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Another World Transcript Tuesday 1/20/04

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[Cass stirs]

[Nicole giggles]

Nicole: Hey. Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

Cass: Oh, hi.

Nicole: Yeah, you're late for work.

Cass: Uh -- what time is it?

Nicole: 9:00 in the morning.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: It's a good thing you don't have to commute.

Cass: I must've fallen asleep here.

Nicole: Yeah, for about eight hours.

Cass: I was reading.

Nicole: "Dealing with life and death."

Cass: Yeah. No, actually, it's about celebrating life, and that's what Wally stood for.

Nicole: Yeah. He certainly did.

Cass: And that's what I'm going to do from now on.

Nicole: What, celebrate?

Cass: Yeah. I'm not talking about just once in a great while. I'm talking about all the time.

Nicole: Well, I like that idea.

Cass: If I could just think of a reason to celebrate today.

Nicole: Oh, well, that won't be hard.

Cass: You've got one for today?

Nicole: You bet I do.

Adam: "Andre Battelier." Well, well, well, Andre. I wonder what it is that you do for Reg. Nothing good, that's for sure. Wonder why your record is so squeaky clean. Maybe there's a way we can oil that squeak. Roxanne, would you step in here for just a second? Thanks.

Roxanne: Yeah, chief?

Adam: Sergeant, Roxanne. It's sergeant.

Roxanne: Sorry. What can I do for you?

Adam: Listen, I need three hookers.

Roxanne: Personally, sir?

Adam: Let me rephrase that. I need three policewomen -- attractive, brunette -- and I need them for an undercover assignment.

Lisa: Undercover? What's up, Adam?

Adam: That Frenchman that Reg hired -- Andre --

Lisa: Battelier?

Roxanne: Right.

Adam: Yeah, well, he seems to have a penchant for attractive brunettes. Get right on that, will you?

Roxanne: Yes, sergeant.

Adam: Hopefully, he'll come on to one of them and she'll be able to figure out what he's up to.

Lisa: Adam, have you noticed the color of my hair lately?

Adam: No, no.

Lisa: Yes.

Adam: No.

Lisa: Yes.

Adam: No, Lisa --

Lisa: Yes.

Adam: No.

Vince: Three ducks, a turkey, four capons, and a partridge in a pear tree -- you got it, Ada. Hey, Mary, you're not at work.

Mary: Well, I told Michael I was going to work here this morning.

Vince: Oh, that Michael stuff?

Mary: Yeah.

Vince: You're not involved in that investigation?

Mary: Into Elizabeth Love's death? No, I'm not.

Vince: You're letting the police handle all that?

Mary: Yes, that's what I'm doing.

Vince: Ok.

Mary: Go get your birds.

Vince: Hmm.

Mary: Hmm.

Jason: Good morning.

Mary: Hi.

Jason: Adam call?

Mary: No, I called him. The district attorney says there is no way he is going to issue a search warrant for Reginald's suite.

Jason: What is with him? We have got to find that gun.

Mary: He says Adam needs probable cause.

Jason: What, the bullet is not probable enough?

Mary: Adam says his hands are tied.

Jason: We have to find the gun, Mary.

Scott: What gun?

Mary: Uh -- nothing, sweetie.

Scott: No, no, no, I just heard you say something about a gun in dad's suite.

Jason: Pistol, probably .38 caliber.

Scott: Oh, like the one he had in Paraguay, huh? Remember that one he gave to me that time?

Mary: Oh, that couldn't be.

Jason: Scott, you -- you still have that gun?

Scott: Yeah, sure.

Jason: .38 caliber?

Scott: Yeah.

Mary: I remember when he gave it to you.

Scott: Well, it wasn't exactly a present, Mom.

Mary: I was furious that he'd given him a gun.

Scott: Well, I -- remember I found it up behind those books stashed away in the library up there?

Jason: Reg had hidden it.

Scott: Yeah, I guess he didn't want me to get my hands on it.

Jason: I doubt that. Scott, sit down, please. I want to hear more.

Scott: The only thing I remember is he almost went crazy when I found it. I didn't know what he was going to do, and then that's when you walked in.

Mary: He wasn't crazy.

Scott: That's because he put on that famous smile of his like he always does when he sees you.

Mary: What he did say was that this gun had been in his family for years.

Scott: Yeah, like an heirloom. The thing I couldn't understand is, one minute he's ready to kill me just for even touching the thing, and the next minute he gives it to me.

Jason: Because Mary saw it.

Mary: Gave a child a gun.

Scott: Mom, I was a teenager.

Mary: Barely.

Scott: What -- what does this have to do with anything?

Jason: Settling an old grudge, that's all.

Mary: Jason --

Scott: With dad?

Mary: I don't want him involved.

Scott: Mom, I am already involved if my gun is a part of it.

Jason: Mary, if he has the gun, we've got to see it.

Scott: What is the -- hold it. Now, what are you talking about?

Mary: Could we have a couple of minutes alone?

Jason: Of course. Go ahead.

Mary: Well, it's kind of a long story.

Scott: Then start with the short version, the important things, like what this has to do with dad's gun.

Mary: The man we lived with in Paraguay, the man everybody respected, the man honored by the government --

Scott: The short version, mom.

Mary: It's likely -- it's more than likely -- that that man killed his wife. And we need the evidence to prove it.

Adam: No way, Lisa.

Lisa: Don't you think I can handle it, Sarge?

Adam: Look, you were hired as a community service --

Lisa: Liaison.

Adam: Whatever. Battelier is looking for a $500 --

Lisa: Liaison.

Adam: Which is exactly why you are not being assigned to this case, so just forget it.

Roxanne: The cupboard is bare. The well is dry. The cookie jar is empty.

Adam: Could we have an English translation of that, Roxanne?

Roxanne: All of our brunettes are out of commission. One is on vacation, two are already assigned, one is in bed with the flu, and one is birthing a baby even as we converse.

Adam: And the rest of them are blonds, right?

Roxanne: And three shades of redhead.

Adam: Damn it.

Roxanne: I would gladly do it myself, but Delaney just dumped four years worth of typing on my desk.

Adam: Brunettes, Roxanne. I need brunettes, at least one.

Roxanne: Pretty brunettes don't grow on trees, you know.

Lisa: Roxanne is right.

Adam: No, I'm not discussing this with you.

Lisa: Admit it, Adam, you need me!

Adam: Lisa, you are not trained for this kind of work.

Lisa: How much training does it take to be a seductress?

Adam: Look, just forget it, all right?

Lisa: You want to know what this guy is doing here, and I can find out for you.

Adam: Give me -- Lisa, give me that back. Don't --

Lisa: Ah, he's hanging out at Geno and Dominic's?

Adam: You are not doing this.

Lisa: There's good food at Geno and Dominic's.

Adam: Forget it. Read my lips -- n-o, no, forget it.

Roxanne: Ahem.

Adam: Now what?

Roxanne: Your presence has been requested in Delaney's office right away.

Adam: Captain Delaney.

Roxanne: Sorry.

Adam: Don't leave this room.

Cass: You finished?

Nicole: Mm-hmm, the last design.

Cass: Last night?

Nicole: Yeah. I do my best work while you're sleeping.

Cass: I can't believe it. We did it!

Nicole: We did. The line is now complete.

Cass: That's great.

Nicole: Yeah. We're both on our way now.

Cass: Hmm.

Cass: Ok, so how do we -- how should we do it?

[Nicole giggles]

Cass: What?

Nicole: I beg your pardon?

Cass: Oh, no, no. I meant celebrate.

Nicole: Oh. Right.

Cass: Should -- should I take you out to breakfast?

Nicole: Oh, I already ate.

Cass: Dancing?

Nicole: What would be open?

Cass: That was a stupid idea. Nothing would be open.

Nicole: Hmm.

Cass: Um -- how about a walk in the park?

Nicole: Oh, it's too cold.

Cass: Um -- the Museum of Natural History?

Nicole: Too boring.

Cass: I got a great idea!

Nicole: What?

Cass: Wally gave me an incredible bottle of champagne for Christmas. He told me to save it for a very special occasion.

Nicole: Champagne in the morning?

Cass: Live for the moment.

Nicole: Yeah, but it's the rest of the day I'm worried about. How are we going to make it through?

Cass: Giggling and generally floating above it all.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Oh. I could handle that.

Cass: Stay right there.

Nicole: Ok. Hey, Cass, wait. Would Wally think this was a special enough occasion?

Cass: Are you kidding? We worked hard and we made it together. What could be more special than that?

Nicole: We're going to take Monte Carlo by storm.

Cass: I'm going to go crack that bubbly.

Nicole: Ok.


Cass: Ooh!

Mary: And that's why it's so important.

Scott: Are you saying he killed his first wife?

Mary: I think so.

Scott: And then he gave me the gun? Huh?

Mary: We're not sure about the gun, not until the police look at it.

Scott: Mom, I don't even know where it's at. I mean, it could be stashed away in some boxes up in my room. I haven't even looked at them.

Mary: Could you go look now?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right back. Do you realize what you're asking me to do?

Mary: I wish there were an easier way.

Scott: I know I shouldn't even think twice about this, but, Mom, that's the only father I've ever known.

Mary: But if he murdered someone, he has to pay.

Scott: Of course he does. But it's just -- it's still just hard to believe about dad.

Mary: It's not easy for me, either. But we both know that Reginald isn't the same man we lived with in Paraguay.

Scott: What happened to him?

Mary: I think -- I think those years were a kind of respite for him. I think he really was different then. But he's changed now, Scott. Um -- the bomb -- the bomb at Jason's farm, the one that almost killed us, was set by one of his men.

Scott: What are you talking about? What do you mean? Why didn't you tell me this?

Mary: Because I didn't know it until just a day or two ago. But, you see, the point is, honey --

Scott: Oh, ma.

Mary: If he is capable of that, he is capable of anything.

Scott: I'm going to get the gun.

Mary: Ok.

Scott: Be back.

[Dawn plays piano]

[Dawn hums]

Dawn: Hold me now believe me when I say the love most people dream of we've been living every day

[Dawn hums]

Scott: Hi.

Dawn: Oh, hi.

Scott: That was beautiful.

Dawn: I didn't even know that you were listening.

Scott: Well, I was. How's the rest of it go, huh?

Dawn: Hmm. I don't know yet. Haven't written it. But it's going to be finished in time for graduation -- that is, if I graduate.

Scott: They are not going to stop you. I told you that, ok?

Dawn: What is it? Where are you going?

Scott: I have to find something.

Dawn: Well, can I help?

Scott: No. I think it's -- I'm sure it's in here. In fact, here it is. Yeah.

Dawn: Oh, it's in there?

Scott: Yeah, my dad gave it to me when I was a little younger. No, it's gone. Dad's gun's missing.

Dawn: No, it's not.

Scott: What do you mean?

Dawn: I took it.

Lisa: Excuse me. Have you seen my boyfriend?

Man: You don't know what he looks like?

Lisa: What kind of crack is that?

Man: Sorry. I just came on, miss. If he's not here now, I haven't seen him.

Lisa: Have you seen my boyfriend? I saw you looking at me.

Andre: I was looking at you with admiration. You are very beautiful.

Lisa: I'll bet you say that to all the girls.

Andre: To all the beautiful girls, absolutely.

Lisa: So you didn't see him?

Andre: No. No boyfriends have been in here.

Lisa: Oh, man.

Andre: What kind of man is this who would not keep a meeting with someone who looks the way you do?

Lisa: You're not from around here, are you?

Andre: Well, how would you guess that? Allow me to introduce myself.

Lisa: Sure.

Andre: Andre Battelier.

Lisa: Heck of a name. I'm Roxy.

Lisa: Hi.

Andre: Would you like to join me, Roxy, until your boyfriend shows up?

Lisa: Well, I don't know. He can be pretty jealous.

Andre: Who can blame him?

Lisa: Well, of course, he's late. Maybe I'll just teach him a lesson.

Lisa: I am a secretary.

Andre: And a very good one, I'm sure.

Lisa: 25 words a minute -- long ones, too.

Andre: Oh. I'm impressed.

Lisa: That name of yours sounds French. You know, you look French, too.

Andre: Oh, and how do the French look?

Lisa: Like you -- cultured.

Andre: Thank you.

Lisa: I'll bet you never wore a bowling shirt in your whole life.

Andre: Oh. Have you ever been to France?

Lisa: Uh-uh.

Andre: I would love showing you the sights.

Lisa: Well, I am certain they're something to see.

Andre: They are.

Lisa: Well, what brings you here to Bay City, Andre?

Andre: Oh, business.

Lisa: What line of work are you in?

Andre: I deal in services.

Lisa: Yeah? Me, too -- sometimes.

Andre: I have a client here who needs my help.

Lisa: What sort of services do you deal in?

Andre: Well, why don't we talk about this later?

Lisa: Later?

Andre: Mm-hmm. Over dinner.

Lisa: Dinner?

Andre: Mm-hmm. I have a meeting in an hour in my room.

Lisa: Well, you know, my boyfriend -- he's going to show up.

Andre: But you said yourself that you would like to teach him a lesson. I'm staying at the Love Tower.

Lisa: Nice place.

Andre: I would very much like for us to get together.

Lisa: No kidding.

Andre: May I give you a call, Roxy?

Lisa: Oh, wait a minute. I don't give out my phone number to a fella I just met.

Andre: Oh, I didn't mean to offend.

Lisa: I'll call you.

Andre: But of course. I'm in room 1516.

Lisa: Well, I should be able to remember that. 16 comes right after 15.

Andre: Must you go?

Lisa: Yes.

Andre: I still have an hour to spend.

Lisa: Well, this is my day off, and there are shoe sales all over town, and I love to shop for shoes.

Andre: Well, then, enjoy the rest of your day.

I will expect to hear from you later.

Lisa: Of course. Bye-bye.

Scott: You took the gun?

Dawn: I'm sorry.

Scott: Why'd you do that?

Dawn: Well, I was just cleaning out the closet a couple weeks ago, and I happened to look in the box and -- I just didn't like the idea of having a gun in the closet.

Scott: Now, what are you saying, huh?

Dawn: Well, it's just that every time I went to hang up my coat, I thought of the gun in the closet. It just made me feel a little morbid, that's all.

Scott: I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have done that.

Dawn: No, I'm sorry. I just overreacted.

Scott: It's -- it's ok. Now, listen, I need the gun. Where is it? Do you know where it's at?

Dawn: Yeah. I put it down the hall in the storage closet.

Scott: Got it.

Dawn: Wait. Why do you need the gun?

Scott: Evidence.

Dawn: Evidence?

Scott: Yeah, I'll explain it to you later.

Jason: What's the word?

Mary: He's upstairs looking for the gun.

Jason: Mary, it's the one. We're going to nail him.

Mary: Yeah, I guess we are.

Jason: Hey, what's wrong?

Mary: Nothing. Nothing. Scott and I both know what Reginald is.

Jason: What are you so unhappy about? What?

Mary: Well, we were just talking about when we lived in Paraguay. Please understand -- I wouldn't go back to that time for anything, but at the time, we were very happy.

Jason: I understand that.

Mary: He's Scott's father.

Jason: He murdered the woman I loved.

Mary: I know, I know.

Jason: He's got to pay for it, Mary.

Mary: You loved her a lot, huh?

Jason: No. She was my life.

Scott: Found the gun. It's -- it's the .38.

Jason: May I see it? Please?

Mary: It's the right thing, honey.

Scott: You're still going to have to get a ballistics report on that.

Jason: Not me. I don't need it. The cops do. It's going to be the one. It'll match up. This is the one piece that'll put him away forever.

Cass: [Woman's voice] Dom Perignon, 1969 --

[normal voice] coming right up.

Nicole: And what a year that was.

Cass: About a dollar a bubble, according to Wally.

Nicole: You think we deserve it?

Cass: Nobody deserves it more. I mean, after all, we went through a lot to get to where we are.

Nicole: Yeah. It was pretty grueling.

Cass: All those creative decisions and financial maneuverings and all those fights.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: You were impossible.

Cass: Why, thank you very much.

[Nicole laughs]

Nicole: You're welcome very much. I guess that we're lucky that we lasted this long.

Cass: Very lucky. Huh.

Nicole: Did you honestly think we'd make it?

Cass: Yeah, sure.

Nicole: Yeah. Me, too. I thought so.

Cass: Who are we kidding?

Nicole: I don't know, but here we are.

Cass: Celebrating.

Nicole: The end.

Cass: The end?

Nicole: Well, yeah. You said you were moving on, probably, after the --

Cass: Let's just think about now, ok?

Nicole: Now. Right. Ok.

Cass: To us and to Nicole Love Designs. We did it, partner.

Nicole: Yeah, we did it.


Cass: Hmm.

Nicole: Great champagne.

Cass: Thanks, Wally.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Thank you, Cass, for all you've done to make my dream happen.

Cass: I didn't do that much.

Nicole: Are you kidding? Your creative insights, your business sense. Your money.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: Money. You're the one who made it happen.

Nicole: Hey, I couldn't have done it without you. You've been a good friend.

Cass: Well, so have you.

Nicole: And --

Cass: Yeah? What?

Nicole: Nothing. I'm just glad I have you.

[Phone rings]


Cass: The phone.

Nicole: Want me to get it?


Cass: No.


Nicole: Hmm --

Cass: What?

Nicole: It's not going to stop.

Cass: I'll tell you what. I'll get it on one condition.

Nicole: What?

Cass: That you just stay right here and save my place.

Nicole: Hmm, I'm not going anywhere.


Cass: Hello. Nicole Love Designs. Oh, hi, Felicia. Hi, hi, hi. Uh -- no, no, I'm fine. What? Oh, I ran to the phone. That's why I'm out of breath.

[Cass chuckles]

Cass: Yeah. Uh -- what's up? What? Now? Right now? You're kidding.

Nicole: What?

Cass: She's over at Kbay. They want to do a two-minute segment for the midday news show.

Nicole: Who?

Cass: The news people. She said it might go national.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: Don't ask too many questions. They're on their way over. Should we do it or not?

Nicole: What -- of course. Cass, this is great. We need all the publicity we can get.

Cass: Honey, you're an angel.

Nicole: This place is a pit.

Cass: Yeah. Uh -- oh, you bet we will. We definitely will. Ok. Bye-bye. Thanks. Ah.

[Doorbell rings]

Cass: Oh, no.

Nicole: Oh, no, they're here already.

Cass: Be casual yet confident.

Nicole: Right. Cass!

Cass: Hmm?

Nicole: Do I look all right?

Cass: Are you kidding? You look great. Hi.

Man: Yes. We're looking for Nicole Love and Cass Winthrop.

Cass: Yes, I'm -- I'm Cass Winthrop. Hi.

Man: Hi. Ron Zipperman, Kbay news.

Cass: Sure. Come on in, guys. Hi. Boy, Felicia wasn't kidding around when she said you were on your way over. This is Nicole Love.

Nicole: Hi, Mr. Zepperman.

Cass: Zipperman.

Nicole: Zipperman. I watch you all the time.

Ron: It's all right. It happens all the time. Meet our cameraman, Jonathan Clay.

Cass: Jonathan.

Jonathan: Hi, how you doing?

Ron: I hope we didn't catch you in the middle of something.

Cass: No. No, we were just --

Nicole: Celebrating.

Ron: Oh.

Cass: That's what we were doing -- we were celebrating.

Ron: Ok. Well, if you don't mind, it'll take us a few minutes to get organized. Jonathan, how about we set up over here near the fireplace?

Mary: And what if the ballistics report says it's a match?

Jason: Mary, they will match.

Mary: Well, what then?

Scott: Then we get a court order and exhume the body --

Jason: What?

Scott: To find out if someone lied about the cause of death.

Mary: Can you handle that?

Jason: I'll have to. And I'll lay you 10 to one we find out Reginald bribed the coroner to cover up the murder and make it look like suicide.

Mary: Ok, wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't think that we should jump to conclusions here.

Scott: What are you talking about, Mom?

Mary: The gun.

Jason: What about it?

Mary: We don't know that that's the gun that was used.

Jason: I do.

Mary: Because you want it to be.

Scott: She's right. It's just speculation.

Jason: Speculation till they examine it. I'm going to take care of that right now.

Mary: What, are you going to call Adam?

Jason: No, I'm going over there. I want to be sure it gets right into ballistics.

Mary: Then wait for me because I want to go with you. I want to know right away.

Scott: I'm going, too. Mom, this whole thing could take a long time.

Mary: I understand that.

Scott: Be prepared for it.

Mary: Ok.

Zack: Oh --

Scott: Hey, Zack.

Zack: Hi, everyone. Oh, Scott, I'm glad I caught you.

Scott: Well, actually, we were just leaving.

Zack: Look, this is about Dawn's school.

Scott: Yeah. Mom, I -- I got to go. Can you go ahead and give me a call --

Mary: Sure.

Scott: If you hear anything?

Mary: Of course I will, sweetie.

Zack: Listen, I talked to one of the lawyers at the school.

Scott: Ok. And?

Zack: It looks like we're going to have to press the issue.

Scott: Zack, I know the school is not going to give in right now. I know that.

Zack: They think they're offering the only reasonable alternative.

Scott: What, private tutoring? Come on!

Zack: Look, I told the guy that I was going to file for a restraining order.

Scott: Ok, fine. What'd he say?

Zack: What could he say? He had to take her back.

Scott: I don't know.

Zack: Scott, what are you talking about? I thought you wanted to push on with this --

Scott: I do, I do.

Zack: Look, we can keep her in school until the case is heard and ruled on. By that time, she would've graduated.

Scott: Dawn might not go for it.

Zack: Why not?

Scott: Publicity.

Zack: Well, there's sure to be some.

Scott: "Some"? It's going to be like she's in a fish bowl, Zack. That's the last thing Dawn's going to want.

Dawn: What Dawn wants is to make her own decisions. It's still my life!

[Knock on door]

Andre: [French accent] you are very prompt.

Reginald: I don't have much time.

Andre: Come. Sit.

Reginald: Just give me what you have, please.

Andre: Voila. It's a chronology of all of Mary McKinnon's activities from the moment you assigned me to follow her.

Reginald: I can read, Andre, and you can drop that accent. It doesn't work on me.

Andre: [Normal voice] no doubt.

Reginald: Well, it does look as if you've been thorough.

Andre: And accurate. In my business, one is either thorough and accurate or one is dead.

Reginald: Quite so. What is this?

Andre: What?

Reginald: Mary went out to the Hudson Estate?

Andre: A charming old house. Of course, I had to use binoculars.

Reginald: Why would she want to do that? Michael isn't living there anymore.

Nicole: I hope will knock --

Andre: Isn't that your daughter?

Reginald: Where?

Nicole: Fashion industry on its collective ear.

Ron: You sound very confident.

Nicole: I'm very proud of what we've accomplished.

Ron: You're a member of a very influential and wealthy family.

Nicole: Yes.

Ron: You never really had to work for a living.

Nicole: I wouldn't say that. I had a dream, and I wanted to do something all on my own. Well, this is a result of that dream. I didn't want to have to use my father's name or money, and I am very proud to say that Cass and I --

Reginald: Rubbish.

Nicole: Have done this all on our own.

Reginald: We'll see how proud she is when those trendsetting designs are blown to bits at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

Andre: Do you want to keep this file?

Reginald: What? Why would I want to keep that?

Andre: I just thought that you --

Reginald: Well, don't think! You keep working on Mary! Now, where is she?

Andre: Mary's Place. I have a man across the street -- oh, which reminds me, I have to replace him.

Reginald: Well, go, go, go! Come on! Keep things tight! I mean it. I don't want any slip-ups.

Andre: When would you like my next report?

Reginald: I will let you know! You just make sure you have one.

Lisa: Oh, boy, am I glad to see you.

Maid: Why? What's wrong?

Lisa: I locked my key inside my room. Am I dumb or am I dumb?

Maid: Well, it happens.

Lisa: Well, do you think you could open it for me? I know I really should go downstairs to the front desk, but I'm so late for this appointment and I feel so stupid.

Maid: Ok, miss, stay calm. You'll make your appointment.

Lisa: Oh, you're an angel.

Maid: Hmm.

Lisa: Oh. Great. I should call and tell them I'll be late. Thanks a million. All right. Um -- oh.

Adam: Are you ready for this?

Roxanne: I don't know, Sarge. What'd you have in mind?

Adam: Delaney just got through reading me the riot act because my guys haven't written any traffic tickets in the last two weeks.

Roxanne: Your guys are homicide, not patrol.

Adam: How about that? I guess he thinks that going to and from a murder, they'll have plenty of time to stop and ticket some poor jerk who got stuck in a loading zone.

Roxanne: The law is the law.

Adam: Thank you, Roxanne. Once again, you have put everything in perfect perspective.

Roxanne: You're welcome.

[Adam sighs]

Adam: So how you coming on the brunette? You found my brunette yet?

Roxanne: I have an A.P.B. out.

Jason: Roxanne. Adam, we got it.

Adam: You got what?

Jason: The gun. This is the weapon Reginald used to kill Elizabeth.

Adam: Scott had this?

Mary: Reginald had given it to him years ago in Paraguay.

Jason: Didn't have much choice. Reg had hid it, but Scott found it.

Adam: Ok. Ok.

Jason: That's the weapon, I'm telling you. I know it, that's it.

Adam: We'll see. Roxanne.

Roxanne: Take this gun down to ballistics, have them also run a check on the Love Estate bullet, and get a report back to you ASAP and P.D.Q.

Adam: Thank you very much, Roxanne.

Jason: How long is this going to take?

Adam: It depends on how busy Damaso is.

Jason: I've been waiting, like, 18 years.

Adam: It shouldn't take too long.

Jason: All right. Take you to lunch. I'll buy you a chocolate soufflé.

Adam: Yeah, before you go, I want to have a little chat with you.

Mary: Would you like me to go outside? Ok.

Jason: All right.

Adam: Sit down.

Jason: What now?

Adam: Well, I just wanted to finish the conversation that we'd started yesterday.

Jason: Fine. Go ahead.

Adam: If you believed that Elizabeth Love had been murdered, why did you wait all of these years to say anything?

Jason: What does that have to do with anything?

Adam: Well, for one thing, the D.A.'s going to want to know.

Jason: I heard that Reginald had died right after the fire.

Adam: So, as far as you were concerned, it was all over.

Jason: Why would I call the cops?

Adam: Well, you believed a murder had been committed.

Jason: I believed the murderer had been killed as well.

Adam: But, still, you had information --

Jason: Adam, I was a horse trainer. Now, if I accuse my multimillionaire boss of murdering somebody, you going to find somebody to listen to that?

Adam: Yes.

Jason: Oh, come on. You're dreaming.

Adam: I'm listening.

Jason: Well, you're a little different.

Adam: All right. So, after 18 years, you decided to come back to Bay City.

Jason: To buy the farm. And when I got back, I found that Reginald was actually alive.

Adam: And you started nosing around?

Jason: That's exactly how it came down.

Adam: But not immediately.

Jason: What do you mean?

Adam: Well, you -- let's see. You waited six weeks, I think it was, before you said anything. Why was that?

Jason: I thought you were a different kind of cop, that you needed rock-solid proof.

Adam: I see. So you just kept everything quiet?

Jason: Until I got that proof, which is why I'm here. Any other questions?

Adam: I don't buy it.

Jason: You don't believe me?

Adam: No. Don't leave town, Jason. I'm going to have more than a few questions to ask you before this is all over.

Dawn: Why don't you talk to me about it?

Scott: Dawn, I'm sorry.

Dawn: I am not dead yet.

Scott: Don't talk like that.

Dawn: Then don't treat me like that! I want to be told what is going on.

Zack: We were going to, Dawn.

Dawn: When? When? After you made your decisions?

Scott: No, no, we weren't going to make any decisions at all without you.

Dawn: Well, then, don't discuss it without me. I have to have a say in this.

Zack: Of course you do.

Scott: Ok.

Dawn: So, I have to take them to court?

Scott: Otherwise, we're not going to be able to get you back in school in time to graduate.

Dawn: I have to graduate.

Scott: That's right. That's why Zack's here. We're trying to do everything we can.

Dawn: So you're saying that you can get me back into school but you can't change the way people feel about me?

Zack: Listen, Dawn, the only way you're going to fight prejudice is to stand up and confront it face-to-face.

Dawn: Why should I have to confront it? I am not going to let them take my happiness away from me.

Scott: And we're not going to let them do that. We're going to fight these guys. We're going to send them a message that you belong in that classroom and there's no way they can take that away from you, ok?

Zack: That's right.

Scott: That's why you got to let Zack help us out. All right?

Dawn: But I -- I just don't know if it's worth it.

Scott: It is worth it. It is worth it.

Zack: I can go to the judge and get a temporary restraining order.

Dawn: Ok. Just give me some time to think about it.

Scott: Ok.

Zack: Just let me know, ok?

Dawn: Ok.

Dawn: Scott -- I only have so much time left.

Scott: Oh, honey.

Dawn: It's just -- do you want me to spend it taking on the whole university? I mean, do I want to spend it fighting?

Ron: So, you're planning to make Bay City another fashion capital?

Cass: That pretty much sums it up, yes.

Ron: Do you really think that's possible?

Cass: When you're as talented as Nicole is, anything is possible.

Ron: Nicole Love, Cass Winthrop, we look forward to seeing your Monte Carlo show. Sounds like you're going to really rock the fashion world. This is Ron Zipperman at the Nicole Love Design studio. Back to you, Brian.

Jonathan: Cut.

Cass: That's it?

Ron: It's a take.

Cass: Great.

Ron: You two are real pros. Thanks again for letting us come in on such short notice.

Nicole: Oh, our pleasure.

Ron: All set, John? We wish you the best of luck.

Cass: Ok, thank you.

Ron: You're a great team.

Cass: Thanks.

Nicole: Thank you. We really did appreciate this.

Ron: Take it easy.

Cass: Ok. Good work, Jonathan.

Ron: Let's go.

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: What?

Nicole: I sounded like a jerk, didn't I?

Cass: No, no, not at all.

Nicole: No -- really? You can be honest. I did, didn't I?

Cass: Well, in that case -- no, no, no!

Nicole: Oh, are you serious?

Cass: You were very poised --

Nicole: Really?

Cass: And very fluent. I think you've got a great future in television.

Nicole: Ah! Talk to one of those little cameras all day? Forget it. Not me.

Cass: I was very proud of you. I'm proud to be your partner.

Nicole: I'm proud you're mine.

Cass: We do make a great team, you know.

Nicole: Yeah. That's what that reporter said.

Cass: Well, he was talking about business, though.

Nicole: Are you thinking about more?

Bianca: Well, that's --

[Door opens]

Lisa: Oh, Andre!

Andre: What are you doing here?

Scott: Listen, are you hungry? You want me to have Ada fix you something to eat? Huh?

Dawn: No, no, I'm tired. I want to go upstairs.

Scott: Are you feeling ok?

Dawn: Yeah. It's just all this talk about universities. It's gotten to me.

Scott: Listen, let's get you upstairs right now, ok? Come on.

Dawn: Ok.

[Phone rings]

[Vince whistles]

Vince: Hello, Mary's Place. Vince speaking.

Roxanne: Hi. I'm trying to locate Mary McKinnon.

Vince: Mary's not here right now. Can I take a message?

Roxanne: I'm calling for Sergeant Adam Cory.

Vince: Oh, yeah?

Roxanne: I guess you can tell Mary we might have an answer on the ballistics test this afternoon.

Vince: The ballistics test?

Roxanne: The Sarge said she was anxious to know.

Vince: Yeah, well, listen, I'll -- I'll be sure to give her that message. Thank you. Oh, oh -- what a coincidence. That was the police station --

Mary: What?

Vince: Calling for you. They say your ballistics report -- you may get it this afternoon.

Mary: Good.

Vince: I thought you weren't going to be involved in this.

Mary: I have to.

Vince: Why?

Mary: Um -- did you make any of your wonderful lasagna today?

Vince: Mary, what are you doing now?

Cass: We're not just a business team.

Nicole: It is more.

Cass: It is more.

Nicole: Maybe we should talk about it.

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: Unless you don't want to.

Cass: No, no, I do. I just don't know what to say.

Nicole: Maybe we can describe how we feel.

Cass: Good idea.

Nicole: You first.

Cass: Uh -- oh, ok. I feel -- I feel lots of things.

Nicole: I'm listening.

Cass: Uh -- respect.

Nicole: Anything else?

Cass: Uh -- warmth.

Nicole: Go on.

Cass: Uh -- why don't you take a turn? How do you feel?

Nicole: Well, I feel -- I feel affection, I suppose.

Cass: You suppose?

Nicole: Well, I feel attraction, sort of.

Cass: "Sort" -- this is going very well, isn't it?

Nicole: Oh, boy, neither one of us is very good at talking. Maybe we should just stop while we're ahead.

Cass: Well, well, wait a second. I happen to be a fascinating conversationalist.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry.

Cass: Well, you should be. I'm a great talker. Conversation is my middle name. In fact, sometimes, I'm all talk.

Nicole: Cass, shut up.

Cass: Well, if you insist.

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