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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/7/04

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Amanda: Hey. Good morning.

Sam: Hi. Do you always look this way in the morning?

Amanda: How do I look?

Sam: Beautiful.

Amanda: Must just be because I'm waking up next to you. This has been so great.

Sam: Yeah, I know. Makes me not want to go back.

Amanda: What time is our flight?

Sam: 7:00.

Amanda: Well, I guess we're going to have to think of something to tell my parents.

Sam: About what?

Amanda: About us. About what our plans are.

Sam: Amanda, this is a new beginning for the two of us. That's all I know what to say.

Amanda: Sounds like a good start to me. I love you.

Sam: I love you, too. Do you know that?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: No matter what happens back in Bay City, I will always, always love you.

Amanda: I don't want to talk about Bay City. Not now.

Michael: Donna, Victoria was just about to apologize for that remark.

Donna: She doesn't have to.

Vicky: Yeah, face it, dad, this isn't exactly "father knows best."

Michael: Victoria, I am sick of your snotty, little remarks. I'm also sick of the way you are treating your mother.

Vicky: Oh, sorry.

Donna: Michael, I can handle this.

Michael: You shouldn't have to, Donna.

Donna: No, I want to. Victoria, I'm worried about you.

Vicky: Oh, don't be, Donna.

Donna: No. No, you are very comfortable with your judgments of other people.

Michael: I was just telling her the same thing.

Donna: Well, I used to be that way.

Vicky: Oh, and you learned the error of your ways?

Michael: Victoria.

Donna: Yes, I think I have.

Vicky: Well, gee, Donna, maybe I could learn by your example.

Michael: Victoria, that is enough!

Donna: Victoria, I want very much to be your mother and to be close to you. But I, too, am very tired of all this rudeness and these snide remarks. Now, if you don't want to have anything to do with me, I suggest you tell me that now because things are not going to go on the way they have been.

Jason: Of course she didn't. She was too busy stealing grocery money. That doesn't do me any good at all. Suicide might.

[Knock on door]

Mary: Put that thing away.

Jason: I didn't think it was you.

Mary: Boy, I'll bet you don't have any trouble with door-to-door salesmen.

Jason: So I overreacted.

Mary: How long can you go on like this?

Jason: As long as I have to.

Mary: You were ready to fillet whoever walked in the door.

Jason: All right, Mary, what do you want?

Mary: You can't fight Reginald alone.

Jason: That's up to me, isn't it?

Mary: No, it's not. Not as long as you're putting other people in danger.

Jason: Like who?

Mary: Like everybody who lives and works in this building, most of whom happen to be people I love.

Jason: Fine. I'll move, all right?

Mary: Where are you going to go? The farm that got bombed?

Jason: I'll find a place.

Mary: What is it with you? What is it, some kind of macho thing? Why won't you go to the police?

Jason: What, go to your Adam Cory? Is that what you really want?

Mary: Happens to be a wonderful policeman.

Jason: Happens to be a Cory.

Mary: So what?

Jason: When you're dealing with Reginald Love, you have to do it alone. He has probably got a payroll as long as your arm in this city, and I'm sure there are going to be cops on it.

Mary: Not Adam.

Jason: Listen to me -- you deal with Reginald, you deal with him alone.

Mary: But you're not alone.

Jason: Tell me about it. That's not what I had in mind.

Mary: Wasn't it?

Jason: No, you bloody well know it wasn't.

Mary: Yeah? Why did you keep badgering me, then?

Jason: I shouldn't have.

Mary: If you didn't want me involved, why did you keep after me?

Jason: Because you were there that night.

Mary: What night?

Jason: The night of the fire, the night Elizabeth died, you were there.

Mary: What is that, some kind of minor detail you forgot to tell me?

Jason: I've been trying to jog your mind with it for I don't know how long, but you still don't remember, do you? What's wrong?

Mary: "What's wrong"? You just told me I might have been in the house the night of the murder, and you want to know what's wrong?

Jason: You have pain? What is it?

Mary: It's a headache. It's probably just stress.

Jason: It started the day of the explosion.

Mary: I think that might qualify as stress.

Jason: Well, did the doctor check you out thoroughly?

Mary: Wait a minute. Does Reginald know that I was there?

Jason: I don't know. I'm not sure.

Mary: Oh, Jason, now I'm scared.

Jason: Hey, I'm not because I'm too macho for that, right?

Mary: You have got to talk to someone.

Jason: Not the cops, I don't. No way.

Mary: I know -- I know who you could talk to. Not -- couldn't possibly, possibly be on Reginald's payroll.

Jason: How do you know that?

Mary: And he has resources that could maybe help us get to the bottom of this.

Jason: Then why would he want to get involved?

Mary: Because he hates Reginald as much as you do.

Jason: That may not be possible.

Mary: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah.

Mary: I'm talking about Michael Hudson.

Donna: Victoria --

Michael: You know something, I think this is between the two of you.

Donna: Yes, so do I.

Michael: I have an engagement I'll take care of. Victoria, use your head.

Donna: Is that what you really want? To have nothing to do with me?

Vicky: Donna, you seem to know all the answers. Why don't you tell me.

Donna: All right, I will. I think you need me.

Vicky: I don't need you. I learned that from the beginning.

Donna: I think you do because I am the only person that you can be angry with.

Vicky: Donna, that --

Donna: You know, you really don't have very many friends except for your father, and you really don't have anyone in the family that you can trust except maybe me.

Vicky: You?

Donna: Yes. Because you can do or say anything you want to me, and you know that I'm going to keep coming back.

Vicky: Well, you just told me that wasn't true anymore!

Donna: Victoria, what are you so afraid of?

Vicky: Not you.

Donna: No, I don't believe that. This whole attitude of yours is just a cover.

Vicky: Donna, I'm not covering anything.

Donna: You are afraid that I am going to take away the one person that you love the most in this world, and that's your father.

Vicky: You couldn't do that.

Donna: No, I couldn't, and I wouldn't want to. Now, I wish you could just believe me.

Vicky: Must have taken you a long time to think of all this garbage that you're telling me.

Donna: All right, Victoria. I am willing to stay out of your life if that's what you really want. But you know, we are going to be around each other and we're going to be seeing a lot of each other, so things are going to have to be different. I know I cannot demand your love, but I do want some respect.

Vicky: And what do I get for giving you this respect?

Donna: You get the assurance that you're not going to be alone.

Vicky: I don't need your assurance, Donna, or anybody else's, for that matter.

Donna: No, I think you do because I think that's what this is all about. You are. You are afraid of being alone.

Amanda: Let's just stay here all day.

Sam: Are you kidding? Come on, this is New York City. Now, what do you feel like when I say a walk through Central Park on a beautiful winter day? Or the museum of modern art?

Amanda: Hmm --

Sam: Or shopping?

Amanda: Are we going to have time for all of this?

Sam: Yeah, sure. We can pick up a flight to Bay City tomorrow morning.

Amanda: You don't want to leave, do you?

Sam: No, I don't. I mean, I want to see a Broadway play.

Amanda: Are you trying to have fun, or are you trying to avoid my parents?

Sam: Your parents are not going to be a problem.

Amanda: You don't think so?

Sam: Uh-uh. Not when they see how much we love each other and how committed we are to raising our child together.

Amanda: Is that what we are? Committed?

Sam: Definitely.

Sam: Come on.

Amanda: Where are we going?

Sam: We're going shopping.

Amanda: Oh. More baby stuff?

Sam: No. Today we're going to buy stuff for the mom.

Amanda: Me?

Sam: Yeah, you. Today, I am going to buy something for the woman I love.

Amanda: Sounds wonderful. You'll feel so confident underneath it all.

Mary: Why aren't you saying anything?

Jason: Why Michael Hudson?

Mary: Because of his history with Reginald.

Jason: What history?

Mary: Well, you worked with him in the stables. You should know that.

Jason: A lot of people worked for Reggie.

Mary: And Reginald never hurt anyone as much as he hurt Michael.

Jason: Are you forgetting Elizabeth?

Mary: Please talk to him. I know this man. I work for him. I know he can be trusted.

Jason: Well, I'm used to working alone.

Mary: And you're doing such a swell job of it.

Jason: Fine, you're out of it as of right now. Go. Stay away from me. You'll be fine. You'll be safe.

Mary: Oh, you can't guarantee that. You just told me I'm probably an eyewitness.

Jason: Yeah, but Reggie doesn't know that. He thinks you can't remember. And as long as he thinks that way, you're safe.

Mary: What about you? You're jumping at people with knives.

Jason: Next time knock, then.

Mary: Maybe you should just drop the whole thing. Let Reginald think that you've come to a dead end.

Jason: No.

Mary: Why? You haven't done anything all these years. Why now?

Jason: Because I thought he was dead all these years. There's no gain.

Mary: Now there is?

Jason: He should pay and he should pay dearly.

Mary: I couldn't agree with you more. I'm just not going to let you do it alone.

Jason: That's up to me, isn't it?

Mary: You don't know me very well.

Jason: Where are you going?

Mary: I'm going to talk to Michael and tell him what I know, and I would really prefer it if you came with me.

Jason: No, I won't do that.

Mary: Fine.

Jason: Mary, don't do it!

Mary: Jason, too late.

Jason: Mary! Mary --

Mary: Good morning.

Ada: Hi.

Mary: Hi.

Ada: How do you feel?

Mary: Better, thanks.

Ada: Want something to eat?

Mary: No, I have to go out.

Ada: Ok. Think about it.

Vince: Ooh. Where are you off to?

Mary: Thank you. I'm going to see Michael.

Vince: You're not thinking of going back to work already?

Mary: No. No, I'm -- I'm going to see if I can interest him in a project of Jason's.

Jason: I do not need Michael's help.

Mary: We'll see. See you later.

Vince: Bye.

Jason: Mary, how do I talk you out of this?

Mary: Don't look, don't look. Come over here, come over here. Do you see that guy sitting over there at the table? The one who's sitting low?

Jason: What about him?

Mary: That's the man that I saw coming out of your apartment.

Jason: The guy who trashed my place?

Mary: Yes. I'm practically positive. Please, you've got to call the police.

Jason: No.

Mary: No? This guy is sitting here, hanging around this place, and Vince is over there --

Jason: I will take care of him, Mary.

Mary: Sure, right. Until tomorrow.

Jason: Where are you going?

Mary: Somebody has got to do something.

Jason: Vinny. Oh, sorry. You mind if I go through the kitchen? My car is out in the alley.

Vince: Oh, sure, sure. Go ahead.

Jason: Thanks.

Jason: Hi. Mr. Love send you back to try again?

Donna: You know, Victoria, ever since I have known you, you have dared people to love you. Well, let me tell you something. They get tired of being tested. And if you end up alone in this world, it's because you have brought it all upon yourself.

Vicky: Is that a threat?

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Hello?

Lisa: Vicky, it's Lisa.

Vicky: Hi.

Lisa: Hi. I just dropped Jamie off at the hospital. Are you going to be back here today?

Vicky: Yeah.

Lisa: Could we talk?

Vicky: Um -- sure, sure. What about?

Lisa: Jamie. I think we need to iron out a few things.

Vicky: Oh. Ok, I'll be by in a little while.

Lisa: Good. See you then.

Vicky: Ok. Bye.

Donna: Do you mind me asking who that was?

Vicky: Lisa Grady.

Donna: Really? Felicia's niece? I didn't know you two were friends.

Vicky: Yes. Yes, Donna, I do have some friends, ok?

Donna: Victoria, I am delighted.

Vicky: I've got to go.

Donna: No. No, we have not settled this.

Vicky: I think we have. You take care of your life, I'll take care of my life. I won't get in your way, ok?

Donna: Fine. But I do -- I do want you to know that I still would love for us to be close. And I will, Victoria -- I will do anything you want me to.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: Well, is there anything?

Vicky: You know that ski lodge you have?

Donna: Yes.

Vicky: Want to let me borrow it for a couple days?

Donna: Well, I guess so. Why?

Vicky: I love to ski.

Donna: I didn't even know you knew how.

Vicky: Lisa does.

Donna: Oh. Oh, and you two would like to go up there?

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. So if you could leave the keys here, it would be great. I've got to come back and pack.

Donna: Victoria -- look, what we just talked about -- I mean, did any of it mean anything to you?

Vicky: Donna, I can't stop you from getting back together with my father. You two are going to do whatever you want to do.

Donna: Yes, but we have no intention of shutting you out.

Vicky: I don't care if you do. Because, you see, Donna, I'm going to do whatever I want to, too.

Northrup: Hey, you better watch it with that thing. Looks kind of dangerous.

Jason: What does he want from me?

Northrup: Who?

Jason: You know who. Your boss, Reginald Love.

Northrup: Reginald who?

Jason: Cut the crap.

Vince: Hey, hey, what's going on back here? Hey, Ada, call the cops! Hey, hey, break it up!

Jason: Don't let him get away!

Vince: Oh, I have no intention of letting him get away. What is this all about?

Jason: Nothing, I got him now. Why don't you go on inside.

Vince: Hey, that was fast.

Ada: He was coming in for lunch.

Officer: What's going on here?

Vince: This guy was beating up on my friend.

Officer: That's a very bad idea, pal.

Northrup: Take a hike.

Officer: I love it when these guys get mean.

Vince: What was he trying to do to you?

Ada: That's what I'd like to know.

Jason: Oh, he was just trying to shake me down, that's all.

Vince: Why?

Northrup: I want a lawyer.

Officer: Don't worry, pal. You're going to get everything you deserve. Let's go.

Jason: You're taking him in?

Officer: You want to press charges, don't you?

Vince: Sure, he does.

Officer: Come on.

Vince: Hey, hey, that's evidence.

Jason: It's not his.

Vince: Ada, you must be getting chilly.

Ada: Chilly? I'm burning up.

Vince: Go mind the store. I want to talk to Jason. Please?

Vince: I don't see your car anywhere.

Jason: It's out on the street, Vinny.

Vince: So the reason you came through the kitchen wasn't because of the car. It was because you wanted to get that guy out here in the alley.

Jason: The second I came out here, I could see he was trouble.

Vince: Will you stop lying to me? You know a whole lot more than that. Now, you didn't tell the cop anything, but you got to tell me. Come on.

Jason: No, I don't.

Vince: A whole lot of people want me to throw you out of that apartment upstairs, but I said no.

Jason: I can see that, I can see that.

Vince: "Jason's an old friend of mine. If he was in trouble, he'd say something to me." That's the guy who set the bomb off on your farm, isn't it? Now, he's sitting in my restaurant, drinking a cup of coffee, and he also almost killed Mary.

Jason: Vinny, he's on his way to jail. Just forget the rest, all right?

Vince: What does he want from you?

Sam: There's lots of nice stuff in here.

Amanda: Yeah. Some of these rings are beautiful.

Sam: Yeah. You know what I really like?

Amanda: What?

Sam: That.

Amanda: The jewelry box?

Sam: Yeah. Do you have one?

Amanda: Well, I did, but the little ballerina fell off.

Sam: Oh. One of those kid ones, huh?

Amanda: Yeah. I keep my jewelry in a little envelope.

Woman: May I show you something?

Sam: Yes, as a matter of fact. I'd like to see the jewelry box on the second shelf.

Woman: It's beautiful, isn't it?

Sam: Yeah, it is. What's the brass plate for?

Woman: Engraving. A monogram, or whatever. Has a little tray that pulls out.

Sam: You like it?

Amanda: Sure. Who wouldn't?

Sam: Yeah, how much is it?

Woman: It's all lined of suede, and there's a great deal of work in it. It's $1,500.

Amanda: 1,500?

Woman: It's the kind of gift that's meant to last a lifetime.

Amanda: Do you realize how many payments that would be for you?

Sam: Yeah. We could give it to our daughter, though.

Amanda: Sam, it's too much money.

Sam: All right. I guess you're right. Thanks for showing it to us.

Woman: Of course. Could I show you anything else?

Sam: No, I guess not. Thanks anyway.

Woman: Of course.

Sam: So, you upset?

Amanda: No. No, I'm fine. So what's next?

Sam: Um -- I got to go buy some art supplies.

Amanda: Great, I'll go with you.

Sam: Uh -- you'd be bored. Come on, I just got to talk brush tips with the salesman for about an hour.

Amanda: A whole hour?

Sam: Why don't you go back to the hotel and I'll meet you there. We'll go have lunch and do the museum.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: You're not mad, are you?

Amanda: No. No, I want you to take your time because I want you to get exactly what you want.

Sam: Ok.

Donna: Oh, great.

[Knock on door]

Donna: Oh.

Donna: Mary, hi.

Mary: Hi. Is Michael here?

Donna: No, no, I'm sorry, he isn't. Actually, I'm waiting for him myself. Please, please, come on in.

Mary: Do you know when he's going to be back?

Donna: No, I'm sorry. I don't.

Mary: Oh, I should have called first. I've got to talk to him.

Donna: Well, didn't you see him at the office?

Mary: No, well, I'm sort of taking a couple of days off.

Donna: Oh.

Mary: Maybe he's at Tops.

Donna: I really don't know. He didn't say where he was going. But you're welcome to wait here.

Mary: Well, I would except -- oh, what pretty flowers.

Donna: Yes, I kind of bought out the florist. A peace offering.

Mary: Oh, and you're waiting for him to come back.

Donna: Well, no, that's all right. Really, you can wait.

Mary: No, no. No, no, no, it's all right. This can wait, I hope. Just tell him for me, please, I must, must talk to him in the morning.

Donna: Of course. You know I will.

Mary: I've noticed something about Michael.

Donna: What?

Mary: He seems happier.

Donna: You really think so?

Mary: Yeah, I really do. I figure maybe it's because now there's a little bit of hope.

Donna: I hope you're right.

Mary: Good luck.

Donna: Thank you, thank you. And I'll tell him to call you.

Mary: Thanks.

Donna: All right. Oh, where was I? Martinis, of course.

[Donna hums]

Donna: Oh, just one more ice cube. Oh, Michael!

Michael: Hi.

Donna: I didn't know when to expect you back.

Michael: Well, neither did I. Where's -- where's Vicky?

Donna: Oh, she went to the hospital. Did you see Mary McKinnon in the hallway?

Michael: No. Was I supposed to?

Donna: Well, yes, she just left. Well, anyway, she wants you to call her in the morning. It's very important.

Michael: Call her in the morning? Ok.

Donna: All right.

Michael: Hey, the place looks nice.

Donna: Yeah, but, you know, you really should do something about your maid service.

Michael: Wait, you did this?

Donna: Yeah, yeah. It was kind of fun.

Michael: So, how'd it go with Vicky?

Donna: Oh. Well, let's just say that we came to an understanding.

Michael: And what was that?

Donna: She is going to concentrate on her own life, not ours.

Michael: Fantastic. I think I'll continue that conversation with her tonight.

Donna: Well, you won't be able to.

Michael: Why not?

Donna: Because she and Lisa went up to the ski lodge for a few days. Well, I told her it was all right.

Michael: Oh. I see -- you got rid of Vicky, then you hung out here and fixed some flowers and tidied up, right?

Donna: Right.

Michael: Yeah. I know how fond you are of cleaning.

Donna: I told you, it was actually kind of fun.

Michael: Yeah, I'll bet. And then you told Mary that I would call her in the morning?

Donna: Right.

Michael: And then you just made some martinis?

Donna: Well, yeah -- well, you do still like them? They are your favorite, aren't they?

Michael: Yeah, I -- I do. You betcha.

Donna: Why are you looking at me like that?

Michael: Donna, I left you alone here so you could talk to Vicky.

Donna: I did talk with her.

Michael: Did you also get rid of her so that we could spend the night here together?

Vicky: Lisa.

Lisa: Hi.

Vicky: Hi. I was a bit worried by your message. You seemed upset.

Lisa: I am upset.

Vicky: What's the matter?

Lisa: There's been something bothering me, and I've been thinking about it and I decided that to be direct would be best.

Vicky: Is it something I did?

Lisa: You were in New York with Jamie.

Vicky: I know. That was such a crazy coincidence.

Lisa: It wasn't a coincidence, Vicky.

Vicky: What?

Lisa: I was talking to Nathan, and he says you really jumped at the chance to go out of your way and see Jamie.

Vicky: You were talking to Nathan?

Lisa: Yeah. And then I remembered that night that it snowed and you got stuck, and you and Jamie had to stay together in the store.

Vicky: Yeah. You thought I planned that, too?

Lisa: I don't know, Vicky. But I want to ask you something.

Vicky: Sure, go ahead.

Lisa: Are you trying to get between Jamie and me?

Lisa: Vicky, I do want to be your friend, but you have got to be honest with me.

Vicky: Ok. I am. You and Jamie are the two people that brought me out of my coma. You kept calling to me, and I heard your voice. Lisa, I owe you my life. And I hope that you wouldn't think that I would pay you back by trying to steal Jamie away from you.

Lisa: Well, I did hope not.

Vicky: Look, I've never had that many girlfriends. It wasn't really my style. But your friendship really means a lot to me, if you are my friend.

Lisa: Yeah, I am.

Vicky: Good.

Lisa: I'm sorry I brought this up.

Vicky: No, no, don't apologize. You and Jamie are ok, aren't you?

Lisa: Yeah, we're great. We're really great.

Vicky: Because I have this idea, and now I'm afraid you're going to think I have some ulterior motive.

Lisa: No, no, I won't. I won't.

Vicky: I'm kind of a little bit hesitant to say it.

Lisa: It's ok, Vicky. Say it.

Vicky: Well, Donna has this ski lodge. It's about an hour away from Bay City, and I was thinking that the three of us could drive up there and go skiing for a couple days.

Lisa: I love to ski.

Vicky: I know. And on the way over here, I was listening to the radio and they say the conditions are just perfect.

Lisa: You know, I don't even have to be at work for a couple of days yet. Vick, terrific. Then it's settled.

Lisa: Sure.

Vicky: Good. I just hope you don't think I'm trying to get closer to Jamie.

Lisa: Well, it wouldn't even matter if you were.

Vicky: And why is that?

Lisa: Because Jamie just started a 36-hour shift and he can't go.

Vicky: Oh. Well, then, it looks like it's you and me.

Lisa: You sure you want to?

Vicky: Of course. Now, why don't you go home, pack your stuff, and we'll head on our way this afternoon.

Lisa: Hey, do you want me to drive?

Vicky: No, that's ok.

Lisa: Vicky, listen, you're inviting me. I can take my car.

Vicky: All right, deal.

Lisa: Ok. I will call you later, and we'll figure out what time to leave.

Vicky: Ok.

Lisa: Ok. Talk to you soon.

Vicky: Bye.

Doctor: Hey, Vick.

Vicky: Hi, Dave.

Dave: What's wrong?

Vicky: That obvious?

Dave: It's not that hard to read your moods.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I'm going skiing for a couple days.

Dave: Oh, yeah. That's real depressing.

Vicky: Yeah, well, it's with a girl.

Dave: Well, my shift just ended. You want me to take your place?

Vicky: No, but your shift just ended?

Dave: Yep. One more set of vital signs and I am out of here.

Vicky: Hey, want to do me a favor?

Dave: We to the mountains with you?

Vicky: No.

Dave: I thought that was too much to hope for.

Vicky: But the girl I'm going with is Jamie Frame's girlfriend.

Dave: Lisa?

Vicky: Yeah, yeah.

Dave: Now I'm really disappointed.

Vicky: Well, she would have so much more fun if Jamie could be there to share the excitement.

Dave: Vicky --

Vicky: Yeah. Don't you think you could just cover part of the shift for Lisa?

Jason: Vinny, I'm telling you, the second I got out there, he started hassling me.

Vince: And you pulled a knife.

Jason: I didn't know what he was going to do.

Vince: You didn't?

Jason: No.

Vince: A few weeks ago, I asked you why you came back to Bay City. You never gave me a straight answer.

Jason: I retired. I had to move somewhere.

Vince: Ever since you've been back here, there has been nothing but trouble.

Jason: I'm sorry about that.

Vince: Now, I never said anything when your room got tossed, not even when my house got busted into, or when Mary almost got killed because you kept saying, "hey, I don't know anything about it."

Jason: Well, I still don't.

Vince: Then why are you walking around Mary's Place with a knife?

Jason: Back off, Vinny.

Vince: I think maybe you ought to start looking for someplace else to live.

Jason: I will. I'll do that for you.

Vince: And if anything else happens, especially to Mary, I'm going to hold you responsible.

Mary: What's going on here?

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Hi. What's that?

Sam: Oh, art supplies.

Amanda: You really went?

Sam: Well, yeah, that's what I said. I mean, you can't get these brushes just anywhere.

Amanda: Yeah, that's right.

Sam: So are you ready to go to lunch?

Amanda: Sure. Just let me get my coat.

Sam: Before you put that on, why don't you open this first?

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Before you open this, I don't want to hear anything about money because I've never bought you anything, ok? And I think the operative phrase here is, do you remember that plaque that could be engraved?

Amanda: "Amanda Cory, will you marry me?"

Sam: You got to say yes. See, I can't take it back after it's been engraved. Well?

Mary: I couldn't talk to Michael.

Jason: Ok.

Mary: But I will first thing in the morning.

Jason: Suit yourself. Vinny, I will be out of here just the second I can.

Mary: I just saw a police car leaving here.

Vince: I saw some guy and Jason out in the alley. They were -- they were duking it out.

Mary: Gee, I wonder why.

Vince: Are you trying to tell me that you don't know why?

Mary: Vince --

Vince: Mary, something is going on with Jason and you know all about it, now, don't you?

Mary: Well, I know that you were just arguing with him inside.

Vince: How did you get mixed up with him?

Mary: I didn't mean to, believe me.

Vince: But you're still not going to tell me anything?

Mary: I can't. Not yet.

Vince: You know, the day of that explosion, when I heard about it, I thought maybe you were dead.

Mary: I know.

Vince: You have a real stubborn streak in you, Mary McKinnon, but there are some things you can't handle.

Mary: I'm not going to be trying to take care of this by myself. I promise you that.

Vince: Oh, that was all that talk about Michael, huh?

Mary: Yes, yes.

Vince: The two of you won't tell me?

Mary: It's not what you think.

Vince: I don't know what to think. You're not telling me anything.

Mary: But that's really for your own good.

Vince: Don't try and protect me by saying it's for my own good! Now, will you stop keeping things from me? Talk to me, damn it! Talk to me, damn it! Talk to me! Oh, my God.

Donna: Michael, I talked with Victoria. I told you, we came to an understanding.

Michael: Ok, what kind of understanding?

Donna: Well, I mean, things aren't perfect, but they're certainly better.

Michael: For who, Donna?

Donna: For everyone! Look, I don't understand. What are you accusing me of here?

Michael: Donna, I'm not accusing you of anything. I just don't think you're being too subtle, that's all.

Donna: About what?

Michael: Did you use your conversation with Vicky to get rid of her for the night?

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see. You -- you think that I got rid of Victoria just so you and I could be alone together.

Michael: Come on, Donna, you got to admit you've done it before.

Donna: I can't believe this. You actually think that I would --

Michael: Donna, I'm sorry. I don't know what to think, all right? I come home, there's flowers, the place is cleaned up, you got martinis made, Vicky's gone.

Donna: Well, you could think that I tried to work things out with my daughter, and then I tried to make things nice for you.

Michael: Donna, you do not dust without a reason.

Donna: Oh, that's it. You know, I have really had it with you and your ego.

Michael: Donna, this has nothing to do with my ego.

Donna: Oh, no, it has everything to do with your ego because, you know, you're always -- you're always looking out for my next little scheme.

Michael: Donna, you got to admit, I'm not often that wrong.

Donna: Oh, you know, I bet you really do love this, don't you? "Oh, here's Donna. She's going to do anything she can to possibly get close to me again."

Michael: Donna, you're misconstruing everything I'm saying.

Donna: Oh, right, right! Another flaw. Of course. You know, this must be really a burden for you because you are so perfect and the rest of us aren't, and you have to put up with all of that. That's it.

Michael: Oh, come on, what are you doing?

Donna: I am going to change your impression of me. You see these flowers? You don't want these flowers? You don't care about these flowers? Fine! There they go. And now the martinis. You have no desire for the martinis, so forget it. We don't have to do that.

Michael: Uh -- can you stop now, Donna?

Donna: No more martinis!

Michael: You going to stop now?

Donna: No, I am not going to stop! I've had it with all of this! I'm not going to take it anymore.

Michael: Oh, really?

Donna: Yes!

Michael: I'm sorry, you're not going anywhere until you talk to me.

Donna: No, I am not going to talk to you!

Michael: Donna, you are going to talk.

Donna: Michael, stop it! Take your hands off of me.

Michael: No, you stop it, Donna.

Donna: No, Michael, please!

Michael: Donna, I have had it with you.

Donna: Just stop it! Michael --

Sam: What do you say?

Amanda: You jerk.

Sam: That's exactly what I wanted to hear when I proposed to you.

Amanda: I was all set to understand that you love me but you couldn't marry me yet.

Sam: Amanda, I would be a jerk if I did that.

Amanda: I should've known that you would do this in some untraditional way.

Sam: So I don't like to be predictable.

Amanda: There I was looking at those rings. I must have been so obvious.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I don't care. I don't need a ring. All I want is you.

Sam: Amanda, you really haven't checked out the box yet.

Amanda: Yes, I have. I love it.

Sam: No, I mean, you know, really check it out, see if there's anything wrong with it. Look in the tray, Amanda.

Sam: Now, you really haven't answered my question, so I'm going to ask one more time. Amanda Cory, will you marry me?

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