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Another World Transcript Monday 11/24/03

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Nicole: A surprise?

Cass: Correct.

Nicole: For me?

Cass: Two for two.

Nicole: You have a surprise for me?

Cass: Oh! Three for three. I'm going to have to move you up in the lineup.

Nicole: Oh, what is it?

[Knock on door]

Nicole: Is that it?

Cass: Oh, yeah, the surprise knock -- it gets them every time.

Nicole: Oh! What?

Donna: Nicole? Nicole, are you in there? Oh! Oh, good.

Nicole: Hi.

Donna: Hi. You would not believe the stores. Everything is crazy out there, but I managed to put a dent in my Christmas list. Oh, Cass, hi!

Cass: Donna, you really shouldn't have.

Donna: Oh, am I interrupting?

Cass: No.

Nicole: Well --

Cass: No, not at all.

Nicole: No, Cass was about to tell me something.

Cass: But it can wait.

Nicole: But maybe it shouldn't.

Cass: We'll talk about it later. You know, I haven't even made up my list yet, and here Donna has already put a dent in hers.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: Every year I swear to myself I'm going to get all my Christmas stuff out of the way by thanksgiving.

Nicole: Cass --

Cass: And what happens? The Christmas eve stampede.

Nicole: Oh!

Nicole: Donna, why did you have to show up now?

Vicky: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, I've been looking for you.

Vicky: You were? What for?

Jamie: Well, I saw this terrific sale on snow tires at the Corner garage.

Vicky: Oh, yeah. Well, I'll be sure to stop there first thing after work. Well, how did everything go when you went home?

Jamie: How did what go?

Vicky: Well, telling Lisa that we got stuck in the snowstorm together.

Jamie: Oh -- it went fine.

Vicky: I was just hoping she wasn't upset.

Jamie: Why should she be?

Vicky: Exactly. She doesn't know anything about the party, right?

Doctor: Excuse me. Dr. Frame.

Jamie: Ah, Nathan. Hi. What's up?

Nathan: I got those test results you wanted. Dawn Rollo?

Jamie: Oh, not Dawn. How could this happen?

Julie Ann: I hate going shopping these days. It's like going on a New York subway. You have to push your way in, shove for every inch, get yelled at, get stabbed on the foot -- hey, what's -- what's wrong? Are you ok?

Amanda: Uh-huh.

Julie Ann: No, you're not. You're white as a sheet.

Amanda: Well, I guess this is what being pregnant feels like.

Julie Ann: Are you nauseous? Do you need something?

Amanda: No. It's passing.

Julie Ann: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yeah, it's over. It's over.

Julie Ann: What happened last night? Did you talk to him?

Amanda: Yeah, I talked to Sam.

Julie Ann: What did he say?

Amanda: I couldn't tell him.

Julie Ann: Oh, Amanda --

Amanda: Julie Ann, I'm standing there over pizza. I couldn't tell him that I was --

Sam: Hi, Julie Ann. Is Mr. Cory in? I want to talk to him.

Julie Ann: Yes, he's in, but he's kind of tied up right now. Do you want to leave a message?

Sam: No. I don't have time.

Amanda: I don't think I should have said anything about the pizza.

Julie Ann: What's wrong?

Amanda: I think I'm going to be sick.

Rachel: Amanda? What's wrong? Honey, what's wrong?

Rachel: Amanda, honey, are you ill?

Amanda: No.

Rachel: No? Julie Ann, didn't she just say that she was sick?

Julie Ann: Well --

Amanda: I have a headache.

Rachel: A headache?

Amanda: Yeah. I've had it all day.

Rachel: Who gave you the headache?

Amanda: It's just been one of those days.

Rachel: Have you taken something for it?

Amanda: Good idea. Julie Ann, can you watch this for me, please. I'll just be a minute.

Mac: What are we looking at?

Rachel: Amanda.

Mac: Where'd she go?

Rachel: To take something for a headache. She does have a headache, doesn't she, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Yes.

Rachel: No, she doesn't. Do you know what's wrong.

Julie Ann: She said she wasn't feeling very well.

Rachel: Well, it's not hard to figure out why.

Mac: Sam Fowler?

Rachel: I guess it's going to take her a little longer to get over this.

Mac: Has she confided in you, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Some.

Mac: She doesn't tell us much. Do you think she's been badly hurt?

Julie Ann: Look, I really got to get home.

Rachel: It's obvious, Mac.

Mac: Well, I wish there was some way I could make it easier for her.

Rachel: Well, we all do.

Mac: She's just got to accept she's going to have a brilliant future, but Sam Fowler is going to be no part of it.

Rachel: Mac, this isn't about careers.

Mac: If I sound callous, I don't mean to. I mean that hard work is the best thing for her right now. She's got to move on. If she wants a happy life, she's got to leave Fowler and all this behind her.

Rachel: Are you serious?

Mac: What does that mean?

Rachel: Nothing. I have the article that you wanted to go over before I send it to Layout.

Mac: Did you get a chance to do that errand for me yet?

Julie Ann: I was just about to go before I stopped and talked to Amanda.

Mac: Well, don't forget it. I'm definitely going to need it today.

Amanda: Give me my purse, please.

Julie Ann: Where are you going?

Amanda: I can't stand this anymore. I have to go talk to Jamie.

Vicky: Jamie, what is it? What's the matter?

Jamie: I can't discuss right now.

Vicky: Well, of course. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Jamie: Look, I won't be able to talk right now, ok, Vicky?

Vicky: Ok, I'm sorry. Maybe we can talk later.

Jamie: Yeah, maybe later.

Mrs. Weller: Good afternoon, Victoria.

Vicky: Oh, hello, Mrs. Weller.

Mrs. Weller: Now, this isn't your regular break, is it?

Vicky: I'm not on break, no. I had to do something for Dr. Frame.

Mrs. Weller: Ah, well, that something seems to be over, so why don't we get back to our work, hmm?

Vicky: Yes, ma'am.

[Mrs. Weller chuckles]

Jamie: This doesn't make any sense.

Nathan: I know it.

Jamie: I know she had some kind of pneumonia, but -- but this --

Nathan: We -- we should run the ELISA test.

Jamie: Damn this thing. Damn it! Yeah, run the test, right away.

Nathan: I'm all set up.

Jamie: I want the results as soon as you get them, ok?

Nathan: Yeah.

Vicky: Jamie -- Jamie, I want to apologize for before.

Jamie: That's ok.

Vicky: I was intruding on something that was none of my business.

Jamie: Don't worry about it.

Vicky: It was just that I was concerned. You looked very upset --

Jamie: Listen, I'm ok now. Really, I'm fine.

Vicky: Ok. That guy that was here -- does he know Lisa?

Jamie: What guy?

Vicky: The guy you were just talking to -- and I was going to invite him to Lisa's party if he knows her.

Jamie: Oh, yeah, yeah, I think he does.

Vicky: Well, he's really good-looking. What's his name?

Jamie: Nathan. Nathan.

Vicky: Nathan who?

Jamie: Look, Vicky, the last thing I want to talk about right now is the party, ok?

Vicky: I'm sorry.

Chad: Jamie, I was just in to see Dawn, and she's not any better, and I want to know why.

Donna: I did interrupt something, didn't I?

Nicole: Cass had a surprise for me.

Donna: Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

Nicole: And I still don't know what it is.

Donna: Well, do you want me to leave? I --

Nicole: Oh, no, Donna, no. Don't be ridiculous.

Donna: You really --

Nicole: He'll come back.

Donna: You really are starting to become interested in him, aren't you?

Nicole: No, I -- you know, I really hardly know him.

Donna: Well, now, you were attracted to Rex.

Nicole: I was an idiot.

Donna: Yes, but, you see, Cass has all of Rex's good points.

Nicole: He's also still in love with Kathleen.

Donna: Nicole, I don't want to sound insensitive, but, you know, you could help him get over her.

Nicole: Donna, why are you pressuring me about this?

Donna: I just want you to be happy.

Nicole: You mean get married, settle down.

Donna: Well, would that be so terrible?

Nicole: Well, I just don't want to think about it right now.

Donna: Nicole, you have never wanted to think about it.

Nicole: Donna, remember our parents? You remember that marriage?

Donna: You know I do.

Nicole: Then I would think that you would understand. When it comes to settling down, I am just not interested. I don't want a relationship, Donna.

Donna: All right. Then what do you want?

Nicole: Backers.

Donna: That's it?

Nicole: Yep. That's all I care about.

Donna: Hmm, well, I don't believe you.

Nicole: This fashion show in Monte Carlo -- it means everything to me right now.

Donna: Mm-hmm, that's what you say.

Nicole: I mean it, Donna.

Donna: Oh, of course, I know you do, fine. That's all you care about? Nicole, I want this show to be a big success, too. It will be.

Nicole: Do you know what I keep wishing?

Donna: That mama were still here.

Nicole: How did you know that?

Donna: Just a good guess. Do you know what? She would be so proud of you right now.

Nicole: You know what? Sometimes I miss her so much.

Donna: I know you do. I know. And I just wish that I could help you the way she would have.

Nicole: You do, huh?

Donna: Yes, I mean, sometimes I get so frustrated because I don't think I can do enough for you.

Nicole: You know what? You can.

Donna: What? How?

Nicole: What are you doing in February?

Donna: Well, let me check my social calendar here --

Nicole: Donna, I'm serious.

Donna: Nicole, that's a long time away.

Nicole: Oui.

Mais peut-etre tu vous

venir avec moi Paris.

Donna: To Paris? With you?

Nicole: Pourquoi pas?

Donna: I -- I -- well, why? I mean -- wait, you want me to --

Nicole: I want you to work with me. I want you to be my coordinator. And you would also be my moral support.

Donna: I don't believe this.

Nicole: Oh, no, but, Donna, what about the baby? Can you travel in February?

Donna: Well, of course I can. I can travel up till my seventh month.

Nicole: Well, that does it. It's all settled. The job is yours.

Donna: No, no, wait, no, wait. Nicole, how do you know that I'm qualified?

Nicole: Donna, I will teach you everything you need to know.

Donna: Now, wait a minute here. Are you doing this because you really want my help or you just want to keep me busy?

Nicole: Would I do that?

Donna: Yes, you would.

Nicole: Donna, come on, we will have a great time.

Donna: I don't know. I -- Nicole, I just don't think I would be enough help to you. I --

Nicole: Oh, of course you would. I mean, it would just be a big help to have you around. And you know what? I think it might be good for you, too.

Donna: Oh, I love you. Thank you.

Nicole: So you'll do it?

Donna: I -- I will -- I'll think about it, ok?

Nicole: No, no, there is nothing to think about. You are hired.

[Donna sighs]

Donna: This means so much to me. You know that?

Nicole: Well, you know what? This means a lot to me, too.

Donna: Good. Oh, listen, in the meantime, I have got so many packages here, and some surprises. Can I hide some in your bedroom?

Nicole: Oh, sure.

Donna: Oh, good.

Nicole: Well, let me help you.

Donna: All right, all right, that would be great.

Nicole: Oh, you've got to show me what you got.

Donna: All right, and you're not going to believe some of it.

[Knock on door]

Nicole: Oh, what -- oh, who is it?

Michael: Hi.

Nicole: Michael, hi.

Michael: I catch you at a bad time?

Nicole: Well, no, no, you didn't, no.

Michael: Well, I just, you know, wanted to stop by and see how you were.

Nicole: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Come in, please.

Michael: Thank you. Nicole -- well, I hope you understand why it is that Donna and I aren't together anymore.

Nicole: I think I do.

Michael: And I hope that you don't think I'm presumptuous in wishing that we could remain friends.

Nicole: No, I don't think it's presumptuous of you at all. And you know what? I really hope so, too.

Michael: Well, if you ever need anything at all, feel free to ask, ok?

Nicole: Thanks.

Donna: Michael.

Michael: Why didn't you tell me that she was --

Nicole: Michael, I'm sorry. Will you -- why don't you both just excuse me for a minute. I just remembered I really have something that I have to go ask Cass.

Michael: I wonder why she left.

Donna: Because she thinks we need some time alone. And she's right.

Mac: The essence is very clear. It just needs tightening.

Rachel: Tightening?

Mac: Use your blue pencil.

Rachel: Well, what would you like me to do, cut out every other word?

Mac: Rachel, I said it's a fine piece of writing. There's just too much of it.

Rachel: All right, I'll reduce it by half. Would that make you happy?

Mac: Why don't we move on to the layout on Etruscan pottery.

Mac: This is fine stuff, very textured -- what is it? Rachel?

Rachel: I'm worried about Amanda.

Mac: Well, I still think the more she has to do --

Rachel: She always holds things inside when she's hurt. She's been doing that since she was a little child.

Mac: That's the way she handles things.

Rachel: Yeah, well, she's hiding too much.

Mac: I think maybe what she feels for Fowler is like a schoolgirl crush.

Rachel: Isn't that a tad cavalier?

Mac: Well, I don't mean to minimize it, but I certainly hope he is not the man for her.

Rachel: Well, I have to agree with you on that.

Mac: And I'm glad she's here, where she can focus on her work, which has been exemplary.

Rachel: Before the breakup.

Mac: After. I mean, if she's unhappy, she's still doing a fine job here.

Rachel: Yeah, well, that's because she's doing an exemplary job of hiding her feelings. That's probably why she's not feeling well.

Mac: She has a headache. That happens.

Rachel: When people's personal lives fall apart, they tend to throw themselves into their work.

Mac: And write lengthy articles on neoclassicists?

Rachel: I don't think this is funny, Mac.

Mac: Well, I don't, either.

Rachel: I don't know what you want me to do. I can't go on apologizing to you because I didn't tell you that Sam is Mitch's brother.

Mac: I don't expect you to.

Rachel: I don't see that you're trying to change anything.

Mac: Well, I agree that there is too much strain.

Rachel: It's affecting the whole family, Mac.

Mac: I know, Rachel.

Rachel: Well, what are we going to do about it?

[Intercom buzzes]

Mac: Yes. All right. I'll be right down. I have a sales meeting.

Rachel: Well, just don't go to it.

Mac: It's very important, Rachel.

Rachel: Mac, we have to work this out sometime.

Mac: We will. We will settle it once and for all -- today.

Rachel: I hope so.

[Door closes]

Rachel: I hope so!

Chad: Don't double-talk me!

Jamie: Chad, I need to make sure of my diagnosis.

Chad: Look, I'm going to ask you one more time. What is going on with my sister?

Jamie: Chad, will you calm down. There's some things I need to know about Dawn.

Chad: What things?

Jamie: I want some more details of her medical history.

Chad: Why?

Jamie: Can you tell me about when she lived in New York?

Chad: What? Was she ever sick there? What do you mean?

Jamie: Did you know any of her friends?

Chad: What do they have to do with this?

Jamie: What were they like? Were you ever concerned about any of them?

Chad: "Concerned"? What are you saying?

Jamie: These are things I need to know, Chad.

Chad: Look, doctor, will you just stop beating around the bush. Dawn is my only family, and I demand to know what you think is wrong with her.

Jamie: Do you think Dawn ever took drugs?

Chad: What? Are you crazy?

Jamie: If you know, please tell me.

Chad: She wouldn't do that. Dawn is not that kind of girl.

Jamie: I'm not passing judgment.

Chad: Well, what are you doing?

Jamie: This could be very important for me to know, Chad. Now, think about it, ok?

Chad: Where are you going?

Jamie: Listen, I'll be back in a few minutes, ok?

Chad: You think Dawn is sick because she took drugs?

Jamie: I won't know anything until the results are back.

Chad: What are you saying, she's some kind of junkie?

Jamie: I am not saying that. And I don't want to alarm you. Now, just -- we'll talk later, ok?

Chad: Look, I don't want to talk! You just make sure that my sister is ok!

Jamie: Hi.

Amanda: Hi. Are you busy? Can you talk?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, sure. Let's check this room. Here, come on in here. What's going on? You look terrible.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I don't feel all that great, either.

Jamie: You want to tell me about it?

Amanda: Ahem. Jamie, what would you do if Lisa --

Jamie: Why are you asking me about Lisa?

Amanda: I'm just trying to get an honest opinion, that's all.

Jamie: Ok, go on.

Amanda: Ok. If you and Lisa broke up and you found out that she was pregnant --

Jamie: What are talking about?

Amanda: Just answer my question, Jamie. What would you do?

Jamie: I saw Dr. Crane in the E.R. She said she saw you yesterday.

Amanda: Yeah, she did.

Jamie: Are you pregnant?

Amanda: Oh, Jamie --

Jamie: It's ok. It's ok. Listen, I've got to see a patient, but I'll see if I can get someone to cover for me. Come here. Come here. Here. Sit down. Sit down right here, ok? I'll be right back. Don't you move.

Adam: Forget it. Amanda?

Amanda: Adam, hi. What are you doing here?

[Adam sighs]

Adam: The worst part of my job.

Amanda: What's that?

Adam: I got a cop in here. A drug dealer shot him in the stomach. They don't know if he's going to make it or not.

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry.

Adam: His family's standing outside. They're all half scared out of their wits. They're waiting to take him out the E.R. And into a private room, and then I'm supposed to try and question the man after all that's happened.

Amanda: It must be awful.

Adam: Stomach wounds are the worst. What are you doing here?

Amanda: Me?

Adam: Are you ok? You look like you've been crying or something.

Amanda: No, no, I'm just waiting to talk to Jamie, that's all.

Adam: Vicky.

Vicky: Hi, Adam.

Adam: Have you ever met my cousin Amanda Cory? This is Vicky Love.

Vicky: We are cold pizza buddies, right?

Amanda: Right.

Vicky: You are coming to the party tonight, right? 8:00? And I would suggest you come fashionably early.

Amanda: Well, I --

Vicky: Adam, you are coming tonight, right?

Adam: I'll try.

Vicky: And you're going to be there?

Amanda: Well, I don't know. We'll see.

Vicky: It is your brother's girlfriend's party.

Amanda: Yeah, I know. Sure.

Vicky: Terrific.

Amanda: I wonder where Jamie could be. I think I'm going to go look for him. Excuse me.

Vicky: Was I too pushy?

Adam: You? Oh, it's not possible.

Vicky: Good. Oh, I have so much to do. I am planning this party all by myself, and I don't even know why I'm here because the whole suite has to be decorated and I haven't even gotten Lisa's cake yet.

Adam: Well, listen, as much as I'd like to string some crepe paper, I'm afraid I've got an assignment.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I'll get some volunteer to do it. But I expect you to be there, and don't be late.

Mrs. Weller: Victoria, I thought I told you not --

Vicky: Oh, you know, excuse me, but I am very busy.

Mrs. Weller: You are?

Vicky: Yes. This man has to get to the emergency room right away.

Mrs. Weller: He looks just fine to me.

Vicky: I know. That's just how it starts.

Adam: Oh.

Mrs. Weller: What starts?

Adam: Oh, oh, yeah, there it goes again. Oh, oh, quick.

Vicky: Yes. Oh, put your arm around me. Yes, excuse us.

Adam: You'd better help me. Excuse me.

Vicky: Yes, come on.

Adam: Oh, thank you. Oh.

Jamie: Didn't you listen to me when I told you, when I talked to you?

Amanda: Yes, I did.

Jamie: Well, what has happened, then?

Amanda: I don't know!

Jamie: Come on in here. Come on. Listen, I'm sorry, but who else in the family knows about this?

Amanda: I haven't -- I couldn't tell anybody.

Jamie: What about Sam?

Amanda: No.

Jamie: You're going to have to tell him.

Amanda: I'm afraid.

Jamie: Of what?

Amanda: Of what he's going to do.

Jamie: He's as responsible for this as you are.

Amanda: Jamie, right now we're not even talking. How can I tell him that I'm -- I'm pregnant?

Jamie: Do you still love him?

Amanda: Yes.

Jamie: Amanda, I'm sorry I'm giving you the third degree.

Amanda: It's ok.

Jamie: Well, how does Sam feel about you?

Amanda: You mean, does he love me?

Jamie: Yeah.

Amanda: He said he did.

Jamie: Well, what do you think?

Amanda: Right now he's so mad at me I don't know what he feels.

Jamie: You're still going to have to tell him.

Amanda: I can't, not now.

Jamie: Do you want to have this baby?

Amanda: I don't know. Jamie, I don't know.

Jamie: You're going to have to tell Mom and Mac, too, you know.

Amanda: They have enough problems of their own.

Jamie: Yeah, I can tell. The house has been kind of chilly lately.

Amanda: That's my fault. Everything is my fault.

Jamie: No, it's not your fault, and Mom will tell you the same thing when you talk to her.

Amanda: I can't.

Jamie: Amanda, she loves you. Just talk to her, please? Do you want me to go with you?

Amanda: I don't know. I don't know anything. Jamie, what am I going to do?

Nicole: Aha! And you thought you could escape.

Cass: Were you looking for me?

Nicole: Looking for you? I have been going nuts. How could you just walk out on me like that?

Cass: Well, you had company.

Nicole: We could have gone into the other room.

Cass: Oh, that would be rude.

Nicole: No. What's rude is telling somebody you have a surprise for them and then disappearing into thin air!

Cass: You have been going nuts, haven't you?

[Cass laughs]

Nicole: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Cass: Listen, would you like something to drink? A glass of wine?

Nicole: No, I don't want any wine. I want to know what the surprise is.

Cass: Ok, ok, let me see. Which pocket did I put it in?

Cheryl: Hey, Cass, Nicole.

Cass: Oh, hi, honey.

Nicole: Hi.

Cheryl: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Cass: Oh, not at all, not at all. Why don't you sit down.

Cheryl: No, I can't. I'm in a rush. Chad said I might be seeing you later?

Nicole: Yes, I know. I'm really looking forward to it.

Cass: Why are you going to be meeting Nicole?

Nicole: I need some in-house models.

Cass: Ah.

Cheryl: And I need a job.

Nicole: I think we can work something out.

Cass: Oh, that's great.

Nicole: Cheryl modeled in my fashion show. She has a very bright future.

Cheryl: I really appreciate this chance, Nicole. It means a lot to me, especially right now.

Nicole: Well, I'm not doing it as any favor, believe me.

Cheryl: Well, thanks. Well, I got to get these pictures over to "Brava."

Cass: Oh, are you working for them, too?

Cheryl: Yeah, yeah, on some promotional ads.

Cass: Well, that's terrific. Listen, give my best to Mary and Vince, ok?

Cheryl: Yeah, I will.

Cass: Ok.

Cheryl: Thanks again, Nicole.

Nicole: Sure.

Cheryl: Bye-bye.

Cass: Bye-bye, sweetie.

Nicole: She's such a great kid.

Cass: Thank you for giving her a chance.

Nicole: It really was just good business.

Cass: Which brings me to my surprise. What pocket was it -- oh, here it is, over here.

[Nicole laughs]

Nicole: Finally.

Michael: Donna, there's nothing to talk about.

Donna: How can you say that?

Michael: I've made up my mind.

Donna: You're not even going to give me a chance, are you?

Michael: The divorce is proceeding as planned.

Donna: And I know it's my fault. But I don't see how what we had can just disappear overnight.

Michael: Well, it pretty much did for me, Donna.

Donna: I am carrying your child!

Michael: So you say.

Donna: Michael, it is. It's your baby.

Michael: Look, I don't want to talk about this baby!

Donna: Wait a minute. You still don't believe you're the father, do you? You still think I'm lying to you.

Michael: Look, you lied about everything else!

Donna: I am not lying about this baby.

Michael: If you will excuse me, Donna --

Donna: No, Michael, wait a minute! Michael, wait! Now, stop!

Michael: Donna, it's no use.

Donna: No. What if I can prove to you that this isn't John's baby? Would you stop the divorce then?

Michael: That's not the point, Donna.

Donna: Well, that is the problem, isn't it?

Michael: No. You are. You're the problem.

Donna: All right. I am the problem. But I am going to prove to you that this is your baby. Look, I have heard about this prenatal paternity test, and I want to take it. Now, do I have your permission?

Michael: Donna, do what you want to do.

Donna: Good. Then I will call Jamie this afternoon.

Michael: There's a lot more involved here than just this baby.

Donna: You know, I go to bed alone at night wanting you next to me. And I know you have to want the same thing.

Michael: It's not that simple, Donna.

Donna: I am not going to give up.

Michael: Well, you should.

Donna: Michael --

Michael: Goodbye, Donna.

Donna: Michael, say that you don't love me. Say it. Say it!

Michael: This conversation is over.

Nicole: Whew. This is the surprise, huh?

Cass: Good, isn't it?

Nicole: Oh, Cass, I can't take your money.

Cass: You already have.

Nicole: Well, I am giving it back.

Cass: It's made out to you.

Nicole: I won't deposit it!

Cass: You're getting awful grand for somebody who doesn't have a dime.

Nicole: Why are you doing this?

Cass: Business.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Look, Rex already put almost every cent I have into making your business a success. So if I'm going to recoup any of my losses, I have to invest.

Nicole: Somehow, I don't buy that.

Cass: What do you think this is, charity?

Nicole: Well --

Cass: You don't know me very well.

Nicole: Where did you get all this money?

Cass: You just better be as good as you say you are --

Nicole: Where, Cass?

Cass: Because I don't know much about designing dresses, although I have a pretty good feel for what looks good on a woman.

Nicole: Where did you get the money, Cass?

Cass: I'm back to work at Cory.

Nicole: Oh, well, Mac must pay pretty well.

Cass: What, are you with the F.B.I.?

Nicole: Wait a minute. This is an advance from Kathleen's book, isn't it?

Cass: So what?

Nicole: I can't accept that money!

Cass: Look, I have to take this chance.

Nicole: Well, I don't!

Cass: Nicole, listen to me. There is nothing in the world that I hate more than being broke. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think you could make me a lot of money.

Nicole: Well, what if I don't?

Cass: You will.

Nicole: How can you be so sure?

Cass: Because I'm going to be your partner.

[Cass chuckles]

Nicole: My partner?

Cass: Sure. I'll set up the company so that we split the profits 50/50.

Nicole: 50/50, huh?

Cass: Right.

Nicole: Oh, it still doesn't seem right.

Cass: It's for a very good cause. I know Kathleen would approve of this. In fact, she'd be very proud.

Nicole: You're really pulling in the big guns.

Cass: Partners?

[Nicole sighs]

Nicole: Partners.

Cass: All right! Partners! Now, first thing I want you to do is find a factory and a showroom --

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: And then I want you to hire cutters and seamstresses. And most important --

Nicole: Oh, talk about pressure.

Cass: Most important, be hard-working, be brilliant, and be extremely successful.

Nicole: Nothing to it.

Cass: You got a lot of talent, Nicole.

Nicole: How do you know, though?

Cass: I believe in you. You just have to believe in yourself.

Nicole: What would I do without you?

Jamie: Amanda, you can't go through this alone.

Amanda: I've got to go.

Jamie: Where?

Amanda: Back to work.

Jamie: You can take the afternoon off.

Amanda: I need my job. If I didn't have my job, I don't know what I'd do. Thanks, Jamie. I love you.

Jamie: Listen, I'll call you, ok? I'll call you later on.

Amanda: Yeah, well, don't worry about me, ok? I'll -- I'll work something out.

Adam: Jamie, is Amanda ok?

Jamie: Yeah.

Adam: Well, you all ready for the party?

Jamie: Party?

Adam: For Lisa. Remember her?

Jamie: Party! Yes! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I hope -- I really hope we pull this surprise off.

Adam: Yeah, you know, Vicky's really been working overtime on this one.

[Adam chuckles]

Jamie: Yeah, why the smile?

Adam: She did the most amazing thing. I'll have to tell you about it tonight.

Jamie: Ok.

Adam: You know, she really makes me laugh.

Jamie: Well, it's been a while since you've done that.

Adam: It's been too long, cousin. It's been too long.

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Well, just don't get stuck in the snowstorm with her.

Adam: You were stuck in a snowstorm with Vicky?

Jamie: Yeah. Didn't I tell you? Her car broke down and we were out in the middle of nowhere and we got stuck in this general store with nothing but a potbelly stove between us.

Adam: It was just the two of you?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. And there I was, trying to do all these things, like, you know, get the fire going and contact the outside world and --

Adam: What was she doing?

Jamie: Complaining, naturally.

Adam: About what?

Jamie: Everything. I mean, first, you know, she's too cold and then she's hungry and then the fire's too warm and the window gets stuck and I open the window and there she is standing with nothing on while the snow is just billowing in on her --

Adam: Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, wait. She had no clothes on?

Jamie: Yeah, well, we were sleeping.

Adam: With no clothes on?

Jamie: She had a blanket. I told her to take her clothes off.

Adam: You told her that?

Jamie: So she'd be warmer.

Adam: With no clothes on?

Jamie: Adam, it's -- it's because of the warmth between her bare skin and the blanket -- you got it?

Adam: Did she buy that?

Jamie: There was nothing to buy! I'm talking physics here.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Oh, cousin, I hope Lisa has a very short leash for you.

Jamie: Ok. Go ahead, have a good time at my expense. You'll get yours.

Adam: I can just see it now. "Listen, if you really want to stay warmer, just open the window and stand there naked."

Jamie: Very funny.

Adam: Listen, you know, it almost has an air of authenticity about it. That's what I like. I'm going to have to try this one out, cousin. I'm going to keep this one. It's a good one.

Vicky: Hey. Ready to party?

Jamie: I can't party.

Vicky: Jamie, you've worked overtime today. I mean, you've covered for Dr. Kim and Dr. Chavez. I think it's time you take time off.

Jamie: I'm waiting for some lab results, ok?

Vicky: Michael's suite has a phone. Can't you use it?

Jamie: Yeah, but I would rather --

Vicky: But you will. Come on!

[Jamie sighs]

Jamie: Oh, Nathan. Hi.

Nathan: Oh, oh, oh. Don't have it yet, doctor.

Jamie: Well, listen, I'll leave my number at the front desk, ok? Call me as soon as you do.

Nathan: I will.

Jamie: And make it snappy, ok?

Nathan: The moment they're in.

Mac: Feedback?

Sam: Yes, on my new cover design. The test results from the test market.

Mac: Oh, yes. I don't think they're back yet. Amanda's handling that, and she's not in just now.

Sam: I see. Well, I'll come back.

Mac: All right.

Rachel: Mac, I rewrote my column.

Mac: Oh, good.

Rachel: So I think if you have some time, we should meet now.

Mac: Hmm. Oh, by the way, Julie Ann, didn't I see an envelope addressed to Mrs. Cory on your desk?

Julie Ann: Yes, Mr. Cory. Now, where did I put it?

Mac: It looked like a card.

Julie Ann: It was a Christmas card, hand delivered.

Mac: Oh.

Rachel: Well, I'll pick it up later. Mac, we really should meet now.

Mac: Rachel, if somebody took the trouble to send a card by messenger --

Rachel: I'll pick it up later, Mac.

Julie Ann: Here it is.

Mac: I think it must be very important.

Rachel: It's a Christmas card!

Mac: Well, why not open it as long as it's -- you got it?

Rachel: "To Santa's little helper." "Santa's little helper"?

Mac: Well, what could these be?

Rachel: They're airline tickets, Mac. Anybody can see that.

Mac: New York. New York! Wowee!

Rachel: Give me those.

Rachel: We're leaving Friday, coming back Sunday?

Mac: Short, but sweet.

Rachel: Christmas shopping for a whole weekend in New York?

Mac: A weekend in New York not entirely devoted to shopping.

Rachel: You did this for us?

Mac: I think it's been a little too long since we were alone together, away someplace.

Rachel: Oh, Mac.

[Mac chuckles]

Mac: Would you step into my office?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Mac: I'll be in conference.

Julie Ann: I'll hold your calls.

[Mac hums]

Julie Ann: What happened with Jamie?

Amanda: Oh --

Julie Ann: Didn't you get to talk to him?

Amanda: Yeah, I talked to him. He thinks that I should tell everybody.

Julie Ann: Everyone?

Amanda: Even Sam.

Sam: Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: I'd like to talk to you about the test results.

Amanda: How did you know?

Donna: Oh.

Nicole: Oh, Donna. I didn't think you'd still be here.

Donna: I have been waiting for you.

Nicole: You have?

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Ok, well, how did it go with Michael?

Donna: Well, Michael still thinks that I'm lying.

Nicole: But how could he?

Donna: No. No, it's ok, really, because I know he loves me. He just won't admit it, though.

Nicole: Well, what did he say?

Donna: It's not what he said, but -- but it doesn't matter. I really feel like we've turned a new corner.

Nicole: Oh. That's great. If there's anything I can do, you let me know.

Donna: Yes. As a matter of fact, you can tell me about your surprise. I mean, you have heard what it is, now, haven't you?

Nicole: Oh, Donna. You won't believe it.

Donna: Why? What did Cass do?

Nicole: He gave me the money to start up my business.

Donna: Cass did that?

Nicole: Yep! We're partners!

Donna: Oh, honey! Oh, that's wonderful! Wonderful!

Nicole: It's great.

Donna: I can't believe it!

Nicole: I know it.

[Knock on door]

Cass: Hi. Hello.

Nicole: Oh, Cass.

Cass: The door was open.

Nicole: Oh, that's ok.

Cass: Hi, Donna.

Donna: Hi, Cass.

Cass: You left a napkin full of business notes down on the table. I didn't mean to interrupt this lovely scenario.

Nicole: Oh, no. You are never an interruption, partner. Thank you.

[Cass chuckles]

Jamie: Well, I thought there was going to be a bunch of people here to help us decorate.

Vicky: Oh, you know how people are -- they don't like the boring stuff.

Jamie: Well, where do we start here anyway?

Vicky: Let's start right here with the balloons, ok?

Jamie: We'll need some tape.

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, tape. Here, here it is. This is just like the other night. We make a pretty great team.

Sam: How did I know -- what do you mean?

Amanda: The results?

Sam: Yes. Mac -- Mr. Cory said you were taking care of that.

Amanda: Marketing your cover design, right.

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Well, the -- the study was only commissioned a few days ago. So they won't have the results for another few days yet.

Sam: Fine. So you'll let me know then?

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: Thanks.

Cheryl: Sam.

Sam: Cheryl, hi.

Cheryl: I was hoping I'd run into you. I'm here for my interview, thanks to your recommendation.

Sam: Well, hey, all I did was say your name and the door seemed to open wide.

Cheryl: Last time we talked you said you were having some problems?

Sam: No more problems. No more girlfriend. It's time I got on with my life.

Cheryl: Yeah. I know exactly how you feel.

Sam: Yeah.

Cheryl: Hey, would you like to go to a party with me?

Sam: Sure. When?

Cheryl: Tonight. I was told to bring someone, and I don't really have anyone to bring.

Sam: Well, you do now.

Cheryl: Terrific.

Sam: Yeah. Well, where's your interview? I'll walk with you.

Cheryl: I think it's that way.

Sam: All right, come on.

Cheryl: All right.

Amanda: He's dating already.

Julie Ann: Look, he's angry.

Amanda: I didn't mean anything to him!

Julie Ann: Listen, why don't you go with me tonight -- come out, go to Lisa's party?

Amanda: I can't go to a party.

Julie Ann: Being with people will help you get over this.

Amanda: Nothing will do that. I'm going home.

Julie Ann: Amanda --

Rachel: Amanda? Amanda?

Julie Ann: She went home.

Rachel: Is she still feeling ill?

Julie Ann: I don't know.

Rachel: Maybe I better go home, too.

Cass: Now, I'm going to get out of here so that you can get to work. Right, Donna?

Donna: Yes, right, Cass.

Cass: Right.

Donna: Work.

Nicole: Oh, Cass?

Cass: Hmm?

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: Oh, don't thank me. This is an investment. I expect a big return on this.

Nicole: And you'll have it.

Cass: In fact, I'm counting on it.

Nicole: What are you staring at?

Donna: You always were an open book.

Nicole: Well, I'm glad we're not playing poker.

Donna: Mm-hmm. You care about Cass --

Nicole: Donna, no. I really --

Donna: More than you're willing to admit.

Jamie: Who's coming today?

Vicky: Oh, I think you know almost everyone.

Jamie: I suppose cousin Adam's making an appearance, huh?

Vicky: Yeah, he'll show up.

Jamie: Is he your date?

Vicky: We'll see.

Jamie: Come on now. Don't play games with me.

Vicky: Well, quit pushing me at Adam.

Jamie: Well, what more could you want in a man?

Vicky: What could I want in a man? Hmm.

Jamie: Come on. This I got to hear.

Vicky: Well, I want him to be a free spirit, someone who doesn't have to play by the rules, someone who's not afraid of a change.

Jamie: Sounds like you're pretty positive about what you want.

Vicky: Oh, yeah, very --

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Positive.

[Jamie laughs]

[Vicky chuckles]

Adam: Well -- ahem. I was going to come by and give you guys a little help, but I see my cousin has things well in hand.

Amanda: Mom, I didn't know you were home.

Rachel: Amanda, is your headache worse?

Amanda: No. I'm not sick.

Rachel: Then what is it?

Amanda: I can't tell you.

Rachel: Why not?

Amanda: Because you'll never forgive me.

Rachel: Amanda, look at me. I'm your mother. I'll always love you no matter what you tell me. You have to understand that.

Amanda: Things are never going to be the same, Mom.

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