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Another World Transcript Thursday 2/12/04

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Felicia: Oh. Oh. Oh, that feels good. So, when do you think we can take off again?

Michael: As soon as we get refueled.

Felicia: What did we do with that map?

Michael: You got the map.

Felicia: I do?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: I do. All right. So, we covered all the areas that we marked in red.

Michael: Right, and now --

Felicia: Now what?

Michael: We go from here, we head south.

Felicia: Why would they make their plane go away from the mainland?

Michael: Felicia, we don't even know that they made it to the mainland.

Felicia: Yes, but, I mean, they had to. The last radio contact, they were heading right for the mainland.

Michael: Honey, they got that contact when they were 200 miles from shore.

Felicia: Yes, but, I mean, why would they not head towards land?

Michael: Well, now, that's a good point. You see, they probably would head towards land, but the point here is that there's a lot of land in the Mediterranean. Islands are land.

Felicia: Well, yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Michael: So, in a storm, they would have set down any place they could see.

Felicia: What are you saying, that maybe they did go off course?

Michael: I think that's probably a pretty good bet.

Felicia: Ok, so then maybe what we should do is start with the islands nearest to us, then we'll head south.

Michael: That's a great idea.

Felicia: That's what you said the first time, isn't it?

Michael: That's right.

Man: Mr. Hudson.

Michael: Yes, right here.

Man: I have just received a report of the weather.

Michael: Yes, how bad is it?

Man: I've also received an advisory against air travel.

Felicia: What?

Michael: Oh, no. We have a private plane, we have our own safety guidelines, and we are going to take off.

Man: I'm sorry. The airport is closing.

Felicia: Michael --

Man: There will be no planes!

Michael: No, you do not understand.

Man: None.

Michael: We have to go. We have friends who are in trouble.

Man: All air travel is closed.

Cass: Nicole? Nicole? Nicole? Nicole.

Cass: What's wrong?

Vicky: I just can't believe Sam didn't show up for his own wedding. This is crazy.

Rachel: I'm going to go up and see Amanda.

Liz: Sam wasn't the most dependable type to begin with.

Loretta: What?

Adam: Well, Mac, I got everybody I can out looking for him.

Mac: Well, even if they find him, what's he going to say about getting married? That's what I want --

Mitch: What would you expect him to say, Mac?

Ada: Please don't start, you two.

Mitch: Fine, fine.

Adam: The problem is, you see, I can hardly put out an A.P.B. on a groom who doesn't -- well, doesn't show up for his wedding, you know what I mean?

Vicky: I just wish there was something I could do, Jamie. I know you feel really bad about Amanda.

Jamie: Yeah. Mom just went upstairs to see how she's doing.

Vicky: Well, you know, maybe we should all do something to make ourselves feel better, you know?

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Well, it's just everybody's so grim.

Loretta: Who is that woman?

Mitch: It's Mac's private secretary, Ms. Matthews.

Loretta: She hasn't said one nice thing about Sam all day.

Mitch: So?

Loretta: Well, I think you might have stuck up for your brother.

Mitch: Sam can take care of himself if he can find his way back here.

Loretta: It's all my fault.

Mitch: Yes, you said that.

Loretta: If I just hadn't gone to his apartment, he wouldn't have gotten upset, and --

Mitch: Why did you? Why couldn't you just leave things alone?

Ada: Could we please try not to argue?

Mitch: No one is arguing. She happens to be blaming herself, and I happen to be agreeing with her.

Loretta: All I'm saying is that I know everybody's blaming me, and --

Ada: Well, let's just try not to argue.

Adam: I agree with Ada. If everybody would quit spending all this time arguing, we could be out looking for --

Mac: But why couldn't he have called?

Liz: Everyone is --

Adam: Somebody listening here? Hello?

Liz: Sam has treated her just terribly.

Ada: Liz, I know everybody's entitled to his opinion, but if we could just --

Jamie: Sam disappeared, and Amanda didn't even have a clue. Now, if she didn't --

Loretta: I could --

Liz: First time I met him in the office. Did you see those clothes?

Adam: Listening, either --

Rachel: It's no use.

Julie Ann: How's Amanda?

Rachel: She's locked herself in her room, she won't come to the door, and she doesn't want to talk to anybody.

Liz: Oh, the poor little thing --

Mac: Isn't there anything that we can do to help?

Rachel: I've done everything I can do.

Loretta: Absolutely lovely day.

Liz: Except somebody forgot to show up.

Sam: There's got to be a way.

[Organ plays]

[knock on window]

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: I don't believe this.

Sam: I can't believe I made it.

Amanda: Can't believe that you --

Sam: That ladder was so slick.

Amanda: Sam, you didn't make it.

Sam: Well, I know --

Amanda: We were supposed to be married hours ago.

Sam: Amanda, will you --

Amanda: Waited and waited --

Sam: Amanda, will you slow down? I'm really sorry, ok.

Amanda: It's just that I was really worried for you.

Sam: Look, I know. I went to Chicago, I --

Amanda: That's just it. Why would you try to go to Chicago on a day like this?

Sam: Well, I went to go -- I went to go take that bracelet back that my mother stole! Oh --

Amanda: I thought -- I thought you were going to take that back after the wedding.

Sam: So did I. Mom and I got into a fight. I got upset and decided that I'd take it back. I thought I had enough time. So I was putting it back, and this lady saw me, and she started accusing me of being a shoplifter.

Amanda: She accused you of shoplifting?

Sam: Actually, the charge was assault and battery.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I hit a security guard.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Yeah, and then there was a cop sitting 10 feet away from me.

Amanda: So you got arrested?

Sam: Yeah, and there I was, sitting in this marvelous suburban Chicago jail, and they wouldn't even let me make a phone call without seeing the public defender.

Amanda: That doesn't make sense.

Sam: You had to be there.

Amanda: They wouldn't let you make a phone call to your bride on your wedding day?

Sam: Well, they were real hard at this police station.

Amanda: That's awful.

Sam: I still made it. I still made it, hon. I'm out. I'm here.

Amanda: Oh. I'm glad.

Sam: You ok?

Amanda: Well, I mean, it hasn't exactly been the greatest day, you know.

Sam: Oh, I'm so sorry. I was going crazy in that jail. This was supposed to be our day.

Amanda: I'm ok.

Sam: You know all I did was think about you?

Amanda: Really?

Sam: Yeah. And then I got back here, and I went to the church about 15 minutes ago, and the minister was -- wow.

Amanda: What?

Sam: That's so beautiful.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, you were supposed to admire that on me as I was walking down the aisle.

Sam: Yeah. Hey, we can still do this.

Amanda: What?

Sam: We can still get married. I told the minister we'd be back.

Amanda: Tonight?

Sam: Come on. This is our wedding day. We can still do it.

Amanda: Uh -- you mean now?

Sam: Yes, if you want to.

Amanda: Well, it's just -- yes!

Sam: Yeah, let's do it! Whoo!

Amanda: Oh, Sam!

Sam: We better go downstairs and explain. The last thing I saw, they were at each others' throats.

Amanda: Boy, you're not kidding.

Sam: Your dad probably thinks I jilted you. "That boy's never shown any responsibility."

Amanda: Oh, no. Come on. He was genuinely concerned. We all were.

Sam: I know. Come on, let's go explain, and then we'll go to the church. You ready? All right.

Amanda: No. Wait!

Sam: What?

Amanda: What are you going to tell them? That you were returning something that your mother stole?

Liz: All I'm saying is Amanda should have taken a little time. Eventually, she would have seen the light.

Rachel: Now, Liz --

Liz: Don't "now, Liz" me, Rachel. I spotted him for trouble that very first day in the office. Do you remember?

Rachel: Yes. You keep bringing it up.

Adam: I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation to all of this. Just that Sam's going to have to make it sound very convincing.

Julie Ann: I've never seen Amanda this bad.

Vicky: I've got it.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: Well, we have to make the best of a bad situation, right?

Jamie: So?

Vicky: So, let's go dancing or something.

Jamie: Dancing?

Vicky: Yeah. We'll go to someplace great. We'll have champagne, the whole bit. We'll toast to everything being great once Sam gets back, ok?

Lisa: That's about the most insensitive thing you've ever said, Vicky.

Vicky: What?

Lisa: Everybody's very upset here, and you think the answer's a party.

Loretta: It's all because we argued.

Mitch: Just please drop it.

Loretta: Well, I shouldn't have gone there.

Mac: Then why on earth did you, Loretta?

Rachel: Mac.

Mac: Today, of all days?

Loretta: Well, I hardly did it deliberately. Sam and I just happened to quarrel. That's all.

Mac: Must have been some quarrel.

Rachel: Mac.

Mac: Well, it turned Amanda's wedding into an absolute debacle.

Mitch: Mac, just butt out.

Rachel: Now, don't you start, Mitch.

Ada: Hold it, guys.

Rachel: I mean, you have no business criticizing anybody.

Mitch: What, but Mac can? Is that right?

Rachel: Yes.

Ada: Everybody, shut up! That's better.

Cass: What is it?

Nicole: I --

Cass: What? Are you scared? Well -- remember that night at Averille Manor?

Nicole: Yeah. Our famous date.

Cass: Yeah. I was scared to death.

Nicole: You, too?

Cass: Of course. We were taking a very big step there. We were risking a great friendship, we were risking a great business relationship, all for the next step.

Nicole: But we were ready.

Cass: Yeah. The spirit was willing, along with the flesh.

Nicole: Till we got interrupted, anyway.

Cass: There's nothing like a burning house to spoil the mood.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: But, now, I mean, déja vu. I mean, here we are. We're together in a beautiful place again.

Nicole: Just the two of us.

Cass: Except this time, I'm even more certain.

Nicole: Are you?

Cass: I'm still scared. But, Nicole, after all we've been through, I think we should take the risk.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: Yes?

Nicole: Are you sure that it's me? Really me?

Cass: What? Of course. Of course.

Nicole: That I'm the one you want?

Cass: Of course. What is it? Am I missing something? What's wrong?

Nicole: Is it me you really want, or do you just want to forget about Kathleen?

Cass: Kathleen? What are you talking about?

Nicole: I just need to know.

Cass: Is that what this has all been about? Is that why you disappeared on me?

Cass: Nicole -- come on, look at me. Why did you think that?

Nicole: You know what? I know you probably didn't even realize it --

Cass: What?

Nicole: When you came to break in the plane and then get me out --

Cass: Yes?

Nicole: You screamed Kathleen's name.

Cass: I did?

Nicole: Yeah, you did.

Cass: I did? You're right. I didn't realize it.

Nicole: I shouldn't have said anything.

Cass: No, no, of course you should. Absolutely. It must have just been instinct.

Nicole: Sure.

Cass: You know, a reaction to the burning plane, trying to save you.

Nicole: Yeah, because you weren't there when Kathleen's plane --

Cass: No, I wasn't. I mean, all of a sudden, in my mind, I could see all of those photographs with Kathleen and the plane before it exploded.

Nicole: Except this time, it was right in front of you, right?

Cass: Right. It was the nightmare come to life. Now, wait a minute --

Nicole: What?

Cass: That doesn't mean I have any -- that doesn't mean my feelings are any less for you.

Nicole: Yeah, but maybe --

Cass: I want to make something very, very clear. I loved Kathleen. I'll always love her.

Nicole: Oh, I know that.

Cass: But just because I loved her doesn't mean I don't love you.

Nicole: What?

Cass: What?

Nicole: Did you mean what you just said? You love me?

Amanda: You can't tell them about your mother.

Sam: I know.

Amanda: Well, then you can't tell them that you went to Chicago.

Sam: Right.

Amanda: So, what can you tell them?

Sam: I'll tell them -- I'll tell them that -- I'll tell them I got hung up and that I just didn't make it in time.

Amanda: That isn't good enough.

Sam: It'll have to be.

Amanda: Sam, it's not! You know how my father gets. Well, multiply that by 10.

Sam: Well, he's just going to have to hate me, then.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Amanda, look -- the most important thing right now is that we get back to that church and that you have that wedding that you've always wanted.

Amanda: But what are you going to tell them?

Sam: Uh -- well, I'll go downstairs, and I'll face them, and I'll say, "if you want to see a wedding, you better shut up and follow my car." Come on.

Liz: Mitch doesn't even seem to care whose house he's in.

Ada: Liz --

Rachel: The last thing we need is people fighting, Liz.

Mitch: But everyone can take a shot at Sam, is that right?

Mac: Look, what are we all standing around here for, anyway? I think we'd all feel better if we broke up. Now, I know I would.

Jamie: Mac, we can't leave yet. What if Sam shows up?

Mac: Well, I hardly think that's likely at this hour.

Jamie: We don't know that yet.

Rachel: Jamie's right, Mac.

Ada: Yes, he is. Now, why don't we all try to calm down?

Vicky: Well, I think we should just all go out and party.

Lisa: Vicky!

Vicky: What?

Lisa: Maybe everybody is not the party animal you are.

Vicky: Oh, well, excuse me, Lisa.

Ada: Why don't we serve some food? Everybody's a little edgy.

Liz: All that lovely food wasted.

Loretta: I'm sure Sam can explain.

Adam: Yeah, well, judging by the look on some of the faces in here, it better be a good explanation.

Mitch: Why does everyone assume that he's done this on purpose?

Mac: Well, nobody knows anything, anyway, so let's just drop it.

Rachel: Mom, maybe you're right.

Ada: About serving food?

Liz: From the reception? We're supposed to have a party because Sam stood her up?

Sam: Sounds like world War III.

Julie Ann: Maybe we should ask Amanda.

Rachel: She won't talk to me.

Amanda: Sam, you can't go in there and try to take the blame.

Sam: Doesn't exactly sound like a winning proposition, does it?

Rachel: Mac, take it easy.

Mac: Take it easy?

Amanda: What are we going to do?

Mac: My daughter's upstairs crying her heart out. You want me to take it easy?

Liz: And we all know whose fault that is.

Ada: Liz, put a sock in it.

Amanda: Come on. This is our night.

[All talking at once]

Sam: It's like a lynch mob down there.

Amanda: I know. They'd never understand. They wouldn't even listen.

Sam: If we go down there, I'll get tarred and feathered, and that is not part of the plan tonight.

Amanda: We have to think of something.

Sam: Already have.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Let's elope.

Amanda: Elope? Sam, you think they're mad at you now --

Sam: No, no, no. Just back to the church.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Just you and me, tonight.

Amanda: Tonight?

Sam: Well, yeah. The minister's waiting.

Amanda: Well, I know, but --

Sam: Come on, Amanda. Amanda, listen. How many people does it take to have a wedding, right? Two. You and me.

Amanda: Just us?

Sam: Yeah. I got my tux in my car. I picked it up on the way over here. All you got to do is grab your dress, and we're out of here.

Amanda: Are you sure this is the right thing to do?

Sam: Do you love me?

Amanda: Yes.

Sam: And I love you, so let's make it official, ok? Come on.

Amanda: Ok.

Ada: Ok, everybody, eat something.

Adam: Orders from Ada.

Ada: You betcha.

Julie Ann: Calms the nerves, right?

Ada: Right. Here you go. Liz, take two. We got plenty.

Liz: Just one, thanks.

Ada: Ok.

Mitch: Are you sure you want that?

Loretta: It'll slow things down.

Mitch: That's not a good idea.

Loretta: Where have you been the last 15 years? Why pretend you care now?

Mitch: You're hardly one to talk.

Jamie: I've had enough.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Come on, let's get our coats.

Lisa: We're leaving?

Jamie: Yeah. I already told Mom and Mac.

Lisa: Why?

Jamie: Well, Vicky's right. Hanging around here feeling rotten isn't going to help anything.

Lisa: I see. So Vicky is the only one thinking straight and a party will solve everything?

Jamie: What?

Lisa: Never mind. Let's go.

Julie Ann: Maybe I should go take something to Amanda.

Rachel: She won't let you in.

Ada: She could use a friend right now. Why don't you give it a try?

Julie Ann: Ok.

Adam: Yeah, this is Cory. Have you heard anything about Sam Fowler yet? All right. Listen, check with Chicago, will you? All right, thanks.

Mac: Nothing?

Adam: Sorry, Mac.

Liz: Jamie and Lisa have left. I guess they've decided enough's enough.

Mac: I don't believe this! I just don't believe it's --

[Loretta plays "chopsticks"]

[phone rings]

Mac: Hello. What? When? Carrying a what? Oh, thank -- yes, thank you very much.

Rachel: Who was it, Mac?

Mac: It was the landlord where Sam lives. He saw Sam rush in, rush out again, carrying his tuxedo.

Adam: Just now?

Mac: No, it was a while ago.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, do you think maybe --

Ada: We ought to tell Amanda.

Rachel: Right, right, we should.

Jamie: Mac --

Mac: What?

Lisa: You're not going to believe this.

Julie Ann: Mrs. Cory, it's Amanda. She's not in her room.

Mac: But she locked herself in her room! Where's she gone?

Jamie: That's what we just saw, Mac.

Lisa: Sam's car was going down the driveway.

Mac: Sam's?

Jamie: And Amanda was with him.

Cass: I knew what I was saying.

Nicole: Then you do?

Cass: Just because I loved Kathleen doesn't mean I can't have feelings for you.

Nicole: So you --

Cass: I love you.

Nicole: I'm --

Cass: What?

Nicole: Well, I know. I'm -- I'm feeling --

Cass: Feeling what?

Nicole: Well -- I love you, too. I have for so long.

Cass: So, here we are, feeling all of these feelings.

Nicole: All alone.

Mac: You're sure it was Amanda?

Ada: Where were they going?

Lisa: We don't know.

Jamie: Yes, I'm sure.

Liz: Well, why didn't they tell us something?

Loretta: I knew Sam would come.

Vicky: A little late, isn't he?

Rachel: Please, please, everybody, I can't think!

Vicky: Oh, that's who I saw in the window.

Mitch: What?

Vicky: Well, I thought it was just a reflection or something.

Mitch: Why didn't you say so?

Rachel: It was Sam.

Mac: You saw Sam looking through our window?

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Sam came back from Chicago. He went to the church. He didn't find us at the church. He figured we'd come back home.

Ada: So when he got here, he heard us all arguing.

Mac: And he went up the back way to Amanda's room.

Rachel: So they ran off together!

Liz: Eloped! Oh, no, that's too awful.

Ada: Hold it!

Rachel: What?

Ada: The landlord said that Sam was carrying a tux.

Mac: Yes.

Ada: Guys don't elope in tuxes.

Rachel: He came back to get Amanda.

Mac: And they went to the church to get married.

Ada: Without us because they heard us fighting.

Liz: They didn't want us along. We would have spoiled it for them.

Loretta: But we want them to be happy.

Rachel: Well, I'm not standing here. They're going to the church!

Mac: So am I! Come on, everybody!

Liz: Ok.

Jamie: I've got my car parked out front. I'll leave --

Mac: Tell Jonathan to bring the car around front!

Lisa: Let's go.

Ada: Hilda, tell Jonathan to bring the car around front!

Loretta: Oh, well, what do you know? There's going to be a wedding after all. Isn't it wonderful? Don't forget me.

[Minister whistles]

Sam: Hey, wait! Don't go.

Minister: Oh, my goodness. You startled me.

Amanda: Can you marry us?

Sam: Yeah, right away?

Amanda: We want to be married.

Minister: Oh, but that was earlier.

Sam: Yeah, but we'd like to do it now.

Minister: Yes, well -- aren't there any other people?

Amanda: Just us.

Minister: But, Amanda, your family --

Amanda: All they're doing is fighting right now.

Minister: Well, I realize there are some problems --

Amanda: We don't want them fighting on such a special day.

Sam: Yeah, we figured we'd better do this one alone.

Minister: Hmm. My, my, my, my. Hmm. Well -- Amanda, dear -- now, you've always been headstrong.

Amanda: Well, I know, but this is something that we both want, and we want it this way.

Minister: You've planned this marriage with your family, dear, and it's very important to them. I think you should realize that.

Amanda: I do.

Sam: We do.

Minister: Well, then I think you should reconsider. I mean --

Amanda: No --

Minister: All alone like this?

Amanda: No, please, we've thought this all through already. It has to be this way.

Sam: I love her.

Amanda: And I love him.

Minister: Well, that's all well and good, but --

Amanda: Please? This is how we want it.

Minister: Well, I'll see if I can round up a couple of witnesses.

Sam: All right! Thanks, man -- uh -- thanks, pastor.

Amanda: We'll be right here.

Minister: The custodian and his wife live right on the grounds.

Sam: Can we get an organist, too? You know, you can't have a wedding without an organist. Right, Amanda?

Minister: I'll see what I can do. And you can use those side rooms to change.

Sam: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm afraid that if we wait, something's going to happen to ruin it.

Sam: Yeah, one more crisis. I'm not sure we could weather that one.

Amanda: I want more than anything to be Mrs. Sam Fowler.

Sam: Hey. I just thought of something.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Next time I see you, you're going to be walking down the aisle. Oh -- I wanted to give you this.

Amanda: Oh, Sam. It's beautiful. You made this?

Sam: Yeah. I wanted you to have it with you when you're walking down the aisle. You know, because when I made it, I was thinking about you. Ah -- there. Now, come on. I hear they start weddings on time around here.

Amanda: I love you, Sam Fowler.

Michael: Hey, what's the word? What's the word on the visibility?

Man: Very bad, I'm afraid.

Felicia: Well, how soon can we take off?

Michael: How bad is it?

Man: I'm sorry. The fog, as the -- how do you say? The whole area punched in.

Michael: Socked in.

Man: Socked in.

Felicia: Monsieur, every second does count here.

Michael: Look, you got to tell us, when is it going to lift? I mean, you must have some idea. We've got friends out there who are in trouble!

Man: Ah. The weather report is very clear. The front is completely stationary. No movement at all.

Michael: Look, I need to get airborne. We can fly by that. We can go south and go past the storm.

Man: No, no, monsieur, the visibility is zero. There can be no flying. I'm sorry.

Felicia: You know, Michael, every day that's lost -- it just means --

Michael: I know.

Felicia: I really am trying to be strong here. I -- I know I probably don't look it, but I am trying.

Michael: Hey, you're doing fine.

Felicia: It's just -- after Wally, you know.

Michael: I know. Hey, come on, now. Cass has nine lives. Don't you worry.

Felicia: Yeah. The cat himself. I -- it's just that I -- I can't remember how many of them he's used up.

Michael: You know something? I'll bet that not only is Cass safe, but he's taking really good care of Nicole, too.

Felicia: You believe that, really?

Michael: I do.

Felicia: You're not just saying that just to make me feel better? You really believe that?

Michael: Hey, come on. You know Cass. Cass is a survivor. And if I know him, right about now, he's south of here on some island, eating a lot of fruit, watching the native girls dance by, and taking care of Nicole, and having the time of his life.

Felicia: I hope so. I hope so.

Cass: Oh. Oh, my, look up there.

Nicole: Hmm. Amazing.

Cass: Unbelievable.

Nicole: Fantastic.

Cass: I mean, so bright.

Nicole: Yeah. I've never seen stars like this.

Cass: Away from the city lights, and it's like magic. They're everywhere.

Nicole: Yeah. It's as though you could reach right up and pull them out of the sky.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Well, go ahead. Reach right up and pull them out of the sky.

Nicole: Should we?

Cass: Sure. They're all ours.

Nicole: You first.

Cass: No, you first.

[Cass and Nicole laugh]

Cass: All right, we'll do it together.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: On the count of what?

Nicole: Three.

Cass: All right.

Nicole and Cass: One, two, three --

[Nicole and Cass laugh]

Nicole: Oh. This was our night.

Cass: Just -- just made for us.

Nicole: Better than I ever expected.

Cass: Do you realize how beautiful you are?

Nicole: Yeah? Is that why you got all the torches cut out?

Cass: Uh-huh. No. I want it to just be us -- that's all -- and the stars.

Nicole: Hmm. Don't forget the moon.

Cass: We don't need the moonlight. I hope no one ever comes to find us.

Mac: Can't you go any faster, Jonathan?

Ada: Mac, take it easy.

Mac: Amanda left a long time ago. We've got to get there.

Rachel: I wonder if Mitch got his car started.

Mac: Well, if he didn't, there are a lot of other people that can give him a ride. I just don't understand why he couldn't get his little brother to his own wedding.

Ada: Are we going to keep on doing this?

Mac: What?

Ada: Dishing people. We've been doing it all night.

Mac: Well, Amanda was upstairs crying her heart out.

Ada: We were downstairs screaming our lungs out at each other. No wonder the kids leave us behind.

Mac: Yeah, you're right, and I did my share of it.

Rachel: Well, at least they're together now.

Mac: I still want to know why Fowler found something else so important he would miss his own wedding.

Ada: Mac!

[Tires screech]

Mac: What are we stopped for now?

Ada: Mac, it's a red light.

Mac: Well, I don't care! If it's safe, go on through it!

Rachel: Mac --

Ada: It's an emergency, isn't it? Adam's right behind us in a police car. He'll get us through it. Go on, Jonathan. I'm not going to miss my daughter's wedding!

[Tires screech]

Amanda: I can't believe this.

Sam: What?

Amanda: This morning, I didn't think that I would have this baby or you.

Sam: Well, guess what -- you're stuck with us both.

Amanda: Thank God.

Sam: I love you.

Amanda: I love you, too.

Sam: Sam and Amanda are in love, and we're pregnant! Before you open this, I don't want to hear anything about money because I've never bought you anything, ok? And I think the operative phrase here is -- do you remember that plaque that could be engraved?

Amanda: "Amanda Cory, will you marry me?"

Sam: Look in the tray, Amanda.

Sam: Now, you really haven't answered my question, so I'm going to ask one more time. I am so lucky I met you.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: I am so sorry for the time we wasted. The time I wasted.

Amanda: Wasn't just you.

Sam: I love you so much. We still got a problem, though.

Amanda: What problem?

Sam: Well, you haven't said whether or not you're going to marry me.

Amanda: Well, Sam Fowler, looks like you've got yourself a wife.

Sam: I've never been very good at praying, things like that. But -- see, the thing is I want this to turn out right. I know you're supposed to start to pray before you start to do something, but I didn't, so I'm praying now with the hope that things will turn out all right. See, I love her. But the -- with her family and my family, the way things are -- it's just trouble, you know? But I still love her. And I guess that's all that counts, right? Yeah. It is all that counts. I do love her.

Minister: Ahem.

Sam: Hi.

Minister: Setting quite a romantic mood. It's very lovely.

Sam: Thanks. I want this to be perfect, you know?

Minister: Yes. And, incidentally, you were right.

Sam: What?

Minister: Your prayers.

Sam: Oh, you heard me.

Minister: Just a bit. And you're right. The most important element is love.

Sam: We are doing the right thing?

Minister: Mm-hmm.

Man: Pastor?

Minister: Oh, Bill. Come on in, Jenny.

Jenny: Hi.

Minister: Bill and Jenny Banks, meet Sam Fowler.

Sam: How do you do?

Bill: Hi.

Jenny: Hello.

Sam: Hi. Mrs. Banks, thank you for coming.

Bill: Our pleasure.

Minister: Why don't you two sit right over here.

Jenny: Oh, it's so romantic. All the candles -- oh, it's just beautiful.

Minister: Well, that was Sam's idea.

Sam: Oh, wow.

["Wedding march" plays]

Minister: Sam, Amanda, welcome. This is truly your day, one of the happiest of all. Dearly beloved -- Sam, Amanda -- we are gathered here today in the presence of this -- in the presence of these witnesses to join these two young people in holy matrimony. Sam, although I've only known you a short while, I can tell that you have a deep and very real love for Amanda. Now, I don't know quite what your difficulties were, but obviously you overcame them, and here you are.

Sam: Yeah.

Minister: That kind of inner strength, the courage of your convictions, is a gift. Never lose it. In marriage, just as in life, it can be your salvation. Amanda, I christened you as a baby in your mother's arms. I've watched you grow and blossom into a beautiful and caring young woman. And for me, this is a wonderful sight. And the look in your eyes and the smile on your face are all the evidence anyone would ever need to know that you love Sam very, very much. I wish you all the happiness in the world, dear. Both of you.

Sam: Thank you.

Amanda: Thank you.

Minister: Now, who among those assembled here gives this -- oh, we'll skip over this part.

Amanda: No.

Minister: I beg your pardon?

Amanda: Say it all, the whole ceremony.

Minister: But, dear, there's no one here to give you away.

Amanda: I know that, but can you say it all just so I can remember it?

Minister: Of course, dear. Who among those assembled here gives this woman in marriage?

Mac: Her mother and father do!

Amanda: Sam, look!

Sam: Yeah, I see.

Amanda: Isn't it wonderful? They're here!

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