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Another World Transcript Friday 3/5/04

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Nicole: Hmm.

Cass: Hmm.

Nicole: Hmm. Cass?

Cass: Oh, yeah, right there. Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: Huh?

Nicole: You're dreaming.

Cass: Huh?

Nicole: Wake up. You're dreaming.

Cass: Oh, hi.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: I was dreaming?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Hmm.

[Cass chuckles]

Nicole: It must have been some dream.

Cass: Oh, yeah. You were in it.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: What did I do to you?

[Cass and Nicole laugh]

Nicole: Tell me.

Cass: I don't know, but it was something with a kitchen table and a garter belt? What do you suppose that means?

Nicole: It means I'd better stay out of the kitchen.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: If you know what's good for you.

Nicole: Yeah. Well, my dream was much more romantic.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Was I in it?

Nicole: Of course. We were on a beautiful horse-drawn carriage, and we were driving through the woods. And we found this lovely little cabin, and no one was inside of it --

Cass: Mm-hmm?

Nicole: So we decided to go in.

Cass: And there was a kitchen table and a garter belt.

Nicole: Is that all you think about -- sex?

Cass: Yes.

[Cass laughs]

[Nicole giggles]

Nicole: Lucky me.

[Knock on door]

Sophie: Nicole! Monsieur!

Cass: What?

Sophie: Open the door!

Nicole: Sophie?


Cass: Coming!

Sophie: Monsieur, hurry! We have a customer! Do you hear me, Monsieur? Monsieur!

Cass: Now? We don't open until 10:00.

Sophie: It is the Baroness von Corber!

Nicole: Oh, no, the banking von Corbers?

Sophie: The big von Corbers with the big checkbook!

Cass: We better make the big hurry.

Nicole: Yeah.

Amanda: Sam? Sam?

Sam: Where's the rest of my slides?

Amanda: Um -- top shelf.

Sam: Thanks.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: I still can't find them.

Sam: Great.

Amanda: Voila.

Sam: Thanks.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: Putting my slides together.

Amanda: Yeah, I can see that, but why?

Sam: I'm going to show them.

Amanda: Maury Art Gallery --

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Opens in Bay City?

Sam: I'm going to be the first artist there.

Amanda: Are you sure you're doing the right thing?

Sam: Yeah. Why not?

Amanda: Well, it's just that walking in like that --

Sam: What's the matter?

Amanda: Look, you know how these art galleries are.

Sam: Amanda, don't you think my stuff is good enough for an exhibit?

Michael: Jamie, do you think Donna's well enough to leave already?

Jamie: She just had a cesarean section. She'll need rest.

Michael: Yeah, but maybe she should stay here a little bit longer.

Jamie: Well, normally, I might agree, Michael, but in cases like this where a mother's lost a child, sometimes it's better for them to rest at home away from the maternity ward.

Michael: Oh, I see.

Jamie: So how are you holding up?

Michael: It's rough, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, well, losing a child like this is a terrible loss for both parents.

Michael: I think that it's a lot rougher on Donna.

Jamie: Well, not just physically. Emotionally. Certain feelings develop between a mother and the child she's carrying. And it might not be so easy for her to let go of those feelings.

Michael: Well, Jamie, I'll help any way I possibly can.

Jamie: She may need someone not so involved to talk to.

Michael: What do you mean, like a counselor?

Jamie: Well, maybe. Let's see how it goes.

Michael: Ok. She's waiting for me. I'm going to go.

Jamie: I'll take care of your release forms.

Michael: Ok.

Michael: Hey, hey! How's the most beautiful girl in Bay City General Hospital, hmm? Donna? Honey, it's me. Donna?

Amanda: Sam, you know that I think your paintings are wonderful.

Sam: But not good enough to be sold, huh?

Amanda: I never said that. That's not what I meant. I just meant that there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

Sam: Meaning what?

Amanda: Meaning that you know how snobby these art gallery owners are, and if you just walk in off the street, they're --

Sam: I'm not doing that. I made an appointment.

Amanda: You made an appointment?

Sam: Yeah. Living with you has made me a real bourgeoisie.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: Well, that's great! I think it's really smart. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I was insulting you.

Sam: Amanda, look, look, I am the first one to admit that I have a temper, but I do know and I am learning that I don't have to hit someone to get what I want.

Amanda: How'd you get so smart?

Sam: Oh, I don't know. I think I married you. And you are teaching me things and I'm learning and I'm getting better.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I am very proud of you.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I just hope that Matthew being here didn't disrupt your new routine and all that's a great kid.

Amanda: You know, he's really excited to meet your mother.

Sam: Yeah, well, hopefully, she'll make a better grandmother than she did a mother. All right, all right, all right. I won't start.

Amanda: Good.

Sam: Yeah, it's still strange that he crashed here instead of going home.

Amanda: Yeah, well, there's definitely something that he's hiding. I'm going to find out what it is.

Sam: Right. Look, I got to hit the road, ok?

Amanda: Hmm. You know --

Sam: What? Oh.

Amanda: One of these days, it's going to be me going off to work.

Sam: Yeah, and I get to sit in the apartment and loll around all day.

Amanda: Oh, no. No. You're going to be sitting here, but you're going to be painting. That's what you're going to be doing.

Sam: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[Sam and Amanda chuckle]

Sam: Ok. Yeah, and after today, everyone is going to want a genuine Sam Fowler.

Amanda: Yeah, and then I can say that I knew you when. I may even be able to write a book on it. "Life with an artist."

Sam: Hmm. Steamy stuff.

Amanda: Oh, yes.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Are you going to come home for lunch?

Sam: Yeah. I should be here.

Amanda: Ok, because I'm thinking of whipping up something really, really wonderful.

Sam: Yeah? You, I hope. Bye. I got to go.

Amanda: Bye!

[Sam laughs]

Amanda: Wonderful. Who am I kidding? I've never made lunch in my life.

Sophie: Monsieur! Hurry! The baroness is waiting!

Cass: Where'd I put my stupid tie?

Nicole: Where are my stockings?

Sophie: Hurry! Hurry!

Cass: Wait a second, wait a second. Hold it, hold it!

Sophie: But the baroness --

Cass: She can cool her heels for a few minutes.

Nicole: But she's downstairs.

Sophie: With her checkbook!

Cass: An hour before we open. Now, what does that tell you, Nicole?

Nicole: It tells me she wants to spend money, so we'd better move it.

Cass: Yeah? Well, it tells me that my plan is working -- acting like we don't need the business.

Nicole: But we do need the business!

Cass: Will you relax, Nicole?

Nicole: Where's my lipstick?

Cass: Don't you remember the woman that Felicia sent over?

Nicole: Oh, yeah, she told them we were incredibly busy.

Cass: And what happened?

Nicole: Well, they begged me to make them dresses. That's what happened.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: This is different, Cass!

Cass: How is it different?

Nicole: She's a baroness. She could go to any designer she wants to.

Cass: That's right. But she came here, didn't she? And why?

Nicole: Because she wants something that she thinks she can't have.

Cass: Good answer! Now, how does it look if we go racing down the stairs and start falling all over her?

Nicole: She'll think we're desperate.

Sophie: Surprise! We are!

Cass: Will you get with the spirit here, Soph? We be cool, we be detached. We have so many orders, we don't even know if we can fit the baroness in.

Sophie: But we will.

Cass: For a price.

Nicole: Yes --

Sophie: Oh --

Nicole: A very high price.

Cass: Mm-hmm!

Sophie: I will serve the baroness coffee while she waits.

Cass: Thank you, Sophie. And, Sophie? Take your time.

Sophie: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Oh. Do I look ok?

Cass: Will you stop worrying! Now, remember, she has to impress you.

Nicole: Oh, you're too much. You know that?

Cass: And you can never get too much of a good thing.

Nicole: Oh. Thanks.

Cass: Well, ask me again nicely and I'll kiss you again.

Nicole: No, not that.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Well, if it wasn't for you, none of this would be happening.

Cass: Oh. Well, they're your designs. I'm just the pitchman.

Nicole: I couldn't design a tea towel if you hadn't helped me sort out my feelings.

Cass: Let's try not to think about that now, ok?

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: So are you ready for your first baroness?

Nicole: Who says she's the first?

Cass: Now, that's the spirit! Now, remember -- cool and detached.

Nicole: Right. I'm cool!

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: I'm cool.

Cass: Ooh, you are cool. All right!

Nicole: Oh, no!

Cass: Let's get down.

Nicole: All right.

Cass: Come on. Let's go get her.

Michael: Donna? You stay right here. I'm going to get Jamie.

Donna: Michael. Hi.

Michael: Hi. Are you all right?

Donna: Sure.

Michael: You didn't answer me. I said your name.

Donna: I was daydreaming.

Michael: You sure you're ok?

Donna: Oh, I want to go home.

Michael: Sure, sure. Now, wait a minute, hold on a second.

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: Now, I got to get the wheelchair. Look, I know you're going to hate it, but --

Donna: It's ok.

Michael: Ok. Well, let me -- here. Here you go.

Donna: No, I -- I can do it.

Michael: Ok. Bridget and Vicky got up at the crack of dawn there. They -- they're cooking, they're cleaning, they just can't wait for you to get home. They're all excited. That was really quite an accomplishment for Vicky to get up at the crack of dawn for anything, much less to clean.

Michael: Are you sure you're all right? I mean --

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Do you want to stay here another night or so?

Donna: No. No, I want to go home, right now. Please?

Michael: Ok. Ok. Here. I'll give you a little blanket here.

Jamie: So tell me, how'd the second interview go?

Mary: The whole staff was there.

Jamie: Including the dreaded Mrs. Neundorf?

Mary: You know her?

Jamie: Oh, every applicant has to suffer under her scalpel-like scrutiny.

Mary: Every answer I gave, she would look at me over her enormous horn-rimmed glasses and say, "what do you think that means?"

Jamie: Like a job interview with Wilhelm Reich, isn't it?

Mary: Oh. I can't tell you.

Michael: Coming through.

Mary: My heart is still --

Michael: Hey! Look who's here!

Jamie: Hey.

Mary: I heard you were going home today.

Michael: Jamie, come here.

Jamie: All ready to take her home?

Michael: Look, are you sure this is the right move? I mean, should she stay here another day?

Jamie: I think it's the best thing for her, for both of you.

Mary: How do you feel?

Donna: I'm ok.

Mary: Donna, if there is anything at all --

Donna: Michael? I want to go home.

Michael: Well, you seem to have lost your charm with the ladies, doc. She can't wait to get away from you.

Jamie: She's just playing hard to get. I know it.

Michael: Oh, yeah.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: I think we're on our way.

Jamie: This is very tough on both of them.

Mary: Especially on her.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: It's open.

Woman: Am I interrupting some passionate newlywed lovemaking?

Amanda: No, Dorie. Sam isn't here.

Dorie: Oh, darn. I guess I'll have to turn on the soaps.

[Amanda chuckles]

Dorie: So, how was the honeymoon? Romantic?

Amanda: Well, Sam and I ended up working in a Tennessee diner and delivering a baby, a woman's baby.

Dorie: Oh! You're such a kidder, just like your brother.

Amanda: My brother?

Dorie: Matthew. Boy, that kid can eat.

Amanda: You met him?

Dorie: In the hall. Oh, he said who he was, and -- he seemed kind of lonely, so I had him over to dinner for a few times.

Amanda: A few times? He told me that he was only --

Dorie: Well, what, did I say something wrong?

Amanda: No. No. You mentioned cooking, and right now I'm just having kind of a hard time figuring out what I'm going to make for lunch.

Dorie: That's the least of your problems. You get this yet?

Amanda: No. I haven't been to the box. A rent increase?

Dorie: A big one. Landlord's claiming major structural repairs. What, new light bulbs? That's major?

Amanda: I don't know if we can afford an increase.

Dorie: Well, I can't. That's why I'm moving out.

Amanda: Oh, we were just getting to know each other.

Dorie: So, we'll have dinner sometime.

Amanda: Well, not here. I can't cook -- at all.

Dorie: Sam get the bad news yet?

Amanda: He'll get it when he walks in and there's no lunch.

Dorie: Ooh. So, serve something else.

Amanda: Oh, come on. We have to eat sometime.

Dorie: Ok. Uh -- oh, I got a surefire solution.

Amanda: Anything, please!

Dorie: Get something to go and pass it off as your own. Know any good restaurants?

Amanda: My grandmother's!

Dorie: There you go!

Amanda: It seems so devious.

Dorie: You want honesty or a happy husband?

Vicky: What's that?

Bridget: Well, it's addressed to your mother. I think somebody must have sent her a present.

Vicky: Give me this.

Bridget: Victoria, that belongs to your mother!

Vicky: Yeah, well, we're not going to take any chances after what Reginald did, sending her that christening dress.

Bridget: Oh, that's right. We mustn't upset her now, especially not now. Yes.

Vicky: Absolutely. What is this --

[Bridget gasps]

Vicky: Oh, my.

Bridget: My.

Vicky: This is gorgeous!

Bridget: Oh, isn't it beautiful! Oh, my!

Vicky: It's beautiful.

Bridget: Oh, goodness sakes. Hey, look, look at this -- look at that. Isn't that sweet? Look.

Vicky: Oh, it was Michael! It's on his charge account.

Bridget: Oh, yes. He wanted to send her something pretty. You know, to cheer her up.

Vicky: She really wanted that baby, Bridget.

Bridget: Yes, I know, dear.

Vicky: It's not fair. You know, she did everything Jamie told her to do. She rested. She stayed calm when she could. She did everything possible to do what he said and still lost that baby.

Bridget: Well, my dear, it was God's will.

Vicky: Oh, please, baloney.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria --

Vicky: You know what that goes to prove? You don't get what you want by playing by the rules.

Bridget: Now, that's not true.

Vicky: Nice guys don't win, Bridget. You see it every day.

Bridget: Victoria, I'm not going to have you talking like that. I mean --

Vicky: Please just don't try to make me look at the bright side, ok?

Bridget: All right. Your mother did lose the baby, and it was a terrible thing for her. But you being bitter, that's not going to help her at all.

Vicky: Well, I feel bitter, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, she needs you. She needs you now. She needs you to remind her of all the wonderful things that she's got, dear. I mean, she's got you and Mr. Michael and Marley and Nicole.

Vicky: Yeah, you're right.

Bridget: Yes, you see, I know it's sad about the baby, but she's got a wonderful family, and so have you.

Vicky: I do.

Bridget: Yes. That's right.

Vicky: I was really lucky to have found them, wasn't I?

Bridget: That's right. You were.

Vicky: You know what else I was lucky about?

Bridget: No, dear. What?

Vicky: Having you to raise me all those years.

Bridget: Oh, I -- well, you know, I really did -- I raised you as if you were my own.

Vicky: I know. And I'm just doubly fortunate because I don't only have one mother, I have two, two wonderful mothers.

Bridget: Oh, aye. Oh! My dear! Oh! Oh.

Cass: Baroness von Corber, what a pleasure and an honor.

Baroness: I am not used to being kept waiting.

Cass: Oh, baroness, my humblest apologies. We are simply swamped with work.

Baroness: I see.

Nicole: I'm Nicole Love. I'm so sorry we kept you waiting.

Cass: Yes. Our European clients call us first thing in the morning -- the time difference, you know. Oh, I meant to ask you -- how are the Rothschilds?

Nicole: The Rothschilds?

Cass: They say that the Paris collections are just so boring.

Baroness: I know the family very well.

Cass: Oh, you do?

Baroness: Yes. Which Rothschilds were you referring to?

Cass: Uh -- by the way, the princess said that the dress was perfect.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so glad.

Cass: Yeah. She said that Charles thinks -- oh -- whoops. Open mouth and insert the big foot. You will pretend that you didn't hear that, won't you, baroness?

Baroness: I thought she only bought British.

Cass: It's our little secret.

Baroness: Oh. I just adore her clothes.

Cass: Really?

Baroness: You must do something for me.

Cass: Well, we are very busy --

Nicole: Oh, I'd love to. What do you have in mind?

Baroness: Well --

[phone rings]

Cass: Sophie, would you take that in the office, please?

Sophie: Oui! Probably another customer.

Baroness: Did she wink at you?

Cass: A tic. She's overworked, poor thing.

Nicole: You were saying --

Baroness: I need a special dress for Easter Sunday.

Nicole: Oh, but that's so soon.

Baroness: Money is no object.

Nicole: Oh, this is --

Cass: Will be fine. Thank you.

Baroness: And five other ensembles --

[Cass whistles]

Baroness: Which I have specified here.

Nicole: All for the same time?

Baroness: Is it a problem?

Nicole: No. Not anymore.

Baroness: Good. It is such a pleasure to do business with an efficient designer.

Cass: Oh, baroness, I can assure you, the pleasure is all ours.

Baroness: Au revoir.

Cass: Au revoir.

Au revoir. Definitely au revoir. How big is yours?

Nicole: I beg your pardon!

Cass: The check! Mine is enormous! Look!

Nicole: Mine is bigger!

Cass: We did it!

Nicole: We did it!

Cass: We did it!

Sophie: Nicole, monsieur, a little word.

Cass: Oh, not now, Sophie. We need you to whip up six dresses immediately!

Sophie: I cannot! I must leave for Paris tonight!

Cass: Sophie, you can't go to Paris tonight.

Sophie: Oh, but I must.

Nicole: Oh, I know you need a vacation, Sophie, we all do, but you're our only seamstress.

Sophie: It is not for the vacation. My mother is very ill.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Cass: Oh, Sophie, we didn't realize that.

Sophie: I would not leave if it were not urgent.

Cass: No, no, we understand.

Sophie: Oh, I must pack.

Cass: Don't worry about the travel arrangements. I'll take care of everything. You pack.

Sophie: Oh, I am sorry. I leave you in the lunch.

Cass: Lurch, Sophie.

Nicole: It's ok, Sophie, really. You go on upstairs and you pack, all right?

Cass: And don't worry. It's too bad about her mother.

Nicole: Yeah. What do we do now? We don't have a seamstress.

Cass: So, sew it up yourself.

Nicole: Me?

Cass: Well, they're your designs, aren't they?

Nicole: Yes, but --

Cass: So what's the problem?

Nicole: You don't understand, Cass.

Cass: Then tell me.

Nicole: I can't do it, Cass.

Jamie: Mary's taking a job as counselor to the hospital.

Mary: Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe. They are reviewing my application.

Amanda: Oh, that's great! Good luck.

Mary: Thank you.

Jamie: Mary, I have to get back to my patients.

Amanda: Can I talk to you for just a second?

Jamie: Sure. Let me know if you hear anything, ok?

Mary: All right.

Jamie: You look fabulous. I mean, honeymoons, obviously they agree with you.

Amanda: Thanks. But reality is setting in. We just got a rent increase -- a big one.

Jamie: You need some money?

Amanda: I'm not sure.

Jamie: Well, how's your budget look?

Amanda: We never really discussed one. I mean, Sam's always paid for all the expenses up until now.

Jamie: But he's not working now.

Amanda: He's painting.

Jamie: Has he sold anything?

Amanda: Well, he went to a gallery this morning, but who knows.

Jamie: Well, are you still thinking about going back to work at "Brava"?

Amanda: Sure, I'd love to, but I don't know if Sam's going to let me help out financially.

Jamie: Well, why not?

Amanda: He's very proud, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, talk to the boy. Does he have any savings?

Amanda: That's what we're living off of.

Jamie: Well, listen, you'll be working soon. Make out a budget for yourselves then.

Amanda: What if he doesn't want me to help out?

Jamie: You tell him you're husband and wife now and you share everything. And then you tell him you love him.

Amanda: Well, the last part will be easy.

Jamie: Seriously, though, if you need any money, sis, you let me know, ok?

Amanda: Thanks. We'll be fine. Oh, hey, are you coming to my party tonight? We're going to open up the rest of the wedding presents.

Jamie: You mean like toasters and cut glass, pickle dishes, and --

Amanda: If we get duplicates of anything, they're getting hocked.

Jamie: Well, I'll see you then.

Amanda: Ok.

Jamie: Goodbye.

Amanda: Thanks. Oh, Charlie, can I have an order to go? Ok, meatloaf for two. Thanks. Oh, wait a minute.

Charlene: Hmm?

Amanda: Can you put it in the pan, keep it in the pan for me?

Charlene: Ok, if that's what you want.

Amanda: Thanks. It's not fancy, is it?

Charlene: It's your basic hamburger, bread crumbs, eggs.

Amanda: Oh, good, because I want -- I want to make it look like I made it myself.

Charlene: I'll leave it in the pan for you.

Amanda: Thanks. Oh, and I'll pay you now, just to get out of the way.

Charlene: Oh, a wedding present?

Amanda: I'm not really sure.

Bridget: Oh, Miss Donna. Oh, my. So wonderful to have you home.

Donna: Oh, thank you, Bridget. It's really wonderful to be home. Oh, my goodness, everything looks so pretty. Look at all the flowers.

Vicky: I'll take credit for that.

Donna: Oh, right. Michael said that you'd been up since dawn and you had been rearranging everything.

Vicky: Well, it's great to have you home. How are you feeling?

Michael: Are you tired?

Donna: No. I'm fine. Really.

Vicky: Yeah, why don't you come sit over here? There's a pillow and --

Donna: No, I'm fine.

Michael: Tell you what -- you want to lay down?

Donna: Michael --

Bridget: How about I get you a nice cup of tea?

Donna: Please, would everybody just stop fussing over me? I'm fine, really.

Bridget: Oh, well, can I fix this all right for you, eh?

Donna: It's fine. Yes, thank you.

Vicky: Bridget, you know, I would like a cup of tea, though. Can I go --

Bridget: Well, you know where the tea is, dear. It's in the cupboard.

Vicky: I'm not exactly sure where it is. Could you help me find it, maybe?

Bridget: Oh, yes. That's right. You don't know which cupboard it's in, do you?

Vicky: Right, I forgot. Yeah.

Bridget: Come along. Here we go.

Donna: Since when did Victoria start making her own tea?

Michael: Since, actually, I needed to talk to you alone.

Donna: I'm going to go call Nicole.

Michael: Donna, I need to talk to you, please. I made some arrangements.

Donna: Arrangements?

Michael: Yeah. See, I think it would be a really good idea and it would help us a lot if we did something today.

Donna: What?

Michael: Say goodbye to our baby.

Donna: Say -- say goodbye to the baby?

Michael: Yes, honey. I think it's really important that we say goodbye.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Because he was our son. I think that if we go out to the farm today --

Donna: Why do you want to go out there?

Michael: Donna, I think what we have to do here is face our loss.

Donna: I am never going to be able to face that, Michael.

Michael: Donna, look, I think that we should plant a tree.

Donna: What?

Michael: A tree, Donna. Something that's alive. Something that's growing. Honey, it's our love. Our love is alive. And I think that if we planted a tree it would remind us of our son. And it would also remind us that our love isn't dead, it's growing, and if we work at it, it will grow and become stronger every year.

Donna: I -- I don't want to talk about this.

Michael: Come on, Donna. I know it's hard to let go, but --

Donna: Let go? Let go of what, Michael? I never even had him. I never held him. I never --

Michael: But you loved him, didn't you? You loved him. We loved him, didn't we?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Then please come with me.

Donna: No.

Michael: Donna, please.

Donna: No. Michael, please, just let me handle this my own way.

Michael: Ok. But I'm going to go. This I have to do for myself, all right?

Michael: I love you, Donna.

Bridget: Here we are there, dear. Nice cup of tea. Can I get you something else?

Donna: No. No. No, thank you, Bridget.

Bridget: Maybe you'd like to lie down a bit. I'll turn on the TV for you.

Donna: Bridget, please, I am just fine! I'm fine, really.

Amanda: Would you mind if I joined you?

Mary: Of course not.

Amanda: So, you're going to be a counselor, huh?

Mary: Oh, maybe. Getting the degree was easy. Getting the job is really hard.

Amanda: Oh, you will.

Mary: I hope so.

Amanda: I guess a lot of people ask you for advice all the time.

Mary: Hmm. Whether or not they take it, of course --

Amanda: I would. I mean, I've got this friend of mine that -- she's very nice. Don't get me wrong. She's a very nice person. It's just that --

Mary: She has a problem?

Amanda: Yeah. She shoplifts.

Mary: Oh.

Amanda: It's not that she needs the stuff. I mean, I know that most of the stuff that she takes she gives away.

Mary: Well, most kleptomaniacs don't really care anything about the things they take.

Amanda: Why do they do it, then?

Mary: Hmm, a number of reasons. It can be because there's something missing in their lives.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Mary: It can be because there was once a dream that went unfulfilled.

Amanda: Yeah?

Mary: It can be that they simply want to get some attention, usually of the people they care about the most.

Amanda: But the people that care about them are the ones that get hurt by them.

Mary: It gets their attention, though, doesn't it?

Amanda: Sure does.

Charlene: A pan of meatloaf to go, unfancy.

Amanda: Thanks.

Mary: Do you want me to talk to your friend?

Amanda: Oh, no. No. Thanks. You've been a great help to me and Sam.

Mary: Sam?

Nicole: Cass, my name is on all those dress labels.

Cass: So you can sew them in, too.

Nicole: No, I can't.

Cass: What is the problem here?

Nicole: The problem is that there's no way I can sew together six different dresses so quickly.

Cass: Ok, fine. So I'll get in some help.

Nicole: It'll take us forever to find someone as competent as Sophie, and my patterns are very intricate.

Cass: We can't cancel an order this big!

Nicole: That's exactly what we have to do.

Cass: Nicole, this money can help get us back on our feet again.

Nicole: But I can't produce the dresses in time.

Cass: We need this dough!

Nicole: Cass, it just isn't meant to be. I'm going to call the baroness.

Cass: Nicole, hey -- Nicole --

Nicole: Oh, I told Donna I'd go see her, too.

Cass: All right, go. I'll call the baroness.

Nicole: You'll tell her that Princess Di needed a dress for dinner with the Rothschilds or something like that?

Cass: I know what to say to her. Just give Donna my love

Nicole: All right. The baroness' number is on the check.

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: Cass, you are going to call, right?

Cass: Of course I'm going to call. Now go.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: Boy, that's a lot of money.

Amanda: I hope 150 wasn't too hot.

Sam: I'm home.

Amanda: Oh, boy. Lunch is served.

Sam: I'm not hungry.

Amanda: You went to the art gallery?

Sam: Yeah, I went. "That's very interesting, but I'm sorry. Our clients' tastes run a little bit more conservative than that."

Amanda: Well, what do they want, still lifes and a fruit basket?

Sam: Yeah, I probably couldn't even draw that right.

Amanda: What do they know?

Sam: They're just art experts.

Amanda: Like the Newburys in Palm Beach?

Sam: At least they're selling frozen dinners. Me, I can't even sell one lousy painting.

Amanda: Neither could Van Gogh, but look, his last one sold for $40 million.

Sam: He had to die first, hon.

Amanda: Come on! Don't let just one art gallery depress you.

Sam: What? Now I know how a door-to-door salesman feels -- always getting the door slammed in his face.

Amanda: There are a lot of other art galleries.

Sam: Yeah, and I don't want to go through this again.

Amanda: Listen, Sam, some people aren't going to like your work. Other people are going to love it. Look at Salvador Dali.

Sam: Yeah, his stuff's great.

Amanda: I hate it.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Body parts growing out of cows' horns -- I mean, can you imagine if I was the first gallery owner that he went to?

Sam: Look, I know. I just had this dream, you know. I'd walk into this gallery, I'd show them my stuff, they'd rave about it, tell me what a genius I was, and -- well, so much for dreams.

Amanda: You hold on to that dream, Sam Fowler, because someday it is going to come true.

Sam: You know --

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: The way you say that, I could almost believe it.

Amanda: You're a wonderful artist. One of these days everyone's going to be begging for a piece of your work.

Sam: Even the Newburys?

Amanda: Yeah, even the Newburys, but we're not going to sell them anything unless they give us half the stock in their frozen food company.

Sam: I really love you. You know that?

Amanda: Good. Let's eat.

Sam: Eat. Good, I'm hungry now. Hey, meatloaf, all right -- my favorite meal. Oh, even better -- Mary's Place meatloaf.

Amanda: How'd you know?

Sam: Well, it's the secret ingredient -- hot chilies. Were you trying to pass this off as your own?

Amanda: Of course not! Why would I ever do that?

Sam: Oh, just because I'm going to be a famous artist one of these days and you wouldn't want me to die of food poisoning in the meantime.

Amanda: Shut up and eat!

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Wait a minute -- you really don't like Salvador Dali?

Amanda: Hate him.

[Amanda laughs]

Man: Thanks.

Vicky: Hi, Larry.

Larry: Hi.

Vicky: Vicky Hudson. I hired you for Amanda Cory's shower. How's the stripping business?

Larry: Chilly.

Vicky: Yeah, I can't imagine you would get that much business this time of year, but I heard you're doing the Corys' Easter party.

Larry: It's a C.O. job -- clothes on.

Vicky: Oh.

Larry: A rabbit costume, as a matter of fact.

Vicky: Oh, so you're versatile, too, huh?

Larry: I'm in charge of the treasure hunt.

Vicky: Interesting. You're in med school, right?

Larry: One more year to go.

Vicky: Expensive?

Larry: Very.

Vicky: So how would you like to make a little extra money at the Easter party?

Larry: What do I have to do?

Vicky: During the hunt, could you make sure a certain guy ends up at a certain boat dock?

Larry: With you?

Vicky: Oh, that would be nice, yes.

Larry: I'm in charge of the maps. No problem.

Vicky: Oh. Well, let's see -- you'll make a wonderful doctor.

Nicole: You sure you're fine?

Donna: You know, if anybody else asks me that, I --

Nicole: Donna, I'm so sorry about the baby.

Donna: How's your dressmaking business?

Nicole: Well, not exactly cutting it, if you'll pardon the pun.

Donna: Good to see that you're laughing about it.

Nicole: Oh, I've shed a few tears.

Donna: What's the matter? Aren't you getting any orders or --

Nicole: Oh, no -- tons of them. But Sophie had to go back to Paris, and all the orders are last-minute. There's just no way that we can fill them.

Donna: Well, I -- I know one good thing came out of all of this. Cass.

Nicole: I'm so glad I have him. Donna, he told me about Jason and mama.

Donna: Nicole, I didn't want him to do that.

Nicole: You shouldn't have kept it from me.

Donna: But I know how much you idolized her. I just didn't want you hurt.

Nicole: I'm not a little girl anymore, Donna. I can accept that people aren't perfect.

Donna: I know, but you were just so young when she died. You don't know everything she went through.

Nicole: Let's talk about something more important, ok?

Donna: All right.

Nicole: Now, how are you doing, really?

Donna: I'm fine.

Nicole: Donna, I know how much that baby meant to you and Michael. Come on, you can talk to me.

Donna: Michael's really been wonderful.

Nicole: Where is he, anyway?

Donna: He's -- he's out at Clara's farm. He wanted to do something for the baby.

Nicole: Oh, sweetie.

Donna: He wanted me to go out there with him, but I --

Nicole: Well, yeah, maybe you should.

Donna: No! No, what good is it going to do? It's not going to bring the baby back, Nicole.

Nicole: Donna, if you let the baby go in your heart, if you really believe that your baby is in a happier place, then your life might be happier, too. And the way to do that is to say goodbye.

Cass: I need four of your best women. They have to be fast and they have to be good seamstresses. In other words, they have to be absolutely perfect. Now, what can you do for me? I will love you forever. How quickly can you get them on a plane to Bay City? Great. Ciao, baby. Stupendo. Magnifico. Fantastico.

Amanda: You know Matthew said that he was only here for a day?

Sam: Yeah. Well, I'm not so sure I believe that.

Amanda: Don't. Dorie stopped by earlier. She told me that she had seen him a couple of days in a row before we came home.

Sam: Now, why is he lying to us?

Amanda: I don't know. But I think he's hiding a lot more than he's letting on.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm sure that big sister's going to find out exactly what it is.

Amanda: I'm worried about him. What if he's in some kind of trouble or something?

Sam: Amanda, Amanda, listen, don't get all worked up about it until you talk to him, all right?

Amanda: I know, it's just -- he's my baby brother. I care about him.

Sam: I know. And he's really lucky to have a big sister like you. And me, I am extremely lucky to have a wife who is sweet, considerate, gorgeous, and -- mmm --

Amanda: The dishes --

Sam: Can wait. Come here. Come here.

Come here.

Michael: To the son I never had, may God bless you and keep you.

Michael: You weren't -- you weren't in our lives very long, but the time that you were here was precious and beautiful, and I thank God for that.

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