riot act concerning you, which he had no business doing.

Lisa: Oh. I didn't know he'd come over here. I didn't really say anything about us, Jamie.

Jamie: Or about Vicky? Never mind, forget it, it's ok.

Lisa: No, it's not ok. Nothing's ok with us. That's why we have to talk.

Jamie: I don't really want to hear another word about Vicky.

Lisa: I want to talk about you, how wonderful you are.

Jamie: What?

Lisa: You accepted me when nobody else would. A lot of people have trouble with me, with my psychic abilities. But you've been warm and understanding.

Jamie: I haven't been that way very much lately. These visions of me and Vicky -- they're not true. They never will be true.

Lisa: I know you believe that.. I want to believe it, too, Jamie. It's -- it's been a long time. It's not easy for me to trust someone.

Jamie: You know what? It hurts me not -- for you not to trust me.

Lisa: It's not you I don't trust.

Jamie: Lisa, Vicky is a friend of mine. You used to be her friend, too.

Lisa: Friend? Jamie, Vicky is doing everything she can to be --

Jamie: Lisa --

Lisa: Get between us!

Jamie: You say you want to talk, but you don't want to listen.

Lisa: I do listen! And, Jamie, I've watched too many coincidences happen that come between us and the little time we have. We can't even communicate anymore. Vicky's always in the middle.

Jamie: Lisa, I love you. And what we had together was really wonderful.

Lisa: What we had?

Jamie: Yes, and I don't want to hurt you, Lisa, but --

Lisa: Jamie -- Jamie, come home with me now. Come home with me, and we'll talk about it and we can work it out. I know we can.

Jamie: We need some time alone, both of us, to work this through.

Lisa: Ok, fine. Fine. You know I love you. And you know where I'll be.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Hi, John.

John: Hey, doc. I'm here to see Jason.

Jamie: So late?

John: Well, we were supposed to have a meeting downtown, but he didn't bother to show up, so I thought I'd come by here.

Jamie: Oh, well, he must've forgotten. He's not feeling the best.

John: What, is he sick?

Jamie: Not exactly. Um -- I'll get him for you.

John: Uh -- I'm sorry. Did I interrupt something here?

Jamie: It's ok. I'll get Jason. Lisa --

Lisa: Yes?

Jamie: We'll talk tomorrow.

John: Well, how are you?

Lisa: Fine. I have to go. Bye, John.

John: So I figured what we could do was keep on a skeleton crew and then add on whatever we need to when -- Jason?

Jason: That's a good idea.

John: Yeah. No, you're not even listening.

Jason: Yeah, I am, John..

John: No, you're not. Look, I don't know whether you're hung-over or bored or both, but this meeting is a waste of time.

Jason: Look, I just had a really bad night.

John: Oh, what happened? Did you lose at poker again?

Jason: I wish it was that simple. Got a problem, a woman problem.

John: Women, huh?

Jason: Yeah, you can't live with them --

John: You can't live with them.

Jason: They get me steamed up.

John: Women?

Jason: I mean, they want you to express yourself -- communicate, talk, show your feelings. Then you do that and they -- they back off. Maybe I didn't do it the best way, but when you're in there trying, they go crazy.

John: Look, I don't know what went on with you tonight, but whatever it was, it's not worth sitting around here stewing over.

Jason: Hey, you got a better idea?

John: Yeah, let's get to work on this business!

Jason: Well, you are gung-ho for the company tonight, aren't you?

John: Well, I think it's time to get it off the ground, get it on its feet, get known!

Jason: Tired of living in your brother's shadow.

John: I could do with a little success, yeah.

Jason: Well, so could I. So let's get at it. From the top!

John: All right! Great!

Scott: Mom, are you feeling all right?

Mary: Yes. Why shouldn't I be?

Scott: Well, when you came in from Jason's, you looked like you were a little shaken up. Mom?

Mary: I'm fine now.

Scott: Good, because I wanted to talk to you about Cheryl.

Mary: Why?

Scott: Well, I just wondered if you'd said anything to her about John Hudson.

Mary: No.

Scott: I think she's -- I don't know, I think she's starting to get some feelings for this guy. Ma?

Mary: John?

Scott: John Hudson.

Mary: He's -- he's a very nice man.

Scott: Are you listening to me?

Mary: Of course.

Scott: Well, I'm starting to get kind of worried about it, you know?

Mary: Stop it.

Scott: Stop what?

Mary: Uh -- worry about things. Um -- borrowing trouble. Things happen. They don't necessarily mean anything.

Scott: No, no, no, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, hey. Are you feeling all right? Huh?

Mary: I feel fine. You're concerned about Cheryl and John.

Scott: Right. Yes.

Mary: I think they are just friends.. Ok?

Scott: Ok. I'll -- see you later.

[Country music plays]

John: Hey, Scott. What are you doing here?

Scott: Well, I went down to the boat and checked there, but you weren't there, so I thought I'd try my luck over here.

John: Ah. Well, come on in.

Scott: Thank you.

John: You want a beer or something?

Scott: No, thanks.

John: Well, I'm going to have one. What do you think of this place? You should've seen it when we started.

Scott: Uh --

John: A lot of changes.

Scott: Listen, I'm here about Cheryl, John.

John: What, is she all right?

Scott: You tell me.

John: Scott -- what -- what's up?

Scott: Well, I know you guys have been talking with each other quiet a bit, and to tell you the truth, I think she's getting kind of close to you.

John: Hold it. Wait a minute, you're losing me here. What's your point?

Scott: Well, my point is, is I think that she thinks that it's more than just a friendship.

John: Oh, come on, she's just a kid.

Scott: Well, I know how she feels.

John: You're sure?

Scott: Yeah. I -- I know Cheryl pretty well, and she's been through a lot this last year and I don't want to see her get hurt, and I know that she trusts you a lot.

John: Well, maybe I should talk to her.

Scott: That'd be a good idea.

John: Ok, I will.

Scott: Great. Uh -- I just want you to understand I'm just -- I'm really concerned about her.

John: Of course. I understand.

Scott: Great. Thanks a lot, John. Good night.

John: Thanks for dropping by.

Scott: Yeah.

Vicky: Thank you.

Adam: Vicky.

Vicky: Adam, what brings you here?

Adam: I had to come down and interview the victim of a mugging.

Vicky: Oh. Any leads?

Adam: A few.

Vicky: Hmm.

Adam: You?

Vicky: Oh, I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided to come pick up my volunteer schedule for next week.

Adam: Oh, find out when you might be working with a certain doctor?

Vicky: Are you trying to tell me something?

Adam: Only doing what a good cop always does -- question motives.

Vicky: Has a crime been committed here?

Adam: Not yet.

Vicky: Well, this double talking has been such a blast, Adam. Good night.

Adam: I don't get it with you.

Vicky: Hmm.

Adam: You're beautiful.

Vicky: Hmm.

Adam: You're very smart.

Vicky: Thank you.

Adam: Why be a home wrecker, too?

Vicky: Adam, that's a disgusting thing to say. Why don't you save your good-advice/good-cop routine for someone who buys it? Perhaps Lisa?

Adam: She's having a pretty hard time of it right now, in case you haven't noticed.

Vicky: Oh -- well, forgive me if I don't cry rivers over her right now. I've had a pretty rotten evening myself, starting off with Lisa giving me a routine that would have done the wicked witch of the west proud. Whew! Jamie was furious.

Adam: So the night wasn't a total loss?

Vicky: Why don't you lighten up, Adam?

Adam: I will -- as soon as you lay off Lisa and Jamie.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of this holier-than-thou attitude that you have, Adam. I doubt it really bothers you that much that Lisa and Jamie are having problems.

Adam: And what is that supposed to mean?

Vicky: Well, picture this scenario, ok? "Police detective offers comfort to his assistant after losing her doctor boyfriend." Sound enticing?

Adam: Don't be ridiculous.

Vicky: Adam, you're not the only one with powers of observation here. I grew up the hard way, and I can spot you a mile away. I see how you look at Lisa. Underneath that knight-in-shining-armor exterior, you'd love it if she was available.

Adam: You don't know what you're talking about.

Vicky: Maybe not. But if I were you, I would stop questioning my motives and start examining your own.

[Phone rings]

Cheryl: Hello, Mary's Place.

John: Hi, Cheryl?

Cheryl: Hi, John. This is a surprise.

John: You closing up?

Cheryl: Yeah, but it's ok. Um -- what's the matter? Are you all right?

John: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Cheryl: Are you sure?

John: You sound like my mother.

[Cheryl giggles]

Cheryl: Well, I worry about you.

John: I -- I know you do. In fact, that's why I'm calling.

Cheryl: Really?

John: Yeah. Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about -- well, how you're doing. Actually, how you're feeling.

Cheryl: Um -- well, actually, right now, I'm feeling incredibly busy.

John: I mean, I want to know how you feel about me.

Cheryl: John, please -- please don't embarrass me, come on.

John: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to.

Cheryl: I -- I consider you a friend, that's -- just a friend.

John: And?

Cheryl: Um -- a good friend.

John: Well, I'll always be that for you, Cheryl.

Cheryl: You know, John, I'm glad, because I have a big favor to ask you.

John: What?

Cheryl: Would it be ok if we continue this conversation tomorrow? I have a lot to do -- a bunch of stuff to do.

John: Cheryl --

Cheryl: I'm so busy, really.

John: Listen, if you --

Cheryl: John -- John, really -- um -- we'll talk tomorrow, ok? Thanks. Good night.

[Dial tone]

[Music plays]

Cass: How's it going?

Nicole: Oh. Liz's order really inspired me. I bet I could have the work done tonight.

Cass: Great.

Nicole: How goes it with you?

Cass: Slowly.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? No new ideas to promote our business?

Cass: Well, not tonight.

Nicole: Hey, what's the matter? I thought we were going to go great guns and make sure that --

Cass: Make sure that we don't dip into your trust fund, I know. I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry.

Nicole: Hey, I was just teasing. I mean, everyone has an off day. It doesn't matter.

Cass: Ok. Are you coming to bed?

Nicole: Well, you know, actually, I was making really good progress. I thought -- well, I might --

Cass: No. Keep working. It's not written in stone that you have set work hours during the day. I mean, it's not like we're some old married couple, right?

Nicole: Right, hardly.

Cass: Good night.

Nicole: Yeah, good night.

[Mary gasps]

Ada: Ah!

[Ada sighs]

Mary: Ada.

[Ada chuckles]

Ada: I was just going up to my apartment. What are you doing walking around in the dark?

Mary: Thinking..

Ada: About Reginald's will?

Mary: Yeah.

Ada: You want to talk about it?

Mary: No, not really. He left me the estate in Paraguay.

Ada: Are you thinking about going back to see it?

Mary: No. I know a wonderful group of sisters there who -- who do some terrific work with the poor and the homeless. I'm going to give it to them for their work.

Ada: Oh. Well, you seem happy about that.

Mary: Yeah, I am.

Ada: What else are you thinking about?

Mary: I had a kind of run-in with Jason earlier.

Ada: You are upset about that?

Mary: I -- I just don't think we were meant to be friends. I think we're just too very -- I just don't think we were meant to be friends, that's all.

Ada: Does he know that?

Mary: I certainly hope so.

Ada: Are you going to see him again?

Mary: Not if I can help it.

Ada: Well, if he comes here looking for you, I'll send him away.

Mary: Oh, it's -- it's not that serious.

Ada: You know, you're not getting enough sleep. You need some rest.

Mary: Yes, Ada, thank you.

Ada: Good night.

Mary: Good night.

[Phone rings]

Mary: I'll get it. Mary's Place.

Jason: Mary? It's me. I got to talk to you.

Woman: You're sweet.

Reggie: Oh, yeah? Says who?

Woman: Says me. I mean, you saved me from starving. You let me crash at your sister's penthouse.

Reggie: Well, you know, it was just going to waste.

Woman: If I lived in a palace like this, I'd never leave.

Reggie: You're right. I guess it is ok.

Woman: Sure beats my mom's apartment, which is like a total dump.

Reggie: It's a bad scene?

Woman: The worst. I can't even have friends over.

Reggie: Well, I've done my time at some roach motels.

Woman: But this -- this is so me. I could get used to this, no problem..

Reggie: I could get used to this, too. Well, I mean, you know, you living over me instead of that dwarf of a sister.

Woman: You keep knocking her. Why?

Reggie: Because she's bad news. You know, she set out to destroy my cousin's life.

Woman: Bianca, right?

Reggie: Right. I mean, Bianca feels more like my sister than Greenlee ever would. You have to meet her. You know, if you stick around.

Woman: You never know.

Reggie: I mean, Bianca's like if you need her, she's there. You don't even have to ask. She just shows up, whenever, wherever. That's why Greenlee trashing her sucks so bad.

Woman: Yeah, I just -- I wish my mom would put me before all the liars and losers for once in her selfish life.

Reggie: Well, that's the thing. Bianca's far from selfish. You wouldn't believe the fire that girl's walked through, you know, for the baby she's expecting. She's going to be the most beautiful, wonderful mom in the world.


Babe: How long has it been?

Bianca: 20 minutes since the last contraction, 15 between the first and second.

Babe: Ok. So that's good. That means there's no kind of regular, which means you're not in full-fledged labor.

Bianca: But if I am and we don't get to the hospital in time --

Babe: Hey, you remember what I said before, right? Any second, a rescue truck is going to pull up there, and they are going to give you a personal escort to the hospital. I'll bet they'll even let you run the siren. That's better. You know what? I think I saw a deck of cards -- yes, I did. How about we play a couple hands just to pass the time? Let's see. What do we want to play? My favorite -- how about spit in the ocean? Really gross name for a card game, huh?

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: You know, there were always two things I could count on in my mama's purse -- one would be a deck of cards and then the second was a rat comb. See, she was a dealer for a while down in Reno. She pulled down some really good money.


Babe: Binky, is it another cringe? Well, then, what's wrong?

Bianca: I'm scared, Babe.

Babe: I know. It's ok. You're going to be just fine.

Bianca: How do you know that?

Babe: Because you don't know any other way to be. Life throws you these rocks, but you always stand strong. I hope that my little girl gets your gift for taking in all the good stuff in life and just letting the bad stuff go bye-bye.

Bianca: I thought you said you had a feeling you were having a little boy.

Babe: Oh, I don't know. It changes every 10 seconds or so. I mean, when the doctor asked if I wanted to know the sex, I thought, "you know what? Why ruin a good surprise?"

Bianca: So, what's J.R. hoping for?

Babe: At first, I thought he wanted a little boy, but he's so set on having a daddy's little girl. But if I do have a girl, our plan of our kids growing up and getting married and running the world -- it's pretty much going to go up in smoke.

Bianca: Not if they move to Massachusetts.

Tad: So, how on earth did you keep it from me?

Krystal: What?

Tad: Your are so shapely but seemingly hollow leg. You keep eating like that, you're going to explode.

Krystal: I can't help it. It's what I do when I'm under pressure.

Tad: You just try to remember to breathe, ok?

Krystal: How long has it been since J.R. and Kendall left?

Tad: Not long.

Adam: Damn and blast!

Tad: Don't tell me your pal the governor gave you the busy signal?

Adam: He's addressing an emergency session of the state legislature.

Tad: So much for friends in high places.

Adam: But I've emailed my security team. They are out looking for Babe and Bianca right now.

Tad: Excellent. You hear that? Cavalry's on the way. That means that those girls will be found.

Krystal: Found how? What if help's too late? I mean, what if Babe and Bianca --

Tad: Hey, aren't you the one that's always bragging to me about how you taught your daughter she could get through anything --

Krystal: Yeah, so --

Tad: And land sunny-side up?

Krystal: Why?

Tad: You're not about to lose babe or your grandchild.

Krystal: If you say so.

Tad: Yeah, I do. Excuse me for a minute. I'm going to head out, see if I can get a signal, make a call to the hospital. You going to be ok?

Krystal: Yeah, I'll just -- I'll clean this up.


Adam: Now's your chance to get Tad alone.

Liza: What happened to all your worries about your grandchild?

Adam: Dogs know enough to come in out of the rain, but not Babe. She's the reason I'm worried about my grandchild. But mark my words -- the minute that baby comes, she's not going to be around long enough to endanger his life again.

Liza: Just as long as you get the kid.

Adam: That's the plan. But I still need Krystal's secret to send Babe packing the minute the baby arrives.

Liza: So you're just really concerned about the child's welfare?

Adam: And yours. If Babe goes, then Krystal goes. And you'll be able to throw yourself at Tad to your heart's content.

Liza: You know, I'm going to go see if anybody needs any help.

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