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Another World Transcript Friday 10/10/03

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Sam: Much. It hardly seems fair, does it?

Amanda: Well, tonight's the night Bay City put aside for trick-or-treaters. Didn't you know?

Sam: I guess it's time to break out the old chocolate bars.

Amanda: You bought Halloween candy?

Sam: Yeah, I was a kid once. What?

Amanda: Oh, it's just that these and some green tuna are the only thing to eat in this house.

Sam: What, you're hungry?

Amanda: No. No!

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Well, I wonder what those kids outside are getting.

Amanda: Well, I could always dress you up and send you out.

Sam: Help me with this for a sec, will you?

Amanda: I thought we were on a break.

Sam: We don't take breaks.

Amanda: Sorry. I forgot.

Sam: Now, just hold that right there while I paste it.

Amanda: You're kidding.

Sam: Just hold it straight, ok?

Amanda: How's that?

Sam: Here, turn it around this way so I can get around here. Ok.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: What?

Sam: Your perfume -- it's nice.

Scott: It's over.

Dawn: Great! I knew you could do it.

Scott: I can't believe I screwed up this bad.

Dawn: Oh, come on, Scott. How did you really do?

Scott: I heard construction pays pretty well.

Dawn: Were your exams really hard?

Scott: That's an understatement.

Dawn: That bad, huh?

Scott: Let's just hope you don't ever need a lawyer.

Dawn: Oh.

[Scott groans]

Wally: Wow!

Felicia: Thank you. Well, you think Mitch is going to like it? What do you think?

Wally: Honey, that guy would like you in a burlap bag.

Felicia: Ooh, I do love you. I guess -- I guess he's not back from "Brava" yet, huh?

Wally: Well, so what do you two have planned for this evening?

Felicia: Well, I thought maybe a special evening -- you know, dinner and everything, that is if he ever gets here.

Wally: Yeah.

Felicia: Hmm.

Cass: I suppose that means we have to date.

Nicole: Right.

Cass: Hmm.

Nicole: And then in a week or so, we can get engaged.

Felicia: I told you.

Wally: I know, and I didn't believe it.

Cass: Hey, guys.

Nicole: Hi, guys.

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: Yeah?

Felicia: Do you think I could see you for just a moment alone? Nicole, you don't mind, do you?

Nicole: No. I want to call Vicky at the hospital anyway.

Felicia: Good.

Cass: I'll see you in a minute, sweetie.

Nicole: Bye, darling.

Felicia: Cass?

Cass: Hmm? Oh! Aren't you colorful today.

Felicia: Ha. No, no, don't try and change the subject.

Cass: Did we have a subject, Felicia?

Felicia: All right, Cass. Now, I'm sick of you dodging this question. I just simply want to know what is going on with you and Nicole.

Michael: Now, Victoria, you've been upset about something for some time now.

Vicky: It's nothing.

Michael: Whatever it is, Victoria -- come on, you can tell me. This is dad you're talking to.

John: What's that?

Donna: A present for Victoria from Bridget.

John: That's nice.

Donna: John, what is it?

John: Mike is in there with Victoria.

Donna: I really don't think Victoria is going to say anything to Michael right now.

John: No? Why not?

Donna: Because she doesn't want to see him hurt.

John: What about her feelings?

Donna: John, it's her decision.

John: It's a decision that she shouldn't have to make. She's already been through enough because of us.

Donna: Well, maybe, just maybe she wants to give Michael and me another chance.

John: If Victoria doesn't tell Mike about us, I think we should tonight.

You are my way

you are my way

to another world

to another world

you are the one who lets me fly so high you are the rain when my spirits run dry

you give my life

you give my life

a hope that's real

'cause when I'm with you, you take me away to another world

Donna: I am not going to tell Michael anything tonight.

John: Vicky is just a kid. She can't go on protecting us.

Donna: Well, maybe she wants a family more than she wants to tell Michael.

John: But we can't lay a burden like that on her!

Donna: John, she loves Michael so much. She doesn't want to do anything to hurt him.

John: Do you want her to carry this around with her?

Donna: Why? Why are you trying to destroy everything that I have?

John: If we don't tell Mike, sooner or later your father will!

Donna: Look, you said you have those negatives of the pictures. Now, that proves that my father did it.

John: Oh, yeah, well, your father doesn't seem to care about that. He certainly didn't mind hurting her by planting those photographs all over the place. Now, he knows that -- he knows that Victoria and Marley are lying.

Donna: Well, he won't do it.

[John sighs]

John: All right. He won't -- you're right. He won't if we tell Mike first.

Donna: No!

John: But, Donna, Michael deserves to know the truth and he deserves to hear it from you and from me!

Donna: John, what happened between us is in the past.

John: Yes! We are settled with that.

Donna: Yes, but the only thing that exists for me right now is my husband and my children.

John: All right. So Reginald doesn't spill the beans now, but what happens a month from now, a year from now when the whole thing blows up? What happens then?

Donna: It won't happen.

John: Yeah, you don't know that for sure!

Donna: No! I won't let it happen!

John: Donna, too many people know about this!

Donna: Don't ruin the last chance we have to be happy.

Please, I am begging you.

John: Look, Donna, a lot of years ago, I ran into purely by accident Michael in a bar in Saigon, and I was about to tell him then about us. I had to tell him the truth. I thought it was the honorable thing to do.

Donna: Oh, right. So you ran away for 20 years and you left us here to put our lives back together. Well, I'm sorry, but confession is not good for the soul, and I don't want you to do this to me, not now.

Please, just not now!

Amanda: I was surprised that you noticed my perfume.

Sam: I guess I never did before.

Amanda: I mean, I thought it would have worn off by now.

Sam: Ahem. It must be expensive.

Amanda: Maybe I thought it was body chemistry?

Sam: Mind if I open up a window?

Amanda: No. It is pretty hot in here.

Sam: I bet those kids got taffy apples.

Amanda: And popcorn balls.

Sam: I'm hungry.

Amanda: So am I.

Sam: It's 7:00 already, too.

Amanda: When in doubt, have takeout!

Sam: No.

Amanda: I thought you said you were hungry.

Sam: Well, I am. What you say we take a break and go get something to eat?

Amanda: I thought we didn't take breaks.

Sam: I lied. Come on, what's one little break?

Amanda: Why do you look like that?

Sam: Like what?

Amanda: Like you're afraid of something?

Sam: You better watch it or the goblin's going to get you.

Amanda: I thought maybe you were afraid to be alone with me.

Sam: We've been alone together all day.

Amanda: Sure.

[Sam sighs]

Amanda: Hello. Cantina? I'd like an order to go, please. Two burritos, two orders of nachos, and two iced teas. That's for Fowler. Yeah. That's the place. Ok, thanks. They know where you live.

Sam: Well, hey, I'm their best customer.

[Amanda chuckles]

Amanda: Ok. See any more trick-or-treaters?

Sam: Yeah. There's tons of them out here.

Amanda: Did you ever do that as a kid?

Sam: Yeah, all the time. How about you?

Amanda: My mother used to make me the best costumes.

Sam: Yeah. I did that for my brother once.

Amanda: You made a costume?

Sam: Well, I helped. You see, my brother, he's this real serious guy. And I knew he had this thing for this cheerleader, except she didn't want to have anything to do with him.

Amanda: Because she didn't like serious guys.

Sam: Oh, exactly -- until I talked him into going to this party as superman.

Amanda: You mean with the big S on the cape and everything?

Sam: Yeah. I guess it was the tights.

[Sam and Amanda laugh]

Amanda: She suddenly developed this thing for serious guys.

Sam: Yeah. That's the first time my brother was ever grateful to me.

Amanda: I taught my little brother how to dance.

Sam: Yeah? How old is he?

Amanda: 14.

Sam: Oh, that stuff's real rough on a kid when he's 14.

Amanda: Well, not now that he knows how to dance. Now he's cool.

[Amanda laughs]

Sam: My nephew's 14.

Amanda: I'd like to meet him sometime.

Sam: I don't see him much. You know, besides, he'd probably just fall in --

Amanda: What?

Sam: He'd probably get a crush on you.

[Amanda giggles]

Sam: Get me some number threes, would you?

Felicia: Now, you said, "engaged." I heard it, Wally heard it.

Cass: Nicole said "engaged."

Felicia: A minor point, Cass.

Cass: It's just a business transaction, darling.

Felicia: Then it's true?

Cass: Honest. It's strictly a last resort.

Felicia: Well, that is one way of looking at it.

Cass: If Nicole doesn't find another backer --

Felicia: You'll marry her.

Cass: Right. Strictly business.

Felicia: Marriage is never strictly business.

Cass: Honey, I fought it tooth and nail, but it looks like the only way.

Felicia: Cass, you cannot marry Nicole just because she needs you two to get her trust fund.

Cass: I'll be in and out -- figuratively speaking, of course.

Felicia: And after that, what, you just go your separate ways? Is that it?

Cass: Yeah, that's the plan.

Felicia: That is a crummy, crummy, crummy plan.

Cass: Hey, now, calm down. I thought that you wanted to see Nicole start up her company.

Felicia: I do. Of course I do. I just don't want the two of you to get hurt in the process.

Cass: Are you going to go around wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth and wailing?

Felicia: Absolutely.

Cass: I was afraid of that.

Felicia: Cass, you're lonely.

Cass: What's that got to do with anything?

Felicia: Well, if you start to pretend that you're in love, it might lead to all kinds of other things.

Cass: Felicia, I'm not a kid!

Felicia: Does Nicole agree with you about this?

Cass: Shh! Look, we're friends, period.

Felicia: I don't think you're being honest with yourself. I don't.

Cass: We had this conversation earlier, if I'm not mistaken.

Felicia: For heaven's sakes, you go out to the balcony and -- to comfort this girl, and you come back and you're engaged? What kind of thing is that?

Cass: It's a scam! If Nicole finds another investor, we won't even go through with it.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Cass: What?

Felicia: Honey --

Cass: Oh, what?

Felicia: When I opened myself up to Mitch, I thought about it for a long time. I wanted it to be for the right reasons.

Cass: You're talking about love. I'm talking about commerce.

Felicia: Commerce?

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: Cass, I'm telling you, you're playing with fire here.

Cass: Felicia, I just want to help her, and this is the only way I can do it.

Felicia: Ss --

Cass: Don't you believe me? Huh?

Felicia: I'm trying, really.

Cass: Good, because we're going to need your help.

Felicia: Why?

Cass: Well, as trustee, Reginald can still screw things up if he doesn't think this is for real.

Felicia: What do you want me to do?

Cass: Well, Nicole and I can't go around whispering sweet nothings to each other every time Reginald and Peter come around.

Felicia: So you want everyone to start to think that maybe you're falling in love?

Cass: I knew you'd catch on.

Felicia: So it's up to me to start that, to make sure people know that you're in love?

Mitch: Hello.

Felicia: Oh. Well, I guess I'm rather good at that.

Cass: Yes, you are.

Felicia: Hi.

Mitch: What you doing?

Cass: Hey, Mitch. Oh, not much. I just have to convince the population of Bay City that I've fallen in love.

Felicia: What would you and I do, hmm?

Nicole: Have a wonderful, romantic dinner for two.

Cass: Dinner for two? Now, what good would that do?

Mitch: Even I know the answer to that.

Cass: No, not a dinner for two. Maybe six, or even eight.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: A dinner for eight --

Nicole: That's good.

Cass: That's a great idea.

Nicole: Yeah.

Mitch: Did I start something?

Dawn: Scott's sure that he flunked his bar exam today.

Scott: I can't believe I blew it that bad after all that studying!

Julie Ann: A lot of people feel that way. Zack did, too.

Ada: One banana split coming up, with everything.

Scott: Oh.

Dawn: Thank you!

Ada: There you go.

Scott: Maybe I can work on a banana boat.

Ada: Harry Belafonte didn't mind.

[Ada laughs]

Ada: Trick or treat is over, Delaney.

Delaney: Come on, Ada! Get with it, huh?

Ada: Oh --

Delaney: Ole!

Ada: You have always been good at throwing the bull.

[Delaney laughs]

Ada: Halloween is over!

Delaney: Come on. Now, you've got to go to this dance with me tonight.

Ada: I thought the P.A.L. canceled that Halloween party.

Delaney: No, no, no, they didn't cancel it. They just postponed it until tonight.

Ada: I told you I am not going to any dumb Halloween party, postponed or whatever.

Delaney: Now, look, Ada, I got these costumes at a discount. Now, wait till you see yours.

Ada: I don't want to see it. Costume Parties are for kids.

Delaney: Aw, Ada!

Ada: Not interested, captain.

Adam: Well, hello, Mary.

Mary: Oh, hello, Adam. I believe you've met Becky.

Adam: This is Becky?

Mary: Yes.

Adam: Oh. Hey, wait a minute -- is that the bag with all the goodies in it?

Becky: Yep, and I've got pumpkin stickers.

Adam: Pumpkin stickers?

Mary: Wow!

Adam: Oh.

Mary: Becky had to come over here and show Vince her costume because she's been wearing it all weekend.

Adam: Becky, I'd do the same thing if I were you. I don't blame you a bit. You guys have a good time.

Mary: Thanks. Oh, you want me to carry that? Ok, sweetie. I guess we're going to sit down at this table. That's all right -- you can go sit over here. I'll find Vince. I won't tell him who's here. He'll be surprised.

Vince: Ooh. Who is this?

Becky: Trick or treat!

Vince: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't know any witches.

Becky: It's Becky.

Vince: Becky? Oh! I thought you were a witch! Where did you get this snazzy costume?

Becky: Mary made it for me.

Vince: Ah, you haven't lost your touch.

Scott: What is she doing?

Vicky: Oh. A bed jacket. Only Bridget would think of this.

Donna: Well, she wanted to give it to you herself, but she didn't want to take the chance on you getting her flu.

Vicky: Tell her I said thank you.

Donna: I will.

Michael: So, when are you going to get out of this place and come home and wear that thing, huh?

Vicky: Soon, I hope.

Michael: Well, everything's all ready and waiting.

Vicky: What do you mean?

Michael: Well, the beach house. I mean, John finished it and it's ready anytime you want to move in there.

Vicky: No! I don't want to go back there.

Michael: Well, honey, I thought that --

Donna: Michael, the beach house is fun during the summer, but in the winter, it's too cold.

Michael: Wait a minute -- the place is entirely winterized. I thought you wanted your own place.

Vicky: I changed my mind.

Michael: But, honey, you guys just worked your hearts out for that place.

Donna: Well, maybe -- maybe Victoria wants to come be with her family.

Michael: Is that true?

Vicky: Yes.

Michael: Well, that's great! I mean, you know, nothing makes me happier than the idea of all of us under one roof. That's all I've ever wanted.

Vicky: I know.

Donna: It will be wonderful, Victoria. It will be like a whole new beginning for us.

Michael: Now, look, this is what you want, right?

Donna: Honey, you do know that no one is forcing you to do anything. It is your decision. And whatever you want to do, it's all right.

Michael: Vicky? Hey, what's wrong?

Felicia: Nicole can't get her trust fund money unless she and Cass pretend to be in love.

Mitch: And then get married?

Felicia: Right.

Nicole: It's just a business arrangement.

Mitch: Well, this is the first time that I've heard it put exactly that way.

Cass: Cut and dried all the way.

Nicole: Right. It's not serious.

Cass: But we can't tell her father that.

Felicia: Why do I feel like my hives are coming back?

Cass: Oh, honey, come on. It's just a little dinner party.

Nicole: Right, to convince people that we're nuts about each other.

Cass: A yacht party!

Nicole: Oh, yes!

Cass: You like that?

Nicole: Yes!

Felicia: Tonight?

Cass: Yeah. A moonlight dinner around the lake.

Nicole: Oh, I love it!

Felicia: No, no, no, no.

Nicole: That's great.

Felicia: Wait a minute, wait a minute, Cass.

Cass: No, I know just the guy to call!

Felicia: Cass, this is crazy, I'm telling you!

Mitch: So what else is new?

Nicole: Look, it's not serious. It is just business.

Mitch: A yacht, huh?

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: A tux?

Felicia: Yeah. Thank you. Well. So, I guess I'm supposed to go find all the suckers for this, huh?

Nicole: I guess so.

Felicia: Nicole, honey, you sure you know what you're doing?

Nicole: I do.

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Nicole: We both do.

Felicia: Right. Right. Where's the guest list?

Nicole: Oh. Well, let's invite Mac and Rachel.

Felicia: All right.

Nicole: And how about Zack and his new girlfriend?

Felicia: Ok, and I suppose I could invite some people that Cass works with at "Brava," and then, of course, there's Mitch and me, and then --

Nicole: Oh, wait! With you and Mitch, that's all we need.

Felicia: Yeah, it would certainly get the ball rolling, wouldn't it?

Nicole: Well, I sure hope you can get them all on such short notice.

Felicia: Nicole, you're sure this is just a business proposition?

Nicole: Well, why wouldn't it be?

Felicia: Being romanced by Cass Winthrop -- even if it's just a business proposition -- well, it can be a pretty heady thing.

Nicole: Really? I hadn't noticed.

Felicia: Really? What, do you live in a tree?

Nicole: Let's see. Oh -- what am I going to wear?

Wally: You going to nurse that thing all night?

John: Hmm?

Wally: What's up?

[John sighs]

John: Oh, I got a decision to make.

Wally: Want to talk about it?

John: See, I've been carrying a secret around for a good many years.

Wally: I figured that.

John: If I keep this secret, I'm going to end up hurting someone I love very much.

Wally: It sounds to me like you'd better come clean.

John: If I do that, I'm going to hurt someone else I love.

Wally: You want my advice?

John: Sure.

Wally: Well, with people that you love, I think it's better to go for the truth, John.

John: Even if I destroy my brother?

(Female announcer) Folks here appreciate things that last a good, long time.

Cass: All right, it's all set. The yacht will be ready to sail at 9:00.

Wally: Did somebody say "yacht"?

Felicia: His lordship is going on a cruise.

Nicole: Oh -- just for dinner.

Wally: Oh, just the two of you, right?

Cass: Just the eight of us. Do you think Henri could rustle up a little grub, Wally?

Felicia: Oh, but wait a minute. I haven't called the Corys or Zack yet.

Cass: Oh, I'll take care of that. Excuse me.

Nicole: Ok.

Wally: I guess I'll speak to Henri. Want to make sure you people have a good time.

Felicia: Wally? So, did you decide what dress you want to wear?

Nicole: Oh, my hair is a mess.

Felicia: It's fine.

Nicole: Well, maybe I should comb it back.

Felicia: All right, if it'll make you more comfortable.

Nicole: Who's comfortable? Cass and I are supposed to be in love. I should be -- I should be glowing.

Felicia: You know, I would understand if you said you were attracted to Cass.

Nicole: I told you -- I never even thought of Cass like that.

Felicia: Right, yeah, I forgot. Never, never noticed how handsome he is or charming or witty --

Nicole: Well --

Felicia: Or any of that?

Nicole: Sure, I did notice that, yeah.

Felicia: But it's just business.

Nicole: Absolutely!

Felicia: Right, yeah, sure -- business.

Nicole: Absolutely!

Felicia: Yeah!

Nicole: It is just --

Felicia: I know.

Nicole: Felicia, it is just business.

Felicia: Business.

Nicole: It's the only way that I can get the money from my trust fund.

Felicia: I know, mm-hmm.

Nicole: Now, if I'm going to go through with a phony marriage, isn't it better if I do it with somebody I can trust?

Felicia: Yeah, I suppose so.

Nicole: Well, good. So you believe me?

Felicia: No. Let's go find you a dress. Come on.

Nicole: Felicia.

Felicia: Come on.

Amanda: Can I help?

Sam: I'm too hungry to work.

Amanda: It really hasn't been that long, you know.

Sam: I'd offer you some wine, but --

Amanda: But you don't have any.

Sam: Well, actually, it's pretty much turpentine.

Amanda: I'll pass. It's ok.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Finally.

Boys: Trick or treat!

Sam: Hi, guys! Come on in. Let me guess -- William and Andy.

William: Hi, Sam.

Andy: How did you know?

Sam: Huh! Well, P.C.'s a dead giveaway. Uh -- mm-hmm. Great, I guess you guys want some candy.

Ah! I tell you what -- how about I make you guys a deal that you just can't refuse?

Mary: Oh!

Becky: This is for you.

Vince: Ah.

Mary: Oh. Could I give you a hug for that? Oh!

[Mary and Vince laugh]

Vince: Could I have one of those? A little less, you know -- come on! Come on.

Ah. Looks like you girls had a good time.

Mary: Oh, I think I enjoyed it more than Becky.

Vince: You always did.

Delaney: Come on, Ada. We'll have a great time.

Ada: Forget about it.

Delaney: Now, look, the P.A.L. always throws a great Halloween bash, even when it's not Halloween.

Ada: Even if I did want to go to this dumb party, which I don't, I can't.

Delaney: Vince could let you off for one night.

Ada: Would you take a look around this place? It's packed! Every table is full!

Delaney: Ok, maybe Mary could work for you.

Ada: Mary and Vince aren't exactly on speaking terms, you know?

Delaney: Well, they seem to be speaking now.

Mary: No, no. No, I think that Vince ought to get the jelly worms.

Vince: Yeah!

Mary: Oh. Excuse me a minute. I'll be right back.

Vince: Listen, we'll save the jelly worms for you.

Mary: Blech, blech, blech.

Vince: Ooh, blech.

[Mary and Vince laugh]

Mary: Hello, my sweetie. How were your exams?

Scott: I flunked.

Mary: No. That's what everybody thinks after exams.

Scott: Mom, I know I flunked.

Mary: It's impossible! You worked too hard!

Scott: Mom!

Mary: Scott! When are you going to get the results?

Scott: It doesn't matter, mom. This is the worst day of my life. Can't you understand that?

Mary: Oh, oh.

[Music plays]

Dawn, Ada, and Julie Ann: Gray skies are going to clear up

put on a happy face

brush off the clouds and cheer up

put on a happy face

Vicky: I want us to start all over -- just like Donna said.

Michael: Great. Well, then, that's what we're going to do.

Vicky: Things are going to be good from now on.

Donna: Yes, they will be. I promise you.

Michael: Ok, and no more secrets. This family is going to be just us. Hmm?

Vicky: Just us.

Donna: Just us.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: Hey, hey, John! What's up, man?

Michael: Hey, John, come on. What's wrong?

John: Nothing. I just -- I just wanted to check on Vicky.

Vicky: Thanks, uncle John.

John: Well, have a good night.

Michael: John?

Donna: I'll be right back.

Vicky: Donna.

Donna: I just want to tell John something. John? John, wait a minute.

John: I went in there to tell Mike the truth.

Donna: I know.

John: And I saw the three of you.

Donna: I know how hard this is for you.

John: You're a family. Mike is her father. He always will be.

Donna: He is.

John: I'm not going to destroy that.

Donna: Thank you.

John: Vicky looks happy.

Donna: John --

John: No, no. Just love each other. Ok?

Donna: Ok.

John: Thank you.

Dawn, Ada, and Julie Ann:

Happy face

Ada: Hey, hey! Great.

Scott: I deserved that.

Dawn: I hate to tell you this, Scott, but you've been kind of a drag lately.

Mary: Oh, I agree.

Scott: Mom --

Mary: Scott, you know you passed that exam.

Scott: I didn't.

Dawn: Everybody, here's to Scott LaSalle!

Mary: Bay City's newest attorney-at-law!

Dawn and Julie Ann: Yeah!

Scott: You hope.

Mary: Yeah.

Delaney: Oh, come on, Ada. At least try that costume on, huh?

Ada: Why should I? I can't leave here anyway.

Delaney: Well, at least look at it!

Vince: Oh, we don't have any ketchup.

Mary: Yes, you do.

Vince: Well, it's not here.

Mary: It's in the supply closet, third shelf, large box on the left. It says "ketchup."

Vince: Supply, shelf -- got it.

Mary: So, how's Diane?

Vince: Oh, great, great. Yeah, it's been crazy around here, so -- I haven't seen her in the last couple of days.

Mary: Oh, gee, that's a shame.

Vince: How is the job?

Mary: Terrific. I love it. It's a little hectic. I guess you better go get that ketchup.

Vince: Yeah.

Ada: Now, get away from me, Delaney. I'm not going to wear any costume!

Delaney: Come on!

Mary: Yes, you are!

Ada: What are you doing?

Mary: I'm filling in for you.

Delaney: So it's all settled. Here now, go on, change.

Mary: Do what the man says.

Ada: I can't leave you here!

Mary: Hey, I'm an expert at this.

Delaney: Come on. Now, you heard the lady!

Vince: What are you doing?

Mary: Giving your partner a break.

Vince: But --

Mary: Yeah, well, I know we're getting a divorce, but I don't see any particular reason why that should keep us from helping each other out.

Vince: I -- I guess not.

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Delaney: What are you grinning at, Vince?

Vince: I think she misses me.

Sam: Uh -- don't go away, guys.

Amanda: What are you looking for?

Sam: I didn't cash my paycheck.

Amanda: You need money?

Sam: Yeah. Do you have two $5 bills?

Amanda: Yeah, I --

Sam: Just a sec, guys. Don't go away. Great. I'll pay you back. Guys, how would you like to sell me those taffy apples?

Amanda: Taffy apples?

William: I can get you more.

Sam: No, this is going to be fine. There you go.

Andy: Will you be at the soccer game on Saturday?

Sam: If I can. I'll try to make it, ok?

Andy: Ok, bye-bye.

Sam: You guys have a good night, ok?

William: Ok.

Andy: Bye.

Sam: Bye, P.C.

Amanda: I don't believe you just did that. You spent $10 for taffy apples?

Sam: They don't know it, but I would have spent more.

[Amanda giggles]

Sam: Hey, you dropped something on the floor. Hey, it's your driver's license!

Amanda: Give me that!

Sam: No. I just want to look at the picture.

Amanda: Give me that!

Sam: Now, how come people don't want other people to see their driver's license pictures?

Amanda: I look like a jerk.

Sam: Well, in that case --

Amanda: No! Come on!

[Sam laughs]

Amanda: Come on, Sam.

Sam: I promise not to laugh.

Amanda: Would you just give it to me, please?

Sam: Oh, in that case --

Amanda: No! No!

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Come on --

Amanda: No!

Sam: Ooh, I'm sorry.

Amanda: That's ok. I guess I'm just vain.

Sam: You should see my picture. I look like a psychopath.

Amanda: Well, I find that kind of hard to believe.

Sam: Look, why don't we knock off for tonight?

Amanda: Oh. Well, ok, if that's what you want.

Sam: You probably got a party to go to anyway.

Amanda: Yeah. Sure.

Sam: I might even go out.

Amanda: Right! It's still early.

Sam: Look, Mandy, I'm glad we're working together again.

Amanda: Yeah. Me, too. Well, good night.

Sam: Thanks. You've been a great help.

Amanda: Sure. Anytime. See you tomorrow.

Sam: Good night.

Donna: Thank you for giving Michael and me another chance. Everything's going to work out this time. I promise you. Hmm.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: What you whispering about?

Donna: Just how lucky I am.

Michael: Oh. You know I love you very much, hmm? Did you know that?

Adam: Hey, look, you must have seen something that night, huh?

Man: I told you, I was around. I helped to fix that young fellow's boat.

Adam: What boat?

Man: That beat-up old sailboat. I saw some kids around, so --

Adam: Wait, what about a woman?

Man: What woman?

Adam: This woman. Did you see her that night?

[Music plays]

Zack: Hi.

Cass: Hi.

Zack: I tried to get a table for two tonight here.

Cass: Listen, you're not going to have dinner here.

Colette: We're not?

Cass: No. Dinner's later on the yacht.

Zack: What yacht?

Cass: The one I just chartered so that a group of us could go out and have a dinner cruise.

Zack: This isn't going to take all night, is it?

Colette: I hope it does.

Zack: Great.

[All laugh]

Cass: So as soon as Nicole shows up, we'll take off.

Zack: Nicole?

Cass: Yeah. We're sort of doing this together.

Zack: The both of you?

Cass: Yeah, it's just a little dinner party.

Zack: On a yacht?

Cass: Yeah.

Zack: Under the moonlight.

Cass: Yeah.

Zack: Yeah.

Cass: I wonder what's keeping her.

Felicia: Excuse me.

Zack: Yeah.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: It's working!

Felicia: Please be careful.

Cass: Of what, Auntie Mame?

Felicia: I talked to Nicole.

Cass: Yeah. So?

Felicia: She's very fond of you.

Cass: Oh, well, that's nice. I'm very fond of her, too.

Felicia: What if she starts to feel something more than just this?

Cass: Honey, the whole idea was hers. She knows the score.

Felicia: I just don't want her to get hurt.

Cass: If I thought for a millisecond that, that was even the remotest possibility, I'd call the whole thing off right now.

Felicia: Right, I -- I know you would.

Cass: Right. Nicole is just interested in her money. It's --

Felicia: It's cover, I know.

Cass: Cover.

Felicia: Yeah, it's business, right?

Cass: Business.

Felicia: Yes, business. You keep saying it's business.

Cass: Oh. Excuse me.

Mitch: So when do we sail?

Felicia: I first better get my seasick pills. I think we're in for a rough time.

Cass: Shall we shove off, everybody? The Corys said they'd meet us over at the dock.

Felicia: Listen, why don't you all go ahead. Mitch and I will meet you there in a little bit. Ok?

Cass: Don't be long.

Felicia: Ok, we won't, will we? No.

Colette: Bye.

Felicia: Yeah. Drop-dead gorgeous?

Mitch: Well, you know, you don't look too shabby yourself.

Felicia: I mean, who dresses up like that for a business date, huh?

Mitch: Who's going on a business date?

Felicia: Nicole, or at least that's what she said.

Mitch: Well, maybe it's just a good act.

Felicia: Act nothing. I mean, did you see the stars in her eyes?

Mitch: Well, maybe they belong together.

Felicia: No, Mitch, it's too soon.

Mitch: What do you mean, it's too soon? Stranger things have happened. Look at us.

Felicia: Well -- we took our time.

Mitch: Don't you go borrowing trouble.

Felicia: All right. You're right. You're right.

[Cheers and applause]

Ada: Now, cut that out!


Delaney: Why, you look great!

Mary: Go on, get out of here! Go have fun!

Delaney: Come on.

Vince: Don't do anything that I wouldn't do!


Ada: I will never forgive you as long as I live -- never, never, never!

Scott: So, am I still being a drag?

Dawn: Oh, you're improving.

Scott: Well, is there anything I can do to make up for it?

Dawn: Well, I think there's probably a little something.

Scott: Hmm.

Dawn: You must have read my mind.

Vince: No late rush, please.

[Phone rings]

Vince: Hello. Mary's Place -- whoo. Oh.

[Vince chuckles]

Vince: Same to you, same to you. How are you? Listen, I was going to call you -- oh. I don't know if I can do that.

Dawn: Why don't we go to the lake? I mean, you look like you need to get out.

Scott: Yeah, maybe I do.

Dawn: Let's bounce.

Scott: Come on.

Vince: Yeah. Well, I have to -- I have to close up.

Mary: Tell her you'll go.

Vince: What? Oh -- not you, Diana.

Mary: I can close.

Vince: Are you sure?

Mary: I've got nothing better to do.

Vince: Uh -- I'll pick you up as soon as I can, yeah. Ok. Yeah. Are you -- are you really sure, now? I don't want to keep you here.

Mary: I'm really sure. Go. Goodbye.

Vince: Did -- did Zack call you about the court date?

Mary: Yeah. So I guess I'll see you there.

Vince: Yeah, I guess. Don't -- don't forget to turn out the lights, ok?

Mary: Right.

Mary: So put on a happy face

Boy: Boo-boo!

Second boy: Bugga-bugga-boo!

Sam: I thought you had a party to go --

Amanda: Party to go to?

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: I was just being polite. I thought you had a party to go to.

Sam: Well, I changed my mind. Is that a taco?

Amanda: Yeah.

Sam: Ah, that's ok. I'll just go home and eat my hamburger.

Amanda: I'll trade.

Sam: Really?

Amanda: Well, we got a lot done.

Sam: Yeah, we sure did. Oh, no!

Amanda: It's starting to rain.

Sam: Here.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: Improvising. How's that?

Amanda: Much better.

Man: Nice-looking woman.

Adam: So, did you see her or not?

Man: Yeah. A man wouldn't forget a face like that.

Adam: So you did see her?

Man: Yeah. I saw everything that night.

Michael: Didn't Vicky look just great tonight?

Donna: Yes, she did.

Michael: Just think, Donna -- she's coming home!

Donna: Hmm.

Michael: For me, it's like a dream come true, the family I always wanted.

Donna: I know it is. And I promise you it will be.

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