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Donna: Nicole.

Nicole: Hi. Boy, am I glad you could make it on such short notice.

Donna: Are you kidding? I'm not exactly dated up these days, you know.

Nicole: How are you feeling?

Donna: Oh, I'm feeling just fine. In fact, this baby is being very cooperative. I think I've gained maybe a quarter of a pound.

Nicole: Oh? Well, we are going to change that tonight. This is girls' night out.

Donna: All right.

Nicole: We are going to eat like pigs and dish about men, ok?

Felicia: Hey, you think there's some room for another one at this table?

Donna: Oh, Felicia.

Felicia: Hi.

Nicole: I don't know if we should let her sit with us.

Felicia: Oh, come on.

Nicole: You have a nice man.

Donna: That's true.

Felicia: Yes, true, but he's been acting like a jerk the last couple of weeks.

Nicole: Well, I guess that qualifies you.

Felicia: Good.

Donna: All right. Well, where is Mitch, anyway?

Felicia: Well, there's a presidential candidate coming through here on his way to Chicago, and Mitch has to cover it for "Brava."

Donna: Oh. So that does mean you're free for the entire evening, huh?

Felicia: You bet.

Nicole: Then let's get started.

Felicia: All right.

Nicole: This is just great.

Donna: I know. I haven't had a night out with the girls, I think, in ages.

Felicia: All right. I think I should be the one to order. I also don't think we should leave this table until we're a true size 16.

Nicole: All right.

Felicia: Ok?

Nicole: Who needs men, anyway?

Felicia: Right.

Donna: I do.

Scott: Dawn, you know Jamie's been running a lot of tests.

Dawn: Yeah, I know it. I don't know what's worse -- all the needles or the hospital terminology. You know, this test, that test --

Jamie: Dawn, remember our conversation this morning? I had to be absolutely certain --

Chad: Ok, ok, out of here.

Scott: Chad --

Chad: Everybody out.

Dawn: Chad?

Chad: Scott, you, too. Now, get out in the hall. Come on, out.

Dawn: What is this?

Chad: This is nothing, sweetheart. You're going to be all right. I promise you. I'm just not going to let these two guys bring you down, that's all. Let's go, come on.

Scott: So you just stay right here and take your time and relax, ok? We'll be right back. What was that about?

Chad: We're not telling her, not before Christmas. Can't you guys see that she doesn't want to hear it?

Jamie: I thought we agreed, Chad --

Chad: I changed my mind, all right? You heard her -- she has no idea what's going on.

Scott: No, no, no. You can't keep this from her.

Chad: Scott, she's talking about next Christmas. How am I going to tell her that she's never going to see it?

Mac: She's pregnant?

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: She's only a child herself, Rachel.

Rachel: She's old enough to get pregnant.

Mac: By Sam Fowler?

Rachel: Yes.

Mac: I just don't know what to say. I mean, it's so hard to believe in the first place.

Rachel: Mac, you knew she was in love with Sam. She told us that.

Mac: Yes.

Rachel: Well, when people are in love, sometimes this happens.

Mac: Not to Amanda.

Rachel: I know, I felt the same way.

Mac: I mean, it happens to other people's children, not to our daughter.

Sam: Stop beating around the bush, Amanda. Tell me what's the matter. What?

Amanda: I'm pregnant.

Sam: Pregnant?

Amanda: Yeah, you know, expecting? In a family way? Get my drift?

Sam: How could this happen?

Amanda: You sleep through biology in high school?

Sam: No, I mean -- but this isn't -- this isn't possible.

Amanda: That's what I told the doctor, but she didn't seem to think so.

Sam: You've had the test?

Amanda: Well, the rabbit doesn't die anymore, but I passed with flying colors.

Sam: But you were on the pill, right?

Amanda: I messed them up. I stopped taking them too soon or something. I don't know.

Sam: I took care of that, though.

Amanda: Not the last time.

Sam: Oh, man.

Amanda: It was a beautiful night. We both thought it would last forever.

Sam: You've -- you're not just late? You've -- you've been to the doctor and you've had the test?

Amanda: I told you that. Would you say something?

Sam: You're telling me I'm going to be a father?

Amanda: Oh, wow.

Sam: "Oh, wow" what?

Amanda: You think I've slept with somebody else --

Sam: I didn't say that.

Amanda: And that I'm trying to nail you for this.

Sam: Amanda, please. Listen to --

Amanda: I feel sorry for you, Sam Fowler. I really do.

Sam: Amanda, will you wait? Will you please wait?

[Kettle whistles]

Rachel: Whenever one of the children would tell us that one of their friends had gotten into trouble, I tried so hard not to feel superior. But, you know, I honestly felt that my children would be wiser, they would know the consequences. I guess it can happen to anybody.

Mac: Not Amanda.

Rachel: Darling, I know how awful it seems, but we'll get through this.

Mac: I mean, she's still our baby girl, you know.

Rachel: She's a young woman who has a problem, but she has us.

Mac: Yeah. Ok. Where is she?

Rachel: She's not here.

Mac: Well, I got to go to her.

Rachel: No, Mac, maybe you better think about what it is you're going to say to her.

Mac: I'm going to say -- I mean, I just found out my daughter's youth is over, right? It's kaput, it's wasted at 18.

Rachel: I know.

Mac: How do I know what I'm going to say?

Rachel: I know, I know.

Mac: I just don't understand this. We talked to her, didn't we? Didn't we tell her how babies are made?

Rachel: Well, she said she tried to use birth control.

Mac: Tried? She must not have listened to a word we said.

Rachel: I didn't listen to anyone at that age, either.

Mac: I mean, how can you be so rational about this? I want to lash out. I want to smash -- I want to smash Sam Fowler, I can tell you.

Rachel: I think it's because I've been through it.

Mac: I don't believe this.

Rachel: She's pregnant, Mac. It's a reality.

Mac: I'm not talking about that. I don't believe this is -- I don't believe this inside of me. I don't believe this sick feeling of déja vu.

Rachel: Mac, don't do this.

Mac: First Mitch almost ruins you and me forever. Now his brother ruins my daughter forever.

Rachel: Mac --

Mac: I don't know, Rachel. She's the only child we have together, you know. I mean, I've loved you very many years and this daughter is the daughter of that love. I love all of our children, but she speaks straight to my heart because she is you and me.

Rachel: Mac --

Mac: First Mitch -- he has you. Now, his brother has my daughter. I could kill him!

Rachel: Stop it.

Mac: I could kill him!

Rachel: Stop it, please.

Mac: How? How am I going to stop?

Rachel: Just think about Amanda.

Mac: What do you think I'm thinking about?

Rachel: I think -- I think you're trying to turn this into a vendetta against Mitch.

Nicole: Donna --

Felicia: Come on, play it cool here.

Donna: I don't know if I can.

Nicole: It's girls' night out, remember?

Felicia: Right?

Donna: Michael is so handsome. It just gets to me every time I see him. I wonder what he's doing here.

Michael: Well, Wally, look, our reservations were for 9:15. I mean, where could she be?

Wally: You say she's really gorgeous, long hair, a knockout figure?

Michael: Absolutely. Well, she's a brilliant financial analyst, but I didn't think you'd notice that.

Wally: Michael, she's not here. I just know I would have noticed.

Michael: I don't believe it. I wonder where she is.

Wally: You know, maybe I shouldn't butt in, Michael, but Donna's here.

Michael: I saw.

Wally: Well, I hate to turn away business -- you're such a good tipper -- but, Michael, if you want to choose another restaurant --

Michael: Wally -- Wally --

Wally: I'll tell the lady --

Michael: Hey, this is a business dinner, all right? Now, I'm going to be at the bar.

Wally: Whatever you say.

Michael: Thanks.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: Hi. It's really good to see you.

Michael: How are you?

Donna: Well, I'm just fine now.

Nicole: Now?

Donna: Uh -- yes. The last time Michael saw me, I was a little lightheaded.

Felicia: You didn't tell me that.

Donna: Well, he took good care of me.

Michael: But you saw Jamie? I mean, you're ok?

Donna: Yes, yes. As a matter of fact, I had a checkup today.

Michael: Good.

Donna: I heard the baby's heartbeat. It was really wonderful.

Felicia: Nicole, I don't think I've ever shown you the kitchen, have I?

Nicole: No, and I've been dying to see it.

Michael: Felicia, Nicole, please. It's all right. I'm on my way to the bar.

Nicole: Donna, you ok?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine. I'm just getting a little tired of his lack of forgiveness.

Felicia: I can understand that.

Nicole: Yeah, so can I.

Donna: What does he want me to do?

Felicia: I think the point is that there's nothing you can do.

Donna: No. No, I won't believe that.

Felicia: No, no, what I mean is there's nothing you can do right now.

Nicole: Yeah, until Michael gets over his hurt.

Donna: His hurt?

Felicia: Honey, I know this is hard for you right now.

Donna: Felicia, I heard the baby's heartbeat today, and I was alone. I mean, I am always alone now.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, Michael can't keep this up.

Felicia: Come on, you know he loves you.

Donna: Well, he is going to be divorced from me before he realizes that.

Felicia: Look, I think right now anger is what's keeping him going. Now, that can't last forever.

Donna: Yeah, that's what Clara said.

Nicole: You talked to Michael's mother?

Donna: Yeah, she still calls me to find out how I am. She doesn't mention our problems.

Felicia: I'm sure this is very difficult for her.

Donna: Yeah. And it's very difficult for me, too. I have to keep biting my tongue to keep from saying that I think I blame her for all of this.

Nicole: What?

Donna: Because she wanted Michael to go and find John. I mean, we hadn't even had our honeymoon and Michael wanted so much to find his brother and I wanted to support him in that.

Felicia: Well, I don't think you had much choice, really.

Donna: No, but, Felicia, I should have told him the truth right then and there but I did not, I wanted him to find his brother. Well, he did find him. And then John kept coming after me and kept pushing me. And I really didn't fight back.

Nicole: You did the best you could.

Donna: Oh, right. Right. Well, I happen to think my best was pretty pathetic. I mean, even Victoria said it. She said, "aren't you tired of being weak?" And yes, yes, I am.

Felicia: I don't think you're weak.

Donna: No. No, I am not anymore. I mean, when I heard that baby's heartbeat today, I cried. And then I got angry.

Nicole: Why?

Donna: Because the most wonderful thing is happening inside of me, and I don't have the man I love to share it with. You know, I am really tired of Michael not forgiving me. Excuse me.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Donna: I am going to go tell him that. Wally --

Wally: Donna, I'm sorry. He said he couldn't wait.

Wally: Ok, three coquille coming right up.

Felicia: Thank you. All right.

Donna: You know, I don't care if he did walk out. I am not going to give up.

Nicole: Good.

Donna: I just wish Christmas were still a little further away, like three weeks.

Nicole: I could skip Christmas this year myself.

Felicia: Oh, come on, you two. Now, let's not be so grim. Well, we can take care of each other, no?

Donna: Yes, but Christmas is supposed to be about family.

Felicia: I know.

Nicole: Well, Peter will be there.

Donna: Oh, yeah, great.

Nicole: And so will I.

Donna: Well, what about Cass?

Nicole: Well, what about him?

Donna: Well, I thought you two would at least be together.

Nicole: Donna, are you kidding?

Felicia: No, come on, now. When it comes to Christmas, Cass is one of those people that's a real curmudgeon. You know, his idea of fun for Christmas is watching a lot of football and ordering pizza.

Donna: Fine, fine, but I thought he was excited about being a partner with you.

Nicole: Well, he is excited about being partners. But that's all he's excited about. He'll probably work all day on Christmas.

Donna: Yeah, I wonder what Michael's going to be doing. This thing is so stupid. We should be together.

Felicia: Donna, you know, I think maybe you shouldn't talk so much about the baby in front of Michael.

Donna: Why not? It's his child.

Felicia: I know.

Nicole: But you said he doesn't believe that yet.

Donna: Now, wait just a minute. You two were the ones encouraging me to tell him and to talk to him about it.

Felicia: Yes, I know, but --

Nicole: Yes, and now he knows.

Felicia: And I think he needs time to accept it.

Donna: Well, I don't have the time, not anymore.

Nicole: Now where are you going?

Donna: I'm going to go call Jamie. He knows about this test that could prove that the baby's Michael's.

Felicia: Before it's born?

Donna: Yes. I'll tell you about it later. I really need to try to get in touch with Jamie. I'll be back.

Woman: I'm a little late. I'm supposed to be meeting Michael Hudson here.

Wally: Oh, he's not here. I mean, he was here, but he left.

Woman: Oh, gosh.

Wally: Well, that's all right. He left a note.

Woman: Do you know Michael very well?

Wally: Yeah, I know him pretty well.

Woman: There's no one else like him, is there? Thanks a lot.

Amanda: I don't believe this -- someone else. How could he think there was anybody else? I never had time for anyone. I was always with him, encouraging him, loving him. Oh! Ow. Why me? Oh!

Sam: Amanda! Come on.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: I couldn't just let you go.

Amanda: Don't worry about me! I don't need anything from you.

Jamie: Chad, she knows. She's just denying.

Chad: Well, why do we have to tell her now? Why can't we wait until after the New Year --

Scott: Because --

Chad: So she can face it?

Scott: Because you're just going to come up with some other reason to keep putting it off, that's why.

Chad: Well, so what? They're working on this day and night. They're going to -- they're going to come up with a new breakthrough. I know this.

Scott: You can't keep treating her like this, Chad.

Chad: How is it going to help her to tell her that she's dying?

Scott: The nurse was wearing double gloves. She saw that. She's already suspicious about it.

Jamie: Chad, she can see her chart. We have to put a sign on her door. It's hospital policy.

Scott: I don't care what you say, I'm going to tell her. She has got to hear it from somebody that loves her.

Jamie: I'm going with him. She'll have lots of questions.

Chad: Wait. Wait. I got to be there with you.

Scott: Dawn!

Chad: Dawn, get back in bed. Come on.

Jamie: Here, let me help you.

Scott: Get back in there. Come on.

Dawn: This isn't about turkey on Christmas, is it?

Chad: No.

Dawn: It's about what we talked about this morning, right? All those tests you ran?

Jamie: Yes.

Scott: Explain it to her.

Dawn: Explain what? What? What do I have? Cancer?

Jamie: No.

Dawn: Oh, good. Good. I have been sitting here thinking that's what I had. I mean, if I had to go through that chemotherapy, I really don't think I could --

Jamie: You have a certain type of pneumonia, Dawn, that's -- that's only seen in young, healthy females who have been infected by a virus.

Dawn: Viral pneumonia. But I can get over that, right?

Jamie: The pneumonia's called pneumocystis carinii.

Dawn: Well, with a name like that, no wonder I feel so rotten.

Jamie: It's part of a larger syndrome.

Dawn: Syndrome? What -- what do you mean? What are you talking about?

Jamie: What you have is called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Dawn: But that's -- that's AIDS.

Jamie: Yes, it is. I'm sorry.

Chad: Dawn?

Dawn: I'm sorry, doc, you've made a big mistake.

Jamie: I wish I had. Now, you must have a lot of questions.

Dawn: No, I don't because I don't have this. I mean, I have never even slept with anybody, right, Scott? I mean, I've never even slept with you. Why don't you tell him that?

Scott: I told him, Dawn.

Dawn: Yeah, but, I don't.

Jamie: Dawn, there are a lot of other ways for this disease to be transmitted.

Dawn: Yeah, I know, I know. Drugs, right? And you asked me about that, right, and I said that I never did drugs before. I never did.

Jamie: I know, I know.

Dawn: I don't have this! I can't have this!

Scott: Easy, easy.

[Dawn coughs]

Dawn: No!

Scott: Hold my hand, hold my hand. Easy, easy.

Jamie: Dawn, the other way to contract this disease is from a blood transfusion.

Dawn: My accident.

Jamie: It happened several years ago, before hospitals screened blood.

Dawn: Yeah, but the only way that I got blood was from my --

Chad: Our mother.

Dawn: And she was a prostitute. Oh. Yeah, I guess it's possible.

Jamie: She must have been carrying the virus.

Dawn: But she died of a heart attack. Tell me that that was true, right? She died of a heart attack?

Jamie: That's -- that's true.

Dawn: Then how do you know?

Jamie: I don't know for sure. I strongly suspect it. Some people who carry the AIDS virus never develop symptoms.

Dawn: But I have.

Jamie: I rated all the tests when I saw the results. Your blood tested positive for HIV antibodies both times.

Dawn: HIV? I guess I'm going to have to get all that terminology right, huh?

Scott: Dawn, Dawn -- we're all going to be here for you. We're going to do everything that we can for you.

Dawn: Just like mama did?

Chad: Hey, don't you say that. Mom loved you. She always wanted the best for you.

Dawn: Well, she's not going to get her wish. I'm going to die, aren't I? Aren't I?

Felicia: I'm so happy to see that you're fighting back, but --

Donna: Oh, you know what? You really haven't even seen the half of it. Listen, can you all just finish this dinner without me?

Felicia: We haven't even started it yet.

Donna: I know, I know.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Donna: I have things to do, and besides, I might just pay a little visit to Michael.

Nicole: Oh, Donna --

Felicia: No, Donna, don't --

Donna: He is not going to control things, not anymore.

Felicia: Donna, I think you should go home. I think you should get home before the snow starts.

Donna: Felicia, I'm fine, really, and I have things to do. These scallops really do look good. Why don't you two have mine. Thank you.

Mac: Hello, Julie Ann. It's Mackenzie Cory. I wish I were talking to you instead of to this machine. It's 9:45 in the evening, and it's urgent that we get in touch with Amanda. Would you please tell her that if you see her or if you hear from her? And also, please, will you call us? Thank you. I'm reasonably certain that anthropologists of the future are going to cite the answering machine as one of the precursors of the fall of modern civilization.

Rachel: She'll be home soon, Mac.

Mac: How do you know that?

Rachel: I apologize for what I said to you upstairs.

Mac: No. You were absolutely right. This is not about Mitch Blake.

Rachel: Well, you're entitled to your reaction. This was quite a shock.

Mac: And you're right about something else, too -- it could be much worse. Amanda could be ill. She could be taken from us. I know that we're going to be able to deal with this.

Rachel: I'm not sure how.

Mac: Well, our life will never be the same again.

Rachel: That's the part I hate the most.

Mac: How did she seem to you when she told you about it?

Rachel: Sad. Humiliated.

Mac: Humiliated by Sam Fowler.

Rachel: Mac.

Mac: This has not occurred to you at all, to be angry with that --

Rachel: Of course it does.

Mac: I mean, he just used her. He played with her feelings, then he didn't have the decency to keep her from getting pregnant.

Rachel: She loved him.

Mac: Now he wants nothing to do with her.

Rachel: She still loves him, Mac.

Mac: All right, we'll take care of the child, and we'll take care of her. She doesn't need anything from Sam Fowler, and she can forget about her feelings.

Rachel: You can't eradicate him from her life, Mac.

Mac: Well, maybe I can't, but she certainly can.

Rachel: Sam is her first love whether we like it or not. She's going to have a baby. That baby will be a constant reminder to her of him.

Mac: Do you always think of Mitch Blake when you see Matthew?

Rachel: Not so much anymore. You brought him up, Mac. He's got most of your mannerisms.

Mac: But you used to think of him?

Rachel: For quite some time, yes. But I didn't feel about Mitch the way Amanda feels about Sam.

Mac: Are you saying that man's going to always have a hold over her?

Rachel: I'm saying we have to listen to what Amanda wants.

Mac: But Fowler has said he doesn't want anything else to do with her.

Rachel: Well, that might change now.

Mac: That will be tragic if he doesn't want her. I hope he doesn't change his mind.

Rachel: Amanda hopes he does. Mac, she's going to be shattered if this doesn't work out. You've got to remember that.

Amanda: Leave me alone!

Sam: Look, this has never happened to me before.

Amanda: Well, great -- that makes two of us.

Sam: I'm saying this all wrong. You got to admit, I've never been much of a diplomat.

Amanda: I've never been with anyone else.

Sam: I know that.

Amanda: Well, why would you say that?

Sam: I didn't say that. You misunderstood me.

Amanda: I never meant for any of this to happen.

Sam: Amanda, this isn't your fault. We both did this. How long have you known?

Amanda: About a week.

Sam: I'm sorry. That must have been awful.

Amanda: I wake up in the morning, you know, and for about 30 seconds, I wouldn't remember. I would just think that everything was still the same. Then it would hit me. I'm pregnant.

Sam: I wish you'd told me right away.

Amanda: I needed time to get used to it myself. Well, anyway, now you know. I didn't tell you right away because I wasn't sure how you were going to -- I wasn't sure what you were going to say about you and me.

Sam: What do you want me to say?

Amanda: I don't know. That's a lie. I know of several things that I want you to say.

Sam: I know.

Amanda: I'll settle for just you telling me what you feel about me.

Sam: This is so strange. You're pregnant with my baby, and I don't even know you.

Amanda: You do know me. The feelings we shared when we made this baby don't just go away.

Sam: I can't talk about that right now.

Amanda: But everything's changed.

Sam: And nothing's changed.

Amanda: I see.

Sam: The way we feel about each other is not the point right now. Your problem is.

Amanda: My problem?

Sam: I'm sorry. I said that wrong. I've been through this once before. Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant.

Amanda: Thank goodness?

Sam: Yeah. She was only 18.

Amanda: Uh -- Sam? That's how old I am.

Sam: Then how did you finish college? That was a lie, too.

Amanda: I wanted the job. I knew you wouldn't hire me if you'd known I just got out of boarding school.

Sam: You're only 18?

Amanda: Do you think a 21-year-old would be this stupid about birth control?

Sam: You really must have wanted that job.

Amanda: Then I really wanted you.

Sam: What about me? What about what I wanted?

Amanda: I tried to be what you wanted.

Sam: I never wanted a liar.

Amanda: All right, forget it. Just forget you ever met me. Let me go!

Sam: No.

Amanda: I told you that I was pregnant because I thought you had a right to know. I can handle this by myself.

Sam: Come here. Come here. It's ok. It's ok.

Amanda: You don't have to do this.

Sam: Come on.

Amanda: What? Where?

Sam: You're shivering. I need to get you inside.

Amanda: I can just go home.

Sam: Come on. Will you just listen to me for a minute?

Mac: It's starting to snow harder.

Rachel: Amanda's a careful driver, Mac. She'll be fine.

Mac: You know where she is?

Rachel: We've got to let her have her say in this, Mac.

Mac: Do you think I would ignore what she wants?

Rachel: I think -- I think you're very eager to take care of her.

Mac: Well, I haven't been around so long I don't remember what first love is like.

Rachel: Well, good.

Mac: And I also remember the pain it can bring.

Rachel: You and I got over the pain. Amanda will, too.

Mac: But Amanda is pregnant.

Rachel: Which means that Sam Fowler is in her life whether we like it or not.

Mac: Because she made one mistake. Sleeping with a man who doesn't want her doesn't mean she has to compound the mistake.

Rachel: Do you hate him so much?

Mac: Yes, I hate his arrogance. I hate his lack of feeling for Amanda. She must have been attracted to him just because he was such a challenge to her.

Rachel: Mac, haven't you heard one thing I've said?

Mac: He can't love her if he doesn't want her. They're totally unsuited for each other.

Rachel: I think she must see something in him that we don't.

Mac: That we don't? Do you mean we don't, or do you mean that I don't?

Rachel: Mac, I agree with you. He's judgmental. He has too much pride.

Mac: He's boorish. He's insensitive to other people.

Rachel: He's a kid who is trying to prove himself.

Mac: You yourself said she might have to live without him.

Rachel: Well, they might decide that that's not what they want right now.

Mac: Well, is it what you want, for your 18-year-old daughter to be living with a man who doesn't want her? A man like Sam Fowler?

Rachel: What about what she wants, Mac?

Mac: He's certainly not the kind of man I want my daughter spending her life with, nor my grandchild.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Mac: I'm going to find Amanda. I can guess where she is.

Rachel: Mac, don't do this.

Mac: I'm her father. I want her to know I don't blame her. I want her to know that she's got us.

Rachel: All right, fine. I'll come with you.

Mac: No, I think you ought to stay here.

Rachel: Why?

Mac: Because I don't think she should come back to an empty house. Sam Fowler may have rejected her. She's got to know she always has us there.

Dawn: Can I touch you?

Scott: What?

Dawn: What if you get it?

Jamie: Dawn, AIDS is not transmitted through casual contact. You take all the comfort you need from everyone you love.

Dawn: The night that I got sick, we were about to make love --

Scott: Don't even talk about that right now.

Dawn: I have to because I could have infected you. I could have killed you with my love.

Chad: Honey? I got to go do a couple things. I'll be back in a few, ok?

Dawn: Ok.

Dawn: How long has he known?

Jamie: I just told him and Scott.

Dawn: He never wanted anything bad to happen to me.

Scott: Don't worry about him. Don't think of anybody but yourself right now.

Dawn: How much time do I have?

Scott: Dawn --

Dawn: No, I am talking bottom line here because I've got things to do. I want to know how much time I have to do them.

Jamie: Dawn, you just found out. Take time to absorb --

Dawn: I don't have any time! Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?

Scott: Dawn, we're going to get you through the pneumonia. You're going to feel better. Isn't that right, Jamie?

Jamie: We're getting the pneumonia under control, yes.

Dawn: Yeah, and then what?

Jamie: Then we take it a day at a time.

Dawn: That's all you can tell me?

Jamie: There's no charted progress for this disease.

Dawn: But no one survives, right?

Jamie: Not at this time.

Dawn: You still haven't told me how much time I have.

Jamie: Some patients have been known to survive for several years.

Dawn: What kind of patients?

Jamie: Children, for one.

Dawn: Oh, kids get this, too?

Jamie: Our figures indicated that this disease is no respecter of age or sex or sexual preference.

Dawn: How do your figures say that women do?

Jamie: Not as well as men.

Scott: Dawn, you're going to be ok. I'm going to take care of you.

Dawn: Look, I think I want to be alone for a little while.

Scott: Dawn, just let me stay here. I won't talk. I won't do anything.

Dawn: I have to think.

Jamie: Come on, Scott.

Scott: I'm going to be right outside that door. I'm not going anywhere.

Jamie: I'll be around a lot, too, but if I'm not and you need me, you call me. Night or day, it doesn't matter.

Dawn: Ok.

Dawn: It's not fair! Why me? It's not fair!

Scott: I can't stand this anymore --

Jamie: Scott, you have to.

Chad: This is all my fault.

Woman: Why didn't you wait for me at the restaurant?

Michael: I was not comfortable at the restaurant.

Woman: Well, it is more comfortable here.

Michael: Yeah. And I don't like being stood up.

Woman: I may have been late, but I'd never stand you up.

Michael: Really? Well, why don't we just see how this report here stands up, ok?

Woman: Would you like a drink while you're looking at that?

Michael: Why? Do I look like I need a drink?

Woman: Well, I did keep you waiting. It's the least I could do.

Michael: I'll tell you, what I'd really like is dinner.

Woman: Where's the kitchen in this place?

Michael: The kitchen?

Woman: Yeah. Omelets are my specialty.

Michael: I think Victoria had the door to the kitchen bricked up.

Woman: Your daughter. I'd love to meet her.

Michael: Thank you. No, Victoria has a fondness for room service. I think she takes after her mother in that way.

Woman: Well, I'll call.

Michael: No, no, no, no.

Woman: You look like a steak and potatoes man to me.

Michael: No, no, no. You've atoned enough for being late. I'll take care of it. Will you join me for dinner?

Woman: I'd love to.

Michael: Ok. Yeah, hi. This is Michael Hudson. I'd like to order dinner for two, please.

Chad: Hello, beautiful.

Dawn: What am I going to do?

Chad: Come here.

Jamie: Scott, how are you doing?

Scott: Me?

Jamie: This is happening to you, too, Scott. You love her.

Scott: She is the best thing that ever came into my life, Jamie.

Jamie: And she's lucky to have you.

Scott: She always will. There's one thing I want you to do for me.

Jamie: Name it.

Scott: The AIDS test, I want you to give it to me.

Jamie: But she said that --

Scott: I want her to know for sure. I want her to know that the only thing that she ever gave me was happiness. That much I can do for her, all right.

Jamie: Ok, you got it.

Scott: Thanks. I'm going to take a walk. I'll be right back, ok?

Jamie: All right.

Donna: Oh, Jamie?

Jamie: What are you doing here?

Donna: Is this a bad time?

Jamie: Are you having a problem?

Donna: No. No, I'm just fine. But you said that you would get back to me about that test.

Jamie: Oh, right. I'm sorry. I've been very busy.

Donna: Well, that's what I assumed.

Jamie: Come on over here.

Donna: Oh, good.

Jamie: You wanted to know if you could prove the paternity of the baby before it's born.

Donna: Right. Jamie, I'm not going to go into all of my problems, but I just want to be able to prove to Michael that the baby's his.

Jamie: And you can't wait till it's born.

Donna: Jamie, I want Michael to go through this pregnancy with me.

Jamie: The test you want is an H.L.A. profile. To do the test, we'll need a blood sample from you and Michael.

Donna: And the man that Michael thinks is the father.

Jamie: That's right. We'll also need one from the baby.

Donna: Well, how do you get that?

Jamie: It's a very risky, experimental procedure. Using a sonogram as a guide, we would need to extract blood from the umbilical cord.

Donna: Who's at risk, me or the baby?

Jamie: The risk of a spontaneous abortion is higher than, say, for amniocentesis.

Donna: I could lose the baby?

Jamie: I think you'd have a very hard time finding any doctor who would perform the procedure.

Donna: Well, you're not going to have to worry about that. I'm not going to do it.

Jamie: Good.

Donna: Michael is just going to have to find out some other way. I am not going to take any chance of losing this baby.

Sam: I'll make you some tea. Have you had anything to eat?

Amanda: You don't have to do this.

Sam: You've got to take care of yourself now, all right? Your hands are freezing.

Amanda: I'll be ok.

Sam: We have to be able to sit down and talk if we're going to decide what to do. Ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Amanda: I'm sitting. Let's talk.

Sam: We've got to decide what's best for the both of us and what's best for you.

Amanda: Can I say something while we're both calmed down?

Sam: Sure.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Sam: Look, Amanda, you don't have to say you're sorry --

Amanda: I'm sorry for all the lies, all the garbage that I told you.

Sam: I know you are.

Amanda: Really?

Sam: Besides, it's all in the past.

Amanda: Yeah, I guess it is, in a way.

Sam: We need to discuss the future -- our future.

Woman: Well, that was very good for a room service meal.

Michael: Well, I tell you, that meal was so good and I feel so great, I just may forgive you for being late.

Woman: Oh, and I may forgive you for being so cranky.

Michael: Cranky? Cranky? I mean, I am a great boss. Every once in a while, you know, I may be a lot of things. But authoritative? Maybe. Overbearing? That's possible. But cranky? Never. Not me.

Woman: Pour me another glass of wine, and maybe I'll change my opinion.

[Knock on door]

Michael: That must be room service to get the plates.

Woman: Oh, I'll get the door.

Michael: Ok. You certainly are easy to get along with.

Woman: And never cranky.

Michael: Cranky.

Woman: May I help you?

Donna: I don't think so. I can't think of a thing you could help me with.

Dawn: I wish I could think of something meaningful to say. You know, like they do in the movies.

Chad: You don't have to say anything.

Dawn: Did you ever see that movie, "Love story"?

Chad: Yeah.

Dawn: Well, the girl in the movie was really cheerful, but I don't know if I can be like that.

Chad: You can be any way you want.

Dawn: Chad, I don't want to die.

Chad: Oh, I hate this. I hate this.

Dawn: Is Scott still here?

Chad: What, are you kidding? You want me to get him for you?

Dawn: Yeah.

Scott: How are you feeling? I was going nuts out there.

Dawn: Just hold me, ok?

Scott: Come here. I'm never going to let you go. Never.

Sam: Here.

Amanda: No, thanks.

Sam: It's herb tea. I hear you're supposed to cut down on the caffeine when you're -- uh --

Amanda: Pregnant?

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: You can't even say it.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I wish I could tell you that I knew what to do, but I don't.

Amanda: It's a little difficult to figure out in one night.

Sam: Yeah, but I do want you to know this -- I do care about you.

Amanda: Care? You care about me?

Sam: Yeah. What? Was it something I said? What did I say?

Amanda: This is all so stupid. I just want to go.

Sam: Amanda, stay here, ok?

Amanda: I feel better now.

Sam: Where are you going to go, ok? Amanda, stay. Will you please stay?

Amanda: Leave me alone!

Mac: What's going on in here?

Amanda: Dad!

Sam: Look, Amanda, stay. Will you please?

Mac: I'll deal with you later.

Sam: We can deal with this ourselves.

Mac: All right, darling, let's go.

Sam: Stay with me, please.

Mac: Fowler!

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