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Another World Transcript Friday 12/19/03

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Felicia: Once again, "Satin Orchid" is the name of the book written by my very talented and very successful guest, Marjorie Bridges.

Marjorie: Who owes most of her success to Ms. Felicia Gallant.

Felicia: No, no, that can't be true.

Marjorie: Oh, your books did inspire me.

Felicia: Oh, I like that. In fact, I would love to talk about that a little more, but unfortunately we only have two minutes left, so for the next two minutes, Marjorie, why don't we talk about something serious. Now, you are a romance novelist, right?

Marjorie: A serious romance novelist, right.

Felicia: And yet in this book, you seem to have broken the formula.

Marjorie: Oh, I don't think I broke the formula. I just bent it a little.

Felicia: Yes, but your lovers chose not to get married at the end, right?

Marjorie: Yes, I did take some criticism for that.

Felicia: "Some"?

Marjorie: My publishers had to hire extra help to handle the hate mail.

Felicia: Ooh. Well, at least you know you have readers out there.

Marjorie: What do you think?

Felicia: Well, I would say without readers, you go back to the typing pool.

Marjorie: No, no, about the two lovers not getting married?

Felicia: Well, I don't know for sure. It certainly is realistic in today's society. Lots of people choose not to get married, you know, for one reason or another.

Mac: Amanda?

Rachel: She's not here, Mac.

Mac: Oh. She didn't go into work, did she?

Rachel: I don't know where she went.

Mac: I gave her the day off.

Rachel: Yes, I know you did.

Mac: She's just under so much stress.

Rachel: Yes, I know she is. And you're the one that's responsible for most of that stress.

Mac: If you're getting at what I think you're --

Rachel: You just don't see it, do you?

Mac: All right, let's hear it.

Rachel: Trying to force Sam off to Paris? That was a terrible mistake.

Cass: What are you designing, carpets?

[Cass chuckles]

Nicole: These are my businesswoman suits. I woke up in the middle of the night and I decided they were all wrong.

Cass: I don't think so.

Nicole: Well, maybe some of them are all right.

Cass: I mean, what woke you up last night, I don't think it was the designs.

Nicole: No, it wasn't.

Cass: Well, do you want to talk about it?

Nicole: No, I don't even want to think about it.

Cass: It's possible it wasn't him, you know.

Nicole: Well, who else would it be? My own father. This is a nightmare.

Cass: We're just guessing here. We have no proof.

Nicole: And we're not going to find any. That's the way he operates. He also never gives up.

Cass: How do you know?

Nicole: Reginald Love has to get what he wants, and what he wants is for us to be out of business.

Cass: Who cares what your father wants.

Nicole: Oh, you say that now.

Cass: I'm not going to be intimidated.

Nicole: Well, you wait until the next little accident, or the one after that.

Cass: He's not going to win.

Nicole: Maybe he already has.

Cass: What?

Nicole: The date for the fashion show has been moved up two weeks, right?

Cass: Right.

Nicole: And the fire -- how much has that set us back?

Cass: Maybe two weeks.

Nicole: Well, then how can we possibly make this?

Cass: You're not a quitter, Nicole.

Nicole: No, Cass, I'm a realist.

Cass: And you're not giving up.

Nicole: Well, look, if he's going to play this way, then how can we possibly fight him?

Cass: You can't just let this go! You have too much invested here!

Nicole: There is such a thing as cutting your losses.

Cass: Not for you, not for the woman I saw last night.

Nicole: I climbed down a drainpipe to save my rear end.

Cass: Yeah, but you were cool, you thought fast.

Nicole: Cass, it doesn't make me Joan of Arc.

Cass: Look, I already told you I was impressed. Before last night, I thought -- never mind.

Nicole: What? You thought what?

Cass: I thought that you were just dabbling at this. I thought you'd cave in under the pressure. That's what I thought.

Nicole: It's not going to work, Cass.

Cass: What? What am I doing?

Nicole: You're trying to make me angry so I'll keep going.

Cass: Ok. Fine.

Cass: I heard about how you decked Barbara van Arkdale at your show.

Nicole: Yeah. I could've been a contender.

Cass: Yeah, so why you giving up now?

Nicole: I don't want to.

Cass: I can't hear you, Nicole.

Nicole: I don't want to, ok?

Cass: Yeah, well, you're going to have to fight for this. Nobody's going to hand it to you.

Nicole: I know that.

Cass: So do I book you into the garden or what?

Nicole: Oh, this is stupid.

Cass: Quitting is stupid. So what's it going to be?

Nicole: Book me, Winthrop.

Cass: All right! In this corner, weighing --

Nicole: Careful!

Cass: Ok, ok, champ, anything you say.

Nicole: Hey, do you think you can handle things around here this morning?

Cass: Sure. Why?

Nicole: There's something I have to do.

Cass: Where are you going?

Nicole: To do something I should have done years ago.

Mac: I am not forcing Sam to do anything!

Rachel: You should've just stayed out of it, Mac.

Mac: Rachel, the boy works for me! He's gotten our daughter pregnant! I have a right to know what his intentions, if any, are!

Rachel: No, not that way, you don't.

Mac: There is no other way!

Rachel: You haven't even looked for another way.

Mac: What would you suggest, I have a heart-to-heart talk with him?

Rachel: Yeah, why not?

Mac: The way he's treated Amanda, he doesn't have a heart. It'd be a waste of time. No, this is the only way to find out what kind of a man he is.

Rachel: By sending him off to France?

Mac: For the 50th time, I'm not sending him anywhere! He is free to choose anything he wants.

Rachel: Oh, come on, it's not that simple, and you know it.

Mac: Well, it is now. The ball is in his court.

Rachel: Mac, you're putting an enormous amount of pressure on him.

Mac: By making him make up his mind? Do you expect me to feel sorry about that?

Rachel: I don't expect you to make it any worse.

Mac: Sam is the only one who can do that.

Rachel: Mac, couldn't you have at least tried to get along with him?

Mac: After he has shown absolutely no concern for the agony he's putting Amanda through?

Rachel: Don't you think that's a little harsh?

Mac: No. I think that is accurate, and you do, too.

Rachel: It doesn't matter what we think! It's not up to us! Amanda loves him, Mac.

Mac: Well, may God help her get over it.

Rachel: Don't you see that by trying to pull her away from him she's just going to hang on to him harder? That's one of the basic rules of bringing up a child.

Mac: I'm not pulling anybody away from anybody. Anyway, it's just a risk we'll have to take.

Rachel: You might lose her, Mac.

Mac: I am not going to be blackmailed into supporting his unforgivable behavior.

Rachel: All right, fine. Don't support it. But let Amanda handle this the way she sees fit.

Mac: Like she's handled it in the past?

Rachel: Oh, come on, that wasn't fair. You ought to give her another chance.

Mac: Rachel, maybe -- just maybe -- Sam might decide to stay here. Then she would have a chance.

Rachel: You're sticking to this offer?

Mac: It is the only way to make that boy decide what Amanda and that baby mean to him! The only way!

Kirk: Isn't it kind of bright in here?

Sam: Shh, shh.

Cheryl: Hey, guys.

Sam: Cheryl, please, shh.

Cheryl: What?

Sam: You don't have to shout.

Kirk: You'll have to excuse us, Cheryl. We decided to close all the bars on Pacific street last night.

Cheryl: There are a lot of bars on Pacific street.

Jim: I think she gets the picture.

Cheryl: So you guys were drinking last night, huh?

Sam: Yeah, and this morning. We're going to eat, all right?

Kirk: Yeah, Sam said a big breakfast would make us well.

Cheryl: Hey, aren't you working today?

Sam: No, I'm taking a sick day.

Kirk: A hangover day.

Sam: Ok, a hangover day. I've been working seven days a week since I got to "Brava." I figure I'm owed.

Cheryl: Yeah, just asking.

Sam: Besides, I've got to show these two clowns the city.

Kirk: I need scrambled eggs and wheat toast, please.

Cheryl: Ok.

Jim: And coffee intravenously.

Sam: Just bring us the hangover special, all right, Cheryl?

Cheryl: Ok.

Kirk: I think we should've stayed here last night.

Cheryl: See you later.

Jim: What was the name of that last place?

Kirk: Yeah, and I have a dim memory of female companionship.

Jim: Companionship? We didn't even know their names.

Kirk: What are you talking about? One of them was Barbara. Uh -- no -- Betty, Brenda. I'm sure it was a B. I'm almost sure.

Sam: You're a real sensitive guy, you know that?

Jim: What's wrong, buddy? I mean, aside from somebody hammering on your head from the inside?

Sam: Well, I just think you should remember a girl's name, that's all.

Jim: You didn't even talk to any of the girls last night.

Sam: So I'm not so good with women these days, ok?

Kirk: Oh, God, am I dreaming? Did he just say that he wasn't good with women?

Jim: He said it.

Sam: Cut it out, ok?

Jim: There was a girl you kept writing about -- Mandy?

Sam: So where do you guys want to go after we finish eating?

Kirk: Mandy. You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were touchy about her.

Sam: It's no big deal, Kirk.

Jim: You sure changed the subject when I just mentioned her name.

Kirk: Yeah, what's the story?

Sam: It's a short story and it never should've been written in the first place.

Jim: You really care about this girl, don't you?

Marjorie: Then you do agree with me?

Felicia: Well, I don't disagree, no. I just don't think in today's society that things are as cut and dried as they used to be.

Marjorie: That was my point.

Felicia: Marjorie, if a relationship is working -- I mean, really working -- isn't it important that the two people make a lifetime commitment?

Marjorie: You mean marriage?

Felicia: Yes, marriage.

Marjorie: Are we talking about life or romance novels?

Felicia: Right. Well, listen, we have run out of time, unfortunately. Thank you for being here. And I want to thank all of you for tuning in to "Breakfast with Felicia." It was a lot of fun. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye.

Woman: We're out. That's it. Good show. Good show, everybody.

Felicia: All right, Marjorie, thank you so much.

Marjorie: Thank you.

Felicia: You were wonderful, yes, and I do wish you luck on the book.

Marjorie: Thank you. Goodbye.

Felicia: Yeah, now --

Wally: So, Mitch, when did you get here?

Mitch: Only a short while ago, Wally.

Wally: Oh, I'm so glad you could make it.

[Wally scoffs]

Felicia: Ruth, thank you again. You were wonderful, as usual. Hi.

Mitch: It's a nice show.

Felicia: Did you see all of it?

Mitch: Just the last segment.

Felicia: Marjorie -- well, she's very bright, isn't she?

Mitch: Did you mean what you said?

Felicia: About?

Mitch: Marriage.

Felicia: Yes, I did.

Mitch: Well, does that mean that you've made up your mind about us? About our getting married?

Felicia: Think we could sit down for a minute?

Mitch: If you'd like.

Felicia: Ok. All right. You -- uh -- you asked me if I'd made up my mind, right?

Mitch: Yes, I asked you that.

Felicia: Ok. What I said on the show a little while ago I meant. I do believe that a lifetime commitment should be made in every relationship.

Mitch: Including this relationship?

Felicia: Especially this relationship.

Mitch: Do I hear a "but, but --" in there somewhere?

Felicia: Yes. Yes, there is one.

Mitch: Ok, well, let me hear what it is.

Felicia: Well, I -- I just want to make sure that I say this right.

Mitch: Just don't start with "Dear Mitch."

Felicia: Oh, no, I wouldn't. It's not you. It's me. It's just that I'm still trying to get through the idea of settling down. I --

Mitch: You what?

Felicia: I told you, I feel afraid.

Mitch: What, of a commitment?

Felicia: Of letting you down.

Mitch: And you think that that's going to happen?

Felicia: I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen. Look, I'm Felicia Gallant, for heaven's sake. I'm a famous romance novelist. I'm a romantic, I'm even a matchmaker, and I'm the one with the problem here.

Mitch: So everybody has problems. We work it out.

Felicia: You're being so reasonable about this.

Mitch: Would you like me to be otherwise?

Felicia: No. Although it would sort of simplify things if you were.

Mitch: Listen, the way things are is fine with me.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: I don't want you to feel pressured.

Felicia: You know what? You're a wonderful man.

Mitch: Yeah. Yeah, that's true. I just don't know how wonderful.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Mitch: Nothing. Nothing. It's just that I have a surprise for you later.

Felicia: What? What do you mean a surprise?

Mitch: Later.

Felicia: Mitch, what? No, no, you can't do this. Mitch, no, you can't do this, no.

Mitch: What can I not do?

Felicia: No, I hate surprises, you know. You can't do this. I have to know what it is you're going to do.

Mitch: Why do you have to know what it is?

Felicia: Because it will make me crazy. You know it makes me crazy. You have to tell me. Mitch, no! You'll ruin my day. Please tell me.

Mitch: It's just a date.

Felicia: Mitch --

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: No, no, don't. Don't leave.

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: Mitch?

Mary: Hi.

Mitch: Hi, Mary.

Mary: I'm having lunch with Felicia.

Mitch: Oh, really? Well, just make sure she doesn't eat too much.

Mary: What?

Mitch: Well, I have a surprise for her later.

Mary: You're going out to dinner?

Mitch: Well, actually, it's a little more than that. It's --

Mary: That's wonderful.

Mitch: That is if I can pull it off, but she doesn't know anything.

Mary: What a great surprise.

Mitch: You don't know a thing. You haven't heard anything, we haven't talked.

Mary: I haven't seen you in days. I wonder where Mitch has been.

Felicia: What was that all about?

Mary: What?

Felicia: You were talking to Mitch. What did he say?

Mary: I was supposed to ignore him?

Felicia: Oh. You know, don't you?

Mary: What are the specials today? I haven't had anything to eat. I missed breakfast. I'm starving.

Felicia: Mary?

Vince: Oh, hey, Mac!

Mac: Hi, there Vince.

Vince: Good to see you.

Mac: Good to see you.

Vince: Well, you came on the right day. Ada made some great black bean soup.

Mac: Ah, I can't stay for lunch. I wish I could. I came by to bring you this.

Vince: What is it?

Mac: It's the galleys of Kathleen's book.

Vince: Her book?

Mac: I thought you and your family would want to read it before it's published.

Vince: Yeah. Yeah, we would. That's very nice of you, Mac.

Mac: I was glad to do it.

Cheryl: Hi, Mr. Cory.

Mac: Hello, Cheryl.

Vince: Mac brought over Kathleen's book.

Cheryl: Boy, I never thought anyone in our family would write a book, huh?

Mac: She was a gifted writer.

Vince: Was she?

Mac: You'll see for yourself.

Cheryl: Hey, you know, if you want to take a look at this, I can cover the place.

Vince: Yeah, I would, I would. I'd like that very much.

Cheryl: Ok. This means a lot to us, Mr. Cory, especially to pops.

Mac: Your sister was a wonderful woman and I'm proud to be her publisher.

Cheryl: I can't wait to read it. Guess I'll have to wait for pops, though.

Mac: Well, I've got to make a quick call, get back to the office.

Cheryl: Thanks again.

Mac: Quite welcome.

Kirk: Gay Paris?

Jim: So it's a definite offer?

Sam: All I got to do is pack.

Kirk: Well, what are you waiting for? Those French chicks are almost as sexy as some of these Bay City girls.

Cheryl: I -- I'll get your order in a second. I thought you guys might want some more coffee.

Kirk: Yeah, listen to this, Cheryl -- this guy just got offered a job in Paris and he hasn't said yes. He's thinking about it.

Cheryl: You are? Still?

Kirk: Yeah, we're talking Paris, France. Sunbathing on the seine, skiing in the Alps --

Cheryl: I thought you said you weren't going to take the job, Sam.

Sam: So did I, but I've been thinking about it some more.

Cheryl: So now you're going to go?

Sam: I'm not sure, Cheryl. I don't know. I'm really not sure.

Kirk: Skedaddling on down to Rome for the weekend, yodeling, Swiss misses --

Cheryl: I'll go get your order.

Jim: What does Mandy think about Paris, France?

Sam: I'm not dating Mandy anymore.

Kirk: Oh, dumped her, huh? What about Joyce? I thought she had a chance with you.

Jim: Cut it out, Kirk, all right?

Kirk: Now, who was it before Joyce? Was it Sally? No, it was Candy.

Sam: Will you just knock it off?

Kirk: Well, I mean, it's nothing to get upset about, Sammy. I mean, some guys love them and leave them, right?

Sam: Jeez.

[Knock on door]



Reginald: Coming. Nicole. What a lovely surprise.

Nicole: You're the one with the surprises, father.

Reginald: I beg your pardon?

Nicole: I know you were behind it.

Reginald: What are you talking about?

Nicole: You sent someone to torch my business.

Reginald: How can you say that?

Nicole: Look, I don't want to argue about it. I know it's true. All I want to know is, why? Why did you do that to me?

Sam: Mr. Cory. I -- uh --

Mac: That's all right, Sam.

Sam: You're probably wondering why I'm not at work.

Mac: No, I'm not.

Sam: Well, see, these two guys are my best friends from Seattle.

Mac: You don't have to explain, Sam.

Sam: Well, I'm just taking the day off so I can show them around Bay City.

Mac: I'm not in the least concerned that you've taken off. You deserve a break. It is interesting, though.

Sam: What is?

Mac: How in the most unlikely places I learn more and more about you.

Sam: This is great. Yeah, this is just great.

Jim: Who was that?

Kirk: That your boss?

Sam: Not only is he my boss but he's also Mandy -- correction -- Amanda's father.

Kirk: Oh, you were dating the boss' daughter and you dumped her?

Sam: It wasn't like that, man.

Jim: He sure looked upset about something.

Kirk: Well, that Sam's playing hooky.

Sam: That's not it. There's something I didn't tell you guys.

Jim: What?

Kirk: Well, you told us everything.

Sam: No, not everything.

Jim: What is it?

Sam: Amanda's pregnant. I'm the father.

Felicia: Why do I feel so guilty?

Mary: I haven't the least idea.

Felicia: I just don't know how I can treat him like this.

Mary: Felicia, what are you talking about?

Felicia: Mitch wants to marry me.

[Mary gasps]

Mary: And you feel guilty?

Felicia: It's just that he's pushing it so hard.

Mary: Oh, and you don't want to get married?

Felicia: I -- I don't know. I'm just not ready I don't think.

Mary: You're scared?

Felicia: To death.

Mary: Happens to the best of us.

Felicia: Yes, yes, I remember. You know, I feel like I'm an absolute coward.

Mary: Felicia Gallant, that's the last thing in the world you are.

Felicia: Well, then I don't know why I'm doing what I'm doing, why I'm behaving like this.

Mary: Might I make a comment here?

Felicia: Of course you may. What?

Mary: Don't do what I did. I was so certain that I wasn't ready for marriage that I didn't take the time to think about how much I would miss Vince.

Felicia: So you do think it was a mistake?

Mary: I think I made a choice and now I have to live with it.

Felicia: I do love Mitch.

Mary: Well, then I want you to think long and hard before you make any final decision, because love just doesn't come along that often.

Jason: Hi, Mary. Felicia.

Felicia: Jason.

Mary: Jason.

Jason: Am I interrupting?

Mary: Yes, actually. Felicia and I were having a discussion.

Jason: Oh, sorry. I just wondered if you'd seen Reginald.

Mary: No, of course not.

Jason: Sorry.

Mary: Why are you so interested in Reginald?

Nicole: Look, don't you lie to me.

Reginald: No!

Nicole: You were losing control of me, so you just tried to ruin me!

Reginald: Nicole, I have never had control.

Nicole: Yeah, and you couldn't stand it! You know, you just wanted me to come to you and beg for your help.

Reginald: That is not true.

Nicole: Is your ego that important? Is that why you always made me feel worthless?

Reginald: I love you, Nicole!

Nicole: Worthless.

Reginald: Nicole, listen to me, don't you know how proud you've made me ever since you were a little girl?

Nicole: You used me.

Reginald: Never.

Nicole: I was your little prop!

Reginald: That is not true.

Nicole: Oh, yes, it is. You know, I remember the afternoon of my first and last piano recital. I was 8 years old.

Reginald: Your mother and I were so proud.

Nicole: Oh, you didn't care about me. I was scared to death! I was crying, I was even sick to my stomach, but that didn't matter to you. Reginald Love's daughter would not back down. Do you know that my hands were shaking so hard I could just barely hit those keys? But you made me play.

Reginald: And you were wonderful.

Nicole: Oh, I was humiliated. I got home that night and I went right to bed. I laid there and I cried and I waited. I waited for you to come and tell me that it was ok, that -- that you still loved me.

Reginald: Well, didn't I do that?

Nicole: Oh, boy, you don't even remember, do you? Do you know that I waited and you never came. And I knew why. It was because I let you down. The next day, it started all over again. Mother said you wanted me to start ballet lessons again. I mean, you know, I'd washed out at the piano at 8 years old, so why not try ballet? I could be a ballet dancer. What did you care? It didn't matter to you. It didn't matter what I wanted to do. You know, it was just one empty accomplishment after another. Empty and stupid because all those choices were yours.

Reginald: Well, you never told me you felt that way.

Nicole: Well, I guess I failed again!

Reginald: Well, what did you want from me?

Nicole: I just -- I just wanted to succeed for me, on my own.

Reginald: Nicole, I'm so sorry.

Nicole: Oh, no, you're not! Jeez, look at you. You're doing it all over again. You have to have control, even if it means you have to kill me in the process!

Reginald: Nicole, I never meant to hurt you!

Nicole: Do you know that you almost killed me last night?

Reginald: Nicole! There are some things that you will never understand.

Nicole: What things? Tell me!

Nicole: Tell me!

Reginald: I wish I could.

Nicole: What is it with you? Do you not have the guts? Or do you just not care?

Reginald: No, that's not it.

Nicole: Oh, you know, you just don't love me and you never have! I don't even know why I bother!

Reginald: I wish I could make you understand, Nicole!

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Well, I do. You know, I used to think the problem was me, but now I know it's you. The way you are, it's just not natural. An animal treats her young better than you do. I don't know how you live with yourself.

Reginald: Sometimes it isn't easy.

Nicole: Well, you listen to me -- I'm going to make it on my own, and you can't stop me! I'm going to prove to you once and for all that I can do it without you!

Cass: Way to go, champ.

Nicole: You heard?

Cass: I heard. Let's get out of here.

Reginald: Nicole, darling --

Cass: Oh, this "darling" stuff comes real easily to you, doesn't it?

Reginald: What are you doing here?

Cass: Don't pull anymore cute tricks like last night. It's getting on my nerves.

Reginald: Why would I want to hurt my own daughter?

Cass: Beats me. But you're not going to do it again. Nicole can take care of herself, but if she should need my help, I would love to take you own.

Reginald: You are both making a very big mistake. I could guarantee you success.

Nicole: Oh, I can guarantee my own success.

Cass: You know, Adam Cory and the police take a very dim view of arsonists.

Reginald: Is he the one that's telling you these things?

Nicole: He didn't have to tell me anything. I already knew. Come on, we have an awful lot of cleaning up to do.

Reginald: Nicole, please.

Nicole: I don't ever want to see you again.

Reginald: Nicole!

Reginald: Get me everything you have on Cass Winthrop.

Sam: I really thought I loved Amanda, man. I really thought I did.

Jim: And now you're sure you don't?

Sam: I was in love with Mandy Ashton. Amanda Cory is a liar. That's all I know about her.

Jim: You know she's having your baby.

Sam: Yeah, and I've got to do something about that.

Jim: Like what?

Sam: Like take care of him, her, be a father.

Jim: You ever plan on being a father?

Sam: No. But I want what's best for that baby, and I'm the one who's going to give it to him.

Jim: And you will.

Sam: Yeah, but to do that, Jim, I've got to have a lot of money. You know, if I go to Paris, I'm going to double my income.

Jim: Yeah, something to think about.

Sam: Yeah, but if I'm in Paris, I'm also going to be thousands of miles away from Amanda and the baby.

Jim: You have to figure out what is more important, money or spending time with your kid.

Sam: You know what I wish? I wish that I could meet Amanda Cory for the first time, you know, start all over again. Maybe that way, we'd have a chance.

Jim: You want my opinion?

Sam: Do I have a choice?

Jim: No. You've been my friend for a good, long time, buddy, and I have never heard you talk about a girl the way you talk about Amanda.

Sam: I never felt that way about anyone before.

Jim: And when you talk about the baby, how are you going to be happy sending a check once a month?

Sam: Even if it's a big check, man?

Jim: Paris is a mistake. How are you going to be happy with an ocean between you, your kid, and the woman you love?

Sam: All right, fair enough, but how am I going to be happy here?

Felicia: You know, if the two of you would like to talk --

Mary: No, we would not. I would like an answer to my question.

Wally: Felicia?

Felicia: Yes?

Wally: There's a long-distance telephone call for you.

Felicia: From who?

Wally: I don't know, it's from Paris, somebody with a French name.

Felicia: Well, yeah, that would make sense.

Wally: It's about the fashion show.

Felicia: Oh, that would make sense, too. Excuse me, would you?

Jason: Sure.

Mary: Why do you keep asking me about Reginald?

Jason: It sure gets a heck of a big reaction from you.

Mary: Is that why you do it?

Jason: Did he ever talk to you about your life, things before the accident?

Mary: Ok, that's it. No more questions.

Jason: I didn't say anything at all.

Mary: I said no more questions. Now stop badgering me.

Reginald: Mary --

Mary: I'm sorry, I've got to go.

Reginald: Mary, could I just have a moment --

Mary: I'm sorry, I'm late.

Reginald: What was that all about?

Jason: What? Oh, Mary?

Reginald: You know very well what I mean.

Jason: Reginald, we were just talking about old times. Does that bother you?

Sonny: Whoa -

Nicole: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Cass: Now, why would you be sorry?

Nicole: I'm sorry that he's my father. I'm embarrassed that he's my father. I'm embarrassed about the whole lousy thing.

Cass: Ok, you're embarrassed, you're sorry, but I'm proud.

Nicole: What's there to be proud of? I lost it, that's all.

Cass: You told him how you felt. That's not losing it.

Nicole: Something just took over.

Cass: And then you aired it out.

Nicole: That reptile is my father.

Cass: Nicole, can't you just give up on him?

Nicole: No, that's not enough.

Cass: You're never going to be able to figure him out.

Nicole: I can handle him.

Cass: Look, I know you're mad, and believe me, I'd rather see you mad than depressed, but you can't anticipate someone like your father, especially when he takes the gloves off.

Nicole: He can't win this.

Cass: He won't, but let me help you.

Nicole: You?

Cass: Yeah. You're a very decent, very nice lady. I'm not nearly as nice and decent.

Nicole: Cass, this has to be my fight.

Cass: Even Mike Tyson has a trainer, for crying out loud. Come on, I care about you.

Nicole: I know, and I appreciate that.

Cass: You're going to have to do a little more than just appreciate it, you're going to have to live with it.

Nicole: You know, you'd think I'd know better after all he's done, but he still gets to me.

Cass: That's why you have to break free.

Nicole: Can you ever really do that?

Jim: What are you going to do?

Sam: I'm going to go give Mac Cory my decision. Can you guys find your way around Bay City by yourselves?

Jim: Yeah, go ahead. I think he's got some alternative plans, anyway.

Sam: Great.

Cheryl: Hey, Sam?

Sam: Huh?

Cheryl: You ok?

Sam: Yeah.

Cheryl: You look kind of intense.

Sam: I am intense. There's some things that need straightening out, and I'm going to do the straightening.

Mary: Oh, hello.

Cheryl: Hey, I thought you were working today.

Mary: I am. I left something here I'm supposed to get telexed for Michael.

Cheryl: If you have a minute, would you join me in the kitchen and talk to pops?

Mary: Sure. What's wrong?

Cheryl: Mac Cory stopped by and dropped off the galleys from Kathleen's book.

Mary: Oh. Goodness, I knew that was coming soon, but --

Cheryl: Anyway, pops went in the kitchen and he hasn't come out since.

Mary: Oh. Ok.

Cheryl: Thanks.

Vince: Oh, hi.

Mary: Hi.

Vince: Here. You're never going to guess who this is from.

Mary: I know. Cheryl told me.

Vince: She could really write.

Mary: May I see?

Vince: Oh, yeah. Yeah, please.

Mary: Oh. This is a chapter about you and me.

Felicia: Wally, come on. Where's your loyalty, honey?

Wally: Look, Mitch is my friend, too. I'm being loyal to him.

Felicia: Well, now, look, it wouldn't hurt you just to give me a little hint, would it?

Wally: Yes, it would hurt.

Felicia: Why?

Wally: I mean, it would ruin the surprise and it would ruin the fun that Mitch is going to get out of it when he springs it on you.

Felicia: Springs what?

Wally: I'm not talking. Now, you're going to get this surprise the way Mitch planned it and you're going to love it.

Felicia: Surprise. That is so sweet of him, really. I do love him. I do. I love him. I do.

Wally: Then why are you giving him so much trouble about marriage?

Felicia: I like my life the way it is right now. I like this place, I like you, I like Cass, I like him. I'm -- I'm just afraid that if we get married, it'll ruin the romance.

Wally: Honey, when you married Zane, did it take the romance out of anything?

Felicia: No. No, you know it didn't.

Wally: Are you worried that Zane wouldn't approve?

Felicia: He would approve. He would. I know he would.

Wally: Looks to me like you're running out of excuses.

[Phone rings]

Wally: Hello. Tops. Well, hi, Mitch. Yeah, I'll tell her. She's going to love this.

Felicia: This is a little hint, isn't it?

Wally: Well, dress warm. That's all I can say.

Felicia: Dress warm. Ice skating? Is that it? Ice fishing? It wouldn't be that. Ice hockey. No?

Wally: Dress warm. That's all I can tell you, Felicia.

Felicia: Well, warm formal or warm informal?

Wally: Get going.

Felicia: Oh, Wally, you don't think I'm putting too much pressure on him to change, do you?

Mitch: So, like what I'm wearing?

Felicia: Oh, Mitch. You look wonderful.

[Wally whistles]

Mitch: You look warm.

Felicia: I am warm. Oh, come on, tell me what it is.

Mitch: Let's go, we've got a sleigh double-parked outside.

Felicia: We're going on a sleigh ride?

Mitch: Well, yeah, I thought we'd take the old logging trail out by the Northwoods Inn.

Felicia: The inn? Huh.

Mitch: And we'll go on past it and we'll go as far as the lake, and there we'll have a fire. Maybe we could roast some spot, some cheese fondue, some wine. Who knows, we might even burn a few marshmallows.

Felicia: Did you do this all by yourself?

Mitch: Well, it's kind of a last-minute moment thing, but not bad, is it?

Felicia: What, a sleigh ride and a picnic in the snow? No, I'd say that's not bad at all.

Mitch: We have to keep each other warm, though.

Felicia: I think I can handle that.

Felicia: So what did I do to deserve this?

Mitch: I'm not sure, but you have the rest of your life to make it up to me.

Mary: "And we wanted to take care of pops. The three of us -- M.J., Cheryl, and I -- would sit for hours talking, trying to figure out how to convince him he had a right to be happy. We finally decided that I, being the oldest, should go to him and tell him how we felt, that he must try to put mama's memory aside and make a new life for himself. And so I did. And I looked into his eyes and I saw something I'd never seen before. I realized for the first time that there was nothing I could do or say. He could never love another woman. So I pretended I was having problems at school, and we never talked about mama again. But then we had a fairy-tale ending. She came back. It was like a miracle seeing them together again. After 17 years of grieving, pops came back to life. And I know that my parents will find their way back to each other, because when something is meant to be --"

Mac: Rachel? Oh, there you are.

Rachel: What are you doing home so early?

Mac: I just wanted to tell you I was right.

Rachel: About what?

Mac: Sam Fowler. I just overheard a couple of his friends talking to him at Mary's Place.

Rachel: Talking about what?

Mac: In a nutshell, that Sam is a womanizer, that he's gone through hundreds of girlfriends and dumped them, and he'll probably dump hundreds more.

Rachel: This is what they were saying?

Mac: I wonder if I used to brag about my prowess when I was his age.

Rachel: Mac, you're jumping to conclusions.

Mac: No, Rachel, I heard them.

Rachel: Honey, they were joking.

Mac: No, they weren't.

Rachel: Mac, you're going to judge Sam based on a frivolous conversation he was having with his friends in Mary's Place, a conversation you were eavesdropping on?

Mac: I was not eavesdropping. They were talking so loud you couldn't help but overhear them.

Rachel: So now you have decided that Sam is a bad person.

Mac: I didn't say that.

Rachel: Doesn't seem to me you're going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Mac: He's never going to do the right thing for Amanda.

Rachel: Mac, I still say you've got to give him a chance to prove himself.

Mac: He's had weeks! And he has proved himself as far as I'm concerned.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: I'll get that.

Rachel: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Is Mr. Cory in? I tried him at the office.

Mac: I'm here, Sam. What do you want?

Sam: I've made my decision on the Paris offer.

Cass: Is it bad?

Nicole: Oh. Well, it could've been worse. But it could've been a whole lot better.

Cass: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Oh, by the way, I checked your room. It's all aired out. You should be able to sleep there tonight.

Cass: The whole place needs to be aired out. Hey, what do you say we get out of here and let the workmen get to it?

Nicole: No, I really have to work.

Cass: Nicole, you're in no shape to work. What do you say you take some time off and do twice as much tomorrow?

Nicole: Oh. You know, maybe you're right.

Cass: I'm always right. So get dressed.

Nicole: I am dressed.

Cass: Oh, I mean better than that. You and I are going out.

Nicole: You and I?

Cass: Would that be a problem? I mean, would you like to go out with me?

Nicole: This isn't because you feel sorry for me, is it?

Cass: No way.

Nicole: Well, then I'd love it. Where should we go?

Cass: You just get ready. Put on something glamorous.

Nicole: Oh, glamorous?

Cass: And be ready in 30 minutes.

Nicole: Hey!

Cass: What?

Nicole: Don't you hog all the hot water!

Cass: Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Nicole: Mama. If only you knew how much I missed you.

Reginald's voice: There are some things, Nicole, you will never understand.

Nicole: What is it I don't know, mama? What don't I know?

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