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Another World Transcript Tuesday 2/3/04

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Reginald: It's all over now.

Donna: No! No! We're getting out of here!

Michael: Donna, you go.

Donna: No!

Michael: Yes, you go! I'll be ok!

Donna: No, Michael, he'll kill you!

Michael: No, he won't!

Donna: Yes, he will!

Reginald: Get out of the way, Donna.

Donna: No! No!

Reginald: Donna!

Donna: You killed my mother! You're a monster!

Michael: Donna --

Donna: And I won't let you kill anyone else love! Do you hear me?

Michael: Donna, go!

Donna: No, you're going to have to kill me first! No!

Reginald: It's all over now, darling. You're mine again.

Donna: No! Michael -- oh. Michael?

Michael: Hey. I'm here. I'm right here.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: How you feeling?

Donna: I was so afraid.

Michael: Oh, for what, huh?

Donna: Oh, I was dreaming. I was remembering.

Michael: Donna, it's all over now. It's all over.

Donna: No, I was -- I was thinking about that night and that I'd never get to see you again.

Michael: Well, you can't get rid of me that easily, baby.

Donna: Honey, you look awful.

Michael: Well, how nice of you to notice.

Donna: No. I can see you look so tired.

Michael: It's just I haven't shaved, that's all.

Donna: No, and you're pale.

Michael: Fluorescent lights.

Donna: He shot you.

Michael: Yes, he did, but I'm ok. Remember, you saved my life.

Donna: No, no, your -- your shoulder --

Michael: Donna -- hey, my shoulder's fine, ok? You want to see? Watch this. I can fly like a bird. I lift my -- agh. Well, I'm kind of ok. It's going to be fine, really. It's -- it's going to be fine.

Donna: But you were there for me. I mean, you -- you came for me.

Michael: [As Bogart] for a classy dame like you, sweetheart, who wouldn't be, huh?

Donna: It really is over, isn't it?

Michael: [Normal voice] yeah. And for you and for me and for our kids, it's a new beginning.

Cass: Thank you.

Scott: Hey, Cass.

Cass: Hi, Scott. You're here for a visit, huh?

Scott: Yeah, I wasn't going to come, but I -- well --

Cass: It's kind of hard to figure, you know?

Scott: All the things he did?

Cass: To his own children. This must be particularly hard for you. I mean, no matter what, he's still your father.

Scott: Yeah, well, I still have the same questions as everybody else. And that's why I'm here. I want some answers. So if you'll excuse me --

Cass: Sure.

Andre: I need to know where the plane, flight number 37, is being loaded. Right -- small jet, no passengers, just cargo.


Andre: Hangar 17. Thank you.


Nicole: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Nicole: That's funny. I thought it was unlocked. Hmm. Hi! Come on in!

Felicia: Good morning. Nicole, this is Jack.

Jack: Brooks, ma'am.

Felicia: Yes, Brooks, and he's going to be guarding the fashions on the plane to Monte Carlo.

Nicole: Oh, that's right. I was supposed to hire a security guard for the clothes.

Felicia: Honey, it's ok. It's ok. I've done it.

Nicole: You know, Felicia, it went right out of my mind.

Felicia: It's all right. You're thinking about Donna right now.

Nicole: Yeah. Oh, thank you. You're a lifesaver.

Felicia: All right, what Jack and I need is a list of the cargo.

Nicole: Oh, right. That's over here on the desk. Come with me, Mr. Brooks. Oh, boy. Cass must have been in a hurry. Everything's all over the place here. Yeah, this is it.

Felicia: Ok.

Jack: Thanks.

Felicia: Now, I think I should take Jack upstairs and show him the crates that are going to the airport. Now, he will be responsible for all of them until we arrive in Monte Carlo, so come on, Jack.

Nicole: I'm not going.

Felicia: What?

Nicole: I can't leave Donna now.

Felicia: Honey, you have to go.

Nicole: Oh, come on. I'll show you where the crates are, Mr. Brooks. They're upstairs here.

Felicia: Nicole, are you serious? Honey, you're not going to Monte Car--


Michael: So we are going to have the most beautiful child you've ev--

Donna: Oh, oh, I get to see the baby.

Michael: You what?

Donna: Yeah. There's a sonogram. Jamie told me all about it. I get to see the baby!

Michael: Are you kidding?

Donna: No! No, you see, sound waves create this picture on a television screen. I mean, isn't that amazing?

[Knock on door]

Michael: It's incredible.

Donna: Yeah!

Cass: Hi. Can I come in for a minute?

Michael: Hi, Cass.

Donna: Cass, of course!

Cass: Hi. Hi, Mike.

Michael: How you doing?

Cass: How you feeling?

Michael: Good.

Cass: And how are you feeling?

Donna: Hi! Oh, I'm -- I'm fine, really.

Cass: Good, good.

Donna: Well, how's Nicole?

Cass: Well, she's -- actually, she didn't sleep too well last night.

Donna: Oh, she's getting excited about the trip, huh?

Cass: No. She's worried about you.

Donna: Me? Well, I'm fine.

Cass: Well, good. She'll be glad to hear that.

Donna: Well, she saw me yesterday. Cass, she knows that.

Cass: I think the quarrel that you two had is bothering her a lot.

Donna: Oh, Michael, you didn't say anything to her, did you?

Michael: I didn't say a word.

Cass: About what? Come on, you guys, I'm in the room, remember? What's going on here?

Donna: Maybe -- maybe Cass should know.

Michael: Ok, Cass, but this has to stay between the three of us for now, ok?

Cass: What is it?

Donna: The night that my mother died all those years ago, Cass, it wasn't suicide.

Cass: What?

Donna: Father killed our mother.

Cass: He murdered her?

Michael: Yes.

Cass: But why?

Donna: Because she was having an affair with Jason Frame.

Cass: Jason Frame and your mother?

Donna: Yes. He found out about it, and they had a quarrel, and he had a gun.

Michael: It's -- it's not clear whether or not he shot at her or they were struggling for the gun and he accidently shot her, but either way, the bullet grazed her head and knocked her unconscious.

Cass: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I thought there was a fire.

Michael: Well, there was. You see, that's how Reginald covered his tracks. He left her there. The firemen found her, but she died from smoke inhalation.

Cass: Oh, that's -- I mean, even for Reginald, that's --

Michael: So we haven't told anyone about this.

Cass: Nicole doesn't know?

Michael: No. And Adam is trying to keep it from being leaked to the press.

Donna: Cass, please, I don't want Nicole to find out about the murder or the affair.

Michael: I mean, what's the point, right?

Cass: Right.

Michael: It's over now. It's over. It's in the past.

Donna: Right. It's -- it's a beginning. It's a whole new beginning for all of us.

Michael: And Reginald is history.

Scott: Deja vu, isn't it? Me standing over you like this when you were laying flat on your back from the heart attack last year. The only difference was that I was really scared then because I really cared about you. But now I'm just numb. Can you hear me? Well, I want you to know that mom told me everything. She told -- she told me how you planned your first wife's suicide and then how you killed her. I mean, what kind of a man are you? What kind of a man would even think about doing something like that, and then even carry it out? Do you think you're above the law? Do you even care about anybody? Do you feel anything for people? Do you have any feelings to offer anybody? What's -- what's so unbelievable is I still -- I still would have helped you! All you had to do was be honest and be the least bit sorry for what you have done. I'm a lawyer. I'm a lawyer. That means that I could have helped you. All you had to do was ask. But, no. No, no, no. You just wanted to try to cover everything up and kill Jason, and then you almost killed mom. Well, if you ever wake up, who knows? You're going to prison. That's a fact. You are not, not in control anymore. But I want you to understand me, if you can hear me, I want you to understand the last thing that I'm ever going to say to you. For what you've done, I'm never going to forgive you. Never. Never.

Andre: Need to check how our boy's doing.

Andre: Hey, old man? Hey, I'm getting you out of here, today.

Nicole: Ok, Mr. Brooks. And then you're to unload the crates in Monaco and take them directly to the hotel.

Felicia: And then I will take possession of them from there.

Nicole: Ok.

Jack: I guess I'll see you in Monte Carlo, then.

Felicia: Great, Jack. Thanks very much.

Nicole: Thank you.

Felicia: Right?

Nicole: Thank you! I'm so glad I don't have to worry about this.

Felicia: Well, I think you have enough to worry about right now.

Nicole: And I'm sorry to throw this all on you, but I just can't do it, not now. I -- I can't go.

Felicia: I understand. I think I understand.

Sophie: Nicole?

Nicole: Thanks.

Sophie: It is Mrs. Cory and the doctor. They are coming to pick up the wedding dress and the bridesmaids' dresses.

Nicole: Oh, no. When, Sophie?

Sophie: This afternoon. But the dress for Julie Ann -- it is not yet hemmed.

Felicia: You know what, Sophie? I'm sure that you can handle this, can't you? Nicole has so many things on her mind right now.

Sophie: But of course.

Felicia: Of course, thank you. Right.

Nicole: I am really forgetting all sorts of things.

Felicia: Well, I think you're allowed. But, you know, you really shouldn't worry so much.

Nicole: Yeah, I keep telling myself that.

Felicia: Ok, now, look, Donna is going to be fine, right?

Nicole: We hope.

Felicia: And you got the dresses made for this wedding.

Nicole: Barely.

Felicia: No, but you did make the deadline, and the fashion show in Monte Carlo is going to go off whether you're there or not.

Nicole: I know, I know.

Felicia: Well, honey, what can you be worrying about?

Nicole: Oh --

Felicia: Ah. Cass?

Nicole: Is it that obvious?

Felicia: I'm a romance writer, remember?

Nicole: Yeah. The other night, before we heard about Donna, I told him that I wanted to be with him.

Felicia: Great.

Nicole: Oh, Felicia, I don't know.

Felicia: He didn't run away, did he?

Nicole: No.

Felicia: So?

Nicole: Felicia, I'm scared to death.

Felicia: Well, I guess that settles it.

Nicole: What?

Felicia: Well, if you're scared to death, that definitely means you're in love.

Nicole: Why? It goes with the territory?

Felicia: Well, I don't think you should worry about it so much, you see, because lovers do survive.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, but -- oh, I don't know. Cass and I are so close.

Felicia: In other ways?

Nicole: Right.

Felicia: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah, well, it's rough, you know. You're risking a good friendship.

Nicole: Yeah, we're a great business team, too.

Felicia: Obviously.

Nicole: So risking that for a chance at love? You know, I just feel things are getting away from me.

Felicia: You know, I felt very much the same way with Mitch.

Nicole: Really?

Felicia: Yeah. It sort of feels like you're giving up control.

Nicole: I guess you do, sort of, when you love someone.

Felicia: Yeah, but you're not totally powerless.

Nicole: Yes, I am. That's the problem.

Felicia: Why? Why do you say that?

Nicole: Oh, I don't know. Things that have happened, I guess.

Felicia: What? With other men?

Nicole: Yeah. Oh, what few there were. When I thought I loved someone, I --

Felicia: What?

Nicole: Well, I've always made a complete fool of myself.

Felicia: Oh.

Nicole: So I learned to play it safe.

Felicia: Yeah, well, you mean no passionate kisses?

Nicole: Yeah, no calling just to hear his voice.

Felicia: No risk, no pain.

Nicole: You've got it.

Felicia: Oh, yes. Lonely evenings with just your teddy bear, huh?

Nicole: Yeah. I can take that.

Felicia: Except now, right?

Nicole: Yeah, because, you know -- well, Cass is different.

Felicia: You know, he's no saint. You know that?

Nicole: Oh, hey, no kidding.

Felicia: But he is very special. So what do you think? You're going to risk it?

Nicole: That's the problem. How am I going to know? After I've made a total fool of myself? After I've wrecked a great friendship?

Felicia: You know what? Nobody can answer that question.

Nicole: But me. I know. Oh -- Felicia?

Felicia: What?

Nicole: If you were writing this, you know, story as a novel --

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: How would it end?

Felicia: Well, let's see. I would probably take it up to where it is now, and I would end it with the two characters just beginning. Maybe even in Monte Carlo.

Nicole: Oh, no, not Monte Carlo. No, I can't leave Donna now.

Felicia: Have you really discussed this with her?

Nicole: Yeah, I was just going to go to the hospital and talk to her now.

Felicia: All right, good. I think you should. I've got a million calls to make here.

Nicole: Ok. I'm sorry to run out on you like this.

Felicia: Honey, would you stop apologizing? Just give Donna my love, will you?

Nicole: Ok, I will. Thanks.

Felicia: Nicole, you know, about this novel -- whether it takes place in Monte Carlo or not, it is definitely a love story. That much I do know.

Nicole: Ok.

Cheryl: Hi.

Scott: Hi.

Cheryl: Hey.

Scott: Hmm?

Cheryl: You don't look great.

Scott: Thanks.

Cheryl: Not that you don't look good. You just look --

Scott: Bad.

Cheryl: Bad, right, right.

Scott: Yeah, right, right. Well, I've -- I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.

Cheryl: You must be real worried about your dad, huh?

Scott: I don't want to talk about him.

Cheryl: Ok.

Scott: Ok?

Cheryl: I'm sorry.

Scott: No, I'm sorry. I've just been going through a lot the last few weeks, that's all.

Cheryl: Have you heard anything about Dawn's case?

Scott: No, we haven't, and she's not too happy about that, either.

Cheryl: You must be having to deal with a lot of pressure yourself, huh?

Scott: What do you mean?

Cheryl: Just the kind of person you are.

Scott: No.

Cheryl: You know, Scott, you don't have to be strong all the time.

Scott: Cheryl, what am I supposed to do? Really? What am I supposed to do? I mean, I wish I would have never had a father named Reginald Love, right? I wish I'd have never heard of a disease called AIDS, but I can't really change that kind of thing now, can I? I have to kind of live with it.

Cheryl: Yeah. But you don't have to do it alone, Scott.

Cass: Maybe the best thing is for her to get her mind off her father.

Donna: Right, right. And let's get her to thinking about something else -- the fashion show.

Michael: Yeah. That's tomorrow, isn't it?

Cass: Monday, actually. The clothes are being shipped today, and Nicole and Felicia and I will be dropping in tomorrow.

Donna: Good. That's great.

Cass: Yeah.

Donna: Listen, though, would you just stick by her? I think she might need somebody.

Cass: Don't worry. I will. And who knows? This whole thing may wind up being about a lot more than just a bunch of clothes.

Michael: What?

Donna: What do you mean?

Cass: Well, I just meant that -- I don't know what I meant.

Donna: Oh, yes, you do.

Cass: Oh, yeah? Well, then why don't you tell me.

Donna: You and Nicole.

Michael: Yeah, and they are -- are you -- you are?

Cass: We -- well, it's a possibility.

Michael: Yeah, that's funny.

Donna: Yeah, I think it's a great possibility.

Michael: Well, congratulations.

Cass: Thank-- thanks.

Jamie: Hey, what is this?

Cass: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Is this a hospital room or a coffee lounge? Now out, you two. I want to discuss this test with Donna.

Donna: Oh, the sonogram? Jamie, I already know all about it.

Jamie: Oh, well, that's great. But there's still some things we have to talk over. Alone, gentlemen.

Michael: All right, I got you.

Cass: Ooh.

Donna: Ooh. "Ooh" is right.

Cass: Ok, good luck, honey.

Donna: Oh, thank you.

Cass: Bye-bye.

Donna: Oh, listen, I'm going to have the salon all finished by the time you all come back.

Cass: You are?

Donna: Yes, yes.

Cass: All right.

Donna: And please, just give Nicole my love and tell her that I expect her to dazzle Europe and to just take it by storm.

Cass: Ok, you got it.

Donna: All right.

Nicole: Not this time. Nicole's not going to Europe.

Cass: What?

Nicole: I'm not leaving my sister when she's in this condition.

Donna: Nicole, I told you. I am just fine.

Nicole: Right. That's why they won't even allow you out of bed.

Donna: No, no, you -- you have too much at stake here.

Nicole: No, wait. I want to tell you something, ok?

Donna: All right, but, you know --

Nicole: Oh, Donna, just be quiet and listen to me, ok? Listen, you almost died. I almost lost the only sister I have.

Donna: Nicole --

Nicole: And you know what's even worse? Is the last time that we saw each other, I was yelling at you.

Donna: Nicole --

Nicole: Do you know how much you mean to me? How much I love you?

Donna: Of course I know that, and I love you, too. That's why I don't want you to ruin this effort. I mean --

Nicole: No, no, no, the decision has already been made, all right? So just skip it. Now, the main point is I don't ever want to fight with you again. Without you, you know, I sometimes wonder what my life would be like right now.

Donna: You? You would have been a success at anything.

Nicole: Oh, come on. You know that's not true. I've screwed up so much the last few years. But I always knew that I could call you and I could come to you and I could ask you what to do.

Donna: I'm just a big sister, that's all.

Nicole: Hey, it's because of you that I could stand up to father. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

Donna: What are you talking about? You were the one that Peter and I envied. You did. You always stood up to him.

Nicole: Oh, I was faking it all the way. Oh, Peter called this morning.

Donna: Yeah. He called here, too. Nicole, I told him not to come.

Nicole: Yeah, it's probably better. He finally broke free of that man. It would be really rough on him to go in and see father right now.

Donna: Yeah. Have you heard how he is?

Nicole: About the same.

Donna: Well, it's over now. Peter, Nicole, Donna -- we don't have to worry about him ever again.

Andre: I'm not going to let you be carted off to jail or die -- at least not till I get paid. Of course, you're a wanted man now, so if I get you out of the country, you'll owe me plenty.

Reginald: You can't.

Andre: What?

Reginald: Can't go.

Andre: Yes, you can, my friend. I've got it all planned out. I've got access to a private plane that's leaving this afternoon.

Reginald: You go.

Andre: But no one will even suspect you're on it. Even if they find you're gone, when we take off, you'll -- come on, I came to get you out of here. I've got a way to get us to the island.

Reginald: Get away from here.

Andre: Not until you give me the money you owe me.

Reginald: Take whatever you like.

Andre: Yeah? Then I will. You can bet on it.

Reginald: I'm sure you will.

Reginald: Andre?

Andre: What?

Reginald: Please take care -- take care --

Andre: Yeah, I'll take care of everything, my friend. Die in peace.

John: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

John: Mom wanted to come. I wouldn't let her. I didn't think that she could handle it right now.

Michael: Well, I told her the same thing. I'll call her later.

John: Donna ok so far?

Michael: So far.

John: How about you?

Michael: What about me?

John: How are you? I mean, I heard you got hit. You ok?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

John: Just let me take a look at it. I could have done a better patch job than that.

Michael: Tell you what -- next time I get shot I'll be sure to drop by your place first, ok?

John: Good. But I don't think that Reginald's going to have any more next times.

Michael: He better not.

John: I guess he'll spend the rest of his days in prison.

Michael: If I have anything to say about it, he is. Hey, baby.

Donna: Hi.

Michael: You going for a little ride here?

Donna: Yeah. You know, I wish you were going with me.

Michael: Well, I think you can make this trip by yourself, huh?

Donna: Yeah, well, I'm just a little worried.

Michael: Hey, about what?

Donna: The baby.

Jamie: Ok, how's our patient? Is she all ready?

Michael: Come on, just a sec here. Look --

Donna: The baby. I mean, Michael --

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. If we're meant to have this baby, we will. If we're not meant to have this baby, God has a very good reason, and we'll just have another one, ok? All right?

Donna: Ok. I love you.

Michael: I love you, too, and that's all that counts.

Donna: I know.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Ok.

Michael: I'll see you later.

Donna: Ok.

Michael: Good night. Keep smiling.

Jamie: Talk to you later.

Nicole: Ok.

Nicole: Michael, you're not helping Donna by waiting.

John: What do you say we get a cup of coffee?

Nicole: Yeah, right. And then when Donna comes back, I'll let you know.

Michael: No. No, thanks. I got to wait.

John: Mike, you've done everything you can for her.

Nicole: Really, it's just a test, Michael.

Michael: I'm ok, guys. I'm going to wait here for her, thank you.

John: Can't imagine how stubborn this kid of theirs is going to be.

Nicole: Really.

I am not babysitting.

John: Mike, look, I will not only spring for a cup of coffee, I'll buy you a doughnut.

Michael: Have you seen the doughnuts down there?

John: Well, I mean, I've always figured that as long as they don't crawl away from you, you can eat them.

Michael: Well, if they do start crawling away from me, all you got do is dip them into the coffee. That'd kill anything.

John: I like the coffee down there.

Michael: You would.

Nicole: Oh, there you are.

Cass: Has Donna gone off for the sonogram?

Nicole: Yeah, she has. Listen, I'm sorry I sprung that on you, earlier.

Cass: About not going to Monte Carlo?

Nicole: Yeah. Look, Felicia feels she can handle it.

Cass: Yeah, well, I made some calls.

Nicole: Well, that's good, because once you're there, I know you'll be able to take care of everything.

Cass: Oh, I'm not going.

Nicole: You're what?

Cass: You're not going. Neither am I.

Nicole: What? You've got to go.

Cass: No, I don't.

Nicole: What are you doing? Oh. You're trying to blackmail me, aren't you?

Cass: No. I just don't feel like going. I'm doing what I feel like doing.

Nicole: I don't understand.

Cass: Well, you have your priorities straight, right? And so do I. My priority is you -- being with you.

Nicole: Me?

Cass: Do you see anyone else around? So Felicia's going to have to handle it as best she can, and that's that.

Nicole: Right.

Cass: In fact, I'm going to give her a call now and straighten out some of the scheduling, so excuse me.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: The phone's that way.

Nicole: Right. Me.

Cheryl: Here you go.

Scott: Thanks. You're right, you know.

Cheryl: What?

Scott: I can't expect myself to deal with these things alone.

Cheryl: Of course you can't.

Scott: I went to the hospital this morning and saw my father.

Cheryl: Wait a second. I thought you said --

Scott: I know what I said, yeah.

Cheryl: Yeah, but he is your father, right?

Scott: They say he's definitely going to prison this time.

Cheryl: Well, you probably had to find some way to say goodbye. There's nothing wrong with that, Scott.

Scott: Yeah, well, I kept looking at him laying there. I kept thinking of all the things that he's done to all these people.

Cheryl: Yeah, I know.

Scott: And I just wanted to go nuts. I wanted to explode, Cheryl.

Cheryl: Yeah, but it's over, Scott.

Scott: No, it's not. I was walking home, and I started thinking about school. I started thinking about Dawn and what she's going through.

Cheryl: What's the matter? You don't think you're going to win the case?

Scott: Even if we win -- even if we win, what does that give us? How much time does that give us? Do you understand?

Cheryl: Yeah.

Scott: I just want to be with her. I just want to do simple things. I just want to take her for a walk. I just want to go -- just play in the rain, just do something like that.

Cheryl: Hey, Scott, you know what?

Scott: You know, the funny thing about it is, is that I probably would be worried about her catching pneumonia or something, or I'd be worried if she's even going to be alive by then.

Cheryl: Come on, Scott, stop it.

Scott: Stop what?

Cheryl: You can't think like that.

Scott: Well, how am I supposed to think? I'm scared, Cheryl.

Cheryl: I know that. Hey, it's the first time I've heard you open up. It's really important.

Scott: Yeah, well --

Cheryl: You really have to do that more often.

Scott: Yeah, it's easy to say.

Cheryl: I mean it.

Scott: Yeah.

Cheryl: Come on, Scott, I mean it!

Scott: Ok, ok, ok, relax. Don't throw anything, all right? Yeah?

Cheryl: Well, it got your attention.

Scott: Yeah, you probably hurt your hand?

[Cheryl laughs]

Cheryl: No, not really.

Dawn: Scott, Scott, Zack just called, and he said the judge just reached a decision.

Nicole: Thank you.

Michael: No problem. Any word?

Nicole: No, not yet. Where's John?

Michael: He's down the hallway, talking to some pal of his.

Nicole: Oh. You know, it was good to see you two talking again.

Michael: Well, it was -- it's good to talk again.

Nicole: Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

Michael: Yeah, it is.

Nicole: You know, if something would have happened to Donna before I'd been able to tell her that I -- I love her, and I wasn't angry at her.

Michael: You know, I know exactly how you feel.

Nicole: I mean, that fight we had, you know, it was just so stupid.

Michael: Well, it's ok to get angry.

Nicole: Yeah, I know. And I know how Donna goes off on her tangents sometimes, but I should have realized. All that stuff about our mother having an affair with Jason Frame -- I mean -- well, it's just so silly.

Michael: You know what? If I were you, I might just forget all about that quarrel.

Nicole: Oh, hey, listen, I already have. Donna and I even had a talk about it.

Michael: Really?

Nicole: Yeah.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: Hey, make way for the expectant mother here.

Nicole: Yeah.

Donna: I saw the baby.

Michael: Really?

Donna: On the sonogram.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: Michael?

Michael: What?

Donna: It's a boy.

Michael: So it's a boy?

Donna: It's a beautiful, beautiful baby boy!

Michael: Wow! Honey!

Bianca: Well, that's --

Donna: I did. I saw his little heart beating. Oh, and remember that at one point where he moved his little arm? Oh, it was -- it was just so magical.

Michael: Well, tell you what -- look, the next time you do this, I want to be there, ok?

Nicole: All right. Let's do it again so we can all see.

Jamie: Wait a minute. Sonograms as entertainment isn't exactly hospital policy.

Nicole: Ooh. Oh.

Michael: Oh, boy, that's great. A boy. It's a boy. We got a boy!

Jamie: Listen, folks, I don't want to throw a wet blanket on all these good times --

Michael: Uh-huh.

Jamie: But Donna is still in a very precarious state.

John: Yeah, you right. We should go clear out of here.

Nicole: Yeah, we should.

Jamie: I don't want her tired. Things are by no means perfect.

Donna: I know, I know, but I am going to stay in bed from now on until the baby's born.

Jamie: Definitely.

Donna: And I am going to be so good you're not going to be able to stand me, I promise.

Michael: Well, anything you need, anything at all, we're going to have it brought to you right here in this room.

Donna: All right.

Jamie: Now, what she needs now is rest, and plenty of it.

Nicole: Ok, everybody, you heard the doctor. Let's get out of here, all right? Get some rest.

John: Bye, Donna.

Donna: All right, thanks for coming, John.

Nicole: We'll see you later.

Donna: And, Nicole -- Nicole --

Nicole: Yeah.

Donna: Stay here?

Nicole: Ok.

Michael: Ok, well, I'm going to go. I'm going to see you later. We got ourselves a boy!

Donna: I know, I know, I know. I bet anything he's going to be a wide receiver for the cubs.

Michael: Honey, wide receivers are football.

Donna: Oh, I know.

Michael: Right. I love you.

Donna: Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Nicole: Donna, did you want me, Donna?

Donna: Yes. Could you please stay a minute?

Nicole: Sure.

Jamie: I'll drop back later. Right now I have to go be fitted for a tuxedo.

Donna: Oh. Oh, that's right. Amanda's wedding. I guess I'm not going to be able to go now, am I.

Jamie: Well, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure my mother's going to bring a videotape of the event to you.

Donna: Oh, good. Oh, good. I love weddings.

Jamie: Get some rest.

Donna: I will. Thanks, Jamie.

Jamie: We're not out of the woods, yet. Remember that.

Donna: Yeah, I know.

Jamie: So long.

Nicole: Thanks, Jamie. Well? What is it?

Donna: Sit down.

Sit down. I have an order for you. Since I am your older sister and older sisters always know what's best --

Nicole: What?

Donna: I am ordering you to get thee to Monte Carlo.

Nicole: Oh, no.

Donna: No, no, I don't want any excuses. I want you to get there today or -- or just as soon as you can because I am -- I am fine.

Nicole: Donna --

Donna: And this baby is fine, and I don't want you and Cass hanging around here, worrying about me when you should be over there taking the world on by storm.

Nicole: No, no, no. It's ok. Look, I've already made all the arrangements.

Donna: No! I have given you an order. Now, I want you and Cass in Monte Carlo.

Nicole: No, it's not --

Donna: Nicole --

Nicole: I mean -- what?

Donna: You have always, always wanted to succeed.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, but --

Donna: Now, this is your chance. Now, don't lose it. Get over there now!

Nicole: Ok.

Donna: Ok? All right! Well, now you're talking.

Nicole: I'm going to knock their socks off over there.

Donna: You certainly are.

Nicole: My designs are really terrific.

Donna: They're wonderful.

Nicole: Oh. We could probably even leave tonight, you know?

Donna: Oh, you could. Yes, today.

Nicole: Yeah, because there's the plane, you know, with the designs on it. I could ask the pilot. We could be there by tonight.

Donna: Great. That's perfect.

Nicole: Oh. Donna, I love you.

Donna: Oh, honey, I love you, too.

Nicole: Thank you. Ok, I'll call you later, all right?

Donna: All right, you better.

Nicole: Ok.

Donna: Bye.

Dawn: No, no, Zach said that the clerk called and said that the judge had made -- what do you call it?

Scott: Decision, decision.

Dawn: Right, and that we were due in court tomorrow morning.

Scott: That's great.

Cheryl: Dawn, that's great.

Dawn: So what do you think?

Scott: I think that we are finally going to have some justice.

Dawn: Do you think that we won?

Scott: Well, what do we look like, a bunch of losers standing here, huh?

Dawn: Oh, Scott, I'm so happy!

Scott: I'm happy for you. That's all I want. Come on, sit down.

Dawn: You know, I've been working on my new song all morning.

Scott: That's great.

Dawn: Well, I mean, I'm not quite finished. I still have the lyrics to do in the second verse, but I have a melody that I really like.

Cheryl: That's great. When are you going to let us hear it?

Dawn: Not until it's finished because I don't want to jinx it.

Scott: Well, we're just going to sit back and relax and wait for you, ok?

Cheryl: Hey, you know what? Maybe we could get it recorded.

Scott: Yeah.

Dawn: Oh, wait, hold it, hold it. It's not even finished yet. Not so fast. Speaking of fast, what happened to you this morning? You got up really early and didn't come back.

Scott: I went to the hospital.

Dawn: You went to see your father?

Scott: Yep.

Dawn: Well, how is he?

Scott: He's out of it.

Dawn: How are you?

Scott: I'm ok. I finally got him out of my system. I -- I saw him, and he's not a part of my life anymore.

Felicia: Ok. Now, when I get to Monte Carlo, who do you want me to call first?

Cass: His name is Yves Chabot.

Felicia: Chabeaux? B-e-a-u-x?

Cass: No. C-h-a-b-o-t.


Felicia: [French accent] but of course.

[Normal voice] all right, now, he's in charge of transportation of all the models, right?

Cass: [French accent] but of course.

[Normal voice] and tell him to keep his hands to himself.

Felicia: Oh, he's one of those, huh?

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: How nice. All right, what else?

Cass: There's only a couple of more things here, but, you know, all you have to do is call me. I'll stay by the phone if there's something we miss.

Felicia: Well, I know. Actually, that's not really what's worrying me. You want some coffee?

Cass: Sure. I'll have a little. What is it? Nicole?

Felicia: Yeah. You know how the press is.

Cass: Yes, I do. My interview, right?

Felicia: Yeah, well, a design is only part of the hype.

Cass: Well, Nicole is just going to have to be fashion's woman of mystery, that's all.

Felicia: But, you know, it's not going to have the same impact without Nicole being there. You know that.

Nicole: Oh, but Nicole will be there.

Felicia: You're back!

Cass: What?

Nicole: Excuse me, I'll pack.

Felicia: What?

Cass: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait a minute. What's going on here? What about Donna?

Nicole: Oh, Donna is fine, and the baby's fine, too.

Felicia: Oh, honey, that's great.

Nicole: Yeah, isn't it? It really is.

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Nicole --

Nicole: And Donna was right. I mean, this is what I've dreamed of for over a year. I have to go for it.

Felicia: Of course you do.

Nicole: So, what do you say, huh?

Cass: Well, I'm with you. I'm a little confused still, but I'm with you.

Nicole: Great.

Cass: So we'll take the first plane in the morning?

Nicole: How about in an hour?

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: In an hour?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: You're talking about the plane that's carrying the designs.

Nicole: Yep. I talked to the pilot. He said he could take us, too.

Cass: What's a couple of more pieces of baggage, right?

Felicia: I think it's wonderful, and then I'll join you there tomorrow, that's all.

Sophie: Nicole, you are here.

Nicole: Yeah, but not for long. What's the matter, Sophie?

Sophie: The ladies, Mrs. Cory and her daughter and the bridesmaids -- they came in the back door and they are upstairs.

Nicole: Well, that's fine. Have them try on all the dresses.

Sophie: Oui.

Cass: Ooh, la-la.

Nicole: I'll take a minute to say hello, and then I'll pack.

Felicia: All right, I'll be up to help you, all right?

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: We have some phone calls to make.

Felicia: Yes. I have to cancel the fact that you canceled.

Cass: Something like that, yeah.

Felicia: Yeah, something like that.

Cass: What?

Nicole: You think I'm a ditz, don't you?

Cass: What?

Nicole: Well, you know, one minute I'm going -- not going, and then here I am -- I'm going.

Cass: No, loving your sister doesn't make you a ditz. I'm just glad you don't have to worry about her and that you're going to be able to knock them dead.

Nicole: You know, you are terrific.

Cass: She finds me irresistible. What? Hey, come on, we got -- the plane leaves in less than an hour. We got some calls to make.

Pilot: Oh. Hi. I'm Greg Molson.

Andre: John Hardy.

Greg: Nice to meet you. Come on up front and keep me company.

Andre: The cockpit?

Greg: Sure. Great view. And lots more comfortable than those things.

Andre: All right, thanks.

Greg: My pleasure. I like to have somebody to talk to, you know.

Andre: Sure.

Greg: Well, it looks like a nice smooth flight to Monaco.

Andre: Smooth as silk.

Michael: Hi, Reg. Just thought I'd stop by because I wanted you to know something. I got my wife, I got my kids, and you are going to spend the rest of your life in jail. The stable boy finally got it all, Reg. Live with that.

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