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Mary: Did anybody call from the hospital?

Vince: Not yet. She said she'd call when she heard something.

Mary: Maybe I should call them.

Vince: Yeah, why not? Why not?

Mary: No. They've got enough to worry about without people calling every three minutes.

Vince: You know, Michael's always so proud when he talks about that baby.

Mary: Yes, I know he is. But it's going to take more than this to wreck what they've got.

Vince: Hmm.

Mary: They really treasure each other now.

Vince: Yeah. And that treasure stuff is good, isn't it?

Mary: It's as good as it gets.

Vince: Do you -- do you think that we have that now?

Mary: What do you think?

Vince: Yeah, I think we do.

Mary: So far.

Vince: Yeah, well, do you think maybe we should take the next step?

Jamie: Michael, I have bad news.

Michael: About Donna?

Jamie: She'll be fine.

Michael: The baby?

Jamie: The fall she took -- the placenta separated from the uterine wall. We lost the fetal heartbeat, and Donna was hemorrhaging. We lost the baby.

Felicia: Oh, no.

Jamie: I'm so sorry. We did everything we could, Michael. It just wasn't possible.

Michael: I didn't think it would be after that fall, Jamie.

Jamie: But Donna's going to be ok.

Michael: Does she know about the baby?

Jamie: No.

Michael: Good.

Jamie: She was under a general anesthetic. She's still pretty groggy.

Michael: It's too soon to tell her, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, well, she may not understand what's going on until tomorrow.

Michael: Fine. I want to be the one to tell her.

Jamie: Fine. You can stay here all night, if you like.

Michael: I want to be with her now.

Jamie: Sure.

Cass: Michael, I'm really sorry.

Michael: Thanks, Cass.

Michael: I'm so glad you're here.

[Vicky cries]

[Donna whimpers]

Michael: Hey. You just rest now, ok?

Michael: Just sleep, and you save all your strength, Donna, because you're going to need all your strength. But I promise you, we'll get through this together, Donna.

Felicia: Oh, please, stop blaming yourself.

Nicole: No, but I did it.

Felicia: Honey, that's nonsense.

Cass: You didn't force her to model anything.

Nicole: Yeah, but she knew I wanted her to. The only reason she came at all was to make me happy.

Felicia: Nicole, she came for herself. She worked very hard on the salon.

Nicole: No. I just should have told her she couldn't come.

Felicia: Honey, that's stupid.

Cass: Hey, it's not your fault.

Nicole: You know, I wish that I'd never thought of this damn salon. Everything about it has just turned into a disaster.

Cass: That's not true.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Well, just name one thing.

Cass: Us. Right?

Nicole: Yeah. But --

Cass: And listen, it's not as though Donna and Michael can't have another child.

Nicole: Well, maybe --

Cass: Losing the baby like this doesn't mean that she'll never have another chance. There's always another chance. Hey, come on. Donna's ok. Now, that's good news. Let's concentrate on that, ok?

Donna: No, no, I won't go with you. You can't take me. Not my baby --

Michael: Donna, Donna, it's ok.

Donna: No, no, daddy, daddy --

Michael: No, daddy's not here. Your father's not here. Honey, you're dreaming. Donna?

Donna: No, dad--

Michael: Donna?

Donna: Michael. Oh, my God, it's you.

Michael: Hey, I'm right here.

Donna: Did -- did he get away?

Michael: Did who get away?

Donna: Daddy.

Michael: Your father's not here, Donna.

Donna: No. No. He was upstairs.

Michael: No, no, no, no, he wasn't anywhere. You're thinking -- what are you saying to me?

Donna: When you went downstairs -- the -- my dress -- that little dress --

Michael: Donna, wait a minute. Are you saying he was upstairs at Nicole's?

Donna: He wanted to take me away.

Michael: No, honey, you're thinking of the Love Estate, of the fire, remember?

Donna: No.

Michael: Donna, that was weeks ago, weeks ago. He tried to take you. He tried to shoot me. You saved me, remember?

Donna: Oh, he was there tonight -- helicopter.

Michael: Helicopter?

Donna: Wanted to take me away and my baby. He wanted to go to Paraguay -- Paraguay.

Michael: But --

Donna: And I tried. I tried. Michael, I tried to call you. I tried. I tried to call.

Michael: Donna, he was there tonight. Were you running from him when you fell? Donna?

Donna: Oh. Oh, daddy, no, let me -- let me-

Michael: He will never bother you again, Donna, ever. Helicopter. He's got a helicopter pad on top of the Love Tower, Donna.

Nicole: Michael, how is she?

Michael: I'm going to go.

Nicole: No, but don't you think you should stay with her?

Michael: Victoria, I'm going to leave. Now, I want you all to stay with Donna. Don't leave her alone.

Vicky: What's the matter?

Cass: Are you ok, Michael?

Michael: I will be back.

Cass: Michael, wait, wait --

Michael: Stay with her. Just stay with her.

Mary: "The next step"?

Vicky: Ooh, well, it's just that -- no, look, I am -- I'm not pushing for us to -- well, you know.

Mary: Get married.

Vince: Now, don't start feeling pressured about stuff, ok?

Mary: I'm not.

Vince: Oh. Good. Well, I just wanted to let you know how I feel.

Mary: So now I know.

Vince: You get awful cute when you get uppity.

Mary: I bet you say that to all the girls.

Vince: Well, you know, we've had so much time just kind of slip right by us.

Mary: Vince, we cannot do anything about that.

Vince: I know, I know. Never going to go back. Done, done, done, done, done.

Mary: Yes.

Vince: But that's why we have to pay attention to the future to make sure it turns out the way we want it to.

Mary: Yes?

Vince: So, you know how I feel about you.

Mary: I think so.

Vince: And I know that you are crazy about me.

Mary: "Crazy"?

Vince: Oh. I love you, Mary McKinnon.

[Phone rings]

Vince: Oh, I'm going to tear that thing off the wall.

Mary: Oh, no, I'll get it, I'll get it. I'll get it, I'll get it. Mary's Place.

Adam: Mary?

Mary: Hi, Adam.

Adam: Mary, have you heard from Reginald?

Mary: What?

Adam: He's on bail.

Mary: He got out?

Adam: We tried everything, believe me. I just couldn't stop those lawyers of his.

Mary: Oh, terrific.

Adam: Not to worry about anything, though. He's been taken away in an ambulance.

Mary: Taken where?

Adam: Well, I don't know. He's still traveling. We've got an eye on him. Listen, are you sure that nobody's called you about him?

Mary: No. Why would they?

Adam: I'm just double-checking on something.

Mary: Adam, I don't understand that.

Adam: Do you know if he has a house out in the country, downstate, maybe someplace?

Mary: Not that I'm aware of. Why?

Adam: He's been traveling in that direction for quite a while now. Listen, it's like I said, I was just double-checking on some things.

Mary: Well, I never heard him mention another house, but then I wouldn't necessarily know.

Adam: Right. Well, listen, not to worry, you know. We're going to keep an eye on him. Thanks a lot. It's a goose chase.

Officer: What?

Adam: That ambulance.

Officer: Leading us around in circles.

Adam: I want somebody to open up that ambulance so I can see his ugly face in there.

Officer: You already ordered the unit to pull him over.

Adam: That was 20 minutes ago. Why haven't we heard from this guy?

Officer: Sergeant --

Adam: What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be following that ambulance.

Officer: It was all a scam.

Adam: What?

Officer: It wasn't Reginald Love in the ambulance.

Adam: Get an A.P.B. out on him right away, go. Stupid, stupid. It was too easy. I knew it!

[Door opens]

Michael: I know you're here, Reg. And only one of us is leaving here alive tonight.

Felicia: How is she?

Cass: She's sleeping.

Felicia: Good.

Cass: Nicole will stay with her.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: How are you?

Felicia: Oh --

Cass: Not so hot.

Felicia: No, I'm fine, really.

Cass: When I was talking to Nicole a while ago about Michael and Donna having another baby, you had a very strange reaction.

Felicia: Oh -- no, it's been a -- it's been a rough night for everybody.

Cass: No, no, no, but specifically, when I was talking about her having another baby --

Felicia: They don't want to think about having another baby, Cass! They want the baby they lost!

Cass: Honey, what's the matter with you?

Felicia: I just told you.

Cass: This is about you, too, isn't it?

Felicia: Don't be ridiculous, Cass.

Cass: Do you want a baby?

Felicia: Really, can you see me as a mother?

Cass: As a matter of fact, yes, I can. .Felicia: It's just that I have to keep remembering that this isn't like the book, that Donna will be able to have another baby.

Cass: What book?

Felicia: Oh, it's a book I wrote a long time ago, about a character that I liked a lot. You know, it's so strange, I've been thinking about her a lot, lately, and -- oh, well, never mind. I just hope it's not too late.

Cass: Well, honey, then it won't be.

Felicia: I'm sorry. I don't really know why I'm acting like this.

Cass: That's ok. Is it hospitals? You've been here a lot lately, you know.

Felicia: I know. I think that is it. I think -- I think I spend too much time in hospitals and at memorial services.

Cass: Oh, honey, it's Wally, huh?

Felicia: Cass!

Cass: Shh.

[Felicia sobs]

Felicia: You know, when something like this happens, something so crummy, it makes me miss him so much.

Cass: I know. I know. I know. Shh. What about Mitch? Shouldn't we call him? Hmm?

Felicia: Uh --

Cass: Here.

Felicia: No. Thanks. Actually, he left on an assignment.

Cass: So late?

Felicia: Yeah. He's on a plane. He's on his way to central America.

Cass: Oh, when did this happen?

Felicia: Tonight. I was actually supposed to meet him back at the apartment.

Cass: But you came here instead.

Felicia: Well, I thought Donna would need me. Actually, I think she'll probably need me a lot more tomorrow when she finds out.

Cass: I don't know what to tell you. Try not to let it get to you. What happened to her has nothing to do with you having a baby.

Felicia: Oh, I know. I know that. You know what? I think I should go home.

Cass: Are you sure you're all right?

Felicia: Yes, I'm fine, really.

Cass: Ok. You take care.

Felicia: Don't worry so much about me.

Cass: Oh, honey, I can't help it.

Felicia: I'll see you tomorrow.

Cass: Ok.

Felicia: Thanks.

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: Hi. She looks so peaceful.

Cass: Can she hear us?

Nicole: I don't think so. How is Michael going to tell her? She should have stayed home. She's always taking care of me.

Cass: Honey, you've got to stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault. It was just an accident.

Adam: Thanks. We're on our way. Get a chopper over at the Love Tower right away.

Officer: Yes, sir, Love Tower.

Adam: Reginald's got a helicopter landing there in a few minutes. We just intercepted a message from his pilot. Go on.

Officer: Done.

Adam: So you want to know when Reginald's leaving the country?

Man: Sergeant, I swear we followed the ambulance.

Adam: The helicopter's going to land on top of that building. It'll pick him up, and it's going to take him to a private airport. There, he's got a plane waiting. That flight plan he filed to Paraguay he filed about an hour ago, just as he left the hospital, while you were chasing the wrong guy.

Man: Sir, we did the best job we could.

Adam: Get this, Tompkins, I lose Reginald Love, the next minute, you're busted. Count on it.

Michael: It's just you and me now, Reg.

Reginald: Correct. You were also correct when you said only one of us would leave this roof alive.

Cass: Honey, we're going to get some coffee.

Nicole: You want us to bring you back anything?

Vicky: Oh, no, no, thanks. I'm just going to stay close by.

Cass: Ok. We'll see you soon.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: My baby --

Vicky: Shh.

Donna: My baby --

Vicky: Shh. Oh, I wish there was something I could do for you. I've never seen you want anything as much as you wanted that baby. Every time you talked about him, your eyes would just light up. You looked so happy. In a strange way, it made me realize what you feel about me. You deserve more than this. You and dad deserve more than this. Oh! I wish I could bring him back! I wish I could bring your son back to you, but I can't! I can't! I can never do anything! Oh, God!

[Vicky sobs]

Jamie: Yes, you can.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie.

Jamie: I didn't mean to startle you.

Vicky: It's ok.

Jamie: You are doing something.

Vicky: What's that?

Jamie: You're here with her and you're not running away. That's the most anyone can give.

Vicky: Jamie, I love her so much.

Jamie: She knows that.

Vicky: I don't know.

Jamie: Believe me, she knows.

Vince: Mary, I cleaned that.

Mary: Can you believe he got out?

Vince: Reginald?

Mary: A week ago, he couldn't even get out of bed, and now he's out on bail.

Vince: Adam says he's in an ambulance, right?

Mary: Well, I'm not so sure about that. If Adam knew exactly where he was, why would he be calling me?

Vince: All right, no more cleaning and no more talk about Reginald, all right?

Mary: But he's out there.

Vince: And we're in here.

Mary: For now.

Vince: Let me tell you something. No matter what that man tries to do, he is not going to hurt you.

Mary: Vince, you can't be sure of that.

Vince: Yes, I can, because I will do whatever it takes to stop him. Now, you got that?

Mary: Yeah. I got that.

Vince: Yeah, he's no longer any part of our lives. From now on, it's just you and me.

Mary: You and me.

Reginald: What's the matter, stable boy? You look pale.

Michael: You killed my son, Reg.

Reginald: What?

Michael: Donna fell down the stairs because of you. My son died because of you.

Reginald: Oh -- I'm so sorry.

Michael: You're sorry?

Reginald: No, I never wanted that to happen.

Michael: No, don't, Reg. Don't -- don't do that.

Reginald: Fine, fine. You just believe whatever you like.

Michael: Believe? I believe in an eye for an eye, Reg. I believe in an eye for an eye. You killed my son!

Reginald: You couldn't understand how great a disappointment losing that baby is.

Michael: It's my son. What are you talking about?

Reginald: Oh, no one understood. No one ever understood.

Michael: You're crazy.

Reginald: No one understood.

[Reginald mumbles]

Michael: Understood what? Understood that you're a murderer?

Reginald: Didn't Donna tell you?

Michael: Donna didn't tell me anything! Donna -- you nearly killed her!

Reginald: I had such plans for that boy, my grandson!

Michael: Reggie? What?

Reginald: He would have been my new beginning. He would have been my chance to erase all traces of you from my life!

Michael: Your life? Your life? Is that what this is about? Your life, Reg? It's always been about your life! What about Donna, Reg?

Reginald: You will never understand!

Michael: I understand that you are never going to hurt anyone again!

Reginald: Oh? Oh? And you're going to see to that, are you?

Michael: Yes. Yes!

Reginald: Wrong again, Hudson. I am going to hurt one more person before I leave, definitely!

Michael: Try, Reg! Just try!

Reginald: Hudson? Hudson? Hudson, don't let me fall. Hudson, don't let me fall.

Reginald: Hudson! Hudson! Hudson, don't let me fall! Hudson, don't let me fall!

Reginald: Please! Hudson!

Michael: Give me one reason, Reg. You can't think of one, either, can you?

Reginald: Hudson, no!

Michael: You killed my son!

Reginald: Please!

Michael: All right, Reg. Not this way. Not this way.

[Helicopter approaches]

[Reginald screams]

Vicky: I was never much of a daughter to her, you know?

Jamie: You did the best you could.

Vicky: It was so easy for Marley. Marley was always so good.

Jamie: And she had a lot more advantages than you did.

Vicky: Well, you know, I came from Lassiter, and I just made everything so difficult for her.

Jamie: You had resentment. And why not?

Vicky: I wasted so much time, Jamie. And now I see -- I see all that there is to love inside of her. But I never realized -- I never realized until now why my father loved her.

Jamie: Vicky, she's going to be ok.

Vicky: Now I know. Now I love her. She's going to --

Jamie: Vicky, Vicky, listen to me. She's going to be fine. I know you're worried about her, but trust me, she's going to be fine.

Vicky: How is she going to react to the baby? The baby -- her baby's gone!

Jamie: She'll have to grieve. There's no way around that. The main thing is she's going to recover.

Vicky: Jamie, they were picking out names for him.

Jamie: Donna has two wonderful daughters.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, but --

Jamie: No, no, no, no, no "yeah, buts." Come on. You love her. When she wakes up, just make sure that you let her know that. Believe me, she'll be fine, eventually. And so will you be.

Jamie: I'll be back soon.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: Oh, Michael.

Vicky: Oh, he'll be back. He'll be back very soon.

Adam: Look, don't let anybody through except the ambulance. And no press. Cory out.

Man: Cory?

Adam: Lieutenant.

Lieutenant: What happened? The pilot could hardly put it down in this wind, and I couldn't make out a damn thing.

Adam: That's Michael Hudson, sir.

Lieutenant: Yeah, I know who he is. So who went over the side? Love?

Adam: Yeah, Reginald Love.

Lieutenant: Great night. Were you here when it happened?

Adam: No, no. I got up just as he went over. I got the area cordoned off, lieutenant.

Lieutenant: Well, good, good. The press will be here like sharks at feeding time. Ok, what happened?

Adam: Mike? Mike?

Michael: What? Yeah.

Adam: This is Lieutenant Resnik. Can you give us some details?

Michael: Yeah. He came at me with a knife. We fought. He went over the edge.

Adam: Are you cut?

Michael: No, no, I'm fine. I'm just -- I grabbed him. I pulled him up.

Lt. Resnik: Just like that? You didn't drop him?

Michael: Yeah, just like that. I grabbed him, I pulled him up. I didn't want it to end that way, but I saw the helicopter. I didn't know whether it was his or the police, and I saw it was the police. I figured I'd let you guys handle it. I just turned, I walked away.

Adam: Then what?

Michael: I guess I dropped him near the knife. He picked it up. He lunged at me. I just backed out of his way, and he couldn't stop.

Lt. Resnik: You're telling me he went over on his own? He was responsible for his own death?

Michael: Yeah.

Adam: I'd take his word on it.

Lt. Resnik: Ok. Case closed.

Adam: Yes, sir.

Lt. Resnik: Get a formal statement later.

Adam: Yes, sir.

Lt. Resnik: Frankly, there were some people who would be very happy if you had killed him. Know that?

Michael: Yeah, I know that.

Lt. Resnik: I got to get down there.

Michael: Thanks for going to bat for me, Adam.

Adam: I wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true.

Michael: Yeah.

Adam: You know, I'm one of those people that had wished you'd killed him. There would have been some justice in that.

Michael: Maybe.

Adam: He was a vulture, Mike.

Michael: He was Donna's father, Adam. He was Donna's father.

Mary: Hmm -- do you think we should really be doing this in here?

Vince: Oh, I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

Mary: I mean, what if a customer walks in?

Vince: Let them.

Mary: Oh, ok. What?

Vince: Hey, can't a fellow enjoy himself?

Mary: No, no, no, no, no. You were thinking something. I can tell. What was it?

Vince: You're right, you're right. Yeah, yeah, just a minute.

Mary: What?

[Vince whistles]

Mary: Oh, would you like a little help with that?

Vince: Not at all. Just wait.

[Vince hums]

Mary: What are you doing?

Vince: Hi!

Just hold your horses.

[Jazz plays]

[Mary laughs]

Mary: Well worth the wait.

Vince: Not exactly Roseland ballroom, but it's a house.

Mary: Mm-hmm. Glorious.

Vince: I love you, Mary McKinnon.

Radio announcer: Here's a special report from WBAY News.

Vince: Where's the slow music --

Announcer: Notorious financier, Reginald Love has died tonight. According to witnesses, he fell from atop of the Love Tower. Michael Hudson was at the scene talking with police officers.

Mary: He's dead.

Announcer: We'll have further details for you as they become available. Now we return you to "Music in the night."

Lt. Resnik: The ambulance was followed when he left the hospital, right?

Adam: That's what the orders were.

Lt. Resnik: So how come you lost him?

Adam: The man assigned to the detail ended up following a decoy.

Lt. Resnik: Who?

Adam: The supervisor. Some character named Tompkins.

Lt. Resnik: Uh-huh. Any theories?

Adam: He's a professional. He did his job like a rookie.

Lt. Resnik: Why?

Adam: You can never prove any money changed hands, lieutenant, but --

Lt. Resnik: I'll let you take care of him.

Adam: Thanks, lieutenant. I'll enjoy taking care of this guy personally.

Lt. Resnik: Well, this sure wraps up another chapter in the history of this town, huh?

Adam: For him, maybe. I don't know about for the rest of us.

Lt. Resnik: Yeah, he was like an octopus. He had tentacles reaching out everywhere. Be a long time before we figure out everything he was involved in.

Adam: Assuming we ever do.

Lt. Resnik: So, how does it feel? Your man finally got what was coming to him.

Adam: I don't know. I guess I'm sort of like Mike. It's -- it's sort of a hollow victory.

Lt. Resnik: Maybe.

Adam: You consider all the damage that he's done, especially to his family.

Nicole: You know, I'm getting worried.

Cass: Why?

Nicole: Michael's been gone a long time.

Cass: Well, he's a big boy.

Nicole: I know, but it's not like him.

Cass: Yeah, he did say he wanted to stay up all night with Donna.

Nicole: Yeah, he wanted to make sure he was there when she woke up. Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi.

Nicole: How's Donna doing?

Vicky: She's asleep. What were you saying about my dad?

Cass: We were just wondering where he was.

Nicole: Right. This is a time for us to be together -- the whole family -- while Donna gets well.

Vicky: Yeah.

Michael: How's Donna?

Nicole: Michael --

Vicky: Dad, what --

Michael: I'm ok, I'm ok.

Cass: She's with Jamie.

Michael: She's with Jamie? Where's Jamie?

Cass: Michael, what's the matter with you?

Michael: Jamie, Jamie, how is she?

Jamie: She's fine. Her vital signs are right where they should be. What happened to you?

Michael: Reginald is responsible for Donna falling down on the stairs.

Cass: What?

Nicole: What? He was in the house?

Vicky: How could that be?

Michael: He was upstairs at the salon.

Nicole: I don't believe this.

Cass: I went upstairs right after it happened. I didn't see anybody.

Michael: Donna told me.

Nicole: Donna told --

Michael: Donna was awake for a little while, and she told me that Reginald came after her upstairs. He was trying to take her with him when he left the country.

Nicole: Oh, Donna.

Cass: What? Why?

Michael: She was running away from him when she fell, and that's when our son was killed.

Jamie: Donna told you all that?

Michael: Yeah, and Reg filled me in on the rest.

Cass: You found him?

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Cass: What happened?

Michael: He's dead. `

Michael: Jamie, I wanted to kill him with my bare hands, but I couldn't do it.

Jamie: You pulled him back up?

Michael: I pulled him back up. I don't know why, you know. I saw the police helicopter. I just -- I just -- I couldn't do it!

Cass: Michael, take it easy, all right?

Michael: Oh, no, I wanted to, I wanted to so much, and then I saw the helicopter and I knew that he'd be captured any minute, then I -- I just walked away.

Nicole: Well, then how -- Michael, I still don't understand.

Michael: He came after me. He saw the knife. He picked up the knife --

Vicky: No!

Michael: And he came at me from behind, and I ducked down.

Cass: How close to the edge were you?

Michael: Close enough. He couldn't stop.

Cass: And he went over.

Michael: Yeah.

Nicole: He died trying to commit a murder.

Michael: Nicole, if the police had been there 30 seconds earlier, he wouldn't have died.

Nicole: My father died trying to kill you.

Michael: Nicole, I'm really sorry for what happened, but your father -- your father was -- was out of his mind. I mean, he wanted to take -- he wanted to take Donna to Paraguay with him.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Why?

Michael: He wanted to raise our son for his own.

Vicky: Oh, God.

Cass: Was he serious?

Michael: He was crazy, Cass. Nicole, I am really sorry.

Nicole: It's ok.

[Nicole mumbles]

Cass: Come here.

Michael: Vicky, now, look, I know that you got to have some feelings about this. He was your grandfather.

Vicky: I'm fine.

Michael: You may be fine, but I think you have some feelings that you're going to have to work out, so let's us talk about them, ok?

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Listen, I'm sorry. I've got -- I've got to go. Call me if you need me.

Michael: Ok.

Cass: Thank, you, Jamie.

Vicky: Dad, I will be ok. I should be the one worried about you and what happened.

Michael: No, no, look, what I want you to remember is, is that I love you, your mom loves you, and Reginald will never harm you or anyone again, ok? And if there's anything you need to talk about with us, let's talk about it, ok?

Vicky: I love you.

Michael: Now, are you sure you're ok?

Vicky: Yes.

Michael: Good.

Vicky: I love you and I love mom --

Michael: I know, I know.

Vicky: And I hope we are going to be ok.

Michael: I know. Ok. I'm going to go talk to your mom.

Vicky: Ok.

Michael: Ok?

Vicky: Yeah.

Michael: All right.

Cass: Are you sure you're all right?

Nicole: Yeah, I will be. Oh, Cass, that man was a monster.

Cass: How about if I get us home?

Nicole: Oh, please.

Vince: We heard about Reggie on the radio.

Cass: Hi. Yeah, it's been quite a night.

Mary: Are you ok?

Nicole: Oh, yeah, I'm ok.

Mary: How's Donna?

Nicole: Oh, she's still asleep.

Cass: Her falling down the stairs -- that was Reginald.

Vince: What?

Cass: Somehow, he isolated her upstairs at the salon during the opening.

Nicole: And when she was trying to run away from him, that's when she fell.

Mary: And the baby?

Donna: Uh -- oh, Michael. Hmm.

Michael: I'm right here, Blackie.

Donna: Hmm. I love you.

Michael: I love you, too.

Donna: The baby --

Michael: Oh, Blackie.

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