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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/28/04

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Amanda: I want an answer.

Sam: You're standing in my light.

Amanda: Sam, don't do this.

Sam: Something's not right here. I need more color.

Amanda: Look at me! I want to know why you don't want your mother at our wedding.

Sam: And I told you I don't want to discuss this. Now, leave me alone.

Amanda: My pleasure.

Sam: Amanda, wait. Look, I'm sorry. Let's not fight.

Amanda: I don't want to fight.

Sam: I know you meant well, sending that note to my mom, but -- all right, so I lost it a little. I'm sorry.

Amanda: I'm sorry, too. Guess I shouldn't have gone behind your back the way I did. Whatever it is that's bothering you, I know you'll tell me whenever you're ready.

Sam: I love you.

Amanda: I love you, too.

Sam: Hey, would you stay with me tonight?

Amanda: I don't think that I should. After that dinner, my parents were upset.

Sam: Well, I'll be thoroughly upset if you leave.

Amanda: I have to, Sam.

Sam: Well, ok. Well -- well, stay a little while longer. It's still early. Hmm?

Amanda: Uh --

[phone rings]

Amanda: You better get that.


Sam: Ugh. Hello? Yeah. Uh-huh. Well, yeah, sure. I can be there. Half an hour? Right, I'll see you there.

Amanda: What was that?

Sam: It was your dad.

Amanda: What'd he want?

Sam: Well, he wants to meet me for a drink tonight.

Mary: Oh, Michael must be there by now, don't you think?

Jason: He may be in Chicago. I'm not sure if he's at the bank yet, but the problem is going to be opening that box.

Mary: Well, certainly, if he tells the manager that in a safety-deposit box there is evidence of a crime, the manager --

Jason: I'm not sure of the legalities of it. You can always say, "hey, I'm going to take my business to another bank."

Mary: That would do it.

Jason: Mary, you realize that if the evidence is there and we can get it, we can bring Reginald down tonight.

Waitress: More coffee?

Mary: Uh -- no. Oh.

Jason: I will have some, yes. Thank you.

Waitress: Um -- oh --

Jason: That's ok.

Waitress: First day on the job. I'm a little shaky.

Mary: It's ok. Happens to everybody.

Jason: Yeah, it does.

Mary: It's Charlie, isn't it?

Waitress: Charlene, but everyone calls me Charlie.

Jason: I got a sister named Sharlene.

Charlene: What do you know? Holler if you want a refill.

Jason: Ok, Charlie.

Mary: I think maybe I should go to my room and wait there.

Jason: You will not.

Mary: Why not?

Jason: You tell Reginald, "I remember you killed your wife"?

Mary: I knew you were going to bring that up.

Jason: Mary, you're going to stay right here in a public place out in the open where you should be safe.

Donna: Mary, Mr. Frame, I'm Donna Hudson.

Mary: Hi, Donna.

Jason: Donna.

Donna: There's something I have to ask you. Are you the reason my mother committed suicide?

Reginald: You, there! Open up. Guard? I have papers! Open this door!

Reginald: Here, read this.

Guard: It'd be a lot easier if you held it still.

Reginald: It says I'm to be given entree.

Guard: What's that?

Reginald: You are to let me inside, you idiot.

Guard: That kind of talk is going to get you nowhere, fella.

Reginald: All right, all right. Let me spell it out for you. I just called your bank manager and was told by the person at his home that he was here right now.

Guard: Could be.

Reginald: Well, this -- what are you attempting to read -- is a court order saying that your bank manager is to open up a safe-deposit box for me. Here -- a judge signed it. It is the law.

Reginald: Thank you.

Michael: Mr. Clay, we really appreciate this.

Mr. Clay: Oh, don't mention it, Mr. Hudson.

Adam: Now, both keys have to work together, isn't that right?

Mr. Clay: Well, our bank may be a little on the small side, but we like to think that we have the personal touch.

Michael: And indeed you do.

Mr. Clay: And I might add, Mr. Hudson, personalized service. Now, we have a meticulous staff dedicated to --

Adam: Look, I hate to rush you, but we're in sort of a hurry.

Mr. Clay: Of course. I understand. Now, Mr. Hudson, should you ever be in need of moving some of your funds, I can assure you --

Michael: Well, I will keep you in mind.

Adam: Do you have your key?

Michael: I have my key right here. Uh -- let me see.

Mr. Clay: And here is its mate.

Michael: Well, this is the box?

Mr. Clay: Yes, it is.

Michael: And I put my key in right here?

Mr. Clay: Exactly.

Adam: Open Sesame.

Michael: Ok, buddy.

Mr. Clay: All right, gentlemen, here we are.

Adam: Yes or no?

Michael: Well, I see papers there. Papers -- we got the papers, Adam.

Adam: Hallelujah.

Michael: Here, take it. Holy cow. Look at this -- "I, Elizabeth Love, hereby declare that in this box is information that could incriminate Reginald Love for the following crime."

Adam: Get him, Elizabeth!

Michael: Well, let's see, Adam. We got theft --

Adam: Five years.

Michael: We've got fraud --

Adam: Seven to 10.

Michael: Violation of international trade agreements --

Adam: That's at least five more years!

Michael: And even murder.

Adam: He's gone!

Michael: We got him, buddy. Once and for all, we got him.

Adam: Oh, God bless you, Elizabeth, for this little box.

Michael: Mr. Clay, I want to thank you very, very much for all your help.

Adam: Sir, you have done a great service to your community.

Michael: You've done a great service to the world.

Mr. Clay: Well, gentlemen, if I can be of any further service, I'd be more than happy to.

Michael: My people will be in touch with you, definitely.

Adam: Come on, Michael. Let's get these papers back to Bay City.

Michael: Lead the way, Mr. Cory.

Adam: Thank you.

Mr. Clay: Good day, gentlemen.

Reginald: There you are. You are Clay, I presume.

Mr. Clay: I am.

Reginald: Well, I have here a court order demanding that the safe-deposit box of Elizabeth Love --

Mr. Clay: I'm afraid that you're a little late, sir.

Reginald: For what?

Mr. Clay: The contents of the box have just been appropriated.

Reginald: Who? Who was here?

Mr. Clay: A Sergeant Cory and a Mr. Michael Hudson.

Mr. Clay: Sir, may I be of any help?

Donna: I want an answer.

Mary: Donna, I already told you --

Donna: Mary, I know what you told me, but I've been thinking about this, and I want to hear it from him.

Jason: Donna, please, sit down.

Donna: No. I --

Jason: I understand you've heard about the relationship between your mother and myself.

Donna: Yes, and I want to know if you are the reason that she killed herself.

Jason: Donna, please.

Mary: I told you he wasn't.

Donna: Mary, how do I know that you're not protecting him? I mean, I come in here and I find you two having dinner together?

Jason: Would you please, please just sit down?

Jason: Donna, I cared for your mother very much. But that relationship in no way caused her death.

Donna: How do you know?

Jason: I know.

Donna: Well, did you also know that my father hated Michael all of these years because of you, and he made my life miserable, too?

Jason: I'm sorry. I don't follow that. I don't understand.

Donna: Well, not only did his daughter fall in love with the stable hand, but so did his wife.

Mary: Donna, would you like to come and talk to me?

Donna: No.

Mary: Oh, please can't we tell her the truth?

Jason: Do you think that the truth is going to make her feel any better than she does?

Mary: Probably not.

Jason: Especially not coming from one of us.

Mary: Well, maybe if she could hear it from --

[phone rings]

Mary: I'll get it, I'll get it. I'll get it. Mary's Place. Hi. Oh, good. Sure. Ok, we'll be right there. They got it.

Jason: The stuff out of the box?

Mary: Yeah, that was Michael. He was calling from Adam's car.

Jason: Oh! Did you tell Michael about Donna being here on the prowl?

Mary: Oh, no. It's ok. I'll tell him at the police station. He wants us to meet them there.

Jason: Of course. Let's go right now.

Charlene: Can I bring you anything?

Donna: No. Uh -- no, thank you.

Mary: Well, maybe if Michael tells her, at least she'll know.

Jason: Then what does she do?

Amanda: How did he sound?

Sam: Huh? Oh -- ok, I guess.

Amanda: He didn't sound mad or anything?

Sam: No, I don't think so.

Amanda: That's good. Where did he say he wants to meet you?

Sam: At Mary's Place. He says he wants to meet me for a couple of beers.

Amanda: He hates beer.

Sam: He says he wants to meet me on my own turf. Well, I guess he wants to talk to me man-to-man.

Amanda: Come on, Sam. He's trying.

Sam: Oh, yeah, or he's -- or he wants to talk to me about my mother.

Amanda: No, that's not it.

Sam: Come on, Amanda. What else would he want to talk to me about?

Amanda: The dinner didn't go like he planned. Sam, he's finally coming around. Don't you see? He really wants to make this work.

Sam: You really think so, huh?

Amanda: He's really a good man.

Sam: Well, then, why does he make me so nervous?

Amanda: Because you want things to work, too.

Sam: Well, yeah. That's right.

Amanda: And you're a good man, too. So just be yourself.

Sam: Ok. Just no attempts at humor.

Amanda: I thought you were funny.

Sam: Yeah, well, your family wasn't exactly rolling on the floor.

Amanda: Well, they were nervous.

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: Come on, Sam. Stop worrying. Everything's going to work out beautifully between you and my dad. You'll see.

Sam: I do -- I do want to make this work.

Amanda: We've got to.

Sam: Yeah, well, I guess it's just all up to me tonight.

Sam: So, is this ok?

Amanda: You're just going for a beer.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I guess I'd better be going.


Amanda: Will you stop worrying?

Sam: Yeah. I've decided that I'm going to let your dad do the talking. The less I say, the better.

Amanda: Say whatever you feel.

Sam: Right. Oh -- you're going to be here when I get back, right?

Amanda: I'm not leaving until I know the two of you have shaken hands.

Sam: I've stocked the fridge. You're going to be here a while.

Amanda: Sam, come on. The two of you are trying now. It's going to work out. And then we can start thinking more about us and our wedding.

Sam: And our baby.

Amanda: And our baby.

Sam: Yeah, I know, I know. I got to be going. I don't want to keep your dad waiting too long.

Amanda: I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Sam: Ok.


Amanda: Uh --

Sam: What? What? What?

Amanda: I just -- I'm feeling a little nauseous.

Sam: Well, I thought that was only supposed to happen in the morning.

Amanda: Tell my stomach that.

Sam: Come on, come on. I want you to lie down. Come on.

Amanda: No.


Sam: Come on.

Amanda: I'll have a couple crackers and I'll be fine. I'll take care of it.

Sam: I don't care. I want you to lie down, all right?

Amanda: I'm a big girl now, Sam.

Sam: I know, and you're getting bigger every day. Ooh -- I'm leaving, I'm out of here. Just --

Amanda: Get out of here!

Sam: Hey, just rest, ok?

Amanda: All right. All right, all right.

Sam: Good.

Amanda: Go.

Sam: Oh, look, the landlord and his wife might be coming by later on to -- to drop off some baby clothes.

Amanda: I thought their kids were grown and gone.

Sam: Well, they are, but they saved their stuff.

Amanda: For how long?

Sam: Only 30 years.

Amanda: I can't wait to see these baby clothes.

Sam: Yeah, well, just -- look, I couldn't say no, all right? Just act grateful.

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: Ok. Rest.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: Bye.

Sam: Goodbye.

Amanda: And good luck with my father.

Sam: Yeah.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: We have some great reading ahead of us here, Mr. Cory.

Adam: Sheer poetry.

Michael: After you.

Adam: Oh, no -- after you, sir.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no. I insist, after you.

Adam: Ok, after me.

Michael: Ok. No, after me.

Adam: Ow, ow, ow.

Lisa: Aren't we happy campers tonight? Does this mean what I think it does?

Adam: Let the good times roll!

Michael: We got him. We got Reginald, baby. Hey, give me five. All right. Up, down, inside --

Lisa: You've got evidence of crimes he committed?

Adam: Hard evidence. Pick a crime, any crime.

Michael: We got it.

Lisa: Those crimes must be pretty old.

Michael: There ain't no statute of limitations on murder, baby.

Adam: That's right. We've finally got him and it's all due to you!

Lisa: Oh! Me?

Adam: Yes, absolutely.

Michael: Yeah.

Adam: Mike remembered what you said.

Michael: Don't you remember? When you went into that trance, the only picture you could get in your head was a watch. Well, it all of a sudden occurred to me -- the watch -- so I broke the watch and inside was the key to the safe-deposit box that gave us these papers.

Lisa: You're kidding.

Michael: No.

Lisa: Well, does this mean I get a bonus in my paycheck?

Adam: Well, I don't know. I don't know that cops get bonuses.

Michael: I think some cops get kisses, though. Thank you.

Lisa: You're welcome.

Michael: Give her a kiss. Come on.

Adam: Thank you, trooper.

Lisa: You're welcome.

Adam: Now, of course, you realize this is the end of your undercover work. No more Andre.

Lisa: Oh, shucks. I was just getting to like that lounge lizard. Well, I'm out of here.

Adam: Where are you going?

Lisa: I am late for a dinner with your family, Sarge.

Adam: Oh. Was -- that was tonight?

Lisa: Yeah. If I'm lucky, I can still make dessert. Bye-bye.

Adam: Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa: I'm really glad you got him. Congratulations.

Michael: Thank you. Enjoy your dinner.

Oh --

[Michael laughs]

Adam: Well, don't just stand here back-slapping. Let's get to work.

Michael: All right, partner. Take the papers. Ok?

Adam: Yeah, McCullough, this is Cory. Listen, I want to put out an A.P.B. Yeah, that's right, on Reginald Love.

Jason: Oh, is that music to my ears.

Mary: You got him?

Adam: Finally.

Mary: Um -- I need to talk to you for a second.

Michael: Ok. What? Hey.

Mary: I just wanted you to know that Donna was over at Mary's Place.

Michael: What was she doing there?

Mary: She's very upset. She's figured out about the affair that Jason and her mother had.

Michael: What? Well, she didn't say anything like that to me.

Mary: Well, you've been a little busy. Anyway, she believes that Elizabeth killed herself because of Jason.

Michael: Did she tell you that?

Mary: And Jason.

Michael: Oh, no.

Mary: So, anyway, we thought you should be the one who tells her the truth.

Michael: I was going to tell her everything, but not until this was all over. Look, is she still over at Mary's Place?

Mary: I hope so.

Michael: I got to get over there.

Mary: All right. If you wait just one second, we can come with you.

Michael: Ok. Ok, fine.

Mary: Ok, you all set?

Michael: Yeah. Let's go.

[Reginald groans]

Reginald: God.

Reginald: Andre? The plane is ready, I trust, on the private airfield? Good, good. Now, get Michael Hudson out to the Love Estate. I don't care how. You just get him here! Tonight. Yes. And, Andre, get him here alone.

Lisa: Mac, you're here.

Mac: And so are you.

Lisa: Well, I just called your house and Hilda said the dinner broke up.

Mac: Well, that was a little indelicate of Hilda, but not inaccurate.

Lisa: What happened?

Mac: Suffice it to say, things did not go smoothly.

Lisa: I'm sorry.

Mac: So am I. That's why I'm here.

Lisa: Why?

Mac: To set things straight -- I mean, at least try to.

Lisa: Did you and Sam have a --

Mac: I don't know what it is about the two of us. We just can't seem to communicate.

Lisa: May I say something?

Mac: Yes, of course.

Lisa: I hope you won't take this badly.

Mac: I promise.

Lisa: Ok. Well, when I first met you, I was a little intimidated.

Mac: Why? What did I do?

Lisa: Nothing. You were charming and gracious and --

Mac: But intimidating?

Lisa: Yes.

Mac: Well, what -- maybe it's the hair?

Lisa: Oh. No, you're -- you're the famous Mac Cory. Everybody knows about you. Everybody's read about you in magazines and --

Mac: Hold it, hold it. I'm beginning to intimidate myself.

Lisa: Well, that was the first time I met you. But the second time --

Mac: Thank you for giving me another chance.

Lisa: Oh, the second time, I knew why everybody loved you.

Mac: No, there are a few lost souls that don't, including Sam Fowler.

Lisa: You'll work it out.

Mac: We'd better, for Amanda's sake.

Lisa: Did Jamie make it to that dinner?

Mac: Fortunately for him, no. He couldn't get away from the hospital.

Lisa: Well, I would say about now, he's one starving physician.

Mac: One of Ada's sandwiches could help.

Lisa: And of course, her pecan pie --

Mac: Would save the man's life.

Lisa: Listen, good luck with Sam.

Mac: Thank you, dear.

Lisa: Hi. I'd like an order to go.

Sam: Hi. I hope I'm not late.

Mac: No, I'm early. Thank you for coming. Please, sit down.

Sam: I have to tell you, I was kind of surprised when you called me.

Mac: I can imagine. Tonight just didn't work.

Sam: No, it didn't.

Mac: I wouldn't want that to happen again.

Sam: Yeah.

Mac: And I'm going to do everything in my power to see that it doesn't.

Sam: Look, I -- I don't know what you want me to say.

Mac: Well, if you're willing, there's one thing you could clear up.

Sam: Sure. What?

Mac: This thing about your mother -- Amanda was only trying to help, you know.

Sam: I -- I know. We've talked about it. Everything's fine.

Mac: And if Amanda's going to be your wife, if there is some kind of, you know, long-lasting deep problem between your mother and you, I think that she does deserve to know about it.

Sam: She will. She will.

Mac: And believe me, I'm not doing a lecture. All I'm saying is that -- well, if you want it and you work at it, your wife can be your very greatest ally.

Sam: Well, thank you. I do appreciate that.

Mac: I'd like us to drop our defenses.

Sam: Do you mean declare a truce?

Mac: That would be a good start. And why don't we celebrate it right now? Where's that waitress? Hello, Michael.

Michael: Mac, how are you? Hi, Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Michael: Have you seen Donna?

Mac: No, I haven't seen her here.

Michael: Hmm. Oh, thank you. Lisa? Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Michael: Have you seen Donna anywhere?

Lisa: No. Is something wrong?

Michael: No, I just need to talk to her. Thanks. Oh -- Mary.

Mary: Yeah.

Michael: Look, when was Donna here?

Mary: Just before we left.

Michael: I don't see her anywhere.

Lisa: Good night, all.

Jason: Good night.

Michael: Jason, did you tell Donna about you and her mother?

Jason: No.

Michael: Is she really upset?

Jason: Can you blame her, Michael?

Mary: She left right after we did.

Michael: She did? Look, Reginald probably hasn't been picked up yet.

Mary: Oh, Michael, you don't --

Michael: No, what I think is, is that I want Donna with me now.

Andre: You're --

[Lisa screams]

Andre: That probably isn't your name, is it? You're very fortunate that you work for the police because you're going to make a phone call for me.

Donna: Oh. Oh, mama.

Donna: It's just like it was.

Donna: It's just like it was that night.

Donna: Oh. Now I understand. I understand why you couldn't tell anybody. Because he killed you. Jason Frame killed you.

Reginald: You are just like her, you know? Weak, stubborn, and with an appetite for stable boys.

Donna: She was in love with Jason Frame, wasn't she?

Reginald: Love?

Donna: She didn't love you.

Reginald: I could smell him on her, you know. She would come singing into the room, eyes a little too bright, sure that I didn't know anything, but I could smell the stable.

Donna: Is that why she killed herself? Because of Jason Frame?

Reginald: Is that what you think? Oh, Donna. Who but you could think of someone dying for love?

Donna: All right, then. Why don't you tell me the truth.

Reginald: Jason Frame was an addiction with her, a habit. You see, and someone had to draw the line. That's how you deal with addicts. You just say no, no more.

Donna: What are you talking about?

Reginald: I'm talking about your mother, dear, and why she deserved to die.

Donna: How can you say that?

Reginald: You said you wanted to hear the truth.

Donna: Well, that's not the truth.

Reginald: I'm sorry to disturb your vision of your sainted mother.

Donna: Oh, I never, never thought she was a saint. But she certainly didn't deserve to die just because she -- she fell in love with someone besides you.

Reginald: I have always believed in the sanctity of marriage. Ask Mary.

Donna: Right. What about Mary?

Reginald: Mary -- yes. She was my love.

Donna: You were having an affair with her while you were still married.

Reginald: Your mother drove me to that.

Donna: Oh, how?

Reginald: Her infidelity, of course. Elizabeth Love -- it should have been "free" love. Jason and Charles and --

Donna: What are you saying?

Reginald: And the European count. And the boy who --

Donna: Stop it!

Reginald: You don't want to hear what he delivered?

Donna: Just stop it!

Reginald: Ask your mother what he delivered. Go ahead, talk to her. You were doing that before. Ask mama.

Donna: Stop. I hate you.

Reginald: I can live with that.

Donna: You are lying!

Reginald: You really think it was just Frame? Do you actually believe that she manufactured some sort of grand passion for that oaf?

Donna: She must have loved him.

Reginald: Pleasure -- that's what she loved. The pleasures of the flesh. But you know all about that, don't you?

Donna: I'm getting out of here.

Reginald: Oh, no, wait. I'm starting to enjoy our little talk. Indulge me.

Donna: No, you let go of me!

Reginald: Sit down and listen, my child, and you will hear the midnight plight of your mother.

Donna: You know, you are really crazy!

Reginald: I think that I've neglected your education. You see, you are so woefully misguided about Elizabeth. For instance, next to pleasure, the thing she liked the best was humiliation, especially where it concerned me. She loved to see me degraded -- the laughingstock.

Donna: That's because she knew you and she didn't love you.

Reginald: Love? Love? Seems to be a recurring theme in our little chat.

Donna: You don't know anything about love, especially with Mary.

Reginald: You will not talk to me about Mary! And you will not talk to me about love! You don't know anything about love. You don't know any more than she did! The two of you, with your stable boys.

Donna: That's it. That's the reason, isn't it?

Reginald: Sex is what you know about!

Donna: No, no, you have hated Michael all these years.

Reginald: On the contrary. That's why I've pitied you.

Donna: Oh, you make me sick.

Reginald: She -- she was leaving me, you know. Blackmailing me.

Donna: With what?

Reginald: Secrets she knew. Things.

Donna: What? What things?

Reginald: Said she would put me in prison.

Donna: How?

Reginald: So I had to stop her. I had to stop her, and now I have to stop him.

Donna: Him? Who -- Jason?

Reginald: Hudson! They're all alike!

Donna: No!

Reginald: Humiliating me, laughing at me!

Donna: No, that's not true!

Reginald: Well, I am going to stop him. The stable boy will not live to see tomorrow morning.

Andre: The more you struggle, the more you'll be hurt. Dial, and be convincing. My life is on the line. I will not hesitate to kill you.

[Phone rings]

Mary: Mary's Place.

Lisa: Who's this?

Mary: This is Mary. Who's this?

Lisa: Lisa. Hi, Mary.

Mary: Hi, Lisa. You sound funny.

Lisa: It's a bad connection.

Mary: Ah. Where are you?

Lisa: Is Michael there?

Mary: He's right here. Hold on.

Lisa: He's there.

Andre: Speak normally and naturally.

Michael: Lisa?

Lisa: Hi, Michael.

Michael: What's going on?

Lisa: I'm with Adam.

Michael: How did that happen?

Lisa: He -- I'm sorry, Michael, we have a bad connection. Um -- Adam wanted me to tell you that they've captured Reginald.

Michael: Already?

Lisa: Yeah. They found him at the Love Estate in Elizabeth's room. Isn't that great?

Michael: Well, that's fantastic.

Lisa: Adam wants you to come out there right away.

Michael: Ok.

Lisa: Meet him in the lounge.

Michael: The -- the Love Estate doesn't have a lounge, Lisa.

Lisa: Doesn't it?

Michael: No, but -- but that's ok. Look, I'm on my way. Bye. We got him.

Mary: What?

Michael: Adam got him. We got him, we got him!

Mac: I believe in trying to redress my gaps immediately. Sam, I apologize to you for talking about the new layout artist.

Sam: It was hardly your fault.

Mac: Well, it wasn't exactly the kind of conversation you'd want at dinner.

Sam: Well, actually, I was the one who brought it up.

Mac: Yeah, but I should have had the sensitivity to know that you would feel funny about it.

Sam: Well, I'm not sure "funny" is the right word.

Mac: I mean, I should have had the sense to anticipate that you would overreact.

Sam: Overreact?

Mac: Well, you know what I mean.

Sam: No, I don't.

Mac: What I mean is we should lose this conversation immediately, order two of Ada's biggest and thickest sandwiches, and discuss the cubs' prospects.

Sam: You're on.

Donna: You -- you will not even get close to Michael.

Reginald: 20 feet or so should do it.

Donna: No, Michael is out of town.

Reginald: He's on his way here right now.

Donna: No!

Reginald: No? Darling, you're such a negative person.

Donna: No, you are lying to me again.

Reginald: Not in the least. This has all been planned. Except for you showing up. That I did not anticipate.

Donna: No, Mi-- Michael is waiting for me at home!

Reginald: You should fold your hand when you don't have the proper cards, darling. You have never been good at bluffing. Michael Hudson dies tonight --

Donna: No --

Reginald: And I leave the country.

Donna: No! No!

Reginald: And I have a bonus for you. You're coming with me.

Donna: No. No, you can't do that!

Reginald: Oh, but I can! Do you know why? I am Reginald Love. I'm no horse trainer.

Donna: That's right, that's right. Jason -- Jason is the horse trainer.

Reginald: They shoot horse trainers, don't they?

Donna: You have -- you've lost your mind.

Reginald: They shoot horse trainers.

Donna: You've lost your mind!

Reginald: Don't they?

Donna: No! No! No! Leave me alone! No, no!

Reginald: It won't be as easy as you think, darling.

Donna: No! No, stop it! Let go of me!

Reginald: Never! You'll never get away!

Donna: No! No!

Donna: No! No! Leave -- leave me alone! No! Oh, no! No, no! No, no! No!

Reginald: Not this time.

Donna: No!

Reginald: Never!

Donna: No! No! No!

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Hi. Come on in. I'm Amanda. I guess Sam's probably told you about me. This must be the clothes. Great.

Woman: Where's Sam?

Amanda: Oh, he just went down to talk to my father. Look, I also wanted to thank you for letting us remodel the loft. I mean, we're definitely going to need a bedroom with the baby coming and everything.

Woman: A -- a baby?

Amanda: Am I missing something here?

Donna: No --

Reginald: Are you comfortable, darling? Don't try to talk, just nod your head. Yes or no? Good.

[Car approaches]

Reginald: Oh, now, what might that be?

[Tires screech]

Reginald: Ah, good. It's your beloved.

Donna: [Muffled voice] Michael!

Reginald: Oh, dear, I know. I understand. But you see, everything turns out in the end.

[Donna garbles]

Michael: Adam?

Adam? What the hell is going on here?

Woman: Uh --

Amanda: Why are you looking at me like that?

Woman: Well, you're Amanda?

Amanda: I just told you that. Didn't Sam talk to you earlier?

Woman: I haven't talked to him for ages.

Amanda: But he told me that you would be coming by sometime today. And -- aren't you suppose to have some baby clothes for us?

Woman: Baby clothes?

Amanda: The suitcase.

Woman: Oh, there are no baby clothes in there, I assure you.

Amanda: I don't understand.

Woman: Neither do I. Well, who's having a baby, anyway?

Amanda: You really don't know?

Woman: I wouldn't ask if I did.

Amanda: Me.

Woman: You?

Amanda: You sure you didn't know?

Woman: Not till just this minute.

Amanda: I -- I don't understand. Who are you?

Woman: Hello, Sam!

Sam: Uh -- Amanda, I'd like you to meet my mother.

Mary: I don't know that I ever really believed that it was going to happen.

Jason: Hasn't happened yet.

Mary: Well, but Adam has him in custody, and -- and he has all that lovely evidence.

Jason: Mary, I -- I'm not going to be happy till I hear the key turn in his jail cell door.

Mary: You will. I'm just very, very relieved that it's over.

Jason: Well, why was Reginald out there? Why did he go to the Love Estate? How could Adam nail him so easily?

Mary: You think maybe he just gave up?

Jason: Does that sound like Reggie to you?

Mary: I'm not the person to ask about Reginald.

Jason: I think we ought to go out there.

Mary: Why?

Jason: Well, Michael might need somebody to celebrate with. When Donna hears the truth, it might be nice if you were there to --

Mary: Jason, I don't think we should go there.

Jason: Fine. I'm going. Bye.

Mary: All right! I'll go with you.

Donna: [Muffled voice] Michael! Oh, please!

Michael: Adam?

Adam? Donna? Donna, no.

Reginald: Where do you think you're going, stable boy?

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