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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/31/03

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Donna: I think I am going to have a soft spot in my heart for that count. Oh. Michael? Michael? Michael, what is it?

Reginald: It's the wrong watch, you idiot!

Northrup: It is?

Reginald: Get out of here! You have to disarm --


Northrup: Too late, Mr. Love.

Reginald: Another brilliant observation. Give me those binoculars. Oh, my God.

John: Adam? Adam, over here!

Adam: What the hell happened?

John: I don't know. There was an explosion.

Adam: Jason! Mary! Jason? Mary?

Jason: Take care of her. I'm fine.

John: Are you sure?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Oh.

Mary: What are you doing on top of me?

Jason: Mary, there was a bomb.

Mary: Oh, that old line.

Adam: Mary, are you all right?

Mary: I don't -- oh, yeah. Oh.

John: Are you hurting anywhere?

Mary: It hurts. Oh, and it's not terrific to breathe. I think somebody is going to have to help me get up.

Adam: Easy, take it easy.

John: She may have some cracked ribs.

Mary: Oh, ow, ow! Oh!

Adam: Take it easy. Easy. Take it easy.

John: Jason, grab that chair over there.

Mary: Oh.

Adam: You think a bomb caused this explosion?

Jason: Or the flower bed blew up. Who are you?

Adam: Sergeant Adam Cory, Bay City Police department.

Jason: A Cory on the Police department?

Mary: Oh, tell him. Tell him about the briefcase. Tell him!

Jason: There was a briefcase, it had a bomb, and it was sitting here.

John: Is that what I saw come flying through the window?

Jason: John, I'm sorry you went out to the barn. When I saw that timing mechanism, all I could think of was the mortgage I just took on this place.

Mary: Oh, thank you!

Jason: I thought about you, Mary.

Adam: It's a good thing you got such a good arm.

John: Yeah. Now, you got a nice fish pond out in the yard.

Adam: You both could have been killed. I'm going out to the car. I'm going to radio for the bomb squad and an ambulance.

Mary: Well, I hope that ambulance isn't for me.

John: You don't want to ride to the hospital in my car.

Adam: Look, I'll be right back.

Jason: Who called the cops? Unless I was out for a while, you got here about the same time the bomb went off.

Adam: I took a look at your apartment in town, and I want to talk to you about it.

Jason: What were you looking at my apartment for?

Mary: Well, somebody had to do something. You weren't going to -- oh, remind me never to take my ribs for granted.

Adam: Somebody did a job on that apartment.

Jason: So I've heard.

Adam: The question is, was it the same somebody who planted a bomb in this kitchen?

Jason: Don't ask me, Sergeant Cory. I'm an innocent bystander. I don't know how any of it happened.

Ada: When did Amanda start planning this?

Cheryl: I don't think she planned any of it, Ada.

Julie Ann: She's been so upset.

Ada: Upset enough to have an abortion?

Julie Ann: Well, a lot of little things happened.

Ada: Oh, little things happened? Nothing big? Not something big enough?

Julie Ann: She started reading. She realized how difficult it would be to care for a baby.

Ada: I talked to her about that. I told her she could do it.

Cheryl: Alone?

Ada: She's not alone. She has a mother and a father. She has her two brothers. She has me. She knows that.

Cheryl: Yeah, but, Ada, she doesn't have Sam.

Ada: A lot of women a lot worse off than she is don't have a Sam.

Julie Ann: I tried to tell her how much he wanted this baby.

Ada: She wants him to want her.

Julie Ann: Yeah. She really loves him.

Ada: Does Sam know what she wants to do?

Julie Ann: We told him as soon as we found out what -- what Amanda was up to.

Ada: You told him and you didn't tell Mac and Rachel?

Cheryl: Come on, Ada. Sam has a right to know.

Ada: I know all about his rights, but somebody's got to get Amanda to think this thing through!

Cheryl: Ada, where are you going?

Ada: Listen, honey, would you cover the floor for me, please?

Cheryl: Sure.

Ada: I got to go and see Mac and Rachel.

Julie Ann: I didn't know that I had the right to tell them.

Ada: Well, you go with your conscience and I'll go with mine. Maybe Mac can find her.

Julie Ann: Can I come with you?

Ada: Sure.

Julie Ann: I know what hotel she's staying at. Maybe that will help out.

Ada: Well, it can't hurt! Come on. Let's go.

Cheryl: Good luck.

Vince: Where are you going?

Ada: I've got a family problem.

Vince: What happened to Ada?

Cheryl: A family problem.

Vince: I heard that part. Is it serious?

Cheryl: We don't know yet, pops.

Vince: What you're saying is you know, but you're not going to tell me.

Cheryl: Excuse me. I've got customers. Hi. What can I get you?

Officer: Just grilled cheese and a bowl of soup.

Cheryl: Ok.

Officer: Yeah, I'll have the same.

Cheryl: All right.

Vince: Look, Ada is my friend as well as my partner, and if something with the family is wrong, I want to know.

Cheryl: I can't tell you, pops.

Dispatcher: Units in the vicinity of Highway 109 and Rand road --

Officer: That lets us out.

Dispatcher: See Sergeant Cory regarding a reported explosion at the Frame farm.

Vince: Explosion at Jason's farm?

Cheryl: Pops, mom's out there.

Donna: Maybe we -- we're just taking things too fast.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: Donna, look, I'm sorry. It's just --

Donna: You were thinking about John and me, weren't you?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I never think about him?

Michael: Never?

Donna: I used to all the time. But, Michael, not the way that you might think. See, I blamed John for everything that happened to me. And then one day, I realized that I was to blame for everything that happened to me. I don't hate him. But, Michael, I never did love him.

Michael: I thought that I had put all this out of my mind and -- when I went to Japan and there was no chance of me running into you.

Donna: You don't know how close I came to buying a plane ticket.

Michael: I missed you, Donna. I missed you. I'd walk down the streets, I'd see something really spectacular, and I'd say, "oh, I would love to share that with Donna."

Donna: It makes me so happy to hear you say that.

Michael: It's why I bought these pearls -- because I thought that I'd put all that behind me.

Donna: And now you don't think you have?

Michael: I know I haven't. I can't help it, Donna. Sorry. I hold you, and all of a sudden, I see him holding you.

Donna: I'm sorry. I know it must hurt so much.

Michael: It does not feel good.

Donna: Well, I have to say we have made progress.

[Michael sighs]

Michael: How?

Donna: A month ago, we wouldn't have been here like this.

Michael: Necking on the couch?

Donna: No -- sitting on the same couch.

Michael: Yeah, well, I -- I guess that is progress, isn't it?

Donna: Michael, I don't want to lose you.

Michael: I know that.

Donna: And I want you to hear this for your sake, too. You've got to let go of what just happened. I mean, please don't let it stop you from loving me again.

Michael: Donna, if I can't let go of this, if I can't get past it, there's no hope for us! You know that, don't you?

Man: Hey, hey, look, buddy. I'm sorry.

Sam: Ugh!

Susan: He just came out of nowhere.

Man: Hey, let me take you to a hospital, huh?

Sam: Just help me up, ok?

Man: Well, Lenox Hill's just right up the street.

Sam: No, no.

Susan: Let me explain this, pal -- a car just hit you.

Sam: Look, I got to find my girlfriend.

Man: Hey, listen, I'll take you to an emergency room, and then I'll take you to wherever your girlfriend is.

Sam: I don't know where she is. I got to find her.

Susan: Look, what if it's broken?

Sam: If it was broken, I couldn't stand on it.

Man: Hey, listen, just sit here for a couple of minutes and make sure nothing's wrong with it.

Sam: I ain't got time to sit! I got to find Amanda!

Man: Well, I hope she's worth it.

Zack: So, I had to give her your home phone number.

Mac: You what?

Zack: I guess I should have checked with you first, huh?

Mac: You gave my home phone number to Brenda Barlow?

Zack: She wouldn't deal with anyone but you.

Mac: She mentioned me by name?

Zack: Oh, sort of.

Mac: Well, what does "sort of" mean?

Zack: Well, she said she had to speak to "Mackie."

Mac: Oh, no!

Zack: Hey, what -- what are you going to do?

Mac: I'm seeing if I can change my phone number in the next 10 --

[phone rings]

Zack: Couldn't be her already.


Mac: No, it couldn't be. Mackenzie Cory.

Brenda: Put the maple syrup in the microwave, honey. Your pancake is on her way over.

Mac: Brenda!

Brenda: Mackie!

Mac: Wrong again, counselor. It's so nice to hear your voice.

Brenda: Oh, you could do more than that if I knew where you lived.

Mac: Get me an unlisted street number. Brenda, I'm so looking forward to making that deal with you about your memoirs.

Brenda: I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you.

Mac: It's been so many years since that night.

Brenda: 27.

Mac: Yep. The charity bridge tournament.

Brenda: I haven't scored so well since.

Mac: Oh, Brenda. Well, some things are just too perfect ever to be duplicated, aren't they? But I did hope we could work together on this book -- you know, kind of a memorial to that one perfect night.

Brenda: Oh, Mackie. I'll say one thing for you.

Mac: What's that?

Brenda: You can still sling it.

[Mac chuckles]

Mac: Well, do we have a deal?

Brenda: I'll send the contracts over in the morning.

Au revoir.

Mac: Au revoir, darling. All taken care of.

Zack: Not bad, Mackie.

Rachel: Who was on the phone?

Mac: Oh, just a business thing.

Zack: Yeah, yeah -- business.

Ada: Hi, honey.

Rachel: Hi!

Ada: I'm sorry to barge in like this.

Rachel: It's all right. I thought you were going to spend the day at Mary's Place.

Mac: What is it, Ada?

Julie Ann: It's about Amanda.

Rachel: She's not here. Mom, I told you she went to New York to visit with a friend. Didn't she?

Ada: Has Jamie called you yet?

Mac: No. Do you know something we don't know?

Zack: Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Mrs. Cory, I didn't know what to do.

Rachel: About what?

Zack: Julie Ann, you were talking about Amanda last night -- I mean, trying to find out where she was.

Mac: Jamie's visit to New York -- that wasn't for a medical meeting?

Rachel: Is something wrong with Amanda?

Ada: Go ahead, Julie Ann. Tell them.

Julie Ann: She confided in me, and I -- and I felt I should keep this secret. But then I saw Sam, and I --

Mac: Sam? He's involved in this, too?

Ada: It's a good thing he is.

Julie Ann: Sam's in New York with Jamie. They're trying to find Amanda.

Rachel: Why?

Julie Ann: Because she didn't go to New York to see a friend. She went to have an abortion.

Susan: I can't believe that cab. They must have an ordinance in this town against shock absorbers or something.

Amanda: It was ok.

Susan: You want something to eat?

Amanda: I think I just want to lie down for a while.

Susan: Hey, I think you made the right choice.

Amanda: I hope so.

Susan: I never realized what a difficult decision that must be to make.

Amanda: Me, either.

Susan: Was the treatment room as grim as the rest of that place?

Amanda: Worse.

Susan: Is that what you were just thinking about?

Amanda: Uh-uh?

Susan: Sam?

Amanda: No.

Susan: It's just that you look so sad.

Amanda: Well, I'm not. And I'm not going to think about Sam ever again.

Susan: What are you doing?

Amanda: I'm going to call a bellhop, send up somebody to take down my bags.

Susan: Well, I can do it.

Amanda: I just want to go home. I want to talk to my mom.

Susan: Sure.

Amanda: I just want to go home.

Jason: Does this mean I can never be Mr. Universe?

John: Well, I'm afraid you're out of the running, but with any luck, it won't scar.

Adam: The bomb squad's looked over the whole house.

John: Any more briefcases?

Adam: I don't think so.

Mary: That's good. I wouldn't want to have to run for cover.

Jason: I'll watch out for you, Mary.

Mary: Don't do me any favors, please.

Adam: How are you?

Mary: I'm ok.

Jason: Look, isn't one of those sirens an ambulance?

Adam: Not yet. I don't know what's taking them so long.

Mary: Guys, I don't need an ambulance, really!

John: You can barely breathe! You ought to at least get some x-rays!

Mary: Hmm. To tell you the truth, I'd actually rather know why there was a bomb in this house!

Adam: That's why I came back in.

Jason: Don't look at me. I didn't plant the bloody thing.

Adam: You know why somebody else might?

Jason: No, and I don't really care. As long as she's ok, I'd just like to forget the whole thing!

Mary: What does it take to get your attention, a cannon?

John: Come on -- calm down, calm down. Look, you bought this place at auction, right? Maybe there's some connection there.

Jason: Yeah. I bought it at auction.

Adam: Did you outbid somebody? Did you upset them?

Jason: Your aunt Rachel, but I hardly think that bombs are her style.

Adam: Look, Jason, I -- I appreciate your nerve. But you're not in the navy anymore.

Jason: The navy is sounding real good about now.

Adam: Now, I just took a look at your apartment, and I also took a look at this hole out here in your backyard. You better be taking good care of yourself.

Jason: Well, how do I do that, sergeant?

Mary: You know what to do!

Adam: You used to live here in Bay City a few years ago, didn't you?

Jason: Yeah, for a while.

Adam: Did you make any enemies?

Jason: I hardly won any popularity contests.

Mary: Could you please give him a straight answer!


Adam: You seem to have a theory about this, Mary. You want to tell me?

Jason: Hold on -- just a second! Leave her out of this, would you? Don't you realize what she just went through?

John: Do you have a squad car or something that could take her to the hospital?

Adam: Sure, if that's what Mary wants.

Mary: Yeah, that's exactly what I want, of course, is to ride to the hospital in a squad car.

Vince: I had to do a lot of talking there. Those cops didn't want to let us through. We heard there was an explosion here.

Cheryl: Mom, are you ok?

Mary: I'm all right.

Vince: Are you sure?

Mary: Oh, yeah. I'm just real glad to see you.

Vince: Well, somebody's got to keep getting you out of these messes, you know.

Cheryl: We were pretty worried about you.

Vince: Well, you know, this place is going to be nice and cool in the summer. I can see where you made a good deal.

Jason: Vinny, cut the humor. Get her to a hospital.

Cheryl: Hospital?

Vince: Are you hurt?

Mary: No, I'm ok.

John: She might have a couple of cracked ribs.

Jason: Maybe you can get her out of here. She won't listen to anybody else!

Vince: What do you say?

Mary: Oh, ok.

Vince: How about you?

Jason: I ducked.

Vince: Let me take you away from all of this.

John: Real easy, now. Easy.

Vince: Come on. Help me.

Mary: No, now, it's not that bad.

Vince: No! That's why you're walking like Groucho Marx. Listen --

Mary: Oh.

Vince: Tell me one thing -- how could your boiler blow a hole in the yard?

Jason: Vinny, it wasn't the boiler. It was a bomb.

Driver: There's no news of yet, sir.

Reginald: Thank you, Robert. Try again in a few minutes.

Robert: Yes, sir.

Reginald: You probably killed him --

Northrup: Yes, sir.

Reginald: In which case we'll never know where that watch is.

Northrup: No, sir.

Reginald: Do you mind telling me why you thought it was the right watch?

Northrup: It had numbers on it, sir.

Reginald: It's a date, you idiot! I've risked linking myself to a bombing, and all I know is when Vince McKinnon graduated from high school!

Northrup: Maybe the bomb didn't kill Frame.

Reginald: Maybe it didn't. Does it strike you that that might also be problematical for us?

Northrup: Yes, sir.

Reginald: Yes.

Robert: Mr. Love, I think I've got something now.

Reginald: Turn it up.

[Robert turns up radio]

Radio announcer: Two people were reported injured in the explosion. The farm's owner, Jason Frame, and a Mrs. Mary McKinnon were said to be on the premises --

Reginald: Did you hear that? Mary!

Rachel: She told me she saw Sam with his girlfriend.

Julie Ann: His old girlfriend. Sam didn't ask Joyce to come here.

Mac: Well, why didn't he tell Amanda that?

Julie Ann: Because -- because Amanda didn't stay around long enough to talk to him.

Rachel: And then I wouldn't let him in the house when he came here.

Mac: And Amanda told you that's why she's having the abortion?

Julie Ann: Well, she didn't say anything for sure. I just put things together.

Rachel: Why?

Julie Ann: Because she told me she was thinking about it.

Rachel: Oh, no!

Mac: I thought that visit to New York was out of the blue.

Rachel: I can't believe it! She's alone out there!

Ada: Maybe Jamie found her by now.

Rachel: But why wouldn't he call?

Mac: She doesn't want to have an abortion. She's being pressured into thinking she does by Sam Fowler.

Rachel: Why didn't she talk to us about this?

Julie Ann: It's one thing to tell your mother that you're pregnant. It's another thing to tell her that you want an abortion.

Mac: She doesn't want an abortion! He's made her think she has no alternative.

Julie Ann: Sam cares about Amanda and the baby. He told me that.

Mac: Well, he's a little late with it. You're saying you know where she's staying?

Julie Ann: When she called, she said she was at the Plaza Hotel.

Rachel: You talked to her this morning?

Julie Ann: This morning, yeah.

Rachel: How did she sound?

Julie Ann: Strange.

Rachel: Do you think she's had it?

Julie Ann: I don't know. I tried to tell her that Sam had gone to New York, but she wouldn't let me talk!

Mac: She'll talk to me. Yes, operator. Would you give me the number of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, please? That's the one.

Julie Ann: I really blew it this time, didn't I?

Zack: No, you were just being loyal.

Julie Ann: Amanda wasn't acting herself. I should have done something!

Zack: Now, look, don't assume the worst, ok? Now, Sam probably found her or Jamie got to her before it was too late.

Mac: You have a young lady named Amanda Cory registered there --

Rachel: Well, wait a minute. Mac, she might be registered under Susan Taylor's name.

Mac: Or the name Susan Taylor. I'd like to speak to whoever's in that room. Yes, we'll wait.

Amanda: Why didn't I leave this stuff in my suitcase? I should have known that I'd want to get out of here as soon as possible.

Susan: Amanda, take it easy.

[Phone rings]

Susan: I'll get it.

Amanda: No, don't!

Susan: Well, maybe it's Sam.


Amanda: No, it won't be. And even if it is, I've got to live my life without him --


Amanda: So I might as well start now.


Man: Hey -- hey, look, buddy.

Sam: Look, I am not going to sue you. Just get back in your car, all right?

Man: You ought to have that ankle looked at.

Sam: I don't have time!

Man: I know -- Amanda.

Sam: Look, this is serious!

Man: Where is she?

Sam: She's at the Plaza, all right?

Man: Hey, listen, that's about two avenue blocks away from here, and at the rate you're going, you'll get there in about a year and a half.

Sam: All right, so I'll call me a cab.

Man: I'll pull my car up and I'll take you right there.

Sam: I thought people from New York were supposed to be mean.

Man: I'm from New Jersey. Wait right here.

Sam: Amanda, please be there.

Donna: You know, I can't believe this.

Michael: What?

Donna: Well, here you've just said that there might not be a chance for us and I'm not crying.

Michael: It's true, isn't it?

Donna: Maybe I'm more of a mature person than I thought.

Michael: Look at me. I'm not yelling.

Donna: Now, see there? We are making progress.

Michael: You want some tea, maybe with some milk in it or --

Donna: Oh, no, I --

Michael: Well --

Donna: I hate milk.

Michael: I thought you needed, you know, some calcium.

Donna: Ice cream has calcium in it, too.

Michael: Aha. See, I knew you'd think of something.

Donna: Michael, can I say something else at the risk of really lousing everything up?

Michael: Never stopped you before.

Donna: All those images that -- that maybe you saw of John and me -- I mean, it's not what really happened.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Well, I know what Victoria thought she saw, but, Michael, what she really saw was two very sad and lonely people just lying next to each other.

Michael: She saw you and John in bed with no clothes on, Donna.

Donna: Michael, look at me. Please look at me. John and I did not make love. Now, I'll admit that -- that I was tempted for just a few stupid moments, but nothing ever happened. Please, please don't let those few moments ruin the life that we could have together.

Michael: Donna, if it was only that -- look, I can understand a person being attracted to someone. I can even understand for moments being really tempted. But sleeping with John is not the issue here. You lied to me over and over again, and I don't know whether or not I can find within myself the trust to be married to you.

Donna: Michael -- oh.

Michael: What? What is it?

Donna: Uh -- give me your hand.

Michael: What?

Donna: No, look, just -- just give me your hand. Right, right, right -- come on, kid. Do it again.

Michael: Ah! It moved!

Donna: Yeah, did you feel that?

Michael: Is that -- is that the baby?

Donna: Yeah, I think so!

[Michael chuckles]

Michael: He did it again!

Donna: That's our baby. It is, it's yours and mine.

Mary: Hey.

Cheryl: What did the doctor say?

Mary: Oh, he said I was very lucky. I told him I already knew that.

Vince: Come on, come on, come on, come on over here and sit down. Easy, now take it --

Mary: Easy, easy, easy.

Vince: This is the tough--

Mary: Don't, don't --

Vince: I know.

Mary: I'll sit, I'll sit.

Vince: Ay, ay, ay, ay.

Cheryl: You got it?

Mary: Yes.

Vince: Ok, how's your head?

Mary: I wish I could say it felt better.

Cheryl: Wait a second -- I thought it was your ribs.

Mary: Yeah, they're ok.

Vince: Well, your mom needs something to eat.

Cheryl: How about some soup?

Mary: Now, don't fuss over me.

Vince: Would you knock it off?

Mary: I love how he pampers me.

Vince: You got two bruised ribs, one bang on the head. Would you like to add a broken arm? Now, you'll get it if you keep knocking my soup.

Mary: Oh, well, if you're going to put it that way, don't make me laugh.

Cheryl: Scott called.

Mary: Oh. Oh, no. Oh, dear -- did you tell him what happened?

Cheryl: Yeah -- no, well, actually, he heard it over the radio.

Mary: But you told him, you know, that you had seen me?

Cheryl: Yeah, but he wants to see you for himself. He'll be here as soon as he can, as soon as he can get out of the courthouse.

Mary: Ok.

Vince: You know, I always said he was a nice kid.

Cheryl: You never said he was a nice kid.

Vince: Talk to your mother. I'll get the soup. And, Groucho?

Mary: Yes?

Vince: Take it easy.

[Mary chuckles]

Mary: Don't make me laugh! Oh.

Cheryl: So there was actually a bomb at the farmhouse?

Mary: Yeah, yeah. It was in a briefcase. Jason found it just in time.

Cheryl: Oh, if he hadn't --

Mary: Yes, I know.

Cheryl: Who would do something like that?

Mary: Sweetie, would you tell your daddy that I'd love some toast with my soup? I'll be perfectly fine.

Cheryl: I'm telling pops that he's here.

Mary: It's all right, sweetheart. I really want a couple of minutes alone with Reginald.

Cheryl: I'm coming back.

Reginald: I had to see you.

Mary: Why?

Reginald: I just heard the news report. Thank God you're all right.

Mary: I always thought I had some kind of special immunity from you.

Reginald: What?

Mary: I have had to come to accept what you are capable of doing. I just never, ever thought that it would include me.

Reginald: Mary, I would do anything, anything in this world to keep you from harm.

Mary: Just as long as I don't make the mistake of hanging out with the wrong people.

Reginald: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

Mary: Somebody tried to kill Jason.

Reginald: And you think it was me?

Mary: I know that he's after you for some reason, and I've learned what you're capable of doing if you feel threatened.

Reginald: I am no more threatened by Jason Frame than I was when he was working in my estate.

Mary: Maybe you'd like to tell him that.

Reginald: I was just telling Mary that I would never go so far as to attempt to kill a minor irritant like you.

Jason: Oh, yeah.

Mary: And I was just going to tell Reginald I really believe he is capable of killing. You might want to stick around for the rest of the conversation.

Mac: Yes, I would like to leave a message. Tell her her father wants to speak to her right away, before she does anything else. Please put it just that way. Thank you. Where could she be?

Rachel: Try Jamie.

Mac: Where's he staying?

Rachel: At the Mayflower.

Ada: Are you ok?

Rachel: I hope Amanda's ok.

Ada: Yeah, right.

Rachel: Why would she go to New York for this, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Jamie's a doctor. Maybe she was afraid of hospital gossip.

Rachel: Yes, but now she's all alone there. What if she goes to somebody who doesn't even take care of her?

Mac: You have a Dr. Jamie -- James Frame registered there. Would you ring his room, please?

Ada: Honey, don't panic.

Rachel: How can I not panic? I'm scared to death.

Ada: Well, maybe she decided not to do it.

Julie Ann: I know she had the name of the doctor. She wouldn't just look through a phone book.

Rachel: Julie Ann, why didn't you just tell us this?

Julie Ann: I'm sorry.

Ada: Listen, it was a tough decision for her to make. She didn't know what to do.

Rachel: All right, I'm sorry.

Ada: Amanda will be ok.

Rachel: I'm sorry. She's got to be.

Mac: Yes. Tell him his stepfather would like to speak to him immediately, and it's urgent. Thank you. He's not there either. Do you want to go to New York with me?

Rachel: Well, I can't just sit here.

Mac: I'll have Liz make us reservations.

Ada: I'll stay here by the phone.

Mac: I don't know anything else to do. We've got to find her. Liz, it's Mac. Will you book me two seats on the next plane out to New York. Thank you.

Zack: I guess there isn't anything else we can do here.

Julie Ann: Would you give me a call if you find anything?

Rachel: Yes, of course. Thank you for coming over.

Julie Ann: I'll be waiting for the call.

Rachel: All right.

Mac: Thank you.

Rachel: Bye, Zack. Well, I guess I'll throw some things into a bag.

Ada: Ok, I'll help you.

Rachel: No! I can do it. I've packed a million times.

Mac: Rachel --

Rachel: Mac, I'm scared.

Mac: She's going to be all right. We'll find her.

Rachel: She's got to be. Oh, please, please, don't let anything happen to our little girl.

Amanda: There. We can get a flight out this afternoon.

Susan: Maybe you should stay with me for a couple days.

Amanda: No.

Susan: Really, I'll cut all my classes, we'll get rid of Abby, and we can just hole up in my dorm and talk.

Amanda: No, I can't.

Susan: Are you sure you're ready to go back to Bay City?

Amanda: I don't really have much of a choice, do I?

Susan: Come on, just for a couple days.

Amanda: No, really, I just want to go back and see my parents.

[Knock on door]

Maid: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in here.

Amanda: We're not. I mean, we're leaving.

Maid: Oh, I can come back later.

Amanda: No. No, it's ok.

Susan: Are you sure you're ready?

Amanda: Not really, but let's go anyway.

Sam: Amanda!

Maid: Sorry, honey. You just missed them.

Sam: Where'd they go?

Maid: As far as I know, they're checking out.

Sam: Thanks.

Michael: Well, what does it feel like? You know, with all that movement?

Donna: Hmm. Well, I guess you could say it's kind of like a drum being played from the inside.

Michael: Does it hurt?

Donna: No. It just lets you know that you're not alone.

Michael: Is he doing it --

Donna: Is "he"? "He"?

Michael: Is he doing it now? Yeah.

Donna: "He."

Michael: Well, yeah. I mean, there's some pretty active kicking in there -- "he."

Donna: You know, you're really a sexist. This could be a little ballerina, you know.

Michael: A dancer. I never thought of that. Dancers have, like, really short careers.

Donna: Is that right?

Michael: Yeah. I mean, they can't dance forever. I mean, if you're a dancer, you got to think about having something really fulfilling later in life to do after you stop -- what are you smiling about?

Donna: I'm smiling at you. I mean, here you are already making plans for your daughter.

Michael: That was being the sexist. I mean, men can be dancers too, right?

Donna: You know this baby's yours. And, you know, I don't care what you say. I know there is hope for us. I promise, though, I am not going to push you.

Michael: You promise?

Donna: Mm-hmm. And I mean it this time. I can wait.

Michael: How long?

Donna: As long as it takes for you to feel close to me again, because I do, I love you so much.

Michael: Where are you going?

Donna: Home. You do still have the number, don't you?

Michael: Donna? Hey, Donna, come on, wait! But -- Donna --

Jason: What are you doing here, Reginald?

Reginald: I heard the news on the radio, and I was concerned for Mary.

Jason: But not for me.

Reginald: I assumed that you could take care of yourself.

Jason: You assumed right. The old farmhouse is still standing, and so am I.

Reginald: Wonderful.

Jason: It takes more than plastic explosives to stop me.

Reginald: What a hero. Maybe they'll make a series of movies about you.

Mary: Reginald, you're going to find who's behind this, and that person will be punished.

Reginald: You're a very strong woman, Mary, but you should be careful of the company you keep.

Mary: I've learned that already, with you.

Jason: He ought to lighten up.

Mary: Sit down.

Jason: Yes, ma'am.

Mary: Reginald is behind what is happening to you, isn't he?

Jason: Beats me.

Mary: I saw it in your face, and I saw it in his face. He is trying to kill you.

Jason: Mary, if I were you, I would take his advice.

Mary: I want you to tell me why.

Jason: I think I liked it a lot better when you didn't want to have anything to do with me at all.

Mary: No, no. You see, the rules have changed now, and I have the ribs to prove it.

Jason: Yeah. What did the doctor say about --

Mary: Never mind what the doctor said! You tell me what's going on!

Vince: What was Reginald doing here?

Mary: He wanted to know how I was.

Vince: Well, I'd have thrown him out, but I was talking to some cops in there.

Jason: About me?

Vince: No. About me. Somebody ransacked my house.

Mary: Your hou--


Adam: I'd like to know that, too.

Vince: Now, that's some coincidence, isn't it? Somebody breaks into my house the same day this happens to Mary.

Adam: The same day that Jason's apartment's trashed.

Jason: Well, it sounds like I'm just trouble to everybody, right?

Adam: Look, can I use your phone? I want to check in.

Vince: Yeah. I came out here to see if you're ok.

Mary: I'm ok.

Vince: I forgot about the soup.

Mary: That's all right. I'll survive.

Vince: I'm counting on that.

Mary: You can be as glib as you want to be, but Adam is not going to give up, and neither am I. Now, I was almost killed today, and call me picky, but I think I deserve to know why.

Jason: Reginald thinks that I know something about the past.

Mary: Then he is behind this. You admit it.

Jason: Well, I haven't made any other enemies.

Mary: What do you know about him?

Jason: No, no, Mary. I --

Mary: Jason, he's trying to kill you. What do you know that's making him do that?

Amanda: La Guardia, please.

Valet: La Guardia, please.

Amanda: Is there anywhere I can drop you off?

Susan: No. I'm just going to take a walk. And don't forget to call your dad. He's been leaving messages all day.

Amanda: I'll call him from the airport. You've been so great. Thanks.

Susan: I think you made the right choice.

Amanda: I'll call you next week.

Susan: You better.

Amanda: I will. And tell Abby that I said goodbye.

Susan: Right. Bye.

Amanda: Thanks.

Susan: See you. I'll miss you.

Sam: Amanda, wait! Wait.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Sam: Just tell me. Tell me why you did it.

Jason: No, I will not tell you.

Mary: Why?

Jason: Mary, you didn't know anything today, and yet he almost killed you today.

Mary: I would much rather know what I'm up against.

Jason: You won't be up against anything if you just stay away from me.

Mary: You make me crazy.

Jason: Why?

Mary: Because ever since I met you, you have been following me around, asking me questions.

Jason: Well, I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry.

Mary: Oh, yeah? What made you change your mind?

Jason: I knew I had something against Reginald. I wasn't sure. I thought you could help me.

Mary: So now you're sure of what it is you know?

Jason: Yes.

Mary: Yeah? Who told you?

Jason: He did. He didn't mean to, but he did.

Mary: Well, then tell me!

Jason: No.

Mary: A man I was once married to almost killed me today. Now, I want to know why!

Jason: He wasn't trying to kill you. He was trying to kill me.

Mary: It doesn't matter. I would have been just as dead. Now, I have a stake in this. I want to know what's going on.

Vince: Come on, Mary. Come on.

Mary: What?

Vince: I'm going to escort you up to your apartment. Come on.

Mary: I can't go. I can't -- well, I haven't had my soup.

Vince: What do you think this is? Come on.

Mary: Uh -- listen --

Adam: I'll take that statement of yours now.

Mary: Uh -- give me two minutes, guys, ok? Just two minutes. You tell me what it is you know, or I'll tell them everything I know.

Jason: I think Reginald murdered his wife.

Vince: Come on, Mary. It's time for a good rest.

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