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Another World Transcript Friday 1/2/04

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Mac: I just don't understand it.

Ada: Me, either.

Mac: I mean, that she would decide to have an abortion without even telling us?

Ada: Look, we can't be sure --

Rachel: Is the plane on time?

Mac: Yes, I called.

Rachel: Have you called Amanda's hotel room?

Mac: Yes, no answer.

Rachel: Oh, Mac, if anything's happened to her --

Ada: Now, look, Jamie might have found her by now.

Rachel: Yeah, or she might be with some quack doctor.

Mac: Rachel, please don't panic. It's not going to help Amanda for you to get all worked up.

Rachel: You're talking about me getting all worked up?

Ada: Rachel --

Mac: Are you angry with me?

Rachel: You wouldn't even allow the subject of abortion to be brought up.

Ada: Take it easy, honey.

Rachel: Amanda might have talked to us if it hadn't been for that.

Jamie: This is Jamie Frame. I have a message. A woman? No name? Where is she? In the restaurant downstairs. Thank you. I'll be right down. Amanda. It's got to be Amanda.

Sam: Tell me why you did it.

Amanda: Did what?

Sam: Was it because of me?

Amanda: What are you talking about?

Sam: The abortion.

Amanda: You really think -- forget it.

Sam: You didn't do it, did you?

Man: You getting in or what, lady?

Amanda: Just leave me alone!

Sam: But --

Amanda: I don't ever want to see you again. Just leave me alone.

Sam: Wait.

Amanda: Airport, please.

Sam: Please, don't go.

Amanda: It is too late.

Sam: No, it's not. Amanda, listen to me. I am really glad that you didn't have the abortion.

Amanda: Well, I realized that I want this baby, and I'm not going to destroy it because you are an idiot. I have to go.

Sam: Doesn't it mean anything to you that I came all the way to New York to find you?

Amanda: You came to New York because you thought I was going to have an abortion. This is my baby. You have no say in this.

Sam: Wait a minute. I'm the father, too, aren't I?

Amanda: That is all you care about, isn't it?

Sam: That is not true!

Amanda: The fact that I'm the mother means nothing to you.

Sam: Amanda, will you please shut up and listen to me? I really care about you.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: I came here, didn't I?

Amanda: For the baby.

Sam: For you and the baby, because the baby is a part of you. It's part of us.

Amanda: There is no "us."

Sam: There can be.

Man: You coming or going, lady?

Amanda: You wouldn't be saying any of these things if I wasn't pregnant.

Sam: Amanda, please listen to me, will you? Amanda -- Amanda, wait.

Amanda: Just go.

Sam: Amanda -- will you wait a minute? Amanda! Amanda, wait!

Jamie: Oh, excuse me. My name is Jamie Frame. I was told there's a woman waiting here for me.

Waiter: Oh, yes, Mr. Frame. Follow me, please. Miss?

Jamie: Amanda!

Vicky: Oh, surprise.

Jamie: Vicky? Vicky, what -- what are you doing here?

Vicky: Well, I have a special delivery.

Jamie: What is this?

Vicky: It's the charts on Mr. Montgomery, and you have to call Dr. Graham as soon as you look at them.

Jamie: You brought this all the way from Bay City?

Vicky: Well, I was coming to New York anyway.

Jamie: Oh, you were, were you?

Vicky: Do I sense a note of suspicion?

Jamie: New York in January?

Vicky: Well, it's springtime in the shops, and I do have to replenish my wardrobe.

Jamie: Must be nice not to have a care in the world.

Vicky: Jamie, is something wrong?

Jamie: Amanda.

Vicky: I don't understand.

Jamie: Sam and I came here to try and stop her from having an abortion.

Vicky: Oh. Um -- well, have you talked to her?

Jamie: I can't find her. When I heard there was a woman waiting here for me --

Vicky: You assumed it was Amanda. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Look, I've got to call Dr. Graham on this, and I've got to keep trying to find Amanda.

Vicky: Well, Jamie, let me help you.

Jamie: You're busy.

Vicky: Shopping? Come on, Jamie, give me some type of credit here, ok? I'm here, and I really would like to help.

Jamie: Ok, come on.

Chad: Is your mom all right? I just heard on the radio --

Cheryl: Yeah, she's fine. She just hurt her ribs and she got a bump on the head. She'll be ok.

Chad: Whew. Wow, that's a relief. We don't need any more bad news around here.

Scott: Were you just over at the hospital?

Chad: Yeah. Hey, listen, I got some great news for you.

Cheryl: Oh, yeah? I could use some.

Chad: I got you two modeling jobs.

Cheryl: You're kidding.

Chad: Yeah.

Cheryl: For what?

Chad: Well, one is a print ad, and the other is a television commercial. There's no lines, but, I mean --

Cheryl: Hey, that's ok. I'll take it.

Chad: Hey, the commercial's only paying scale, but if it goes national, you know --

Cheryl: Residuals. Oh, I could use some money.

Chad: Yeah, me, too.

Cheryl: Hey, are you ok?

Chad: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm all right.

Scott: Is it about Dawn?

Chad: No. She's doing about the same. I just saw her at the hospital.

Cheryl: Chad, what is it?

Chad: It's nothing.

Scott: Listen, if it's about Dawn, I want to know what's going on.

Chad: I just saw her first hospital bill. I had no idea that they could charge $20,000 for a single, small room.

Cheryl: $20,000?

Scott: Already?

Chad: Yeah, and that doesn't even cover the cost of the A.Z.T.

Scott: But the insurance is going to cover most of that, won't it?

Chad: Insurance? What insurance?

Scott: What are you trying to tell me? She doesn't have any medical insurance at all?

Chad: No. No, not anymore. I had her on my policy, and when she turned 18, it lapsed.

Scott: You had her walking around without any type of insurance?

Chad: Look, I was trying to get her her own policy when she got sick.

Scott: Well, what took you so long to do it?

Chad: I didn't know my sister was going to get AIDS!

Cheryl: I guess we won't be able to get a policy now.

Scott: Of course not! No insurance company is going to underwrite a policy after the person's been diagnosed as having a serious illness.

Chad: I'm just going to have to pay for the hospital bills as we go along.

Scott: Oh, fine. What, 20,000 bucks' worth?

Chad: I didn't say it was going to be easy, Scott.

Scott: I'll help you.

Chad: Normally I'd say no, but --

Scott: You can't say no. I love her, too.

Chad: I could use the help.

Scott: Well, you're going to get all you need. You can count on that, ok?

Chad: Thanks.

Scott: Look, I -- I got to go by the office before I go to the hospital, so I'm going to have to get going.

Chad: Would you just do me a favor and don't mention anything about the insurance to Dawn?

Scott: You do me a favor and you tell me when these bills start coming in, all right? Ok, I'll see you. Bye, Cheryl.

Cheryl: Bye, Scott. Whew. $20,000, huh?

Chad: Yeah, at one point in my life that would have been a drop in the bucket.

Cheryl: It was?

Chad: Yeah. If only I knew what I'd be contributing to.

Cheryl: Chad, what are you talking about?

Chad: AIDS. It's partially my fault that this has happened.

Cheryl: How can you say that?

Chad: Forget it.

Cheryl: No, Chad. Come back.

Mac: How did my feeling that I hoped she wouldn't have an abortion affect her decision?

Rachel: Because you made it perfectly clear it wasn't an option she could even consider!

Ada: Rachel, don't blame Mac for this.

Rachel: Mom! All right, we can't talk about this. We don't have time.

Mac: Yes, we can. We have time, and we will discuss it.

Rachel: We have to catch a plane, Mac.

Mac: We will catch the plane. I do not want Amanda to see us angry and not talking to each other.

Rachel: I just want to see her.

Mac: All I said to Amanda was I hope she doesn't have an abortion.

Rachel: Then you do know what I'm talking about.

Mac: I never said anything about we couldn't discuss it!

Rachel: When you're against something, it's very hard for anybody else to be for it, Mac.

Mac: Why?

Rachel: Because you're so rational. You think everything through. She must have thought she was nuts to want something you didn't want.

Mac: Well, I'm very sorry if I made her feel that way. I am truly sorry.

Rachel: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, really. I felt the same way. I just feel terrible, Mac. She's run off. She didn't even tell us.

Ada: Look, this is nobody's fault. I mean, it's very hard for a daughter to talk to her parents about a thing like this.

Mac: Well, I still don't understand it. We just have so much to offer her child.

Ada: Her child. You two can't do everything for Amanda, no matter how much you want to. This is Amanda's decision to make, and you have to live with it.

Rachel: Whether we like it or not.

Sam: Amanda, will you wait?

Amanda: Are you out of your mind?

Sam: You're not leaving until I talk to you.

Amanda: I told you to leave me alone.

Man: In or out, lady?

Amanda: In!

Sam: Out!

Amanda: Sam, what are you -- Sam! Why are you doing this?

Sam: Why? Because I love you.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I love you, Amanda Cory. I love you. I always have.

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me?

Sam: Because I'm a jerk. I love the baby because I love you.

Sam: Uh, I don't think she's going to be needing a cab. Here, keep the change.

Man: My lucky day!

Sam: Come on.

Amanda: Where are we going?

Sam: Back to the hotel.

Amanda: Oh -- oh, no.

Sam: Oh, no.

Amanda: No, we're not!

Sam: Oh, no, you're not getting away from me again.

Chad: I can't talk about this now. Sorry.

Cheryl: Chad, you can't say something like you're responsible for people getting AIDS and then just walk away from me. Come on!

Chad: Well, then just forget I even said it, all right?

Cheryl: No, Chad. You can't blame yourself for what is happening to Dawn.

Chad: Oh, I can't?

Cheryl: No. You care about her. You would never do anything to hurt her.

Chad: Cheryl, don't you see? It's people like me who are responsible.

Cheryl: How can you say that?

Chad: Because it's true! If it hadn't been for what I did --

Cheryl: What did you do, Chad?

Chad: Let's just drop this.

Cheryl: No, Chad. Listen, I care about you.

Chad: You wouldn't if you knew everything about me.

Cheryl: Come on, talk to me.

Chad: I got to go.

Cheryl: No. Look, I will follow you if I have to --

Chad: Cheryl -- Cheryl. Stop.

Cheryl: Come on, we're friends.

Chad: Are we?

Cheryl: You know we are. Come on. You can't say something like you're responsible for Dawn being sick and just walk away.

Chad: If I walk away from you, it's the best thing I could do for you. Don't you see?

Cheryl: I'm not some wimp, you know. I can take it. You can tell me anything.

Chad: Do you have any idea what I used to do in the past to make a buck?

Cheryl: You never really talked about it, but I know you said you had dreams.

Chad: Yeah, dreams. Dreams I would have done anything for to make come true. Because I wanted so much for myself and my mother. Especially for Dawn, because she was the good one. Not like me.

Cheryl: Chad, you were good to her.

Chad: Yeah. No, I was a prince. I'm such a good brother, and that's why she's lying in a hospital room, dying.

Cheryl: Would you stop it?

Chad: If only -- you see, if only I had known what I was putting out on the streets.

Cheryl: What are you talking about, Chad?

Chad: I feel like I got to tell somebody this, but I just don't know how to say it to you.

Cheryl: Hey, I told you, you can talk to me. I'm not a baby.

Chad: Hey, don't you knock innocence. You don't know how -- you don't know how much that means.

Cheryl: I'm sure whatever it is, it's not as bad as you think, Chad.

Chad: I was a pimp.

Jamie: No messages. I was hoping Sam had found Amanda.

Vicky: Well, why don't you call your mom?

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: Because maybe Amanda called her.

Jamie: No, I doubt it. She said nothing to them about the abortion.

Vicky: It's worth a try, isn't it?

Jamie: Yeah, I guess so. I just wish she had said something to me.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Hello?

Jamie: Mom, hi. It's Jamie.

Rachel: Jamie, have you found Amanda?

Jamie: You sound like you know what's going on.

Rachel: Yes, I do. Julie Ann told us. I wish you had.

Jamie: Well, I thought I could find her.

Rachel: You haven't?

Mac: Tell him where she's staying.

Rachel: Oh, we know where Amanda's staying.

Jamie: You do? Where?

Rachel: Yeah, at the Plaza Hotel. Julie Ann told us.

Jamie: Well, have you called there?

Rachel: Yes. There's no answer.

Jamie: I'll go there right now.

Rachel: Jamie, we're on our way into New York.

Jamie: Why?

Rachel: Because we want to be there, that's why.

Jamie: There's nothing you can do there, mom.

Rachel: We want to see Amanda.

Jamie: When do you leave for the airport?

Rachel: In a half an hour.

Jamie: Why don't you let me do some checking first. Maybe I can save you a trip.

Rachel: All right, but if you don't call us back by 4:15, we're on our way.

Jamie: Ok.

Rachel: And wait a minute, Jamie. If you do find Amanda, tell her that we love her very much, no matter what.

Jamie: I will. Bye-bye. Rachel said she's staying at the Plaza Hotel. Amanda Cory's room, please. She what? When? She checked out!

Vicky: Oh, no. What are we going to do?

Jamie: I don't know, but I just can't sit here.

Vicky: Well, why don't we get over to the hotel?

Jamie: What for?

Vicky: Because maybe she left a message there about where she was going, or maybe the doorman got her a cab.

Jamie: You're absolutely right.

Vicky: Let's go.

Jamie: What are you doing? Where do you think you're going?

Vicky: With you.

Jamie: What for?

Vicky: Jamie, I'm very good with doormen.

Jamie: Ok, come on.

Amanda: Put me down!

Sam: Not till we talk.

Amanda: Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was to be carried through a hotel lobby like this?

Sam: I don't care.

Amanda: Sam! Sam, put me down! Now!

Maid: I'm still cleaning the room.

Sam: That's fine. We'll take it just like it is.

Amanda: I've already checked out.

Sam: You're checking back in. Would you tell them downstairs and ask them not to disturb us?

Maid: Yes, sir.

Sam: Thank you.

Amanda: I'm leaving.

Sam: Oh, no, you're not. Now, sit down.

Amanda: You can't order me around.

Sam: Ok.

Please sit down.

Amanda: I don't care what it is that you have to say, it's not going to make --

Sam: Amanda, I love you.

Amanda: You think three little words are going to make up for everything that you've done?

Sam: I'm not just saying it, Amanda. I do. I love you, and I mean that.

Amanda: Why now?

Sam: I loved you before you got pregnant.

Amanda: You did?

Sam: Yes. As a matter of fact, I think I loved you from the moment I met you.

Amanda: When we were parking cars?

Sam: Yes. And I know I loved you that night that we made love, the night we made this child.

Amanda: Then why didn't you tell me?

Sam: Because I didn't know how you felt.

Amanda: I went to bed with you, didn't I? You think I just hop into bed with anyone?

Sam: No.

Amanda: Well, maybe if I did have more experience, I wouldn't be in the mess that I'm in right now.

Sam: Amanda, I love you the way you are.

Amanda: I can't believe you just said that.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: Because the minute that you found out that I was Amanda Cory, you dumped me.

Sam: Yes. I was hurt.

Amanda: And I wasn't?

Sam: Look, Amanda, I don't think that arguing is going to be good for the baby.

Amanda: And what do you know about babies?

Sam: I've been reading a lot about them lately.

Amanda: Maybe you should read about relationships.

Sam: I'd rather just have one.

Amanda: With who?

Sam: With -- who do you think?

Amanda: What if nothing had changed? What if I hadn't thought about the abortion? Would you still be here?

Sam: Well, it's good that you did think about the abortion because it brought me to my senses.

Amanda: What if I'd had the abortion? Would you still be here?

Sam: It would be tough.

Amanda: Because I am nothing to you. I just happen to be the mother of a child that you decided you want.

Sam: That is not true, and I do wish that you'd told me about the abortion!

Amanda: You haven't exactly been the easiest person to talk to lately.

Sam: No, I haven't. Ok? And I apologize, Amanda. But I was hurt and I was angry.

Amanda: Oh, I know that. Believe me, you did convey that much to me.

Sam: Besides that fact, Amanda Cory lives a totally different life from Mandy Ashton or me.

Amanda: So?

Sam: So I can't give you the life that you're used to. I can't give the baby the life that you had.

Amanda: Is that what's bothering you?

Sam: That's part of it, yes. Look, I really don't know how I felt then. All I know is I'm here now, and I love you.

Amanda: I wish I could believe that.

Sam: Believe it.

Sam: So what do you think?

Amanda: You're still a great kisser. But that doesn't solve anything.

Sam: Amanda, I don't see that any of those problems are that major.

Amanda: You don't?

Sam: No, I don't. Ok, what is bothering you the most?

Amanda: Lack of trust.

Sam: Amanda, I've already gotten over that Mandy Ashton stuff.

Amanda: No. I mean my lack of trusting you.

Sam: You don't trust me? Why?

Amanda: Does the name "Joyce" ring a bell?

Sam: Amanda, I am not interested in Joyce.

Amanda: Really? The last time I saw you two together, she had her arms around your neck.

Sam: Amanda, I was calling to get her a hotel room.

Amanda: Swell!

Sam: No, listen -- so she wouldn't have to stay at my place. Look, I didn't invite Joyce over to Bay City in the first place.

Amanda: What, did she just hop on a plane and decide to come here for no good reason?

Sam: No, as a matter of fact, a friend of mine called and invited her. She's gone already.

Amanda: Well, it isn't just Joyce anyway.

Sam: Ok. Then why did you bring her up?

Amanda: Do you have any idea what it did to me to see the two of you together?

Sam: Amanda, why didn't you just talk to me? Why didn't you just talk to me before you got so emotional?

Amanda: I'm pregnant! I get emotional!

Sam: Ok, you get emotional. I'm here now. I'm going to take care of you from now on.

Amanda: I've got to get out of here.

Sam: Where are you going?

Amanda: I don't know.

Sam: Ok, why are you going?

Amanda: Because I don't know what you're saying. I don't know what you want.

Sam: Amanda, I am saying that I love you and that I want you and our baby.

Amanda: I just find that really hard to believe.

Sam: Ok, why?

Amanda: Because of everything that we've been -- it's just been a really lousy day. Please, I just need some time. I have to think.

Sam: Amanda, please don't go.

Amanda: No, I let -- I let my emotions take control before. I am not going to let it happen again.

[Door opens]

Amanda: Who am I kidding?

Jamie: Amanda!

Amanda: Jamie!

Jamie: Hi.

Amanda: It's so good to see you.

Jamie: Oh, I was so worried about you. Is everything ok?

Sam: Yeah, everything's just fine.

Amanda: Yeah, I couldn't go through with it.

Jamie: I figured that.

Vicky: Hi. Hope you don't mind. I just tagged along. It's great to see you guys happy.

Amanda: Yes, I think so, too.

Jamie: Hey, listen, mom and Mac -- they are worried sick.

Amanda: They know?

Jamie: Yes.

Amanda: Well, they have been leaving an awful lot of messages downstairs.

Jamie: Yeah, well, they are preparing to fly to New York. What do you say we give them a phone call?

Amanda: Ok, sure.

Jamie: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Rachel: Hello?

Jamie: Hello, mom. Hi, it's Jamie. There's someone here who wants to speak to you.

Amanda: Mom?

Rachel: Oh, Amanda!

Mac: It's Amanda?

Ada: How is she? Is she all right?

Rachel: Darling, we've been so worried about you.

Amanda: I'm fine. The baby is fine.

Rachel: Oh, thank goodness, darling.

Mac: Did she? Oh, thank goodness.

Rachel: Sweetie, when are you coming home?

Amanda: I don't know. Soon.

Rachel: Darling, everything's going to be fine, you'll see.

Amanda: Mom, Sam's here with me.

Rachel: I know. Julie Ann told me he went to find you.

Amanda: I just wanted you to know.

Rachel: Darling, you do whatever you think is right, ok?

Amanda: I love you.

Rachel: We love you very much.

Sam: Feel better?

Jamie: Well, come on, everybody, let's celebrate!

Vicky: Jamie, I think the two of them would like to stay here and celebrate by themselves.

Jamie: Oh, right. Yes, of course. Um -- can I get you two anything?

Amanda: The door?

Vicky: Sometimes big brothers are so slow.

Amanda: Thanks, Jamie.

Sam: Bye, Jamie.

Vicky: Jamie.

Amanda: Tell me something.

Sam: Sure, what?

Amanda: Tell me I'm doing the right thing.

Sam: Amanda, you are doing the rightest thing in the world.

Amanda: That's what I needed to hear.

Chad: A guy who puts girls out in the street, collects money from them. A pimp.

Cheryl: I can't believe this.

Chad: It's true.

Cheryl: When?

Chad: Up until a little while after I arrived in Bay City.

Cheryl: You were doing it here?

Chad: Yeah. It's not something you get out of real easy. And you kind of get used to the money.

Cheryl: That's why you did it? For the money?

Chad: Yeah. And considering the neighborhood that I grew up in, it seemed like the natural thing to do.

Cheryl: Does Dawn know about this?

Chad: No. And I'll do anything to keep it that way.

Cheryl: Well, I'm not going to tell her.

Chad: Every time I -- I look at her in that hospital bed, my guts just churn. I feel so awful.

Cheryl: Yeah, I know.

Chad: I think about all those girls that I put out in the street. I wonder if -- if they're suffering, too.

Cheryl: Must be hard to live with.

Chad: To say the least.

Cheryl: Yeah, but -- but, Chad, that has nothing to do with Dawn. You know that.

Chad: No, maybe not directly.

Cheryl: Scott said she got AIDS from a blood transfusion, right?

Chad: Yeah. My mother donated the blood.

Cheryl: What?

Chad: Contaminated blood from her own contaminated life.

Cheryl: Your mom?

Chad: Yeah, my mom. Dear old mom. We were two of a kind, you know?

Cheryl: Chad, I don't believe that you ever did this.

Chad: Hey, not only did I do it, I was tough. I was the best. I mean, now how do you feel about your friend?

Cheryl: You're not doing it now, right?

Chad: Are you kidding? I'd never do it again.

Cheryl: You were friends with M.J., weren't you?

Chad: Yeah, yeah. We were close friends.

Cheryl: Did she know about this?

Chad: Yes. Yeah, M.J. knew. Now, I -- I got to get going because I just got some things to take care of.

Cheryl: Why? Where are you going, Chad?

Chad: Well, I got get -- get that hospital money together for the bills, you see? I got to --

Cheryl: Think you'll be able to do it?

Chad: I'll find a way, sweetie. Hey, don't worry. It'll be legal.

Mac: Amanda's a very level-headed girl.

Ada: Sam was with her when she called?

Rachel: Yes. Sam was really worried, Mac.

Mac: I'm not too crazy about him being back in the picture.

Ada: Mac, Sam is the baby's father.

Mac: Don't remind me.

Rachel: And it's Amanda's decision, darling.

Ada: And we all know how level-headed Amanda can be when it comes to making big decisions.

Mac: All right, all right. I know when I'm outnumbered.

Ada: We are really going to have a new baby in this house.

Rachel: Seems like just yesterday Amanda was a baby herself.

Mac: And now you are going to be a --

Rachel: Don't say it, Mac!

Mac: I've been one for years.

Rachel: That's different.

Mac: Grandmother, grandmother --

Rachel: Stop it!

Mac: You're going to be a grandmother!

Rachel: Stop!

Mac: Oh, aren't you thrilled?

Rachel: Yeah, I'm thrilled.

Ada: Where does that leave me?

Scott: Hey, Zack, I'm glad I caught you, man. I missed you down at the office.

Zack: Oh, how'd it go today?

Scott: Oh, fine. Good.

Zack: Hey, how's Dawn?

Scott: She's doing about the same as she was, but I just found out she doesn't have any medical insurance.

Zack: None?

Scott: None at all. Supposedly she was on Chad's policy, and when she turned 18, the whole thing lapsed.

Zack: Oh, boy.

Scott: And check this out. You're not going to believe it. She's already got almost $20,000 in medical bills, and that's not even including the A.Z.T.

Zack: Look, she may qualify for Medicaid.

Scott: That's a real good idea. I'm going to check that out.

Zack: And there's several social service agencies that are starting to help AIDS patients.

Scott: You know a lot about these things. You think you could help me out with them?

Zack: Man, you know you don't have to ask.

Scott: Thanks.

Zack: Look, you sure you can handle all this work I'm handing you?

Scott: No problem at all. Really, it's keeping me busy. And besides, if I see Dawn anymore, I think I'm going to drive her crazy.

Zack: I doubt that. But listen, I got a trial date on that Harrison case. You ready?

Scott: Depends who the judge is.

Zack: Blanchard.

Scott: Mad dog Blanchard?

Zack: That's why I asked.

Scott: I got my work cut out for me.

Zack: How a woman so pretty could be so mean is beyond me.

Woman: She came from a big family. We're all mean.

Zack: Are you related to her?

Woman: Her sister.

Zack: Ugh.

Scott: Uh, I got to get down to the hospital, Zack.

Zack: Coward.

Scott: Good luck.

Zack: I'll need it. Excuse me, I'm Zack Edwards. Look, I hope I didn't offend you. You know, just a little lawyer's humor.

Woman: I'm a lawyer myself.

Zack: Oh, are you?

Woman: Yes, and I didn't find it funny at all.

[Zack whistles]

Jamie: I should probably just get back to the hotel.

Vicky: Why?

Jamie: Because I'm beat, that's why.

Vicky: Oh, you're beat. Look, here's our table. You're just going to come over here and sit down now. You found Amanda, you called the doctor --

Jamie: I know, I know, I know.

Vicky: Yes, and know we're in New York and we're going to have fun.

Jamie: I would rather just go to sleep.

Vicky: Excuse me, waiter. Could you bring this man a real strong cup of espresso, please?

Waiter: Yes.

Vicky: Thank you. You're not even going to believe this stuff is legal anymore. You know, it'll keep you up for days.

Jamie: I don't want to stay up for days. I want to go to sleep. I want to crawl underneath my big, fat afghan and have Lisa bring me a nice, hot cup of chocolate.

Vicky: Oh, and then what do you do? Do you turn on something like "the sound of music"?

Jamie: Don't go knocking domestic tranquility until you've tried it.

Vicky: Oh, now, tranquility is fine, just not on a daily diet.

Jamie: Hey, Lisa and I have our excitement, you know.

Vicky: You do?

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Do you do things like, I don't know, put marshmallows in the hot chocolate every once in a while?

Jamie: Listen, after all of the crazy relationships I've had --

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: A little bit of stability is nice.

Vicky: Nice. Nice and boring.

Jamie: Nice doesn't have to be boring.

Vicky: Listen, Jamie, I've dated a lot of nice guys, and they all seemed to be boring to me.

Jamie: You know, I'm starting to hate this conversation.

Vicky: Oh, I'm not talking about you.

Jamie: Unpredictability can be pretty wearing at times, you know.

Vicky: Well, not for me. You know, Jamie, girls just want to have fun.

Jamie: Yeah, and your idea of fun is to stay up all night and dance on tabletops, isn't it?

Vicky: Yeah, well, it's a lot better than sipping hot cocoa for two. Thank you.

Jamie: Seems we don't have much in common.

Vicky: No, I guess we don't. Maybe that's why we get along so well. Now, why don't you just take a swig of that. What have you got to lose?

Rachel: Look at what I found up in the attic.

Mac: Aw.

Ada: It's your old bassinet.

Mac: And Nancy's and Amanda's.

Rachel: Guess what I'm going to do with it.

Ada: Don't tell me you're going to slop a coat of paint on it and give it to Amanda.

Rachel: Well, why not?

Ada: Because it's too old. It'll fall apart.

Rachel: So I'll have it reinforced. I think it's wonderful to have Amanda's baby in the family bassinet.

Mac: I can send back the one I ordered.

Ada: When did you order a bassinet?

Mac: While you were pouring coffee. You'll love it. Have some celebratory fruitcake, Rachel.

Rachel: I don't like fruitcake. It's got the little green things in it. I hope that your bassinet goes with what I've got planned for the nursery.

Ada: Oops, here we go again.

Mac: Where are you planning to have the nursery?

Rachel: Well, in the guest room right next to Amanda's room.

Mac: That's a great idea. There's a maid's room right off it. The nanny can have that.

Rachel: Yeah, that's right.

Ada: Nanny? What nanny?

Mac: Well, Amanda wants to go back working full-time at Cory. She's got to have a nanny.

Rachel: Good thinking, Mac. I'll get right on it. Of course, then, there's schools.

Mac: Oh, yeah.

Ada: This not-even-here-yet baby is in school already.

Rachel: Well, the best nursery schools have an incredible waiting list.

Mac: Incredible.

Ada: Oh, I'm sure they do.

Mac: And now I'll get that video camera. We can start the baby right from the beginning.

Rachel: Oh, yes! It'll be so cute. It's eating its toes and blowing bubbles!

Ada: Hold it. There's something wrong with this picture.

Mac: What?

Ada: The baby's mother.

Mac: I'm not forgetting her.

Rachel: If I have to be -- I'm going to be a doting one.

Ada: Just don't forget who's having this baby.

Amanda: You're really excited about this, aren't you?

Sam: Yes, I'm really excited about -- as a matter of fact, I've got an idea. Come on, get your coat.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Well, we're going to go somewhere.

Amanda: Where?

Sam: Someplace that I saw on the way here.

Amanda: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where we're going.

Sam: Oh, Amanda, I want it to be a surprise.

Amanda: I've had enough surprises lately, thank you very much.

Sam: Ok. It's the biggest toy store in the world.

Amanda: Oh, no.

Sam: Let's go buy it out. Let's go get teddy bears and little baby dolls that, like, talk and wet their pants.

Amanda: We're going to have a real one of those.

Sam: Oh, ok. Well, we can get them computers that teach them how to spell. And train sets -- I love train sets.

Amanda: I don't want to go anywhere.

Sam: Why not? Come on, it'll be fun.

Amanda: I just don't want to go shopping, all right?

Sam: Ok. Ca: Well, that's --

Sam: Amanda, what's wrong?

Amanda: I just don't want to go shopping, all right?

Sam: Ok, why not? It'd be fun. We'd get stuff for the baby.

Amanda: Don't you think you are rushing things a little?

Sam: No.

Amanda: Look, I know that it would be fun to get things for the baby, but we have other things that we have to do first.

Sam: Ok, fine, tell me. What?

Amanda: I would like this baby to have a home with a mother and father that love each other.

Sam: Amanda, I already told you how I felt about you.

Amanda: I know. Just really hard for me to forget.

Sam: Forget what?

Amanda: You turned your back on me once. I can't forget how that felt.

Sam: Amanda, I am here now. I love you, and I am never going to leave you.

Amanda: I just don't want to rush things.

Sam: We're not.

Amanda: What happens when the excitement wears off, when the baby isn't a novelty anymore?

Sam: Well, that's when you and I discover what it is to be --

Amanda: A family.

Sam: Yes. I guess that's what they call a mother and a father and a baby.

Amanda: Don't guess, Sam. I don't want you walking out on me and this baby. I won't let you do that to either of us, not anymore.

Sam: Listen, Amanda, I know that it's been really tough on you the last couple of months.

Amanda: That's putting it mildly.

Sam: Ok. But, listen, we've got to start somewhere.

Amanda: Can you blame me for being a little gun-shy?

Sam: No. But I love you, Amanda Cory. And I don't want us to be apart ever again.

Amanda: I really want to believe that.

Sam: If you don't, nothing's going to happen. I love you. Believe that or not. It's up to you.

Vicky: Pretty good, huh? Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.


Jamie: Ok, now what happens? Does fuzz begin to grow all over my face?

Vicky: Probably. But I know you're going to get a new lease on life. And you know, every time you just want to dance on top of the tabletops, I'd just drink a lot of this stuff.

Jamie: You are all talk, Hudson.

Vicky: What is that supposed to mean?

Jamie: Dancing on tabletops, dancing all night long. Methinks the lady doth elaborate too much!

Vicky: You think beyond this party girl exterior lies a warm-hearted housewife?

Jamie: I think you'd like to settle down, yeah.

Vicky: Oh, no way.

Jamie: If prince charming walked by right --

Vicky: There is no prince charming.

Jamie: Did Jake McKinnon hurt you that much?

Vicky: Once was enough.

Jamie: Oh, come on, Vicky. Jake McKinnon isn't the only guy in town.

Vicky: Well, I'm beginning to realize that.

Jamie: Listen to me --

Vicky: Jamie, why don't we go out and hit all the nightclubs in town right now? Let's go.

Jamie: Listen, the only thing I'm going to hit tonight is the 8:00 flight back home.

Vicky: Jamie -- don't be such an old man.

Jamie: Look, I did what I came here for, and now I want to get home.

Vicky: Well, take the midnight flight.

Jamie: But Lisa is going --

Vicky: Lisa, Lisa. You call up Lisa and you tell her you're going to be a little bit later than you thought. Now, there is something you can't pass up. They even have Greek dancing here tonight.

Jamie: I can't even dance American!

Vicky: Oh, come on. Waiter? Come here a sec. When is this wonderful Greek dancing going to start?

Waiter: Tonight, 10:00.

Vicky: 10:00. What about right now?

Waiter: Now is too early.

Vicky: Too early? Hey, it's never too early to have fun. Now, you look like a wonderful dancer and you've got fabulous legs.

Waiter: I am best dancer in all New York.

Vicky: All New York, huh? Well, I don't know if I'm going to believe that. I don't know. Jamie, do you believe that?

Waiter: You watch.

Vicky: Oh, well -- ok.

Jamie: You're crazy.

Vicky: You're supposed to -- you ain't seen nothing yet.

[Music plays]

Waiter: First I start out slowly.

Woman: Whoo! Yes!

Waiter: And then --

Vicky: Yeah! Look at him, Jamie! Go, go, go! All right! Whoo! Whoo! All right! Who do I remind you of? Whoo!

Vicky: Whoo!

Vicky: Whoo!

Jamie: Too much!

Mac: We're just excited for Amanda.

Rachel: It's been quite a while since we've had a baby in this house.

Ada: How do you know Amanda wants to stay here?

Mac: Well, why shouldn't she?

Ada: She might just want a place of her own.

Rachel: Oh, it's too hard bringing up a baby all by yourself.

Ada: I brought up you all by myself.

Rachel: I know, and I brought up Jamie all by myself. It wasn't easy.

Ada: No, it wasn't easy, but I think I learned something. I learned how strong I could be. Amanda could learn that too, you know.

Mac: Well, I still think the child should be with us. After all, it needs a family, right?

Ada: Just as long as the family doesn't stick in its two cents where it isn't wanted.

Rachel: Oh, she's got a point, Mac. I used to hate it when ma--

Ada: Stuck in my two cents where it wasn't wanted.

Rachel: I always appreciated your good sense and wisdom.

Ada: You know what? You should've been a politician. Goodbye.

Rachel: Bye, mom. Thanks. She has a point, you know.

Mac: Yeah. We do have to be less protective of Amanda.

Rachel: I know. That's going to be hard.

Mac: Tell you what, when I start being fatherly and fussy about Amanda, you just stop me, all right?

Rachel: All right, if you do the same for me.

Mac: Ok. If you promise you won't be cranky about it.

Rachel: I'm never cranky!

Mac: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Rachel: You promise the same thing?

Mac: Well, I like being fatherly and fussy.

Rachel: You're pretty good at being a husband, too, you know.

Mac: Thank you.

Rachel: I just hope Amanda has as good a husband as I have.

Mac: I just hope Amanda has a husband who isn't Sam Fowler.

Rachel: Now, Mac, Sam is the father --

Mac: I know, the father of the baby. Well, I'm the father of the bride. If I could just get her to stop mooning about him.

Rachel: You're being fatherly and fussy.

Mac: I hated you saying that.

Rachel: Sorry.

Mac: But I will try to stop. Thank you.

Rachel: You're welcome. You know, I love you very much.

Mac: I love you, too, grandma. Ow!

Rachel: Mac! Don't you ever say that again!

Mac: I'm sorry.

Rachel: It's different for you. I mean, you've been a grandfather for a long time.

Mac: Yeah, but grandfathers don't sit in rocking chairs and knit all day long.

Rachel: You've had a chance to get used to it.

Mac: And wear little white caps and lots of shawls --

Rachel: I need a chance to get used to it. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You're talking about an old-fashioned -- and I'm talking about being a modern -- so you know what the modern ones do?

Mac: No. Tell me what the modern ones do.

Rachel: I'll show you. Come here.

Mac: You're a great --

Rachel: Oh!

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