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Another World Transcript Thursday 1/8/04

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Ada: It's all on account of that explosion at Jason Frame's farm the other day.

Mary: No, it's not.

Ada: Yes, it is. You've been having headaches and fainting spells.

Mary: Ada, I'm fine.

Ada: Listen, stay away from Jason Frame. He's trouble.

Jason: I've heard that, Ada.

Ada: Well, you're hearing it again.

Jason: What is it, Mary?

Mary: What?

Jason: They don't make sport coats like that anymore.

Mary: No, thank goodness they don't.

Jason: I remember that thing.

Mary: Yeah. So do I.

Jason: You mean you -- you can remember that time period?

Mary: I -- I was having a conversation with Vince and I suddenly had a flash of arguing with him when he was wearing that coat and tie.

Jason: And that's never happened before?

Mary: No, not since I lost my memory.

Jason: Well, that could mean --

Mary: It doesn't mean any-- it probably means I've seen the picture before and I was remembering it.

Jason: Mary, it could mean that you're getting your memory back.

Donna: What?

Michael: I just can't believe you're really here.

Donna: I know. I've been dreaming about this.

Michael: So have I.

Donna: You know, when I think about all those months without you --

Michael: Hey, hey, hey, don't think about it. We're here now, together.

Donna: I love you so much.

Michael: And I love you, Blackie.

Felicia: "Elegance has returned and nowhere is it more beautifully obvious than in the collections of Bay City's own Nicole Love."

Nicole: More, more, more!

Cass: "Her styles --" and I quote -- "are original yet classic in the Chanel tradition."

Nicole: Chanel? Coco Chanel?

Cass: Well, I don't think she meant Irving Chanel.

Nicole: Well, no.

Cass: You're a hit, honey.

Nicole: Thank you.

Felicia: Oh, you know what, I think we should celebrate. Let's open up a bottle of champagne, ok?

Cass: I agree.

Nicole: Wait, let me see this.

Felicia: Come on, I'll go --

Nicole: Oh, Mitch is right on top of it!

Felicia: You're kidding.

Mitch: Fresh from the bottle.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Nicole: Thanks.

Cass: You read our minds, Mitch. Oh, oh -- top shelf, too.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: I'm going to propose a toast here.

Felicia: Oh, please do.

Nicole: Me, too. Me, too.

Felicia: Yeah. Give you some.

Cass: Here we go.

Felicia and Nicole: All right.

Cass: To --

Felicia: Mitch.

Cass: My beautiful and talented partner. We've had our differences --

Nicole: Oh, wait a minute. Differences?

Cass: Ok, so we fought like cats and dogs.

Nicole: Yeah. See, now the truth comes out.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: No, the truth is I'm very proud of you. To Nicole.

Felicia: To Nicole. Congratulations, honey.

Cass: We are going to be a smash in Monte Carlo!

Nicole: If we ever get there.

Felicia: What do you mean? Of course you are. There's no proof that -- that you won't get there.

Nicole: Yeah, but you said someone was following you the whole time you two were in Europe.

Cass: Forget him. The show is still on and we are on the road to Monte Carlo.

Felicia: Right. That's right. Ok.

Nicole: Right.

Cass: Now, where do we stand?

Reginald: Not if I can help it.

Cass: He was the best.

Felicia: He was.

Cass: He was.

Felicia: I know it.

Cass: He was the tops.

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: Hit me again, barkeep.

Reginald: Well.

Felicia: Reginald. This is a celebration.

Reginald: And I'm not invited?

Felicia: Right.

Reginald: I can take a hint.

Felicia: Good.

Cass: Then take a hike.

Reginald: Your sense of humor must come in handy when you look at your bank account. Darling, I'm so sorry I won't be there for your triumph in Monte Carlo.

Nicole: No, no, you blew that opportunity a long time ago.

Reginald: And I know so many people in Europe.

Felicia: Yeah, some with trench coats and cheap sunglasses?

Reginald: I beg your pardon?

Mitch: Felicia and I were in France recently. We were followed everywhere we went.

Reginald: Well, I'm not surprised. European men always follow beautiful women.

Cass: If you do anything to sabotage Nicole's show --

Reginald: Why would I do that?

Nicole: Oh -- no, why would you hurt any of your children? You just want to see us fail.

Reginald: On the contrary, I want you to succeed. Especially you.

Nicole: Oh --

Reginald: Good luck, darling.

Nicole: No, I don't want your luck. I don't want anything from you.

Felicia: Nicole -- Nicole, don't let him get to you, please?

Nicole: Felicia, if he tries to ruin --

Felicia: Honey, he won't.

Cass: Nothing but good things from here on in --

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Starting with Mitch and Felicia's engagement.

Felicia: Oh!

Cass: A toast.

Felicia: Thank you, all right.

Cass: Who needs more?

Mitch: And to my brother, Sam's, engagement.

Felicia: Sam is engaged?

Mitch: He just called.

Cass: Well, who's the lucky woman?

Mitch: Amanda Cory.

Cass and Nicole: Oh!

Nicole: Well, I wish them luck.

Mitch: I think they can use it.

Jason: If -- if you could get your memory back, you might be able to remember what happened the night that Elizabeth was murdered.

Mary: Oh, boy. That's all you care about, isn't it?

Jason: No. No, it's not.

Mary: Mm-hmm, yeah. Well, I got --

Jason: If we could nail Reggie --

Mary: Getting my memory back means more to me than getting revenge upon Reginald.

Jason: I understand that.

Mary: No, you don't. You don't understand anything. You have no idea what it's like to -- to not remember your life, not remember your childhood or your parents or your children. I don't even know why I left Vince.

Jason: Mary, I do understand. Believe me, I do.

Mary: No, you don't. It's like I had half of my life just ripped away from me.

Jason: Now there's a ray of hope you might be able to get it back.

Mary: I don't want hope. I don't want that taken away from me, too.

Jason: Well, I understand. I'm sorry. I --

Mary: Could we drop it? And could we please not discuss this in front of Vince?

Jason: You don't even have to say anything.

Vince: Mary?

Adam: Jason.

Vince: Did they find out anything about the guy they arrested in the alley?

Adam: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Mary: Why? What did you find out?

Adam: Quite a bit, actually. His prints matched the prints that we found in your apartment after it was ransacked.

Jason: What do you know.

Vince: Isn't that interesting.

Adam: They also match the prints that we found in your house after it was ransacked.

Vince: Oh, so he was the guy who busted into my house? Sure like to know why.

Adam: Obviously, he was looking for something.

Jason: Well, most burglars do look for something.

Adam: But most burglars look for something of value.

Vince: Yeah, let me see -- could it have been my art collection or maybe -- maybe my diamond cufflink? What do you think?

Adam: Must've been something pretty important to take all those risks. That's for sure.

Vince: Yeah, like getting beaten up by you.

Adam: Yeah, that was another thing I wanted to ask you about.

Jason: Hey, I told your guy everything I know.

Adam: Jason, are you sure you don't know what this guy was looking for?

Donna: That was -- ahem -- yeah, wonderful, hmm?

Michael: Well, as Woody Allen said, "it's the most fun I've ever had without laughing."

Donna: Oh, gosh. Makes me feel sad for the rest, you know?

Michael: Nobody does it as good as you.

Donna and Michael: Baby, you're the best

Michael: I think we are getting a little too silly here.

Donna: I don't care! I like being silly and I like feeling wonderful and I like being here with you. It's right. Hmm?

Michael: I missed you so much.

Donna: I missed you. I don't -- I don't mean just making love with you. I miss talking to you and -- and laughing with you. And -- who am I kidding? I did! I missed being in bed with you!

Michael: Oh, you did? I knew you loved me just for my body. I knew it, Donna.

Donna: Yeah, well, you know, it is pretty nice. I -- hey, have you been working out, you know?

Michael: I've had nothing else to do with my body.

Donna: Oh, yeah?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Oh, Blackie. I'm sorry I yelled at you.

Donna: Michael, I -- I didn't set this up.

Michael: Look, whether you did or not, ok, I -- I'm just sorry that we had that fight.

Donna: Well, I'm not. I mean, none of this would ever have happened.

Michael: And this certainly did happen, didn't it?

Donna: Yes, it did.

Michael: Yes, it did.

Donna: It did and it was true.

Michael: What?

Donna: Victoria made up her own mind about going to that ski lodge.

Michael: Ok, ok, Donna --

Donna: I had nothing to do with it.


Michael: I don't want to talk about this right now, ok? I really don't.

Donna: Ok. All right. Then we should figure out something else to talk about that we're not going to argue about, right?

Michael: Uh -- hmm. Well, that means we can't talk about politics --

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Religion --

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: Who's going to win the pennant this year.

Donna: Wait a minute. I know something that we always agree upon.

Donna and Michael: Chinese food!

Donna: Yes!

Michael: Are you hungry?

Donna: Uh -- actually, you know, my mother told me that a lady never admits --

Michael: Donna --

Donna: That she's --

Michael: Donna, are you hungry?

Donna: All right, all right, I'm starving.

Michael: Oh, good. You know what?

Donna: I'm starving. I could eat the entire Szechuan province -- what?

Michael: I know a great place that delivers very quickly. It's right down the street.

Donna: You're kidding.

Michael: No, I got a menu --

Donna: Yeah -- you've got a menu right there?

Michael: It's right here, ok?

Donna: Oh, great!

Michael: Now, you just tell me what to dial up here and --

Donna: All right, all right. Oh, here's the number. Wait.

Michael: Yeah, I got it. I know it by heart.

Donna: Oh -- oh, Michael! Fried dumplings.

Michael: Fried dumplings. That looks good?

Donna: That sounds good, yes.

Michael: And do you want a couple of wontons, maybe?

Donna: Oh, yes, wontons and --

Michael: Good, ok. Yeah, hi. This is Michael Hudson.

Donna: Crispy -- crispy orange chicken.

Michael: Crispy orange chicken?

Donna: That's good.

Michael: We'd like two orders of wonton, some crispy orange chicken -- what was the other thing here?

Donna: No, that's --

Michael: You know what's good? You know what -- that chicken with five flavors. I think you'll love it.

Donna: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: I think I love you.

Michael: Really?

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: Oh, good. Hold on.

Donna: What?

Michael: I'm sorry. Sorry, yes, we'd like the chicken --

Felicia: Sam and Amanda. They're really getting married?

Mitch: That's what he said.

Cass: Well, that's great!

Felicia: Yeah.

Nicole: I didn't even know they were seeing each other.

Felicia: Well --

Mitch: Well, actually, they haven't been. Well, they --

Felicia: Yeah, it's -- it's a long story. When is the wedding?

Mitch: He said a couple of weeks.

Felicia: A couple of weeks? Boy, that doesn't give me much time to plan, does it?

Nicole: Well, won't Rachel want to do the planning?

Felicia: Oh -- Rachel, right. I forgot.

Cass: You're a piece of work.

Felicia: Anyway, have they talked to Mac and Rachel yet?

Mitch: Not yet.

Felicia: Oh, boy.

Nicole: Oh. Is that why you said they'd need luck?

Mitch: Well, I just can't imagine that Mac Cory is thrilled about my brother marrying his daughter.

Felicia: Oh, come on, now, don't get on Mac's case.

Mitch: Why not?

Felicia: Because he's upset that Amanda's pregnant --

Nicole: Whoa!

Felicia: Oh.

Nicole: Amanda is pregnant?

Cass: I know how Mac feels about Amanda. I'm certainly glad I'm not Sam.

Felicia: Oh, come on. Stop it. I mean, this is the best opportunity there can be to put the past really in the past.

Mitch: And you really believe that?

Felicia: I really have a good feeling about this wedding.

Mitch: Well, then, maybe we should make it a double ceremony.

Felicia: Who else?

Mitch: You and I.

Nicole: Oh! What a great idea!

Felicia: No. It isn't a great idea. It's just that I think that Amanda and Sam should have their -- their day.

Mitch: Ok, fine.

Felicia: Don't you? I mean, we could have our own day another time.

Mitch: We'll set a date.

Cass: I'll drink to that.

Nicole: Oh!

Felicia: All right.

Nicole: Oh, no, you won't.

Cass: Hear, hear.

Nicole: No, you won't. You're driving, remember?

Cass: Oh, boy, my conscience. Don't leave home without it.

Nicole: Hey, just count your blessings. You tell Sam and Amanda that we wish them both all the luck in the world, ok?

Mitch: I will. Thank you.

Cass: Yeah, and thank Amanda for the article. Tell her the check's in the mail.

Nicole: Oh, please do.

Felicia: We will, we will.

Mitch: I do think that Sam and Amanda are going to need a lot of luck.

Felicia: I think that Mac will come around.

Mitch: You really believe that?

Felicia: Yes, because this is going to be his grandchild.

Mitch: Either that or it's going to be one of his biggest headaches.

Felicia: You know, babies have a way of strengthening a relationship.

Mitch: Or tearing a relationship apart.

Felicia: Oh, Mitch. You're not going to compare this to your relationship with Rachel and Matthew, are you?

Mitch: No, but I know how tough it's going to be on Sam.

Felicia: You know what? If -- if Sam loves his baby as much as you love Matthew, it shouldn't be a problem.

Mitch: What about Amanda?

Felicia: What about her? What?

Mitch: It's a lot of responsibility. She's young, she's --

Felicia: It's a lot of responsibility at any age. But it's also very exciting.

Mitch: You think so?

Felicia: Yeah. Bringing a baby into the world? I mean, that's the kind of experience that every woman would want at any age. Anyway, I -- I have to get back to work, ok? I'll talk to you later?

Reginald: Just find him! Robert, take me to Northrup's apartment. If those incompetents I hired can't find out what happened to him, maybe I can.

Robert: Yes, sir.

[Phone rings]

Reginald: Yes? Northrup's in jail? Wonderful. Well, get to him before Cory does. I don't care how! Just make sure Northrup doesn't talk!

Adam: This guy Northrup -- he works for Reginald Love.

Vince: Did you know that?

Adam: Reginald usually hires somebody else to do his dirty work for him. In this case, I think he had Northrup looking for something. I think you know what that something is.

Jason: I don't know what it is. What do you want me to say?

Adam: Look, you got something that Reginald wants?

Jason: Good looks.

Vince: Answer the man, Jason.

Jason: I don't know what to say. I don't know what you want.

Adam: Do you know Reginald?

Jason: Yeah, I know him. I worked for him. I was his horse trainer a long time ago.

Adam: Does he have some kind of grudge against you?

Jason: Maybe he remembers that the horses always liked me better than they liked him.

Adam: Look, I'm not in the mood for a bunch of flip remarks.

Jason: I'm not in the mood to be interrogated, sergeant.

[Phone rings]

Adam: I'm trying to keep you in one piece, pal! I can't do that unless you come clean with me.


Ada: Mary's Place. Yeah, just a minute. Adam? It's for you. It's your office.

Adam: Just a second. I'm not through with you.

Jason: Fine.

Adam: Adam. What's up?

Vince: You know, if you have something going with Reginald, you've got to be --

Jason: Vinnie, I don't know what he's looking for. The truth, Mary. Truth.

Adam: Are you kidding? Northrup wants to come clean? All right. Yeah -- no, no, I'm on my way. All right. I'm going to have to go. I'm not through talking to you.

Vince: Mary, do you know what he's hiding?

Mary: I think you'd better ask him.

Jason: Vinnie, there's nothing going on, all right?

Vince: No, the two of you were covering up something.

Jason: I'm out of here.

Vince: Now, look, Reginald tried to kill both of you. Why?

Jason: We don't know that for a fact yet, do we?

Vince: Who else would've done it? Mary, what do you know?

Mary: I can't tell you.

Vince: Don't play me for the fool. Not again.

Jason: This could be over real soon.

Mary: It's how it ends that worries me.

Jason: You get your memory back, then you might be able to --

Mary: I am not getting my memory back.

Jason: It doesn't help me, either, to find out what he wants out of me.

Mary: He hasn't even given you a clue in these conversations that you had with him?

Jason: He's always so cool, he just doesn't -- until now.

Mary: What is it?

Jason: His guy is in jail. The bomb didn't work. He's got to be very worried, and a worried man loses his cool and slips up.

Mary: What are you doing?

Jason: I am calling the lion in his den. Reginald Love, please. Well, ring him in his limo. Tell him it's Jason Frame.

Mary: You're not going to go see him?

Jason: Why not, Mary? Reginald, hi. I would just like a little friendly conversation. No, tonight. Now. Meet me at Dorham and 4th in 10 minutes, Southeast corner. Good. He said he'll pick me up in his limo. Very swank.

Mary: Very dangerous.

Jason: He's not going to try to hurt me until he gets from me what he needs.

Mary: You don't know what that is!

Jason: Well, I'm going to go try to find out what it is right now.

Mary: Oh, please be careful.

Jason: What's going to happen in a limo?

Mary: I think you could be very nastily surprised.

Jason: No, it's going to be Reginald who is surprised.

Mary: Why don't you just wait until tomorrow, wait until I have a chance to talk to Michael?

Jason: I told you I can handle it myself. Don't worry.

Mary: That's all I do is worry.

Vince: How you feeling?

Mary: I'm ok.

Vince: I guess I shouldn't have yelled.

Mary: You always yell.

Vince: Yeah, well, I hate it when you shut me out like that!

Mary: Do you really wear that tie?

Vince: Oh, yeah. Your mother gave it to me.

Mary: Oh, no.

Vince: Yeah. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I didn't know the picture would stay around to haunt me.

Mary: Oh, you look so young.

Vince: Do you remember when -- of course you don't re--

Mary: Uh, Vince, that might not be entirely true.

Vince: What?

Mary: When we were arguing before, I had this little flash of seeing you in that jacket and tie. That was when I fainted.

Vince: What are you saying?

Mary: Of course, I think it was just that I -- I had seen the picture before and forgotten about it.

Vince: Wait a minute, Mary. Do you think you're getting your memory back?

Michael: I had a girl. Donna was her name oh, since she left me I'll never be the same oh, I love that girl Donna, where can you be? Where can you be? Oh, Donna

Donna: That's beautiful.

Michael: Oh, Donna. Oh, you're beautiful.

Donna: Hmm?

Michael: Yeah, beautiful.

Donna: You know, this guitar brings back memories.

Michael: Yeah? Like serenading you from the ground to your hotel suite?

Donna: Uh --

Michael: Hmm, hmm?

Donna: I guess you'd say I'm just a sucker for romance, hmm?

Michael: Mm-hmm. And Chinese food.

Donna: Oh. Whoa, you know me too well.

Michael: That's true.

Donna: Oh, no, no, no. Play something else for me -- but a different song. I mean, I'm here now, so those other lyrics don't fit.

Michael: No more music. Not tonight.

Donna: Ok. You know, I never would've dreamed that today would've ended up like this.

Michael: Well, you are a pretty difficult lady to resist.

Donna: Well, I try to be. Come over here.

Michael: Oh, Donna.

Donna: Wait a minute, I just thought you said no more singing. What? What?

Michael: Do you know how -- how long I've wanted to be with you here like this?

Donna: But you're still having problems with us, aren't you?

Michael: Now, don't get all doe-eyed on me. Come on.

Donna: No. No, I'm not. No more games, no more flirtations, no more tricks. I promised you that. I have, Michael. I've learned my lesson.

Michael: I wish I could believe that, Donna.

Donna: Well, I wish things could be the way they used to be.

Michael: Maybe someday they will.

Donna: But not yet?

Michael: Making love is easy, Donna. Trusting isn't.

Donna: For either one of us. You know, whether you believe it or not, it's the same for me, too.

Jason: Well, aren't you going to offer me a glass of champagne?

Reginald: I only reserve champagne for special occasions.

Jason: You crush my feelings. I thought every little meeting we had was a special occasion, Reggie.

Reginald: I'm a busy man, Frame.

Jason: Just driving around in your limo blowing up farms, ransacking people's homes.

Reginald: If you've come here to hurl unfounded accusations, you might as well --

Jason: You reneged on your deal.

Reginald: My deal?

Jason: 60,000 from you, silence from me.

Reginald: You've got your 60,000.

Jason: There was no mention of permanence. I mean, you tried to kill me!

Reginald: You're paranoid.

Jason: The man who planted the bomb works for you.

Reginald: No one can prove that.

Jason: Well, somehow I don't think that prison gray will be a very becoming color to you.

Reginald: Get to the point.

Jason: You're looking for something. You didn't find it. I still have it, and I could destroy you with it.

Reginald: What do you want?

Jason: A better question would be, how much do I want?

Reginald: No matter how much I pay you for the evidence, you'll never hand it over to me.

Jason: What's to say that I don't have it on me right now?

Reginald: I don't like to be manipulated.

Jason: I don't like having my flowers blown up.

Reginald: Next time it may not be your flowers.

Jason: There won't be a next time, Reggie. I have an insurance policy against that now.

Reginald: Have you?

Jason: Yes, a very unique policy. What's the term you used? "Evidence, evidence," yes. See, in case something happens to me, I've situated the evidence so that it will automatically surface. And you will automatically go down under.

Reginald: Pull over, Robert. You get out of this car.

Jason: But we haven't finished our drive through the park.

Reginald: Get out! I'm warning you, Frame. I will not be threatened or intimidated.

Jason: That's my line. And I've changed my mind. I think gray might be very attractive on you. You have a nice day, Reggie.

Nicole: My mother's watch is such a mystery. These numbers engraved on the inside -- I just wonder what they stand for.

Cass: Must mean something to her.

Nicole: Yeah, a special date, something.

Cass: Maybe it's the number of times she wished she hadn't married Reginald.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Their whole relationship is a mystery to me. We never talked about my father.

Cass: She would've been very proud of what you've accomplished.

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: I'd like to think so. You know what?

Cass: What?

Nicole: I think I'll use this watch in the show.

Cass: How?

Nicole: Well, you know that black-belted dress? The one with the low neckline?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, what do you think?

Cass: I think it's a great idea.

Nicole: Yeah?

Cass: But then, you're full of great ideas.

Nicole: Oh. Well, thank you.

Cass: Well, you're welcome.

Nicole: Boy, I never thought I'd see this.

Cass: What, me shoeless? By the way, if we blow it in Monte Carlo, we'll both be shoeless.

Nicole: No, I mean you complimenting me.

Cass: Nicole, I've complimented you before.

Nicole: No. You criticized everything I did.

Cass: Well, now, finally, you're doing everything my way.

Nicole: Oh! Go soak your head.

Cass: Nicole.

Nicole: Huh?

Cass: You've worked hard. You deserve a lot of credit.

Nicole: Hey, I never could have done it without you.

Cass: Well, I guess being a nice guy takes a lot out of me.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Ah.

Nicole: Good night, Cass.

Cass: Good night.

Nicole: I won't be long.

Cass: Ok.

Nicole: Oh. A nice, relaxing bath. Hmm -- bubbles.

Cass: Oh. Colorful. Oh, very, very colorful.

Mary: I am not getting my memory back.

Vince: But if you remembered me in this outfit, this --

Mary: I remember this picture.

Vince: You don't want to have any hope, do you?

Mary: I'm afraid to. I spent a lot of years with doctors telling me I wasn't going to remember.

Vince: Yeah, yeah. Memories aren't all they're cracked up to be, anyway, you know what I mean?

Mary: What's really important is now.

Vince: Yeah. I -- I guess I'd better start to close up now.

Ada: Well, I overheard your good news.

Mary: What?

Ada: I heard you talking to Jason. Do you think you're getting your memory back?

Mary: No.

Ada: Then what we're you talking about?

Mary: I had a little flash of Vince from a long time ago.

Ada: Well, that's something, isn't it?

Mary: I don't think so.

Ada: Mary, you lost a whole part of your life -- your childhood, meeting Vince --

Mary: Leaving Vince.

Ada: You going to stand there and tell me you don't want to remember why?

Mary: Of course I want to remember. I want to remember what we had. I want to remember my babies. I want to know me. I want to know what I did and -- and how I got to here, right now, today!

Ada: You will remember, Mary. You will.

Mary: I've got to accept the fact that it's not going to happen.

Ada: But you did remember something.

Mary: I remembered this picture! This picture has probably been here for months, and I've probably seen it six dozen times.

Ada: No, it hasn't.

Mary: What?

Ada: Cheryl just put that picture up there this morning.

Mary: But I left before she got here.

Ada: Then it wasn't seeing the picture. Mary, you remembered!

[Water runs]

Nicole: How sweet. He added the bubbles. Oh, Cass Winthrop, you are full of surprises.

[Michael hums]

Donna: Oh, hey, you don't have to do that.

Michael: I know. I want to. You know, I bought it. I consumed most of it. Besides, we're supposed to help each other, right?

Donna: Yeah, I guess we should.

Michael: Like with trusting.

Donna: I meant what I said. It is a two-way street, you know. And I just have some of my own things I need to work through.

Michael: Like my bullheadedness.

Donna: Yes, you can -- you can be very stubborn.

Michael: I know. I know, I know.

Donna: Do you really?

Michael: Yeah. Look, I may be stubborn, but I'm not a fool, Donna. I know that it's not easy living with a perfectionist.

Donna: You know, I think you think that's funny. But, Michael, it's not. I mean, most of us -- almost all of us are not perfect. And we try to be because there are people out there who make us feel like that we have to be. I mean, that's a lot of pressure.

Michael: Well, are you saying that you feel like I made you think you had to be that way?

Donna: Well, you -- you took me and you molded me into what you wanted me to be.

Michael: No, I didn't. I -- Donna, I just wanted you to find the good things about yourself.

Donna: Yeah, but in the process, you know, you scared the hell out of me that I would fail you.

Michael: You got to do things for yourself, honey. You can't do things for me. I mean --

Donna: I hope you really believe that. You know, I know that you think you do. So why don't you just let me be imperfect? I mean, after all, life really, really is imperfect.

Michael: Yeah. Nobody's perfect. I know I have to accept that.

Donna: I think that's the first time I've ever heard you admit that.

Michael: Well, that may be the first time I ever have admitted that.

Donna: You sorry you made love to me?

Michael: No. Gave me a good excuse to order Chinese food.

Donna: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Well, you know what?

Michael: What?

Donna: I'm still really very, very hungry.

[Phone rings]

Michael: I don't believe this.

Donna: Don't -- no, no, no, no.

Michael: I got to get it.

Donna: Don't answer it.

Michael: I got to. I'm sorry.

Donna: Don't --

Michael: Just wait. Don't go away, ok? Don't go anywhere.


Michael: Hello?

Adam: Mike, it's Adam. Listen, I'm sorry to bother you so late.

Michael: What is it, Adam?

Adam: Uh -- I need you to come down to the station right away.

Michael: Adam, it's not Vicky, is it?

Donna: Michael, what? Something's happened to Victoria?

Adam: No, no. No, it's nothing like that, but it's very important. I can't talk to you about it on the phone.

Michael: Ok. Honey, it's not Vicky, no. Adam, look, I'll be right down, all right?

Adam: All right.

Michael: I got to see Adam.

Donna: Right now?

Michael: Well, he said it was important.

Donna: Oh. Well, fine. I understand.

Michael: Donna, I'll be back here late, very late.

Donna: Yeah, ok.

Michael: I'll call you tomorrow.

Felicia: Ok, thanks.

Mitch: Felicia --

Felicia: Oh -- in a minute, Mitch.

Mitch: No, no, no, you don't.

Felicia: No, really, I'm so --

Mitch: No -- no more flying by.

Felicia: I'm sorry, it's just that I'm so busy tonight.

Mitch: Do you want to have a baby?

Felicia: Not tonight.

Mitch: Earlier, we were talking about Sam and Amanda having a baby.

Felicia: Yeah?

Mitch: He said something to the effect that it was -- it's what every woman wants.

Felicia: Well, I don't know about every woman.

Mitch: What about you?

Felicia: Don't you think this is an odd conversation to be having in the middle of a restaurant?

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: Ok.

Mitch: Well?

Felicia: Well, uh -- yeah, I suppose.

Mitch: You suppose?

Felicia: Well, I mean, it's not the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning, but it's in the back of my mind.

Mitch: But you have?

Felicia: Well, let's just say I haven't found the time to pencil it in, so to speak.

Mitch: What about when you and Zane were married?

Felicia: I did think about having a baby then. But then when he was killed, I figured that it wasn't meant to be.

Mitch: It's not too late.

Felicia: Are you saying, in your usual roundabout way, that you would like to have a baby with me?

Mitch: I'm just wondering what it is that you want.

Felicia: Why? You don't want one?

Mitch: I know that it's a lot to consider. That's all I'm saying.

Felicia: Mitch, you're the one who brought this up.

Mitch: You're the one that said you wanted to have a baby.

Felicia: No, no, I said that it was an experience that -- that every woman --

Mitch: Ok. Ok. I just wanted to clear things up.

Felicia: You know, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm really totally confused here. Could you try and tell me what it is you want?

Mitch: To take -- just to take things a day at a time.

Felicia: Oh. Fine. Fine. Well, I'm just thrilled that we cleared that up.

Cass: Splish splash I was taking a bath

Nicole: Cass? What are you doing in here?

Cass: Nicole.

Michael: Adam, are you sure this guy Northrup works for Reginald?

Adam: Positive. He's been with him for years.

Michael: And he's willing to talk?

Adam: To you.

Michael: He can talk to me for days. This is music to my ears.

Adam: This is the deal we've been waiting for.

Michael: Why is he willing to talk? I mean, no one who works for Reginald ever talks.

Adam: Maybe he just doesn't want to take the heat all by himself.

Michael: Finally.

Adam: We can nail him on this.

Michael: Oh, I have been waiting for this for years.

Adam: You know, I think Northrup knows that.

Michael: Look, what does he want?

Adam: Protection. He wants to make sure he's alive after Reginald finds out what he's done.

Michael: Fine, I'll get my security guys on this right away.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Cory. What? All right, I'll be right down. There's been a stabbing in one of the jail cells.

Michael: Northrup?

Reginald: It's done, then? Good work. Give the man his money and get him on the next plane out of the country. One down, one to go.

Cass: Ahem.

Nicole: What are you staring at?

Cass: Bubbles.

Nicole: Will you get out of here?

Cass: Hey! What do you mean, get out of here? This is my bath!

Nicole: Your bath?

Cass: That's what I said -- my bath.

Nicole: I thought that you put the bubbles in for me.

Cass: Your personal maidservant I am not.

Nicole: Well, it's just that when I saw the bubbles, and, you know --

Cass: What, can't a guy take a bath?

Nicole: Well, you used my bubble bath.

Cass: Yeah, so?

Nicole: Well, so, this is a woman's bubble bath.

Cass: What is the difference between a woman's bubble bath and a man's bubble bath? Bigger bubbles?

Nicole: Well, listen, Cass --

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Uh --

Cass: I'm going. I'm going.

Nicole: Well, I could get out.

Cass: Forget it. The bubbles are fading anyway.

Nicole: What?

[Cass laughs]

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: I got you! I got you!

Nicole: Good night, Cass.

Cass: Good night.

Nicole: Hey, sorry I ruined your bath.

Cass: Well, real men don't take baths, right? Bye.

[Nicole laughs]

Cass: Especially when what they need is a cold shower.

Mary: Do you think that that's poss-- no, it's not. It's not. We're just dealing with a fluke here, that's all.

Ada: Mary, why are you fighting this?

Mary: Because the doctor said it wasn't going to happen.

Ada: But you remembered something. Why don't you go and see your doctor again?

Mary: Ok. I'll go tomorrow.

Ada: Vince is going to go bananas!

Mary: No, don't tell him.

Ada: Why not?

Mary: Please, because he'll want to go with me and he'll ask all kinds of questions.

Ada: And what?

Mary: And a lot of this, if I am going to remember, will have to do with him.

Ada: It could be a lot to handle.

Mary: Yes. And I'd like to have some time to deal with it on my own before he knows.

Ada: Yeah, well, ok, but he hates seeing you hold out on him, you know.

Mary: Yes.

Ada: Ok, ok, if it's what you want. But don't you chicken out on that doctor's appointment, you hear me?

Mary: I won't. But I'm scared.

Ada: A little excited, too, huh?

Mary: Very excited.

Ada: Me, too. Oh, gee, I hope you don't remember that 20 bucks I borrowed from you.

Jason: I got him running.

Mary: What? Oh, you saw Reginald.

Jason: Yeah, he is scared.

Mary: Did you find out what it was that you've got?

Jason: No, it's just I know for sure that he thinks I got it, whatever it is, and it's got to have something to do with Elizabeth's murder.

Mary: But you don't know what it is!

Jason: Yes and no.

Mary: What does that mean?

Jason: It's something that I would be able to carry on me, and it's got to be something that could be able to put him away forever.

Michael: Northrup, it's Michael Hudson.

Northrup: Watch.

Michael: What? What did you want to tell me?

Northrup: Watch. Reginald --

Michael: I will, Northrup. I'll be careful. What? What did you want to tell me?

Northrup: Watch.

Michael: Northrup? Northrup! Northrup!

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