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Another World Transcript Monday 12/29/03

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(Sorry, I missed the first half of the show)

Michael: Well, I love the flowers that you sent.

Donna: Well, I'm glad.

Michael: You know, Gillian did keep it from me that you sent them.

Donna: Well, she must want you pretty badly.

Michael: Apparently, yeah.

Donna: She has really wonderful taste, though. It must be good for your ego to have someone like her around.

Michael: Well, she's not around anymore.

Donna: What do you mean?

Michael: I fired her.

Donna: Oh. Oh. I -- I did -- I just wanted to come over here and thank you.

Michael: Well, you did.

Donna: Yeah, I did do that.

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Good.

Michael: Look, I'm glad.

Donna: You're glad?

Michael: I'm glad that you like the necklace.

Donna: Oh, Michael, I do. I think they're exquisite.

Michael: I think that they look exquisite on you.

Donna: Thank you. Well, I think --

Michael: Look, there's something I --

Donna: What?

Michael: No, no, really, it's not important.

Donna: Oh, ok. Well, I guess I should be going.

Michael: No, Donna, please don't go.

Donna: You want me to stay?

Michael: Can you?

Donna: Yes. Yes, I can stay for just a little while.

Michael: Good. You want to sit down?

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Are you cold?

Donna: Michael, I still have my coat on.

Michael: Yeah, right. I thought you might want to take it off, you know. Just in case you did --

Donna: I do. I do. Yes.

Michael: Let me help you here. Maybe I'll build a -- well, just turn up the fire there, ok?

Donna: All right. Um -- is it cold in Japan?

Michael: The weather's about the same as here.

Donna: You know, I've always dreamed about going to Japan.

Michael: Oh, I think you'd like it a lot, especially the Ginza there in Tokyo. It's wonderful shops and nightclubs --

Donna: Really? It sounds like fun.

Michael: It is, yeah. Matter of fact, that's where I -- that's where I bought the pearls.

Donna: I really do love them. I mean, they're exquisite. They're so delicate. I've never had black pearls before.

Michael: They reminded me of you.

Donna: Really?

Michael: Yeah. You know, black pearls for -- for Blackie.

Donna: Makes sense. So you thought about me.

Michael: Surprised?

Donna: Not anymore.

Michael: I care about you, Blackie. I always have.

Amanda: Hi. You're back.

Susan: Started raining.

Amanda: I guess we should have brought umbrellas, huh?

Susan: Amanda, you're crying.

Amanda: No, I'm all right.

Susan: No, you're not. Look, we have known each other since we were little kids, right?

Amanda: Sometimes I wish I were still a little kid.

Susan: And I know how upset you are. I really think that you should call him.

Amanda: What?

Susan: Sam.

Amanda: No.

Susan: Yes. Amanda, you have to. It is not fair to him or to you. He's got a right to know what's going on.

Amanda: He doesn't -- he doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Susan: I can't stand this. Amanda, you sit there crying your eyes out and you won't even call the guy.

Amanda: All right, I will.

Susan: Now.

Amanda: He's at work.

Susan: Call him at work.

Amanda: Ok. Ok.

Amanda: Yes, hello. I was wondering if you could tell me if Sam Fowler is in today. I see.

Susan: He's not there?

Amanda: Can you just tell him -- never mind. There's no message.

Jamie: They're not at the Waldorf? Well, that's what her roommate said. But obviously, they change their minds. I don't know, but I'll call every hotel in this city if I have to. I am really starting to worry. Ok, look, Sam, come back here and we'll figure something out. I don't know, but we've got to find her before -- we've just got to find her.

Cass: Hi, partner.

Nicole: Hi, Cass.

Cass: What's the news from the business front?

Nicole: Good news is no news.

Cass: Excellent. Anything else to report?

Nicole: Nope.

Cass: Ok, sounds like a dull morning.

Nicole: Well, there was a little excitement. Reginald and Donna were here at the same time.

Cass: Together?

Nicole: Well, they kind of overlapped. Donna and I yelled at him for a few minutes, and then he left.

Cass: I wish I was here.

Nicole: Oh, and Michael stopped by, too.

Cass: While Donna was here?

Nicole: No, they just missed each other. He brought her a present from Tokyo.

Cass: You mean the domestic fires are warming here?

Nicole: I hope so. Donna went over to his place to thank him.

Cass: They're good together. It's nice being in love. Have you seen a writing pad around anywhere?

Nicole: Why? Did you want to write that one down?

Cass: No, here's a good one -- ah, here's one. Rachel thinks that I should write the preface to Kathleen's book.

Nicole: That's a wonderful idea.

Cass: Yeah, well that's all it is right now, just an idea. I don't have a clue what to write.

Nicole: I'm sure it'll come to you.

Nicole: Why would she engrave numbers on the inside?

Reginald: Where's the watch?

Northrop: Frame's not carrying it on him. I followed him all morning.

Reginald: He has the I.Q. of a wombat. But he'd hide it if he knew I wanted it.

Northrop: I'll toss the apartment above Mary's Place.

Reginald: Maybe his good friend Vince McKinnon is hiding it for him.

Northrop: It's possible.

Reginald: Get a man out to the McKinnon house, too. Tear that dump apart if you have to, but get me that watch.

Northrop: What about Jason Frame?

Reginald: Well, obviously our plans for him will have to be put on hold until the watch is retrieved.

Northrop: I'll do the place right now. He's not there.

Reginald: Work fast. I want this wrapped up quickly.

Northrop: I found the perfect place for the accident -- his farmhouse. That's where he is right now.

Reginald: This should do the trick nicely.

Northrop: State of the art.

Reginald: It goes bang today. The minute you find that watch, we say a permanent goodbye to Mr. Frame.

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