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Another World Transcript Wednesday 2/25/04

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Amanda: Hi! You're back. Seems like hours since you were gone. Long walk? I mean, I guess it was worth it, though, right? I mean, we're probably going to be leaving real soon. Right? Sam, why aren't you talking to me?

Sam: They found the car.

Amanda: Well, that's great news. Why didn't you tell me when you came in?

Sam: Because it's stripped, Amanda, right down to the steering wheel.

Nicole: Ok, the flowers -- the flowers haven't arrived yet. Oh -- that's right. The caterers -- the caterers haven't arrived yet, Cass. Oh, Felicia hasn't even arrived yet!

Cass: Honey, there is nothing to panic about.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: What, is that supposed to calm me down?

Cass: Everything is going as planned.

Nicole: Well, then how come you've been walking around in circles the last two hours?

Cass: Walking around in circles? I don't know what you're talking about.

Nicole: Well, what would you call it?

Cass: Breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Nicole: See, you're just as nervous as I am.

Cass: Everything is -- is going to be fine.

Nicole: How can I act rich and successful when I am broke --

Cass: Don't say it. Don't even think it. You want to know how to act rich?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Well, first -- ok. First of all, you have to carry yourself a certain way. Lift your nose just a little -- not that much. Ok. That's it.

Nicole: Oh --

whenever I feel afraid I hold my head erect

Cass: Hey!

[Cass whistles, snaps fingers]

Nicole: Whistle a happy tune

Cass: It's a very nice tune and it's very good advice.

Nicole: Yeah, that's right, but Deborah Kerr didn't have a line of creditors at the door.

Cass: So we lose our shirts. In fact, that's not a bad idea.

Nicole: You --

Felicia: Well, I can see everything's out of control in here.

Cass: Oh --

Felicia: At least it's consistent.

Cass: What's wrong?

Felicia: Well, the head chef and my sous-chef are at each other's throats. You know, frying pans at 10 paces?

Nicole: Our food?

Felicia: Yeah, yeah. Well, when I left, there seemed to be a ceasefire. I've got my fingers crossed.

Cass: Well, everything's going to be fine.

Nicole: No matter what happens --

Felicia: No, you know what's going to happen?

Nicole: What?

Felicia: You're going to be a huge success tonight, and then Paris is going to be begging you to come over again.

Cass: And London, Milano --

Felicia: The recognition that you lost in Monte Carlo isn't going to mean a thing, Nicole, really.

Cass: Tonight is your night, Nicole.

Nicole: I just wish Donna could be here to see it. She worked so hard for this night.

Donna: Well, is that it? Are -- are you done?

Jamie: Yep, all through.

Donna: Yes? And?

Jamie: And, Michael, you can come on in. I can hear you prowling around out there.

Michael: How's she doing?

Jamie: She's very, very well. She's obviously been following the doctor's instructions.

Michael: To the letter.

Donna: Yes. I am feeling stronger every day.

Michael: Good. We should have ourselves a healthy girl on our hands.

Jamie: Any time now.

Donna: Um -- Jamie, what about tonight?

Jamie: Tonight?

Donna: Yes. Nicole's salon opening is tonight.

Jamie: Yeah?

Donna: Jamie, is there -- is there any way I can go?

Michael: Wait a minute, you're going to the opening?

Donna: Oh, Michael, it would mean so much.

Michael: Donna, you're supposed to stay in bed.

Donna: Well -- well, Jamie hasn't said no.

Jamie: I'm thinking about it.

Donna: Look, I'm just going to make an appearance, and then I'll come straight back home.

Jamie: Well, I suppose, if you're not too active.

Donna: I just really want to be there, that's all.

Michael: Donna, I tell you what -- why don't we talk about this in a sec, ok? And, Jamie, I'm going to walk you out now.

Jamie: Donna, I really am proud of how you're doing.

Donna: Good. Talk to him? Hmm?

Jamie: Michael, she really is doing well.

Michael: Well enough to go to the opening?

Jamie: A couple of hours might be a good idea. I mean, emotionally, it would be -- you know, it would do her a world of good, and -- providing she doesn't take her dancing slippers with her.

Michael: Jamie, I really --

Jamie: She's had no contractions and no other problems since you've been back. I mean, it's entirely up to you, but she has her doctor's permission.

Michael: Well --

Jamie: Just make sure she doesn't overdo it physically.

Michael: You think it's ok?

Jamie: It would be a big morale boost for them. Besides, I'll be right there.

Michael: And -- that's right, you will be there, won't you?

Jamie: Come on, bring her. We'll have a good time. I'll see you later.

Michael: Thanks, Jamie. Ahem.

Donna: Well? Well, what did he say?

Michael: Well, the doctor says you're ok.

Donna: Oh, Michael, come on! About the opening -- am I going to be able to go?

Michael: How do you really feel?

Donna: I really feel fine. Tonight is so very important. I really want to go.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Ok?

Michael: You can go.

Donna: Yeah? Oh, come here! Oh, yes!

Michael: But wait a minute --

Donna: What?

Michael: There's a couple of ground rules you've got to stick to.

Donna: I don't care! I don't care what they are! Oh, I love you!

Amanda: Stripped?

Sam: Totally.

Amanda: No engine?

Sam: No nothing.

Amanda: What about our clothes?

Sam: History.

Amanda: Your paint?

Sam: They took that, too, Amanda. They took everything.

Amanda: Oh, well.

Sam: "Oh, well"?

Amanda: Well, it could be worse.

Sam: How?

Amanda: I could have one of those disgusting bugs crawling up my leg.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, this is no time for jokes.

Amanda: What? I'm just trying to see the bright side.

Sam: The bright side? The bright side. Ok. Here's the bright side for you, Amanda. We've got no car, we have no clothes, we're in the middle of nowhere.

Amanda: True.

Sam: We're staying in a lousy motel.

Amanda: Lousy.

Sam: We have very little money.

Amanda: Very little.

Sam: We have nothing to wear.

Amanda: Not a thing.

Sam: What's the bright side? I don't see it.

Amanda: We have each other.

Sam: How can you be such a Pollyanna about this?

Amanda: Oh, come on! I'm in love with a gorgeous guy. He's in love with me. So what is there not to be Pollyanna about?

Sam: Ok -- look, look, look, stop. Do you want to call your dad?

Amanda: Why?

Sam: I hate to admit defeat, but you are pregnant.

Amanda: I'm fine.

Sam: Are you sure?

Amanda: Well, maybe just a little bit hungry. You know where I can get some good grub around here?

Sam: Well, yeah. I heard some good things

[Southern accent] about that tacky diner down the street.

Amanda: Sounds great. I mean, I wouldn't exactly trust room service in this place.

Sam: [Normal voice] Oh, good. Smart thinking.

Amanda: You know what I'm in the mood for?

Sam: No. No. Not one of your cravings again. Not pickles and onions. No, anything but that!

Amanda: Vichyssoise.

Sam: Oh, yeah, it's the soup of the day, and I'm sure the specialty is pheasant under glass.

Amanda: My mouth is watering already.

Sam: Yeah. Hey, Amanda?

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: I love you.

Amanda: We're in this together.

Sam: Together.

Amanda: For a long time.

Sam: Sounds good. Shall we?

Felicia: Right, and then what did he say?

Nicole: I designed this wonderful dress for Donna to wear tonight.

Cass: I saw it.

Nicole: It's a maternity dress, but you would never know it.

Cass: I've seen it. I've seen just about everything you've done. You know, I work here, remember?

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry if I'm boring you.

Cass: Oh, honey, you're not boring me.

Nicole: Running off at the mouth, I --

Cass: It's -- I just saw the dress, that's all.

Nicole: Well, it's the one new design that I did.

Cass: Well, can't someone else wear it?

Nicole: No. I did it especially for Donna. It just wouldn't seem right. Am I talking too much?

Cass: Would you like to go back to pacing?

Nicole: I would like Donna to come over tonight and model the dress.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Let's pace.

Cass: Let's pace.

Felicia: No, no, no! No, no.

Nicole: What happened?

Felicia: Things are looking up.

Cass and Nicole: What?

Felicia: The sous-chef has surrendered. He gave up his ladle.

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: The food fight is over?

Felicia: Yes!

Nicole: Great!

Cass: All right!

Felicia: We're going to eat tonight!

Cass: Great.

Felicia: See? I told you not to worry.

Nicole: It's going to be all right.

[Cass whistles]

Mitch: Did I miss something?

Felicia: Nothing, but I missed you. Hi.

Mitch: Oh, that was nice.

Cass: Those the photographs?

Mitch: These are the only ones I think you'd want to work with here.

Felicia: Oh, let me look.

Mitch: How are you doing?

Nicole: Oh, I'll make it, I hope.

Cass: Oh, Mitch, these are great.

Felicia: Look, Nicole, come here. Aren't they great?

Nicole: Oh, Cheryl is so gorgeous!

Cass: Uh, the clothes aren't too shabby, either.

Felicia: Wait a minute. Now, wait, isn't this one of the designs that was lost in the plane crash?

Cass: Yeah, but nobody knows that.

Felicia: I don't follow.

Cass: Well, we're going to put these photographs into the programs that we hand out to the guests tonight.

Felicia: Oh.

Nicole: Yeah, we can't show the real thing --

Felicia: Right. What?

Nicole: Well, it seemed like a good idea when we first talked about it.

Felicia: No, no, honey, it's a great idea.

Nicole: Really?

Felicia: Oh, yeah.

Cass: The more we show of your work, the better off we are --

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Even if it's photographs.

Felicia: Ok?

Nicole: You think so?

Felicia: I know so. You got enough for everybody?

Cass: Yeah, we do.

Felicia: Oh, speaking of photographs --

Cass: Mitch is going to --

Felicia: Look at these visions of lovely.

Cass: Hey!

Felicia: Hi, guys.

Nicole: Guys, you are early.

Cheryl: Well, we were getting a little nervous just waiting around doing nothing.

Julie Ann: Yeah, and when one's nervous, one eats, which is the last thing one needs.

Cheryl: That's right.

Nicole: Eating sounds great. Huge amounts of food.

Felicia: Nicole --

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: Soothing --

Cass: Honey --

Nicole: Calming heaps, mountains of food.

Cass: Nicole, tonight in just a couple of -- tonight at 8:00, Nicole --

Nicole: Food that slows you down, you know, and takes away --

Cass: 8:00 tonight, it's all going to happen, and nothing is going to stop it --

Nicole: Right.

Cass: Stop you, stop us.

Reginald: You're late.

Man: We had some difficulty --

Reginald: Spare me the excuses. Just listen carefully. Now, everything is riding on this, and I do mean everything. Bail cost me 10 million in cash. All my liquidity is gone, every asset I have is at risk, so this has to work. It will work.

Orderly: They're going to start missing this gurney pretty soon, Mr. Love.

Reginald: Would you just shut up and listen. Now -- yes. You'll do nicely. This is what is going to happen. He will be going out of here on the gurney. You will wheel him out into the ambulance. Now, that has to be done quickly, but not so quickly that the press and the police don't notice you.

Man: They're all over the place -- cops, reporters.

Reginald: And they have to think that I am the body on the gurney. They have to follow that ambulance out into the countryside -- a wild goose chase. You see, nobody knows how well I've recovered. They'll be after that ambulance like hounds after the fox. But the fox, meanwhile, will slip away unnoticed with you, my friend. We will pay a visit to someone, a visit that Michael Hudson will never stop me from making.

Donna: Michael, I -- I really am going?

Michael: Provided you stick to the rules.

Donna: Oh, absolutely. What? What are they?

Michael: Well, ok, there's no staying out late.

Donna: Oh, what, you think I'm going to turn into a pumpkin?

Michael: You're not to make a joke out of this, Donna.

Donna: All right, all right, I promise, but -- well, we will be able to stay at least a couple of hours, won't we?

Michael: Yeah, a couple.

Donna: Ok, good.

Michael: No dancing.

Donna: I won't dance don't ask me

Michael: Oh, please --

Donna: I won't dance

Michael: No, no, don't sing. No singing, either, please. No.

Donna: Oh, thanks.

Michael: And --

Donna: Mm-hmm?

Michael: You got to stick close to me.

Donna: Well, that certainly won't be difficult. Oh, Michael, I can't believe this! I'm really going to be there!

Michael: Well, I think it'll be good for you and Nicole.

Donna: Yeah, yeah. Now that -- now that father's out of the picture, I think both Nicole and I are going to have our dreams come true.

Michael: I hope so, Donna.

Donna: Um -- there hasn't been any more word about my father getting out on bail, has there?

Michael: No. Nothing concrete.

Donna: Well, I'm sure everything's all right. Michael, he can't hurt us now.

Reginald: The coast is clear.

Amanda: So this is it, huh?

Sam: I tell you what, hon -- let's go.

Amanda: Look. "Laverne's kitchen -- cheap food served with a smile." Cheap food.

Sam: We can go someplace else.

Amanda: No, we can't. We don't have a car.

Sam: So, we'll take a bus.

Amanda: I'm starving.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, look at the place.

Amanda: Look at the menu.

Sam: All right, we've got country ham, we've got catfish, we've got barbecued pig, we've got barbecued water bug.

Amanda: Where does it say that?

Sam: Come on, let's get out of here.

Waitress: Well, hi, there, y'all. Now, what can I do for you?

Man: What happened to my pea soup?

Waitress: I'm going to put pea soup over his head if he doesn't hush. Pea soup's coming up, honey. Table or counter?

Amanda: Table if you have one. Ok.

Man: Laverne, this pot roast is nothing but fat and gristle.

Laverne: Just like you, sweetie. You just hang on there. Joe Bob will cut you a fresh slab, no charge. Here you go. Now, you just sit down and take a look at those.

Sam: Actually, I already know what I want.

Laverne: Oh, well, that was quick. And what can I get for you, honey?

Sam: How about a new car?

Laverne: What kind of bread would you like that on?

Amanda: I told you this was going to be a great place.

Laverne: Well, that's real sweet of you to say, honey. Are you two newlyweds or something?

Man: I'm waiting, Laverne.

Laverne: That man is the biggest pain in the you-know-what. I'll be right with you, Mr. D.

Amanda: Actually, we were on our honeymoon.

Laverne: Oh, no kidding?

Sam: Yeah, we were married two days ago.

Laverne: Oh, now, that is exciting! What would anybody want to spend their honeymoon for here? I mean, what would anybody want to do anything for here, anyway?

Sam: Well, our car was stolen here, so --

Laverne: Oh, don't you just hate that? You know, it happens all the time these days.

Amanda: I wish we'd known that.

Laverne: Oh, no wheels, huh?

Amanda: No wheels, no clothes.

Sam: Some honeymoon, huh?

Laverne: Well, you think you got problems? My only waitress -- she ran off with my busboy. Now they say they're going to Hollywood to be movie stars.

Man: What happened to my pot roast, Laverne?

Second man: And I never did get my coffee.

Laverne: Well, I think I'm just --

Man: What's going on here?

Laverne: I think I'm just about to shoot myself. Maybe that'll just cut them up, huh?

[Sam laughs]

Amanda: Wait a minute. I have a better idea.

Laverne: What?

Amanda: Why don't you let me help you? I'll get the coffee, you get the pot roast.

Laverne: Oh, now, honey --

Sam: Amanda, wait --

Laverne: You are a sweetheart! Is she always this agreeable? Hey, now, wait a minute. I have got an idea.

Sam: What's that?

Laverne: Now, this is something that's going to solve all of our problems.

Amanda: Is there anything else I can do?

Laverne: Come to work for me.

Amanda: What?

Laverne: Both of you. Now, you see, I can only pay you minimum wage, but tips are good and the meals are free.

Amanda: I've never waited tables before. Have you?

Sam: Amanda, no, I haven't --

Laverne: Yes or no?

Amanda: We'd love to.

Laverne: All right!

Amanda: Oh, hey, did you want your slaw with that?

Man: Yeah. Make that a full order, would you, honey?

Amanda: Sure. I'm sorry. Hey, Sal? Give me a b&w shake, a full slaw, and a tuna melt -- hold the tuna.

Sam: Wait a minute. "Hold the tuna"?

Amanda: Well, actually, see, he wants a grilled cheese, but our tuna melt's on special today for $2.99.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: So if I give him a tuna melt minus the tuna, then it's the same thing as a grilled cheese.

Sam: Wait a second, Amanda --

Amanda: What?

Sam: Never mind. No. No.

Amanda: Shouldn't you be waiting on a table or something?

Sam: Actually, I'm having more fun just watching you.

Amanda: Oh. Ha-ha-ha.

Sam: Hey, Laverne.

Amanda: You trying to get us fired?

Sam: Yes. Desperately.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: What?

Amanda: I can't afford to be fired. I have a family to support. Pass these out.

Laverne: Hi.

Amanda: Hey.

Laverne: You sure you never waitressed before?

Amanda: What, am I doing all right?

Laverne: All right? Honey, you are a natural.

Man: She sure is. Now, where you'd find this pretty young thing, Laverne?

Laverne: Oh, I interviewed a couple hundred girls. Right, Amanda?

Man: Well, you sure picked them nice.

Amanda: Uh, I'll just go check on your tuna.

Man: Oh, no, ain't no hurry. I'm just enjoying the scenery.

Sam: Take your hands off my wife.

Man: Whoa, now, take it easy, mister.

Sam: Did you hear me? Take your hands off her, and you get out. Come on. Get out.


Sam: Sorry about that, Laverne.

Laverne: Now, where were you when I was first starting out?

Amanda: My hero.

Laverne: You know, it's kind of slow now. Why don't you and your hero take five.

Sam: That's a deal.

Amanda: Why don't you join us, Laverne?

Sam: Yeah.

Laverne: Well, I don't mind if I do. Now, what is your real profession, Sam? I mean, in Bay City?

Amanda: He's a wonderful painter.

Laverne: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Laverne: Wallpaper, too?

Amanda: No, no, Sam's -- he's an artist.

Laverne: Oh -- that kind of painter?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Laverne: Well, now, I am impressed.

Amanda: He's wonderful, too. In fact, he's even had some of his work bought.

Laverne: Oh, hey -- you know, I always wanted to have my portrait done. My sister Billie -- now, she went to Atlantic City on vacation last summer. She had this real keen artist drew a picture of her. Oh, it was fine. I mean -- now she says she's a little fatter in person, you know, but aside from that --

Sam: Laverne?

Laverne: Yeah?

Sam: I would love to do a portrait of you.

Laverne: You would?

Sam: Sure.

Laverne: What would you charge me?

Sam: I don't know. For you, a freebie.

Laverne: Really?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Of course.

Laverne: Well, you know, this really is my lucky day. Oh, you know, I just happen to have some oak-tag paper and pencils in the back there. Oh, I'm just going to go get them. Now, don't -- don't you go away.

Sam: I won't go.

Amanda: You're so sweet.

Sam: Answer me a question.

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: What are we doing here?

Amanda: It's fun, it's an adventure!

Sam: An adventure? Oh, yeah, an adventure. I forgot. It happens.

Amanda: Oh, I see customers. Got to go.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey -- before you go --

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: Come here.

Laverne: Here you go. I hope these are going to be all right.

Sam: Yeah, as a matter of fact, these will be fine. Now, you just sit down and you relax, Laverne, ok?

Laverne: Ok.

Man: Hey, Laverne, can we get some water over here?

Laverne: Oh, well, Amanda will help you with that, sugar. I'm having my portrait done.

Man: Har-dee-har-har.

Amanda: Our soup of the day is beef barley. And we have a special on portraits -- buy one, get one free. Can't beat that, now, can you?

Felicia: Everything is going fine. Well, now, so far we have 12 fashion editors here -- five American and seven from Europe.

Rachel: Oh, that's great!

Mac: Well.

Rachel: Nicole must be so nervous.

Felicia: Well, I think she'll have it all together by show time. I hope.

Mitch: Zack. Hi, Delia.

Mac: Oh, hi.

Rachel: Hi! Hi, Delia! I wanted to call you and ask you about Jason. What's he up to?

Mac: Jason Frame?

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: What about him?

Rachel: Darling, I told you. He's moving in on Frame Construction. I think maybe he wants to take it over.

Mac: Oh, yeah.

Rachel: So, has he said anything to you? Is he going to do anything formally?

Delia: I've met with him. He seems pretty determined.

Mac: Hey, look, this is party time. No business talk unless it's fashion talk. Fashion only.

Zack: Hear, hear.

Felicia: Well, guys, the champagne -- go to it.

Zack: Excuse us.

Delia: Great.

Zack: Counselor?

Delia: Counselor?

Mac: See you later.

Rachel: See you later.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: Yes, all I wanted to know was --

Mac: Darling, she's his lawyer. She's not going to help you.

Rachel: I know Jason's got a lawyer now. This is very serious.

Mac: I'm saying it's serious, so this isn't the time or place to discuss it.

Jamie: Looks as if Nicole got the crème de la crème to turn out.

Lisa: Are we included in that?

Jamie: You are definitely included.

Adam: You know, a guy could get a complex.

Lisa: Why?

Adam: I've been trailing you guys for the last two miles. I pulled up next to you at the stop sign. I was, like, waving out the door --

Jamie: You were the jerk who was tailgating us.

Lisa: Adam, you look the picture of class.

Adam: Well, thank you. And you -- well, you look -- will you excuse me just a moment? Victoria Hudson.

Vicky: Hello, Adam.

Adam: You look marvelous.

Vicky: Oh, well, thank you.

Adam: And since you're alone, and I know I'm alone --

Vicky: Oh, now, how do you know that I'm alone?

Adam: Well, that's easy. Any man who brought you wouldn't let you out of his sight.

Vicky: Oh.

John: Ah, well, there's a beautiful face, and --

Cheryl: Hi.

John: Everything else that goes along with it.

Cheryl: Hi, John.

John: Have I missed anything?

Cheryl: Um -- no, not really.

John: No? No? Everybody on their best behavior and all that kind of dull, boring stuff?

Cheryl: So far.

John: Well -- ah, well, there's champagne at least. I'll go and have a glass of champagne. There's Corky over there. I'll see you later.

Cheryl: Ok. Bye.

John: Hey, Corky. How are you?

Julie Ann: I thought there was someone.

Cheryl: What are you talking about?

Julie Ann: Don't you think he's a little old for you?

Cheryl: Who?

Julie Ann: John Hudson.

Cheryl: John and me? Come on, are you serious?

Julie Ann: Ok, if you say so.

Cheryl: John and -- John and I are just friends. Really, we're just friends. We talked a couple of times, but --

Julie Ann: That's what they all say.

Cheryl: You don't know what you're talking about.

Felicia: Ladies and gentlemen, friends, and those of you who love fashion and design, welcome to the Nicole Love salon tonight. You know, I greeted most of you at the front door this evening, and I must say you're a very stylish group.


Felicia: But then, that's as it should be because that's what tonight is really all about -- fashion and style, and, of course, glamour. You are all about to meet the arrival of a new star in the fashion world. But then you don't need me to tell you about her because you can see it for yourself when you see her designs. But what I can do is introduce to you the star behind the star, the man who really made all of this come to pass. My very dear friend, Cass Winthrop. Cass?


Cass: Well, thank you for that introduction, Felicia. "Star behind the star"? I don't know about that. Anyway, I, too, would like to welcome you all to the Nicole Love salon. And thank you for sharing our opening with us and helping us make it the event that it is. I have to agree with Felicia. You are an uncommonly good-looking group.


Cass: But enough with the jokes.


Cass: I'm here to make an introduction. So it is my privilege and great pleasure to introduce Nicole Love.

[Cheers and applause]

Reginald: Donna?

Reginald: Where is she?

[Cheers and whistles]

Nicole: Thank you. I'm very proud of what we'll be showing you here tonight.

Cass: With good reason.

Nicole: But -- I'm proud of my designs, but I'm also proud of the people who helped make this company a success.

Cass: But you ain't seen nothing yet.

Nicole: No, that's right.

Cass: We're going to be showing --

Nicole: We are not stopping here, right?

Cass: No way. We're going to show this very extensive collection in Paris soon.

Nicole: Yes, but this time we are traveling by slow boat.


Cass: She won't fly with me anymore.


Cass: Then after Paris, we'll be going to London, Milan, Tokyo, New York.

Nicole: Yes, we're going worldwide. But we want you to know that it all started here at home with all of you, our friends.

Cass: And our home -- this place, Nicole salon -- wouldn't exist without our friends.

Nicole: There's dear Sophie, who's still upstairs checking every last seam and stitch.

Cass: Is Sophie still conscious?

Nicole: I hope so. She's been working hard.

Cass: About 18 hours a day to help us get ready for this, I think.

Nicole: Yes, and John Hudson did that, too. Is John here?

Cass: John's right over here.

Nicole: John put in long, hard hours along with Corky and Cal.

Cass: This place was an absolute wreck until these guys got their hands on it.

Nicole: Yes, it was. Give them a big hand.


Nicole: John and Corky, Cal.

Cass: Great job, guys.

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: Thank you.

Nicole: Thanks. Well --

Cass: Well, here we are. Didn't I see some champagne go by here recently? Yeah, here it is.

Nicole: Here it comes.

Cass: Thank you. Nicole.

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: I'd like to offer a toast -- to the future.

Nicole: The future. I -- wait, thank you -- I'd also like to thank someone else. Um -- there's someone who's been in our corner since we first thought of the idea of this salon, and she gives new meaning to the word "sister." Now, she couldn't be here tonight --

Donna: Uh, who couldn't?

Nicole: Donna!

Donna: Do you honestly think you could keep me away?

Nicole: I'm so glad you came!

Donna: Oh, me, too. Me, too.

Reginald: I have to see Donna tonight.

Man: There's no one else here.

Reginald: Where could she be?

Reginald: Nicole's opening. Of course. She wouldn't miss that. Come on.

Amanda: How was your ham, honey?

Mr. D: Just delicious, Amanda.

Amanda: Ok. More coffee?

Mr. D: Yeah, it'd be mighty nice.

Amanda: Sure thing. Desserts are -- let's see -- blueberry pie and cheesecake, so just let me know whenever you're ready.

Mr. D: I'll do that.

Amanda: Ok. How's everything over here? All right? Just let me know whenever you want a refill on the coffee. Sam, it looks great!

Laverne: Never mind "great." Do I look young?

Amanda: Oh, Laverne, you're going to love it.

Laverne: Oh. Oh, thank you for taking over the diner for me, Amanda. You just doing a real fine job.

Amanda: I think I'm really getting the hang of it.

Man: That supposed to be Laverne? Shoot, I thought that was Vanna White.

[Amanda laughs]

Laverne: Well, people do take us for one another.

Man: She should look so good at your age, baby.

Laverne: Oh -- is that a compliment?

Amanda: Sam's a really very talented painter. Why don't -- why don't you get your wife over here?

Man: Hey, Noreen? Noreen thinks she favors Priscilla Presley.

Sam: I tell you what --

Man: Here, hon.

Sam: You get Noreen over here and I'll make her believe she looks like Priscilla Presley.

Noreen: Hey.

Man: 15 bucks?

Amanda: That sounds reasonable. Right, Sam?

Sam: Sure. Why not?

Laverne: All right! Hey, Noreen, you just sit down right here. You can have your portrait done. Come on. Hey, everybody, we got ourselves a real Picasso out here! Come on, come on over here and you see. Look at this.

Amanda: Laverne, look, everything's just about slowed down now. Do you want me to help in the kitchen?

Laverne: Well -- no, why don't you and your hubby take a break. You know, you've been working nonstop since you started.

Amanda: It's been fun.

Laverne: Well, you sure were a big hit. You know, I would hire you full-time if you were local.

Amanda: Would you really?

Laverne: You bet. Come on, Sammy. You and your wife here are going to take a little rest.

Sam: That sounds good.

Laverne: Now come on, come on, you just come and sit down, and I will get you some coffee.

Sam: That sounds great, Laverne. Thanks.

Amanda: Isn't Laverne's place nice?

Sam: Yeah. Since you started working here, yes.

Amanda: I'm pretty good at this, huh?

Sam: It's scary how good you are at this.

Amanda: Well, I like it. All the different people -- it's a challenge.

Sam: Wish I could do that.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Oh, handle people, like the Newberrys.

Amanda: Oh, well, the Newberrys are easy. They're just snobs. These people here -- they're a little bit more hard to deal with. They're real.

Sam: It doesn't seem hard to you, you know.

Laverne: Well, now, here you go.

Amanda: Thanks, Laverne.

Laverne: Why don't you have that back at the sleepy eye? You know, things are kind of slow now.

Sam: That's a deal.

Amanda: Do you want us back tomorrow?

Laverne: If it gets busy, I'll call you.

Amanda: Great, I'd like that.

Laverne: You mean you don't mind spending your honeymoon slinging hash? Here.

Sam: No. We'll be back.

Laverne: All right, then. Oh, Sam --

Sam: Yeah?

Laverne: I'll try to get some more portrait work for you.

Sam: That'd be fantastic.

Laverne: All right.

Sam: Thank you.

Amanda: Oh, and, Laverne, make sure you tell Sal to put in the pot roast because you don't want to run out.

Laverne: Right, yeah. I'll tell him, I'll tell him. All right, now, don't you-all hurry back now. You hear?

Donna: Oh, did I miss too much?

Nicole: No, you didn't miss the most important part -- my surprise for you.

Donna: A surprise for me?

Nicole: Yeah. I'll be right back.

Vicky: Hi, guys.

Jamie: Hi, Vicky.

Lisa: Hi.

Vicky: Doesn't Nicole look ravishing this evening?

Lisa: Oh, she does, yes.

Jamie: There are a lot of beautiful women here tonight.

Vicky: Jamie, I forgot -- I wanted to thank you for dinner last night. It was wonderful.

Jamie: Oh, don't thank me, thank mom and Mac. It was their dinner party.

Vicky: Oh, well, are they here this evening?

Lisa: They're right over there.

Vicky: Oh, why, yes, they are. If you'll excuse me.

Lisa: Oh, she had the whole thing planned, you know that?

Jamie: She had what planned?

Lisa: Well, yesterday she talked to Hilda, and she knew there was a dinner party.

Jamie: How do you know that?

Lisa: Oh, Jamie, she's after you. Just face it.

Michael: Would you excuse me for a second? And stay put, all right?

Donna: I am not going anywhere.

Michael: Not without me, anyway. See you. Yeah, buddy?

Adam: I just talked to headquarters.

Michael: What?

Adam: Reginald Love got out on bail 30 minutes ago.

Michael: What?

Adam: I did everything I could to stop it, I swear to you.

Michael: Oh, man, he moved too fast. We didn't have a chance to get anything going against him.

Adam: He left the hospital in an ambulance. I'm having it tailed.

Michael: Well, where's he going?

Adam: He's headed out of town, out into the country someplace. I don't know.

Michael: Good. Well, at least he's headed away from Donna.

Adam: Look, I'll do the best I can, I promise you.

Michael: Please.

Donna: Thank you, John.

John: Well, I know Nic really wanted you here.

Donna: I know. She's my baby sister, and I am so proud of her.

John: You should be.

Michael: Hey, John.

John: Mike. I was just telling Donna, it's nice to have her up and around.

Michael: Well, we're not going to rush the "around" bit. We're going to take it nice and slow.

Donna: I feel wonderful.

Michael: Yes, and we're going to keep it that way. You're going to take it nice and slow.

John: I think you should listen to Mike. There's no point in rushing it.

Nicole: Donna, here it is. I wanted to wrap it so elegantly, but I didn't have time.

Donna: Oh, Nicole.

Nicole: And I'm not 100% sure about the measurements --

Donna: No, it's exquisite!

Nicole: Well, I designed it just for you. I tore up the drawing, so it is one of a kind.

Donna: Well, I have never seen anything like it. It's beautiful.

Nicole: Oh, well, thanks. Wait till you see it on.

Donna: What, you want me to try it on now?

Nicole: Well, yeah, that's the whole idea. It was to be your dress for tonight.

Donna: For to-- oh, thank you. I love you!

Nicole: I love you, too, but we're wasting time. You have to go upstairs and get it on.

Donna: Oh, but, right now? I mean, what about the show? I'll miss it.

Nicole: You've seen all the dresses before, right?

Donna: Well, that's true.

Nicole: And I promise you, you won't miss a thing. In fact, if you're up to it, I want you to be the grand finale.

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait just a minute here, ok?

Donna: What, me, model?

Michael: Donna --

Nicole: Only if you want to.

Michael: Donna --

Donna: No, no, it would just be walking down the stairs. Oh, Michael, in this dress -- hmm?

Michael: All right, ok, I tell you what. If you're going to walk down those stairs, I'm going to carry you up those stairs.

Donna: Oh, I don't believe this. You see, he can't keep his hands off me.

Michael: It worked, didn't it?

Nicole: Are you sure you're up to this?

Donna: For the person who digs out my christening dress for my baby -- are you kidding? Of course I am.

Nicole: Your christening dress? That wasn't me.

Donna: It wasn't?

Nicole: No.

Michael: Well, maybe it was Bridget --

Donna: Well, no, I mean, there wasn't a card with it, so I just thought that you'd done it.

Michael: Yeah, I thought maybe Bridget did that, I mean, and just didn't want to say anything.

Donna: Well, if she did, I'm going to grill her when we get home.

Michael: When we get home, you are going to sleep.

Donna: Would you stop giving me orders and just get me upstairs?

Michael: If you'll excuse us, it would be my pleasure, my dear.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: Come right this way.

Donna: Now, don't ruin this dress, now --

Michael: I won't ruin the dress.

Donna: Oh!

Michael: Oh, no.

Donna: Service, huh?

Michael: Please.

Nicole: It's going to look great.

Michael: Here we go. Here we go, baby.

Donna: All right, all right, I know it's just around the corner.

Michael: I know it's not far.

Donna: No, look, I know I gained a little weight.

Michael: You haven't gained --

Donna: I'm sorry!

Michael: No, I think you're very light.

Donna: This is it, this is it. Go ahead, put me down. You can put me down here.

Michael: Ok, for a thin girl --

Donna: Oh, stop. Would you let me in so I can put this on?

Michael: You're in, you're in. There you go.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: Now, look, are you sure that you don't need any help with that?

Donna: Michael, I can get dressed by myself.

Michael: Ok. Well, then maybe I'll just stick around.

Donna: No! Well -- well, you see, you're not supposed to see this dress until it's really on me.

Michael: Ok, ok, ok.

Donna: Ah-ah-ah --

Michael: Ok, but don't take too long.

Donna: I won't, I won't. And, look, I am -- I'm going to be just fine. Now go on, get out of here.

Michael: I know, ok, I'm --

Donna: Now!

Michael: Watch me, I'm going.

Donna: Good, I'm watching you go.

Michael: Watch.

Donna: Go. No peeking! Now go on!

Michael: You're no fun.

Donna: Yes, I am.

Michael: I know. Bye.

Donna: Bye.

Sam: After you, Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: $28.

Sam: In tips?

Amanda: Hey, I'm an awesome waitress.

Sam: Well, great. When we get back to Bay City, you can work at Mary's Place.

Amanda: Right, if we ever get back to Bay City.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: How much?

Sam: Ooh -- $75.

Amanda: Really? That's great!

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: See what we can do when we put our heads together?

Sam: Yeah. Some honeymoon, huh?

Amanda: I'm having a great time.

Sam: You know what my most favorite part of this honeymoon is?

Amanda: Let me guess. Magic fingers?

Sam: Got any quarters?

Amanda: Oh, I have enough quarters -- I have enough quarters now that we can have magic fingers for a long, long, long, long time!

[Bed motor runs]

Sam: All right!

Amanda: Oh, no.

[Train whistle blows]

Sam: Ah! You know what the best part about this is?

Amanda: What?

Sam: You can't hear yourself talk. I like that.



Mac: Julie Ann has never looked more beautiful, Zack.

Delia: Are you sure you're related?

Zack: Of course. Can't you tell by that fine bone structure? Sure, she's my sister.

Mac: You're thinking about Amanda.

Rachel: Well, she did all of the articles for this place, and now she's missing the opening.

Mac: And you're missing her, aren't you?

Rachel: Aren't you?

Mac: Well, of course I do, but after all, they're having a marvelous honeymoon.

Cass: I told you, they're buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Nicole: Yeah, well, let's hope they're buying something, or we won't be able to pay for the champagne.

Cass: Smile.

Donna: There. Oh. Oh. Oh, yes.

Donna: No. Oh, dear God, no.

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