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Another World Transcript Monday 12/22/03

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(Missed first 15 min.)

Nicole: Well, I know that things are tough right now.

Cass: How did your portfolio do after black Monday?

Nicole: I know, I know. We're relaxing. It's just that I know this isn't like it's a date or anything, you know.

Cass: Of course not. Think of it as research.

Nicole: Research?

Cass: Yeah, we're checking out the fashions on all the dowagers.

Nicole: Mmm, right. Fashions.

Cass: I mean, there's got to be a lot of money on the backs of those broads down there.

Nicole: Barrels of it.

Cass: Next season they'll all be wearing Nicole Love Originals.

Nicole: Right, right.

Cass: Oh, wow. Look at that blond over there.

Nicole: Where, where?

Cass: Over there.

Nicole: Oh, she must weigh 300 pounds.

Cass: Oh, it'll take a lot of fabric to go into that dress.

Nicole: Oops. Lights out.

Cass: Quick -- refills while we can still see.

Nicole: Ok. Thank you.

[Orchestra plays]

Nicole: To "Madame Butterfly."

Cass: And the future.

Mac: You heard what Sam had to say?

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel: Why didn't you come in?

Amanda: Well, he left.

Rachel: Honey, he was here long enough for you to walk in.

Amanda: He didn't come to talk to me anyway.

Mac: What he had to say was more important for you than for us.

Amanda: I already knew that he wasn't going to Paris.

Rachel: You talked to him?

Amanda: No. Julie Ann heard, so --

Rachel: I see. So you're still communicating through hearsay?

Amanda: What's the big deal whether I came in or not? After all, you were the one that made him the offer to go to Paris. His answer was for you.

Mac: You still don't think I should have made the offer?

Rachel: Nobody liked the idea, Mac.

Mac: Well, I'm sorry. I think it was a very successful idea.

Amanda: It was unfair and you know it.

Mac: Well, it did get him to make a decision, didn't it? Although he took his sweet time about that, which also tells us something.

Amanda: This is pointless.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Amanda: I'm going to talk to Sam alone.

Mac: Amanda -- Amanda, wait please. Look, I made the offer to try to get him to make some kind of decision, but I honestly don't think he's ready to commit himself to being the father of your child.

Amanda: I'm not ready to be a mother, but it's happening.

Mac: So you -- even though you're pregnant, you shouldn't feel forced to commit your whole life to him.

Amanda: It is my life, dad. You can't run it for me.

Rachel: We know that, Amanda.

Amanda: I don't think dad does know that. Otherwise you wouldn't be trying to send Sam away.

Mac: Amanda, I didn't try to send him away.

Amanda: No, wait. I love you both, and I think it's great to know that you love me and that you're behind me, whatever my decision is going to be.

Mac: Yes, we are.

Amanda: However, you can't fight my battles for me. You can't make my decisions. I'll make my own, and if that means making mistakes, then that's just what's going to have to happen. I'll be back later.

Rachel: She's absolutely right, Mac.

Dawn: No, actually, I'm feeling pretty good.

Jamie: Well, that's terrific.

Scott: And we were thinking about going out tonight.

Jamie: Well, good. Have fun. Just don't overdo it.

Dawn: See, I told you.

Scott: Ok, ok, ok, you told me.

Lisa: Listen, we're going to the powerhouse tonight. Do you want to come?

Dawn: Oh, great. It's just that I want to -- I want to go change first, ok?

Scott: Wait a minute, I think you look terrific right now.

Dawn: Ooh, honey, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Jamie: She has a positive attitude. It's very important.

Lisa: I'm really glad to see her so happy.

Scott: Yeah, me, too.

Lisa: Listen, I'm going to go talk to Ada for a second.

Jamie: Ok. See you in a minute.

Scott: Jamie, there's something that I wanted to talk to you about. I want to ask you something.

Jamie: Go ahead.

Scott: I know what Dawn's -- no, I understand what Dawn is going through. I mean, she's trying to stay happy, trying to say upbeat and everything, but I realize it's just a temporary thing.

Jamie: Yeah. We talked about that.

Scott: What about this new drug that you were talking about?

Jamie: The A.Z.T.?

Scott: Yeah.

Jamie: We start her on that tomorrow.

Scott: That's great. That's great. I thought it was never going to happen.

Jamie: Well, we had to wait and make sure she was completely over her pneumocystis, but I see Dawn tomorrow in the hospital, and we'll start her right then.

Scott: This thing's really going to help her, right?

Jamie: Well, if her body takes to it, if she doesn't have any adverse reactions, then, yes, it should. But the problem is it's a very toxic drug and there are side effects, some of which are very serious.

Scott: Ok, but if it works, that means that we could be talking a long time?

Jamie: It could extend her life, but it's no cure.

Scott: I know, I know. I know.

Jamie: Listen, I'll talk to Dawn about it tonight.

Scott: No, no, wait. Tonight I just want us to have a good time. I don't want her to be thinking about drugs or the hospital or anything, if that's all right.

Jamie: Sure, that's fine.

Scott: Great. She's going to talk to you about school. She's going to want to know if she can start tomorrow.

Jamie: She can do whatever she feels up to doing.

Scott: That's great.

Jamie: Whoa.

Scott: Hey, hey, look at this, look at this.

Dawn: See, that did not take long, did it?

Scott: Uh, Jamie says that you starting school tomorrow is no problem.

Jamie: Providing you feel up to it.

Dawn: Oh, that's terrific!

Lisa: You're going to start school? That's great.

Dawn: You do not know how much this means to me.

Jamie: Well, in that case, I suggest we celebrate at the Powerhouse.

Lisa: Yeah, let's go.

Jamie: Come on, let's go.

Dawn: You look like you're in a great mood.

Scott: Well, why wouldn't I be? I'm with you, and we're going to have a great time tonight.

Dawn: I love you.

Cass: What's wrong?

Nicole: Nothing.

Cass: I know. It gets to me, too.

Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm going to be all right. I'm sorry.

Cass: No, no, you don't have to be sorry. What's wrong?

Nicole: She's going to kill herself.

Cass: Yeah, well, it's sad, but that's the way the opera ends.

Nicole: I know, I know. It's me. It's not the story.

Cass: What?

Nicole: I guess it just hits home tonight, that's all.

Cass: What does?

Nicole: The suicide scene.

Cass: Why?

Nicole: My mother committed suicide.

Mac: You were awfully quiet at dinner, darling.

Rachel: So were you. I guess we both do nothing but think of Amanda during dinner.

Mac: I know this is going to come as an enormous shock to you, but I don't like Sam Fowler.

Rachel: I'm speechless.

Mac: I wish I could. I honestly wish I could, but the way he treats Amanda just drives me up the wall!

Rachel: I know, I know. What worries me, though -- what worries me is that you're going to alienate her.

Mac: Do you think that's what I'm doing?

Rachel: I think you could.

Mac: All I want is to make her happy.

Rachel: That's what we both want, Mac.

Mac: It's beginning to look like Fowler is never going to make her happy, not in a million years.

Rachel: Well, not if you keep looking for ways to show her that he's not good enough for her.

Mac: Do you think that's what I'm doing?

Rachel: Isn't it?

Mac: The last thing I want is to turn Amanda against me.

Rachel: I know, darling. Then give her some room. Let her work it out in her own way.

Mac: Is all this really a lot easier for you?

Rachel: No. I just don't want to lose our daughter.

Mac: Well, everything would be fine if she'd just be reasonable and do everything like I want her to do it.

Rachel: It'll work out somehow.

Sam: Beer.

Man: Hey, Sam.

Second man: It's about time you showed up. Where have you been?

Sam: Out.

Man: Wow, this is some place.

Second man: Kirk's having a hard time deciding who deserves his body the most.

Kirk: Get a load of that redhead over there.

Man: Yeah, the one with the gorilla for the date.

Kirk: Well, maybe he's just a friend.

Man: Dream on, buddy. What's up?

Kirk: You have another run-in with Amanda or something?

Sam: No. Her father.

Kirk: How did it go?

Sam: I told him to stick the Paris job. Looks like I'm staying in Bay City, guys.

Kirk: Did he fire you?

Sam: No. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work with him again. I guess I'm going to start looking for another job.

Kirk: Why aren't you going to Paris?

Man: Kirk, shut up.

Kirk: I know what you need, Sam.

Sam: Yeah?

Kirk: Mm-hmm. You need to forget about Amanda.

Sam: In spades, man! I need that beer.

Kirk: And I know just how to do that.

Man: Where's he going?

Sam: Who cares?

Adam: This is great. Uh, let's take that table over there.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Sounds good.

Adam: Come on, everybody give me your coats. Scoot in here, and I'll get some drinks. Anybody want anything?

Vicky: Yeah, how about ginger ale.

Scott: I'll get a pitcher and four glasses.

Adam: All right, I'll be right back.

Scott: Ok.

Man: Hey, that's the chick who used to sing over at Tops.

Second man: So?

Man: I heard she quit because she's got AIDS.

Second man: You're kidding.

Man: Wouldn't want her singing too close to me.

Jamie: Yeah, give me a pitcher and four glasses, please.

Sam: Well, if it isn't the doctor who makes house calls.

Jamie: Sam, I didn't see you.

Sam: Well, looks like you're going to be seeing a lot of me.

Jamie: I thought you were considering a job in Paris.

Sam: Yeah, I didn't take it.

Jamie: It sounded pretty good to me.

Sam: Yeah, it did.

Jamie: So how come you're not taking it?

Amanda: That's what I want to know.

Jamie: Uh, can I have a pitcher over here, please?

Sam: Your parents told you, huh?

Amanda: Yeah. What they didn't tell me was why you're staying here in Bay City.

Sam: The reason is what I told your parents. I feel responsible for the baby.

Amanda: That's it?

Sam: Did you want me to go?

Amanda: No, no. I never said that.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I'm not going to be bought off. I'm not some dumb field hand who got the boss' daughter --

Amanda: Would you stop it? Nobody thinks of you as anything except --

Sam: Except nobody. Sam Fowler, nobody.

Amanda: You're impossible.

Sam: No, no, wait a minute. You want to know why I got a chip on my shoulder against rich people? You go ask your old man.

Amanda: I hate what he did, too, but he was only --

Sam: Just trying to buy me off. He might try to make it a pretty package, but it's still the same thing. They're still just trying to buy you off, and I'm not going to do that. Not me.

Amanda: I didn't come here to argue about what my father did.

Sam: What did you want to talk about?

Amanda: I have to know.

Sam: Know what?

Amanda: The reason that you're staying in Bay City. Does it have anything to do with me?

Sam: Yeah. You're pregnant.

Amanda: I'm glad you care about the baby and everything, but how do you feel about me?

Sam: Amanda, a lot's happened.

Amanda: I know.

Sam: It was so simple before. I just -- I wish it was still simple.

Amanda: I know what you're going to say. If I had stayed Mandy Ashton, maybe --

Sam: No. If you had really been Mandy Ashton.

Amanda: But I'm not -- you going to hold this against me forever?

Vicky: Amanda, Amanda. Are you ok?

Nicole: I'm really sorry, Cass.

Cass: Oh, don't. No, I'm the one who should apologize. I never would've brought you to this opera if I'd known that.

Nicole: No, but that's what's so crazy. I must have seen "Madame Butterfly" 10 or 12 times. I've never been affected like this.

Cass: Maybe it was the performance?

Nicole: I don't think so. My mother has just been on my mind a lot lately. This afternoon I found a photograph of her.

Cass: And it triggered some memories?

Nicole: Well, maybe the fire at our place had something to do with it, too.

Cass: Why do you say that?

Nicole: The night my mother died, there was -- there was just a terrible fire.

Cass: How long ago was this?

Nicole: I was 14. I remember waking up. There was just fire everywhere.

Cass: Honey, how'd you get out of there?

Nicole: The fire department. They put up the ladder and I was carried out through a window.

Cass: But your mother didn't make it.

Nicole: No. But it wasn't an accident. My mother -- my mother started the fire. And then she killed herself.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: Oh, she could have killed us all. The press really had a field day.

Cass: Of course they would. The famous Love family.

Nicole: They even published the suicide note that she mailed to my father.

Cass: How did they get their hands on it?

Nicole: I don't know. I felt like dying when I saw it.

Cass: 14 -- that must have been so terrible for you.

Nicole: I loved her so much. I was devastated.

Nicole: Oh, great. Now I've made you miss the ending.

Cass: Oh, who cares about that? Come on, let's get out of here.

Vicky: I saw you talking with Sam. Is that why you're so upset?

Amanda: I'll be fine.

Vicky: Sure you will. Amanda, I know you're in love with him.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah.

Vicky: I remember thinking that the first night I met you. Remember, at Gino's pizzeria?

Amanda: Yeah, I remember. It's what I just found out.

Vicky: About what? What? What's the problem?

Amanda: It's complicated.

Vicky: Is there another woman? Another girl?

Amanda: Oh, I wish it was that easy.

Vicky: I guess nothing is that easy.

Amanda: Did you ever see somebody, somebody that you think is so messed up, and you're so glad that it isn't you?

Vicky: No, because I usually am that one that's messed up.

Amanda: Haven't messed up like me.

Vicky: Amanda, what is it?

Amanda: Let's just say I have a big decision to make.

Vicky: Do you want to come sit with us at the table over there?

Amanda: No. No, I really got to go.

Vicky: Ok. Listen, Amanda, if you want to talk, ever, please call me.

Amanda: Yeah, thanks. Bye.

Vicky: Bye.

Jamie: Don't be gone long. I want to do some more dancing.

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: Yes?

Vicky: I just talked to Amanda.

Jamie: Has she left?

Vicky: Is she pregnant?

Jamie: Did she tell you that?

Vicky: She didn't have to.

Scott: Thank you. Well --

Dawn: Scott.

Scott: Yeah?

Dawn: Do you know those people?

Scott: Where?

Dawn: Over there.

Scott: Just wait here a minute.

Dawn: No, it's ok.

Scott: No, just wait here. Excuse me, guys. You've been staring at my date ever since we came in here. Is there something you'd like to talk to me about?

Man: Yeah, maybe I do.

Scott: Well?

Man: This place is where a lot of us like to have a good time.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Man: Sort of like a second home.

Scott: Yeah.

Man: We don't want people like her coming in here.

Scott: People like her?

Man: People with AIDS.

Scott: She just wants to have a good time. Don't bother her, all right?

Man: She's had her good times, and now she's got AIDS. We don't want somebody like that walking in here, spreading it all over the place.

Scott: You can't catch it just by being in the same room with somebody who has it.

Man: Don't hand me that junk.

Scott: Don't be stupid, all right?

Man: For all I know, you got it, too. So take your sicko and get out!

Scott: Come on.

Man: And stay out.

Sam: Hey, hey! Break it up! Break it up!

Scott: I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Adam`: Scott, back off, now!

Sam: Back off!

Dawn: Scott, please.

Jamie: What happened?

Dawn: They knew that I was sick. They -- they were angry from me being here.

Scott: Get him out of here. Get him out of here.

Adam: You're out of here, pal. I don't want to see your face again. Get him out of here!

Man: He started it!

Adam: Get him out!

Man: I didn't do nothing.

Sam: Come on, get out!

Man: Just because he's got a cop for a friend!

Adam: Are you all right?

Scott: Yeah, I'm fine, Adam. If you don't let me finish what the guy started, next time he's not going to be so lucky.

Adam: There's not going to be a next time. Look, you're supposed to be a lawyer. You want to give me a definition of assault and battery? What's the matter with you, pal?

Scott: I took it easy as long as I could.

Scott: I'm sorry.

Dawn: I can't hurt him. Why was he so angry?

Jamie: Because he's stupid and misinformed.

Vicky: Great combination, the jerk.

Dawn: Yeah, but what am I supposed to do, not go out anywhere?

Scott: Don't let it get to you, ok?

Dawn: No, but I can't hurt anybody!

Lisa: Dawn, we know that, ok? We know.

Jamie: Some people are just ignorant.

Dawn: Well, what am I supposed to do, run into those kind of people the rest of my life?

Jamie: You have to learn how to look the other way. I'm sorry.

Scott: I'm not going to let that jerk come near you, all right? Ever again, I promise you. Now let's go home.

Man: What were they fighting about?

Sam: Who knows?

Kirk: Is that redhead still with Quasimodo?

Man: Will you give up on her?

Kirk: Never.

Man: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Huh?

Man: Did you see those two? Are they lonely, or are they lonely?

Sam: Skip it, Jim.

Jim: What's wrong?

Sam: Look, I'm just not in the mood right now, ok? I've got a lot of things on my mind.

Kirk: Yeah. I'm going to go try again. Looks like we're going to have to take care of this little problem of yours, huh?

Sam: Where is he going?

Jim: I don't know. Maybe you should talk to Amanda Cory instead of her father.

Sam: Bartender?

Kirk: Joyce? Finally. You know, I've been trying to reach you for over an hour. It's Kirk. Yeah, I'm in Bay City with Sam.

Sam: What do you got to do to get a drink around here?

Kirk: Well, just take my word for it. He's hurting, and you're the medicine. How soon can you get out here?

Amanda: I thought you'd be in bed.

Mac: I couldn't sleep till I talked to you.

Amanda: Dad, I'm really sorry about the way I acted earlier.

Mac: Oh, come on. Don't worry about it, sweetheart.

Amanda: I know. I shouldn't have picked a fight. I mean, there was no reason.

Mac: You didn't. You said the way you felt, and it made me think.

Amanda: It did?

Mac: Yeah. I've decided you're right.

Amanda: Dad.

Mac: I know you never expected to hear me say that. I didn't expect to hear myself say it. But you're a grown woman now, and I've been interfering too much.

Amanda: No, I know you were only doing it to help me.

Mac: But I was trying to force decisions that you and Sam have to make with each other.

Amanda: Right.

Mac: I guess parents get so used to trying to solve their children's problems that they just don't know when to stop and back off.

Amanda: It's not that I don't want your advice. I'll always want that.

Mac: Fine. But we'll keep it that way -- advice. No ready-made answers anymore.

Amanda: I'll always love you.

Mac: I love you too, darling.

Amanda: Even when I screw things up royally?

Mac: Well, being perfect, I can afford to be generous.

Amanda: What time is your meeting in the morning?

Mac: Oh, yeah -- 6:00. Well, I'd better turn in.

Amanda: I'm glad we talked.

Mac: You make your own decisions and you tell me about them just when and if you want to. Good night, sweetheart.

Amanda: Good night.

Amanda: What if I don't know the answers?

Cass: Mac must have had these messengered over.

Nicole: What?

Cass: The galleys to Kathleen's book.

Nicole: Oh. Do you have to proofread them tonight?

Cass: Oh, no. No, any time in the next few weeks.

Nicole: Is it hard to look at?

Cass: Yeah. There's a lot of memories here. Look, I'm sorry things didn't work out the way I planned tonight.

Nicole: It's ok.

Cass: The whole idea was to get you to forget your problems and troubles.

Nicole: Well, I did for a while.

Cass: You're going to get chilly. Let me crank up the heat.

Nicole: Thanks. Would you mind if I looked at these?

Cass: Go ahead. The whole world is going to be reading them anyway.

Nicole: Thanks.

Cass: My life is an open galley, you know. So, why the sudden interest?

Nicole: Oh, well, it's not sudden, really. I mean, you are my business partner. Shouldn't I get to know you better?

Cass: Go ahead. I'll go up and change -- my clothes.

Rachel: What are you doing?

Amanda: Just watching the fire go out.

Rachel: Your father told me you were down here.

Amanda: He was so nice. He told me he was going to back off. I can make all my own decisions from now on.

Rachel: I think he realizes he made a mistake with Sam.

Amanda: I know he was just trying to protect me.

Rachel: It's instinct. It happens when your first child is born.

Amanda: I guess I'm going to be the same way.

Rachel: Yes, you will. What about Sam?

Amanda: Will he be protected?

Rachel: You know that's not what I meant.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I saw him.

Rachel: Did you talk?

Amanda: I don't know. I wanted so bad just to walk right up to him, stare him in the eye, and say, "are you staying in Bay City because you love me?"

Rachel: Did you?

Amanda: It didn't come out right.

Rachel: Why, darling? Because you didn't say it clearly, or didn't he answer?

Amanda: He told me he was going to stay in Bay City because of his responsibility for the baby.

Rachel: I'm sorry, sweetie. I know how much it hurts.

Amanda: I love him, mom. I don't want to live without him.

Sam: You know what my problem is?

Jim: No, but you're going to tell me.

Sam: I got in too deep.

Jim: Why did I know it'd be about Amanda?

Sam: I really cared about her, you know that? I have never felt that way about anyone before.

Jim: Why is that the problem?

Sam: Because when she was Mandy Ashton, things were simple.

Jim: You're not making a lot of sense. You know that, don't you?

Sam: With Mandy, love was great. I mean, I really thought my life was perfect. And then she turned into Amanda Cory.

Jim: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. And now I feel like I got to get to know her all over again.

Jim: And she's pregnant.

Sam: Yes, that complicates things, don't you think?

Jim: Yeah, it's complicated. I'll give you that. But I've known you a long time, Sam. I remember when you used to dream about France, about studying painting.

Sam: Yes, so?

Jim: So, for you to turn down a job in Paris, that says a lot about Amanda. Think about it.

Cass: Ahem.


Nicole: Oh, hi.

Cass: Hi. You're into it. How many pages have you read?

Nicole: Yeah. 21.

Cass: Oh. You're not bored yet?

Nicole: Are you kidding? This first part is all about you. It's really fascinating.

Cass: What did you expect?

Nicole: Well, this is even better than I expected.

Cass: Kathleen was a good writer.

Nicole: Yeah, she sure was.

Cass: She could have made any boob sound interesting.

Nicole: You're not just any boob, though. You're special. You know, the two of you -- what you had -- it's incredible.

Cass: It was indeed.

Nicole: I've never known that feeling. Loving so totally, being loved.

Cass: You will someday.

Nicole: Oh, well, I'm not betting on it.

Cass: Why not?

Nicole: Well, I decided when I was a little kid, maybe I'm just not lovable.

Cass: Now, let me tell you something, that is a lot of --

Nicole: What?

Cass: Believe me when I tell you it'll happen.

Nicole: I hope so.

Cass: Well, it's getting late. I'm going to go to sleep.

Nicole: Ok. I think I'll just stay here and read for a while.

Cass: Ok. Good night.

Nicole: Um -- thank you for the opera. It really was a lovely thought.

Cass: My pleasure. And next time we'll pick something with a happy ending.

Nicole: Yeah, right.

Cass: I'll see you tomorrow.

Nicole: Ok. Good night.

Cass: Good night.

Nicole: Is it about me, Mama? What does father know that I don't? What?

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