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Another World Transcript Tuesday 1/27/04

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Sam: Oh, yeah. Hi, Amanda. Check this out.

Amanda: Looks like the lipstick that I threw on this morning.

Sam: Well, it is. See, I was stuck, and I realized this was just the medium I needed.

Amanda: Funny, I never really thought of jungle red as a medium, but I'm glad that my makeup inspires you. And I'm glad you're painting. You're painting.

Sam: Yeah. So?

Amanda: It's almost 6:00. It's time for us to leave. Unless you decided against it.

Sam: Against what?

Amanda: Dinner with my parents. You don't want to go, do you?

Mary: Jason?

Jason: What?

Mary: What are you doing?

Jason: Reginald's man usually hangs out around that corner over there.

Mary: You mean he's watching us?

Jason: Especially tonight.

Mary: Why?

Jason: Because we don't have a key to Elizabeth's box yet because we got to wait till tomorrow morning to get a court order.

Mary: So?

Jason: I'm sure Reginald will get wind of that.

Mary: And if he does?

Jason: He might try to take us out before we can nail him.

Andre: That'll be fine. Thank you. It's all set.

Reginald: Judge Casner, Reginald Love here. I'm so glad we could finally have this chat. I've been reading your campaign statements in the newspapers. Very insightful. Yes, I was wondering if you could use a substantial contribution. Wonderful. I have only a slight favor to ask in return. I need a certain court order, and I need it tonight.

Nicole: Oh, Sophie, it's gorgeous.

Sophie: What can I say -- I work it from the design of a brilliant woman. It is perfect for your evening with Monsieur Winthrop.

Nicole: Oh, I hope he likes it.

Sophie: Oh, if he is half the man I think he is, it will not be the dress he is eyeing tonight.

Nicole: Oh, Sophie.

[Door closes]

Sophie: I disappear.

Nicole: He's home.

Sophie: We will be upstairs when you want us.

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: Hey, Sophie. That was fast.

Nicole: Well, she has a lot to do. So, how are you?

Cass: I'm kind of beat, actually. I just finished the meeting, the publicity meeting for the fashion show.

Nicole: Oh. Was Felicia there?

Cass: No. She's having a tough time of it.

Nicole: Because of Wally?

Cass: So I did it alone.

Nicole: Well, did you get everything together?

Cass: Yeah, I took care of it all this afternoon.

Nicole: Oh, then maybe you want to take a bath and go to bed early tonight.

Cass: Are you kidding? We have a heavy date, remember?

Nicole: Actually, I was kidding, and I had given it some thought.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: I made the reservations at Avril manor.

Nicole: Oh, that's great. That sounds really nice. I can't --

Michael: Cass?

Cass: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Nicole.

Nicole: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: I'm sorry to burst in like this. I just need a few moments of your time.

Nicole: Why?

Michael: Well, I'd like to ask you some personal questions.

Nicole: Does this concern my mother?

Michael: Well, in part, yes, it does.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry, Michael. I can't help you. No. No, that's not what I meant. I won't help you.

Michael: Nicole --

Nicole: No, Michael. I know what this is all about. You think that my mother and Jason Frame had an affair.

Cass: Would you like me to leave?

Nicole: No. No, Cass, it's ok.

Michael: Nicole, who told you that?

Nicole: Donna told me.

Michael: Donna did?

Nicole: Yeah, she was here earlier. And I'm telling you exactly what I told her. The whole idea is just ridiculous.

Michael: Nicole --

Nicole: No, my mother was not the kind of person who had affairs with the help or with anyone else.

Cass: Nicole, it's all right.

Nicole: No, it isn't all right. My mother was a wonderful person. I thought Donna knew that.

Michael: Nicole, I'm not here to talk about your mother and Jason. I'm here because of Reginald.

Nicole: What does this have to do with my mother, then?

Michael: You know I've wanted to put him away for a long time.

Cass: Who hasn't?

Michael: I think now I finally can.

Nicole: How?

Michael: I need to know some things about the time right before your mother died.

Nicole: Michael, can you tell me why?

Michael: No, I can't. Not right now.

Cass: Come on, Michael.

Michael: No, really. Trust me, all right? But when this is all cleared up, then I can fill you in on the whole story.

Nicole: You really think you can put my father in prison?

Michael: With the right information, I can put Reginald away tonight.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: Nicole?

Nicole: Huh? No, I'm fine. It's just -- well, I always thought my father should pay somehow. I mean, he was so cruel to my mother and to us kids. But the thought of him actually -- actually being in prison --

Michael: Nicole, to me, he's an enemy. To you, he's your father.

Nicole: Yeah. Some dad.

Michael: I hope you can help me.

Nicole: What do you want to know?

Michael: Come here, sit down for a second, please. What I need you to do -- I want you to think back to the time right before your mom died and just -- can you remember them fighting at all?

Nicole: Yeah, they fought a lot.

Michael: Did they ever threaten each other?

Nicole: I don't know what you mean.

Michael: Well, specifically, did Elizabeth ever allude to any information she might have that would put Reg away?

Nicole: I don't know what they fought about. It was all done the Love way -- behind closed doors.

Michael: Did she ever mention a key?

Nicole: No. Michael, I was only 14. Even the night of the fire is like a blur to me.

Michael: Ok, ok. How about personal belongings? What happened to them, hers?

Nicole: My mom's personal belongings?

Michael: Yeah.

Nicole: Daddy had them removed. He gave them to charity. He did it the day after she was buried. I remember him saying it was unseemly to have a suicide victim's personal affects around the house.

Cass: A real charmer.

Nicole: Yeah. That's how he talked about her. He actually was acting like she never existed. But I showed him.

Michael: You did? How?

Nicole: I loved mom so much. I used to go into her room. I'd take little things of hers. I sound like a little thief, don't I?

Cass: She probably knew you were doing it.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm sure she did.

Michael: What kind of things?

Nicole: Well, things a kid would like. Nothing of much value. Some combs from her hair, a compact. I was afraid my father would take away those things from me too, after he removed everything else.

Michael: But he didn't. I mean, you -- you showed him, didn't you?

Nicole: I took the things I had and hid them. They're probably still there.

Reginald: Finis.

Andre: How much?

Reginald: You're to take $20,000 with you for Judge Casner's re-election campaign. The price of justice is high.

Andre: He'll handle the injunction?

Reginald: Which means the contents of the safe-deposit box are mine.

Andre: I recommend we go to the bank as soon as possible. Hudson and Adam Cory -- they'll find out about this.

Reginald: Yes, I don't want them to appeal the injunction decision.

Andre: Even if they do, the safety deposit box will be bare when they arrive.

Reginald: And once again, Hudson loses. This is starting to bore me.

Andre: Is there any other evidence that could link you to your wife's death?

Reginald: None.

Andre: What about your second wife? You said she was remembering things.

Reginald: No jury is going to believe a partially recovered amnesiac.

Andre: Partially?

Reginald: Yes, I've talked to her. She's regained a few memories of marital bliss with Vince, nothing more.

Andre: And you're sure there was no other witness?

Reginald: Positive.

Andre: And there's no other evidence?

Reginald: I told you. Although, I did keep the gun.

Andre: You had it all this time?

Reginald: I don't know why I kept it.

Andre: Neither do I. Where is it now?

Reginald: My son has it.

Andre: What?

Reginald: He found it several years ago in Paraguay. By then, I saw no reason not to give it to him.

Andre: But the gun's still there, right? In Paraguay?

Reginald: I'm not sure it is. Scott lost interest right away. But maybe I better check and make sure that he didn't bring it with him to Bay City.

Andre: I'll do more than check, I'll take that room of his apart.

Reginald: No, no, no. We've done too much of that already. Besides, you've got to get that injunction from our friend the judge. I'll go to Scott's myself. We'll meet back here.

Andre: Be very careful.

Reginald: Why? After all, I do have reason to be there. I'm his father. I'm his father.

Amanda: You don't want to go, do you?

Sam: No, I don't. But I will. I just forgot about the time.

Amanda: Great. I'll clean your brushes. You go change.

Sam: Change? Change into what?

Amanda: Anything. It's casual.

Sam: Casual? Does that mean black tie instead of white?

Amanda: It's a good thing you're a painter, not a comedian. Lipstick? I don't know.

Sam: What did you say?

Amanda: Nothing. I was just contemplating the mysteries of your work.

Sam: Hey, contemplate this. I think we should pick something up and take it over for dinner, a gift.

Amanda: Great idea.

Sam: What kind of tequila does your dad like?

Amanda: How about a bottle of wine?

Sam: You mean the kind with a cork instead of a twist-off cap?

Amanda: Such an oenophile.

Sam: So, how do I look?

Amanda: You look great, really. So, are you ready?

Sam: I guess so.

Amanda: Don't be nervous.

Sam: I just don't want your dad to offer me a job in the Tokyo office.

Amanda: There is no Tokyo office.

Sam: There might be after this evening.

Amanda: Sam. I really think that my dad is serious about getting to know you better.

Sam: I know you do. I -- just don't get your hopes up.

Amanda: Why? Why not?

Sam: Because we're too different. We might never get along. I just -- I don't want you to be disappointed.

Amanda: If you both try, I won't be disappointed.

Sam: I will, I promise.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: There are a lot of things I'd like to try.

Amanda: You're not getting out of this dinner that easily.

Sam: What, you think that's what I was doing?

Amanda: Come on.

Sam: Well, I can't help it if I can't control myself around you.

Nicole: I took all the things I had and put them in a box and hid them up in the attic. I remember when no one was around, I used to go up there and get it out.

Michael: No, wait a minute. I searched that whole attic, and I didn't find anything like that.

Nicole: Well, Michael, I wasn't some bimbo. I was a smart little kid, you know. I took all the things and I hid them under a floorboard.

Michael: Do you think that stuff might still be there?

Nicole: Well, I suppose, yeah.

Michael: Do you think you could remember which floorboard you put it under?

Nicole: I think so.

Michael: Nicole, would you go there with me right now?

Nicole: Right now, Michael?

Michael: Please.

Cass: Maybe Nicole needs to know more about what you're trying to do here.

Nicole: Yeah, I really do.

Michael: Nicole, to tell you any more at this point would put your life in danger. Trust me.

Cass: You're asking her to relive some very painful moments, Michael.

Nicole: No. No, Cass, it's all right. I'll go.

Cass: Are you sure?

Nicole: Yeah. It'll only take a few minutes, right?

Michael: Yes.

Cass: Well, I want to come along.

Nicole: No. Can you give us a moment?

Michael: Yeah. I'll wait in the car.

Cass: I want to be there.

Nicole: No, I don't want you to go. I want to do this alone.

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: Ok?

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: When I'm with you tonight, I don't want us talking about my mother, ok? I just want to concentrate on the two of us. You understand?

Cass: Ok. I'll be waiting.

Nicole: Ok. I'll hurry back.

Cass: You better.

Nicole: I will. Bye.

Cass: Bye.

Jason: You'll wear your heels out, Mary.

Mary: Are you sure he's watching us?

Jason: Mary, it'll be over very soon.

Mary: I hope so. I hate what this is doing to everybody.

Jason: I know it's been especially rough on you.

Mary: Oh, I wasn't thinking of me. I was thinking of Donna.

Jason: Why Donna?

Mary: She came to see me yesterday. She's figured out that you and her mother were having an affair.

Jason: How?

Mary: I don't know. She wanted to know if you were the reason her mother killed herself.

Jason: Great. What did you tell her?

Mary: Of course I told her it wasn't true, but I couldn't tell her that her father killed her mother.

Jason: Of course not.

Mary: She's going to have to know eventually.

Jason: Must have been rough having him for a father. Or a husband, for that matter.

Mary: He was very different when we were in Paraguay.

Jason: So you've said.

Mary: He was. He never let Scott or me see that side of him.

Jason: Must have been quite a chore, Mary.

Mary: I couldn't even believe it when I found out.

Jason: You love him?

Mary: Well, it's very hard to say now, but, yes, in all honesty, at the time, I did.

Jason: And you just never saw the real Reginald Love. Elizabeth did. She never loved him.

Mary: Then why didn't she divorce him?

Jason: That was my fault.

Mary: It was?

Jason: The last thing in the world I wanted at that time was a wife who had three kids.

Mary: Oh, so all she was to you was just a good time?

Jason: No, and you know that. What about your thing with Reginald, huh?

Mary: What about it?

Jason: You were married. You had four children. What makes that so different from what I had with Elizabeth?

Mary: Nothing. Did you not love her at all, Jason?

Jason: Yes, I loved her. I just had to be free.

Mary: Honey?

Scott: Yeah?

Mary: Have you heard anything?

Scott: No, the judge hasn't made a ruling yet.

Mary: Oh. How is Dawn?

Scott: She's worried. If he rules against us, I'm not sure how she's going to take it.

Mary: Where is she now?

Scott: At the hospital, getting a checkup. This whole thing has been really rough on her. Really tough. Are you here with him?

Mary: Yes.

Scott: What for?

Mary: Because we're waiting.

Scott: Why?

Mary: To see if the police get all the evidence they need.

Scott: To convict dad.

Mary: Honey, that may happen tonight.

Reginald: Scott.

Scott: What are you doing here?

Rachel: How does the table look? Does it look nice?

Ada: Very nice.

Rachel: But not too nice?

Ada: No, not too nice.

Rachel: I don't want Sam to think I have a case of the grands.

Ada: He won't.

Rachel: On the other hand, I don't want him to think that I just threw everything together.

Ada: Rachel, will you relax? If everybody just stays calm, tonight will be a piece of cake.

Rachel: Yeah, that's what I was telling Mac. But you know what?

Ada: No. What?

Rachel: I don't believe it.

Ada: Rachel --

Hildy: Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Yes, Hildy?

Hildy: Jamie just called, ma'am. Both he and Ms. Grady are caught up at work and won't be able to make it.

Rachel: Oh, no.

Ada: It's not the end of the world.

Rachel: Yes, but I was counting on Jamie and Lisa to be here and help defuse any difficult situation.

Ada: How?

Rachel: Well, the impact of something embarrassing is felt less in a large group.

Ada: Physics was never your best subject.

Rachel: Listen, the key to a successful party is safe topics, like novels.

Ada: Oh, honey, I'm not up on all those latest bestsellers.

Rachel: Well, there's this novel that everybody's talking about. It's called "Grave Entanglements."

Ada: Now, that's appropriate.

Rachel: So, if the conversation lags or if anybody feels embarrassed about something, you just ask Sam if he's read "Grave Entanglements."

Ada: Gotcha. Now, don't worry, honey. Everybody's going to have a wonderful time.

Amanda: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: Oh, hi. I'm so glad you could make it.

Amanda: Oh, the table looks great.

Ada: Hi, sweetheart.

Sam: Hi. I hope we're not late.

Ada: You're right on time.

Sam: These are for you.

Rachel: Oh, Sam, they're beautiful. Thank you. Interesting. Interesting wine.

Sam: Yeah, how often do you get an Idaho cabernet?

Rachel: Well, I'm going to put these in water.

Ada: I'll go with you. We better let this breathe.

Amanda: Well, so far, so good.

Sam: Yeah, well, I got through the gift-giving ceremonies. Except I don't think it counted without your dad being here.

Amanda: I'll get you a drink.

Sam: Do me a favor -- make that a triple.

Mac: Sam.

Sam: Hi, Mr. Cory.

Mac: Ah --

Sam: Right, "Mac."

Mac: Sam, I'd like very much to make a fresh start tonight.

Sam: So would I. So, my name's Sam Fowler. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Mac: Likewise. I'm really very optimistic about this evening.

Rachel: Please let him stay that way.

Reginald: Does a father need a reason to visit his son?

Scott: Most fathers don't. What are you doing here? What do you got?

Reginald: Your snowflake. How could you forget? I remember when you brought this home. You must have been no more than 7 or 8.

Scott: 7.

Reginald: I still remember you debating the merits of whether to put it up in the window or on the Christmas tree. I told Mary that night, "this boy is going to be a lawyer."

Scott: Dad, dad -- come on, the snowflake was in the bottom of the second drawer.

Reginald: Was it?

Scott: What are you doing going through my things?

Reginald: Well, actually, I was looking for something.

Scott: And what was that?

Reginald: The gun that I gave you in Paraguay.

Scott: Why were you looking for that?

Reginald: Well, I was talking to a dealer last week, and it turns out the revolver may be quite valuable. I thought it best if we put it in safekeeping.

Scott: Oh. I see.

Reginald: Could you tell me where it is?

Scott: It's in Paraguay. I never brought it back with me.

Reginald: Well, I'll have one of the servants look for it there.

Scott: Mm-hmm. You do that. In the meantime, I have to go see Dawn.

Reginald: Oh? Where is she?

Scott: She's at the hospital.

Reginald: What?

Scott: Just getting a checkup.

Reginald: Son, I'd -- I really wish you'd reconsider my helping out with her medical bills.

Scott: It's ok.

Reginald: I do care about the two of you, you know.

Scott: Is that why you weren't at the hearing yesterday?

Reginald: Actually, yes. I didn't want to come and upset you at such an important time.

Scott: I guess that was the right decision.

Reginald: I'm glad you think so. Your approval is -- well, it means a great deal to me. It makes me think you -- you still care.

Scott: Dad --

Reginald: Why is it so hard to say that you care a little bit?

Scott: I do care. Now let's just drop it.

Reginald: Of course, son.

Reginald: Goodbye, Scott.

Scott: Bye, dad.

Reginald: Mary.

Mary: What are you doing here?

Reginald: I came to see my son -- our son.

Mary: Well, if you've seen him, I suggest that you leave.

Reginald: Mary, I'm so pleased to hear that you're -- that you're getting your memory back. It's all I've ever wanted.

Mary: You liar!

Nicole: It's so much smaller than I remember it.

Michael: Been a long time since you've been here?

Nicole: Years. I used to play here when I was a kid, hide from everyone.

Michael: Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah?

Michael: Should we look for this? Do you think you might know where it is?

Nicole: Yeah. Um -- let's see.

Michael: You got it?

Nicole: Yeah. Here it is.

Michael: Great.

Nicole: I wonder what all I put in here.

Michael: So do I.

Nicole: I forgot about all this stuff.

Michael: What's there?

Nicole: Some earrings and -- I can't believe it. Look, I took a lipstick. And a key holder.

Michael: Any keys?

Nicole: No, my mother got a new one, so I took that one. Silly, huh? Let's see. Oh, here are the combs I was telling you about. And the compact. Oh, look. Here's a picture of mother in her riding clothes.

Michael: Is there anything else --

Nicole: No, I think it's just a bunch of junk. Here, why don't you take a look.

Michael: Yeah.

Michael: It's not here. What I'm looking for is not here.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry.

Michael: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for wasting your time and bringing you up here.

Nicole: Oh, you didn't waste my time. Now I have my mother's things again.

Michael: Look, you want to go downstairs?

Nicole: Michael, I'll be down in a second. I just want to sort through some stuff, ok? I'll meet you downstairs.

Michael: All right.

Nicole: Thanks.

Nicole: Mother and Jason? Oh, no. That isn't true. No. It's not true. No! No, Mother.

Mac: I'm really very anxious to see more of your latest work, Sam.

Amanda: Wait till you hear what his new medium is.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: My lipstick.

Mac: Lipstick?

Sam: My artwork is quite a bit different from the work I did at "Brava."

Mac: So I saw.

Sam: So, how is "Brava," Mr. Cor-- Mac? How is the art department?

Mac: Well, the new layout artist is slow. But I can't really blame her. She had to jump in so abruptly. She'll learn. Thank you, Hildy.

Ada: Sam, have you read "Grave Entanglements?"

Sam: No.

Rachel: That's a nice necklace, darling.

Amanda: Oh, thanks. You should like it. It used to be yours. She gave it to me when I was 13.

Rachel: Well, because it was always in her room. From the time she was 2 on, she used to get into everything.

Sam: You? I can't believe that.

Amanda: I was perfectly behaved.

Ada: You were a terror.

Amanda: Don't believe them.

Mac: Well, of course, Sam doesn't know Amanda as well as -- I mean -- well.

Ada: Amanda, have you read "Grave Entanglements?"

Amanda: Afraid not.

Ada: Well, I only ask because Amanda used to be a great reader, you know. She started when she was 4.

Sam: Really?

Mac: Remember "Heidi"?

Amanda: Dad.

Rachel: Oh, she loved that book.

Ada: She read it out loud to us every day for months. That's a very big book.

Mac: She was so crazy about it, we took her to Switzerland the next summer.

Sam: That's like the time I read "Ferdinand the bull." My mom knew I loved it so much, she took me to Taco Charlie's.

Amanda: Well, I guess it's a good thing that I wasn't crazy about Dante's "Inferno."

Mac: Well, we've all been there, haven't we?

Rachel: Gosh, I just love getting ready for this wedding. I mean, everybody always thinks it's a lot of trouble, and I just love the details.

Amanda: Oh, speaking of details, I took care of one detail myself. Actually, it was kind of a large one.

Sam: Oh, yeah? What?

Amanda: Well, I knew that you were a little upset about your mother not being able to come to the wedding --

Sam: What did you do?

Amanda: I sent her a note, and I told her that I hoped she reconsider.

Sam: Now, why did you do that?

Amanda: I was just trying to make you happy.

Sam: You wrote my mother without telling me?

Amanda: Yes. I just wanted to surprise you. I could see how disappointed that you were that she couldn't come.

Sam: You could see?

Amanda: Yes. I was only trying to make you feel better.

Rachel: We all want your mother to come to the wedding, Sam.

Ada: No mother wants to miss her own son's wedding.

Mac: That's right.

Sam: You know nothing about this.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: The situation with my mom is nobody else's business but mine.

Mac: Surely, it's Amanda's business, too.

Amanda: Don't you want her to come?

Sam: We will talk about this later. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm not going to be very good company this evening.

Amanda: I'll come with you.

Reginald: All I did was --

Mary: How dare you stand there and tell me you are happy for me! You never wanted me to get my memory back!

Reginald: That's not true.

Mary: You're a liar!

Reginald: I have never lied about how I feel about you.

Mary: Oh, good -- there's the sincere expression. Why don't you get the tears in the eyes, too? It's still a lie!

Reginald: Mary, if I've done anything, it was because I loved you.

Mary: Ah! How did you feel about Elizabeth? Did you love her the night that she died?

Reginald: What about the night she died?

Mary: Well, you -- you said she was dead. You said we had to get out of the house.

Reginald: There was a fire.

Mary: But she didn't die until later in the hospital from smoke inhalation. You lied to me so that I couldn't help her, so I wouldn't know that you were letting her die.

Reginald: I'm very sorry, Mary.

Mary: About what?

Reginald: Your memory. I don't think your progress is quite what you expected. You're remembering things that didn't happen.

Mary: That's why you had the doctor operate on me after the accident, right?

Reginald: To save your life.

Mary: So I wouldn't remember that night.

Reginald: Oh, my poor Mary.

Mary: And now that I do remember, what good does it do? Who's going to believe a woman who didn't have a memory for that long? You robbed me of my entire past to cover up your filthy secret!

Reginald: All right, fine. If that's what you believe --

Mary: And don't you dare tell me I don't remember because I do! You shot her!

Reginald: All right, Mary. If you need to know the truth so badly, let me give you some truth. It's true I wanted you for myself. And it is true that I took you away from your family. And it is true that I built a past for us based on fantasy. But that's not all, Mary. There is more. There's one more truth that you don't know about, and that is that I have never, ever for one moment stopped loving you.

Mary: Well, that's all that matters, then, isn't it? Who you love or what you want?

Reginald: Oh, Mary --

Mary: Somebody just asked me if I ever loved you. I found it very difficult to answer that. But I don't have any trouble saying how I feel about you now. I think you're a sick man, and I despise you!

Cass: Oh. How is she doing, Sophie?

Sophie: Almost ready. I think you will agree it is well worth the wait.

Cass: This is nuts, Sophie.

Sophie: What?

Cass: Well, my palms are sweaty and I've got knots in my shoulders and I feel like I'm in high school on my first date.

Sophie: Oh. In France, they say, "when you are in love, it is always like the first time."

Cass: Oh, you French. L'amour. Toujours l'amour, huh?

Sophie: I have work to do. May your evening be whatever you want it to be.

Cass: Thank you, Sophie. May it.

Nicole: I'm ready. Cass, what is it?

Cass: You look more beautiful than I've ever seen you.

Nicole: Thank you. I told Sophie I wanted cleavage.

Cass: She gave it to you.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: She's worth all the money you made me pay her. Shall we go?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Um -- I'm really looking forward to tonight.

Cass: Yeah, so am I.

Nicole: Thanks.

Nicole: Well, this is really starting off well.

Cass: Isn't it, though?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: Shall we go?

Cass: Yes, let's.

Nicole: You look nice.

Cass: Thank you.

Mac: I still don't see why he had to go stomping out of here like that.

Ada: Because he was mad.

Mac: Because Amanda had the good manners to want to include his mother in the wedding?

Ada: Well, we don't know what's going on between him and his mother.

Mac: Did you have any idea that there was a problem, Ada?

Ada: I don't know anything about his family.

Mac: Well, obviously, neither does Amanda.

Ada: Well, she must have thought that he'd be thrilled.

Mac: I don't think that's an unnatural assumption. What do you think, Rachel?

Rachel: What?

Mac: We were talking about Sam's mother. Weren't you shocked by his reaction?

Rachel: That's not the half of it.

Ada: Uh-oh.

Mac: What are you talking about?

Rachel: Me.

Mac: What did you do?

Rachel: I just made things even worse than they already are.

Mary: Have you heard from Michael?

Jason: No.

Mary: I just saw Reginald.

Jason: Where?

Mary: Upstairs. He's gone now.

Jason: What was he here for? What did he say?

Mary: I did most of the talking. And I hit him.

Jason: You what?

Mary: And I told him I knew he'd killed his wife.

Jason: Mary, are you out of your mind?

Mary: I couldn't help it. He just made me so angry.

Jason: You have just invited him to try to kill you.

Mary: That's the strange thing -- I didn't feel as though he cared at all what I was doing.

Jason: No, I think that's nonsense.

Mary: No, no, wait. You have to listen to me. I know this man. I lived with him for a long time. I have always known when he was planning something, and I didn't get the feeling that he was planning anything at all that had anything to do with me.

Jason: Mary, he knows that Michael and I have been talking to the cops. Now he knows exactly why.

Mary: Maybe he does. He doesn't care.

Jason: Oh, yes, he does. Baloney. I'm going to call Michael --

Michael: Whoa, wait a minute. Hey.

Jason: What did you find out?

Michael: Nothing. Nicole didn't know anything about a key.

Jason: Guess what she just did.

Mary: My name is Mary.

Jason: She just told Reginald that she remembers he killed Elizabeth.

Michael: You did what?

Mary: It doesn't matter.

Michael: Do you know what he could do to you?

Jason: What are we going to do? We now have to sit here and wait till tomorrow morning for a court order.

Michael: I don't believe this. Don't you get the feeling that we keep missing something?

Jason: Why? What do you mean?

Michael: I don't know. I mean, Elizabeth went to great pains to get you this watch, right?

Jason: Right.

Michael: And you know she wanted you to have the information that could put Reginald away.

Jason: Yeah.

Michael: Why didn't she just give you the key?

Jason: I don't know, Michael. I --

Michael: Lisa. You know, I wanted to know more about the initials and the numbers on this watch. I let Lisa hold it, Lisa held it, and all she got was a picture of the watch. Those initials, the numbers -- they have to mean something.

Mary: That's what Elizabeth said.

Michael: What? Elizabeth --

Mary: She said the clue is in the watch.

Michael: Elizabeth did give you the key.

Mary: Michael!

Jason: Elizabeth always was smarter than Reg. She knew he'd never figure it out.

Michael: You believe it? We had the key the whole time. I can't believe it.

Mary: Well, if we have the key, then we don't need the court order.

Jason: We don't have to wait till tomorrow morning.

Michael: That's right. We're going to get into that safe-deposit box tonight.

Mary: Oh, no, the bank is closed.

Michael: Doesn't matter. Adam and I will get that bank manager out of bed if we have to. We're going to nail Reg!

Reginald: Well?

Andre: Judge Casner deserves to be re-elected. He's very efficient.

Reginald: Court order? Ah. Now, we can get into the safe-deposit box.

Andre: First thing in the morning?

Reginald: No, no, no, no. I've waited too long for this. We'll wake up the bank manager if we have to. I want those things right now, tonight.

Rachel: So when I found out that Mrs. Fowler couldn't come to the wedding -- well, I just figured it was because she couldn't afford to.

Mac: Can she afford to now?

Rachel: Well --

Mac: Wonderful.

Rachel: So, as sort of a gift from the Cory family, I -- I just mailed her a plane ticket.

Ada: Why did I know you were going to say that?

Rachel: I was just trying to help.

Mac: The way Amanda did?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ada: Sam didn't know his mother was invited to the wedding. Now he doesn't know his mother has a plane ticket.

Rachel: Well, that's not so bad.

Mac: Not so bad? He goes storming out of here because Amanda wrote a simple note to his mother. What do you think is going to happen when he finds out you gave the woman transportation?

Rachel: Well, the wedding is two weeks away. I mean, Mrs. Fowler isn't going to be here for two weeks. Maybe we can just get this problem solved before then.

Mac: Yeah. I can't wait.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Mac: I can't wait. You said to make things better between them. I'm going to make things better between them.

Amanda: You haven't said one word since we left mom and dad's.

Sam: I can't believe this.

Amanda: Would you let me explain?

Sam: You've done plenty of that.

Amanda: No, I haven't. If you didn't want your mother here, why did you lie to me?

Sam: I didn't lie to you.

Amanda: You led me to believe that she didn't even want to be here.

Sam: Because I didn't want to deal with this. You shouldn't have done this, Amanda.

Amanda: Why not?

Sam: I did not invite my mother here because I don't want her here.

Amanda: Why not? Why don't you want your mother at this wedding?

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