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Another World Transcript Wednesday 2/4/04

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Donna: George. George Hudson. Ooh -- no, no, no, no, doesn't sound good. Benjamin. No, that's not bad. Benji. No. Brandon. That's nice. Brandon, yeah. Wait, wait. Andrew. Andrew. Brandon, Andrew, Andrew, Brandon. Hey, you like that? Hmm? No, no, forget that. It's going to be Michael Hudson II.

Michael: That's got kind of a nice ring to it.

Donna: I didn't know you were standing there. Hey.

Michael: The only problem with it is somebody might call him "junior."

Donna: Oh, you're right. Ooh, I'd hate that.

Michael: So don't you think we ought to be thinking about maybe what schools to send this kid to?

Donna: Schools?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Michael, you know, I really think we can think about that after he's born.

Michael: Uh-huh. Whitewater rafting, Donna.

Donna: What?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Donna: All right, wait a minute here. If we're going to talk about sports, what about the normal, you know, ordinary little boy sports, like football. Baseball? Soccer?

Michael: Whitewater rafting.

Donna: Ooh, Michael II, I think you're in for it, kid.

Michael: I can't believe we're going to have a boy, Donna.

Donna: I know. Me, either. Oh, we are so lucky.

Michael: Yeah, we are.

Donna: Oh, come here.

Michael: Oh, careful, careful.

Donna: I'm sorry.

Michael: That's ok.

Donna: I'm sorry. Oh, you just don't know how much I've wanted to hold you like this all morning. Hey, where have you been, anyway? What? What is it? Where were you just now?

Michael: Donna, I went to talk to your father.

Mitch: Cummerbunds.

Jamie: It's a stupid name, I agree.

Adam: For a stupid piece of clothing.

Mitch: The whole idea of tuxedos is stupid.

Jamie: Whatever happened to simple, old, hippie weddings, you know, with unbleached muslin and love beads? Oh, Sammy.

Sam: Hi, guys. What's going on?

Adam: You owe us a beer.

Jamie: That's right.

Sam: Why? What did you do?

Adam: Read him the list.

Jamie: Ok.

Mitch: While you're reading the list, I'm on the phone.

Jamie: One hour of fitting tuxedos, I think, is worth at least a beer.

Adam: Not to mention all the planning that went into your bachelor party.

Sam: My what?

Adam: You didn't tell him?

Jamie: I had toyed with the idea of it being a secret.

Adam: Not anymore, huh?

Sam: Ok, so when is this supposed to happen?

Adam: Tonight. It's over at Jamie and Lisa's apartment.

Jamie: Why don't you tell him everything, Adam? In fact, Sam, you don't have to come at all. I'm sure the good sergeant here will fill you in on everything that happened.

[Sam laughs]

Cheryl: Hi, Ada.

Ada: Hi, honey.

Cheryl: I hope I brought enough stuff. I went to three different stores.

Ada: Well, as long as it looks like a party -- it does.

Cheryl: I think I'm going to be a little late.

Ada: For what?

Cheryl: Well, I'm supposed to decorate Jamie and Lisa's apartment by myself, but I guess I'm going to need some help now, huh?

Vicky: Pardon me. He's all set.

Ada: Who is?

Vicky: The male stripper. He'll be there tonight.

Ada: Oh.

Adam: Come on, Sam, you owe us a beer.

Jamie: Come on.

Mitch: I know this isn't my seat because there's no beer here.

Sam: All right, already. I'll get you guys some beers.

Jamie: Hurry up. All right, did you call her?

Mitch: What do you mean, did I call her? Yeah, I called her, in spite of being embarrassed.

Adam: Well, come on. It's a male ritual.

Jamie: You didn't wuss out, did you?

Mitch: Her name is Fatima.

Jamie: Fatima.

Mitch: She'll be at your apartment at 9:00 sharp.

Adam: All right.

Jamie: Now, Adam, if Sam gets wind of this, I'm going to tell my grandmother, and she's going to have Delaney bust you back down to walking a beat, ok?

Andre: What's the holdup?

Pilot: I just heard we're waiting for two passengers.

Andre: Passengers?

Pilot: That's what I heard.

Andre: No names?

Pilot: Cass Winthrop and Nicole Love. They decided to go to Monte Carlo on this flight.

Cass: Tolstoy?

Felicia: He claims to be a relative, but don't believe it.

Cass: What do you want me to meet with him for?

Felicia: Because he knows all the Monte Carlan palms that should be greased before the showing.

Cass: Huh. Including his own, I'll bet.

Felicia: Including his own. You call him the moment you get there, all right?

Cass: Ok. And by the way, honey, I hate to break this to you, but it's Monegasques.

Felicia: What is?

Cass: People who live in Monte Carlo are not called Monte Carlans. They're called Monegasques.

Felicia: Oh, now, isn't that fascinating?

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: You know, did I ever tell you how you've improved the quality of my life?

Cass: No, you haven't, and I often wondered if you'd noticed.

Felicia: Really? Yeah, I bet you did.

Cass: Hey!

Felicia: Stop that.

Amanda: Mom, why are you crying at the fitting?

Rachel: I've never seen you in a wedding dress before. You know, your partner is a genius.

Cass: I know. Tomorrow, all of France will be at her feet.

Nicole: Oh, well, I would settle for just a tiny little part of it under my feet.

Felicia: She hates to fly.

Cass: It'll be worthwhile, you'll see. There's a whole new world waiting for you.

Nicole: For both of us.

Rachel: Want to wish you luck. I know you don't need it.

Cass: Oh, you can wish it anyway.

Rachel: Good luck.

Nicole: Thank you.

Felicia: Stay out of the casino, Winthrop.

Cass: Oh, honey, I'll be far too busy to hit the tables during the day.

Nicole: Oh, no, my passport -- it's not in my bag.

Cass: It's in my briefcase.

Nicole: I forgot traveler's checks, too.

Cass: They're in my briefcase.

Nicole: Where's my itinerary?

Cass: I've got everything -- I took the liberty of handling all the details -- in my briefcase.

Nicole: Thank you.

Felicia: Just make sure that's the only liberty he takes.

Cass: Hey!

Nicole: Oh, boy, I hope I remembered everything.

Felicia: You did.

Nicole: No, wait. What about the other bridesmaid?

Amanda: Susan.

Nicole: Yeah.

Amanda: She's going to be checking in with Sophie while you're in Monte Carlo.

Nicole: Oh, that's good.

Amanda: Ok.

Nicole: Oh, look at my hands. They won't stop shaking.

Rachel: That's exactly what happened to Coco Chanel, I bet, before her big show.

Nicole: Yeah, but she didn't have to fly across an ocean to get to it.

Rachel: This is true.

Felicia: Now, listen to me. You call me the minute you get there, ok?

Nicole: Ok. Please keep an eye on Donna for me, will you?

Felicia: Of course I will. You know that.

Amanda: And thanks again, Nicole. The dress is beautiful.

Rachel: Oh, it's just beautiful.

Nicole: Oh, no, it's the bride that's beautiful.

Cass: Mademoiselle Nicole, your jet awaits you.

Felicia: Yes, Europe awaits you.

Cass: Monegasques and the universe await you.

Nicole: Oh, please, enough already!

Felicia: Go, go. Go and become famous!

Lisa: Bon voyage!

Felicia: I love you! Be careful!

Cass: Don't forget to write!

Felicia: Don't forget, call me. The moment you get there, call me.

Rachel: Safe trip!

Amanda: Bye-bye!

Felicia: Boy, I thought they'd never leave.

Julie Ann: We better get going.

Lisa: Oh, yes. I have got a million things to do before the shower.

Amanda: This has been the best day.

Julie Ann: You haven't even hit your wedding day yet.

Amanda: I know!

Julie Ann: Let's go.

Lisa: Ok. See you both at my house!

Rachel: Ok, good.

Amanda: Bye!

Rachel: Bye-bye. Who would have thought?

Felicia: What, that Amanda's marrying Mitch's brother?

Rachel: That she would have even met him.

Felicia: Pretty crazy, yeah.

Rachel: You met the mother?

Felicia: Oh, yes.

Rachel: What about Mitch? Has he?

Felicia: No.

Rachel: I didn't think so.

Felicia: Strange, isn't it?

Rachel: What?

Felicia: I mean, what is it about? You know Mitch. As usual, he hasn't said very much.

Rachel: No, he never did with me, either. I guess it's something that only Mitch and Loretta understand.

Donna: You went to see my father? Why?

Michael: Because I wanted him to know that he couldn't touch us anymore, Donna, and that the stable boy had gotten everything that he wanted.

Donna: Did he hear you?

Michael: He opened his eyes. I think he heard me.

Donna: Oh, my father. In prison.

Michael: It's what he deserves, Donna.

Donna: I know. Please don't think I'm feeling sorry for him because I'm not.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: It's just that it feels so strange being detached, you know, from your own father, not really caring whether he lives or dies.

Michael: Hey -- I think that's his fault, not yours.

Donna: I never really had a father. So if he dies, what difference does it make? Kind of sad, isn't it?

Michael: Oh, Donna. I'm so sorry.

Donna: But you know what?

Michael: Hmm?

Donna: I have a wonderful husband.

Michael: Not only that, you're stuck with him, baby.

Donna: Wait -- wait a minute.

Michael: What?

Donna: I just realized I'm not stuck with you and you're not stuck with me, either.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Donna: Think about it. We're not married anymore.

Zack: Thanks, man. Hey. Looks to me some dark plots are being hatched here.

Jamie: All right! We could use some legal advice. Please, sit down.

Scott: What's going on, gentlemen?

Adam: We're finalizing the plans for the stag party.

Jamie: You guys aren't working tonight, are you? Scott told me you have your hearing tomorrow.

Zack: Oh, that's first thing in the morning.

Adam: Dawn's case?

Zack: Yeah. All we can do is wait now. You know, it'd be good to blow some steam at a party, Scott.

Scott: Well, I might have to work on the appeal, Zack.

Zack: Maybe we won't have to.

Scott: I want to be ready.

Jamie: Scott, you ought to get out. It'll do you good.

Mitch: Yeah, come on. Here he comes. Don't anybody say anything about the stripper.

Zack: Stripper?

Jamie: You know those cubs, they've got to do some scoring this year.

Zack: You know, but the name of the game is pitching. There you go.

Jamie: Well --

Sam: Whoa, guys. You guys are planning something crazy with this party tonight, right?

Jamie: Us?

Sam: Yeah, you. You're going to get me divorced before I even get married.

Adam: Ahem.

Zack: Oh, hey, that's a nasty-sounding throat you got there, Adam. Jamie better check it out.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: What's going on here?

Sam: Nothing. We're just having a beer after fitting for those monkey suits.

Amanda: One day in a tux is not going to kill you.

Sam: Yeah, and it is for a good cause, too.

Julie Ann: Oh, this is so romantic, I can't stand it.

Sam: So, how was your fitting?

Amanda: Oh, the gown is gorgeous. I didn't want to take it off.

Julie Ann: Well, if you saw the way she looked in it, I wouldn't take it off.

[Men laugh]

Sam: They're throwing me a party tonight. They're getting warmed up.

Amanda: Oh. Well, perfect timing. The girls are giving me a shower.

Sam: You, a shower?

Ada: You're Sam's mother, Loretta.

Loretta: Well, how do you know?

Ada: I'm Rachel's mother.

Loretta: Small world.

Ada: Yeah. Come on, sit down. Can I get you something?

Loretta: Yeah, I wouldn't mind a drink.

Ada: Ok.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Sam: What?

Amanda: I forgot to ask your mother what she was wearing to the wedding.

Sam: I'm afraid to ask.

Amanda: Your mother has her own sense of personal style.

Sam: Yeah, Loretta Kirkland style.

Amanda: She was close to being a really big star.

Sam: If she doesn't say so herself. The way she talks about it, she's a cross between Helen Hayes, Beverly Sills, and Ginger Rogers all wrapped up in one.

Amanda: So I guess I won't be seeing you tonight, huh?

Sam: That's probably a certainty. Stag parties can get kind of rowdy at times.

Amanda: Behave yourself.

Sam: Me? How about you?

Amanda: What? Sam, your mother.

Sam: Oh, what?

Amanda: Come on, Julie Ann. I want you to meet her.

Loretta: A shower?

Amanda: Well, she has to come, doesn't she, grandma?

Ada: Well, sure. The mother of the groom has to be there.

Loretta: I wouldn't miss it, honey. Well, I better get going.

Amanda: Oh, what for?

Loretta: Well, the shops don't stay open all night. I wouldn't dream of showing up at your shower empty-handed.

Amanda: Oh, no. You don't have to bring anything.

Loretta: Well, I want to. Now, tell me where you're registered.

Amanda: It's not necessary.

Julie Ann: Her silverware and china is registered at George & Son's.

Loretta: Great.

Donna: We -- we aren't. We're not married anymore.

Michael: I'll tell you what we do -- why don't we take care of you. You know, first things first. We'll get you well, we'll get you healthy, get you out of here, and then we'll take care of the details. Besides, Jamie said that you got to stay in bed until the baby's born, right?

Donna: I know. I know. I have to tell you, I'm really bored with this. I think this is going to drive me crazy.

Michael: Well, then go crazy because you're not getting out of this bed for nothing, baby.

Donna: This little guy means everything in the world to me, Michael. I'm not going to take any risks. You don't have to worry about that.

Michael: Ok. I won't.

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: What?

Donna: Uh, Michael --

Michael: What?

Donna: You know, I'm not going to get any rest if you stay here.

Michael: Are you kicking me out of here?

Donna: Well, actually, I guess I am. You know, you should go home and work. We do have a growing family to support now, and we're going to have to be thinking about college tuitions.

Michael: And Whitewater rafting school.

Donna: Right.

Michael: I'm going.

Donna: Right.

Michael: Going.

Donna: Michael -- I love you.

Cass: Hi.

Pilot: Hi.

Nicole: Hi.

Pilot: I was pretty surprised when I heard that I was flying you out. I thought it was just going to be me and the guard.

Cass: Well, it was a last-minute thing, right, Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah, right. Is this going to be a problem?

Pilot: Oh, not at all. Should make for a much more interesting flight.

Nicole: Well, interesting flight is the last thing I'm looking for.

Cass: Nicole may be a world-class designer, but when it comes to flying --

Pilot: I understand. Well, I'll let you two get settled.

Cass: Thank you.

Pilot: You'll have the cabin to yourselves. Sorry, we don't have a stewardess.

Cass: That's all right.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. What kind of a plane is this?

Cass: It's a safe plane.

Pilot: I've been flying for years -- everything from fighters to jumbo jets -- so sit back and relax.

Cass: Nice man.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Would you like the window seat? Just a little joke there.

Nicole: Well, I just --

Cass: Sit down.

Nicole: Want to be there.


Nicole: What was that?

Cass: That was just the engine. I think he's starting out to make sure they work, if we should need them.

Nicole: What we don't need is your sense of humor.

Cass: Here, let me.

Nicole: Thanks.

Cass: Here we go.

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Cass: May I?

Nicole: Thank you.

Michael: Hey, hey.

Donna: What -- what are you doing here? You're supposed to be working.

Michael: I was working. I worked for about four hours. I own the companies, remember? I can do what I want, baby.

Donna: Right.

Michael: Are you hungry?

Donna: Oh, Michael, you know how I hate hospital food. What have you got in there?

Michael: I got in here --

Donna: What?

Michael: Liver and onions. You'll love it.

Donna: You're kidding me, right? Please. Please tell me you're kidding.

Michael: No, no, no. Ta-da!

Donna: Fried chicken?

Michael: Yep.

Donna: Oh, great!

Michael: And --

Donna: What?

Michael: Coleslaw.

Donna: Ooh, good.

Michael: And --

Donna: Ooh, is this potato salad?

Michael: Yes!

Donna: You're kidding!

Michael: And --

Donna: Pickles. Oh, I love pickles. This is wonderful.

Michael: Well, Jamie said you weren't on any specific kind of diet --

Donna: That's right. I can eat anything, and as much as I want.

Michael: Really? Well --

Donna: Here we go. What?

Michael: Voila.

Donna: This is great! This is going to be like a real picnic!

Michael: I got everything but the ants.

Donna: You didn't bring any ants?

Michael: No. Well, they were all out of stock at the store. I tried.

Donna: Oh, Michael. Come on.

Michael: So, I'm not perfect. I got another little disappointment for you, too.

Donna: What?

Michael: I didn't bring my guitar.

Donna: You -- stop, stop. You are not going to serenade me?

Michael: Wait till we get home, ok?

Donna: Ok. I'll wait until we get home.

Michael: Unless you want me to try a cappella.

Donna: Well, sure, why not? You know I like that.

Michael: And --

Donna: What? Candlelight?

Michael: You like?

Donna: I love it.

Michael: Here we go. I am one classy kind of guy, baby.

Donna: Right, right. Ok. Plate for you, plate for me. Some napkins here.

Michael: Great. Now, you want one piece or two, maybe, hmm?

Donna: Four.

Michael: Four?

Donna: Four.

Michael: Hunger is a sign of health.

Donna: Health, health. Speaking of which --

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: I need to talk to you about my health.

Michael: What about it?

Donna: Well, Jamie was in here just a little bit ago.

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: And he -- he said that I might get to go home sooner than we thought.

Michael: Really?

Donna: Yes. That's what the man said.

Michael: Oh, great! Well, I tell you what -- this calls for a toast.

Donna: A toast?

Michael: Yes, indeed.

Donna: Of course. What --

Michael: Chocolate milk for you.

Donna: Great.

Michael: And this is to us. To you, to me, and that baby, going home together.

Donna: Yes. Cheers.

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: Gang way, gang way! Hi, everybody!

Lisa: Bought the whole city.

Rachel: Well, grandmothers and mothers are allowed to spoil the bride.

Ada: It's the law.

Rachel: Hi, ladies.

Dawn: Hi.

Ada: Hey, the place looks great!

Lisa: Well, I take no credit for that. Cheryl did it.

Vicky: And me.

Lisa: You were here?

Vicky: Yeah. I just went home to change.

Lisa: Vicky, could I speak to you a minute?

Vicky: Is there a problem?

Lisa: Why did you tell Jamie I was kissing Andre?

Vicky: Just slipped out.

Lisa: How?

Vicky: Lisa, I swear I didn't do it on purpose.

Lisa: You're after him, aren't you?

Vicky: How can you say that?

Lisa: Because you know that we're having problems about my working, and you're doing everything you can to make it worse.

Vicky: Lisa, if you and Jamie are having problems, it's not my fault.

[Doorbell rings]

Dawn: Oh, I'll get it.

All: Hi!

Felicia: And this is the guest of honor's fabulous chocolate éclairs and tarts. Dig in, ladies.

Ada: Terrific.

Amanda: They look so good, I could eat them all myself.

Rachel: You can't. You've got to fit into the wedding dress I just got you.

Felicia: That's right. You have to stay thin for at least the day after the wedding.

Amanda: And then I can get as fat as I want?

Ada: Well, if you don't care, maybe Sam won't care.

Julie Ann: Oh, Sam won't care whether or not you're fat or thin.

Amanda: I hope not.

Lisa: Of course not. He loves you.

Rachel: We all do.

Amanda: Thanks, everybody.

Ada: You're welcome. Now, come on, let's eat!

Lisa: Yes.

Julie Ann: Let me take your coat.

Ada: Yeah, take the chocolate-chocolate-chocolate.

Cheryl: Beautiful coat.

Amanda: Dawn, I'm so glad you could come. I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to.

Dawn: Oh, I would not miss it.

Amanda: How are things going for you?

Dawn: Fine, just fine.

Amanda: Good.

Dawn: Ok.

Rachel: Does Loretta know about this?

Ada: She'll be here. She had to go pick up a gift.

[Men laugh]

Rachel: Loretta?

Ada: Her voice isn't that deep.

Rachel: What --

[Jamie laughs]

Rachel: Who invited you?

[Women laugh]

[Cass whistles]

Cass: Am I in your way?

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Cass: Must be over France now.

Nicole: Wow.

Cass: Don't you find that exciting?

Nicole: No, not way up here.

Cass: Why not way up here?

Nicole: Who cares if we're in France way up in the sky? The clouds don't look French, do they? We could be over Teaneck, New Jersey for all the difference it makes.

Cass: You're a great traveling companion, you know that? Anybody ever tell you that? You're lots of laughs. I should've brought a book. I should have brought the complete works of Dickens.

Nicole: Well, why didn't you?

Cass: Well, I -- I was foolish enough to think that you'd talk to me from time to time. What are you thinking?

Nicole: I'm not thinking.

Cass: Oh, now, wait a second. Now, wait a second. I know you. You think. You're a thinker.

Nicole: Not necessarily. I could be just feeling.

Cass: Ok, what are you feeling?

Nicole: Awful.

Cass: Hey, now we're getting somewhere, right? Now the next question is why? Is it the air sickness?

Nicole: No.

Cass: Is it Donna?

Nicole: No, no, I know Donna's fine.

Cass: Is it because -- is it because of the other night at Avril manor?

Nicole: No.

Cass: I mean, we never had a chance to even think about that night.

Nicole: I know. A lot happened that night.

Cass: Sure did.

Nicole: I mean, the fire, Donna, my father --

Cass: Nicole, we were going to spend the night together.

Nicole: How can you just say it like that?

Cass: Are you having second thoughts about going to Monte Carlo with me?

Nicole: I just feel a little strange, you know?

Cass: Why?

Nicole: Well, because we were going to --

Cass: I know. I was there.

Nicole: Right, right.

Cass: Right.

Nicole: But then, you know, we couldn't, so -- well, we never really got a chance to --

Cass: Talk about it.

Nicole: Yeah, yeah.

Cass: I'll tell you what -- we can -- we can start all over again.

Nicole: Now? I mean, how. How?

Cass: I'll find us a wonderful restaurant in Monaco, and you can eat like a horse again.

Nicole: Again? Oh, beg your pardon.

Cass: And -- and we can see what happens.

Andre: Do exactly as I say, and you won't get hurt.

Pilot: Whoa, anything you want. What do you want?

Andre: I want you to change course. We're not going to Monte Carlo.

Cass: So -- when was the last time you were in Monte Carlo?

Nicole: Oh, I was there for one night when I was 18. I was going from Nice to Milan.

Cass: Hmm. Alone? Oh. Monaco is too romantic a place to be alone.

Nicole: Well, I won't be alone this time, will I?

Cass: Oh, I think she almost smiled --

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Ladies and gentlemen. I can't believe it.

Nicole: I do -- I feel a lot calmer now.

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Me, too. I feel -- I feel calmer and --

Nicole: And what?

Cass: Excited. I feel very excited about the trip. It's going to be a great trip.

Nicole: Oh, the trip.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: You know, Felicia said the craziest thing.

Cass: Yeah? So what else is new?

Nicole: She said if she were writing a story about us that she would begin it in Monte Carlo.

Cass: Why not here above the clouds?

Nicole: Well, let's just let her begin in Monte Carlo, ok?

Cass: You know, it is too bad we don't have any service on this flight. Oh, excuse me.

Nicole: Oh -- why?

Cass: Well, Felicia would have us sipping champagne.

Nicole: Oh, definitely. We'd be eating caviar, too.

Cass: Definitely. Holding hands. I -- I suppose we could manage that if you want to.

Nicole: Right. Holding hands.

Cass: And you know that Felicia -- I mean, she doesn't waste any time.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Oh, she always goes for the big moment.

Pilot: There's a storm to the south!

Andre: I don't give a damn!

Pilot: Don't you understand? I -- I can't risk landing on an island in the middle of a storm!

Andre: Don't you understand -- you don't have a choice!

Jamie: You were supposed to be working tonight.

Lisa: You said you had plans.

Jamie: I did have plans -- these plans!

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me that your stag party was here?

Sam: I didn't think to. Now, why didn't you tell me?

Jamie: This was the perfect place for a party.

Lisa: I agree, obviously.

[Jamie laughs]

Ada: Hey, we could start a trend -- stag showers. Guys bring the potato chips. Right?

Rachel: I've never had beer at a shower before.

Felicia: Well, I think we should send out for dip and get this party started.

Vicky: Oh, but what about my surprise?

Cheryl: What --

[doorbell rings]

Vicky excuse me. Oh, I'll get it. Hello!

Woman: Hi. My name is Fatima.

Vicky: Uh --

Fatima: Do I have the wrong place?

Mitch: No. As a matter of fact, you're at the right place at the right time. Come on in.

Vicky: Oh.

Lisa: She's a stripper, isn't she?

Jamie: Yeah.

Lisa: If this isn't the most sexist thing you've ever done.

Jamie: Yeah.

[Jamie and Adam laugh]

Rachel: Mac will be so sorry he missed this.

Felicia: Yes.

Julie Ann: What is this baloney about stag parties being tame?

Lisa: And I suppose you're here in your official capacity?

Adam: Well, I mean, somebody's got to keep an eye on these guys.

[Jamie laughs]

Lisa: Right.

[Doorbell rings]

Jamie: I'll get that.

Vicky: Wait. No, I'll get this. I'm afraid we're going to have to cancel --

Jamie: No -- cancel? Wait a minute, wait -- cancel? Cancel what? Hi. Is this who or -- or what I think you are?

Man: I'm working my way through medical school.

Jamie: Oh, that's great. For all you liberated ladies, your striptease artist has arrived!

[Laughter and cheers]

Felicia: Fatima, have you met --

Man: Larry.

Felicia: Larry.

Fatima: Haven't I seen you at the Union hall?

Zack: Wait till mom and dad hear about this.

Lisa: So, what do we do now?

Jamie: I think the answer to that is obvious! Take it away!

Adam: Yeah!

[Jamie laughs]

Chad: All right!

Jamie: Close your eyes, close your eyes.

Cass: Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen. Are you still afraid of flying?

Nicole: Are we on a plane?

Cass: I think we're going to have a wonderful time in Monte Carlo.

Nicole: Oh, yes, we are.

Cass: Nicole?

Nicole: Hmm?

Cass: In case you're having doubts -- and I don't see how you could --

Nicole: What? Me, doubts? Uh-uh.

Cass: I want you very much.

Nicole: Oh, Cass. Oh.

Nicole: What was that?

Cass: Don't panic.

Nicole: "Don't panic"? How could I not panic? Didn't you feel that?

Cass: We're just starting our descent, that's all.

Nicole: Oh, that's all? That -- that's enough.

Cass: We should be seeing some lights -- France is awfully dark tonight.

Nicole: Well, maybe somebody turned out the light.


Nicole: Cass, no!

Cass: What?

Nicole: No, look! It's water -- it's water down there!

Cass: You're right.

Nicole: But we went over the Atlantic a long time ago, didn't we?

Cass: You're right about that, too.

Nicole: Well, then, where are we going?

Cass: We're going to ask. It's locked. Pilot! Hey, pilot!

Andre: We should be seeing a light on the island in about five minutes.

Pilot: But I just --

Andre: But I just told you that's where we're landing!

Pilot: I don't know if I can do it.

Andre: But you got to do it!


Cass: Come on! Open the door in there!

Nicole: What's happening?

Cass: That's what I'm trying to find out. Hey, what the hell is going on in there? Hey!

Lisa: Yeah!

Amanda: Oh!

Jamie: That was fantastic! That was great! That was incredible! And not necessarily in that order, either.

[Jamie laughs]

Amanda: Do you guys want to stay for something to eat?

Fatima: Oh --

Sam: Yeah, a drink, a beer maybe?

Fatima: Our sitter has to be home by 11:00.

Sam: Excuse me -- our sitter?

Fatima: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: You're married?

Larry: We don't usually get to work together.

Amanda: Oh, my gosh.


Fatima: We've got two kids, and he's in med school.

Larry: Every little bit helps.

Sam: Right on.

Larry: Thanks.

Sam: Nicely done, folks.

Fatima: Oh, thanks.

Amanda: Your pants.

Jamie: Well, here -- here's your dress.

Fatima: Oh, thanks.

Sam: His pants -- your pants? You know something?

Amanda: What?

Sam: I'm really glad I met you.

Amanda: You come here often?

Sam: You know, I like you. We should get married. You think?

Amanda: Hmm.

Sam: Hmm. Hmm.

Vicky: Don't catch a cold, ok?

Ada: Hey, hey, hey, hey --

Sam: What?

Ada: Break, break, break.

Sam: All right!

Rachel: No, we've got some presents to open.

Ada: Yes.

Zack: Yeah, well, what about the men?

Adam: Yeah, what are we supposed to do? Right?

Felicia: A couple of things do come to mind.

Adam: Oh.

Jamie: Uh-huh!

Adam: I'll bet.

Ada: Move it.

Adam: All right.

Ada: Move it.

Rachel: What --

Ada: Look at this mess!

Vicky: Sorry.

Rachel: What happened to Loretta?

Ada: Oh, well, she knows when and where. She's a little flaky, though.

Rachel: Do you think it's because she found out the men were going to be here?

Ada: That shouldn't stop her.

Rachel: Yeah, but Mitch is here.

Ada: Oh, yeah, right.

Felicia: Oh!

Amanda: Oh, Cheryl, they're beautiful.

Cheryl: Do you like them?

[Phone rings]

Amanda: They're great.

Lisa: Hello? Oh, sure, hold on. Adam -- Adam, the phone's for you.

Adam: Who is it?

Lisa: I don't know. They asked for Sergeant Cory.

Adam: Cory. You're kidding.

Cass: Hey, what's going on in there? Are you ok?

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: It's going to be all right, Nicole.

Nicole: Don't lie to me!

Cass: We're in big trouble, Nicole. Hey!

Nicole: I liked it better when you lied to me.

Cass: Hey, are you hurt? Are you sick? If you are, just try to open the door, please!

Nicole: Oh, a light, Cass!

Cass: What?

Nicole: Down there! Down there, look! There's a light -- see?

Andre: There it is. Do you see it?

Pilot: Yeah.

Andre: That light marks the southern end of the cove where the compound is.

Pilot: It's pretty hard to fly with a gun pointed at you.

Andre: Just head for the light!

Pilot: I can't land blind!

Andre: There's a landing strip at the northern end of the cove.

Pilot: It's too dangerous!

Andre: I don't give a damn about the danger!

Pilot: But you -- you're asking me to put down on an unlit strip --

Andre: That's right.

Pilot: With no radar?

Andre: Just do it!

Pilot: Oh!

Nicole: Oh, we're going down!

Cass: But there's no place to land down there.

Nicole: No, no. All I can see is that light.

Cass: It's impossible to put down there! I can't believe he's even trying!

Nicole: Oh, he won't do it! Lie to me, Cass! Tell me! Lie to me! Just say he won't go!


Andre: Keep your descent, keep your descent! What's the matter with you? Do as I say! What's wrong with you? Answer me! Oh, no, he's dead. No. No!


Nicole: Oh, why didn't I take the qe2?

Cass: Here.

Bianca: Well, that's --

Amanda: Thank you.

Adam: Sam --

Sam: Can you believe how many presents her mom got her?

Adam: Can I talk to you for a second?

Sam: Sure. Something wrong?

Adam: Uh -- let's go over here in the kitchen.

Sam: What's happening?

Adam: A little more privacy over here. Come on.

Julie Ann: Oh, wow. That's so wonderful.

Felicia: Oh, isn't that lovely.

Amanda: Oh! "Romeo and Juliet." It's great. Thanks, Dawn. Thanks.

Dawn: Oh, you're welcome. I wasn't sure what you needed.

Amanda: Oh, believe -- I needed this. I love it.

Dawn: Just -- just be happy, ok?

Amanda: Thanks.

Julie Ann: And this one is from moi. And I knew exactly what you wanted, but so did Cheryl.

Amanda: Sheets?

Julie Ann: Sorry.

Cheryl: Oh, no!

Amanda: That's ok, that's ok. I won't have to do laundry for weeks.

Ada: Amanda!

Amanda: I'm just kidding.

Adam: Look, there's no good way to tell you this, I'm afraid.

Sam: Ok. Then just tell me, will you?

Adam: Your mother is down at the station house.

Sam: Oh, no.

Adam: It seems that she's been arrested.

Donna: Hmm. I think I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend that we're already at home.

Michael: Hmm. In our own bed.

Donna: Hmm. Jamie did say it would be soon.

Michael: You know, we have a real new beginning before us, Donna.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: The estate's gone.

Donna: What?

Michael: The house, my stables, everything -- it all burned to the ground.

Donna: Oh, Michael.

Michael: I know. I didn't want to tell you before. I thought you had enough on your mind.

Donna: Well, the house -- and I guess even the stables -- just represented all of our problems, all of our unhappiness.

Michael: And that is behind us now, right?

Donna: So -- so our future is going to be your suite?

Michael: Yeah. Think you can handle that?

Donna: Actually, I think I might like that very much.

Michael: Good.

Donna: No more bad memories.

Michael: Oh, boy, I think we've had enough of those, don't you?

Donna: Yes, we certainly have. We are only going to have good memories from now on, just -- just good, good, happy memories.

[Michael chuckles]

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Keep that thought and we'll pick up on this tomorrow, ok?

Donna: Why? Why?

Michael: I want you and this beautiful baby here to get a little sleep.

Donna: All right. All right, if you insist.

Michael: I do.

Donna: Oh. Hmm. I bet you I know someone -- well, actually, two people -- who are not thinking about sleep right now.

Michael: Cass and Nicole?

Donna: Mm-hmm. They're probably in Monaco by now. Who knows -- maybe even sipping champagne underneath the stars.

Michael: I'm glad you made up with Nicole.

Donna: Me, too. We're all the family that's left right now.

Andre: Damn you, you idiot!

Damn you!

Nicole: The trees -- we're going right into them!

Cass: Um --

Nicole: Cass, we're going to crash!

Cass: Just --

Nicole: Cass, we're going to crash!

Cass: Will you be quiet, please?

Nicole: Oh, I hate planes!

Cass: I know. Right now, I'm starting to lean in that direction myself.

Nicole: Oh, no!

Cass: As soon as we get back to Bay City, we're going to fire our travel agent.

Nicole: Oh, good. Well, that'll give me something to look forward to.

Cass: Yeah, well, that's what you're going to do right now -- look forward and down.

Nicole: Oh, no! Cass!

Cass: Bend over, put your head between your knees.

Nicole: Oh! Oh, Cass!

Cass: I'm here, Nicole, right beside you.

Nicole: Oh!

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