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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/3/04

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Sam: Presenting Mr. and Mrs. -- oh, yeah. How about a drum roll?

Amanda: Oh.

[Amanda imitates drum roll]

Sam: That was a drum?

Amanda: Would you prefer a fanfare?

Sam: Yeah! Sound the trumpet.

Amanda: Ta-ra, ta-ra!

Sam: That sounds like -- more like a drum. Never mind.

Amanda: Ugh!

Sam: A cappella. Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fowler.

Amanda: Put me down before you break your back.

Sam: Welcome home, my love.

Amanda: Oh, I'm so happy.

Sam: Wait a minute.

Amanda: What is it? What's wrong?

Sam: What is this? Somebody's been staying in our apartment.

Ada: Me?

Rachel: You're Ada Hobson, aren't you?

Ada: You want to talk to me about me?

Rachel: How have you been feeling lately?

Ada: Now you're really scaring me.

Rachel: Have you been feeling left out of things?

Ada: Left out of what?

Rachel: Family things.

Ada: What family things?

Rachel: Mom, you're not answering my question.

Ada: What was the question?

Rachel: Well, since the wedding, I've been very busy. And then I've been busy with "Brava," and Mac has been busy, and --

Ada: What else is new?

Rachel: Well, I mean, we haven't been probably paying enough attention.

Ada: Rachel, look around you. You think this place runs itself?

Rachel: Mom, I know you're busy.

Ada: I cook. I clean. I serve the customers. It's a 24-hour-a-day deal.

Rachel: No, it isn't.

Ada: What?

Rachel: The place is half empty, Mom. It's the middle of the day.

Ada: It's not the middle of the day. It's 3:00 in the afternoon!

Rachel: Ok, it's 3:00 in the afternoon. The place is half empty. Come on. What's wrong?

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: Don't "Nicole" me. You're keeping something from me. I want to know what it is.

Cass: You're already upset.

Nicole: No, I'm ok. Just tell me what I don't know about my mother and Jason Frame.

Cass: It's not about your mother and Jason. It's about her and your father.

Nicole: Ok. What don't I know?

Cass: The way she died.

John: What's the matter with you? You having some kind of a weird temper tantrum or something?

Jason: I am setting the table for dinner.

John: I thought we were going to grab something out before we started playing poker.

Jason: Well, I invited Jamie and Lisa to dinner.

[Car approaches]

[Car door opens and shuts]

John: That a car door I heard? That's them, but it looks like they brought their own dinner.

Jason: They brought ours, too -- chicken and ribs.

John: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You invited them to dinner and told them to bring their own?

Jason: No. Jamie offered. I accepted.

John: You really know how to work them, don't you?

[Knock on door]

Jason: Hey, Jamie, this is the Frame farm! Get in here! You don't have to knock!

Jamie: Hi!

Jason: Hi.

Jamie: Hey, John.

John: Lisa. Doc, how you doing?

Jamie: How are you?

Lisa: Hi. Jason, this place is really coming along.

Jason: Yeah, it's coming along nicely. I'm glad you saw it outside because this kitchen -- I'm going to -- if he doesn't finish this.

John: Uh-huh. Let me have your coat.

Jamie: I haven't played poker in so long, I just know this is going to be a lot of fun.

Jason: It could be very profitable for somebody.

Jamie: And here is dinner. Oh, Jason, you didn't have to get out your fine crystal and silverware for this.

[Lisa chuckles]

Jason: Can we just get to the food so we can get to the cards?

John: Always the perfect host. Lisa, what are you going to do when we start playing cards?

Lisa: Well, I'm going to take the chair facing east -- my lucky chair.

John: Your what?

Lisa: I love poker. Five-card lowball.

John: Hey.

Jason: All right, Lisa.

Jamie: She's a killer, you guys. Be forewarned -- she goes straight for the throat.

Jason: Coleslaw --

Jamie: And corn.

Lisa: It's going to be a little messy, but it's going to be good.

Jamie: You know, this place has a special recipe for rib sauce -- ooh, it's so good. Yeah.

Jason: Hmm.

Ada: Nothing's wrong.

Rachel: I should've seen this a lot sooner.

Ada: Seen what?

Rachel: You're lonely.

Ada: I'm great.

Rachel: You're a great actress.

Ada: What makes you think I'm lonely?

Rachel: I can see it in your eyes.

Ada: Oh, it's my new contact lenses.

Rachel: Oh, come on, Mom. You don't wear contact lenses.

Ada: Rachel, I'm very happy. What do you want from me?

Rachel: Nothing. Did you get a letter from Nancy?

Ada: Yes, just a little while ago.

Rachel: Aha.

Ada: What "ha"?

Rachel: Well, that's why you're upset.

Ada: I'm not upset.

Rachel: You miss her, don't you?

Ada: Yes, I miss her. She's my daughter. I miss Amanda, too -- to say nothing of Matthew, to say nothing of a whole lot of other people.

Rachel: What's the point?

Ada: Missing people is a part of life. You can't let it throw you.

Rachel: Yes, you can.

Ada: But you don't. You keep going.

Rachel: Is that all you're doing -- just keeping going?

Ada: I didn't say that.

Rachel: Yeah, you said that. That's what came out. Mom, you have too much to give to just "keep going."

Ada: Do you feel guilty about something?

Rachel: Yes, very.

Ada: What?

Rachel: You.

Ada: Oh, wonderful. I spent your whole life making sure I didn't give you any guilt, and leave it to you, you got it.

Rachel: Mom, this isn't like the chickenpox. You're my mother.

Ada: You have nothing to feel guilty about. You've done more than anyone should expect a child to.

Rachel: Yeah, except to pay enough attention to my mother.

Ada: You -- Rachel, you just said you're very busy.

Rachel: So now you're admitting it?

Ada: Admitting what?

Rachel: That I have been ignoring you.

Ada: Rachel, you have a husband, three children, and a job.

Rachel: And my mother!

Ada: Who is a healthy, independent woman with a lot of friends.

Rachel: Would you move in with us?

Ada: Where did that come from?

Rachel: My heart.

Ada: Move in with you?

Rachel: I miss you. So does Mac.

Ada: No.

Rachel: Why "no"? Mom, the only reason you moved out in the first place was because you didn't want Nancy to -- to get too used to the good life.

Ada: That was just one of the reasons. It wouldn't work. It's no good.

Rachel: For you?

Ada: For anyone. You don't need me over there. You've got Loretta. Amanda's got a baby coming.

Rachel: So?

Ada: So you have a very busy life.

Rachel: Not too busy for my mother. I always have time for you. I always have a place for you in my home and -- and in my heart.

Ada: Do me a favor, will you?

Rachel: What?

Ada: Leave me alone for a while.

Rachel: Think about it, ok?

Cass: You know about what Jason said -- about your mother's affairs.

Nicole: I just told you that.

Cass: Reginald knew about them.

Nicole: And that's why he took up with Mary?

Cass: Apparently, your mother's relationship with Jason was more serious than the others. She was planning to run off with him.

Nicole: He didn't tell me that.

Cass: Well, it's true. Your mother was leaving Reginald.

Nicole: Does Donna know about this?

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: How?

Cass: Mary McKinnon. She started remembering things from her past.

Nicole: And she's sure?

Cass: Reginald found out what your mother was planning. He stopped her.

Nicole: "Stopped"?

Cass: That's how she died.

Nicole: "Stopped"?

Cass: Honey, he killed her.

Nicole: No.

Cass: He shot her the night of the fire.

Nicole: No.

Cass: This is Mary's recollection. She was there. She was a witness.

Nicole: No, my mother -- my mother committed -- she -- it was suicide.

Cass: It was murder. I'm sorry.

Nicole: No, no. It just -- no, it can't be true.

Cass: Your mother made a lot of mistakes in her life, but committing suicide wasn't one of them. And when you started saying that you were just like her, I couldn't let you think that she'd killed herself.

Nicole: Donna -- oh, why didn't Donna tell me about this?

Cass: She wished she hadn't found out. We didn't want to see you suffer more. We were trying to protect you.

Nicole: My father. My father killed my mother? No, I -- Cass, I just -- I want to be alone for a while.

Cass: I'm sorry, Nicole.

Nicole: Please, Cass?

[Door closes]

Nicole: Mama. No.

Sam: No, nothing -- nothing was stolen, Marvin. That -- that's not the point. We're trying to figure out who was here -- right. Ok. Thanks a lot.

Amanda: What did Marvin say?

Sam: Nothing.

Amanda: I thought landlords were supposed to keep an eye on the place.

Sam: He said he did, but he didn't see anybody coming in or coming out.

Amanda: Obviously, there has been somebody here. We should call the police.

Sam: And tell them what? Nothing's been stolen, hon.

Amanda: Look.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Come here. Go ahead, open it.

Sam: Great -- ginger ale. So what?

Amanda: Don't you think that's a little odd?

Sam: Ginger ale? No, that's not odd. Now, if they were pickled body parts in there, that would be odd.

Amanda: Sam, look! I mean, on top of -- besides those, there are 24 more in here!

Sam: Wait. I've got it.

Amanda: What?

Sam: The person who stayed here --

Amanda: Yeah?

Sam: Liked ginger ale. I don't know.

Amanda: Come on! You can't be funny about this.

[Sam sighs]

Amanda: Look, I -- I found these, too.

Sam: "Rolling stone" and "billboard."

Amanda: Yeah --

Sam: So?

Amanda: What does -- what does that mean to you?

Sam: Amanda, it means the guy who was here liked ginger ale and rock magazines.

Amanda: Great. Well, that really narrows it down.

Sam: Amanda, look -- I'm just glad to be home. Aren't you?

Amanda: Well, yeah, but --

Sam: Amanda, look --

Amanda: I mean, somebody --

Sam: Look, look, look, look. I'm not going to get bent all out of shape because somebody came into the apartment and left ginger ale and rock magazines. There's no point to it.

Amanda: All right. I guess you're right.

Sam: Yeah. Ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: So, tell me, what do you feel like doing this evening?

Amanda: Hmm -- I told Mom and Dad that we would stop over as soon as we got home.

Sam: Oh, great. Oh -- well, ok. We can show them the new van.

Amanda: Yeah. They'll love it.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Here, come on.

Sam: Wait a second, wait a second. Aren't you forgetting something?

Amanda: Uh -- my wallet and my keys.

Sam: Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Amanda: What?

Sam: How about our first kiss in our new home?

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Hmm!

Sam: Hmm.

Amanda: Wait a minute!

Sam: What?

Amanda: Didn't we kiss here before?

Sam: Yeah, but not as Mr. and Mrs. Fowler.

Sam and Amanda: Oh.

[Amanda chuckles]

Jason's voice: You know what this is?

Nicole's voice: No.

Jason's voice: Take a look at it, please.

Nicole's voice: Oh, this is beautiful.

Jason: It was your mother's.

Nicole: How did you get it?

Jason: She gave it to me.

Nicole: My mother?

Jason: I had been in the Navy for quite a few years, and one day this package arrives, and in it is the watch and a note saying "I remember how much you liked it and I just wanted you to have it."

Nicole's voice: She did?

Jason's voice: All these years, I've hoped that she gave it to me because she realized just how much I cared.

Nicole's voice: Even if she couldn't ride?

Jason's voice: Well, she had a big heart. She had a great, loving heart.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: I've been sitting here for a long time, huh?

Cass: Yeah. You ready to talk?

Nicole: How could I have been so wrong? How could I have lived with an illusion for so long?

Cass: You were just a little girl.

Nicole: I put her on a pedestal.

Cass: She was a great mother to you. None of this changes that.

Nicole: Killing herself -- I just knew it didn't make sense.

Cass: Your mother made one big mistake in her life. She married the wrong guy.

Nicole: I did love her, Cass. I loved her so much.

Cass: I know you did, and you always will.

Nicole: But everything's different now.

Cass: Why?

Nicole: She wasn't who I thought she was.

Cass: Well, that doesn't have to change your love for her.

Nicole: I am like her.

Cass: No, you're much luckier than she was, because, you see, you have the great, good fortune to have fallen in love with the right guy.

Nicole: My family history doesn't scare you off?

Cass: I don't scare easily.

Nicole: I'm glad. Yeah.

Cass: You're not like her. You have love, and that's going to last a very, very long time.

[Music plays]

Jamie: I'm telling you, the chicken and the ribs are about as good as it gets, huh?

Lisa: How many chairs do we need?

John: Well, I mentioned it to a couple of guys out at my Mom's place that we're playing tonight.

Jamie: Six chairs.

John: Well, it's not definite that they're going to be here.

Jason: Well, hey, let's plan on it just in case -- six.

John: Who wants a beer?

Jamie: I do.

Lisa: I do.

Jamie: I should've brought some over on the way here. Sorry about that.

Jason: No, no -- beer is compliments of Frame Construction.

Jamie: You guys got that set up already?

Jason: Very soon.

John: Yeah, well, the sooner, the better. You see, I got a little cash flow problem. I'm counting on tonight to bail myself out.

Jamie: Oh, wait -- doesn't Jason pay you for what you do around here?

Jason: Yeah, every single thing that we make goes right back into Frame Construction till it gets right back where it used to be.

Then we'll be number one in the country.

Jamie: You'll probably make it.

Lisa: I have a feeling you'll do just fine.

Jason: Well, there's one problem -- no, I'm not going to talk about it.

Jamie: No, what is it? What is it? Come on.

Jason: Your Mom.

Jamie: My Mom?

Jason: Don't get me wrong. I know exactly where Rachel's coming from. It's just I wish she understood that I want the very same thing she wants for Frame Construction.

Vicky: Hey, everybody.

Lisa: I don't believe it.

Vicky: Word's out there's a hot poker game going on tonight.

John: Where is the word out, Victoria?

Vicky: Oh, don't worry. Nobody's going to raid this party.

Jamie: How'd you find out about this game, anyway?

Vicky: Oh, I was at my grandma's, and a couple of the farmhands told me about it.

John: I invited them.

Vicky: Oh, they say they're sorry, but they can't make it.

John: Why not?

Vicky: Grandma's got too much work for them.

John: Well, I'm glad she's not my boss.

[Vicky chuckles]

Jason: That's too bad -- six makes a good game.

Vicky: There you go -- well, five ain't bad.

John: Better than four, I guess.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Well, are we lucky you decided to visit grandma. Pull up a chair for little red riding hood.

Vicky: Thank you. This isn't going to be one of those five-and-dime games, is it?

Jamie: Oh, I'm sure we can make it interesting for you.

Jason: Dealer's choice, three raises, no check and raise.

Vicky: And no wild cards. You don't think there are any sandbaggers in here, do you?

John: You sound like you know how to play this game.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jason: John, you seem to be an honest dude. How would you like to deal?

John: Why not.

Vicky: So, what's your poison, uncle John?

John: Throw a dollar on the table and I'll tell you.

Vicky: I think this is going to be a good game. Thank you.

John: Five-card draw.

Jamie: Jacks are better?

John: Cuts to open.

Vicky: A real good game.

Jamie: How'd you learn how to play poker?

Vicky: It's a long story.

Lisa: I see you've had your earring repaired.

Vicky: Oh, yeah. It's amazing what you can do in one day if you set your mind to it.

Lisa: Truly amazing.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

John: Will you open, Vicky?

Vicky: Haven't even looked at my cards yet.

John: Time is money. Take a look.

Vicky: I'll open blind.

Jamie: Ooh.

John: Oh.

Jason: I've got a feeling we're going to have trouble right here in Bay City.

John: And it starts with a capital V.

Vicky: You know, Lisa, when I picked up my earrings, I also picked up a bracelet. Isn't it cute?

Lisa: Cute.

Vicky: The clasp's a little loose, though. Looks like it might fall off.

Lisa: Well, you could always have Jamie hold it for you.

Jamie: Are we going to talk jewelry or are we going to play poker?

John: Come on! I mean, we haven't even started betting.

Vicky: Hmm.

Jamie: Well -- yeah, right. Come on, let's go.

Jason: You better pay attention, or you're liable to lose a bundle here tonight.

John: Wouldn't break my heart.

Jamie: Come on, whose turn is it? Come on, let's play.

All: Lisa's.

Lisa: I'll see you and raise you three.

Vicky: Hmm. Three, right?

John: Now, can you do three?

Vicky: Ok, I'm going to do three. That's all -- yeah.

John: Jase?

Vicky: Yeah, I'll just take one.

John: One for the blonde.

Jason: Lisa?

[Jason whistles]

[Music plays]

John: Can you play?

Jamie: Lisa? Lisa?

Lisa: What?

John: Are you going to play those, or do you want another card?

Lisa: Oh, I -- I --

Jamie: What's the matter?

Nicole: I guess I never wanted to know the truth about her. That's why I wouldn't let Donna tell me about it.

Cass: Some things are just real difficult to face.

Nicole: That doesn't mean that you deny they exist. What is wrong with me?

Cass: Nothing is wrong with you.

Nicole: No, I've been a child, Cass -- a stupid, naive child.

Cass: What, because you loved somebody?

Nicole: I should've faced the truth.

Cass: I wish I'd never told you.

Nicole: You know what I was thinking about, sitting here?

Cass: No. What?

Nicole: I knew that something was very wrong, even as a little kid. My mother tried to keep up a pretense that things were ok. But when something is that sick, you know. Oh, why was I so desperate to live with a lie?

Cass: Maybe it was because Reginald kept telling you that anything less than perfection wasn't lovable.

Nicole: I still love her.

Cass: Of course you do.

Nicole: Oh, I can't believe he did that to her.

Cass: It's ok. Reginald is gone now. It's all behind you. It's time to go on. It's time for us to go on together.

[Nicole sighs]

Mac: Just what we all need -- another self-help book. How's this for a ludicrous premise -- "one must learn to smile even under the most adverse conditions, for only then can the subconscious be fooled into thinking --" now, if the subconscious is thinking, how can it be the subconscious? -- "That one is actually experiencing joy."

Rachel: That's garbage.

Mac: Incredible.

Rachel: I can't believe it was submitted all the way up to you.

Mac: Liz asked me to read it.

Rachel: Hmm.

Mac: 200 pages of "smiling through your pain" by the world-renowned psychologist Dr. Alan Davis.

Rachel: Remind me not to go to him.

Mac: Speaking of smiling --

Rachel: What?

Mac: You haven't done it all evening.

Rachel: Oh. I've been thinking.

Mac: What about?

Rachel: Mom.

Mac: Something wrong?

Rachel: Yes -- me.

Mac: Why?

Rachel: I don't know why it's taken me so long to notice. I mean, she lives all alone in that horrid apartment.

Mac: I thought she liked her little apartment.

Rachel: Well, then, why hasn't she ever invited us over there?

Mac: Well, she's a very busy woman.

Rachel: No, I mean on the evenings or on her days off. She doesn't invite anybody over there.

Mac: Well, I just assumed she preferred to come over here.

Rachel: My point exactly. It's such a horrid little apartment.

Mac: And that's what's upsetting you?

Rachel: Yes. She's all alone, Mac. She doesn't have anybody to go home to, and it took Mary McKinnon to have to point that out to me.

Mac: Mary McKinnon? Why would she have reason to talk to you about Ada being lonely?

Rachel: She noticed.

Amanda: Surprise!

Mac: Hey, look who's here.

Amanda: Oh!

Mac: Welcome back, welcome back.

Amanda: Hi!

Mac: Oh, it's so good to see you.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: I hope we're not interrupting.

Rachel: It's so good to see you, sweetie.

Mac: Oh, no, of course not.

Rachel: Did you have a wonderful trip?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, it was great.

Mac: Well, need we even ask?

Amanda: We have so many stories to tell you.

Sam: Yeah. You're not going to believe half of them, either.

Mac: Well, we can't wait to hear them, anyway.

Rachel: But, wait, wait. Why don't you sit down and -- and have you eaten?

Amanda: Oh, we just grabbed a couple of sandwiches on the road.

Rachel: Well, then, let me call Helen and she can fix you something.

Sam: Wait. Before we do anything, we --

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: We have something to show you.

Rachel: What?

Sam: Come and see our new van.

Mac: You got a van?

Sam: Yeah.

Rachel: How exciting!

Amanda: Come on, come on!

Rachel: Well, this was to replace the car that was stolen?

Amanda: Uh-huh. Wait till you see. So?

Rachel: Oh, well -- that's something.

Mac: I hope you didn't pay too much for it.

[Sam chuckles]

Amanda: We got a really good deal, dad.

Sam: Yeah, and it was fun driving home.

Mac: But where are you going to put the baby seat in that --

Rachel: Mac.

Amanda: Ahem. At least it got us home.

Mac: Yes, thank heavens for that.

Rachel: Well, come on in. Come on in and tell us all about it. We heard a little bit about it from Loretta.

Amanda: Oh! Where -- where is she?

Rachel: I think she's upstairs napping.

Sam: Oh, so she's still here, huh?

Rachel: Yep, she's here. Oh, Mac, why don't you call Mom, invite her over.

Mac: Great idea.

Rachel: Ok.

Amanda: I'd love to see grandma.

Rachel: Oh, she's so anxious to hear how the honeymoon was. You'll have to tell me everything about it. Start with the beginning. Palm Beach -- how was the weather?

Mac: Save some stories for me.

[Phone rings]

Ada: Hello?

Mac: Ada, you're home. Good.

Ada: Oh, Mac. You caught me between engagements.

Mac: Well, thank heavens for that, too.

Ada: What's up?

Mac: The kids are home, and they want to see you. Come on over.

Ada: They're there now?

Mac: Yeah, and full of stories. Can you join us?

Ada: Oh, well, there's too much excitement over there, huh?

Mac: Ada, they specifically asked for you to come over.

Ada: Well, I'm watching the news.

Mac: Oh, surely you can tear yourself away from that.

Ada: I think I'll pass, Mac. You and Rachel should be alone with them for a while.

Mac: Well, they're going to be very disappointed.

Ada: Well, tell them I'll call them tomorrow, ok?

Mac: All right. We'll call you in the morning.

Ada: Ok. Thanks, Mac. Good night.

Mac: Bye.

Rachel: You helped a woman give birth?

Amanda: Right there in the diner.

Sam: It was amazing.

Rachel: Oh, I bet. I'm so impressed.

Mac: What did I miss?

Rachel: Nothing. Your daughter just helped deliver a baby.

Amanda: Well, not by myself.

Mac: On your honeymoon?

Amanda: It was incredible. Sam and I can't wait to have the baby now.

Sam: Yeah, we're going to do Lamaze, LeBoyer, the whole bit.

Loretta: I thought I heard voices down here. Welcome home. I have something for you.

Loretta: I'm so glad you're back. I have thought about you constantly. Did you have an incredible time?

Sam: What's that?

Amanda: Sam --

Loretta: Something special for two very special people.

Sam: Mom, I wish --

Loretta: Will you just open it? Amanda, you do the honors.

Amanda: All right. This is really sweet of you, Loretta.

Rachel: It's lovely wrapping.

Mac: Come on, Amanda. Don't keep us in suspense.

Amanda: Ok. Oh, look!

Rachel: It's darling!

Loretta: You really like it?

Amanda: Oh, it's beautiful.

Loretta: I know it's pink, but I just fell in love with it.

Amanda: Well, boys can wear pink, too.

Loretta: Oh, no! If it's a boy, you just exchange it for something else. Here -- the receipt. I'm sure you won't have any trouble if you show them that.

Sam: Thanks, Mom. That's great. Thank you.

Loretta: I just can't resist baby things. When Sam was born -- well, that's another whole story.

Sam: Yeah, and on that note, I think we'd better be going.

Amanda: Isn't grandma coming?

Mac: Oh, no. Things were very busy at the restaurant. She'll see the two of you tomorrow.

Rachel: That's what she said?

Mac: That's what she said.

Sam: Well, then we should go. We have a lot to do.

Loretta: Amanda, could I talk to you alone for just a minute?

Amanda: Sure. Excuse me.

Mac: Of course.

Rachel: Well, Sam, tell us -- you've got to tell us --

Amanda: Something wrong?

Loretta: I didn't really need to talk to you. I just wanted to give you this.

Amanda: Oh, another present.

Loretta: Well, I hope you like it. You know, I really don't know your taste.

Amanda: Oh, Loretta, it's beautiful.

Loretta: I think so.

Amanda: This is really very sweet of you. Thank you.

Loretta: Well, you just mustn't tell anybody. It'll be our secret, ok?

Ada: What's the matter with me? What am I doing, sitting here all by myself? Nobody's leaving me out of things. I'm doing it myself. Put a stop to it right now.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jason: I can't believe the kind of cards I've been getting.

Jamie: What did you have, anyway?

Vicky: I don't recall you paying to see my hand, Dr. Frame.

John: Who knew you girls played like this? You're brutal.

Jason: Lisa, it is, unfortunately, your deal.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Lisa, it's your deal.

John: Or you could pass it over to the good doctor.

Jason: Well, as long as somebody gets me a good hand for a change.

Jamie: Here, I'll deal. No problem. Won't make any difference, anyway. These two girls will win.

John: They've won everything except for, what -- two, three games?

Jason: Two.

Vicky: Oh, you men have just been real unlucky. Sorry about that.

Jason: Hey, Jamie and John have at least won one hand apiece.

[Vicky laughs]

Jamie: There we go.

Vicky: Ok, what do we got here?

Jamie: Some card.

Vicky: Oh, by me.

Jason: Well, I'm going to come in for five big ones.

Vicky: Whoo.

John: Five? What, are you trying to win it all back at once?

Jason: Are you in, or are you going to talk?

John: Well, wait a minute. Let's -- yeah, right. I'm in, I'm in.

Jason: Lisa?

Lisa: I'm in.

Jamie: Me, too.

Vicky: Ok, well, I've got five. You've got that, and I will raise you 10.

Jason: 10. I'm tapped. I'm out.

Vicky: You're broke, huh?

Jamie: I'll lend you some.

John: He doesn't need anybody to lend him any money. He's got all kinds of money to put his hands on, don't you, Jase?

Jason: What are you talking about, John?

John: I'm talking about all those hundreds you got stashed away in that briefcase over there.

Vicky: Money for a rainy day, Jason?

John: More like a rainy week.

Jason: John, John, you have discovered my secret stash.

Jamie: How come you keep it in a briefcase, uncle Jason?

John: It's an expensive briefcase, too.

Vicky: Hey, he's got class.

Jason: Right on.

Lisa: I'm going to fold.

Jamie: Yeah, who dealt this hand, anyway?

Vicky: You did.

Jamie: Figures. Take it away, will you?

Vicky: Oh.

John: Again?

Vicky: Thank you. Well, you know, cards will change, guys.

Lisa: I've had about enough. Jamie, what do you say we call it a night?

Vicky: So soon?

Jamie: Yeah, I am tired of looking at little pairs, I tell you.

Jason: I'm always saying that.

John: Well, I guess there's no point in playing two.

Vicky: No, I guess not.

Jamie: But it's been a load of fun. Uncle Jason, do us a favor, will you? Cash in our chips and make sure you keep track of how much it is, ok?

Jason: Can I keep 20%?

Jamie: Get out of here.

John: Let's do it again real soon, huh?

Vicky: Good night.

Jason: Come again, you guys.

Jamie: We will.

Lisa: Thanks. Bye.

Jamie: Bye.

Vicky: Whew, just doesn't pay, huh, Jason?

John: Did I note a little friction between you and Lisa?

Vicky: Ah, she just blames me for some stuff.

John: Like what?

Vicky: I asked Jamie to hold my earring the other night.

Jason: Well, as long as that's all he's holding for you.

Vicky: Yeah, she thinks I manipulated the whole thing.

John: You got to manipulate somebody to hold an earring?

Vicky: That's what I say. It's ridiculous, right?

Jason: Vicky, sometimes things backfire. Don't get yourself hurt.

Vicky: I look out for myself, thank you. I'm going to head over to my grandmother's to say good night.

John: Tell her I'll drop by in the morning.

Vicky: Sure thing. Don't steal my money. Oh, and by the way, I bluffed the last four hands. Night.

John: She's up to something.

Jason: What do you think you were up to?

John: Come on, Jase. I don't know what you mean.

Jason: Oh, you don't? I'm talking about the briefcase. What did you talk about that for in front of them?

John: I just wanted to see you squirm a little bit.

Jason: Why?

John: Maybe I just got a stomach full of watching you trying to play the doc for a sucker. You're a good liar, but you're not that good. And I guess it takes one to know one.

Jason: Well, as long as you think I'm good at it.

John: Yeah, I think you're real good. And I'm on to you, partner. Now, how about it? Why don't you tell me the truth?

[Sam laughs]

Amanda: Did you see their face when they saw the van? It was incredible.

Sam: Well, they didn't look like they exactly liked it.

Amanda: Speaking of locks --

Sam: Yeah, well, we'll deal with it. Yeah, yeah.

Amanda: Come up with something --

Sam: We'll get a lock, and we'll get the locksmith and call him tomorrow, ok?

Amanda: Can we do it tonight? I'm not really too crazy about spending the night in -- Sam, what's going on?

Sam: Wish I knew.

Amanda: Whose -- whose is this?

Sam: I don't know. But whoever it belongs to was here while we were gone.

Nicole: I can't believe it's almost spring.

Cass: Mm-hmm. It's my favorite season, spring.

Nicole: I didn't know that.

Cass: There, you see? You learn something new and wonderful about me every day.

Nicole: That's because you're such a fascinating person.

Cass: Oh, you noticed?

Nicole: Why do you like spring so much?

Cass: I think it's got something to do with hating February so much. I don't know. For months, my senses are deprived. And then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, all these smells and sounds and sights. I love to see buds fill in the trees, and I love to hear the birds sing, hear the spring peepers.

Nicole: The worldly Cass Winthrop loves budding trees and birdies.

Cass: And you.

Nicole: Cass, I'm so glad I have you. We can face anything together, right?

Cass: It's you and me, kid, and we're going to go far. I mean, we're really going to go very far. And you know what the best part of it is? We just started.

Nicole: You're not worried about the future?

Cass: Not anymore. There's nothing but good things all the way from here on out.

John: You didn't win this in any poker game.

Jason: Because you saw me have a bad streak --

john: Oh, come on. Cut the bull, Jason.

Jason: All right, then, fine. You tell me where you think it came from.

John: Oh, it came from Reginald.

Jason: That's brilliant. I told you that. Go on.

John: Just had a lot more money in it when he gave it to you, that's all.

Jason: And where do you suppose all that money that was in it went?

John: Down payment on this place, these renovations.

Jason: Are you saying that Reginald Love bankrolled me?

John: He wasn't your personal banker, no.

Jason: Well, then what are you saying, John?

John: You told him you knew that he'd killed his wife.

Jason: I didn't even know then, and Reginald only thought I knew it.

John: It's the same thing. You conned him. You bluffed him. You blackmailed him.

Jason: You can lay the story down any way you want, John, but I'm not going to admit one thing.

John: Well, you don't have to.

Jason: As long as we understand each other, then, all right?

John: I don't care that you blackmailed the man, really. That's fine with me.

Jason: All right. Then we're squared away, right?

John: There's just one thing that has to be understood. You got to be straight with me from now on. That's the way partners should be, right, Jason?

[Mac chuckles]

Rachel: What?

Mac: Talk about purple prose. Listen to this -- "most people think of smiling as an upward curving of the mouth. I like to think of it as an upward spiraling of the spirit."

Rachel: That's garbage. Are you still reading that?

Mac: The man is a highly-respected psychologist.

Rachel: Yes, it doesn't mean he can write.

Mac: Well, maybe it'll get better.

[Doorbell rings]

Mac: Saved by the bell.

Rachel: I'll get it, I'll get it. I wonder who that could be at this hour.

Mac: Can't imagine. Maybe the kids forgot something.

Rachel: Hmm. Mom!

Ada: Hi. Are Amanda and Sam still here?

Rachel: Oh, you just missed them.

Ada: Oh. That's too bad.

Rachel: I didn't know you were coming over.

Ada: Well, I wasn't, but I changed my mind. I'll -- I'll see them tomorrow.

Rachel: Wait a minute. Aren't you staying?

Ada: What for?

Rachel: "Now voyager."

Ada: Now what?

Rachel: The movie. I got the cassette. We're going to see it in just a few minutes.

Mac: Ada.

Ada: Oh, hi. I thought I'd see if the newlyweds were still around.

Mac: Did I hear "Now voyager"?

Ada: I haven't seen that picture in a long time.

Rachel: You going to stay and see it with me?

Ada: Bette Davis? You betcha.

Mac: Great, great.

Rachel: Oh, great. Mac?

Mac: Oh, yes, count me in.

Ada: "Let's not ask for the moon when we already have the stars." I'll make the popcorn. Nothing changes but the date.

Sam: Let's see what we have, here. Flashlight. Surfing magazines.

Amanda: Hair mousse.

Sam: Gorgeous girl.

Amanda: She's not that gorgeous.

Sam: Come on, how can you say it? Look at those --

Amanda: You're not supposed to be noticing things like that.

Sam: Well, I guess he was here while we were gone.

[Glass breaks]

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: Ok.

Sam: All right! Whoever you are, I want you to show yourself. Show your face right now!

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