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Nicole: Oh, that was the most delicious dinner.

Cass: You ought to know. Ahem.

Nicole: Oh, are you saying that I ate too much?

Cass: Oh, I love a woman with a healthy appetite. I can't stand those women who eat nothing but salad and drink nothing but club soda.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah. I like it when they eat like field hands. It really turns me on.

Nicole: Oh, you know, you say the sweetest things!

Cass: Thank you. Here you go.

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: Are you having fun yet?

Nicole: Yes, I am. Thank you.

Cass: Well, you're welcome. It's about time.

Nicole: Yeah. I can't believe it. I am not pinning a hem. I'm not creating. I'm not talking about my family. It's great.

Cass: They've been pretty rough lately, haven't they?

Nicole: Yeah. I used to get along with Donna. But now she has this thing about mama. Sorry. I promised no talk about the family. Cass, this has really been the best night.

Cass: Good. It's just a little after 11:00, too.

Nicole: Really?

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Well, the night is young.

Cass: So, what do you suppose we should do now?

Amanda: Your mother? You're his mother?

Woman: I think I still am.

Sam: Hi, Mom.

Amanda: Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought you were the landlady. He told me that she was going to be coming by, and when I saw you out there with -- oh, you must think I'm an idiot.

Woman: I think you're very sweet to your landlady, Amanda dear. I'm very happy to meet you.

Amanda: Oh, I'm so glad to meet you, Mrs. Fowler.

Mrs. Fowler: You look wonderful, sweetheart.

Sam: Thanks.

Mrs. Fowler: Maybe a little thin.

Sam: I'm ok.

Mrs. Fowler: I'm so glad to see you.


Donna: Oh!

Michael: Where is she, Reg?

Reginald: You make another move, stable boy, and I will blow your head off.

Michael: Where is she, Reg? Where's Donna?

Reginald: You've always been much too preoccupied with her.

Michael: Listen to me -- you tell me where she is!

Reginald: I don't believe you're giving the orders around here anymore, stable boy. This is my house.

Michael: I know she's here, Reg. This is her coat.

Reginald: What amazing powers of observation.

Michael: How'd you get her here, huh? She was at Mary's Place.

Reginald: That's the beautiful part. I didn't have to.

Michael: I told her not to come here.

Reginald: But she didn't listen. Maybe you're losing your power, stable boy.

Michael: Where is she?

Reginald: Do try not to bleed on the carpet, will you? It was very expensive.

Michael: I will get you for this!

Reginald: I'm standing here with a gun and you have a hole in your shoulder. Now, I think we both know who's going to get who.

Michael: Right.

Reginald: Or is it "whom"? I'm never quite sure of that one.

Michael: Killing comes real easy for you, doesn't it?

Reginald: Oh, Hudson. It's that Midwestern morality of yours that I find the most tedious.

Michael: You're going to find prison really tedious, Reg.

Reginald: Don't you ever give up? Don't you know it doesn't matter what you found in that box? It doesn't matter what you know about me.

Michael: I know. I know that you killed Elizabeth. The police know you killed Elizabeth, and you're not going to get away with this.

Reginald: You know what I am going to get away with? Donna, your bride. Or, should I say, your ex-bride.

Michael: No!

Reginald: I'm afraid that coat's the last you're ever going to see of her, stable boy.

Michael: You're not going to get away, Reg. You're not going to get away with this.

Reginald: This can be very handy when you're traveling. Don't leave home without it.

Michael: You -- I will find you. I will get you. Wherever you go, I will get you!

Reginald: That's going to be a bit difficult, old man. You'll be dead. Even the legendary Michael Hudson has his limitations.

Michael: No!

Mary: I don't know why you had to stop and get champagne.

Jason: I see Reginald in handcuffs, I am very likely to just want to celebrate.

Mary: I don't know about that.

Jason: I do.

Mary: Seems to me like a dreadful conclusion to a dreadful life.

Jason: You ask Michael, I bet he feels the very same way I do.

Mary: I hope he found Donna.

Jason: I still can't figure out why Reginald would go back to his old house. He's got to know the police are going to be looking for him.

Mary: Why would he know the police are looking for him?

Jason: Mary, he's got to have somebody inside the P.D. He's just got to.

Mary: I hope Donna didn't go there. I hope she didn't show up right when they were arresting him.

Jason: Michael will be able to look after her.

Mary: Supposing -- supposing some policeman was reading the charges. What kind of way would that be for her to hear how her mother died?

Jason: Well, you know, that could be rough.

Mary: I shouldn't have gone to the police station with you. I should just have kept her there at Mary's Place when I saw how upset she was. There's the driveway right there.

Sam: I'm really surprised to see you.

Mrs. Fowler: What do you think, Amanda? Is that what the newspapers call a guarded statement?

Amanda: Oh, but it's really great that she's here, though, isn't it, Sam?

Sam: Yeah. I just wish I'd known you were coming.

Mrs. Fowler: So you could bake a cake?

Amanda: Oh, Mrs. Fowler, I didn't even take your cape.

Mrs. Fowler: I don't know if I should let you take my cape until I know whether or not my son's glad to see me or not.

Sam: I'll take your cape, mother. If I'd known you were coming, I could have made some arrangements.

Mrs. Fowler: Oh, I knew him when he was playing with fingerpaints. Now he makes arrangements.

Amanda: Oh, really, though, we're both so glad that you're here.

Mrs. Fowler: Well, how could I resist coming after I received your lovely note? Now, that's a lost art -- writing a gracious note. She's pretty, too, Sam. She reminds me of that girl your father's brother used to see. Now, what was her name?

Sam: So how was your flight, Mom?

Mrs. Fowler: Lovely.

Amanda: Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat or anything?

Mrs. Fowler: Now, don't you go worrying about me. A girl in your condition should take care of herself.

Sam: Oh, you know.

Mrs. Fowler: Amanda mentioned it when she still thought I was your landlady. I guess the landlady knows a lot of things I don't know.

Sam: Well, I haven't exactly told a lot of people. I mean, it was unexpected.

Amanda: But we're both really happy about it now.

Sam: Yeah, we are.

Mrs. Fowler: Then so am I. What I want is for you to be happy.

Sam: I am.

Mrs. Fowler: I adore babies.

Amanda: Well, why don't we all sit down. This is silly.

Mrs. Fowler: Are you planning on being a full-time mother, Amanda?

Amanda: Um, no. My father's a publisher, and I was hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Mrs. Fowler: Good for you.

Amanda: My mother's been working for as long as I can remember.

Mrs. Fowler: She's very lucky. Used to be that a baby meant the end of a woman's career.

Amanda: Well, Sam understands that I need both of those.

Mrs. Fowler: I'm glad to hear that.

Sam: So, Mom, I'm painting again.

Mrs. Fowler: That's wonderful. I like to think that the artistic sensibility in him comes from my side of the family.

Amanda: Did you tell her that you sold a painting?

Sam: No. I sold a painting.

Mrs. Fowler: Oh, sweetheart. At least your dreams are coming true.

Sam: So, can I get you something to eat?

Mrs. Fowler: Well, maybe a cup of tea.

Sam: Ok, I'll go take some.

Mrs. Fowler: I could eat half a sandwich if you have some roast beef or something.

Sam: Sure. I'll look.

Amanda: I tell you what -- I'll help you. You just stay here and be comfortable, ok?

Mrs. Fowler: Thank you.

Amanda: What is the matter with you?

Sam: Nothing.

Amanda: Sam, why won't you talk to your own mother?

Jason: That is weird.

Mary: What is?

Jason: There's no lights. The whole place is dark.

Mary: Shouldn't there be police cars if they're arresting him?

Jason: Yeah.

Mary: What? What's wrong?

Andre: Get out of the car with your hands up.

Jason: We better do it.

Mary: Oh, guns always make me very cooperative.

Jason: Just keep both hands in plain view so he can see them. Don't make any sudden moves. We're not armed! Ok, slide over.

Mary: I have to put my hand down to open the door.

Jason: Ok, that's fine, fine.

Mary: Ok.

Jason: He'll realize it.

Andre: That was very good. See those woods over there? Start walking.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: I hate to see the end of that.

Cass: I know. It was a great year. Goodbye. It was nice. So, you still haven't told me what you think we should do.

Nicole: Oh, you mean tonight?

Cass: No, next year. Yeah, tonight.

Nicole: Well, it's just that this dress sort of limits my options.

Cass: Yeah. I figured bowling was out.

Nicole: Yeah, I think so.

Cass: But not dancing.

Nicole: Hmm. I'm too relaxed.

Cass: Or -- you know, going for a walk and looking at the stars.

Nicole: It's too cold, though.

Cass: Yeah. Well, there must be something that we both want to do.

Nicole: Well, maybe we'll just have to put our heads together. Oh -- I have to do breakfast with Felicia tomorrow.

Cass: Oh. Yeah. Then, of course, we are going to Monte Carlo in a few days.

Nicole: Yeah. Well, maybe we should just go home.

Cass: Get some rest?

Nicole: That's a good idea. It's very sensible.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Do you really want to do that?

Cass: No.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so relieved.

Cass: Are you?

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Waiter: Ahem. Would you care for coffee or a liqueur, perhaps?

Cass: Um --

Nicole: Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Cass: Two coffees and two armagnacs, please.

Waiter: Excellent. And would you like them here or in your room?

Nicole: Our room?

Cass: Uh -- he's mistaken. You're mistaken.

Nicole: Oh. Well, that's what I thought.

Cass: We don't have a room. No, no, no. So we'll just have our coffees here, please.

Waiter: My apologies. I'll get the coffee right away.

Cass: Thank you, John.

Nicole: I didn't even know they had rooms here.

Cass: Neither did I. I didn't.

Nicole: They probably serve a lovely breakfast in the dining room.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Not that I'm suggesting that we should stay the night, or --

Cass: No, no, no. Of course not.

Nicole: No.

Cass: We could.

Nicole: We could?

Cass: Yeah. I mean, maybe they have two rooms.

Nicole: Oh, right.

Cass: Although, I'd much rather be in the same room with you.

Nicole: You would?

Cass: Oh, yeah.

Nicole: I would, too -- like to be with you, very much.

Woman: Operator.

Lisa: Operator --

Woman: You have to speak up, please. Hello?

Lisa: Operator, I need to get in touch with Sergeant Adam Cory with the Bay City Police department. It's an emergency. Operator, can you hear me?

Donna: Michael? Michael! Michael? No! No, no! Michael! Michael, please! No, Michael!

Reginald: Stable boys, horse trainers -- I'll have my revenge on all of you!

Michael: No! No!

Donna: Michael!

Michael: Donna? Donna!

Michael: Donna! She's upstairs, isn't she, Reg? She's upstairs, right above us!

Reginald: There's no escape, boy. Not at all.

Andre: Keep walking. I said keep walking.

Jason: I'm not going any further till you tell us where you're taking us.

Andre: Someplace safe.

Jason: Safe for you, or safe for us?

Andre: Safe for Mr. Love. He's leaving the country.

Mary: No, the Police have him.

Andre: I'm afraid they don't.

Mary: Michael said that they were arresting.

Andre: That was a convenient fiction concocted to lure Mr. Hudson to the house.

Jason: You just didn't plan on us following behind, huh?

Andre: It doesn't matter. Mr. Love will be pleased to find out that I've taken care of you. Now, shall we go?

Jason: No, we're not going anywhere till you tell us where we're headed.

Andre: Someplace where you will be quite at home, from what I understand. The stables. When we get there, I will have to put you both out of commission.

Mary: Yeah? What does that mean?

Andre: It means you should start walking.

Mary: Oh -- oh, my ankle! Ooh, I twisted my ankle. Oh, my gosh, the house is on fire!

Andre: Don't try anything, my friend. Nothing has changed for you.

Amanda: Ok, we have a half-eaten bag of taco chips, some mustard, and an already-opened can of tuna. Think I can make a casserole out of that?

Sam: The news isn't so good from here, either.

Amanda: How's the roast beef?

Sam: Ugh -- don't ask. If she'd only told me she was going to get here.

Amanda: Shh. I'll think of something.

Sam: Mom, there's no food in the house. I'm sorry.

Mrs. Fowler: Oh, dear. And that sandwich was sounding better and better. I tell you what -- why don't I take the two of you out?

Sam: Mom, it's almost 12:00.

Mrs. Fowler: Well, I saw a cute little all-night diner on my way over here. It reminded me of that place I used to take you when you were just --

Sam: I tell you what -- there's an all-night deli down the street. I'll go get some stuff, ok?

Mrs. Fowler: Nothing too fancy.

Sam: Right. Do you mind staying?

Amanda: No. Not at all.

Mrs. Fowler: Good. That'll give us a chance to talk about you behind your back. Don't worry, sweetheart. It'll be all compliments.

Sam: Right. I'll be back soon.

[Door closes]

Mrs. Fowler: I don't think my son is exactly thrilled to see me.

Amanda: Oh, yes, he is. He just doesn't know how to react to surprises very well.

Mrs. Fowler: He'll change his mind when he sees what I have brought him. I really wasn't that hungry. I just wanted him to go out. I bought it at his favorite store in Seattle. They always call me when they're having a sale. Now, let me see -- where can I hide it to make sure he finds it?

Amanda: Oh, how about with his art stuff here, under a sketch pad or something.

Mrs. Fowler: That's a good idea. Oh, well, let's see -- I better put something else on top of it. There. Mission accomplished.

Amanda: Mrs. Fowler, I'm really glad that you're here.

Mrs. Fowler: Loretta, please.

Amanda: Loretta. I am really glad that you're here.

Loretta: You love him, don't you?

Amanda: I love him very much.

Loretta: So do I. So do I.

[Michael coughs]

Michael: Donna!

Michael: Donna!

Donna: Oh, Michael, please! Please hurry.

Michael: Donna?

Donna: Michael! Michael, I'm in here!

Michael: Donna!

Donna: I'm here! I'm here! Please, I'm in here!

Michael: Donna, stay away from the door! Away!

Donna: I am! Oh -- oh, Michael. Oh, God.

Michael: Thank God you're ok. Here.

Donna: He's here. He wants to kill you!

Michael: No, he tried.

Donna: Michael, all this -- you're bleeding!

Michael: Try and hold still. I can't get your hands.

Donna: Why all this smoke? What is it?

Michael: We were fighting. We knocked a candle over and the house is on fire.

Donna: Oh, Michael, it's just like the night mama died.

Michael: Donna, put this over your face and breathe.

Donna: No, no --

Michael: It's ok, we'll get out. Get out of the way, Reg. Out!

Reginald: You're not running away with him this time, Donna. I'll stop you just like I stopped your mother.

Donna: No! No!

Reginald: Why don't we all just move back inside. Yes. That's better.

Michael: Reg, this is between you and I. You don't need her. Let her go. She's pregnant!

Reginald: You would say anything, wouldn't you?

Michael: The house is on fire!

Reginald: Donna, sit down.

Donna: No!

Reginald: Stable boy, stand over there.

Donna: No, no, I -- I don't want to sit.

Reginald: Donna --

Donna: No!

Reginald: Sit! Yes, yes. This is better. Now we can concentrate on you.

Michael: Reg, you can do that without her. Let her go.

Reginald: No, no, no. I want her to see. I want her to see what lengths I would go to protect her from you because I love her.

Donna: Daddy? Daddy? Please -- please don't hurt Michael. I'll do anything you want.

Reginald: You see? It's working wonderfully already. That's what I should've done before.

Michael: Reg, don't say any more.

Reginald: That's what I should've done with Elizabeth. It should've been the stable boy. Then she would've known. She would've known just like Donna knows.

Donna: You -- you killed her?

Michael: Donna? Donna?

Reginald: Stable boy, don't you -- you will never, ever touch her again.

Donna: You killed my mother. That's how you stopped her!

Reginald: Yes, yes, yes, of course. Now, please, sit down. I loved her very much in the beginning. I was building my business, had her waiting at home, my sweet Lizzie. Oh, and the day you were born, Donna, I thought to myself, "how could life be any sweeter than this? What could possibly mar my happiness?" Well, your mother certainly knew how to do that. Life with an adoring, wealthy husband and an adoring child wasn't enough for her. No, she wanted more. She wanted more men in her life, so she became the whore of Bay City!

Donna: No!

Michael: Reg, we got to get out of here!

Reginald: And when she cuckolded me with our stable boy over and over and over, I had to draw the line!

Michael: Reg?

Reginald: If you ask me, she got off easily. Yes. She died once. She made me do it a little at a time.

Michael: Reg, you are crazy.

Reginald: I have never thought so clearly. I have never seen things so clearly.

Michael: I'm going to take Donna out of here.

Reginald: You stop right there!

Mary: You've got to let us go.

Andre: Shut up.

Mary: We've got to get to the house. There could be people in there!

Andre: I said shut up!

Jason: Mary --

Mary: No! I am not going to just stand here and let it happen, not again! I don't care what you do to me! I am not staying here!

Andre: Hey!

Mary: Jason!

Jason: He's going to get away, Mary.

Mary: I don't care about him! We've got to get to the house and see if there are people who need help.

Jason: You're right.

Amanda: Well, I did manage to find a couple of tea bags in the cupboard after all.

Loretta: Oh, good.

Amanda: But we don't have any lemon. I hope you don't mind your tea flavored with milk.

Loretta: Mmm, milk would be lovely.

Amanda: Ok.

Loretta: So your father's in publishing?

Amanda: Yes. Mackenzie Cory.

Loretta: Would that be Cory Publishing?

Amanda: Yes. You've heard of it?

Loretta: Well, who hasn't? So -- so your father publishes Sam's magazine? Excuse me, but I always think of it as Sam's magazine.

Amanda: Oh, that's ok. He did, too.

Loretta: "Did"?

Amanda: Uh -- well, Sam doesn't work for "Brava" anymore.

Loretta: Well, I guess there's a lot I've got to get caught up on.

Amanda: Well, Sam just thought that it would be better if -- if he and my father didn't work under the same roof under the circumstances.

Loretta: They didn't get along?

Amanda: Well, not real well. But things are getting better. My father is a really great guy.

Loretta: I'm sure he is.

Amanda: I -- I know why Sam resents rich people.

Loretta: Do you?

Amanda: I tried to hide it from him for so long -- who I was and who my family was. It was all so stupid. He trusts me now. I know that he does. And I hope that you will, too.

Loretta: I see the way Sam looks at you. Anyone who can make him that happy is all right with me.

Amanda: Good. I can't wait for you to meet my whole family.

Loretta: I'm looking forward to it.

Amanda: Especially Matthew. He's going to be coming home from school in a couple of days.

Loretta: Matthew?

Amanda: Yeah. I thought maybe we should talk about that.

Loretta: Well, our families do seem to be drawn to one another.

Amanda: I know.

Loretta: Well, now, I want to hear about you and Sam. Tell me how you met.

Amanda: You're not going to believe this.

Loretta: Well, tell me every detail. I am all ears.

Amanda: All right. Well, he was parking cars at my coming-out party. And when I drove up, he thought that I was one of the other attendants.

Cass' voice: What is the matter with you today?

Nicole's voice: Look, you'll be gone by the time I finish. They don't need the dress until after the opening.

Cass: Would you like to do the opening by yourself? Is that it?

Nicole: Why, are you quitting before the opening?

Cass: If you want me to.

Nicole: Oh, right! Just make me the bad guy!

Cass: No, no, no! You obviously don't want me going to Monte Carlo with you, so why don't you just say so!

Nicole: How dare you say that after all the -- how -- you don't -- you have -- oh, you -- you --

Cass: What?

Nicole: You --

Cass: Ow! Oh! To us, and to Nicole Love Designs. We did it, partner.

Nicole: Yeah, we did. Mmm. Thank you, Cass, for all you've done to make my dream happen.

Cass: I didn't do that much.

Nicole: Are you kidding? Your creative insights, your business sense. Your money.

Cass: My money. You're the one who made it happen.

Nicole: Hey, I couldn't have done it without you. You've been a good friend.

Cass: Well, so have you.

Nicole: I'm just glad I have you.

Cass: All set.

Nicole: Well, that was quick.

Cass: Yeah. Sounds like a nice room, too. It's got a fireplace and a chaise longue and a canopy bed.

Nicole: Great.

Cass: Am I pushing things and would you rather not do this?

Nicole: No, Cass, do you suppose we could find that waiter?

Cass: Why?

Nicole: To tell him we're going to have our drinks upstairs.

Man: Hear about that fire?

Cass: What?

Nicole: What?

Man: Yeah, every hook-and-ladder in the city must be out there. It looks bad.

Cass: What fire?

Nicole: Yeah.

Man: The Love mansion.

Nicole: The Love mansion?

Man: Yeah, it's going to burn to the ground.

Nicole: Oh, no, Cass! I -- we have to go.

Cass: Come on, let's go. I'll pay the bill, you get the coats.

Nicole: All right.

Cass: Quick, quick.

Reginald: It's all over now.

Donna: No! No, we're getting out of here.

Michael: Donna, you go.

Donna: No!

Michael: Yes, you go!

Donna: No, Michael, no! Michael, he'll kill you!

Michael: No, he won't!

Donna: Yes, he will!

Reginald: Get out of the way, Donna!

Donna: No!

Reginald: Donna!

Donna: No, you killed my mother! You're a monster! And I won't let you kill anyone else I love. Do you hear me?

Michael: Donna, no!

Donna: No, you're going to have to kill me first! No!

Reginald: It's all over now, darling. You're mine again.

Donna: No!

[Donna screams]

Michael: Donna! Donna!

Michael: Donna. Oh. Donna, why did you do that? Please, please be alive.

Mary: Michael, is that you? Oh, no!

Jason: How are they?

Mary: What happened? Oh, my gosh. She's got a pulse. It's strong, it's steady.

Michael: Oh, thank God.

Jason: You were set up, my man.

Michael: She was there. She was there waiting for me and he was there. He was crazy! He had a gun.

Jason: Looks like he got you.

Michael: Yeah.

Mary: Oh, my gosh.

Michael: I'm ok, I'm ok. He tried to shoot me again. She stopped him. She jumped right in front of him and they -- they both fell. They both fell out the window.

Mary: Both of them?

Michael: He wouldn't let go of her! He wouldn't let go of her! He's always done that!

Mary: It's all right. It's all right. She'll be all right. We're going to get help.

Michael: Oh, Donna, why? I tried to get her to go. I tried to get her to go and she wouldn't leave.

[Donna moans]

Michael: Donna? Donna?

Donna: Michael?

Michael: Donna, I'm here, honey. I'm here.

Donna: You -- kill --

Michael: No, no, I'm ok. I'm ok.

Donna: The baby?

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: The -- the baby?

Michael: The baby?


Michael: Donna?

Donna? Donna!

Adam: Michael? Michael!

Mary: Wait, we need an ambulance right away!

Lisa: It's coming! It's coming up the driveway!

Adam: What the hell happened?

Lisa: The fire engines are coming.

Michael: I won't let anything happen to you, Donna. I won't lose you and you won't lose that baby, I promise you. I promise.

Loretta: You mean he actually pulled you out of the cab?

Amanda: Yes.

Loretta: Oh, God. That's just great.

Amanda: He told me that he loved me and that he understood about everything. He told me that he wanted me and the baby.

Loretta: That could be a movie with Cary Grant and Carole Lombard.

Amanda: And we got engaged the very next day.

Loretta: Oh, I wish I'd known about all this. I wouldn't have let Sam pass up a pretty little thing like you.

Amanda: That's just what I don't quite understand.

Loretta: Well --

Amanda: Um --

Loretta: What, dear?

Amanda: Well, this may be kind of a personal question.

Sam: Hi. I hope corned beef is ok. They didn't have anything else left.

Loretta: Ah, corned beef would be just lovely. Oh, thanks, dear.

Sam: I was wondering -- how long are you going to be staying, Mom?

Loretta: Oh, well, now, I know all about fish and company, but I would like to see you two get married.

Sam: That's almost two weeks.

Loretta: Well, now, don't worry about me. Just give me a blanket here on the sofa. I'll be fine. Oh, this looks delicious.

Amanda: Great.

Loretta: Mmm.

Amanda: Excuse me.

Amanda: Why do you keep walking away?

Sam: She cannot stay here until the wedding. I got to find her a hotel.

Amanda: We can't afford that.

Sam: It'll be worth it, trust me.

Amanda: Besides, I don't think she's going to be comfortable at a hotel.

Sam: She can't stay here!

Amanda: No, but she can stay at my parents' house.

Sam: Oh, no. No, no. Uh-uh.

Amanda: Why? Sam, they have that whole big house. They won't even know that she's there.

Sam: Yeah, but I'll know she's there.

Amanda: It's only for a little while. What harm can it do?


Paramedic: He has an open skull fracture.

Second paramedic: We better get him in. He might not make it.

Jason: How is he?

Mary: Not good.

Jason: Michael went with Donna in the ambulance. We got to get out of here. This fire is getting worse.

Mary: Let's go to the hospital. Michael's going to need someone until he knows.

Jason: How could Reginald do all of this?

Mary: I don't know. I sure wish I did.

Adam: All right, look, his name is Battelier, Andre Battelier. Now, he's probably still here on the premises someplace. We took one weapon off of him and he may have another one, so consider him armed and dangerous, but you find him. You got it?

Lisa: Guess I was a little too smart for my own good.

Adam: Hey, hey, don't blame yourself.

Lisa: I tried to tell Michael it was a setup, but --

Adam: Lisa, I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't have called me. You did the best you could.

Jason: Let's go.

Nicole: Oh, no! Can the house be saved? I wonder if anybody was injured. It's my father. That -- that's my -- that's my father. What happened to him?

Paramedic: He fell from the second story and he got a head injury.

Second paramedic: He's going to need some surgery if he's going to make it.

Nicole: "If he's going to make it"?

Cass: Come on.

Nicole: He could've died.

Cass: Let's see if we can find somebody who knows what happened, ok?

Adam: Now, look, I want you to seal the grounds off. Nobody gets in, nobody gets out.

Officer: Right.

Second officer: Got it.

Adam: How'd you guys get here?

Nicole: What happened, Adam?

Cass: How is he?

Adam: It looks like Reginald lured Michael here. I think he was going to kill him.

Nicole: Oh.

Adam: I don't know what Donna was doing here.

Nicole: Donna was here? Where is she? Where's Michael?

Adam: Uh, look, they're both -- they're at the hospital.

Nicole: Did my father try to do something to Michael?

Adam: The paramedics said that Michael's going to be all right.

Nicole: Oh, thank goodness.

Adam: It's Donna.

Nicole: What?

Adam: It seems that when Reginald fell out of the window, he pulled Donna after him.

Cass: How bad is she?

Adam: She fell on top of him. It may have been the only thing that saved her. More than that, I'm afraid I can't tell you.

Nicole: Oh, I have to go to the hospital. I have to see Donna.

Cass: Can you get us out of here?

Adam: Yeah, come on. This way.


Andre: You're not leaving me to take the rap, old man. I got plans for you.

Doctor: Start an I.V.

Nurse: Right.

Michael: No, wait a minute. Wait a minute. She's five months pregnant. Her doctor is Jamie Frame.

Doctor: Give her a CAT scan immediately and shield the fetus.

Nurse: And I'll call Dr. Frame.

Doctor: Set her up for an ultrasound, too.

Michael: Ok. Look, is she going to be ok? Is the baby going to be ok?

Doctor: Are you the baby's father?

Michael: Yeah.

Doctor: I'll talk to you later.

Nurse: Let's go.

Michael: But -- you're going to be ok, Blackie. I swear it.

Loretta: Mmm. Amanda, you can't go bringing a strange woman into your parents' house. It's after midnight.

Amanda: You're not a strange woman.

Loretta: Well, there are some people who would disagree with you. What do you think, Sam?

Sam: If Amanda says you can stay, you can stay.

Amanda: My parents would love to have you.

Loretta: Are you sure?

Amanda: Oh, come on! My -- my brother, my little brother, is away at school. My brother Jamie has moved out, I'll be moving out soon. They'll have an empty house.

Loretta: Well, if you're sure they won't mind --

Amanda: Oh, they'll probably ask you to stay permanently.

Loretta: Oh, well --

Sam: You can stay here if you want to, Mom. Really.

Amanda: Nonsense. Your mother and I are leaving right now.

Sam: Look, I'll see you tomorrow, all right?

Loretta: All right, sweetheart. Oh, I'm so glad you're happy.

Sam: Thanks. I'll call you tomorrow.

Loretta: All right.

Amanda: I'll see you in the morning. Ready?

Loretta: Yes. Bye-bye, sweetheart.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Bye. My mother.

Great. I can't believe this.

Sam: "To Sam, with love. Mom." Great. It's happening again.

Nurse: Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Yeah? How's my wife?

Nurse: The doctor's examining her right now. He asked me to tell you that Dr. Frame's on his way here.

Michael: Fine. Look, you tell Dr. Frame after he gets done looking at Donna that I want to talk to him, all right?

Nurse: Has anyone looked at your shoulder?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The paramedics patched it up a little earlier.

Nurse: You're going to need more than a patch.

Michael: Fine. Well, I'm going to wait to do anything until I find out about my wife, all right?

Nurse: Well, it may take some time to assess her injuries, so why don't you come with me --

Michael: No, look, why don't you just forget it, ok? I'm not going to do anything until I know that my wife is all right.

Nurse: We're doing everything we can. Her vital signs are holding. That's a good sign.

Michael: Thank you for your concern. Now, would you go take care of my wife?

Nurse: All right.

Mary: Michael, how is she?

Michael: Uh -- the nurse just said that her vital signs are stabilizing.

Jason: Well, that's good.

Mary: Oh.

Michael: Yeah. That vulture. If anything happens to her or that baby because of him --

Nicole: Michael! Oh, my God. Are you all right?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah.

Cass: How's Donna?

Michael: Donna -- Donna seems to be holding her own.

Nicole: The baby?

Michael: We don't know for sure.

Cass: Looks like he got you with a good one.

Michael: Yeah, well -- no, I'm ok, really.

Nicole: My father did that, didn't he? He tried to hurt you, too.

Michael: Nicole, your father will not hurt anyone ever again, I promise you that. Donna's going to be fine, the baby's going to be fine, but your father will never hurt anyone again.

Jason: Let's hope that's the way it is, Michael.

Michael: That's the way it is going to be.

Nicole: Michael, can you tell me what happened? Adam told me a little, but I --

Michael: Ok. Your father fixed it so that he and I would wind up at the Love mansion alone.

Nicole: But why?

Michael: He wanted to kill me.

Nicole: I can't believe this.

Michael: Donna showed up first. She was very upset about something -- I don't know.

Nicole: Mama.

Mary: I think so.

Michael: She was tied up. Reg had tied her up. She was screaming when I got there.

Nicole: Oh, no.

Paramedic: Excuse me.

Nicole: My father.

Paramedic: It's all right.

Second paramedic: Vital signs are stable right now.

Mary: God help him.

Michael: God help Donna.

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