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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/5/03

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Rachel: She tried to be so brave.

Mac: She was brave. Is brave.

Rachel: There we all were, opening presents and celebrating, and she was off by herself.

Mac: She was wonderful with Matthew. She didn't even let him suspect that there was anything wrong.

Rachel: All I wanted to do was put my arms around her and tell her everything was going to be all right.

Mac: It will be, darling. It will be.

Rachel: Yes, you're right, it will be.

Mac: Oh, here she is. Hello, darling.

Amanda: Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Mac: It's ok.

Rachel: Hi, darling.

Amanda: So, what are you two up to?

Rachel: Up to?

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, why am I here? It's great to have lunch with you guys and everything --

Rachel: Just the three of us.

Amanda: You didn't invite me here just for lunch.

Mac: Well, you're right. There is an ulterior motive.

Amanda: How ulterior is it?

Rachel: Your father will explain it to you.

Mac: Your mother and I have been talking about it, and we feel the time is right.

Amanda: For what?

Mac: I have a proposition for you, young lady.

Vince: How's it going?

Man: Oh, it's going.

Vince: Specials today are crab -- Jason.

Jason: Vinnie. Been a long time.

Vince: What happened to you? What are you doing back in Bay City?

Jason: I'm just coming back here out of curiosity.

Mary: Going to the hospital. Just taking her some of Ada's --

Jason: Hi, Mary.

Mary: Who are you?

Jason: All these years, and she's still trying to pretend she doesn't know me.

Cass: Well, I need that money to be ready on the 4th. No, I'll come myself. That's not problem. 10:00 A.M., Sharp. Good, I'll see you then. Yeah. You, too. Great.

Nicole: Good morning.

Cass: Hey. You're keeping fashion designer's hours. It's afternoon already.

Nicole: Well, I walked over from the hotel. Such a nice day.

Cass: You're in a good mood.

Nicole: Did you enjoy your Christmas?

Cass: Well, the food was a little second-rate, but the company was definitely first-rate.

Nicole: Really?

Cass: Yeah. How was your Christmas?

Nicole: Not much different from yours. I had a really nice time.

Cass: I'm glad.

Nicole: I don't think we're going to have any problems working together from now on.

Cass: I agree.

Nicole: I mean, we like the same movies. If we think alike, working together will be a snap.

Cass: An absolute breeze.

Felicia: Yes, Luigi, now, watch those hands, darling. This is not Milano.

Nicole: Felicia, what are you doing here?

Felicia: I need to talk to both of you.

Nicole: And who is he?

Felicia: Please, darling.

Cass: Signore Oliviero, you're here. Excuse me. Piacere, piacere.

Mr. Oliviero: It is my pleasure. Look, one of my -- mi dispiace, ma non parlo bene l'inglese.

Cass: Non importa, non importa. Nicole, I'd like you to meet signore Luigi Oliviero, one of the world's most famous interior designers.

Felicia: He also fools around with exteriors. Now, listen, you guys, I hope you're not doing anything for new year's eve because I've booked Gloria Loring to sing at tops.

Cass: Oh, great.

Felicia: Yes, it is great. I'll tell you about it later. I can see you have business with Luigi.

Mr. Oliviero: Piacere di conoscerla, signorina.

Felicia: Watch it, Nicole. He doesn't stop at the hand. He also doesn't speak English, honey, so you can just keep grinning while you grind your high heel into his foot.

Cass: Felicia --

Felicia: Sorry.

Nicole: Luigi?

Cass: He's the hottest interior designer in all of Italy, and he's working for half his usual fee. Luigi and I go way back, right, Luigi?

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: Yes?

Nicole: Down, Luigi. Cass, may I see you in private for a moment?

Cass: Scusami un minuto, per favore. What's the problem?

Nicole: Maybe we should just rethink this whole partnership.

Nicole: I can't believe you did this.

Cass: I still don't know what the problem is.

Nicole: Luigi is an interior decorator.

Cass: I told you, the best.

Nicole: And you want to hire him.

Cass: Who doesn't?

Nicole: Without consulting me.

Cass: He gets offers every 30 seconds.

Nicole: We are supposed to share in all the decision making, Cass.

Cass: This man, Luigi Oliviero, helped design the Christian Lacroix Salon De Couture in Paris.

Nicole: I will decorate my salon.

Cass: You?

Nicole: Yes. I'll do it myself. I want to do it. I want it to have the feel of Nicole love.

Cass: That's why Luigi is here, so he can get a feel for Nicole love.

Nicole: He's felt as much as he's going to feel.

Cass: Ok. All right. Let's just not discuss it now.

Nicole: We just did discuss it. Say arrivederci, Cass.

Cass: All right, all right, let's put this on the back burner. Maestro -- dispiace -- the time -- il tempo no es buono. No good, nicht gut. Uh -- you go -- ooh, watch your step. You go hotel -- albergo -- hotel, and I'll telefono you later.

Grazie. Prego.


Luigi: Forse Viene Felicia.

Felicia: Ah, no, no.

Cass: Felicia --

Luigi: Per favore --

Felicia: Felicia is stay here. No grabo el tusho. Ok.

Cass: Uh -- later. Later, Luigi. Ciao. Nicole, this is too bizarre.

Nicole: No, you hired a contractor without my say-so.

Felicia: True.

Cass: A contractor? That's like calling Baryshnikov a hoofer!

Nicole: You promised you wouldn't make any decisions without my approval.

Felicia: True.

Cass: We got to get moving here. We're running out of time.

Nicole: Don't say it, Felicia.

Felicia: Say what?

Cass: It's true, and you know it.

Nicole: Look, I am a designer. Me. This is my salon. Who better to handle its look?

Cass: You design clothes. We're talking interiors here.

Nicole: I know how to decorate.

Cass: All right, what are you thinking?

Nicole: Chintz.

Cass: Chintz? Chintz.

Nicole: This discussion is going swiftly downhill.

Cass: You want -- we want style, right? We want controversy. That's what Luigi did for De La Croix there in Paris. The whole of Europe was talking.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? You want people to talk?

Cass: Yes, I want people to talk!

Nicole: "Designer kills business partner in a chintz brawl."

Felicia: Now --

Nicole: That ought to get folks to chatting.

Felicia: Now, guys, guys, please. I mean, this fighting isn't going to help anything. Nicole --

Cass: What it's doing is it's wasting time, and we have too much work to do.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: Chintz!

Felicia: Nicole -- no, no, no, no, no --

Nicole: You know, he can be the most infuriating, insufferable --

Felicia: I know. Why don't you let me talk to him, all right?

Nicole: There is no negotiating to be done here, Felicia.

Felicia: Right, I know --

Nicole: No. Luigi is finito.

Felicia: Finito, finito. Ciao.

Donna: Hello? Anybody here? Oh, good. There you are.

Nicole: Hi, Donna.

Donna: Hi. Ooh, would you look at this place? It's huge. Now, listen, I don't know if this applies to a business, but since this is an old house, I have the bread and the salt.

Nicole: Well, the bread might come in handy.

Donna: Yeah? What for?

Nicole: You ever hear of assault with a deadly loaf?

Amanda: Proposition?

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Rachel: Come on, Mac. Tell her.

Mac: A writing assignment.

Amanda: What?

Mac: I am offering you your first writing assignment.

Amanda: He's kidding.

Rachel: He never kids about business.

Mac: So? What do you say?

Amanda: What do I say? That's great! Fantastic!

Rachel: I wish she could summon up just a little enthusiasm.

Amanda: But wait. What am I going to write on?

Mac: Well, I was remembering your trip to Europe last summer.

Amanda: I don't think I'll ever live that down.

Mac: And how you liked to go to all those fashion houses and all the money you spend on clothes, and I deduced that you had more than a passing interest in fashion.

Amanda: A fashion article for "Brava"?

Mac: And Nicole is opening a design house in Bay City.

Amanda: Yeah, I know, I know. She's getting ready for the new exhibition in Monte Carlo.

Mac: See, I told you she's the one for the job.

Amanda: I am? I mean, I'm scared.

Mac: Well, of course you are. You should be.

Rachel: It's your first writing assignment.

Mac: I'd be worried if you weren't scared.

Amanda: What if it's no good?

Mac: Then you'll do it over again.

Amanda: What if that doesn't help?

Mac: I won't publish it.

Amanda: All right. No more negative thoughts. It's going to be wonderful.

Rachel: That's the spirit.

Amanda: I hope.

Mac: Don't hope. Get busy.

Amanda: Well, when do I start?

Mac: Now.

Amanda: Right now?

Mac: Unless you want to wait until I hire somebody --

Amanda: No, I don't want to wait. I'm ready.

Mac: You better be because I want this article for the February issue.

Amanda: Oh, wow. Anybody have a quarter?

Rachel: Here.

Amanda: Thanks. I'll be right back.

Mac: Where are you going?

Amanda: To call Nicole, set up an interview.

Rachel: Wait a minute. We didn't mean you had to leave before you ate your lunch.

Amanda: No, no, I want to. Dad, I appreciate this so much. I know I let you down, but that's all going to change. I'm going to make you so proud of me.

Mary: I think probably there's a reason I don't remember.

Jason: Well, I guess it's because I have one of these faces that's very forgettable.

Mary: No. I -- there was an accident.

Jason: An accident?

Mary: Yeah. It's a long story. Anyway, the end result of it is that I lost my memory.

Jason: You're not kidding?

Mary: Unfortunately not.

Jason: And you don't remember anything, not a thing?

Mary: Well, I remember the last 18 years. I don't remember anything before that.

Jason: Oh, well, I'm sorry.

Mary: Yeah. If I could, believe me, I would remember.

Jason: Well, then I should introduce myself. I'm Jason frame.

Mary: Jason frame.

Jason: Doesn't ring a bell yet? Still nothing going on?

Mary: From where do I know you?

Jason: The love estate. You and I worked there together.

Mary: Oh.

Jason: Well, it has been a long time. I mean, even if you could remember --

Mary: Yeah.

Jason: Maybe she wouldn't.

Mary: I'm going to go to the hospital.

Vince: Give them my best, huh?

Mary: I will.

Jason: I hope to see you again, Mary.

Vince: You and Mary worked together. I forgot that.

Jason: I heard that she was killed on Reginald love's yacht.

Vince: Yeah, that's what I thought. That's what we all thought.

Jason: Bet you were shocked when you saw her again yourself.

Vince: That's a bit of an understatement.

Jason: What happened?

Vince: It's a long story.

Jason: I heard she drowned. People saw her go overboard. That's the story I was given.

Vince: Well, she was rescued. They had to operate to save her. They couldn't do anything about her memory.

Jason: That's hard to believe.

Vince: It's even harder to live. Ada, look who's here.

Ada: Who?

Vince: You knew this guy, didn't you?

Ada: No, I don't think -- you're Steve's brother. James, John --

Jason: Jason.

Ada: Jason.

Jason: And you are Ada, Rachel's mother.

Ada: Hobson. Jason frame.

Vince: Well, I heard you were a career man in the navy.

Jason: Well, I just retired.

Ada: And now you're back.

Jason: How is Rachel?

Ada: Terrific. She couldn't be better.

Jason: I heard she finally married Mac Cory.

Ada: You've been away a long time.

Jason: I never thought she'd get over my brother Steve.

Ada: She's very happy with Mac.

Jason: I'm sure. Happy -- that's a lot of money. How could you not be happy with all that money? Besides, she always did have an eye for the good things in life.

Ada: Mac's a good thing. Mac's the best thing that ever happened to her.

Jason: If you say so.

Ada: I say so. You're in the navy.

Jason: Well, I heard I would never make admiral, so I decided to put in for an early retirement.

Vince: So, you're on a pension, eh?

Jason: What they pay me, it's not car fare, but I saved a little bit. Maybe enough to get a new career start.

Ada: Here in Bay City?

Vince: So, what are you looking to get into?

Jason: I thought I might be a gentleman farmer. I understand that Emma's place is up for sale.

Ada: Well, no frames have lived on that farm for years.

Jason: Yeah, but the bank has foreclosed on it, and it's going up for auction.

Ada: And you want it.

Jason: Well, sure, if I can get it cheap enough.

Ada: As I remember, you weren't the type to settle down.

Jason: Well, a lot of years can change somebody, and maybe I'll just be able to fool everybody. That is if I get on the stick. I got to run. It was nice seeing you all again.

Vince: Well, how about that? Jason frame back after all these years.

Ada: Swell.

Vince: What's wrong with Jason?

Ada: Maybe nothing. All I know is the frames have caused Mac and Rachel a lot of pain in their lives.

Mac: The frame family farm?

Rachel: I want to bid on it.

Mac: Why? Why on earth?

Rachel: Because of what Jamie said.

Mac: In the passing years, Jamie has said quite a few things, Rachel.

Rachel: Mac, on Christmas Eve, he said he'd be heartbroken if that farm was to be lost.

Mac: And I have never heard him use the word "heartbroken."

Rachel: Besides, I don't really need the money that I inherited from Steve.

Mac: Well, give it to charity.

Rachel: No, it's Steve's money. It should go to Jamie.

Mac: What's that got to do with a farm?

Rachel: It can be their wedding present.

Mac: Whose wedding present?

Rachel: Jamie's and Lisa's.

Mac: They're not even engaged.

Rachel: They will be, and you know it.

Mac: I know no such thing.

Rachel: Besides, I don't want to lose this chance. The auction's going to be in a week.

Mac: You have already called the bank?

Rachel: Well, yeah, I just happened to make a phone call.

Mac: All because Jamie casually mentioned that on Christmas Eve?

Rachel: Besides, I remember when Jamie used to go out there. He loved that farm.

Mac: Willis took him out there to remind him of his origins.

Rachel: Is that what you're worried about?

Mac: Well, I'd rather not have any more dealings with the frame family if I can help it.

Rachel: Darling, there's no problem. They sold the farm. Unless you're saying that you don't want me to do this at all.

Mac: No, no, I'm not going to stop you. Do what you want to.

Rachel: Oh, thank you for understanding, darling. Besides, I'm going to go over to the bank and check everything out.

Amanda: I did it.

Mac: You got an interview with Nicole?

Amanda: In 20 minutes.

Rachel: That's wonderful.

Amanda: I think I better leave now, though, just in case there's traffic. I'm going to work so hard on this.

Mac: You better.

Amanda: I'm going to go. Bye.

Rachel: Bye, sweetie. Oh, wait a minute. Remember to eat something. I haven't seen her this happy in a long time.

Mac: I hope it works for her.

Rachel: I'm sure it will. Darling, I'm going to go.

Mac: You're not going to eat, either?

Rachel: I always diet after the holidays.

Mac: You never diet, ever.

Rachel: Besides, I want to get the ball rolling with the bank.

Mac: Oh, I hope it's the right thing.

Rachel: Why wouldn't it be?

Mac: Won't that house stir up a lot of old memories for you?

Rachel: So what? I'm not scared of ghosts.

Donna: So, you have problems with Cass, huh?

Nicole: Donna, why don't you help me look through this, ok?

Donna: All right. Oh, wait. You're not going to believe this. My third grade schoolteacher had a dress made out of this.

Nicole: Oh, wait a minute. What am I thinking about? You spent Christmas with Michael, didn't you?

Donna: Mm-mmm.

Nicole: And? Well, how did it go?

Donna: It turned out wonderful.

Nicole: Michael wasn't furious?

Donna: Oh, of course he was furious. But he still has feelings for me.

Nicole: The cabin bit really worked, huh?

Donna: Well, let's say he screamed about being manipulated at first, but he wanted to be with me, I know it.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, that's great.

Donna: Oh, but I do have my work cut out for me and I'm going to have to be very patient because he has -- he's been so badly hurt.

Nicole: Well, he loves you. You'll work it out.

Donna: But I'm not going to be able to count on being stranded in mountain cabins all the time, though. I'm just going to have to figure out something else.

Nicole: You know, if I were you, I wouldn't try pulling any more tricks.

Donna: That one.

Nicole: What?

Donna: The fabric. This -- the drapes. I think the drapes would be made out of this. What do you think?

Nicole: Huh. Donna, did you ever think about getting Michael back by showing him how independent you are?

Felicia: Any minute.

Donna: Don't start in on that.

Cass: I really appreciate him doing this.

Nicole: I have just the job for you.

Donna: What?

Cass: I know how busy he is.

Felicia: Donna, hi.

Donna: Oh, hi.

Nicole: Allow me to introduce the interior decorating team of Hudson and Love. We will take care of the design.

Cass: No, you won't.

Nicole: Yeah, we will. I just hired us.

Cass: Oh, no. You're too busy.

Mitch: Hi.

Felicia: Hi. Gee, did I tell you he'd be right here?

Cass: Yes, you did, and I really appreciate it, Mitch. I know what kind of schedule you're on over there at "Brava."

Mitch: It's just the one shot, right?

Cass: Yeah, a press release for the opening.

Nicole: Grand opening.

Cass: I think we could try one of the upstairs rooms.

Nicole: No, I prefer shooting down here, Mitch.

Cass: Um --

Nicole: I think that it's much better. Much better setup for the shot.

Cass: I know exactly where we'll set up, Mitch, as a matter of fact.

Felicia: Here we go again. Don't get caught in the crossfire.

Cass: I will handle the photo shoot.

Nicole: Why you? Cass: You have more than enough to do.

Nicole: Well, I'll make time for this. Why didn't you tell me Mitch was doing it this afternoon?

Cass: Because this is P.R. It falls under the category of business.

Nicole: Oh, uh-huh. And what about hiring the models, selecting the clothes, huh?

Cass: It's all --

Nicole: Are you going to do that, too?

Cass: Nicole, it's all taken care of.

Nicole: You know, you just want to run this --

Cass: Mitch, I don't want to keep you waiting. Come on, let's go upstairs.

Nicole: Oh, I am going to kill him.

Felicia: No, no, no, no.

Nicole: You don't have to --

Felicia: I'll mediate. I will.

Nicole: No. Wait. We are way beyond a mediating stage here. I want him drawn and quartered.

Felicia: Right.

Nicole: No, quartered, right?

Felicia: Right. I'll take care of it.

Donna: Nicole, maybe this partnership with Cass isn't such a good idea.

Nicole: I had no choice.

Donna: Nicole --

Nicole: No, I didn't.

Donna: Look, Michael and I have already agreed on our property settlement. Either one of us could have backed you.

Nicole: Donna, I couldn't wait. There just wasn't time.

Donna: Well, all right, but why won't you let me help you now?

Nicole: I can't.

Donna: But why not?

Nicole: Because I am legally tied to Cass now. I'm just going to have to live with it.

Donna: Nicole --

Amanda: Hi. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Nicole: No, you're not. The press is welcome any time, Amanda.

Donna: The press?

Nicole: Yes, Amanda is a reporter for "brava" now. We're going to do an interview.

Donna: Oh. Oh -- oh, good! Well, listen, the Hudson half of this decorating team will go into the other room and take some measurements, ok?

Nicole: Thanks, Donna.

Donna: Oh, maybe a little word of advice. I would have Amanda do an interview with Cass as well. Ruffled feathers are not a very good idea, hmm?

Cass: Let's see here. Yeah, the lighting's even better up here than it is downstairs. What's she talking about?

Mitch: This will be good. It'll be fine.

Cass: Listen, I really do appreciate this, Mitch.

Mitch: I'm glad to help. I just want to make sure that we've got Nicole's ok on this before we get started.

Cass: Well, I'll handle her.

Mitch: I'd prefer not to have to do this twice.

Cass: You won't.

Mitch: Well --

Felicia: Hi. How's it going in here?

Cass: Everybody's happy.

Felicia: Good.

Mitch: In fact, maybe we should get started before we lose this light completely. I'll go get my stuff.

Cass: Need any help?

Mitch: No, I can manage.

Felicia: So --

Cass: Well, he seems ok.

Felicia: Hmm. So does Nicole.

Cass: Here it comes.

Felicia: What, I wasn't subtle enough for you?

Cass: Oh, about as subtle as a cruise missile.

Felicia: Ok. We won't talk about that.

Cass: Thank you.

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Cass: Promise?

Felicia: Promise.

Cass: Good.

Felicia: So, how is it getting through the holidays?

Cass: What holidays?

Felicia: You know, I would love to make an observation, but I don't want you to get upset.

Cass: Here comes that cruise missile again.

Felicia: Let's talk about why you're not getting along with Nicole.

Cass: Oh, we're not getting along?

Felicia: You disagree about everything.

Cass: Artistic differences.

Felicia: You fight all the time.

Cass: Only when we're together.

Felicia: Ok. Everyone knows how difficult this time is for you.

Cass: Oh, honey, what's that -- excuse me, what's that got to do with anything?

Felicia: Because you're pouring all your energy into this place to keep yourself from thinking about things.

Cass: Just got to get rolling, that's all.

Felicia: No, what you have to do is stop. Stop using this work to cover what you're really feeling. It's not doing you any good. It's certainly not doing Nicole any good.

Cass: I work hard at everything I do. Always have.

Felicia: I know that. I know how much this place means to both of you, but you can't blow it because of ego.

Cass: Ego? Are you saying that my ego is the problem here?

Felicia: I know you've been through a lot, Cass. Believe me, I know how much. First thing that you lose is your ability to trust anybody else. You turn everything inside. Honey, everything is ok now. I'm telling you. You can start to trust again.

Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anybody was here.

Jason: Who are you?

Rachel: I just wanted to take a peek at the place.

Jason: That doesn't answer my question.

Rachel: What question?

Jason: Who are you?

Rachel: Oh, my gosh.

Jason: Something wrong?

Rachel: I know you.

Jason: Yes, you do.

Rachel: Which one are you?

Jason: Rachel --

Rachel: You're one of the frames.

Jason: You're getting warmer.

Rachel: Jason frame.

Rachel: Jason frame?

Jason: Quite a coincidence, isn't it? Both in this house.

Rachel: I had no idea you were back.

Jason: What, hasn't been on all the news?

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Jason: A lot of standard things.

Rachel: Like what?

Jason: Like sorting my life out, thinking about maybe starting all over again.

Rachel: Here?

Jason: It was a great city once.

Rachel: Still is. Lots of opportunity. Great restaurants.

Jason: You look the very same.

Rachel: No, I don't.

Jason: Yes, you do.

Rachel: It's been 20 years.

Jason: You are still a very beautiful lady.

Rachel: Oh, yeah, I remember. Steve always said you were the great tailor -- you like to alter the truth. Sorry.

Jason: Why?

Rachel: Bad joke. I don't take compliments very well.

Jason: I don't give compliments unless they're true.

Rachel: Yeah, well, you look very well.

Jason: I feel great.

Rachel: So, why are you here at the farmhouse?

Jason: I was just going to ask you that very same question.

Rachel: Well, I just wanted to look around.

Jason: Any particular reason?

Rachel: Thinking of buying it.

Jason: Really?

Rachel: Yeah. Want to buy it for my son.

Jason: Jamie.

Rachel: Right.

Jason: Makes sense.

Rachel: I thought so.

Jason: He is a frame.

Rachel: Right. So, now it's your turn.

Jason: For what?

Rachel: Tell me why you're here.

Jason: The very same reason.

Rachel: I don't understand.

Jason: I was thinking about buying the place myself.

Rachel: You are?

Jason: Yeah. I guess that means that I will see you at the auction.

Amanda: Who would your target women be?

Nicole: All women.

Cass: Well, some of our designs will be geared toward the younger set, some toward the upscale 30-ish woman, and then there'll also be a mi'lady line --

Nicole: Write down "all women," Amanda.

Cass: Nicole, "all women" makes us sound like some kind of Schlock outfit.

Nicole: Cass, the designs will speak for themselves.

Cass: Well, then maybe Amanda should interview them.

Amanda: I think I'd better take a look upstairs, huh?

Cass: Yeah, get out while you can, kid.

Nicole: No, of course she can.

Amanda: Mitch said that he was doing a photo shoot, so maybe he could take a few shots for my article.

Cass: Good idea.

Nicole: Great. I agree, believe it or not.

Cass: Yeah. Second door to the right, Amanda.

Amanda: I'll find it. Thanks.

Nicole: Now, why are you acting like this?

Cass: Acting like what?

Nicole: Like I don't know what I'm doing.

Cass: I'm not acting like you don't know what you're doing.

Nicole: Well, what would you call it?

Cass: All right, all right. Maybe the last few months have been a little more difficult than I'd like to admit.

Nicole: That makes sense.

Cass: And I suppose sometimes I let that get the best of me.

Nicole: Well, I can understand that.

Cass: The point is, if you and I are going to be business partners, we can't keep working against each other.

Nicole: Well said.

Cass: So I think it would be much better if we drew lines.

Nicole: Lines?

Cass: Yes. I'll have the final word on business matters, and you have the final say on creative matters.

Nicole: You business, me creativity.

Cass: Yeah. To each his or her own.

Mitch: What kind of things would you want?

Amanda: Uh -- um -- what do I want?

Mitch: I'll tell you what. Why don't I go downstairs and start with some before shots.

Amanda: Great. That sounds great. Thanks.

Mitch: How are you doing?

Amanda: Well, the article's a real challenge, but I think it's exciting.

Mitch: I wasn't talking about your job.

Amanda: Well, the past few weeks have been a little rough, but I'm not one to give up.

Mitch: Yes, I remember that from when you were a kid. Got to get going.

Amanda: Mitch? Did Sam like what I gave him for Christmas?

Mitch: He didn't say. Sorry.

Amanda: Ok.

Felicia: Amanda --

Amanda: Hmm?

Felicia: You know, Mitch is very concerned about you.

Amanda: You know?

Felicia: Yes. Mitch did tell me.

Amanda: I didn't even know that Sam had told Mitch.

Felicia: Well, they are brothers.

Amanda: I thought that Mitch would be, you know, mad.

Felicia: Why?

Amanda: Well, right now, Sam and I aren't exactly getting along all that well.

Felicia: Well, I'm sure it's just that he's in a little bit of shock. I'm sure this wasn't easy for you, either.

Amanda: You could say that again.

Felicia: I know that Sam cares about you a lot.

Amanda: We're going to have a baby. I just wish that he would --

Felicia: What?

Amanda: It's stupid.

Felicia: Dear, you can tell me.

Amanda: I wish that he would say that he loved me.

Felicia: He never has said that?

Amanda: He's had so many chances.

Felicia: Well, you know, he is Mitch's brother, and I'm afraid words like that don't come very easy to the two of them.

Amanda: I know. Just sometimes I get scared.

Felicia: Now, listen. I want you to listen to me. Sam cares very deeply for you, and I know he has a real sense of responsibility about this baby.

Amanda: But I don't want him to be with me because he feels responsible. We should both want to be together.

Felicia: You know what? You're right. You're absolutely right. It wouldn't work any other way.

Amanda: The way things stand now, I don't ever see that happening.

Felicia: You know, I think you have the wrong attitude about this. In fact, I'm sure you do.

Amanda: I am not going to fool myself.

Felicia: You know what? As long as you keep seeing Sam -- turn to me and listen to me -- and you keep talking, then there is hope.

Amanda: But we don't talk about us. Not really talk.

Felicia: You know, I had the exact same problem with Mitch. I did.

Amanda: I guess they think when they're macho, they can't talk about their feelings.

Felicia: I guess. But when they do talk, ooh, believe me, it's worth it.

Amanda: Sam did open up a little bit to me on Christmas day.

Felicia: Did he?

Amanda: He told me about his past.

Felicia: Well, you see? That's a good sign.

Amanda: It is?

Felicia: Of course. It's a very good sign. Now, all you have to do is make sure you have nice, long talks in front of a Christmas tree, and you'll see -- everything will fall right into place.

Amanda: Christmas is over.

Mitch: Think we're about all set.

Amanda: Oh, well, look, it must really be getting late. I told them I would be back at "Brava" hours ago. Mitch, you and I can talk about the photo layout later at "Brava"?

Mitch: Sure.

Amanda: Ok, great. Thanks. Bye, Felicia.

Felicia: Goodbye, honey. Poor kid.

Mitch: What did you say?

Felicia: What I believe in, that there's hope.

Mitch: If you're like me, I'm sure you would like to see it work out.

Felicia: I would.

Mitch: Most importantly, both of them have got to want it to work out, too.

Amanda: I'll have to get in touch with you later. There's so much more I want to ask you.

Cass: Well, you know where to find us.

[Phone rings]

Cass: We could use the publicity. Excuse me. Cass Winthrop.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: Yes, hi. Certainly I'll hold. It's the modeling agency. Yes? Great. Yes, that's the correct address. Thank you very much. They're on their way.

Nicole: Who?

Cass: The models.

Nicole: Models are coming over here?

Cass: Unless you want your designs hanging off of coat racks.

Nicole: You just hired models without consulting me?

Cass: They're from the best agency in the city, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Says who?

Cass: I know what I'm doing, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, how do you know what I want? Their coloring, their sizes --

Cass: You're going to love them, I promise you.

Nicole: I thought we were going to use Cheryl.

Cass: Her best friend is in the hospital. That's too much to ask her to do a photo session this afternoon. I'm going to see how Mitch is doing. Excuse me.

Nicole: Don't -- Cass --

Donna: Oh, I finished with all the measurements, and I think I found a couple of swatches that might work.

Nicole: Donna, how would you feel about being my salon manager?

Donna: Me? No, Nicole, I couldn't do that.

Nicole: No, come on. Why not?

Donna: Isn't Cass taking care of the business end?

Nicole: Right. Which means I'm going to be in deep trouble if I don't find an ally.

Rachel: Oh. Steve and Jamie.

Mac: Rachel?

Rachel: Mac. What are you doing here?

Mac: I was worried.

Rachel: Why? Have I been gone that long?

Mac: Two hours.

Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. I lost track.

Mac: What are you doing?

Rachel: Just looking around.

Mac: A lot of memories, huh?

Rachel: Yeah. I didn't know how they'd affect me.

Mac: Is it upsetting?

Rachel: No. No, it just makes you really aware of how much time has passed so quickly.

Mac: Yeah, a real fixer-upper here, isn't it?

Rachel: Yeah. I thought it'd be in better shape.

Mac: That's a shame.

Rachel: It is, you know. This place was so full of life.

Mac: Well, what do you say we get going?

Rachel: Oh --

Mac: It's depressing, Rachel.

Rachel: Not to me.

Mac: Well, you certainly didn't seem very jolly when I walked in.

Rachel: I'm just nostalgic.

Mac: Well, haven't you had enough of it?

Rachel: No, I still want to look around some more.

Mac: It's not healthy, Rachel.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Mac: Well, I mean, delving into the past, reliving your youth. There's only so much sentimental stuff a person should carry around with them.

Rachel: I can't believe you're making such a big deal about it.

Mac: I can't believe you are. Just a dilapidated farmhouse.

Rachel: You really don't want me to buy it, do you?

Mac: Suit yourself, Rachel. We've already discussed that.

Rachel: Yes, but there's a new twist.

Mac: What now?

Rachel: Somebody else wants it.

Mac: How do you know that?

Rachel: He was in here, looking around.

Mac: You mean somebody we know?

Rachel: It's Jason frame. Do you know him?

Mac: No, and I don't want to. What the devil is he doing back in Bay City?

Jason: You and Mary still together, huh?

Vince: Where'd you hear that?

Jason: Oh, don't tell me you got a divorce.

Vince: Yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, we did. A couple of weeks ago.

Jason: Hey, I'm sorry to hear that. That's too bad.

Vince: Look, I got to do some work in the kitchen. You need any help, Ada will give it to you.

Jason: Thanks.

Mary: Your soup was a great hit.

Ada: Ah, glad she liked it.

Mary: Unfortunately, not with Dawn. She wasn't hungry. Scott ate it.

Ada: Ah. He's been at the hospital day and night, hasn't he?

Mary: Yeah, he won't leave her.

Ada: Scott's a good man.

Mary: Yeah. I got to go get ready for work.

Jason: Hi, Mary.

Mary: You're still here?

Jason: Well, I came back. I must like the place.

Mary: Good. That's good. Excuse me.

Jason: I was just talking with Vinnie. He told me about you and him.

Mary: He did?

Jason: Yeah, about the divorce.

Mary: Forgive me. That's not something I discuss.

Jason: Just out of curiosity, it didn't have anything to do with Reginald?

Mary: Not that that's any of your business, but, no, it didn't, for the record. I wanted to be on my own. I am, and that's the way I like it.

Jason: If you say so.

Mary: I beg your pardon.

Jason: Well, I would just think that's how you would feel after what happened so many years ago because of Reginald.

Mary: I told you, I don't remember any of that.

Jason: Maybe you don't want to remember what happened.

Donna: Salon manager?

Nicole: Uh-huh. It's right up your alley, Donna. You're so good at organizing and figuring out budgets.

Donna: You really do want me to do this, don't you?

Nicole: With all my heart. I want to teach Cass a lesson.

Donna: Oh.


Donna: Well, I don't think you're going to be able to teach him something he doesn't already know.

Cass: The photographer is going to love you ladies. I promise you are exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I wanted.

Nicole: Well, we're so glad to see that you got what you wanted, Cass. In fact, it's the high point of my life when you get what you want.

Cass: Hi, Nicole. I'd like you to meet Clemence De Martelle and Johnice Boberick. Ladies, I'd like you to meet the beautiful Love sisters, Donna Hudson and Nicole Love.

Nicole: How do you do?

Johnice: Great place you have here.

Clemence: I love the wallpaper.

Johnice: We can't wait to see your designs.

Clemence: We hear you're really hot.

Nicole: Burning.

Cass: Yeah. I'll take you ladies upstairs and get you dressed, ok? Figuratively speaking, of course. Let's go. So you like that new joke?

[Women giggle]

Nicole: Oh! What is he, kidding?

Donna: You didn't think they were pretty?

Nicole: I thought they were cheap, shallow, and trendy. They're exactly the kind of women Cass likes.

Donna: What are you doing? Whose number are you looking for?

Nicole: I'm looking for the modeling agency. I want those women fired.

Donna: Now, wait a minute, Nicole. Don't you think you should discuss this with Cass?

Nicole: No. No, Donna, I don't. I'm going to show him who's in charge.

Mary: Why would I not want to remember?

Jason: I didn't mean to upset you.

Mary: Did you ever hear of tact?

Jason: I forgot you had amnesia.

Mary: How nice for you. Unfortunately, I don't have that option.

Jason: I would also like to try and apologize for the way I treated you on Christmas day.

Mary: Forget it.

Jason: Look, I just didn't realize you didn't know who I was.

Mary: Could we please drop this?

Jason: You're giving me the cold shoulder like you used to do in the old days. Maybe you just wanted to forget.

Rachel: I just told you what he's doing.

Mac: I don't believe this.

Rachel: He wants to buy the farm.

Mac: He can't afford it.

Rachel: How do we know? Nobody's seen him in 20 years. I mean, for all we know, he's rich.

Mac: He's going to bid on it?

Rachel: What if he gets it, Mac?

Mac: Who cares?

Rachel: Mac --

Mac: Well, it's the frame farm. Let a frame buy it. Actually, he deserves it.

Rachel: Isn't that pretty harsh?

Mac: Come on, Rachel. You know what they did to my life. The frames are very destructive people.

Rachel: Including Jamie?

Mac: Of course not.

Rachel: He's a frame.

Mac: Don't distort my words. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Rachel: Look -- look at this first. It's Jamie when he was little.

Mac: With Steve.

Rachel: Yeah. Isn't he cute?

Mac: Jamie?

Rachel: Of course, Jamie.

Mac: Yes, yes. He's just great. Are you coming?

Rachel: Not yet.

Mac: Haven't you had enough time here?

Rachel: Jamie's on his way over here. He wants to look at it. Maybe I can find him some other pictures.

Mac: I'll see you back at the office.

Rachel: Yeah, ok. Bye, honey.

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