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Another World Transcript Friday 1/16/04

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Katie: Who was that?

Mike: I dunno. They hung up. Should I star-69 'em?

Katie: No, you'll get that stupid recording, besides we don't have time.

Mike: That's right. We were going to get something to eat and celebrate us, right?

Katie: Mm, I did say that, didn't I?

Mike: You're dumping me already?

Katie: Maybe? No. I told Margo that I'd come see her today, so I have to. Besides, I have so much more to tell her now.

Mike: I'll bet. You might want to leave one or two things out, though, okay?

Katie: Oh yeah, I'll probably leave the one where you --

Mike: Yeah, yeah, we might want to keep that one between us.

Katie: I gotta get ready. What did I do with my keys?

Mike: I think there's a spare set in the drawer I'll grab 'em.

Katie: No, wait! Mike, don't! Don't, don't don't, don't!

Mitzi: Nah. I don't think the third floor's gonna do it for me. I want to be so high up that the people start lookin' like ants.

Desk clerk: Would you like me to check the availability of the royal suite?

Mitzi: You do that.

Desk clerk: I'll need a credit card in order to reserve the room.

Mitzi: Who needs credit when you got this? That royal enough for you?

Desk clerk: Thank you, Miss -- ?

Mitzi: Matters. Mitzi Matters. And make it snappy. Capisce? Call me when it's ready. I'll be in the gift shop.

Carly: Hi, Lamont. How are ya?

Desk clerk: I'm sorry, may I help you?

Carly: Yeah. Oh! It's me. Hi.

Desk clerk: Oh, Mrs. Snyder. Sorry, I didn't -- is the detective here, too?

Carly: No, no, I'm alone. Lamont, I was wondering if you'd do me a big, fat favor?

Margo: No, no, I'm not leaving you here until I hear back from the medical examiner's office. Thank you.

Craig: The Rose D'Angelo murder?

Margo: "Hi, Margo. It's really good to see you. I brought you a cup of coffee. I want you to see some pictures of your nephew that you never see." Well, hi, Craig, it's really good to see you, too. And no, this is not about the D'Angelo murder. In fact, it's one of the zillions of cases that cross my desk almost at an alarming rate.

Craig: All right, all right. I apologize for overlooking the pleasantries, Margo, but I'm very busy and I'm very concerned. I understand Barbara Ryan confessed?

Margo: Good, you read the paper. That's good.

Craig: I publish a paper. I also hear that Paul Ryan might be guilty after all.

Margo: It's none of your concern, Craig.

Craig: Paul Ryan has been insinuating his way in to Rosannaís life for some time now. If it does turn out that he is in fact a murderer, Margo, then --

Margo: Oh, please. Please, please!

Jack: I think you want to be talking to me, Montgomery.

Craig: Why is that, Jack?

Jack: I just came from the courthouse where Barbara was supposed to be arraigned.

Craig: Supposed to? What? What happened? Is there a problem with the confession?

Jack: Oh, yeah. A big one.

Craig: So, it looks like Paul Ryan might be guilty after all?

[Paul remembering]

Barbara: Isn't it obvious? Everything I've done has been for one reason.

Lily: Paul, how dare you? How dare you turn your back on me after what you did to my sister?! I want you to look at me! Look at me in the eye!

Dusty: He can't look at you. You can't get around this one, can you, Ryan?

Rosanna: Paul, what's the matter? You okay?

Paul: Yeah. No -- I don't know. Rosanna, I think I need your help.

Rosanna: Yeah, sure. I'll do anything.

Paul: All right. I think I finally understand exactly what my mother has done.

Will: You haven't said anything since we left Dad's house.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I've got a lot going on in my head right now. You understand, don't you?

Will: Why did you make me go out the front door? You didn't want me to see Emily. What happened to her?

Barbara: Emily is the least of it right now.

Will: What's that supposed to mean? She's okay, isn't she?

Barbara: You trust me, don't you?

Will: Yeah.

Barbara: And you know that I love you more than life itself, don't you?

Will: Mom, just tell me. What's going on?

Barbara: What's going on is that we're leaving Oakdale. Right now. Forever.

Carly: Okay, how many hundreds was that?

Desk clerk: Let me see -- one, two, three, four -- $500.

Carly: $500, okay. I will give you this check for $500, and you will give me those bills that Miss Matters gave to you. Now, the check is perfectly good, if that's what you're concerned about.

Desk clerk: No, we cash checks. I've just never had anyone request specific bills before.

Carly: Right. There's a first time for everything, isn't there? I'm a cop's wife, for Peteís sake. It's perfectly legal. Thank you. Okay. I can't thank you enough, Lamont. Thank you very much. It's very important. Thank you.

Mitzi: Excuse me.

Carly: Oh.

Mitzi: What are you doing?

Carly: I'm watching a fast mover. I mean, for a girl who didn't have two nickels to rub together yesterday, you sure are throwing around a lot of cash today. Where'd you get it?

Mitzi: You know what? Get out of my face, Carly, all right? I don't owe you any explanations.

Carly: All right. Have it your way. But mark my words; I will get to the bottom of this, one way or the other.

Margo: Craig, your concern for Paul is really very touching.

Jack: Yeah, and you'll be pleased to know we have an APB out on Barbara.

Craig: Margo?

Margo: What, no, no. You're not getting anything more from me.

Craig: What?

Jack: You really are a piece of work. You've had it in for Paul since the beginning. And you knew we wouldn't ignore any leads. That's why you shoved that little piece of information from his father right under our noses.

Craig: Jack, Jack, when I alerted you about Paul Ryan and James Stenbeck, I said I wanted that between -- between the two of us.

Jack: Oh, come on, Craig. A guy with your ego, you sure you wouldn't want the world to know how you helped bring down a murderer?

Craig: I have a wife, Jack, a daughter, a new baby. I don't want some whining lunatic going after them just because he didn't get enough attention as a child.

Jack: Yes, yes, you were worried about your wife. You were thinking of her, weren't you? You were also thinking of how you didn't like the way she came up with a cool million to bail Paul out. While you're at it, you were thinking that, well, you know, since you bent over backwards to make sure that we liked him for this, you wish we'd just ship him off to Joliet already.

Craig: Paul Ryan is a delusional paranoid who has demonstrated motive, opportunity and a little nudge from his psycho criminal Daddy, not to mention Mommy dearest. If he did do Rose, Jack, and he does get away with it, what's to stop him from going after somebody else? Jack? I'm doing civic duty.

Jack: Civic duty is a noble thing for anybody, Craig. But this lies in the area of what we like to call classic Montgomery. And classic bull.

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Yes?

Mitzi: Craig! Where are you, all right? Things are hitting the fan, and I got to see you right now!

Rosanna: I think this is just outrageous. This trial was supposed to be about Barbara, and now none of us are getting a look at the papers. It's just --

Hal: Rosanna!

Jessica: Oh, my goodness. Rosanna? Are you all right?

Rosanna: No, I had a panic attack. I think I've lost my equilibrium, obviously. Thank you very much. I don't know what's wrong.

Jessica: Did you have anything to eat today?

Rosanna: I've -- sure, I did. It's just this whole thing has been very overwhelming. And the room -- it's so warm, it's spinning.

Hal: Feeling any better?

Dusty: Paul's gone.

Hal: Damnit, Rosanna, you're not doing anybody any favors.

Jennifer: Dad, Dad, wait.

Lily: We can't -- we can't let him get away.

Dusty: Lily, hold on, hold on. It's okay.

Lily: Come on!

Dusty: Focus on his mother now. His charges are probably dropped.

Lily: Where do you think he went?

Dusty: Rosanna, where did he go?

Rosanna: I don't know. And if I did know, I wouldn't tell you.

Lily: Do you have any idea what you have done?!

Jennifer: Dad, Dad, please wait, okay? Come on; just stop being a cop for a minute and leave Paul alone. You know he didn't do anything wrong.

Hal: Honey, I am not going to send a unit after him. If Barbaraís confession stands, Jessicaís probably gonna file a motion, have the charges dropped. I'd just be wasting some uniform's time. I'll go after him myself.

Jennifer: No, Dad, why? Why can't you leave him alone?

Hal: He had Rosanna create a diversion so we wouldn't know where he went. Something is wrong, Jen.

Cop: Lieutenant --

Hal: Did you see Paul Ryan leave the building?

Cop: No, no, I just came from headquarters. Got a report. Someone saw Ms. Ryan about 30 minutes ago.

Hal: Where?

Cop: Outside your house.

Jennifer: Oh.

Paul: Hey, Will. Emily? Emily? Hey. Hey. I need an ambulance. Number four Patchin Place. There's a woman, she's bleeding from her head. And -- uh, hurry up! Emily? Emily? Did my mother do this to you?

Emily: I know.

Paul: You know -- you know what?

Emily: I know where they are.

Will: Mom, where are we? What is this place?

Barbara: It's a helipad.

Will: You got a helicopter? How?

Barbara: I made a phone call before I went upstairs to get you. The pilot's gonna meet us here.

Will: And where's he gonna take us?

Barbara: To Canada. And then we'll fly to South America, and then --

Will: No, Mom, wait. Why are we leaving the country?

Barbara: Listen to me. You're my guy, right?

Will: But Mom, tell me why we're leaving.

Barbara: I need to know. You're my guy, right?

Will: I'm your guy, Mom.

Barbara: You know all my secrets. I tell you my secrets, and you tell me yours, right?

Will: Yeah. But Mom, I --

Barbara: Good. I love you so much. You're the only one who's ever stuck with me and stuck by me.

Will: Yeah, but why do we have to leave now? Is it because of Emily?

Barbara: No.

Will: But it's bad, right? It's the reason I didn't go to school, or I can't watch TV or use my computer.

Barbara: I didn't want you going to school, because I didn't want you hearing it from a classmate. I didn't want you watching TV -- I confessed to Rose's murder.

Will: Mom, no, you didnít. Please, tell me you didnít.

Barbara: I had to, Will.

Will: Then where's your phone? We have to tell Dad you didn't mean it.

Barbara: No, no, we discussed this. We talked about this.

Will: Did you confess to Dad?

Barbara: Yes.

Will: Did he arrest you?

Barbara: Yes.

Will: Then shouldn't you be in jail? You ran away, didn't you?

Barbara: Yes, I did. I have a lot to explain to you, but we'll do that when we're up in the air. Right now, I need your answer. I need to know if you're willing to get on that helicopter with me and never look back.

Will: Never? You're talking about never seeing Paul or Jennifer or Dad ever again?

Barbara: Yes, that's right. And that's why I need your answer, Will.

Will: There has to be another way, Mom.

Barbara: Honey, listen to me. If we stay here, the police will find us, and they're gonna put me in prison.

Will: Yeah, but --

Barbara: If they put me in prison, I will never see you. Do you understand that? And if I never see you, I swear I will die, Will.

Will: Mom, don't say that.

Barbara: It's the truth.

Will: But you're asking me to choose between Jennifer and Paul and Dad, and never seeing --

Barbara: Honey -- it's the only way. It's the only way that we can be together and be safe.

Will: I'm scared, Mom.

Barbara: Are you with me? Are you with me?

Will: I'm scared.

Barbara: I'm scared, too. I'm scared, too. But we have each other. We have each other, okay? So do you love me enough to go? We'll be all right. We'll be all right. As long as we have each other, everything will be fine. We'll put all this behind us.

Mike: Okay, call that number I gave you in Puntarenas, and I'll handle things on this end, okay? Thanks. Sorry about that.

Katie: Where's Punta -- whatever you just said?

Mike: Costa Rica. I got a construction job lined up down there, and the call was about getting a container shipped to transport the supplies.

Katie: Oh. So you have to go back to work?

Mike: Not yet. All right, not till I know that you forgive me.

Katie: For what?

Mike: Going through your drawer earlier. I obviously upset you. I just thought it would be okay if I got your keys.

Katie: It is okay. Nothing in this house is off limits to you. I just kinda -- you want to know why I freaked out?

Mike: Sure.

Katie: I -- it was supposed to be a surprise, but I got you something. I was hiding it.

Mike: Oh, Kate, I -- I didn't mean to ruin your surprise. Put it back. We'll pretend like I didn't ruin --

Katie: You didn't ruin anything, I did. I freaked out. It was stupid. What the heck.

Mike: Oh, angel, this is awesome.

Katie: I mean, it's not super expensive, but it's better than the old one, right?

Mike: Yeah. This thing's been to so many construction sites, it can practically mix concrete on its own. Oh, yeah. This looks much better.

Katie: So, you're not going to miss the old one?

Mike: Why would I wear something I got for myself when I can wear something that you got for me?

Katie: Well, I know it's a little thing, looking down at your wrist at your watch, but I thought maybe whenever you do, you can think about how much you mean to me.

Mike: You are too much.

Katie: Now take it off.

Mike: What?

Katie: I want to get it inscribed.

Mike: No, no, no, you don't have to do that.

Katie: Yes, I do. I want it to say something like -- "to Mike, with all my love, Katie."

Paul: You're gonna be fine. Help's on its way. You're gonna be all right.

Hal: Emily.

Paul: Hal, I found her like this.

Hal: Did you call EMS?

Paul: Yeah, they're on their way.

Jennifer: Where -- where's Will?

Paul: I don't know.

Jennifer: Oh, God. Will! Will!

Hal: Emily, honey, can you hear me? Em, stay with me. Please, Em, stay with me. Please. Emily, stay with me, honey.

Barbara: I know how you feel.

Will: Dad and Emily were gonna take me and Daniel to a Blackhawkís game on Saturday. Daniel's never been to a real hockey game. What are they gonna tell him?

Barbara: Oh, honey.

Will: I know. This is the way it has to be.

Barbara: You are a very brave young man. And I love you. Helicopter's gonna be here in a few minutes.

Will: You sure he's gonna see us?

Barbara: Well, I'll tell you, why don't you walk down there under those lights and wave a little so the pilot can see us?

[Paul remembering.]

Barbara: Isn't it obvious? Everything I've done has been for one reason. Everything I've done has been for my son.

Paul: Hey, Mom.

Barbara: Paul.

Paul: Did I surprise you? Because you surprised me. For once in your life, you actually told the truth. Let's just get out of here. We'll go find Hal --

Barbara: To really understand, you need to leave now and not look back.

Mitzi: Why would she be doing this? Writing checks for cash? My cash.

Craig: Are you sure you saw the desk clerk give her the same bills you gave him?

Mitzi: Yes. Why would she do that?

Craig: To give to Jack, so he can trace the bills.

Mitzi: Can she do that? Can she find out where my money came from?

Craig: Exactly what does Carly know?

Mitzi: I don't know. She's been on me like a bloodhound for weeks, all right? She -- she accused me of killing Rose. She knows I lied about seeing Paul with the poison the day Rose died. And I only lied because of you, Craig. So if I wind up taking the fall for this, I'm not going down alone. You're coming down with me.

Carly: Look at these, Jack.

Jack: Where did Mitzi come up with the dough to pay for a suite in cash?

Carly: That's what I'd like to know. Is there somewhere where we can trace these bills, find out exactly where they came from?

Jack: You think you know where they came from. You want to try to tie these bills to someone specific?

Carly: I have a hunch.

Jack: Spill it.

Carly: After I left you at the courthouse, I went looking for Mitzi, and guess who she was with? Craig. And then right after that, she started throwing around big bucks at the Lakeview. Do you think that he paid her to come up with that story about Paul? I know that I could be wrong --

Jack: No, no. You arenít.

Carly: What?

Jack: Craig is playing everyone he can to get at Paul.

Carly: Involving James, getting Mitzi to lie for him. Craig has been a very busy boy.

Jack: A very dangerous boy.

Carly: Damnit. I didn't want any of this to lead to Craig. If I tell Rosanna how he's gone after Paul, she's gonna be crushed.

Jack: And if you don't tell her?

Carly: That might be even worse.

Rosanna: Jessica, you have to tell me if this evidence clears Paul or puts him in further jeopardy.

Jessica: Why don't you tell me, Rosanna, since you created the diversion so Paul could slip out of here? Now, you -- you know I cannot discuss Paulís case with you.

Rosanna: I did what I had to do. I respect your commitment to Paulís case, but you have to trust me.

Jessica: I'm sorry. You're just gonna have to wait and see how this plays out, just like the rest of us.

Rosanna: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Lily: Rosanna allowed Paul to go. She faked a panic attack so he could walk out that door! How can she be so blind?

Dusty: Hey, Lily, Lily, we got to focus. Look at me. We need a new game plan here.

Lily: I hope you can live with yourself. She should be brought up on charges. I think it's called aiding and abetting.

Rosanna: I am telling you, Paul did not murder Rose.

Lily: What is it gonna take for you to stop spending time and money on a man with no conscience?

Rosanna: I suppose I could ask you the same thing. Paul is my friend. He did not murder Rose, and that is not gonna change.

Lily: What -- what if it were Carly? What if she had been killed, and you never had a chance to see her again?

Rosanna: Oh, come on.

Lily: What if you had come to me with proof in black and white and I turned my back? What if your sister couldn't rest, because the murderer I let walk free, Rosanna?!

Rosanna: We didn't rest?

Dusty: It's okay. It's okay, Lily.

Lily: I got to make her understand. I got to make her understand. I cannot rest until Rose can rest. You have to understand what you have done. You -- you -- you are keeping Rose from moving on. Just like you're keeping Paul from paying for what he has done!

Rosanna: Lily, please --

Lily: You've just helping him and twisting the truth so that nobody understands -- nobody understands that Rose cannot rest!

Jessica: Lily -- come on, Lily.

Lily: I hate you! I hate you!

Jessica: Lily.

Dusty: It's all right.

Lily: Oh, Rose, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I failed you. I completely failed you. I'm so sorry.

[Lily sobs]

Barbara: Who's with you?

Paul: No one. No one knows that you're here yet.

Barbara: How did you know where to find me? Did you go by the house looking for Will?

Paul: Yes, I did.

Barbara: And then Emilyís okay.

Paul: Don't pretend you care about Emily.

Barbara: I was not about to let her stop me. And I won't let you, either.

Paul: Hold on. Let's leave Will out of this. You and I need some time alone.

Barbara: For what? So you can convince me to stay so you can try to take Will away from me? I'm not gonna let you do that. You don't care anything about your little brother. You're gonna leave here and never turn back.

Paul: Maybe. But not until you and I sort a few things out.

Barbara: What things?

Paul: See, that's just it. For the past few weeks, Mother, everything you've said and everything you've done has been so inexplicable, so irrational.

Barbara: Okay. All right, just leave it at that, all right? I'm irrational, I'm unbalanced, I'm a liar, I'm a murderer, and I'm a Mother who loves her children and will protect them. Do you understand that, Paul? Leave it at that.

Paul: Right. See, I had no idea that every time you said you loved your children that in your own warped way, you were actually telling the truth. Now -- now I know.

Barbara: Do you?

Paul: Yeah. What you said in the courthouse and what you said at the police station about how everything you've done is to protect your son.

Barbara: Yes, that's true. I hated Rose, and I killed her.

Paul: Shut up! And stop it. Just -- just stop it. That's not what I'm talking about, and you know it.

Mike: Henry, thanks for meeting me, man.

Henry: Anything for Katie.

Mike: All right, now, for weeks I've been dying to get Katie something. And obviously I want it to be nice, but -- but it also -- it needs to be right for her. That's the important thing.

Henry: Well, lucky for you, I'm the one man in this backwater town that knows his way around a good piece of jewelry. You were a genius to call me, Mike.

Mike: Thank you. Now, what can I get her that will really surprise her?

Henry: A bracelet out of a Cracker Jack box would surprise her. What's important is what you want this little token to say, hmm?

Mike: I want it to say that she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't stop thinking about her when we're apart. And when we're together, I can't get enough of her. You know, it's her smile. That goofy way she goes on and on when she gets an idea stuck in her head. I've loved her practically since the moment I laid eyes on her, Henry.

Henry: That she's one of the most surprising, darling, little creatures ever to grace the earth. Sorry. Sorry, your ardor is a little contagious, that's all.

Mike: She got me this watch. It just blew me away.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, so you said.

Mike: Well, this surprise needs to be all that and more.

Henry: Okay. All right, not to worry, young lion. Not to worry. Uncle Henry to the rescue. Antoine?

Store clerk: Something a little rococo?

Mike: Ro-ro who?

Henry: I know, you're right. It's a little too dramatic. Your two hearts linked as one?

Mike: I think I used to have a dog with a collar like that.

Henry: No, these are sort of Katie, don't you think? Kind of -- kind of perky and sweet and they just -- they have just a hint of the wicked.

Mike: Not so much. They don't look so good on you, either.

Henry: Well --

Mike: No. Sorry.

Henry: Look at that. It's 20 minutes past my afternoon martini, but hasn't this been swell?

Mike: I shouldn't have roped you into this, Henry. Something's bound to jump out at me.

Henry: That's what I'm afraid of.

Mike: I'll be fine, all right? Thanks anyway, though.

Henry: Okay. Good luck. He's all yours, Antoine.

Mike: The right thing's gotta be here somewhere. I'll know it when I see it.

Margo: I hope you don't mind that we're gonna have lunch here at my desk, but I have to take the medical examiners and call myself personally, or else I'll never finish this report.

Katie: Don't worry about it. It'll be fine. Let me just look at the menus.

Margo: Katie! You're naked.

Katie: What?

Margo: Your ring.

Katie: Yeah. I took it off.

Margo: And you're smiling.

Katie: Well, I couldn't very well wear it and tell Mike I love him, too.

Margo: Wait -- wait a minute, wait a minute. Back up. What?

Katie: I told Mike I love him.

Margo: You did?

Katie: Yeah. I couldn't say it for the longest time. I don't know why. And then he kept saying it, and I just couldn't say it back, but I took the ring off, and finally I was ready.

Margo: Oh, my God, baby. I'm so happy for you.

Katie: Thank you so much. I'm so happy. I just feel so good, finally.

Margo: Yeah. Listen, you know what? Why don't you come by the house, and we'll celebrate? We'll make a dinner, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Margo: Yeah.

Katie: You like Mike, right?

Margo: Oh, I do, Katie. He's one of the good guys.

Katie: I just hope Craigís half as accepting as you are.

Margo: Oh, don't even worry about our pig-headed brother. He's never been accepting of anything or anyone. You just be happy.

Katie: I am. And, you know, when I took off Simonís ring, it's not 'cause I stopped loving him. I just want you to know that. You know that, right?

Margo: I do know that. I know that you loved him with all you heart. You know what? It's good and healthy to move on. He's part of your past now.

Katie: I know. Simon is my wonderful past. And Mike? Mike is my future.

EMT #1: On my count. One, two, three.

Hal: She came to for a little while, and then she passed out again. Can you tell if she has any brain damage?

EMT #2: Can you stand aside, please, lieutenant?

Jennifer: Dad, Dad, I can't find Will. He isn't upstairs or outside. Mom must have taken him.

Hal: Damn you, Barbara.

Jennifer: Is Emily going to be all right?

EMT #2: I've got a read. It's 84 over 40. We got to roll. Let's go.

Hal: I'm going with you. Look, Jen, go up to Will's room, see if you can find anything that could tell us where they've gone. Oh, and look for his computer. It's a black laptop.

Jennifer: Wait, Dad, I didn't see it upstairs.

Hal: Right, right, we took it away from him a few days ago. Emily said that she put it someplace down here. Find it, Jen. Find it and maybe we can find out where Barbara took him.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, God, Mom.

Barbara: So now you understand. I wanted to spare you this. I didn't want you to feel what you must be feeling right now.

Paul: Let's just get out of here. We'll go find Hal, we'll tell him the truth, and we'll figure out a way to get out of this.

Barbara: No, no, no, if you really understand, you need to leave now and not look back.

Paul: So, what? Just let you take my brother God knows where? You gonna hop in a helicopter and disappear forever with the truth? No.

Barbara: Yes. You have to do that. You have to do that for me and for Will and for your family. Don't you understand? You have to leave here and not tell anyone the truth, Paul.

Paul: What about me, Mom? What am I supposed to do, huh? Just forget? How do you do that?! How do you just forget the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with? She's gone? She's gone!

Barbara: Whatever you felt about Rose, I know how angry you must be that she is -- but, you know, your family has to go on. And it's up to you to decide how that happens. Do you destroy us? Or you protect the ones that you still love?

Paul: How can you even ask me to make a choice like that?

Barbara: Come on, honey. Come on. Live is full of difficult choices. So what is it? Do you destroy your family, or do you allow us to survive?

Will: Paul?!

Mitzi: If something happens to me, you are taking the fall, too.

Craig: Mitzi, I don't respond to threats.

Mitzi: Yeah? Well, I don't look good in orange. Look, Carly is onto me, to us, all right? She saw --

Craig: It doesn't matter what she saw, thinks, knows or thinks she knows. She's not going to do anything.

Mitzi: How can you be so sure?

Craig: Because I know her.

Mitzi: So?

Craig: So where's the proof you weren't there? Huh? It's her hunch against your word. Right? Carly's smart. She wants justice done. And if she happens to find out that we have an agenda about bringing a guilty Paul Ryan to justice -- she doesn't want to hurt Rosanna. She will understand what it takes, and she'll back off.

Mitzi: I hope you're right.

Craig: You bet I'm right.

Carly: If I tell Rosanna what I suspect about Craig, she's gonna leave him, Jack.

Jack: Not that she wouldn't be better off.

Carly: She loves the man. They just adopted a baby together. How could I start a ball rolling that could tear their family apart?

Jack: Well, then don't tell her.

Carly: If I don't tell her, then I'll be keeping something from my sister, something that's vitally important in her life. It'll be just like the old days, Jack. With me lying to Rosanna, Rosanna eventually finding out and hating me for it.

Jack: Then what's the answer?

Carly: I don't know. What I do know is that whatever I do, it better be the right thing, because there's no turning back.

Mike: That's it.

Store clerk: Are you sure?

Mike: Yeah, I'm sure.

Store clerk: But monsieur -- this is an engagement ring.

Mike: Exactly.

Katie: Thank you, Simon. I'll never forget you.

Dusty: Okay? You can't fall apart on me now, all right? I need you too much, Lil.

Lily: Yeah, but -- it's -- it's done. Paul's gone. We've failed Rose, it's over.

Dusty: No, it's not over. It's not over. There are always other ways. First of all, they're gonna bring him in.

Lily: That doesn't matter if they bring him in, because those computer files, it doesn't matter. It doesn't stack up against Barbaraís confession. It's over. We lost.

Dusty: We didn't lose. Look at me. Look at me. Paul Ryanís not getting away with anything. You and I know what he did. Doesn't matter what Rosanna or anybody else thinks. He's gonna pay.

Lily: How?

Dusty: I'm gonna make sure of it. But I need you. You got to keep it together for me, all right? We can do this. Do you believe me?

Lily: Yeah. It's just sometimes I get so afraid. You know, I asked you if you see her. Remember that?

Dusty: Yeah. You remember what I told you? Every time I shut my eyes.

Lily: I see her, too. But not just in my mind. I feel her in my heart, and I feel like she's not at peace. Like she has to understand. I feel like she needs to know, and the world needs to know how she really died. I need to know.

Dusty: It's okay. It's okay. It's all right to be scared, you hear me? But it's not good to give in to it. You can't give in to it. I'm here for you. You can lean on me anytime you want, you hear me? Huh? I got a feeling inside me, too. And you know what it says. It says justice is about to be done. Okay?

Will: Paul, how did you find us?

Barbara: Your brother is very resourceful. And even though he's very angry about what I did to Rose, he knows how much you need me. He's going to let us go.

Paul: Stop! Just stop, stop! Stop all the lies, Barbara. Just stop. Mom didn't kill Rose, did she?

Barbara: Paul, donít.

Paul: She couldn't have. Because it was you.

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Chris: If your baby is four weeks older than you said it was, Alison, then there's no way that Aaron could be the father.

Barbara: Paul! Come on, Paul, let him go! He's our only chance! Come on!

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