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Another World Transcript Tuesday 2/24/04

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Cass: How did that get on there? We got that. We don't need that. Pick that up. "500 plastic champagne glasses."

Plastic? That's blasphemy.


Sophie: I do not know, Nicole.

Cass: I don't care what that miser of an accountant says.

Nicole: Well, can't you cut it up to here?

Cass: Plastic is definitely out.

Nicole: Just get rid of this part.

Sophie: Well, I can, if the legs of the model are beautiful.

Cass: Plastic --

Nicole: Sophie, everything on Cheryl McKinnon is beautiful.

Cass: Glasses made out of glass is what our guests will drink from.

Nicole: As long as we have something to show at the opening.

Sophie: Oh, you will have something to show, all right. So will Mademoiselle McKinnon.

Cass: We are going all the way with this opening. Is that clear?

Sophie: That is what you should call this dress -- all the way.

Nicole: Sophie, it's going to be beautiful.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: You're going to make it beautiful.

Sophie: Oh.

Cass: Nicole Love salon, Cass Winthrop speaking. Yeah. Ok.

Nicole: Well, I trust that wasn't a customer.

Cass: It was the firm of Scrooge & Scrooge.

Nicole: The accountant? What did he want?

Cass: "Hi, this is Jack Clark. I'm on my way over. I'm afraid I got bad news."

Nicole: But he has great timing.

Rachel: Hi, guys. I don't have much time, so I need an answer right away.

Nicole: What?

Cass: What's the question?

Rachel: It's an offer, actually. I want the exclusive story on what happened on the island.

Nicole: For "Brava"?

Cass: How exclusive?

Rachel: Very.

Cass: What's in it for us?

Rachel: A two-page color spread of the opening. What do you say?

Mac: Thank you, Hilda.

Ada: It's been a long day.

Mac: Hmm.

Ada: Here's to Vince for letting me take the night off.

Mac: To Vince.

Ada: Cheers.

Mac: Cheers.

Hilda: May I bring you some hors d'oeuvres?

Mac: I think we'll wait for the rest of the family. Thank you, Hilda.

Ada: Thank you, Hilda.

Jamie: Hello, Hilda.

Ada: Oh, what's up, doc?

Jamie: Hi, grandma. How are you?

Ada: Ok.

Jamie: Hi, Mac. Where is everybody?

Mac: Late.

Ada: We're starting without them.

Mac: I thought Lisa was coming with you.

Jamie: Yeah, well, so did I, but she got hung up at the station --

Mac: Oh.

Jamie: So she'll be coming directly from there.

Ada: Oh, maybe Adam will drive her over.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. So where's mom?

Mac: Oh, she's seeing Cass and Nicole about our coverage of the opening of the salon.

Jamie: Oh, right.

Ada: That should be quite a do.

Mac: Hmm. I wish Amanda could have written the article. Those last couple of ones that she did -- they were terrific.

Jamie: Have you heard from her or Sam?

Ada: Jamie, they're on their honeymoon. I'd worry if they started calling home.

[Jamie chuckles]

Mac: Well, I'm sure they're "having a wonderful time."

Amanda: "Memphis 94 miles."

Sam: Long distance information give me Memphis, Tennessee

Amanda: It's such a beautiful night out here.

[Engine begins faltering]

Sam: Oh, no!

Amanda: What's wrong?

Sam: Gas. Great. I knew I should have got gas the last gas station.

Amanda: Your gas gauge is still half full.

Sam: Yeah, but it's said that and it's been that way for the last three years.

Amanda: Oh, great. I thought we were just getting great gas mileage.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: We're in the middle of nowhere.

Sam: Huh. How could I be so dumb? This is great.

Amanda: What are we going to do?

Sam: Well, it looks like we got to find a gas station.

Amanda: Well, I saw a sign for one two or three miles down the road.

Sam: Ok. Well, it's time to take a walk.

Amanda: Two or three miles.

Sam: We have no choice, Amanda. What do you want to do, set up house here?

Amanda: All right. I'll go with you.

Sam: Amanda, you'd just slow me down.

Amanda: We're not in a hurry. It's a great night for a walk. It'll be nice.

Sam: Oh, ok.

Amanda: Maybe there's some wildflowers on the road. We can pick them. It'll be fun.

Sam: You know something? You're the only person I know who could make something like this seem like fun.

[Amanda giggles]

Amanda: And you're married to me. As grandma says, "ain't life grand?"

Sam: Grand, grand. Two mile walk. I love this.

Ada: Hilda, you are still the world's champion shrimp puff puffer.

Jamie: Mmm, it's delicious.

Adam: Hi, everybody.

Ada: Hi, Adam.

Jamie: Better hide those quick, Hilda.

Adam: Freeze, Hilda. Give me one of those. Mmm. Mmm.

Ada: What did I tell you?

Adam: Hilda, meet me in the kitchen in five minutes. And don't forget the platter.

[Ada chuckles]

Ada: You want something to drink with all that?

Adam: Soda.

Ada: Ok.

Jamie: You're alone.

Adam: You noticed.

Jamie: Yeah, where's Lisa?

Adam: She didn't call you?

Jamie: No.

Adam: She's got a stack of paperwork like that on the desk, but she will be here.

Jamie: Before dinner, I hope.

Adam: Looks like you got a little of your own medicine. A little medical joke there, Jamie.

Jamie: Why am I not laughing?

Adam: I just meant that you should understand, seeing as how you are as dedicated to your job as she is to hers.

Ada: He does understand, don't you, Dr. Grandson?

Jamie: It's no problem at all. Just want to know what was happening, that's all.

Adam: Is Mac around?

Mac: He's right here. Welcome, Adam.

Adam: Mac, can I talk to you for a second? It's sort of official.

Mac: Step right into my office.

Ada: I told you all those parking tickets were going to catch up with you.

[Mac chuckles]

Ada: He's got you.

Mac: What's up?

Adam: Reginald Love's lawyer has got him moved from the prison hospital this morning to Bay City general.

Mac: On what grounds?

Adam: They said he wasn't getting adequate care.

Mac: But he is still in custody?

Adam: For now.

Mac: What does that mean?

Adam: It means he's got a bail hearing in a few minutes.

Mac: Well, bail won't be granted, will it?

Adam: His lawyers are claiming that because this is an old crime that he's no longer a threat to anybody.

Mac: Well, that's ridiculous, Adam.

Adam: Of course it's ridiculous. Now, look, if they set a bail figure, it's going to be an astronomical figure.

Mac: Well, that won't bother Reginald.

Adam: Not a bit. Now, the D.A.'s doing everything she can to get bail denied, but with this particular judge --

Mac: Who is it?

Adam: It's Judge Roberts. I think you know him.

Mac: Vernon Roberts. Of course I do.

Adam: Look, Mac, I've never asked before and I wouldn't ask this time if it wasn't for the fact that Reginald was involved. Do you think you could talk to him? To the judge, I mean?

Mac: Well, I voted for him. I worked in his campaign.

Adam: Look, maybe he'd listen to you. Maybe he doesn't understand the damage that he could do to his career by helping somebody like Reginald Love.

Mac: Are you so sure that he's going to rule against you?

Adam: Positive. His lawyers have got the fix in, I know it.

Mac: A payoff to Vernon? I don't -- it's just incredible what greed will do to people. I'll make the call right now.

Adam: Thanks, Mac.

Loretta: Oh, Adam. It was so quiet, I didn't think anybody had arrived.

Adam: Why, Loretta, you look wonderful.

Loretta: Thank you. I've been thinking about you all day. Have your ears been burning?

Adam: On fire.

Loretta: Come on. I've figured out where we went off the other day. Hi, everybody.

Ada: Hi.

Jamie: Hello.

Loretta: It was in the bridge. You'll see when we get to it. Now --

Jamie: Shall we?

Ada: Yeah.

Adam: Ahem.

Loretta: And a one and a two and --

Loretta, Adam, and Jamie: Pack up all your cares and woe here I go swingin' low

Ada: Can she play the piano or what?

Jamie: Beautiful.

Loretta, Adam, and Jamie: Where somebody waits for me sugar's sweet so is she

[doorbell rings]

All: Bye-bye, blackbird

Loretta: No one here can

Ada: Ah, here's Lisa.

Vicky: Hi, Hilda.

Hilda: Hi, Miss Hudson. Come in.

Vicky: Thank you.

All: What hard luck stories they all hand me

Jamie: Vicky.

Vicky: Uh -- I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Loretta: No.

Nicole: Oh, I don't know, Rachel.

Cass: I agree, Nicole.

Rachel: With what?

Nicole: Well, if the opening doesn't --

Cass: No, no, it's a great idea, and it's a very, very hot story.

Rachel: But I want an exclusive. I don't want to see this in any other publication.

Cass: Exclusive rights for --

Rachel: Two-page color spread of the opening.

Cass: Six pages. And we hold on to the movie and television rights.

Rachel: Three.

Nicole: Movie and television rights?

Cass: Four pages, color, and I get to approve all photographs and I have the final say on the copy.

Rachel: Cass, you know I can't cut a deal like that.

Cass: Sure you can, Rachel, if you really want to.

Rachel: All right, it's a deal.

Cass: You're getting yourself a great story.

Rachel: You're getting yourself a million bucks full of free publicity.

Cass: That's a conservative estimate.

Rachel: Yeah, you bet it is. Ooh, I've got to go. I'm late. We have a family dinner.

Nicole: Well, send our love to everyone.

Rachel: Yes, I will. See you tomorrow.

Cass: Thank you, Rachel.

Rachel: Exclusive.

Cass: Exclusive. Thanks a million. Maybe even two.

Nicole: Well, that could be a very boring four pages.

Cass: How?

Nicole: If there's no opening, that's how.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Cass, what if "Brava" has to print four pages of nothing?

Cass: We are going to open, and it's going to be a smash.

Nicole: It takes money to open -- lots of money. And what if Jack says we're broke?

Jack: An excellent question. Very apt.

Cass: We're broke.

Jack: This is a pay-or-play situation you're in.

Cass: No kidding, Jack.

Jack: You have seamstresses all set to go, sitting at their sewing machines in Cleveland.

Cass: Our first choice was sunny Palm Springs.

Jack: You have distributors sitting with their trucks in gear --

Cass: Wasting our gas.

Jack: Waiting to deliver your dresses to the stores.

Cass: Ok, ok, Jack! We get the picture! Now, what's the bottom line here?

Jack: You have to pay all these people, Cass.

Nicole: Well, sure. We know that.

Jack: Even though they're doing nothing. They have contracts with you -- contracts that have to be honored.

Cass: And they will be.

Jack: How? Every dime you have is gone.

Nicole: Oh, I knew it.

Jack: You can't even afford the catering bill for tomorrow night.

Nicole: You mean we can't have food?

Jack: I'm trying to tell you you can't have this opening, Nicole.

Cass: Oh, wait. Come on, Jack!

Jack: That's my recommendation. You have what is known as a cash flow problem. And what little cash is still around will have to flow to me. My bill is way past due. If you have any questions, give me a call.

Cass: Collect.

Nicole: Uh -- well, I guess I'll call Felicia and let her know that the opening is canceled.

Cass: Give me.

Nicole: Wait. What are you doing? Cass --

Cass: We're opening, and we're opening on schedule.

Nicole: You heard what Jack said.

Cass: Oh, Jack is so into nickels and dimes, he misses the big picture.

Nicole: The big picture is that we are broke, finished, kaput!

Cass: Didn't the island teach you anything about this situation?

Nicole: The island? Would you like to tell me what you're talking about?

Amanda: Can you walk a little slower?

Sam: We're almost there.

Amanda: I feel like we've been walking for a week.

Sam: Well, aren't you the one who said you were in shape?

Amanda: Have you forgotten that I'm carrying an extra little person around with me?

Sam: Amanda?

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: Isn't this where we left it?

Amanda: What?

Sam: The car. Isn't this where we left it?

Amanda: Yeah. I remember the fence.

Sam: Oh, man.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Sam: It's gone.

Amanda: It can't be gone.

Sam: Do you see it?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Then it's gone.

Amanda: Don't get mad at me.

Sam: Somebody must have stolen it.

Amanda: No.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: What?

Sam: The car didn't drive off by itself.

Amanda: But -- no, I can't believe this.

Sam: Yeah. All of our stuff.

Amanda: All our clothes.

Sam: Well --

Amanda: Your paint!

Sam: Guess what? Back to the gas station.

Amanda: All the way back there?

Sam: Amanda, let's go take a nice walk in the woods. We'll pick some wildflowers, call the cops.

Vicky: Here you go. This is for the newlyweds from my mom and dad.

Jamie: Thank you.

Vicky: Donna just asked me to drop it off.

Ada: That's nice. How is she?

Vicky: She's fine so far, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't call before I came by.

Ada: Why?

Vicky: Well, there's a party, and I seem to have stopped the music.

Loretta: One thing I've learned about the Corys, dear -- there's always room for one more. Rachel.

Rachel: Hello.

Ada: Hi, honey.

Rachel: Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. I apologize. Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi. I was just on my way out the door.

Ada: Vicky just brought over a present for Sam and Amanda from Donna and Michael.

Rachel: Oh, how lovely. Well, would you like to stay and have a drink with us?

Vicky: You don't have to do that.

Rachel: No, I know I don't. Jamie, you want to fix her something to drink?

Jamie: Sure.

Vicky: Thank you.

Rachel: Where's Mac?

Loretta: I don't know, and he's missing our sing-along.

Rachel: Oh.

Loretta: The bells are ringing

Loretta and Adam: For me and my gal

Ada: Oh, I love this song.

All: The birds are singing for me and my gal everybody's been knowing to a wedding they're going

Adam: Did you talk to Judge Roberts?

Mac: I just got off the phone with the idiot.

Adam: Is he going to grant the bail?

Mac: He claims the evidence may not support Reginald being held without bail.

Adam: You've got to be kidding! I've got enough evidence to hold this guy for a hundred years.

Mac: Apparently, money and power still dispense justice these days.

Adam: Damn it.

Mac: I'm sorry, Adam.

Adam: No, it's -- it's ok, Mac. It's not your fault. I just got to think about what I'm going to do next.

Mac: There must be a way to block Reginald's release.

Adam: Well, if there's a way, I'm going to find it because I'm not giving up on this.

[Doorbell rings]

Mac: Excuse me. Hi, dear.

Lisa: Hi, Mac.

Mac: Good to see you.

Lisa: Nice to see you.

Adam: Well, don't tell me you -- you got through that stack of files already.

Lisa: What if I told you I burned them?

Adam: I think I could probably recommend a good employment agency to you.

Lisa: Sounds nice.

Mac: Yeah, since Loretta came, the house sounds like a home for the Mormon Tabernacle choir. Shall we go in?

All: Home for two or three or four or more in love land for me and my gal

[Loretta plays "someone to watch over me"]

Jamie: Hi, I'm glad you could make it.

Vicky: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hi, Vicky. What a surprise.

Rachel: I was looking for you.

Mac: I didn't see you come in.

Rachel: Well, I was with Cass trying to get the rights to the story.

Mac: Oh? Who won?

Rachel: Well, we have to give him two extra pages on the opening.

Mac: Hmm. Oh, well, for a story about that man and that woman stranded alone on a deserted island, it's well worth it.

Rachel: You old devil.

[Mac chuckles]

Lisa: Where are we going?

Jamie: Right over here to talk.

Lisa: To talk about what?

Jamie: About what's bothering you. Vicky. She came by to drop off a present for Sam and Amanda.

Lisa: Vicky already brought Sam and Amanda a present.

Jamie: This one's from Mike and Donna.

Lisa: She's a regular little messenger service, isn't she?

Jamie: You're upset.

Lisa: No, I'm not. I just think it's not very subtle.

Jamie: Well, Mom asked her to stay. There wasn't much I could do.

Lisa: It's fine. It's just fine.

Vicky: Well, I guess I'll be saying good evening.

Ada: Are you leaving so soon?

Vicky: I've stayed too long already.

Ada: Oh.

Loretta: But you've sung for your supper, hasn't she, Ada?

Ada: Well, sure.

Loretta: Besides, we can always set another place at the table, right, Rachel?

Rachel: Um -- well --

Loretta: And we need another alto.

Vicky: Well, if you insist.

Cass: Nicole, we survived on that island. And we said we love each other on that island.

Nicole: I know. But what's that got to do with business?

Cass: We already have what's important. We have our lives, and we have each other. The rest is gravy. Now, all we have to do is show a little courage and make things happen.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, I still don't get it.

Cass: Look, I told you that it -- it takes a certain flair being broke.

Nicole: I remember, yes.

Cass: You have to forget about what is and think about what can be.

Nicole: How do I do that?

Cass: You remember the island?

Nicole: I'll never forget it.

Cass: You remember that night that we danced? We heard the music?

Nicole: Which wasn't there.

Cass: Exactly. That's it exactly. It wasn't there. We had to invent it. It was magic.

Nicole: So?

Cass: So the point I'm trying to make is, we were the only ones that were there. So we can tell anyone anything we want about what went on there.

Nicole: Right, and they'd have to believe us.

Cass: Exactly. We're the only ones that know the truth.

Nicole: So nobody has to know the truth about this.

Cass: It'll be the island in reverse.

Nicole: Right. We pretend that we're rolling in dough.

Cass: Well, what's dough, anyway? It's a medium of exchange, right?

Nicole: Right, but do you think I can do that?

Cass: I know you can.

Nicole: Ok, so we let people think that the publicity from the crash has just catapulted us to the top, right?

Cass: Catapulted -- yeah, I like that -- catapulted.

Nicole: We are going to have the salon opening just like we planned.

Cass: And no more plastic champagne glasses. Crystal all the way.

Nicole: What about Jack?

Cass: Well, Jack's just going to have to cope. You see, all we have to do is make it to the first big Paris showing, and then illusion will turn into reality.

Nicole: That's right, you know? I mean, it's not forever. It's just until Paris. We can do it.

Cass: And you're going to dazzle the world, just like we always planned.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Yeah.

Amanda: Finally.

Sam: You ok?

Amanda: Yeah. Just a little tired. I've never finished a 10-k before.

Sam: I am so sorry, Amanda.

Amanda: It's not your fault.

Sam: Yeah, it is.

Amanda: All right, it is.

Sam: If I hadn't been so stupid, not getting gas --

Amanda: Yeah, that was stupid.

Sam: Stop agreeing with me anytime now you want to. Just stop now, ok?

Amanda: Oh, Sam --

Sam: Mm-hmm?

Amanda: I still love you.

Sam: Really?

Amanda: Believe it or not.

Sam: Hmm. Come on, let's go on inside and get some sleep.

Amanda: Do you think they're going to find our car?

Sam: I'm not holding my breath.

Amanda: They sure didn't sound too optimistic down there, did they? What's wrong with the key?

Sam: The bolt's rusted shut.

Amanda: There has to be a nicer motel than this.

Sam: Amanda, every motel is nicer than this. But you're pregnant and we're not going anywhere. You got to get off your feet. Ok.

Amanda: You did it!

Sam: Ha, ha! Check this out. Wait a second, wait a second. You're still my bride. I get to do this.

Amanda: Ah!

Sam: Oh, God, you weigh a ton.

Amanda: You creep. Thanks a lot.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Do me a favor. Hit that with your foot -- there. So, what do you think?

Amanda: Sam, the guy down at the front desk -- did he look like Anthony Perkins to you?

Sam: Yeah, it's not that bad. Come on, let's get some rest.

Amanda: No, don't you put me down in here!

Amanda: Sam, please!

Sam: Amanda, I am going to put you down.

Amanda: No, not yet!

Sam: Yes, now.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because you're heavy.

[Sam groans]

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Come on, it's not that bad. It's a bed. I mean, a bed's a bed, right?

Amanda: Except when it's a table.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Sit on this. Feel it.

Sam: Ok, so it's a little firm.

Amanda: Firm? We could tap dance on this.

Sam: So it's good for your back, Amanda. Think of it that way.

Amanda: Why does it smell that way?

Sam: Smell? I don't smell anything.

[Sam coughs]

Sam: Ok, it has a slight odor.

Amanda: Slight? It smells like a huge lump of Limburg cheese.

Sam: Actually, it smells more like Gorgonzola.

Amanda: I'd rather not discuss it.

Sam: Well, hey -- check out these curtains! Isn't this amazing?

[Amanda laughs]

Amanda: Very trendy, very trendy. In fact, is this what they call the R

Roman shade?

Sam: Actually, no, I think that's what they call ripped sheets.

Amanda: Eew. So punk. I'll have to ask my decorator about those.

Sam: Hey, check this out! How do you like the no window pane look?

Amanda: Yes, featured in last month's Architectural Digest.

Sam: Yes, of course.

Amanda: Yes. And here we have our own very fabulous walk-in closet.

Sam: Hey, you know, it wouldn't be too hard to clean this place. All you'd have to do is hose it down.

Amanda: Sam, give me a quarter.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: Just give me a quarter really quick.

Sam: Ok. Here.

Amanda: Come on.

Sam: Here.

[Bed vibrates]

Amanda: Oh, my gosh! Magic fingers. Is it the tackiest thing you've ever seen?

Sam: You know something? I'm glad I brought a lot of quarters, you know?

Amanda: You know, I'm actually beginning to like this place.

Sam: That's magic.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Sam, this place is unbelievable. It is the Bates motel. There's no shower curtain.

Sam: There's no phone.

Amanda: There's no light.

Sam: There's no bible.

Amanda: No soap.

Sam: No stationary.

Amanda: No toilet paper.

Sam: "No limit on lust."

Amanda: No what?

Sam: No nothing.

Amanda: Let me see that.

Sam: No way.

Amanda: Oh! Oh, Sam!

Sam: What, what?

Amanda: Come here!

Sam: What? What is it?

Amanda: What is that?

Sam: Where?

Amanda: That.

Sam: Ha! You mean that?

Amanda: That big, disgusting, slimy thing. What is that?

Sam: That's a little water bug, Amanda.

Amanda: Little?

Sam: Ok, so it's the size of a Bay City bus.

Amanda: So what are you going to do about it?

Sam: What am I going to do? Well, we can do one of two things. We can either raise it as our own or we can do this.

Amanda: You killed it!

Sam: Yeah. Well, you know, we can't afford another mouth to feed.

Amanda: How disgusting! You're not going to just leave it there.

Sam: Amanda, it goes with the decor.

Amanda: No jokes, please.

Sam: Come on, Amanda. It's just a little water bug.

Amanda: What if there's more of them?

Sam: There's probably millions more of them.

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: In here?

Sam: No, no, no. In the world, in the world.

Amanda: I meant in here.

Sam: Oh, well -- I just see one more.

Amanda: What?

Sam: There's one right next to your foot.

[Amanda screams]

Amanda: Sam, get me out of here, please!

Cass: Oh, here you are.

Nicole: Oh. Hey.

Cass: Hey. Come with me.

Nicole: Come with you? Where?

Cass: Just come with me.

Nicole: Where are you taking me? Hey, you know, I was making up a list for the opening.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Things we need. Yeah, we need to lose this furniture.

Cass: Yeah? Come with me.

Nicole: I was thinking -- come with you where? Cass, what's the smile for, huh?

Cass: Come with me.

Mac: There are novelists, and there are novelists, and then there is Charles Dickens.

Jamie: In English literature. The French and the Russians have a couple of fairly good country writers, too.

Rachel: Yeah, not to mention the rest of the world.

Mac: Well, not to be chauvinistic about it, we do have to defend a great deal on translations when you have a non-English writer.

Jamie: Nabokov was a Russian who wrote in English.

Lisa: And beautifully. Lolita, that's --

Loretta: Sublime. Lord, how I love literary discussions. My blood is racing.

Vicky: Did you know that Jamie's a novelist?

Loretta: You are?

Jamie: Was. Not now.

Loretta: Published?

Jamie: One book. It's out of print.

Vicky: A view of the bay.

Mac: How's everybody's drink?

Loretta: Fine.

Jamie: Fine.

Vicky: You know, it might not be in print, but it's not impossible to find. I did pick it up in a used bookstore the other day.

Lisa: Wonder how long she looked for that.

Loretta: A view of the bay?

Vicky: Did you publish that, Mr. Cory?

Mac: No.

Vicky: Somebody got to it before you did, huh?

Rachel: Darling, come with me to the kitchen. Helen wants you to carve.

Mac: Oh, great. Let's go. Love to carve.

Rachel: Excuse us.

Mac: Excuse us, everyone.

Vicky: Was it something I said?

Loretta: Either that or it's that silly thing about 20 minutes after the hour.

Vicky: Mac looked almost angry.

Jamie: My book was based on real people.

Loretta: Oh. A roman a clef?

Jamie: Some of whom are right here.

Ada: And we'll all live. Loretta, what is that song about nothing's impossible -- you know the one I mean?

Loretta: When my chin is on the ground

Ada: That's it.

Loretta: Pick myself up

Ada: Pick myself up, brush myself off.

And start all over again

Loretta: It's Jerome Kern from Swingtime.

Ada: Oh, good.

[Loretta plays piano]

Vicky: Oh, I hope you don't mind setting another place for me, Hilda.

Hilda: Not at all. As a matter of fact, I thought you'd probably be staying.

Vicky: Really? Why?

Hilda: When you called earlier about the present.

Vicky: Oh. Well, these look delicious. I'd love to have one.

Loretta: Pick yourself up brush yourself off start all over again

Adam: Hey, are you ok?

Lisa: Vicky didn't just drop in to drop off a present.

Adam: You think she had this whole thing planned?

Lisa: Of course she did.

Adam: How?

Lisa: She called Hilda earlier. She knew there was a dinner party.

Adam: I have to admit, she didn't exactly put up a big fight when they asked her to say.

Lisa: Yeah, all that wide-eyed innocence.

Adam: Well, look, at least now you know what's going on.

Lisa: You'd have to be a complete idiot not to see what's going on.

Adam: No, my point is, is that now you're on top of things.

Lisa: How?

Adam: You know how to deal with it.

Lisa: I do?

Adam: Ok, you know how not to deal with it. You know not to sink to Vicky's level.

Lisa: Right, right. I'm not going to do that. It's just how Jamie is going to deal with it that worries me.

Adam: Don't worry about Jamie. Jamie's a smart boy. He can see all that stuff she's trying to pull.

Lisa: Yeah, all that stuff that she is trying to pull ticks me off.

Adam: Look, he loves you. Gosh, I mean, who wouldn't love you? I mean, look at you. You're wonderful. You're a beautiful girl. I mean, he'd be crazy to even look at anybody else.

Sam: That was the last bug, Amanda, I promise. I got them all.

Amanda: There has got to be another motel.

Sam: Come on, Amanda, not for miles. Except for that truck stop around the corner. You want to stay there?

Amanda: I don't believe this.

Sam: Come on. Come here. Let's get some sleep, ok?

Amanda: No, I am not going to go to sleep on this smelly thing.

Sam: Amanda, we have no choice.

Amanda: What if the bugs come back?

Sam: Well, I'll tell you what we do. What we do is we adopt them, we name them, we put leashes on them, and we have water bug races around the bed.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Didn't work. Ok.

Amanda: Not funny.

Sam: Amanda, look -- we have to stay here while they look for the car. We don't have a choice. Let's just make the best of it, ok?

[Bed vibrates]

Amanda: Oh, great.

Sam: The magic fingers again.

Amanda: I didn't have to deposit a quarter.

Sam: You know, that is kind of magic.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: How about -- how about we make some of our own magic?

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: Ok.

Nicole: So you really think we can pull this off, huh?

Cass: I know we can.

Nicole: Well, what will we do for money?

Cass: How many credit cards have you got?

Nicole: Oh, Cass.

Cass: It's going to be a bit of a balancing act until that first big show in Paris. But in the meantime, you can get all sorts of custom orders.

Nicole: Yeah, Sophie can help us. She can just wait to get paid.

Cass: Yeah, now you're thinking the Winthrop way.

Nicole: Yeah. We'll just do anything we have to do, huh?

Cass: That's it. And I'll work all that time. I'll be arranging loans and lines of credit.

Nicole: We're still going to do it, aren't we? We're going to turn the fashion world upside down.

Cass: But not right now.

Nicole: Oh. It's late, huh?

Cass: Yeah. You need a good sleep.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: I mean, after all, tomorrow night is the big night.

Nicole: Hmm, I know.

Cass: So, you ready to turn in?

Nicole: Well --

Cass: Well, what?

Nicole: Well, we're not sleeping in separate rooms.

Cass: Who said anything about separate rooms?

Nicole: Oh. I can't believe it. Oh!

Nicole: Oh, Cass.

Cass: You like it?

Nicole: Well, who wouldn't?

Cass: I know I didn't consult you about it.

Nicole: How did you know?

Cass: Well, I just asked John to do me a little favor while we were gone.

Nicole: You mean you knew before we left, before the island?

Cass: Yeah, I knew. I knew. Gee, I hope the -- hope the mattress isn't too hard.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Me, too.

Cass: I hate it when they're hard. It's like sleeping on top of your car.

Nicole: Hmm. Well, I guess there's only one way to find out.

Cass: What way would that be?

Nicole: Come with me.

[Cass laughs]

Nicole: Hmm.

Cass: Hmm.

Nicole: You know what?

Cass: What?

Nicole: I think it's going to be just right.

Cass: Me, too.

Cass: Let's forget the champagne.

Cass: Mmm. Hey, Nicole.

[Cass and Nicole laugh]

[piano plays]

Jamie: Do you want to use the phone?

Vicky: Oh, I can wait.

Jamie: I'll be off in a second. I'm checking on a patient.

Vicky: Fine. No --

Jamie: Dr. Diaz. Good. I'll check back in about an hour. Thank you very much.

Vicky: Is every doctor as dedicated as you are, Jamie?

Jamie: Well -- hey, where'd you disappear to, by the way?

Lisa: I was just out on the terrace.

Jamie: Are you feeling ok?

Lisa: I'm fine. Why?

Jamie: You look a little sad.

Lisa: No, I'm wonderful.

Jamie: Good.

Vicky: Maybe I shouldn't stay for dinner after all.

Lisa: Why not? Your place has been set all evening.

Rachel: Sounds like a good story.

Adam: It'd sure sell some magazines.

Mac: But not for us. We've done our Reginald story.

Adam: I just wonder if Michael knows what time this bail hearing is.

Mac: If Reginald does go free, it's going to mean nothing but pain for Donna and Nicole.

Ada: You really love the piano, don't you?

Loretta: Oh, boy. Especially this one. All I have back home is an upright in Seattle. Of course, it did belong to George Gershwin.

Ada: You're kidding me.

Loretta: How I came by it is a long story. A saga, in fact. It all had to do with a very famous singer.

Ada: Well, come on. Tell me. Come on, just the initials.

Loretta: It'll all come out, eventually, but I tell you, that piano is my prize possession. Of course, the cats have really scratched up the legs terribly.

Ada: You have cats?

Loretta: Mm-hmm, four of them. Gable and Lombard and Humphrey and Cary. I hope my neighbor upstairs is taking good care of them. They're awfully spoiled.

Ada: I like cats. I'm allergic to them, though.

Loretta: Well, they're awfully good company when you're lonely.

Ada: I'm too busy to be lonely.

Loretta: Yes, the days can be filled up, but at night, when the lights go out and you have no one to say good night to -- since Sam moved out here, I miss him so.

Ada: I know what that's like.

Rachel: Everybody, Helen says dinner's ready. Will you come in?

Jamie: Oh, great.

Adam: Oh, great.

Mac: I'm starved.

Adam: Let's eat!

Mac: Can't wait. Thank you.

Loretta: Pick yourself up.

Ada: Dust yourself off.

Ada and Loretta: And start all over again

Sam: That was some shower, wasn't it?

Amanda: More like a little drizzle to me.

Sam: Well, it was warm, at least.

Amanda: Right, which this room is not.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: What?

Amanda: My skin is peeling.

Sam: Hey, it's because of that soap. You're not supposed to shower with it.

Amanda: I didn't even know they still made this stuff.

Sam: My mom used it to clean floors.

Amanda: Great. Get under the covers. It's freezing.

Sam: Ok. Oh, great, just what I wanted -- an itchy blanket. It's marvelous.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: What?

Amanda: Um -- what are we going to wear tomorrow?

Sam: What do you mean?

Amanda: I mean that all of our clothes were in the car.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: What are you smiling for?

Sam: Oh, I just was thinking about the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with you -- like this.

Amanda: So amusing.

Sam: Oh, it's like a dream.

Amanda: Right. Well, if it's a dream, then maybe you better wake up!

Sam: You know, you better stop that, kid, otherwise --

Amanda: Ooh, you don't scare me.

Sam: Oh! Oh, yeah? Well, you just might hurt my feelings and I might leave you.

Amanda: You wouldn't dare.

Sam: Yes. And then who would kill the nasty bugs for you?

[Amanda screams]

Sam: Who would kill the big, black ones, the ones that scrunch when you step on them?


Amanda: Oh, no.

Sam: What the heck is that?

Amanda: It's an earthquake. Quick, get underneath the table.

Sam: No, no, no, no. Amanda, there are no earthquakes in this part of the country. Besides, there's no table.

Amanda: Maybe it's the end of the world.

Sam: Oh, that's logical. Yeah, sure. Wait a minute.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I know what it is.

Amanda: What is it?

Sam: It's the magic fingers.

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: They've finally had it. They've been here for years, and they're tired of shaking all the time.

Amanda: Would you stop?

Sam: What is -- oh! Hold on tight, Amanda!

Amanda: The picture just fell.

Sam: That's ok. I didn't like that picture, anyway.

Amanda: Sam, I'm scared. I'm really scared. Are you?

Sam: I'm calm. I'm -- really, I'm incredibly calm. I'm so calm, it's amazing.

Amanda: A train.

Sam: A big train.

Amanda: I bet you it's going to come right through this room, isn't it?

Sam: Probably.

[Train whistle blows]

Amanda: Hold me!

Sam: It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok.

Amanda: It's gone. It's gone. Sam, that was so scary. I'm still shaking.

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: I'm the one who -- whose idea it was to leave Palm Springs. And look at this place. This is terrible.

Amanda: So? I mean --

Sam: Come on.

Amanda: Where are you going?

Sam: I'm going to a phone. I'm going to get us another motel room or a rental car or something. Fly us back to Bay City if I have to.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Why? Isn't that obvious? Look at this place. It's awful.

Amanda: Yeah, it is.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I've never been in anything this disgusting before in my life. But you know what?

Sam: What?

Amanda: I've never had this much fun.

Sam: Yeah?

[Train whistle blows]

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