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Another World Transcript Monday 2/16/04

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John: Charlie, it smells incredible in here. Listen, you got room for one more?

Charlie: 40 more. It's a slow morning.

John: Well, good. In that case, I'll be sitting right over there, and I am definitely in the mood for one of those jumbo breakfasts if you got a minute, ok?

Cheryl: Charlie, I'm late. I know I am. I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

Charlie: No problem.

Cheryl: Where is everybody?

Charlie: They're late like you.

Cheryl: I am sorry. I -- I wanted to buy Dawn a present. She has her senior recital today and she's back in the hospital. I just feel so bad she had to miss it.

Charlie: What a lousy deal.

Cheryl: Yeah. Anyway, take your break. I can handle this place, all right?

Charlie: You got it.

Cheryl: All right.

Cheryl: Hi, John.

John: Hi.

Cheryl: You're here later than usual.

John: Oh, well, my guys are up at the site. I just needed some time to go over these.

Cheryl: Oh, yeah? What are they?

John: Blueprints for the addition to Jason Frame's farmhouse.

Cheryl: Jason Frame, huh?

John: Mm-hmm. Let's see --

Cheryl: Oh, John!

John: Oops.

Cheryl: I'm sorry.

John: It's ok. It's all right.

Cheryl: No, I'm so stupid. I'm sorry.

John: It's fine, it's fine. It's all right. Listen, Cheryl, it's ok. It's not like it's life or death or anything. Cheryl?

Rachel: Our little girl got married. Can you believe it?

Mac: I was there, remember?

Rachel: This house seems so empty.

Mac: Well, darling, we just got to get used to it.

Rachel: I hate it when you say things like that.

Mac: Oh, I'm sorry. What would you like me to say?

Rachel: Something sensitive would be nice.

Mac: So long as it makes our daughter happy, it makes us happy. How's that?

Rachel: Better. Look.

[Mac laughs]

Rachel: Her first day at nursery school.

Mac: Oh, she was terrified.

Rachel: I wasn't exactly cool myself.

Mac: I remember your walking her out to the car. She was hanging on to you for dear life.

Rachel: I was trying so hard to be tough.

Mac: And you failed miserably.

Rachel: I was miserable. Once I dropped her off at school and started walking back to the car, I started crying and I couldn't stop.

Mac: I know. You were still crying when you got home.

Rachel: It went so fast.

Mac: Too fast.

Rachel: I keep listening for her to clatter down those stairs, yelling for Helen and pancakes.

Mac: And asking to borrow one of your sweaters or my car.

Rachel: Now she's all grown up and married. Jamie's out of the house on his own.

Mac: Matthew's away at school.

Rachel: No doors slamming.

Mac: No loud music playing.

Rachel: No arguing.

Mac: No worrying about what time they're going to get home.

Rachel: No phone ringing off the hook.

Mac: Hey, this is sounding better all the time.

Rachel: Maybe there is a silver lining after -- oh, wait a minute. I got one more.

Mac: What's that? I can't wait to hear it.

Rachel: No wondering when they might be coming in.

Mac: Oh -- no waiting till they all get to sleep.

Rachel: Just maybe we can adjust to this. What do you think?

Lisa: Oops. I'm sorry.

Mac: Oh! Lisa.

Lisa: Hilda let me in. I don't think she knew you were busy.

Rachel: Oh, it's all right. Come in.

Lisa: I'm sorry. I should've called.

Mac: No, don't be silly. We're just talking about how empty this house feels with the children away.

Rachel: Perfect timing.

Mac: But if you'll excuse me, Mitch is coming over. I got to find some books for him to take to Matthew. Get her mind off the absent children, will you?

Lisa: I'll do my best.

Rachel: Come on in, sit down. Better yet, move in. Do us all a lot of good.

Lisa: You are feeling lonely, aren't you?

Rachel: Oh, I am. I didn't think about it. I didn't know it would affect me like this.

Lisa: You and Amanda get along really well, don't you?

Rachel: Well, we have our moments, but, yes, we're pretty close.

Lisa: She's lucky to have a mother like you.

Rachel: What a lovely thing to say.

Lisa: I'm envious.

Rachel: You have Felicia.

Lisa: Yeah, but, you know --

Rachel: But what?

Lisa: Well, she's always out of town, and when she's away --

Rachel: Well, you come here as often as you like. We'd love it.

Lisa: Well, I just came by to tell you how great the wedding was.

Rachel: No, you didn't.

Lisa: What?

Rachel: Lisa, something's wrong. I can see it, sweetie.

Lisa: No. Really, no. There's nothing.

Rachel: What is it? What's Jamie done now?

Jason: Thanks, Jamie.

Jamie: It doesn't seem to be an infection. But if it starts to trouble you some more, go to the hospital, ok?

Jason: Putting up chicken wire after dark without lights -- it was dumb. I deserve to have my arm torn up.

Jamie: You did a pretty good job of it, too. You almost severed a tendon.

Jason: I still feel bad about calling you at your sister's wedding reception.

Jamie: Well, my beeper was working overtime last night, and it's going to start again if I don't get to work soon.

Jason: You got to go?

Jamie: Yeah, I've got a dozen patients waiting for me.

Jason: Well, I was hoping I could invite you to breakfast. I'd like to show you around, the things I've been doing here.

Jamie: I would've loved that. But some other time, ok?

Jason: Hey, I made a lot of changes since you were here.

Jamie: I noticed on the drive up here, but how about a rain check?

Jason: Fine. Look, I got some things I want to tell you about your dad, too, that --

Jamie: All right, we'll definitely do it. We'll definitely do it, ok?

Jason: Ok, sure.

Jamie: And, Unc, if you have any more plans about making changes around here --

Jason: Listen, I got major construction, you know. I want to do the kitchen --

Jamie: Why don't you try it in daytime? It's a lot safer.

Jason: Oh, you're my doctor, right? Thanks.

Jamie: Viki, what -- are you following me around?

Vicky: Am I what?

Jamie: Following me.

Vicky: Excuse me, Dr. Paranoia, but I had no idea you were here.

Jamie: Well, then, what are you doing here?

Vicky: What is this, the inquisition?

Jamie: No, it's just a little strange that you're out here at my uncle's place.

Vicky: Well, Jamie, in case you haven't remembered, my grandmother lives right next door.

Jamie: Oh. Right.

Vicky: And we decided we wanted fresh eggs for breakfast, so I decided to raid Jason's chicken coop. My grandmother says your hens are already prize layers.

Jason: Oh, yeah. Well, if Clara says that -- if anybody ought to know, it's Clara.

Vicky: Yeah, so how much do I owe you, Jason?

Jason: Well, let's see, at $1.35 each --

Jamie: It makes for a pretty expensive omelet.

Jason: Tell you what, if you get some of Clara's homemade raspberry preserves she puts up --

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jason: You get me a couple of jars of that, you can have all the free eggs you want as long as you want.

Vicky: Deal.

Jamie: Vicky, sorry for being suspicious. I guess I overreacted.

Vicky: Oh, no, there's no need to apologize, Jamie, especially what happened yesterday at the wedding. I hope that you and Lisa worked everything out.

Jamie: Oh, it's -- we're -- we're fine.

Vicky: Good, because I wouldn't want to cause a problem between the two of you.

Jamie: No, it was nothing that bad.

Vicky: Well, good, good. I'm glad about that.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Oh, I knew it.

Jason: I got a phone right here. Help yourself.

Jamie: No, Unc, I put one in my car. Listen, take care of that arm.

Jason: Do me a favor, would you? I know you're busy, but would you get out here more often? I would like to see you.

Jamie: Lisa and I will be by real soon.

Jason: Good.

Jamie: Bye, Vicky.

Vicky: See you. You know, Jason, these eggs are whoppers and they would make a mighty fine omelet. Would you like to join me for breakfast?

Lisa: Do you ever get jealous?

Rachel: Ah, jealousy. Is that what this is about?

Lisa: Yeah.

Rachel: Yes, I certainly have been afflicted by jealousy many times.

Lisa: I don't believe it.

Rachel: Oh, I think it comes with the territory when you're involved with a very charming man who loves women.

Lisa: Well, I'm feeling better already.

Rachel: Is this just free-floating jealousy, or is there somebody specific you have in mind?

Lisa: Specific.

Rachel: Anybody I know?

Lisa: Vicky Hudson.

Rachel: You're kidding.

Lisa: I wish I were.

Rachel: She's only a child.

Lisa: Well, I wouldn't call her that.

Rachel: She's not even Jamie's type.

Lisa: How do you know?

Rachel: You're his type.

Lisa: What kind of type is that?

Rachel: Somebody he can trust, somebody who loves him and he can love and take care of and count on. Not -- not a child who is as manipulative and obvious as Vicky Hudson is.

Lisa: I'm not sure he sees her that way.

Rachel: Well, honey, that's because men see what they want to see, but eventually they come around. Really, they do.

Lisa: I hope so. It's just so infuriating, you know? Sometimes I just want to get out of Vicky's way.

Rachel: Don't you dare. Don't you dare dump my son. You're beautiful and intelligent, and one of these days I would like you officially part of our family if that's what you want.

Lisa: I want Jamie to be happy.

Rachel: I have a feeling you already know how to do that. Don't let a little child like Vicky get in your way. You're too smart for that.

Lisa: Thanks, Rachel.

Rachel: You just use your brain, ok, and hang in there.

Lisa: I will.

Rachel: Good.

Loretta: Hello, hello.

Rachel: Hello, Loretta.

Loretta: Oh, dear. You have company. Am I interrupting?

Rachel: No, I think we're finished.

Loretta: Have you been having a heart-to-heart?

Rachel: Yes. As a matter of fact, we have.

Loretta: Oh, how I envy you, Rachel. Your children love you. Even your son's girlfriend loves and confides in you. My sons won't give me the time of day. You mind if I pour myself some coffee?

John: Hey, you feeling better?

Cheryl: Yeah, I -- I got to go clean your table, right?

John: No, it's already done -- paper napkins, and I don't really believe that you're feeling better, so why don't you tell me what's wrong?

Cheryl: Look, Charlie's on a break. I have to get out there, all right?

John: Charlie's back from a break. Now it's your turn.

Cheryl: I can't. Look, I just got here, ok, John?

John: Cheryl, come on. Talk to me. I might be able to help.

Cheryl: No, you can't.

John: Try me.

Cheryl: Nobody can.

John: Come on. Are you sure?

Cheryl: It's Dawn.

John: Oh.

Cheryl: Why, huh? Why her?

John: I wish I had the answers. I don't.

Cheryl: Her life is just beginning.

John: Yeah, well, I used to feel that way about a lot of the guys that I served with in 'Nam, and they were just kids -- 18, 19 years old.

Cheryl: Every time she goes in the hospital, she never knows if she'll be able to come out. One day she's fine, and then the --

John: AIDS has turned out to be the cancer of the 1980s. I mean, 30 years ago, if you were told that you had cancer, it was like getting a death sentence, but that's not true anymore.

Cheryl: Who knows if she's even going to live long enough to benefit from the cure? It's not fair, John.

John: You know what I think? I think that you ought to be just concentrating on the good times that you have with her, all right? Just appreciate every moment that you have with her.

Cheryl: And then she'll be gone.

John: Yes, she'll be gone, and you'll be left with memories, precious memories that will make you laugh and make you feel good about yourself.

Cheryl: I was thinking about Wally the other day, and I remember the time that he and Cass tried to teach me how to play poker.

John: That must've been something.

Cheryl: Oh, Cass.

John: Now, come on. Don't start thinking about Cass. If anybody's going to come out smelling like a rose, it'll be him.

Cheryl: Then I guess it's just my -- my worrying day.

John: Yeah, well, the thing about worrying days is that we all have them and they always pass.

Cheryl: Yeah, I guess everything does.

John: Mm-hmm. See, the real key to all this is just taking the time to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Cheryl: You're good to talk to.

John: I'm good to talk to? Seems to me that I'm the one who did most of the talking here.

Cheryl: Well, then you're good to -- to listen to anyway.

John: Yeah, yeah, well, and you're just so full of goodness, it just spills out all over everyone who's around you. You are a real gift. Now, I'm awfully hungry. I wish you'd get back to work.

Vicky: Hey, you got an omelet pan in here?

Jason: Well, I got a pan I use for frying pork chops and chicken, scrambled eggs, fish.

Vicky: So our omelet will have a variety of flavors.

Jason: Hey, I had liver and onions in this thing yesterday.

Vicky: Tell me you're kidding, please. Just tell me you're kidding, ok?

Jason: I'll tell you if I'm kidding if you'll tell me what you are really doing out here.

Vicky: Well, like I said, my grandmother lives next door, and she wanted some eggs, so I --

Jason: No, no, you got that line by Jamie because you tap-danced and double-talked about eggs.

Vicky: Double talk? Me?

Jason: What do you really want, Vicky?

Vicky: A perfect omelet, and for that I will need the help of your refrigerator.

Jason: Well, I guess you could want something as simple as just plain old Jamie, couldn't you?

Vicky: We've got some tomatoes and I think some Swiss cheese and some --

Jason: Yep, I would say that's it. You just want Jamie.

Vicky: What do you want, Jason?

Jason: Me? I got just about everything I need.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, you've got a run-down farm here that needs a lot of work, you've got an enormous pension of a chief petty officer that hardly pays for the half-dozen chickens outside. Yeah, you've got everything you need. Yeah, right.

Jason: Why do you think I'm trying to get something?

Vicky: Intuition. I can tell when people have their eye on something.

Jason: Oh, can you, hmm?

Vicky: You know, Jason, I was born rich but I wasn't raised rich.

Jason: Yeah, well, I know that story.

Vicky: I had to scratch for everything I've ever had. I've never gotten enough.

Jason: What do you think we are, kindred souls?

Vicky: Why not? You've worked for my grandfather, Reginald. He's a rich man. Hanging around with the Corys -- they're rich people.

Jason: So you think I'm trying to get rich? Is that how you see me?

Vicky: You're trying for something. That's what I see.

Jason: I see you're a pretty slow omelet maker, unless of course you make them without breaking the eggs.

Vicky: I break whatever I want to get what I need.

Jason: I would say that Jamie could do a lot worse than Victoria Hudson.

Vicky: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah.

Vicky: Well, someday your nephew is going to realize that.

Scott: Ok. Can I get you anything? Some water?

Dawn: Nothing.

Scott: Blanket?

Dawn: Nothing.

Scott: You know, your color looks a lot better today. It does.

Dawn: Thanks.

Scott: How about if I open these blinds, let some sunshine in? It's such a beautiful day out there. I can't believe it's almost springtime.

Dawn: I don't care.

Scott: That doesn't sound like you.

Dawn: Well, it is me, Scott. And yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself, and yes, I'm angry.

Scott: Because of the recital?

Dawn: Oh, I wanted so much to go to that.

Scott: I know you did. And I wish you could, but at least it's going to be on the radio, right?

Dawn: That's -- that doesn't make much of a difference.

Scott: Dawn, Dawn -- it's better than nothing.

Dawn: Scott, I wanted to see the look on their faces. I wanted to know if my music moved them, whether they liked it, whether they hated it. How am I supposed to know that if it's just playing on the radio? I don't. I just want to be alone right now, ok?

Scott: Yeah, sure. I'm going to be right back, all right?

Dawn: Ok.

Scott: Ok?

Chad: Hey, Scott, Scott --

Scott: Yeah?

Chad: How is she?

Scott: She's pretty depressed right now, Chad.

Chad: She was so excited about that recital.

Scott: I know.

Chad: Why did this have to happen now?

Scott: I don't know. But we definitely have to do something.

Chad: Like what?

Scott: I have a pretty good idea. I'll see you.

Loretta: My sons want nothing to do with me.

Lisa: I can't believe that.

Loretta: No, it's true, dear.

Rachel: I'm sure they'll come around eventually, Loretta.

Loretta: I'll tell you something -- I'll never give up on them. This mother will keep trying until the day she dies.

Lisa: I can't imagine anyone not appreciating you.

Rachel: Well, does anybody want more coffee?

Lisa: You know, they're lucky to have you.

Loretta: Well, bless your heart for saying that. What a darling. Maybe I should have you talk to Sam and Mitch, do a little P.R. for me.

Rachel: I wonder how the kids are enjoying their honeymoon.

Loretta: Well, how bad can it be? The Cory Estate in Palm Beach?

Lisa: I'm sure it's fabulous.

Loretta: Compared to the Adams Hotel in Philly, I'm sure it's paradise. I was doing pre-Broadway tryout, "The Rope dancers" -- ever hear of it? -- Starring Art Carney and an incredible cast, marvelous play. Well, we couldn't leave the play, so we had our honeymoon right in Philly.

Lisa: Well, I bet you didn't mind.

Loretta: Not after the wonderful notices we got.

Lisa: I'd love to see you perform, Loretta.

Loretta: Well, don't hold your breath. The phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook.

Rachel: Suppose we call the kids just to find out if they arrived safely. What do you think?

Lisa: Now, Rachel, do you really want to know?

Rachel: I should wait a few days, huh?

Loretta: I wouldn't call at all if I were you. The last thing kids want is their mother interfering. At least that's the last thing my sons want. They don't want to know I exist.

Rachel: Loretta, I'm sure that's not the case.

Loretta: If they only knew how I adore them. You try and you try and all you get is a slap in the face.

Lisa: Kids never appreciate their parents enough. You realize that after you don't have them anymore.

Loretta: If I only had more time with them.

Lisa: Why don't you?

Loretta: Oh, I have to get back to Humphrey and Cary.

Lisa: Humphrey and Cary?

Loretta: The cats. I can't ask Odessa Farris to feed them forever. She's been such a dear. So I guess it's back to Seattle for me.

Rachel: Well, we'll miss you.

Loretta: Well, I'll miss you, too -- all of you. I've just loved being here. But all good things come to an end, don't they?

Lisa: Not necessarily.

Loretta: What'd you say, dear?

Lisa: Will you excuse me? There's someone I want to see.

Rachel: Good luck.

Lisa: Thank you. It's so good to see you again, Loretta.

Loretta: You, too. Maybe we can do lunch before you leave.

Lisa: Oh, I'd love that. Thank you, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes.

Lisa: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Bye-bye, sweetie.

Loretta: Lovely girl.

Rachel: Yes, she is.

Loretta: Well, if you'll excuse me, I really should call Odessa about the cats.

Rachel: Oh, yes, of course.

Loretta: I hope she remembered about their midnight snack. Oh.

Rachel: Hello, Mitch. Mac's upstairs getting the books for Matthew. He'll be right down.

Mitch: Good. I thought you would be gone by now.

Loretta: Well, you were wrong. No such luck.

Jason: Boy, that smells good.

Vicky: Well, next time, have some caviar on hand, would you, please?

Jason: Boy, for a young lady who's been brought up rather poorly, you've acquired some good, expensive habits quickly.

Vicky: Oh, just making up for lost time.

Jason: Hmm. I bet that Donna and Michael spoil you right fine, don't they?

Vicky: I spoil myself. I don't need them to do it for me.

Jason: Oh, you got money?

Vicky: I have a trust, inheritance. And I can get a lot of stuff with inheritance backing me up.

Jason: Well, that means that the Cory money doesn't fascinate you, then, does it?

Vicky: Uh-uh, but it does fascinate you.

Jason: That's not bad. I think that's right fine.

Vicky: Well, why don't you give your hen the credit. He did all the work.

Jason: My hen is a she, number one. Number two, these eggs did not come out of my coop because they're not laying that good.

Vicky: Oh.

Jason: These are store-bought eggs.

Vicky: You caught me.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: But it was from an expensive store, the best -- the Bay City gourmet.

Jason: All right. If money doesn't play a part of it, what does? Is it just true love for Jamie? Is that it?

Vicky: You know, Jason, I lost a man once and I swore to myself that I would never do that again without an all-out fight.

Jason: I bet your fights are something to watch.

Vicky: I don't play by the rules.

Jason: I'd say we got a lot in common.

Vicky: Mm-hmm -- we both like good omelets, don't we?

Jason: And we like to live on the edge, and we take care of ourselves. And once you live that way, it's real hard to do it any other way, isn't it?

Vicky: Yeah.

Dawn: Chad, they are beautiful.

Chad: You ready for a little memory test?

Dawn: Oh -- oh, I don't know.

Chad: When was the last time I brought you roses?

Dawn: Uh -- I -- I remember. I remember, I remember.

Chad: How old were you? Were you 5?

Dawn: I was 6 and it was a talent contest at Milliken and I sung "Michelle, ma belle."

Chad: Right. And you were the only first-grader in the whole contest and you won it. I was so proud, I couldn't see straight.

Dawn: Then you stole those roses out of Mrs. Gilinus' front yard.

Chad: How do you know I stole them?

Dawn: You told me.

Chad: I did? Oh. That's right, I did.

Dawn: I thought you were so big and brave. My big brother.

Chad: Yeah, we did have some pretty good times way back then.

Dawn: Since I've come to Bay City, it hasn't been that bad.

Chad: Been a lot of fun.

Jamie: Hi.

Chad: Jamie.

Jamie: I'm sorry to interrupt. Those are pretty flowers.

Dawn: Yeah, aren't they?

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Dawn: Um -- Chad, I think my doctor wants to examine me.

Chad: Oh. Yeah, I'll get out of the way.

Dawn: Ok.

Jamie: Wait in the hall, ok? I want to talk to you, too.

Chad: Sure.

Jamie: I have your test results, Dawn.

Dawn: I can't take the A.Z.T. anymore, can I?

Rachel: Well, I'm going to go see where Mac is. Excuse me.

Mitch: Well, that's an escape if I ever saw one.

Rachel: Mac? Mac? Mitch is here.

Loretta: Well, son, it's good to see you.

Mitch: Well, it's a surprise. I thought you were leaving this morning.

Loretta: Then you obviously didn't drop by to see me before I left.

Mitch: No, but I don't remember your calling to say goodbye, either.

Rachel: Here he is.

Mac: Hi, Mitch. Here are the books for Matthew. He needed some background material for his anthropology class, apparently.

Mitch: I will make sure that he gets them, Mac.

Rachel: What about the Shakespeare book?

Mac: Shakespeare? You didn't say --

Rachel: Why don't you come help me look for it. We'll be right back.

Mitch: I will -- I'll be outside.

Loretta: Mitch? Please, don't be this way.

Mitch: There's really not a lot to talk about.

Loretta: Oh, but you're wrong. But there's so much. I -- I want to hear about you and Matthew. How are the two of you getting along?

Mitch: All right.

Loretta: Well, will you give him my love?

Mitch: I think it would be a good idea if you called him and told him yourself.

Loretta: Mitch, why do you try to hurt me like this?

Mitch: You know, you really act as though you care.

Loretta: Well, of course I care. I'm your mother.

Mitch: Well, I've noticed all of a sudden this -- this concern for me which was never there before, but --

Loretta: Wha--

Mitch: I wonder if all this love and caring is just a show for the Corys' benefit.

Loretta: You're wrong! That's not true. I've always cared, always.

Mitch: Oh, really? Well, where were you all those years? Where were you when I was in prison? This cold... My sinuses ache.

Rachel: Well, I found the books. I'll go pack them.

Mitch: No, no, that's all right. I'll just take them and I'll be on my way.

Rachel: Mitch, I still am looking for some books.

Mitch: You can take them the next time you visit. I'll see you.

Rachel: Mitch, why don't you just talk to your mother?

Mitch: Don't interfere, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm just trying to help.

Mitch: Don't.

Loretta: It's good of you to care, Rachel, but the fact is Mitch and I have said what we have to, so you tell my grandson goodbye and that I'll call him. Tell him that I do care.

Rachel: Mitch, stop her!

Mitch: Don't interfere. Just --

Rachel: She's crying. Don't you see that?

Mitch: She's an actress.

Rachel: That's not fair.

Mitch: Those tears don't mean anything. They're just part of her performance.

Rachel: How can you be so callous?

Mitch: What makes you think you understand?

Rachel: All she wants to do is talk to you, Mitch.

Mitch: I'm sorry. I can't help what she wants.

Rachel: You're her son!

Mitch: Yes, I am, and I'll deal with her. I will handle her. Don't interfere. Don't interfere.

Mac: Darling, I found the book we're looking for. What's the matter, Rachel?

Dawn: It's going to go really quickly now, right? I could die really soon.

Jamie: No, you can't look at it that way, Dawn.

Dawn: How do you want me to look at it?

Jamie: It's the old cliché -- one day at a time. None of us can predict what's going to happen.

Dawn: But now I'm off the A.Z.T.

Jamie: Just hold on a minute, ok?

Dawn: Who are you calling?

Jamie: Hi. Give me room 624, please. Thank you.

Dawn: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, Gary. Dr. Frame. Can you come down to room 6c? Dawn Rollo, right. Can you come right now? Terrific.

Dawn: What are you doing?

Jamie: Thanks a lot. Things are not hopeless, Dawn Rollo. I have someone for you to see. I'll be right back.

Jamie: We have to take Dawn off the A.Z.T.

Gary: This better be good, Frame.

Jamie: You're going to love her.

Gary: Yeah? Last time you said that, I ended up with a face full of applesauce.

Jamie: That was a kid.

Gary: Yeah, mean kid.

Jamie: But you did cheer him up, Gary.

Gary: Sure. After he threw the applesauce at me, he was in great spirits. He couldn't stop laughing.

Jamie: Well, I promise Dawn won't throw anything at you.

Gary: Just tell me one thing -- did you clear away the lunch tray?

Jamie: There's not a morsel of food in sight.

Gary: Seriously, what do you want me to do for her?

Jamie: Everything.

Vicky: Jason, I've really enjoyed this today.

Jason: So did I.

Vicky: Good. I don't have many friends. I feel like I found one.

Jason: You have.

John: Ahoy there, Frame farm! Permission to come aboard!

Jason: Come aboard, sailor!

Vicky: Hi, Uncle John.

John: Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: You know, I must say you just missed an incredible omelet, if I do say so myself.

John: Well, if I'd known that there were going to be incredible omelets here, I wouldn't have pigged out at Mary's Place.

Vicky: Too bad.

Jason: Is that my blueprint?

John: Uh, brown print. Had a little accident with some coffee.

Jason: Ah.

John: How's your mother?

Vicky: Oh, she's doing real well. Staying in bed, but doing real well, thanks.

John: Good. Give her my best.

Vicky: I will. Well, I will let you two work, and I'm just going to get out of here, ok? I'll see you both again soon.

Jason: Thanks.

Vicky: Sure. Bye.

John: Goodbye.

Vicky: Bye.

Jason: You got a fascinating niece there.

John: What's she doing here?

Jason: Well, Jamie came by, and I have a feeling that every place Jamie goes, you're going to find Vicky right there behind.

John: He and Lisa split?

Jason: I don't think so, but I would say that Vicky was working on it.

John: That's too bad. Lisa's a good woman.

Jason: I almost feel Vicky would be better for him. I mean, loosen him up a little bit. He was raised as a Cory, but he's got Frame genes. Means he's all man.

John: A real hell-raiser, huh?

Jason: Hey, he's a winner. We are winners. We don't lose. Got this farm, didn't I?

John: Yeah, that you did. How you got the money for it, I'll never know, though.

Jason: It's not in the doing, it's in the getting. What do you got on page two?

John: This is just about the whole layout here. I haven't figured out the cost yet, though.

Jason: I'll figure out how to pay for it.

John: Yeah, well, you'd better figure out how to pay for it. I ain't in this business for my health.

Jason: Construction can bring in a lot of bread, right?

John: Yeah, I suppose so.

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Then we got to go for it. We got to go out and get it.

John: Huh?

Jason: You take it. You go right out and you get it.

John: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Jason: I'm talking about the future. Our future, pal. Try to barge in.

Jason: John, all this time I've been sitting on my duff trying to figure out what to do, and the answer is sitting with you.

John: What's the question?

Jason: Construction.

John: You mean this stuff?

Jason: I don't mean this, I mean a lot of jobs like this.

John: Construction jobs.

Jason: Yes, John. You're good. You're a craftsman.

John: Jason, what are you getting at?

Jason: You got a whole talent pool of vet buddies you can draw from, right?

John: To build, you mean?

Jason: That's right, to build. And with a name, we can get clients, lots of clients.

John: So you're talking about a whole company here.

Jason: Yeah. More clients than we can handle.

John: But you're right, we would need a name.

Jason: No, we don't need the name, we got the name.

John: No. No, there is no way I'm going to capitalize on being Michael Hudson's brother.

Jason: I'm not talking -- I'm talking about my brother.

John: What?

Jason: Jamie's dad. We're going to capitalize on Stephen Frame.

John: Frame Construction?

Jason: At one time, it was incredibly successful.

John: Yeah, at one time, but no longer.

Jason: Well, it's just lying there fallow. It's defunct, but we can resurrect it.

John: That's not a bad idea, getting Frame Construction back on its feet.

Jason: It's a good idea. You do the contracting, I'll take care of the business end.

John: Wait a minute, though. Aren't you forgetting about someone?

Jason: Who?

John: Rachel Cory. She does own the Frame name, doesn't she?

Jason: Well, I'll figure a way around that. I want Frame Construction. I'm going to get it, whether Rachel likes it or not.

Rachel: It's Mitch.

Mac: You had an argument with Mitch?

Rachel: No, it's my fault. I was out of line.

Mac: How?

Rachel: I asked the wrong questions.

Mac: About what?

Rachel: I don't want to talk about it.

Mac: Where is Mitch?

Rachel: He left.

Mac: Rachel, why are you upset?

Rachel: I don't understand why he doesn't want to make things better with his mother.

Mac: Is that what you argued with him about?

Rachel: Yeah.

Mac: Well, then I have to agree with you. You are out of line.

Rachel: But it does affect Matthew.

Mac: In what way?

Rachel: Well, because of this, Loretta won't stay in Bay City.

Mac: You want her to stay?

Rachel: Yeah, I think that Matthew deserves a chance to get to know his grandmother.

Mac: Well, much as I hate to say it, I agree about that.

Rachel: This way she's going to leave, and it's all my fault.

Loretta: It's not your fault, Rachel. It's Mitch's.

Rachel: Yes, but from his point of view --

Loretta: Mitch was the one who took a son from his mother. Matthew suffered, you suffered, and our family was shamed. You are not to feel responsible.

Rachel: Loretta, wait. Please, let's talk.

Loretta: I have plans to make.

Mac: What plans?

Loretta: I'm going to leave Bay City as soon as possible.

Rachel: Loretta. Oh, Mac, come on. You got to stop her.

Dawn: So, Jamie's put you through this before, huh?

Gary: Ever since I've been here. Next person he asks me to cheer up, I get paid. No more freebies.

Dawn: Oh, come on.

Gary: What do you mean, "oh, come on?" I'm not rich enough to do volunteer work.

Dawn: Maybe you are.

Gary: Do you know something I don't know? Huh? Wait, hold it. You're not about to whip out a checkbook or something, like that guy on the TV show? What was it called, that old -- "The Millionaire?" Is that the real reason Jamie asked me to visit you?

Dawn: No. I wish I had $1 million. I wish. I'd write you a check for a million bucks. But what I meant was that maybe you're just rich in spirit, and that's why Jamie gets you to talk to people.

Gary: Who says he gets me to talk to people? He says, "either you talk to them, or I tell all the nurses to wake you up in the middle of the night to take your temperature."

Dawn: I don't think he's going to be that cruel.

Gary: No. Actually, he asks me to talk to people because it makes me feel better, helping someone who's in the same boat as I am.

Dawn: I guess he told you, huh? It hasn't been such a great day.

Gary: Why?

Dawn: No more A.Z.T.

Gary: Oh. I know that feeling. I've been off it for six months.

Dawn: Six months?

Gary: I was a crazy person at first. I made everybody's life miserable, yelling, complaining, just --

Dawn: I can't picture that.

Gary: No?

Dawn: No.

Gary: Here. Now can you picture it?

Dawn: Oh, that is nasty.

Gary: See? It's nasty. Truth is my life's been much better since then, Dawn.

Dawn: In what way?

Gary: No more side effects. I feel -- I feel more comfortable.

Dawn: That's good to hear.

Gary: And I'm funnier, too. Do you know that in the past six months I averaged 27 one-liners a day?

Dawn: That is amazing.

Gary: Yeah? Wouldn't say so if you heard them.

Dawn: I believe that. Gary, you have really, really cheered me up.

Gary: Good. And I may be back, especially if there's some money in it.

Dawn: Thanks.

Scott: Uh, sorry.

Gary: Oh, you have a visitor. I'll leave.

Dawn: No, no, no. Gary, I want you to meet Scott. Scott, this is Gary. Scott comes to see me every day.

Scott: Hi, Gary. How you doing?

Gary: Every day? You're lucky to have a friend like that.

Scott: Friends? This little lady has a lot more friends than she knows what to do with.

Dawn: What are you doing?

Woman: Hi, Dawn! It's great to see you.

Dawn: Hi, Patty. Hi.

Patty: How you doing?

Man: We can't wait to hear your song, Dawn.

Dawn: Hi.

Man: We're so proud of you.

Scott: No, no, no. This is no party. This, my friends, is a recital. How about a little round of applause for Dawn.

Dawn's voice: There's a tear in your smile

Dawn: Thanks.

Dawn's voice: There's a cry inside your voice wondering where this all may lead you'll feel so confident underneath it all.

Dawn's voice: Well, I can't see the future but I know what we've got

Lisa: How are you?

Jason: Fine now.

Lisa: I want us to be together tonight, Jamie. I know things have been kind of confusing. I don't know, maybe I overreacted. I don't know. Vicky.

Vicky: Hey, guys. What's up?

Jamie: Take a look.

Dawn's voice: Tomorrow

Vicky: That's a beautiful song.

Lisa: Yes, isn't it? It's about loving and caring.

Dawn's voice: The love we have together

Lisa: Jamie.

Dawn's voice: Will burn brighter than the sun long after

Vicky: Loving and caring, huh?

Dawn's voice: Life's not always easy

Cheryl: Beautiful, huh?

Dawn's voice: It can be unkind but even though

Cheryl: Hey -- Chad? What is it?

Chad: This just isn't fair!

Cheryl: I know that, Chad.

Chad: This is like a nightmare.

Cheryl: I'm sorry, Chad.

Chad: If there's one thing I can do for her, it's to make the rest of her life as full as it can be. I'm going to do that for her.

Cheryl: Chad, where are you going? Chad?

Mac: The problem is between them.

Rachel: But it affects Matthew.

Mac: Matthew doesn't even know Loretta.

Rachel: He should!

Mac: Look, the idea is fine, Rachel. It's a noble idea, but the practicality --

Rachel: Matthew would love her. He'd be crazy about her, Mac.

Mac: She is determined to go home.

Rachel: If you could just help me keep her here until he arrives.

Mac: Is it such a terrible idea, the two of us here at home?

Rachel: What?

Mac: You and I, alone for a change.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, please.

Mac: Please what?

Rachel: Just help me keep her here until Matthew comes home.

Mac: The two of us is a lousy idea.

Rachel: No, it isn't. It's a lovely idea. It's a very romantic idea. But can we save it?

Mac: Save it?

Rachel: If you were to just talk to Loretta, a word from you, Mac --

Mac: Look how it just worked with you.

Rachel: Just explain to Loretta how much it would mean for Matthew.

Mac: I'm not sure it will mean anything at all to Matthew.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, please, come on.

Mac: Oh, Loretta.

Rachel: We were just talking about you.

Mac: Yes, we decided we can't let you go.

Rachel: Not yet.

Mac: Not until you've spent some time with Matthew.

Rachel: It would be so wonderful to see you two together.

Loretta: I really think I should go.

Mac: It doesn't bear discussing, Loretta. We're family. Families belong together -- for a while, at least.

Loretta: It would be lovely to see my grandson.

Rachel: Of course it would.

Loretta: In fact, I'd love it, if it won't be too much trouble.

Mac: It would be a joy.

Rachel: You go on upstairs and unpack.

Loretta: Luckily, I didn't bring much, so it won't take long.

Rachel: And once you finish unpacking, you come down and we'll talk about all the wonderful things we're going to do when Matthew gets here.

Loretta: I'll be down in a flash.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, thank you. I'm so lucky to have you.

Mac: What did I do? You did most of the talking. She didn't want to leave anyway. I just hope we know what we're getting into.

Nicole: Cold? Here.

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