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Another World Transcript Monday 3/15/04

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Rachel: What is it?

Mac: I thought I heard a car in the driveway. Why doesn't Matthew call? He knew all about our going out to dinner. What time was the reservation?

Rachel: Darling, let's wait for a few more minutes. If he doesn't show up, I'll call the restaurant and change the reservation. How's that? Sam has really inspired me to get back to work.

Mac: Hmm.

Rachel: Darling, sit down and read your paper.

Mac: I don't want to read the paper, Rachel. I'm too upset about whatever it is that's going on with Matthew to read the paper.

Rachel: Darling, Matthew has lots of places he could be. He has lots of friends in Bay City. He might be with Jennifer.

Mac: Jennifer? Who's Jennifer?

Rachel: The young lady that's been cropping up in his conversations lately. You know, he's that age.

Mac: He didn't mention any girl to me.

Rachel: Did you ask?

Mac: Rachel, if Matthew wants to confide in me about a girlfriend, great, but I'm not going to pry.

Rachel: Well, I pried. I don't see that there's any harm in that.

Mac: What is this girl's last name? Maybe we can find him there.

Rachel: Darling, let's wait for a few minutes. Maybe he's at Amanda's.

Mac: The last thing I said to him was about our going out to dinner. I mean, he wanted the three of us to go to that seafood place that he loves so much. He was very enthusiastic about it because he doesn't have to wear a tie.

Rachel: Darling, he can take care of himself. You know, he's old enough.

Mac: Well, that has nothing to do with his calling us up and letting us know why he's so late. Rachel, I'm very worried about whatever it is that's bothering him. Teenagers have such complicated lives these days. Trouble comes looking for them. They find themselves in situations they haven't the vaguest notion of how to handle. Why doesn't he call?

Rachel: Mac, he's responsible, we know that, I mean, for the most part.

[Door closes]

Rachel: He's an intelligent boy. He's -- where on earth have you been?

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Jamie: You're home late.

Lisa: It's only 7:30.

Jamie: Well, I'd hoped that you could get home early so we could talk. The hospital just called.

Lisa: Oh, just my luck. I just picked up dinner so that we could have a calm evening at home.

Jamie: Calm?

Lisa: Not characteristic of our time together lately, huh?

Jamie: No.

Lisa: Jamie, I'm sorry about last night. I guess we weren't very successful discussing the events of Easter.

Jamie: You know, I hate living with this tension, Lisa. It seems like every time Vicky comes up, no matter how much fun we're having, the bottom just drops out.

Lisa: Every time Vicky comes up is a common occurrence. Don't you see how she's insinuating herself into your life? You still don't realize what she did on Easter?

Jamie: She wasn't even at that Easter egg hunt. She was in a boathouse that happened to be the hiding place for some eggs.

Lisa: Come on, Jamie. That was Vicky in the rabbit suit. She gave you a map that led you to that boathouse, and she gave me a map that led me all over town, away from you.

Jamie: Are you trying to say that she showed up in the morning, switched the maps, got into this silly-looking bunny suit, and then ran back to the boathouse, got out of the bunny suit, and waited to trap me inside there? Oh, come on, are you kidding?

Lisa: I know it sounds ridiculous, but, yes, she did that. Isn't it kind of funny that you are the only one who ended up at that boathouse where Vicky just happened to be? It's a pretty crazy coincidence.

Jamie: You would find it as hard to believe as I do if you'd seen her claustrophobic attack. I tried to explain that to you last night.

Lisa: You better just go to work. We're not getting anything done here. Didn't I say something about a calm evening?

Jamie: Well, I'll be back soon, and I've got an errand after the hospital.

Lisa: Jamie, come here. I know we're not having a very good period right now, but I think we should always at least try to kiss each other hello and goodbye.

Jamie: I like that.

Lisa: Ok. See ya.

Donna: You know, for the longest time, I would have given anything to hear you say those words again. "Donna, will you marry me?"

Michael: And now you won't? Donna, I don't understand. I know that you love me. Why won't you marry me?

Donna: Michael, I can't. Not now. I'm sorry.

Michael: Look, what is it? Is it too soon? You need more time? Look, I'll give you time. Just give me some hope. Well, at least, Donna, say that you'll consider marrying me.

Donna: Victoria, honey, what is it? What's wrong?

Vicky: Read it and weep. It's an invitation to the reading of dear sweet old grandfather's will on Friday.

Donna: No.

Vicky: Well, we could always say we have a previous engagement. "Sorry, gramps, can't make it."

Donna: I don't believe this. I thought it was over. I thought he was out of my life. I guess he's always going to find some way to haunt me.

Vicky: No. No, mama, it's ok. It's ok.

Vicky: Listen, I'm sorry. I did not mean to interrupt. I just thought you might want to hear about this.

Donna: No. No, you didn't interrupt. You were right. We needed to hear this. And I am. I'm glad you're here.

Michael: Donna, come on. I think we need to talk.

Donna: No. No, there is nothing to talk about. I am not going to the reading of this will.

Michael: No, no, listen --

Donna: No, Michael, it's over. I am through with him.

Michael: Donna, we need to talk about our marriage.

Donna: Michael, I can't even think about that right now. I'm trying to get this man out of my life.

Vicky: Oh, hey, listen, it's obvious you two need some time alone, ok?

Donna: No. Victoria, you're a part of this.

Vicky: Part of the marriage proposal? I'm afraid not. Actually, when I found these, I was just on my way up to tell you that I'm moving out.

Donna: What?

Michael: What? You got an apartment?

Vicky: Yes.

Donna: Oh, but, honey, you have all the room in the world right here.

Michael: Yeah. I thought we were doing fine here. What do you need to move out for? We're doing great here together.

Vicky: We are doing fine. It's just that I think you would like some time alone without me coming in and out day and night, and I'd actually like some time out on my own, too.

Donna: Darling, I don't want to lose you.

Vicky: Mom, I'll only be a phone call away.

Donna: Well, where? Where is that? Where are you going?

Vicky: Next to Amanda's apartment. There's a great space opening up, and I'm going to move in. Now, I'll be back to pick up some of my stuff, but I will have you over for dinner tomorrow.

Michael: Tomorrow? Are you sure you don't want to think about this just a little bit more first?

Vicky: I'm positive. Now, I've already signed the lease. I'm moving out of here and into there. Now, I love you guys, and you have an intimate dinner for two without my interruption, and I'll be back.

Donna: Well -- no, Victoria, look, I can change clothes, and I can come and help you.

Vicky: Mom, it's great. I'll tell you about it tomorrow when you're over for dinner, ok? Now, I hope I inherited some of my parents' good taste. Bye.

Michael: So do I. Well, look, Donna, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised at this.

Donna: Do you think she talked this over with Bridget?

Michael: I don't know if she talked it over with Bridget. We can ask her later. Right now I'd like to talk about you and I, though, hmm? Look, maybe Vicky's right. Maybe you and I do need some time alone together, huh?

Donna: Michael, please. I can't take all this pressure from you, especially now. I mean, don't you understand everything that I have been through?

Michael: I understand that we've been through a lot together. Look, Donna, I think this is the perfect time for us to get remarried. We need each other. Look, I know that life is not all hearts and flowers and, you know, candle-lit dinners. It can be difficult. I guess all I'm trying to say is, is that I want you to know that I am here for you.

Donna: I know that, Michael.

Michael: Good. Now, tell you what -- how about if we have that little dinner for two and we can sit down and you can tell me what it is that's on your mind.

Felicia: Hi!

Lisa: Hi.

Felicia: Oh, honey, I'm so glad you called me. Mitch is off with Matthew somewhere, so we finally have some time together to catch up on things.

Lisa: I've missed you.

Felicia: I miss you, too. When you called, I heard something in your voice. Oh, I'm right, aren't I? Ok, look, I made a pot of my famous chamomile tea, the one with the healing powers in it.

Lisa: Yeah, maybe we should read those tea leaves. I could use a few answers.

Felicia: Talk to me. I at least talk back, as we all know, and tea leaves don't. Sit down. Ok. What?

Lisa: I don't even know where to begin. It's been so frustrating.

Felicia: I assume this is about Jamie, right?

Lisa: Yeah. More specifically, it's about Vicky Hudson.

Felicia: Vicky? I thought you were all friends.

Lisa: Yeah, we were, at first. When Vicky came out of the coma, Jamie and I did all we could to help her. She didn't have many friends in Bay City.

Felicia: I know Donna's been thrilled about her progress, says that she's really opening up to her.

Lisa: Yeah, that's probably true, and it's due mostly to Jamie's efforts. You know, she'll respond to any tiny bit of encouragement he gives her.

Felicia: So, what are you saying? That she's just too tied to Jamie right now?

Lisa: It's more than that. Vicky wasn't content to be just a friend, at least not with Jamie. Felicia, I think that she's in love with him, and she keeps manipulating circumstances to get to be alone with him.

Felicia: Manipulating circumstances? Honey, are you sure? I mean, really sure?

Lisa: I know. It's hard to believe. I couldn't believe it at first myself, but then there were just too many coincidences.

Felicia: Like what?

Lisa: Well, like they were stranded in the snow together, not once, but twice. And then she followed him to New York when he went to look for Amanda. And now she's just weaseled her way into Cory weddings and Cory dinner parties and poker games and then, finally, the Easter egg hunt.

Felicia: Now, look, you keep talking about all the tricks that Vicky seems to be playing, but what you haven't said is, what is Jamie's response to all of this? Ah, is that it? What, do you think that he's falling for her?

Lisa: No. Not yet.

Felicia: Honey, this doesn't sound like you. Now, you know Jamie loves you. There's nobody in his life but you. I'm sure if he gets in the middle of some, well, uncomfortable situation, I'm sure that he's going to say to her how he feels about you. Lisa, what is it? There's something you're not telling me. What is it?

Lisa: I've been having premonitions again, and they're turning out to be very accurate.

Mac: I'm very glad the two of you had a good time. Matthew, when you make plans with us to go out for dinner, we expect you to call or to be there.

Mitch: Don't blame it on Matthew, all right?

Rachel: Mitch, we were worried about him. We were worried when he didn't come back.

Matthew: Mom, dad, I'm not a child anymore. I can stay out after dark without a chaperone. Oh, forget it, you guys figure this out. I'll go put on a tie.

Mac: Hey, you don't have to put on a tie. We're going to the seafood place, remember?

Matthew: Yeah, well, I'll go put one on anyway. One dad likes me to wear a tie, one dad doesn't care. So as long as we're going out to dinner together, I'll put on a tie, ok?

Mac: Mitch, if we'd just known that he was eating with you, there wouldn't have been this hassle. We would have made other plans for the evening.

Mitch: Look, I'm sorry, but I don't feel the need to account for every minute that I spend with him.

Rachel: Mac and I are talking about simple courtesy, Mitch. Telling us our son's whereabouts would be a gesture of courtesy, not an infringement of your parental rights.

Mitch: I'm sorry, but I feel as though it is an infringement. I mean, besides, he should be able to make a decision without feeling a lot of pressure.

Mac: You know we are very upset about the boy's behavior. A devil-may-care attitude like this just doesn't help the situation, Mitch.

Mitch: I thought we had this worked out, but evidently we don't. So if we have a problem, then let's try to settle it once and for all.

Mac: I just don't see any need for all of this hostility. Surely, you can understand we're upset when he didn't show up when he said he was going to. Don't you know we love the boy as much as you?

Mitch: Yes, but I'm his father and not you.

Mac: So I don't have the right to love the boy?

Mitch: No, no. You don't have the right to demand me of some accounting for every minute that I spend with him. He's my son. If we go out, we will without my answering to anyone.

Rachel: Oh, you're going to have to answer to me.

Mitch: Ok. Ok. The next time that there is a problem -- a problem the two of you seem quite capable of manufacturing all on your own without any help from me -- the next time that there's a problem, you and I, Rachel, we'll settle it, we'll deal with it without any help or interference from Mac.

Matthew: Hey! How's this tie? Pretty sharp, huh, pop?

Mac: You look so great, I don't think they're going to let you in that seafood shack.

Rachel: Why don't we take him someplace special?

Matthew: Well, wherever we go, guys, it should be kind of quick.

Mac: Why?

Matthew: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have to leave tonight.

Mitch: Wait a minute. What? What do you mean you forgot?

Matthew: It's been one of those forgetful days, I guess. Anyway, I have to get back to school tonight.

Rachel: Why? What for?

Matthew: You mean aside from the fact that if I leave the three of you won't have any reasons left to fight anymore?

Rachel: Matthew.

Mitch: Look, is something going on at school that you haven't told us about?

Felicia: What kind of premonitions are you having?

Lisa: Well, it's two kinds, really. There's the ones that I've been having that have to do with my work at the police station --

Felicia: Right.

Lisa: And they've been right on target.

Felicia: That's good.

Lisa: And then there's the ones about Jamie and Vicky.

Felicia: What are those? Tell me about those.

Lisa: Well, for instance, I got this image of Jamie and Vicky together on a boat.

Felicia: And did it come true?

Lisa: Oh, yeah, it did. After the Easter egg hunt, Jamie didn't show up back at the Corys', so Adam and I went to look for him, and we found him with Vicky locked in a boathouse. I feel like I'm spying on Jamie, and it's not even a relationship he's having -- yet.

Felicia: Honey. You know, I don't want you to misunderstand this, because I'm sure if you say you're having premonitions, I know you're having them. But, you know, sometimes things can happen because we worry too much or we feel insecure, and we tend to overreact to things. I mean, that's a possibility, isn't it? You think that somehow you can push these feelings aside?

Lisa: I don't know. I don't know. You know, it's all we ever talk about anymore. And that's probably doing more destructive things than anything Jamie -- Vicky could do.

Felicia: That's my girl. You see, now, that's the fighting spirit. You take all those doubts, you just push them aside, get them out of your mind.

Lisa: You don't ever have doubts about Mitch, do you?

Felicia: Oh, silly girl. Are you kidding? Of course I do.

Lisa: Yeah, but, hey, you're engaged.

Felicia: You like that, don't you?

Lisa: You're going to be married in May.

Felicia: I know, I know. But, you know, it took me months to tell him I would marry him.

Lisa: Yeah, but you two seem so much in love.

Felicia: We are. You know, it always amazes me that people that can be as different as Mitch and I are can feel such -- well, such passion, feel so close to one another, and yet, I know, feeling all of that, that doesn't mean that we can necessarily have a good marriage. I want to show you something, ok? This -- this is a box of Matthew's baby things that Mitch has kept -- he gave me.

Lisa: I never would have taken Mitch to be so sentimental.

Felicia: Yeah, he is. But I -- I think it's more than sentiment.

Lisa: Look at that.

Felicia: I know. Aren't they cute? I think somewhere deep down inside of Mitch is a feeling that he must have a traditional family ideal. You know, a house and babies, something that I've always admired, but, of course, always from afar.

Lisa: Well, are you sure Mitch expects all that from this marriage? I mean, children?

Felicia: I don't think he would have saved this box just as a casual thing.

Lisa: Felicia, you've got to talk to him about this.

Felicia: What am I going to say? What? That I'm ambivalent? No, sweetie, I can talk forever. It's not really going to change anything.

Donna: Would you wait for me?

Michael: Yes. I'd wait for you. Donna, I love you. And I have such great things in store for us.

Donna: You know, when I -- when I told you that I couldn't marry you, I was so afraid you were going to walk out that door and not come back.

Michael: Honey, I was angry. I'd never do that. I thought that's what you were going to do.

Donna: It's just that you -- you asked me at the wrong time. I have so many things I need to straighten out, and now this thing with my father's will --

Michael: No, no, no, wait, Donna, please, let's not use Reginald as an excuse, ok? The question is, do you still love me?

Donna: Oh, yes, you know I still love you.

Michael: Ok. Then part of that love for me is the desire to have another child, so maybe we can just talk about having a --

Donna: No, no. I don't want to even try to have another child. Michael, you have to understand I would rather not ever have a child than face the risk of losing another one.

Michael: Donna, please let me help you. Marry me.

Donna: Michael, it's not fair to you. Look, I understand why you're asking me to marry you. It's because you think I need you, and you are right. I do. I need you more than anything. But I also need to get some other things straight in my life first.

Michael: Ok. All right. I'm not going to push you, ok? But I just want you to know I am not going to give up until you marry me.

[knock on door]

Vicky: Hey, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Vicky: I got the apartment -- signed, sealed, and delivered. I even moved some of my stuff in already.

Amanda: Oh, Vicky, that's great.

Vicky: Isn't that great?

Amanda: And I promise I won't make you babysit.

Vicky: Oh, well, hey, I'll babysit. One night a week. And only on a weeknight. And if I don't have to change any diapers.

Amanda: Right.

Vicky: But I will help you prepare for the baby's arrival, ok?

Amanda: Oh, that's terrific.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Oh, good evening.

Amanda: Hey. Hi, hi.

Jamie: Ladies. Hi.

Amanda: Guess what -- Vicky is my new neighbor.

Jamie: Huh.

Vicky: Yeah.

Mac: Matthew, is there something wrong at school that we ought to know about?

Matthew: My friend Kevin, who's my roommate, who's in my chemistry class -- well, we're working on this project to enter in the science fair next week.

Mitch: I didn't know you were suddenly interested in science projects.

Mac: Oh, even I knew that, even though we've hardly seen you since you were on this whirlwind trip home.

Rachel: You're entering a project in the science fair? That's wonderful.

Matthew: Yeah, well, I thought we were done when I came home, but I got a call from Kevin this morning -- he's been doing some research over the vacation -- and he said that one of our major calculations is a major problem.

Mac: Is Kevin going to come back to school, too?

Matthew: Yeah, he is. He already called the housing supervisor, who's going to let us in tonight.

Rachel: No, wait, wait, wait, just a minute. You called the housing supervisor?

Matthew: Kevin did.

Rachel: And it's all right with him? Well, we're just going to have to check up on that. This project is that important to you?

Matthew: We've been working on it since January, Mom. If I want to get into a good college --

Mitch: I'm going to try to get to the fair.

Matthew: Oh, well, it's just a rinky-dink school thing, you know.

Mitch: No, no, that's ok. I'm interested. I think what you're doing is great.

Mac: Sure. We'll be there, too.

Matthew: Great. Bring the whole family. It'll be a game show. Try to guess which one is Matthew's real dad.

Rachel: Matthew, I know we've made you uncomfortable. I am sorry that the discussion got out of hand.

Matthew: No, Mom, I'm sorry. I'm the one who's been causing all these problems.

Rachel: Is that why you're leaving? Because of your father and Mac?

Matthew: No, no, not at all. It's just that I feel this tremendous pressure -- from Kevin to get back and finish up the project.

Mac: Well, we'll drive you up, take a look at this project while it's still in the working stage. Maybe we'll spend the night at the inn.

Rachel: Right. We'll drive you up, and I'll make some sandwiches for the trip.

Matthew: Actually, if you don't mind, I think I'd like Mitch to drive me up.

Mitch: You sure?

Matthew: Yeah, I thought you could bring Felicia, too, you know. I've hardly seen her this whole time. Is that cool?

Rachel: Just possibly Mitch has some plans he's made already.

Mitch: No, no, it's fine.

Mac: You're sure? Because we could drive him right now.

Mitch: No, no, no, it's perfectly convenient. In fact, I'll go by now and I'll get Felicia.

Matthew: Ok, yeah, I also have to say goodbye to Amanda. Can you drop me off there? Is there any problem?

Mitch: No, there's no problem, but what about your dinner plans?

Mac: Oh, hey, dinner's already caused enough upsetting around here. You go on and do what you have to do, Matthew.

Matthew: Ok, I'll see you soon.

Lisa: Jamie and I do make an occasional stab at stirring up the romance, but with our jobs and this conflict over Vicky, it kind of squelches the romantic elements.

Felicia: No, no, no, no, you got to stop this. I mean, you have a certain image to uphold. I mean, after all, you are the niece of the famous romance novelist, Felicia Gallant. Don't forget that.

Lisa: Well, I need ideas, Felicia Gallant. I mean, my imagination has been working overtime somewhere else.

Felicia: Well, thank goodness you've come to me. All right, now, let's think. All right, for starters, I think -- I think a change of environment is always a good thing, you know? A new location. Now, let's think what those could be. I know. How about -- how about a picnic, you know? On the bluff, under the stars, the moon -- nice, huh?

Lisa: Hmm.

Felicia: You didn't like that one. All right, how about there's always a country inn. Cass loves that one. It always works for him. All right. I know! Why don't you do it here in my suite? You know, I'm next door at Mitch's, and Tops does deliver. They will have room service for very special clients. I could put in a word.

Lisa: Oh, you're too much. Come here.

Hmm, I was feeling so dumpy when I came here --

Felicia: Were you?

Lisa: And now I've got my perspective back and my sense of humor.

Felicia: Well, honey, I want you to know that I return the compliment, and thank you. Lisa? Honey, what?

Felicia: Lisa? What, honey? What's happening? Tell me.

Lisa: I have to go.

Felicia: Lisa?

Lisa: I'm sorry, Felicia. I have to go.

Amanda: I know. How about some cappuccino? We just got a brand-new cappuccino maker.

Vicky: Oh, Amanda, don't go through all the trouble. Please, how about just regular coffee?

Jamie: Boy.

Amanda: Oh.

Jamie: Well --

Amanda: Hey, where are you going? You just got here.

Jamie: First, work, and then coffee.

Amanda: You've got to go to work now?

Jamie: Yeah, I told Sam I'd help him move the mattress over here from Dorie's place.

Vicky: Oh.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Jamie: What?

Amanda: He isn't here. I guess he forgot.

Jamie: Well, it's no matter. I'll just come by some other time.

Vicky: Hey, I can help you out.

Jamie: What exactly are your qualifications?

Vicky: I'm ready, willing, and able. How's that?

Jamie: All right, come on.

Vicky: Ok, I've got my keys right here. Let's go, let's go. Hi, Matthew.

Jamie: Matthew!

Vicky: You're just in time to help Amanda out making some coffee.

Matthew: Well, I don't have long enough. I just came by to say arrivederci. School and all -- its nasty complications await me.

Jamie: Oh, nasty complications? School shouldn't be about nasty complications. That comes later in life, Matthew.

Matthew: Yeah, well, I'm getting a start on the old adulthood, you know?

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: You're lucky you're not a teenager in this day and age.

Jamie: Well, don't make me sound ancient.

Matthew: Hey, I'll miss you, man.

Jamie: Yeah, likewise.

Matthew: I'll write.

Jamie: I'll hold my breath. Take care, ok?

Matthew: All right.

Vicky: Let's go to work, bud.

Jamie: Let's do it.

Amanda: So, what's up? Why are you going back so early?

Matthew: Well, I just have to finish up this science project, you know.

Amanda: Science project with nasty complications? Come on, Matthew.

Matthew: I hate coming home sometimes.

Amanda: Sounds like the weight of the world is on our shoulders.

Matthew: Yeah, I got to go back to school and help out a friend who is in a bind like you would not believe.

Amanda: What kind of bind?

Matthew: A big one.

Amanda: Do you want to elaborate on this a little bit?

Matthew: I don't think I can right now -- not that I don't trust you.

Amanda: Matthew --

Matthew: Listen, I got to go.

Amanda: Matthew --

Matthew: Take care. Bye-bye.

Felicia: Oh, hi. I was just rearranging something. You know what they say.

Mitch: What do they say?

Felicia: An orderly closet, orderly mind.

Mitch: Ah. What are you doing with Matthew's baby things? Do you have something to tell me?

Mitch: What are you doing with Matthew's baby things?

Felicia: I was just doing a little rearranging, and I came across it.

Mitch: Is that a twinkle that I see in your eye?

Felicia: Would you stop it? I'm just holding the box, that's all. You know, my whole world does not revolve around maternal feelings.

Mitch: No? Then what does it revolve around?

Felicia: Oh, that's good. I think you should come in here and sit down. I think what we need is a little quality communication right now.

Mitch: About what?

Felicia: About family.

Mitch: Well, we can do it in the car.

Felicia: No. I want to do it right here. I want to work it all out, the two of us, right now.

Mitch: We have to take a drive.

Felicia: Where?

Mitch: Well, family beckons.

Felicia: What family?

Mitch: Well, we're going to be driving Matthew back to boarding school. He said he'd like to have a visit with you, so I came by to pick you up. If you like, you could get ready for a road trip.

Felicia: A road trip. Road trip. Great. Ok. Ok, we'll have to talk later, I guess. All right.

Mitch: Well, we can talk to Matthew.

Felicia: No, no, I mean, I want to talk to you about -- never mind. All right, let me go get my things for the road trip.

Mac: Is that for Matthew?

Rachel: Yep. Sandwiches for the trip and enough treats to last Matthew and Kevin through their science project.

Mac: Rachel, his bags were all packed. He planned to go back to school -- he didn't forget it -- long before he went out with Mitch this afternoon earlier.

Rachel: Well, he said that he had talked to Kevin this morning. Yes, you're right. I wish he'd let us know about this earlier, too.

Mac: Well, it's certainly been an event-filled visit from him.

Rachel: What's going on with him? First, he gives us that phony excuse for why he can't be at Amanda's wedding, and then he forges a note from school, and then he hangs out all by himself, hiding out in Amanda's loft. He's acting as though he doesn't trust us, Mac. That hurts. I don't know whether there's a real major problem here or whether this is just teenage high spirits.

Mac: Look, is it my fault? Have I been too strict to him? Have I expected too much of him?

Rachel: No, darling. You've always been very loving to him. I don't know. Maybe we've been overprotective. Maybe he's trying to shake us loose.

Mac: And the ploy he's using to do that is to play right into Mitch's hands.

Rachel: Well, I think Mitch is as concerned about his behavior as we are.

Mac: Well, I suppose his laid-back style makes it hard to know what he's concerned about.

Rachel: I think that laid-back style is very attractive to Matthew right now.

Mac: Just because I wear a suit and sit behind a desk, does that mean I can't understand Matthew? Does it mean I don't love him as much as Mitch does?

Rachel: Oh, darling, this isn't just about you. It's about us. Obviously, we represent to Matthew what's established and safe. Mitch is an international photographer. It's very glamorous.

Mac: Well, I can't compete with that.

Rachel: One thing Mitch said we ought to consider, probably.

Mac: What's that?

Rachel: Well, maybe we ought to rethink this boarding school situation.

Mac: Well, if he's not in any trouble there and he wants to stay there, I don't think we ought to yank him out at the first sign of our discontent about it.

Rachel: Well, no, we won't do that. All we can do, I guess, is watch his grades and see if the communication with home improves. Obviously, Matthew needs some special attention right now.

Donna: Well, the dinner was wonderful. Thank you.

Michael: My pleasure. I can't believe I forgot to light the candles, though.

Donna: It didn't matter whether we had candles or not, you know? I guess I'm kind of tired, though, now. The food made me sleepy, or the wine or something.

Michael: Well, you didn't drink much, you didn't eat much, but I tell you what -- why don't we have a little wine and light the candles and have a little drink by candlelight.

Donna: I don't think I need the candlelight right now. I think I just need to go to sleep.

Michael: Oh, ok. Well, let's just go to sleep.

Donna: Michael, it's so early. You never got to bed this early.

Michael: Well, in this case, I'll make an exception. I don't want to be a creature of habit.

Donna: No, look, I know that you have a lot of work to do. Besides, I'm not going to be good company. I'm just going to go to sleep.

Michael: Donna, come on, honey.

Donna: Michael, no. No.

Jamie: Ok, ok.

Vicky: Careful.

Jamie: Swing to your right. Swing to your right.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: And I'll pull back here. You got it?

Vicky: Oh, I'm fine, yeah. Ok.

Jamie: All right.

Vicky: Yeah. All done. You know?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: I think I might -- wait, wait -- just try -- wait!

Jamie: Oh --

[Vicky screams]

Jamie: Oh, I don't believe this.

[Vicky laughs]

Jamie: I don't believe this. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I think I caught -- my watch got caught in your hair.

Vicky: Yeah, I --

Jamie: Oh -- ok, am I pulling it?

Vicky: Yeah. Now move it towards -- oh. Ow.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Vicky: Yeah. Move it towards the center. Let me -- ah. Yeah, ok.

Jamie: Brother.

Vicky: Oh, no. Wait, wait.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Hair in the button. This is painful. Yeah.

Jamie: Move it so I can get my watch off. Tangled hair --

Vicky: Whoa, whoa, Jamie, I have to get this out. Jamie, I --

Jamie: Well, I don't see any other way around it.

Vicky: Well, hold on, hold on.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Let me --

Jamie: What? What are you doing?

Vicky: Here -- here, let go -- around --

Jamie: Unless, of course, you take your shirt off. You could do that.

Vicky: Uh -- yeah --

Jamie: All right.

Vicky: Ow!

Jamie: Oh, sorry, sorry.

Vicky: Yeah, this is going to be a good idea, yeah.

[Jamie laughs]

Vicky: Ok, careful.

Jamie: I can't believe this is happening.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. Well, me, neither. Ok, wait.

Jamie: What? Have you got it?

Vicky: Yeah, I think I've got -- yeah.

Jamie: Ok. This is really caught in here.

Vicky: This is -- hold on. Uh -- Lisa, hi. Um --

Jamie: Hi.

Vicky: This must look really funny. We're all tangled up.

Jamie: Yeah. Huh.

Lisa: Yeah.

Jamie: I got my watch caught in her hair.

Vicky: Yeah. It's nothing.

Jamie: And then she got her hair caught on one of her buttons.

Vicky: Right. So -- Jamie asked me to take my shirt off --

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: So we could get it unbuttoned.

Jamie: See. Yeah.

Vicky: It must look awful..

Jamie: Well, Lisa knows it's an accident.

Vicky: Sure. Well, I think this is where I make a graceful exit. Jamie, could you please just lock up? The keys are right on the table. The hair really did get stuck. Bye.

Jamie: Now, Lisa, don't go

Donna: Michael, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. That's the last thing in the world I want to do.

Michael: Well, it's a little hard not to get your feelings hurt when you jump every time I touch you.

Donna: I know. I guess it's just the surgery and everything that's happened. You know, I can remember that whenever you touched me it would feel like the most natural thing in the world. I mean, being in your arms seemed like the natural place to be.

Michael: Donna, all I want to do is hold you.

Donna: I know. Why don't you come over here and hold my hand?

Michael: Holding hands by candlelight?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Yeah. I guess I can live with that.

Donna: Good.

Vicky: Hey. I'm back for my second round of moving, but I might have to stay here another night because I had a little problem with my bed, so I might have to move mine from here. So you're not quite rid of me yet.

Donna: Oh, well, good, good. That means I get my daughter for one more night.

Vicky: Well, I've got a lot to do, so I'm going to go get it together.

Donna: Oh, no, honey, I'll help you.

Vicky: No, Mom, that's too much trouble. Please don't.

Michael: Donna, I thought you were tired.

Donna: No, well, I'm not too tired to help my daughter pack. Besides, I want to help you get organized, huh?

Vicky: Oh, Mom, let me do this by myself. I'm going to have a great time doing it, ok? And I don't want to intrude upon you guys any more than I already have tonight.

Michael: I get this feeling that our daughter would like to pack herself --

Vicky: Yes.

Donna: So I think we ought to let her and you and I will sit here, drink wine, and get lit by the glow of the candles.

Vicky: Yes, please do.

Donna: Would everybody stop it? Just stop telling me what to do. I know what I want to do, and that's to help my daughter pack, because this is the last night I'm going to have with her.

Vicky: Well, ok. I didn't think it was that important. Let's go to work. I just thought I was interrupting an intimate moment, but I guess not.

Michael: I thought you were interrupting an intimate moment, too.

Mac: Can't you tell us why you were so evasive on this trip?

Matthew: Evasive? Dad, I'm not evasive. What do you mean?

Mac: Ok. Forget it.

Matthew: Look, Dad, everything's cool. Everything is fine. I'm happy.

Mac: Are your grades?

Matthew: Yes, they are.

Rachel: Yes, they are what?

Matthew: Dad, my grades are like they usually are.

Mac: Good.

Matthew: Good, yeah, but not great. Well, sometimes great.

[Doorbell rings]

Matthew: I got it, Hilda. Hey, my chauffeurs have arrived.

Rachel: Hi.

Felicia: Hi.

Matthew: So I take my leave from one Dad and one Mom to go off with another Dad and another Mom.

Felicia: Well, whatever.

Mac: Matthew, before you leave, I want to apologize for the arguments we had with Mitch while you were here.

Matthew: Hey, no sweat. Let's go.

Mitch: It's ok. I'm sorry, too.

Matthew: So, is everybody made up now? Because, really, no harm done. I'm lucky to have two such great dads and a mother and a half to go along with them.

Felicia: "Mother and a half."

Rachel: Well, as the primary mother in this instance, I felt it my duty and privilege to fix you some things to take with you in the car. I pass the baton.

Felicia: Oh. Thank you. Ok.

Rachel: Goodbye, darling.

Matthew: Bye.

Mac: Goodbye, son.

Matthew: Thank you very much for everything. I'll see you later.

Lisa: I had a premonition that I would find you and Vicky here on this very bed.

Jamie: Well, how could that be?

Lisa: How do you think I knew to come here?

Jamie: Well, I told you I was going to be helping Sam move this bed.

Lisa: No, you didn't.

Jamie: And I always come visit he and Amanda.

Lisa: So now Vicky's going to live here, too, huh?

Jamie: Yeah. So?

Lisa: So, she won't have to come up with excuses now to run into you.

Jamie: So now that you know she's here, you can use your considerable imagination to conjure up your jealousy at the drop of a hat.

Lisa: I'm not imagining this, Jamie. You're the one who helped me learn to trust my premonitions in the first place. How can you do this to me?

Jamie: I'm not doing anything. You're doing it, Lisa. You seem hell-bent on believing that I'm falling for Vicky, and it's simply not true.

Lisa: She's falling for you, and you have to do something about it, even if it means being unfriendly or having a distasteful conversation. You have got to do something, Jamie. She's railroading you.

Jamie: I love you, Lisa. I don't know what to do to make you trust me. All I can say is -- Lisa, all I can say is that I'm faithful to you. I always have been. I have a real problem with you suspecting me every time I'm out of your sight. It drives me a little crazy, to tell you the truth. Now, would you come here and promise me you'll stop all this. Tell me that you believe me. Oh!

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