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Another World Transcript Monday 2/9/04

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Michael: Wait a minute -- Cass and Nicole's plane crashed?

Felicia: No, no. No. Now, that's only a possibility. Right?

Michael: Well, how big a possibility?

Mitch: We got a call earlier from the fashion show in Monte Carlo saying that they hadn't arrived yet.

Michael: Well, has anyone heard from them?

Mitch: No.

Michael: What makes you think it went down?

Mitch: French air control said that they lost radio contact, then the plane fell off the radar screen.

Michael: Where?

Mitch: Somewhere off the coast of southern France.

Michael: Did anyone get a distress signal?

Mitch: No. It was just gone.

Felicia: Now, the problem is that the French authorities don't seem to be trying to find them in any way.

Michael: Well, why not?

Felicia: I don't know.

Mitch: Well, they say that there is a storm in the area.

Michael: So what?

Mitch: Well, it's a large area and they don't feel that they have the resources.

Felicia: I know they're alive, Michael. I know they're out there somewhere. They're probably hurt. Please, we have to find them. Do you think that you can help us?

Adam: Look, inspector, these were French nationals that were involved. You'd expect our complete cooperation, wouldn't you? What? All right, look, just do what you can. And, of course, if there's anything that we can do from our -- hello?

Lisa: Problems?

Adam: Yeah. Lisa --

Lisa: It's that kind of day, isn't it?

Adam: Have you spoken to Felicia?

Lisa: Felicia's heard plenty about me and Jamie.

Adam: About Jamie?

Lisa: Nothing.

Adam: Listen, if you guys are having problems --

Lisa: Well, we're just not communicating these days.

Adam: He's still steamed about you working down here, isn't he?

Lisa: It's not just that. Listen, do not get me started. Sounds like you've got enough problems.

Adam: There is one, and you want to know about it. Cass and Nicole's plane is missing.

Lisa: What?

Adam: It went down somewhere over the south coast of France.

Lisa: Does Felicia know?

Adam: Yeah. And I'm a little concerned about her.

Lisa: Oh -- do you need me? Can I go? I have to be with her. Excuse me.


Nicole: Cass. Cass?

Cass: Oh, listen, we know. It's raining.

Nicole: Cass, please wake up.

Cass: Huh?

Nicole: Wake up.

Cass: Huh. Has room service arrived yet?

Nicole: No, and it's not going to.

Cass: Well, this is absolutely the last time I have you book the hotel.

Nicole: How can you joke at a time like this? We were nearly killed. And here we are, stuck on some deserted isle.

Cass: I hate bad news first thing in the morning, Nicole.

Nicole: Hey, we can't stay here and sleep in the mud. Come on, we have to find a better shelter.

[Cass groans]

Nicole: Hey, are you all right?

Cass: Come on, I couldn't be better. Here, help me.

Nicole: Ok. Come on. All right?

Cass: Yeah.

[Cass winces]

Nicole: Cass? Cass! Cass! Cass? Oh! Cass?

Adam: Well, maybe they could add a few more search planes. Well, then, why don't you call the -- why don't you call the American Embassy? All right. Look, just call me back as soon as you get in touch with them.

Jamie: Hey, cuz.

Adam: Jamie. What are you doing here?

Jamie: I'm looking for Lisa. We're going to Mary's Place for dinner. Care to join us?

Adam: I can't. I'm --

Jamie: Where is she, anyway?

Adam: She had to leave.

Jamie: Well, what are you talking about? She knew we had a date.

Adam: No, it's not like that. This was important.

Jamie: Another Andre?

Adam: Now, wait a minute --

Jamie: And by the way, Adam, why didn't you tell me you were having her date some hit man hired by Reginald Love?

Adam: Who told you about that?

Jamie: Not Lisa. She was almost killed, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, well, she's not going to be seeing any more of that guy, so you don't --

Jamie: Apparently, she's not seeing any more of me, either.

Adam: Jamie --

Jamie: You know, we were just starting to get things straightened out.

Adam: She wants to do that. You can count on that.

Jamie: I can't count on anything anymore. We hardly have a chance to say two words to each other lately.

Adam: If this is the way you are when she tries to talk to you, it's no wonder she --

Jamie: What?

Adam: Uh-uh. This is between you and Lisa.

Jamie: If she said something to you, Adam, I --

Adam: Look, she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Jamie: Gee, thanks, cuz. I know that.

Adam: So stop acting like a jerk before you ruin the whole thing.

Jamie: I am concerned about her work. And I'm concerned about her taking off without letting me know!

Adam: She didn't leave here tonight because of her police work, all right?

[Phone rings]

Adam: Cory. Yeah. Yeah. Listen, I got to take this. I can't talk to you right --

Jamie: Fine.

Adam: Wait -- let her explain before you go off half-cocked --

Jamie: If she shows up, just tell her to meet me at Mary's Place.

Adam: Jamie, don't --

Adam: Yeah, what do you got?

Michael: So Adam is working with the French authorities?

Felicia: Yes, but they're not trying to help us.

Mitch: We thought maybe with your contacts --

Michael: Hey, I will do everything I possibly can.

Felicia: Michael, anything, please, anything you could do.

Michael: Felicia, don't worry. We'll find them.

Felicia: I know. I know we will.

Michael: All right, now, is there any word from any of the outlying areas? Has anyone said anything about a plane being forced down?

Felicia: No, no. At least, not the last time I talked to Adam.

Michael: All right, then I think we should go down to the Police station and see what's going on with them.

Felicia: Ok. Fine. Michael?

Michael: What?

Felicia: Donna doesn't know anything, does she?

Michael: No. No, I -- I can't tell her. She's got too much going on with the baby right now.

Mitch: Well, there's bound to be word of this on the news somewhere.

Felicia: What if someone tries to call her when you're gone?

Michael: I -- I've got to tell her. I know. I just can't do it right now.

Bridget: Excuse me. I'm sorry, Mr. Michael.

Michael: Oh, that's ok. Bridget --

Bridget: Yes.

Michael: Look, I have to go out for a little while.

Bridget: Oh.

Michael: And if you'd be so kind as to tell Donna, if she wakes up, that I'll be back.

Bridget: Oh, of course.

Michael: Ok.

Bridget: Is there something wrong?

Michael: Well, there has been a little trouble.

Felicia: Michael, perhaps Bridget can keep Donna from finding out.

Michael: Bridget, there is some news that I would like to protect Donna from finding out for as long as possible.

Bridget: Well, what news?

Michael: Cass and Nicole are missing.

[Bridget gasps]

Michael: It's possible that their plane went down.

Bridget: Oh, no!

Michael: Now, we're not sure yet. But it is possible that there could be some kind of news on the radio or television.

Bridget: Oh. Well, I'll keep her away from the television set, then.

Michael: Ok. And if you would, maybe watch her phone calls and make sure she doesn't have any visitors until I get back?

Bridget: Oh, poor Ms. Nicole. I --

Michael: And, Bridget, don't let Donna pump you for information, all right?

Bridget: Oh, no, of course not. I understand.

Michael: I don't want her to get stressed out, and this baby means everything to us. Thanks.

Bridget: Right.

Michael: Look, we'd better go.

Felicia: Yes.

Michael: Ok.

Bridget: God be with you. And with poor Ms. Nicole. Oh --

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: What is -- what is this?

Nicole: It's water.


Cass: I know that. But what is this?

Nicole: I caught -- it's a palm leaf. I caught some rainwater.

Cass: Oh. Well, aren't you the clever little camper.

Nicole: Here, drink. Ok, now, we have to get your shirt off.

Cass: Only if we take your shirt off first.

Nicole: Will you just stop fooling around? You're hurt.

Cass: I'm telling you, it's not that serious.

Nicole: Oh, my gosh.

[Cass winces]

Nicole: Oh, Cass!

Cass: It's just a flesh wound, come on.

Nicole: No, why didn't you tell me you were bleeding like this?

Cass: It's just a flesh wound.

Nicole: Oh -- this is more than a flesh wound.

Cass: Listen, can I put my shirt on, please? It's freezing.

Nicole: No, it's not. It -- oh. Oh, Cass, you're burning up. Here. These wounds are probably infected. Oh. Here. I'm going to go over to the plane and see if there's a first-aid kit in there.

Cass: I'll get them.

Nicole: No, no, no! No, you lay down, please.

Cass: Yes, ma'am.

Nicole: You're going to be all right here by yourself?

Cass: Yeah, sure. I might even throw up a little wallpaper while you're gone.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, I'll be right back, ok?

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: Ok?

Cass: Yeah. Take your time. I'm fine.


Cass: I mean, it's nothing a little morphine won't help. You'll feel so confident underneath it all.


Cass: Back so soon?

Nicole: I couldn't find the first-aid kit.

Cass: Well, I absolutely refuse to wear that. That's not my color.

Nicole: They're for the bandage.

Cass: Nicole, those are for the show!

Nicole: So there obviously isn't going to be a show.

Cass: Don't do that to your dresses!

Nicole: Turn around here. Turn around.

Cass: Ah --

Nicole: Look what I found. Full of water. Must have fallen from the plane.

Cass: All that work, Nicole.

Nicole: Sorry. Well, it's not important now.

Cass: I liked that dress. I remember when you were making it.

Nicole: Nah, the sleeves were -- I could never get them right, and, you know, it just wouldn't lay right.

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: Oh, stay, stay, don't -- hold still. How's that, huh? Does that hurt?

Cass: That's a little -- that's a little tight.

Nicole: Well, that's how I learned to do it in girl scouts.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: Don't make me laugh.

Nicole: Shh, hold still.


Cass: I wish I could have seen you in your girl scout uniform.

Nicole: Turn to me.

Cass: You say you were a girl scout, huh?

Nicole: Yep. It taught me everything I know about first aid.

Cass: Who taught you to be so sweet?

Nicole: Does that feel ok?

Cass: You remember the movie "The Mummy"?

Nicole: You're going to need some antibiotics.

Cass: What for?

Nicole: Well, but you have to fight that infection if you get one.

Cass: Well, I'm fresh out of penicillin, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, you know, I think that there must be a first-aid kit in that plane.

Cass: Will you stop fussing over me!

Nicole: No, I'm going to go back and try to find it, ok?

Cass: Just stop fussing.

Nicole: Will you be ok? Look, there might be painkillers in the kit if I can find it, all right?

Cass: Oh. Well, if you insist.

Nicole: I'll be right back, ok?

[Cass coughs]

Cass: Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: There will be other fashion shows.

Nicole: Sure, there will.

Ada: Here we go. Whew.

Ada: Hey! Hey! Grandmas don't rate a hello or what?

Jamie: Hello, grandma.

Ada: Hello, yourself. I heard the good news.

Jamie: What's that?

Ada: Dawn won her court case.

Jamie: Yes, that's terrific, isn't it?

Ada: It's about time she got a break.

Jamie: I'll say.

Ada: Are you hungry? I have a fantastic veal stew on the stove.

Jamie: Well, I just might be meeting Lisa for dinner.

Ada: You're not sure?

Jamie: Grandma, I'm not sure about a lot of things these days.

Ada: Did you and Lisa have another fight?

Jamie: Oh, it's -- it's nothing.

Ada: Do you mind if I say something?

Jamie: I guess not.

Ada: You and Lisa really care about each other.

Jamie: That we do.

Ada: Then you can make it work.

Jamie: I know that.

Ada: Lisa is a wonderful girl. Don't let anything keep you two from being together.

Vicky: Hi.

Jamie: Ah, just the girl I want to see. I want to talk to you.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, you said that earlier. What about?

Jamie: About us.

Michael: I mean, air control said they just lost them off the radar screen?

Adam: That's right.

Mitch: Doesn't that mean anything to them?

Adam: They're saying that this is not an emergency situation.

Felicia: Of course it's an emergency. Why would they have lost contact otherwise?

Michael: I don't know. If the storm is bad enough --

Felicia: Michael, they're out there somewhere!

Michael: Look, Adam, where did they get their last fix on them here?

Adam: Somewhere here, right along the south coast.

Michael: South -- can I use your phone for a second?

Adam: Sure.

Michael: Ok. I've got some contacts over there that I think can light a fire under the French authorities. Let me have an international operator, please.

Mitch: This area? This group of islands?

Felicia: What about them?

Mitch: "Brava" ran a series of articles on them. I know that they've got aerial photography of the area.

Adam: Do you think you can get ahold of those pictures?

Mitch: I can try.

Felicia: You think that could help us, Adam?

Adam: See, maybe if we could find a clearing, someplace where they might be able to land a plane, we could alert the French authorities, at least tell them where they can begin their search.

Mitch: I'll get back over to "Brava" and go through the archives.

Felicia: Ok.

Michael: All right, thank you. I can't get through. Communications are down in that whole area. Must be the storm.

Adam: Listen, Mitch thinks that he can get hold of some aerial photographs of the area.

Michael: Well, that's great!

Lisa: Felicia --

Felicia: Oh, Lisa. It's all right.

Lisa: Are you all right?

Felicia: Yes, I'm fine, honey. I am, I'm fine. Mitch, you go on. I'll be ok.

Mitch: I'll be back.

Michael: Look, I'm going to go, too. I don't want to leave Donna alone for too long.

Felicia: Michael, are you -- are you going to tell her?

Michael: Yeah, I'm going to have to tell her. I don't want to her to hear this from anybody else. And don't you worry, Felicia. We're going to find them, all right?

Felicia: I know, I know.

Michael: Ok. Bye.

Felicia: Thank you.

Adam: Lisa, Jamie came by.

Lisa: Did you tell him what happened?

Adam: I had a hard time getting a word in edgewise.

Lisa: Did -- did you find out anything?

Felicia: No, no.

Lisa: Felicia, they're going to find them.

Felicia: They have to. I already lost Wally. I can't lose Cass.

Cass: This can't happen! No!

Cass: No! Kathleen! Kathleen!

[Cass sobs]



Cass: Nicole? Nicole?

Jamie: We're friends, right?

Vicky: Oh, I hope we're more than that.

Jamie: Like what?

Vicky: Close friends.

Jamie: Stop that, will you?

Vicky: Stop what?

Jamie: I can see that subtlety's not going to work with you.

Vicky: Now, now, Jamie, have you ever known me to be subtle?

Jamie: I have never known you to be devious, at least where I'm concerned.

Vicky: You think I'm being devious?

Jamie: Yes. I think you've deliberately been trying to cause fights between Lisa and I.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: And you have succeeded.

Vicky: Oh, look, Jamie, I'm sorry I told you about Lisa kissing that Andre guy, but I thought you knew.

Jamie: Did you, or were you just hoping that I'd get jealous?

Vicky: I said I was sorry.

Jamie: I want to ask you something, and I want you to tell me the truth, ok?

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: What are your feelings for me?

Vicky: Jamie, I think you're terrific.

Jamie: No, now, you know what I mean.

Vicky: You saved my life. You brought me out of a coma.

Jamie: Answer me.

Vicky: Well -- this is a little embarrassing. What would you like me to say?

Jamie: You know I care for you very much.

Vicky: But not in that way.

Jamie: I'm in love with Lisa.

Vicky: Feelings can change.

Jamie: Vicky, what happens between Lisa and me is up to us to decide, not you.

Vicky: So, now you hate me, right?

Jamie: Oh, no. Vicky, you're a very beautiful, intelligent, terrific young girl, and any man would be very lucky to have someone like you.

Vicky: Well, Jamie, they're not exactly pounding down my door.

Jamie: Well, you put up this wall.

Vicky: Not with you.

Jamie: Well, why do you think that is?

Vicky: Because you're always there for me, always around when I need you and I can count on you.

Jamie: Well, you still can.

Vicky: This is a little uncomfortable, don't you think?

Jamie: Yeah, but I really had no idea.

Vicky: No, it's just a phase, really. I'm sure it's just a stereotypical case of a patient falling in love with a doctor.

Jamie: Well, if you want to talk about it, I mean --

Vicky: No. It's embarrassing enough. But I really am sorry.

Jamie: Don't be, ok? I mean -- I mean, if it wasn't for you, I would never have thrown plates in a Greek restaurant, all right?

Vicky: Yeah, there you go. See, I'm not all that bad for you.

Jamie: You were exactly what I needed after that episode with Sam and Amanda.

Vicky: So how are their wedding plans coming along?

Jamie: Well, my mother claims that she has everything under control, but I have this feeling that she's about three days away from real panic.

Vicky: So, well, is it a big wedding, a lot of bridesmaids?

Jamie: Yeah, I guess so. Julie Ann's one and Lisa and a friend of Amanda's in New York, Susan Taylor.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, she was telling me about Susan.

Ada: Can I get you guys anything?

Vicky: Ouzo.

Ada: We had a big run on that. We're fresh out.

Vicky: Oh.

Jamie: Never mind, grandma. Thanks.

Vicky: Oh, Amanda must be so happy, finally marrying the man she loves.

Jamie: She was sure determined to get him.

Vicky: Yeah. Sometimes that's the only way to do it.

Bridget: Oh, you haven't touched a thing.

Donna: I thought Michael was supposed to eat with me.

Bridget: Michael.

Donna: Yes. No, Mr. Michael?

Bridget: Oh, aye, Mr. Michael. Well, I'm sure he'll be here to see you soon.

Donna: What? He went out?

Bridget: Yes. Yes, he did. Hmm.

Donna: Bridget, would you please stop dusting and tell me, do you know where he went?

Bridget: I'm sure I can't say. He never did give --

Donna: No, wait just a minute. You know where he went, don't you?

Bridget: Oh, now, Ms. Donna, don't you upset yourself. Now, you remember what the doctor said.

Donna: No, no, he was supposed to wake me up when Felicia got here, and he didn't do that.

Bridget: Now, you mustn't get excited --

Donna: No, why didn't he do that, Bridget?

Bridget: No, you got the thing about --

Donna: Where did he go?

Michael: Bridget, Bridget -- thank you very much.

Bridget: I didn't say a thing.

Donna: All right, Michael. What's going on? What's happened?

Michael: Donna, I didn't want to say anything until I was sure.

Donna: About what?

Michael: An official from the fashion show in Monte Carlo called, talked to Mitch, and said that Nicole and Cass hadn't arrived yet.

Donna: Well, why not? Where are they?

Michael: They're not sure. It's only a possibility, but it is possible the plane went down.

Donna: No. No! Michael! No, Nicole, she -- oh -- oh!

Michael: What?


Donna: It's a contraction.

Michael: Bridget!

Donna: Michael, the baby --

Michael: It's all right. Just calm down. Bridget!

Donna: Michael, I'm scared.

Bridget: Mr. Michael --

Michael: Bridget, would you call Jamie Frame, please.

Bridget: Oh, yes, right away.

Michael: Thank you.

Donna: Oh --

Michael: Honey, just stay calm, all right? It's ok. Just stay calm.

Donna: Uh -- oh -- I --

Donna: Oh. It's ok. It's ok. It's over.

Michael: You know, I still want you to see Jamie.

Donna: Michael, I don't believe this. Nicole, Cass --

Michael: Donna, it's only a possibility.

Donna: No. No, they think the plane crashed.

Michael: Donna, Donna, they don't know anything. The plane disappeared from the radar screen. That's all. Now, are you feeling better?

Donna: No, it crashed. That's what they mean, isn't it? It means that --

Michael: Donna, they -- stop. They don't know anything. The plane could have made an emergency landing.

Donna: Well, then why haven't they called us? Why haven't they --

Michael: I have no idea, but you're supposed to stay calm and you will stay calm.

Donna: Is anybody looking for them?

Michael: Yes, the French authorities are looking for them.

Donna: Michael. Michael, if anything has happened to --

Michael: Donna, stop it.

Donna: No, no. I'm the one that insisted that Nicole go right away.

Michael: I want you to stop this, Donna.

Donna: No, they wouldn't have been on that plane, Michael, if it hadn't been for me.

Michael: It's not your fault.

Donna: No, it is.

Michael: It's not. You have --

Donna: I kept pushing and pushing --

Michael: Donna, Donna, Donna, you had nothing to do with this, all right? Now, I want you to stay calm for the sake of this baby. Would you please relax?

Donna: Ok.

Michael: You're going to have a beautiful baby, honey. And I want you both healthy and safe.

Donna: Michael -- Michael, what if she's dead?

Michael: Don't worry.

Donna: No --

Michael: Don't --

Donna: No, she could be. What if my baby sister's dead?

Jamie: Have we settled everything?

Vicky: Sure.

Jamie: Then why avoid Lisa?

Vicky: Well, because I don't think she's too crazy about me right now.

Jamie: So, apologize.

Vicky: Well, that would be great. You know, I could go up to her and say, "Lisa, look, I've really had a crush on your boyfriend, and I've tried to split you two up. Sorry."

Jamie: Vicky, you know, I'm really flattered that you feel this --

Vicky: Stop it. Let's just drop it, ok?

Jamie: Well, I can't, because I really want you and Lisa to straighten this out.

Vicky: Jamie, I think that might be a really hard thing for me to do.

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: Well, because I've been a real jerk.

Jamie: Well, hey! I mean, if you can't act like a jerk with your friends, who can you act like a jerk with?

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Right. Thanks, Jamie.

Jamie: So, talk to Lisa, and then we can forget about it, ok?

Vicky: Ok. Can I say something first?

Jamie: Sure.

Vicky: Jamie, it's not real easy for me to open up to people. But you've made it easy for me to tell you things that I would never tell anyone. And you listen and you care about what I have to say. It's a nice change to have someone I can trust.

Ada: Jamie, excuse me. Telephone. They said that it's urgent.

Jamie: Thank you.

Vicky: Jamie -- he was just telling me how excited everyone is about the wedding coming up.

Ada: Excited? That's a nice word.

Vicky: A better word?

Ada: Panicked.

Vicky: Oh.

Ada: That's more like it.

Jamie: Of course, Bridget. I'll be right there. Listen, I've got to run over to Michael and Donna's right away.

Ada: Is Donna ok?

Jamie: Well, I'm not sure, but I don't want to upset Vicky until I've seen her.

Ada: Mum's the word.

Jamie: Thanks. And listen, if Lisa ever gets here, ask her to wait for me, ok?

Ada: Ok.

Jamie: Thanks. Vicky, I've got to run, but, listen, maybe I'll see you later.

Vicky: Ok. Later, Jamie.

Jamie: Goodbye.

Vicky: I haven't given up on you yet, Jamie Frame.

Adam: So, they put more search planes in it, then?

Felicia: Oh, thank God.

Adam: All right, yes. I'm sure Mr. Hudson's going to be very grateful for your cooperation. Yes. And, of course, if anything else happens, you'll be sure and let us know? Thank you. I don't know why they couldn't have just cooperated to begin with.

Felicia: Well, as long as they're doing it now.

Lisa: All that happened because Michael made a phone call?

Adam: Money talks.

Felicia: Well, my only concern is finding Cass and Nicole. I don't really care how we do it.

Mitch: I've got the --

Felicia: The photographs?

Mitch: Right in the area where they lost radar contact.

Adam: Wait a minute. This looks like a series of small islands.

Felicia: Do you think that they could have landed there?

Mitch: Certainly seems possible, doesn't it?

Adam: Lisa, are you getting something?

Lisa: Nothing. I'm sorry.

Felicia: Well, could that mean that they're all right?

Lisa: Felicia, I know they're all right.

Felicia: Is that a professional opinion, young lady?

Lisa: It's a feeling.

Felicia: Well, you see, now, that's a good sign, isn't it? I mean, she's a psychic and she thinks that they're alive.

Mitch: That's not what she said.

Felicia: They are alive, Mitch! They have to be alive.

Mitch: Sorry.

Felicia: I'm sorry. It's just that there's no proof that anything has happened to them, and I -- I just -- I can't give up hope.

Mitch: None of us are.

Felicia: Right. I think we should continue to look at these photographs.

Adam: Did I tell you that Jamie's waiting for you at Mary's Place?

Lisa: Oh, no. I'd better call him and --

Felicia: No, no, honey. Honey, it's all right. You can go. I'm all right, really.

Lisa: No! Felicia --

Mitch: She's going to be ok.

Felicia: I am. I'm ok.

Lisa: Ok. If there's anything I can do --

Felicia: Maybe there is.

Lisa: Name it.

Felicia: Now, you know that I would never ask you to do this if it weren't for Cass, because I know that your psychic powers, you just can't pull them out of a hat.

Lisa: Felicia, I'm going to work on it.

Felicia: Thank you.

Lisa: Ok. You let me know if anything happens.

Felicia: Yes.

Adam: We'll call you later.

Lisa: All right.

Adam: You know, she just may do it. She just may come up with something.

Felicia: Well, they're here somewhere. Let's just hope that they're safe.

Cass: Nicole?


Cass: Nicole.

Nicole: I found it! We can re-dress your wounds.


Vicky: You must be real proud of Jamie, him being a doctor and everything.

Ada: I was proud of Jamie before he was a doctor.

Vicky: And I know he's crazy about you.

Ada: Well, I'm crazy about him. I'm glad he's happy.

Vicky: He wasn't before?

Ada: Well, he had a couple of unhappy relationships, but he and Lisa are very good for each other.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. Lisa's great. That's why it's too bad.

Ada: What's too bad?

Vicky: Well, that they've been having problems lately.

Ada: Oh. Well, if they are, they can take care of them themselves.

Lisa: Hi, Ada.

Ada: Oh, hi. Listen, you just missed him.

Lisa: Jamie left?

Ada: Yeah, he had an emergency, but he said wait for him here.

Vicky: Lisa?

Lisa: Oh, boy.

Ada: What's with her? Is she trying to make trouble with you and Jamie?

Lisa: A little.

Ada: Tell her to back off.

Lisa: Yeah, I will, but I don't think now is the right time.

Ada: Why not?

Lisa: Vicky has more problems than she knows.

Ada: Donna?

Lisa: Yeah, but Nicole.

Vicky: Lisa, it'll just be a minute.

Lisa: Ok. Be right there.

Ada: What about Nicole?

Lisa: I'll tell you in a minute, ok?

Ada: Ok.

Lisa: Hi.

Vicky: Hi. Can you sit down?

Lisa: I'm waiting for Jamie.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. I just talked to him.

Lisa: Oh?

Vicky: Yeah. He talked to me about how he thought I was upsetting you.

Lisa: He did, huh?

Vicky: Yeah, about my interference between the two of you.

Lisa: I wish he hadn't said anything.

Vicky: No, Lisa, he was worried. I'm glad he talked to me.

Lisa: Really?

Vicky: Yes. Your feelings mean a lot to me. I really need your friendship, just like I need Jamie's friendship. But I need him just as a friend. I don't want to cause any problems, and sometimes I don't even realize when I do. I'm just really sorry.

Lisa: It's ok, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, great. So, no more upsets and no interference. If you'll just excuse me for one minute, I have to make a phone call.

Lisa: Sure.

Vicky: Well, maybe just a little more interference. Hello, operator. Yes, I would like a number in Manhattan, please. Barnard College. I'd like to place a person-to-person call. Susan Taylor. My name -- Julie Ann Edwards.

Michael: All right, are you sure this baby's going to be ok?

Jamie: Mother and son are just fine.

Donna: Jamie, what about the contractions?

Jamie: They're Braxton Hicks contractions, and they're perfectly normal. You're not dilated and the fetal heartbeat sounds great. You've been staying in bed, haven't you?

Donna: Yes.

Jamie: This baby needs a few more weeks in there, you know.

Donna: I know, I know, I know.

Jamie: Now, you seem pretty upset. Is it because of the contractions?

Michael: Jamie, we had a little -- we had a little bad news. Cass and Nicole are missing.

Jamie: What?

Michael: I was just down at the police station. Their plane, they think it went down.

Jamie: Oh, no.

Michael: Felicia and Mitch are down there.

Jamie: Adam knows about this?

Michael: Oh, yeah. He's coordinating with the French authorities.

Jamie: Oh, that explains it then.

Michael: Explains what?

Jamie: Well, Adam was trying to tell me why Lisa wasn't at the station.

Michael: Because she was looking for Felicia, I'm sure.

Jamie: This must be killing her.

Michael: She was very, very upset.

Jamie: I can imagine. Listen, are you ok now?

Donna: How -- I'll be all right as soon as I know that Cass and Nicole are all right.

Jamie: Ok, well, try to get some rest.

Donna: I will.

Jamie: Call me if you need me.

Michael: Thanks, Jamie. Hey, you.

Donna: Mm-hmm?

Michael: You want a book or maybe a TV or rent some movies and --

Donna: No, no, I don't. I can't think about that, not while Nicole and Cass are still out there.

Michael: Donna, now, you listen to me. The French authorities are doing everything they possibly can. Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right.

Donna: Michael --

Michael: What?

Donna: Please, you have to find them.

Michael: Don't worry.

Donna: Please? Please, please, just find them. They've got to be all right. Promise me, bring --

Cass: You know, I still don't understand. This wasn't that bad. It didn't need a bandage.

Nicole: Well, I just wanted to have you take your pants off, that's all.

Cass: Well, if that's all you wanted, all you had to do was say pretty pie-- what is that? What is that?

Nicole: A painkiller.

Cass: You are not going to stick that in me, Nicole.

Nicole: Yeah, it'll take the pain away and it'll help you sleep better, ok?

Cass: Oh, yeah? Well, so will warm milk.

Nicole: Well, Cass, we don't have any warm milk. Now, you need this! Come on, roll over for me.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Roll over. It'll work fast that way. You know --

Cass: What are you, a nurse?

Nicole: It won't hurt, I promise.

Cass: Oh -- easy for you to say! You're not getting stuck by a three-foot needle in the --

Nicole: No, in the hip. I can do it in the hip. Now, I think I understand these directions. They're pretty clearly illustrated.

Cass: You've never done this before?

Nicole: Well, there's a first time for everything, you know.

Cass: Yeah, well, play student nurse with somebody else's hip.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, look at that! Over there, look!

Cass: What? Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Nicole: Hold still, hold still. Almost done.

Cass: Oh, I can't believe I fell for that one! Oh!

Nicole: Oh. Oh, boy. That was easy.

Cass: I'm going to get you for that, Nicole. Somewhere, somehow, someplace when you least expect it, I am definitely, definitely going to get you for that.

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: You are, huh?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Yeah? You feeling better?

Cass: I don't feel a thing.

Nicole: Good. Think you can move, huh?

Cass: I think I can fly.

Nicole: Great, because I found us a better shelter nearby, all right?

Cass: Oh -- shelt-- shelter?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Oh, that's wonderful.

Nicole: Hold on, hold on.

Cass: I'm holding on, holding on.

Nicole: How are you doing?

Cass: Oh, this place is wonderful.

Nicole: Yep. It's wonderful, all right. Ok, come on. You ready?

Cass: Life is wonderful, Nicole.

Nicole: Yeah, it's swell, Cass.

Cass: Have I ever told you how wonderful I think you are?

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Cass: Huh?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Have I?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Good, I'm glad. Look at those wonderful birds.

[Cass laughs]


Vicky: Hello, Susan. This is Julie Ann Edwards, Amanda Cory's friend. Yeah -- oh, no. Sam and Amanda are just fine. It's -- it's just that there isn't going to be a wedding. No, no. They eloped. Mm-hmm. I know, it's too bad. I was really looking forward to being a bridesmaid myself. Oh, well, if you have a chance to go to London, oh, grab it. Yeah. Well, I'm sure Amanda will call you when she gets back from her honeymoon. Mm-hmm. Ok. Yeah. Bye-bye. Scratch one bridesmaid. I just wonder where they're going to find another one.

Felicia: So, then, you think that they're -- that they're alive, right?

Mitch: I'm going to think that, yes.

Felicia: I am, too. I mean, besides -- I mean, who could get out of a jam better than Cass, right?

Mitch: Right.

Felicia: Right. You know, he and Nicole were so excited about the show.

Mitch: I know.

Felicia: I think they were beginning to really feel something for each other. They had so many things to look forward to.

Mitch: Come on, now. Thinking positive.

Felicia: I don't think I could bear it, not after Wally.

Mitch: I know.

Felicia: Cass and Wally, they're my family. My brothers, really.

Mitch: I saw my brother today.

Felicia: Well, where?

Mitch: At the airport.

Felicia: Oh.

Mitch: He was trying to get mom to stay in town.

Felicia: Oh! Did he do it?

Mitch: I don't know. She never showed up.

Felicia: Oh. You know, I saw Loretta today. I really think that you should talk to her.

Mitch: I will, when the time is right.

Felicia: I don't want you to wait too long, you know. You never know.

Mitch: I'll do it. But right now, my main concern is you.

Felicia: Oh, Mitch. I just want to do something. I just -- I want to go out and look for them myself.

Mitch: I understand, I understand. Maybe the French authorities will start moving on this.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'm afraid they're not going to be much help.

Felicia: What's happened?

Adam: They called off the search.

Mitch: Why?

Adam: They said there wasn't enough to go on.

Felicia: I don't believe that.

Adam: They need more equipment, they need 48 hours --

Felicia: 48 hours? They could be hurt!

Adam: Look, I'm as angry about this as you are!

Felicia: Adam, do something! Do something! We have to find them.

Mitch: Look, for a start, we have aerial photographs. We have Michael's plane.

Adam: What, you're thinking of going over there yourself?

Mitch: If Michael agrees, why not?

Felicia: Mitch?

Mitch: We're not going to lose them. Now, don't worry about it. We're going to get them back.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: Hey. Hey.

Nicole: God, I'm so glad it stopped raining.

Cass: Girl scout, huh?

Nicole: Look, it's kind of cute, huh? Don't you think?

Cass: Oh, Nicole, you must have been a wonderful girl scout.

[Cass laughs]

Nicole: Yeah, I sold the most cookies one year.

Cass: Oh, cookies. Mmm.

Nicole: Of course, I sold them all to my mother, but a sale's a sale, right?

Cass: Yeah, I'd like to -- er -- sail right on out of here.

Nicole: What, and miss all the fun, huh? Building fires, making shelters?

Cass: Hey, I don't want you to worry, ok?

Nicole: Worry? Me?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Are you kidding? We'll probably be out of here this time tomorrow. You just go to sleep now, ok?

Cass: I'm not sleepy.

Nicole: Oh, no?

Cass: I'm not in the least bit. Not the least --

Nicole: I wish I felt as confident as I sound.

Cass: Oh, I'm cold.

Nicole: Cold? Here.

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