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Another World Transcript Wednesday 11/5/03

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Amanda: Alone at last.

Amanda: Julie Ann?

Ada: Hi! Is anybody home?

Amanda: Oh, drat.

Rachel: Come on in, mom!

Amanda: Double drat.

Rachel: Oh, look at you, all done up.

Ada: Just my old, reliable wedding guest duds.

Matthew: Oh, hi, Grandma. I thought you were Mac.

Ada: Wrong!

Amanda: Hold on. This place is like grand central station.

Ada: His hair is prettier than mine.

Matthew: I -- I meant --

Rachel: His father isn't back from a wedding rehearsal, and he's worried that he won't have time to get into his tux.

Matthew: Yeah, what she said.

Ada: Why aren't you dressed?

Rachel: I'm working on it. Are you hiding from us, Amanda?

Amanda: Why can't anyone have any privacy in this house?

Rachel: Excuse us. Mom, help me find a necklace for my outfit.

Ada: Well, have we got enough time? I mean, the wedding is an hour and a half from now.

Rachel: Very funny. Amanda? Amanda?

Amanda: What?

Rachel: You should be getting ready.

Amanda: In a minute.

Rachel: Come on.

Amanda: Finally. So, did Sam call me? He did? He wants me to meet him? Great! Where?

Cass: I'm so close to Tops.


Monique: What were you doing?

Cass: Oh, the usual -- nothing.

Monique: Here, I brought you a little reading material.

Cass: What's this, "50 ways to leave your lover"? I hear that's Rex's favorite.

Monique: All of Rex's plans include me. Especially this one.

Cass: "Nicole Love to wed Cass Winthrop this afternoon." Over my dead body.

Monique: Whatever.

Minister: Come, come, come. Good, good, good, good. That's right, that's right, that's right. Good. Bride now, bride now. Good. That's -- that's right, that's right. Is everybody -- who are you, again?

Wally: I'm Wallingford.

Minister: No, no, no, no, no.

Who are you?

Zack: We're the ushers?

Minister: Oh, of course, the ushers. Right there, right there, right there. That's right, thank you. All right, now, we've gone over the ceremony.

Rex: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Minister: Dearly beloved, etc., Etc.

Nicole: Mm-hmm, yes.

Minister: I now pronounce you man and wife, etc., Etc. Are we all clear on that?

Rex: Yes, perfectly.

Nicole: Yes, yes.

Minister: Good, good, good. Where was I?

Rex: Oh, you forgot one thing.

Minister: And you're?

Rex: The groom.

Minister: Oh, of course. So hard to tell without the clothes. Well?

Rex: Is this where I kiss the bride?

Minister: Well, yes, but --

Rex: My favorite part.

Nicole: Cass --

You are my way

you are my way

to another world

to another world

you are the one who lets me fly so high you are the rain when my spirits run dry

you give my life

you give my life

a hope that's real

'cause when I'm with you, you take me away to another world

Rex: Do you think I should rehearse again?

Minister: Well, no, no, that -- that was fine, fine.

Felicia: Darling, this is just the rehearsal.

Rex: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll get it right next time.

Nicole: It seemed ok to me.

Rex: Well, I wanted to make it look good for Reginald's sake.

Donna: Well, Reginald isn't even here.

Rex: Oh, well, I enjoyed the practice.

Minister: All right, thank you very much. I'll see you all about 3:45? And services start promptly at 4:00.

Donna: Great.

Nicole: Thank you.

Rex: Thank you very much. We'll see you.

Minister: Bye-bye.

Rex: Good luck, guys.

Nicole: Was I all right?

Felicia: Perfect.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so nervous.

Felicia: Nicole.

Donna: Oh, listen, the time, though -- we do need to get you dressed.

Nicole: My dress was delivered to your house already?

Donna: Yes, this morning.

Nicole: Oh, my hair. What am I going to do with my hair?

Felicia: No, no, no, don't worry about it. I'm in charge of hair and makeup tonight, ok?

Donna: Yes, and I am in charge of getting you dressed.

Nicole: Let's go.

Donna: Oh, Victoria, Bridget let down the hem on your dress.

Vicky: Good.

Donna: Listen, I hope you don't mind getting dressed at the house. It's just that I thought it would be easier to have all of us together.

Vicky: It's fine.

Felicia: Now, I hope you guys all have your tuxedos.

Wally: Mm-hmm.

Mac: I'll bring the boutonnieres.

Zack: Make sure you bring the ring.

Mac: Oh, I didn't get it from Cass yet.

Rex: Oh, right. And let's all synchronize our watches, and we meet here promptly at 3:45, and I will see you at 4:00 sharp at the altar.

Nicole: Ok.

Rex: Now let's go practice a little more.

Donna: Victoria, did you -- did you have a nice Thanksgiving?

Vicky: Yes, we were with Grandma.

Donna: And your father?

Vicky: Everyone in the family had a wonderful time.

Donna: Well, I have to tell you, I'm very pleased that you've decided to be a part of this wedding.

Vicky: Jamie talked me into it.

Donna: Oh, well, I'll have to thank him.

Vicky: I didn't do it for you, Donna. I did it for aunt Nicole.

Cass: The chapel on the Adams estate, hmm? That's not bad.

Monique: Where else would Cass Winthrop be married?

Cass: Where else, indeed. Coffee?

Monique: Oh, no, thank you.

Cass: Let's see here. Oh, reception afterwards for 250 people. Honeymoon in Hawaii. Yeah, it sounds like me, all right.

Monique: Except, of course, you won't be there.

Cass: Except, of course, the wedding won't happen.

Monique: Oh, really? And how exactly do you plan to stop it?

Cass: Oh, I won't. You will.

Monique: Me?

Cass: Surely you're not going to let Rex go through with this.

Monique: I've already told you, it's all just an act.

Cass: Oh, he's really got you going, hasn't he?

Monique: And what exactly does that mean?

Cass: You actually believe that Rex is going to come back to you after he's married to Nicole?

Monique: Once he collects the trust fund money and we kill her, yeah, mm-hmm.

Cass: Well, now, you see, that's the part of the plan that just doesn't add up for me.

Monique: Of course it does.

Cass: Why in the world should he risk a murder one rap when he can end up happily ever after with Nicole Love and her trust fund money, not to mention the fortune she's going to make with her fashion business?

Monique: There is no risk involved. You're going to take the fall for the murder, and Rex and I will be far away by then.

Cass: I know, I know, that's what you keep telling me.

Monique: It's true. He does not want any part of that woman.

Cass: So you keep saying. It is something to think about, though, isn't it?

Amanda: Thanks, Julie Ann. You're fantastic. Yeah!

Matthew: Meeting some guy, huh?

Amanda: You were eavesdropping.

Matthew: Sounds you really got the hots for him.

Amanda: If you tell mom, I will kill you.

Matthew: You know, there's this new U2 album. I've been really dying to get it.

Amanda: That's blackmail!

Matthew: What are little brothers for?

Amanda: To protect their big sisters?

Matthew: Protection has a price.

Amanda: I think you've been watching too many "dirty harry" movies.

Matthew: "Crime story."

Amanda: Whatever. Ok, all right, you've got the U2 album, but I want a favor in return.

Matthew: Name it.

Amanda: Cover for me.

Matthew: What am I covering for?

Amanda: There's this -- there's this guy that called me at Julie Ann's house.

Matthew: What did he call you at Julie Ann's house for?

Amanda: Because he thinks that I live there, ok?

Matthew: Why does he think you live there?

Amanda: Would you just listen? All right, he's going to be waiting for me. It's very important that I meet him.

Matthew: Oh, I got it. The secret rendezvous with the boyfriend.

Amanda: I never said he was my boyfriend.

Matthew: I'm 15, I'm not that dumb.

Amanda: I think I liked you better when you were 6, and even then you were a pain.

Matthew: What do you want me to tell mom?

Amanda: Um -- tell her I went out to get something.

Matthew: What?

Amanda: I don't know, think of something. Use your imagination. Just make it believable, ok? I've got to go. Tell mom I'll be back in time for the wedding.

Rachel: Yeah, that's what you think. They take more time than we do. Did somebody just come in? I just thought I heard the door.

Matthew: I didn't hear anything.

Rachel: Where's Amanda?

Matthew: Amanda?

Ada: Amanda, your sister. Blonde, seeker of privacy?

Matthew: Oh, yeah, what a sister, huh?

Rachel: She just went out. Where did she go?

Matthew: Oh, to get some pizza?

Ada: Strike one.

Matthew: She had to get some rice to throw at the bride. Would you believe she went for a walk?

Ada: You're out.

Rachel: No, that I do believe. She went walking to Sam Fowler's. When you store food, you want to keep it fresh.

Ada: What's with Sam Fowler?

Rachel: Did Amanda say she was meeting someone?

Matthew: I said I wouldn't tell.

Rachel: Oh, it's going to be a very bleak Christmas for one teenager.

Matthew: Ok, ok. She just said she was meeting some guy. She sounded pretty excited.

Rachel: Was I right?

Ada: Ok, good looking, you go get yourself dressed for the wedding.

Matthew: Do I have to go?

Ada: Yes, you have to go in a suit and a shirt and tie and everything.

Matthew: I don't know which is worse -- being strangled by Amanda or being strangled by a tie.

Ada: Who's the boyfriend?

Rachel: Sam Fowler.

Ada: Well, I know that. What's all the secrecy about?

Rachel: You won't believe this.

Ada: About Amanda? Try me.

Rachel: Sam -- promise you won't tell Mac?

Ada: Why not?

Rachel: I'm not going to tell you until you promise.

Ada: Ok, ok, I promise.

Rachel: Sam works for Mac. I was instrumental in getting him the job.

Ada: What's so bad about that?

Rachel: Sam Fowler is Mitch Blake's brother.

Ada: Mac doesn't know about it?

Rachel: Right.

Ada: And Amanda's crazy about him?

Rachel: Isn't it wonderful the way things work out?

Ada: What are you going to do?

Rachel: Nothing.

Ada: Now, that's not like you. Talk to her, explain it to her.

Rachel: I have tried to talk to her. You know how Amanda is when she wants something. She's pigheaded.

Ada: Like mother, like daughter?

Rachel: You know, there are some comparisons that become odious.

Ada: You know, the more of a fuss you make about this, the more determined she'll be.

Rachel: I know. Dr. Spock was very accurate about that. I guess I'm just going to have to accept the fact that they're a couple.

Mac: Accept the fact who's a couple?

Rachel: Cass and Nicole.

Mac: What choice do we have?

Rachel: Mac, it's very late. You've got to get ready for the wedding. I mean, we can't have the best man being late for the wedding.

Ada: You got a weird sense of humor, you know that?

Sam: Whoo!

Amanda: Hey! I got a message from a tall, dark, handsome stranger.

Sam: Mandy! Have I got news for you!

Amanda: I take it's good news?

Sam: It's the best. It's incredible. It's unbelievable. And I'm telling you. You're the first person I'm telling, here at this spot because it's a special spot and you're a very special person.

Amanda: Will you just tell me what?

Sam: No, you got to guess.

Amanda: How am I supposed to guess? I haven't the faintest idea.

Sam: Well, I'll give you a clue. What is the best thing that could happen right now? Come on, guess.

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: Whoo!

Felicia: Of course we're going to help you get ready.

Donna: Yes.

Nicole: Well, we only have an hour, and all of you have to get dressed.

Bridget: Excuse me, Miss Nicole, I steamed your wedding veil for you.

Nicole: Oh, thank you, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, it's so beautiful.

Donna: Bridget, would you help Nicole get dressed?

Bridget: Could I do that? Could I?

Felicia: Come on, I'll help you with your hair and your makeup.

Donna: Oh, Victoria, I'll help you with your hair if you'd like.

Vicky: I can do it.

Bridget: Miss Donna, there's somebody waiting for you out in the kitchen.

Donna: Michael?

John: No. It's me.

Donna: Oh, I'll -- I'll be right up.

Vicky: Do what you want.

Donna: John, I'm really very busy.

John: I want you to tell Mike you're pregnant.

Donna: No.

John: Then I'll do it.

Donna: No, we have been through his before.

John: Donna, Michael is going out of town on business in a few hours, and I want you to tell him before he leaves.

Donna: John, please, just stay out of this.

John: All right, then I'll tell him.

Donna: No, I -- look, you really haven't cared about your brother's feelings in over 20 years. Why are you so interested all of a sudden?

John: Maybe if I'd opened up to him earlier on, we all wouldn't be in this mess that we're in now.

Donna: Well, now is not the time to turn over a new leaf.

John: Look, I am sick and tired of all these secrets.

Donna: Please, John, just stay out of this.

John: Well, I'm sorry, Donna. I was hoping you'd change your mind.

Cass: You say you love the guy, right?

Monique: I do, and I trust him.

Cass: Did you find a way to check Nicole's suitcase for the honeymoon?

Monique: No.

Cass: Well, I can understand that. No woman likes to think that the man she loves is falling in love with another woman.

Monique: He isn't. It's all part of the plan.

Cass: And that's what Rex told you, right?

Monique: We are going to get everything we want.

Cass: Rex certainly is. He'll get the money and the other woman.

Monique: Stop doing this!

Cass: Hey -- the only reason I'm saying these things to you is because I like you and I don't want to see you get hurt.

Monique: You don't give a damn about me. You're just trying to turn me against Rex.

Cass: You're a very loyal person, and I admire that. You're very trusting. It's not your fault that you believed all of Rex's lies.

Monique: Stop it!

Cass: You know, I think Rex is absolutely nuts to give you up. You're far more beautiful than Nicole.

Monique: You're right.

Cass: On the other hand, I can see the attraction that he has to her. I mean, after all, it's uncanny the way she resembles his dead wife.

Monique: I won't listen to this.

Cass: And we both know how much he loved his wife, don't we?

[Knock on door]

Monique: It's Rex.

Rex: Cass Winthrop meets Cass Winthrop. The south side --

Rex: This is the first time you've ever seen my little transformation, isn't it? A masterpiece, n'est-ce pas?

Cass: It's incredible. Even the eye color.

Rex: Well, contact lenses, of course.

Cass: But how?

Rex: It took some doing and a lot of money, but I think it turned out very nicely, don't you?

Cass: I must say it's a vast improvement on the real you.

Rex: You always were vain. I copied that trait, too.

Cass: Took to it like a duck to water, I'd imagine.

Rex: The only thing I didn't borrow from you was your tux.

Cass: Well, a kidnapping can knock the crease out of even the finest tuxedo.

Rex: You weren't enjoying that party anyway.

Cass: Being locked up here beats a yacht party any day.

Rex: So, how do I look? Like a man about to be married?

Cass: Like a fraud about to be exposed.

Rex: This says I won't.

Cass: So in an hour, Nicole will be your wife.

Monique: And soon after that, you'll be a widower.

Rex: Yes. Nicole will be dead, we'll be off with the money, and you'll be left hard-pressed for an explanation.

Monique: That is, if anyone will listen to it.

Cass: Laugh now while you still can.

Rex: I have to go. This is goodbye for a while.

Monique: What do you mean, "for a while"?

Rex: Just a week.

Monique: You can't go away without me.

Rex: I can't very well take you on our honeymoon.

Monique: You're really going?

Rex: Cherie, it's traditional after a wedding.

Monique: But I thought --

Rex: It'll look suspicious if we don't.

Monique: You're not going away without me.

Rex: The only place you're going is to the safe depository. Have you still got the key?

Monique: Yes.

Rex: Where is it?

Monique: It's right here. But --

Rex: After I leave, take everything out and burn it. We don't need it anymore.

Monique: Please, at least let me go to the wedding.

Rex: Oh, Monique, you don't want to see that.

Monique: But what happens if something goes wrong?

Rex: It won't.

Cherie, in a few weeks, we'll be together always. Without the trust fund money, the money from Nicole's life insurance -- the poor thing is going to have an accident.

Cass: I heard. You're real scum, you know that?

Rex: You'll be hearing that word a lot in a few weeks. I have to go. Aren't you going to wish me congratulations?

Cass: Go to hell!

Monique: Please, let me go with you.

Rex: I need you here. I'll see you next week.

Cass: After the honeymoon.

Cass: Don't tell me you believed him.

Monique: Of course I do.

Cass: Well, why not? He says he doesn't want you on the honeymoon because it'll ruin his plan. Why should you think it's really because he's going to be spending all of his time making love to his new wife?

Monique: Sit down and shut up!

Donna: Oh, Victoria, you look beautiful.

Vicky: Thanks.

[Bridget hums "the bridal march"]

Felicia: Here comes the bride.

Bridget: Oh, doesn't she look beautiful?

Donna: Yes.

Bridget: Now, wait a minute now. I've got to get a picture of you.

Felicia: Smile.

Donna: Oh, you do look beautiful.

Nicole: Oh, thank you. I feel like Cinderella.

Felicia: Well, wait till prince Charming gets a load of you.

Nicole: Oh, do you think Cass will like it?

Felicia: I think it could give him second thoughts.

Nicole: About the marriage?

Felicia: About the divorce.

Nicole: Oh, I hope so.

Vicky: Shouldn't we be leaving?

Donna: Yes, but just a word of sisterly advice, hmm? I just want you to know that I'm not worried about anything anymore.

Nicole: You aren't?

Donna: No. One look into your eyes, and I can see that this is more than just a business arrangement, hmm?

Felicia: All right, Nicole. Vicky, you want to help me with this dress?

Vicky: Of course.

Felicia: All right.

Vicky: Aunt Nicole, you look so gorgeous.

Nicole: Thanks, Vicky.

Felicia: Come on.

Bridget: Wait, now, just a minute. Come on, now. Before you go, we got to get a picture. Now, wait a minute, I've got it.

Felicia: All right.

Bridget: Oh, dear. Oh, my.

Donna: I know, I know. Weddings make me cry, too.

Bridget: It's just that I remember the last wedding we had in this house. I mean, you and Mr. Michael, and I --

Donna: Yes, I -- I remember that, too, of course.

Bridget: Sorry.

Donna: No --

Felicia: Donna?

Donna: Yes, I'm on my way. All right, you got everything?

Bridget: Yes. You got your coat?

Donna: Yes, it's right here.

Bridget: Yes, here we go. Oh, thank you.

Donna: All right.

Barbara: We beautiful people are supposed to be happy, Michael.

Michael: Oh, yeah?

Barbara: Oh, why the long face?

Michael: It's not a real good day for me, Barbara.

Barbara: Yeah, that little witch, Nicole is getting married.

Michael: Nicole happens to be my sister-in-law.

Barbara: Sorry. I forgot. You're still nice. Well -- oh, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting.

Reginald: I'm sorry I'm late.

Barbara: Hello, Reginald.

Reginald: Barbara. Beautiful as always.

Barbara: Oh, thank you. You mentioned something over the phone about a confession?

Reginald: Yes. I have to apologize to you.

Barbara: For using me to try to destroy your daughter?

Reginald: Yes, but I have to explain --

Barbara: I don't like being used.

Reginald: Oh, no, no, no, you don't understand. You see, Nicole has always pushed me away. I'm her father.

Barbara: Well, she never did care much for other people's feelings.

Reginald: All I wanted was for her to say she needed me.

Barbara: So you decided that by siding with me, we'd walk all over her.

Reginald: And she's humiliated the both of us.

Barbara: Oh, wait a minute. I seem to recall getting a lot more humiliated than you ever did.

Reginald: I apologize. My feelings for my daughter got in my way. But I'm on your side 100% now.

Barbara: Really?

Reginald: Yes.

Barbara: To what purpose?

Reginald: To make sure Nicole never has her own fashion house ever.

Barbara: You'd really join up with me to stop her?

Reginald: Well, she has to realize that she can't do anything without my help.

Barbara: No, thanks, Reggie. As much as I would love to see Nicole fall flat on her face.

Reginald: You don't want my help?

Barbara: Darling, I've been accused of a lot of unscrupulous behavior, but I wouldn't wish your methods on my worst enemy.

Reginald: Who happens to be Nicole.

Barbara: Oh, whatever she may be, she is still your daughter. All I can say is I'm sure glad that you're not my daddy.

Wally: Hey, Mike, your limo's here.

Michael: Oh, thanks, Wally. I got to go to the airport.

Wally: Oh, you're not going to the wedding?

Michael: No, no, no, I got a business trip in Europe.

John: Cancel it.

Michael: Sorry, John, I got to go.

John: I don't think you'll be leaving when you hear what I say.

Michael: I'm not really interested in anything you have to say --

John: Donna is pregnant.

Michael: Donna is pregnant?

John: That's right.

Michael: But I just saw her. She didn't say anything to me.

John: Well, how could she say anything, the way you've been treating her?

Michael: Don't -- John, just don't.

John: Listen to what I've been saying, Mike. Your wife is going to have a baby.

Michael: Whose is it, John, yours or mine?

John: That's beneath you.

Michael: Sorry, brother. You taught me what level human beings can sink to.

Wally: John, you're not dressed. Aren't you going to the wedding, either?

John: No, I don't think so, Wally. The only marriage I'm interested in right now is my brother's.

Donna: Now, you see? We're early. I told you there would be nothing to worry about.

Felicia: Donna, I think maybe you spoke to soon.

Nicole: What's wrong?

Felicia: The bouquets -- they don't seem to be here.

Nicole: Oh, no -- that's not funny. I can't get married without a bouquet!

Felicia: I know that. Now, don't worry. I'm sure they have to be someplace. Vicky, why don't you help try and find them, all right?

Vicky: Yes.

Felicia: Don't you go away. I don't want to find the flowers and then lose the bride.

Nicole: Ok.

Felicia: Ok?

Donna: Nicole, while we've got a minute, I have something for you.

Nicole: Oh, we don't want any presents.

Donna: No, no. I want you to wear this.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, didn't Michael give that to you one Christmas?

Donna: Yes. Yes, he did.

Nicole: I can't take that, no.

Donna: No, you're -- you're not going to take it. You're going to borrow it. You know, something borrowed --

Nicole: Something blue.

Donna: Something old, something new.

Nicole: Right.

Donna: Well, your dress is new and --

Nicole: Well, I have grandmother's handkerchief.

Donna: All right, that's old, and now you have something borrowed.

Nicole: But I don't have anything blue.

Donna: Well, you have to. I mean, that's tradition.

Nicole: But what?

Donna: Well, I -- I don't know -- I'll go find something. You stay right here, and I will find something.

Nicole: Ok.

Donna: I'll be back.

Nicole: Oh --

Rex: You look incredible.

Nicole: Cass, you're not supposed to see me in my wedding dress.

Rex: I saw you once before and our luck has held.

Nicole: Anyway, it isn't a real marriage, is it?

Rex: What a beautiful bride you make.

Nicole: I'm so nervous. I don't know why.

Rex: Oh, come on, let's go for a little stroll outside. Maybe that will calm your nerves.

Nicole: But my dress --

Rex: Don't worry. Everything's going to work out just fine. Come.

Cass: This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, you know.

Monique: What?

Cass: You and me, now that Rex has left you.

Monique: He hasn't left me, and I couldn't be less interested in your friendship.

Cass: But Rex and I are so much alike, and I was that way first.

Monique: You're nothing like him. He is smart.

Cass: Ooh, hurt me. But you're right about that. He is smart. He's far too smart to --

Monique: Too smart to what?

Cass: Well, let me put it to you this way, honey -- if I were in Rex's shoes, the last thing I'd do is murder Nicole Love.

Monique: That is because you are too stupid to think about the insurance money.

Cass: But why should I? I'd be much happier and a lot richer if I were just Nicole's husband, living off all that money she's going to be making from her business, using her dough to make investments in my name, buying property. But Rex wouldn't do that because, like you said, he's too smart.

Cass: Was it something I said?

Monique: Just shut up!

Cass: 4768. 4768. 4768, 4768 -- 4768. 4768. All right! Should I stop for a press? Nah.

Sam: Come on, Mandy! Yeah!

Amanda: Ok. Please -- please tell me what.

Sam: The gallery owner brought it over today. I can't believe it. I sold my first painting! Oh!

Amanda: Oh, that's great! I don't believe it! Let me see the check.

Sam: Voila.

Amanda: $700?

Sam: Yeah, not too bad for a first sale, huh?

Amanda: Oh, that's great! Do you know who bought it?

Sam: Mr. and Mrs. Barrington.

Amanda: Barrington? They're big art collectors.

Sam: Well, great, maybe they'll buy some more of my paintings.

Amanda: And whenever their friends see hanging on their walls, they'll want an original Fowler, too.

Sam: And that gallery owner? She wants to hang some more of my paintings.

Amanda: Sam, this is great. Your first sale!

Sam: Yeah, I'm on my way! I mean, we're on our way.

Amanda: We?

Sam: Well, yeah. Don't you know I couldn't have done this without you?

Amanda: Do I get a commission?

Sam: My undying gratitude.

Amanda: Oh. That's all right. All I did was make sure people saw it, that's all. The painting sold itself.

Sam: Mandy, you believed in me, though.

Amanda: Well, you paint and I push. We make a pretty good team, don't we?

Sam: We make a great team. Let's go back to the loft.

Amanda: I can't. I have to go to a wedding.

Sam: Well, who's getting married?

Amanda: One of Julie Ann's friends.

Sam: Well --

Amanda: I wish I didn't have to go.

Sam: Well, I'll see you tonight, right? Tonight? Yeah? Yeah?

Amanda: I'll call you later.

Sam: Ok. Thank you.

Amanda: I'm so proud of you.

Sam: Whoo-hoo! Whoo! What a team! I love Mandy Ashton!

Nicole: It's a beautiful place for a wedding, isn't it?

Rex: Yes, it is.

Nicole: We've come a long way from hiding out in Barbara van Arkdale's warehouse, haven't we?

Rex: A very long way.

Nicole: Cass, I really appreciate everything you've done for me.

Rex: I'm the one who's grateful.

Nicole: For what, dragging you into my problems?

Rex: No, for giving me something to live for. You really have, you know. Feeling close to someone again?

Nicole: I feel close to you, too. I guess I should get back inside.

Rex: I'll see you at the altar.

Nicole: Ok.

Monique: Rex.

Rex: I told you to stay away from here.

Monique: I changed my mind. I will not let you go through with this.

Rex: You have nothing to say about it.

Monique: Call it off.

Rex: No, no, get out of here.

Monique: I will find a way to stop you.

Rex: Monique -- Monique?

Nicole: Monique? Oh, he is having an affair.

Cass: Hey, taxi! Hey!

Man: Hey! Hey, that's my bike! Stop! Hey!

Rachel: Mac, we're going to be late.

Ada: You're going to get that all over your suit!

Matthew: I'm starving.

Ada: Well, they have food at wedding receptions, you know.

Matthew: Fish eggs.

Rachel: Caviar. Stand up straight.

Matthew: I bet Ray Luca doesn't go to weddings.

Rachel: Who?

Matthew: You know, "Crime story."

Amanda: Hi. I'll be ready in a second.

Rachel: Just a minute, young lady. Were you with Sam?

Matthew: She threatened to torture me. I couldn't help it.

Rachel: Well?

Amanda: Yeah. He sold his first painting, mom.

Rachel: He did? That's terrific.

Amanda: He's so excited, he just wanted to tell me.

Rachel: Oh, honey, that's great. It's just that --

Amanda: He cares about me so much, mom. I was the first person he told.

Rachel: Well, that's just wonderful, honey. It's just that --

Amanda: Do you remember when I was -- when I was little, you used to tell me that I would meet a wonderful man, that he would love me and I would love him, and that no matter what, I should follow my feelings?

Rachel: I should have kept my mouth shut.

Amanda: Well, it's happening. It's happening right now. Are you going to tell me that all you said isn't true?

Rachel: I'd like to.

Ada: You should have stuck with Winnie the Pooh. Come on, Matthew, let's find some ice cream for that pie.

Rachel: Honey, it sounds like it's getting serious.

Amanda: I'm falling in love with him.

Mac: You're falling in love? With whom?

Rachel: Mac, I didn't even hear you come in.

Mac: I know. Are you in love?

Amanda: I'm falling in love with Sam Fowler.

Mac: You're in love with Sam Fowler?

Amanda: I think I'm falling in love with him, yes.

Mac: But you're not sure that's the way you feel?

Amanda: Oh, no, I'm sure. Dad, he's wonderful.

Mac: I should've seen this coming.

Amanda: No, really, he is. He's thoughtful and sensitive.

Mac: Are we talking about the same Sam Fowler?

Rachel: I'm afraid so.

Mac: I mean, brash, hot-tempered Sam Fowler?

Rachel: But wonderful and thoughtful and sensitive.

Amanda: Come on, you two, don't be that way.

Mac: No, I'm not being any way. I'm just trying to make sure that we are talking about the same man. Did you know about this?

Rachel: I just found out about it.

Mac: Well, I wish you'd clued me in.

Rachel: I thought she shouldn't get involved with anybody at the office at all.

Amanda: He's terrific, and he's so talented.

Mac: Yeah, I'm well aware of his talent, but I'm also aware that he's a bit pushy in certain areas. Ah, what the heck. I was, too, at his age, I'm sure.

Amanda: You mean you approve?

Mac: Now, hold on. Don't go too fast here. I didn't say that. But if you're really interested in him, well, I think that we should get to know him better. I mean, not just at the office -- here at home.

Amanda: Well, I know we will -- someday.

Mac: Fine. Yes, we'll invite him over to dinner tomorrow night.

Amanda: No, we can't.

Mac: Why not?

Amanda: He still thinks that I'm Mandy Ashton.

Mac: Ah.

Rachel: Well, at least he didn't fall in love with her because she was the boss' daughter.

Mac: Fine. But what about him? Does he feel about you the same way that you feel about him?

Amanda: Hope so.

Mac: Well, then don't you think you owe it to him to tell him the truth? I mean, what's the point of any relationship if you can't be honest with each other? Right?

Rachel: Look at the time, Mac.

Mac: Oh, my goodness, we're going to be late for that wedding.

Rachel: I'm going to get my coat.

Mac: I'll be right with you. Coming, honey?

Amanda: I was, but I --

Mac: Well, you better hurry.

Amanda: Actually, I changed my mind.

Mac: Well, you certainly don't have to go if you don't want to.

Amanda: I'm going to talk to Sam.

Mac: Going to tell him the truth?

Amanda: Better now than later, right?

Mac: Good luck.

Felicia: Here we are. Ok, where's Nicole and Donna?

Vicky: I don't know. Maybe they went inside already.

Felicia: Without the bouquet? Oh, there you are.

Donna: You're not going to believe I found a blue garter. Where's Nicole?

Felicia: I don't know. Don't tell me we've lost the bride.

Vicky: Oh, no.

Wally: Anyone seen Mac?

Zack: Or Cass?

Felicia: Don't tell me we've lost the bridegroom, too?

Donna: Now, wait a minute. They've got to be around here someplace.

Zack: Well, we've got about 15 minutes before the service.

Donna: Well, we've still got plenty of time.

Felicia: Donna, where are they?

Donna: I don't know, but, listen, why don't you all go wait in the chapel, I'll wait here. Nicole is not going to miss her own wedding.

Felicia: I -- I know I should have put leashes on everybody.

Donna: Yeah.

Felicia: Yeah.

Donna: I know, I know. Michael. I knew you'd come.

Michael: Are you pregnant?

Donna: What?

Michael: Are you pregnant?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Whose is it, Donna, mine or my brother's?

Donna: Who told you I was pregnant?

Michael: Doesn't matter who told me. Why didn't you tell me?

Donna: Michael, I didn't want you to --

Michael: I'll tell you what, Donna. Just once, why don't you try to tell the truth on the first try, all right? Is this baby from your night with John?

Donna: I did not make love with John.

Michael: Donna, just once, try telling the truth without being forced.

Donna: The baby is yours.

Michael: Why am I supposed to believe you?

Donna: Because it's true. What point is there for me to lie to you now? You have already left me.

Michael: With good reason.

Donna: I told you, John and I did not make love.

Michael: Come on, Donna, I don't want to go through this again, all right? Now, Victoria saw you in bed with John naked.

Donna: We did not make love, Michael.

Michael: Donna, do you understand you've done nothing but lie to me? You told me and let me believe that John didn't come back to Bay City all these years because he blamed me for my father's death. I find you on the dock, you tell me you were almost raped and assaulted. You never told me John could have been the father of the twins. Donna, it's been so long since you told the truth, you don't know how! Somebody asks you a question, you just lie on instinct.

Donna: Then why did you even bother to come and ask me now?

Michael: Because I cared for you. Ok, Donna, suppose that baby is mine. Why didn't you tell me?

Donna: Because I wanted you to come back to me out of love. Because I didn't want to use this baby to get you to come back home.

Michael: Well, you wasted your time, Donna, because nothing could get me to come back home.

Rex: Monique, you listen to me!

Monique: Let go of me.

Rex: I love only you!

Monique: You have been lying to me all along!

Rex: What are you talking about?

Monique: You are really in love with her!

Rex: You're crazy! Now, calm down!

Monique: No, and I will not let you marry her!

Rex: You're not going to stop me. No one is going to ruin this for me!

Monique: Let go of --

[Monique screams]

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