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Another World Transcript Tuesday 9/23/03

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Reginald: What is it, darling? Find something in Vicky's purse?

Donna: No, no.

Reginald: You looked so strange.

Donna: It's just, you know, Jamie gave me her purse, and just knowing that she had this before the accident -

Reginald: Of course.

Nicole: Donna, how's Vicky?

Reginald: How was the fashion show?

Cass: Call Barbara. She'll tell you all about it.

Nicole: Donna?

Donna: The same. She's - she's just the same. Nothing's changed.

Nicole: She's still in a coma?

Reginald: Yes, and it's very strange.

Nicole: What is?

Reginald: They say the injury to her brain wasn't that severe. The specialist I consulted is rather perplexed.

Nicole: About Vicky?

Reginald: About why she hasn't regained consciousness.

Peter: All they said was they couldn't find a medical explanation for it.

Reginald: I volunteered a theory of my own.

Cass: Oh, so now you're a doctor?

Reginald: Hardly. But I have begun to wonder if Vicky is afraid to wake up.

Nicole: Oh, what a ridiculous thing to say.

Peter: Exactly.

Reginald: Oh, I don't know. The subconscious mind can do powerful things to the body. Perhaps there was something she's that afraid to face.

[Monitor beeps]

Jamie: Do you think one of those voices was Vicky's?

Lisa: I don't know.

Jamie: Want to try to find out?

Lisa: You know I do.

Jamie: And you know that I believe in you, don't you?

Lisa: Thanks, doc.

Jamie: Listen, I got a few minutes off. Why don't I take you home, huh?

Dr. Undler: Good idea, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: Dr. Undler.

Dr. Undler: Take her home and don't bring her back.

Jamie: You can't order her out of here, doctor.

Dr. Undler: Watch me.

Lisa: Oh -

Jamie: You take your hands off her right now.

Dr. Undler: You are permanently barred from this hospital, Miss Grady.

Jamie: She has every right to be here.

Dr. Undler: She is a psychic.

Jamie: So what?

Lisa: Jamie -

Dr. Undler: We practice medicine at this hospital, not voodoo.

Jamie: Listen, I don't care if you are the chief of staff in this hospital. You are way out of line.

Dr. Undler: Do you like practicing medicine, Dr. Frame?

Jamie: You know I do.

Dr. Undler: Fine. Then you better learn to follow orders.

Jamie: You wouldn't do that.

Dr. Undler: I can fix it so that you never practice medicine again.

Michael: John, I thought you knew. Donna was attacked last night on the dock near your boat.

John: Well, who told you that?

Michael: Donna did.

John: When?

Michael: Right after it happened, before we found out about Vicky.

John: She said that she was attacked?

Michael: Yeah, I - I went down to the boat to try to find you and her.

John: I know that.

Michael: I mean, I found out that you were leaving and that Donna had gone down there to stop you.

John: Yeah, yeah, but when did she -

Michael: No, no, I went down to the boat, and I was walking along the dock, and the first thing I saw was Donna stumbling towards me. Her clothes were half ripped off. I mean, it was - it was clear what had happened.

John: I can't believe this.

Michael: So I thought I'd ask you - do you have any idea what might have happened to Donna?

John: How would I know anything about it?

Michael: Well, I thought-

John: What? What did you think?

Michael: Well, I thought that since you live there, you might have some idea.

John: No, Mike, I don't have any idea. I wasn't there when you found Donna.

Michael: Well, I know that.

John: Well, then, what do you want to know?

Michael: Well, John, come on, your boat's docked there. I mean, you know the area. I thought maybe you might know some regular characters I could talk to who might have seen something, or maybe one of them -

John: I can't believe this. She said that she was raped?

Michael: Yeah, but it didn't happen, John. Now I'll tell you this - I'm not going to rest until I find the guy that attacked her. No one ought to be allowed to do that to anyone and get away with it.

John: Right.

Michael: Besides, Adam will find something.

John: So, you've - you've called the police?

Michael: You better believe it. I am not going to stop until I find the guy that did it. Believe me, I will.

Lisa: Jamie, it's all right. Just take me home.

Jamie: Just a minute, Lisa. Vicky is my patient.

Dr. Undler: For the time being.

Jamie: And I should be able to treat her as I see fit.

Dr. Undler: Unless it involves using a psychic who is in the papers.

Jamie: I am not using Lisa.

Dr. Undler: Aren't you?

Jamie: She is Vicky's friend.

Dr. Undler: Oh, come on, Dr. Frame. Surely you can do better than that.

Jamie: I'm telling you the truth, doctor.

Dr. Undler: This sense stimuli mumbo-jumbo may be a waste of time, but I'm allowing it.

Jamie: Thank you.

Dr. Undler: However, I draw the line at psychics.

Jamie: Why? Tell me why?

Dr. Undler: I'm chief of staff of this hospital, and what I say goes, and I say she goes.

Jamie: And what if I disagree?

Lisa: Jamie, don't do this.

Dr. Undler: If you wish to continue practicing medicine at this hospital, then I suggest you learn to follow orders.

Jamie: Not if those orders interfere with the treatment of my patient! Come on.

Dr. Undler: Dr. Frame -

Nicole: Honey? I thought I'd come over and see if you needed someone to sit with Vicky.

Donna: Jamie's in there with her right now.

Nicole: Oh.

Donna: How - how was the fashion show?

Nicole: It was -

Cass: Well, from now on, Nicole's going to be designing under her own label.

Nicole: And Barbara van Arkdale is going to have to find a new line of work.

Cass: And maybe a plastic surgeon.

Reginald: Sorry I missed that.

Nicole: Well, I don't think you would've been too happy with the outcome.

Donna: Well, I'll tell you, I am. I am just so happy for you. I'm so glad to hear some good news.

Nicole: Thanks.

Donna: And, Cass, I don't know what you had to do with all of this, but thank you for helping Nicole.

Cass: She did it herself. She's a very talented woman.

Peter: Congratulations, Nicole.

Reginald: Yes.

Nicole: I thought maybe I would sit with Vicky and tell her all about it.

Donna: Oh, yes. Yes, you have to do that.

Nicole: Ok.

Donna: Oh, and I am - I am so happy for you.

Nicole: Thanks. Oh, I don't know what I would've done without my friends.

Cheryl: I don't think I will ever forget this night.

Julie Ann: By the look on that woman's face -

Dawn: Or this dress -

Ada: You better not spill that soda on it, or you'll own your first Nicole Love Original.

Cheryl: Mm-hmm.

Dawn: Well, I wouldn't mind having this one.

Ada: Come on, we better get going, guys. Nicole's going to come back and want to get some sleep.

Julie Ann: If she comes down.

Cheryl: I'm actually still pretty keyed up. I don't want to go home yet.

Ada: I know what you mean. Why don't we all go to Mary's Place and celebrate? I'm buying!

Cheryl and Julie Ann: Great!

Dawn: I hate the thought of getting out of this dress and not going for a honeymoon.

Julie Ann: Oh, well, maybe the men of our dreams saw us at the show and at this very moment are outside the door just waiting to sweep us off our feet.

Ada: Here is the man of our dreams now.

Scott: Hey, you guys. You guys were great tonight.

Cheryl: Thanks. We'd better get going, right?

Julie Ann: Yeah.

Dawn: We're going to Mary's Place.

Scott: Yeah, I heard, but I don't think I can go.

Dawn: Why not?

Scott: I have to talk to you before we can go anywhere.

Cheryl: Dawn, don't keep putting if off. You have to return that dress sometime.

Dawn: I'm coming! Well, can you tell me now?

Scott: No, but what I have to talk to you about is really important.

Dawn: Well, can't you give me a little hint?

Scott: Not until we're alone.

Dawn: But you can at least tell me the -

Scott: I'll be right back.

Julie Ann: Where's Scott?

Dawn: Um - he just left.

Cheryl: Aren't you dressed yet?

Dawn: It is going to take me forever to get out of these things, so why don't you guys go ahead and I'll just catch up?

Cheryl: You sure you don't want us to help?

Ada: How quickly they forget - that's what I'm here for.

Julie Ann: Ok.

Ada: Go, go!

Julie Ann: Let's go.

Cheryl: Ok, bye.

Julie Ann: Bye.

Dawn: See you.

Cheryl: See you.

Ada: Go, chickies.

Dawn: Oh, I'm getting married in the morning

Ada: This dress is really getting to you.

Dawn: Uh - it's not just the dress.

Ada: I noticed.

Dawn: You did?

Ada: Scott, right?

Dawn: Oh, he said he's got something important he wants to tell me.

Ada: How important?

Dawn: I don't know. I couldn't get another word out of him.

Ada: Do you know each other well?

Dawn: Pretty well. I wonder what he wants to tell me.

Ada: Ok -

Dawn: Scott.

Scott: Hi.

Ada: Bye.

Jamie: Donna.

Donna: Yes?

Jamie: We have a problem.

Donna: What, what - Victoria?

Jamie: No. No, no, nothing's - nothing's changed there. It concerns her care.

Dr. Undler: There's no reason to involve this poor family.

Jamie: There is every reason, doctor.

Donna: Michael stepped outside. I'll go get him.

Jamie: Good.

Nicole: Maybe I should go sit with Vicky.

Jamie: That's a good idea. She's all alone right now.

Cass: I'd like to go along if that's all right with you.

Jamie: That's just fine.

Nicole: Thanks.

Jamie: Sure.

Cass: Excuse me.

Reginald: What seems to be the problem, Dr. Undler?

Dr. Undler: The problem is that I will not allow this woman in my hospital.

Peter: Why?

Jamie: Because she's making progress with Vicky.

Dr. Undler: Well, then, she isn't just a friend. She is here in her so-called official capacity.

Jamie: I am supposed to do everything I possibly can to heal my patient, doctor.

Reginald: Excuse me. Isn't this the young woman who was abducted by the psychopath?

Dr. Undler: And he wants to station her by your granddaughter's bedside.

Lisa: Would you please stop talking about me like I'm not here?

Michael: Excuse me. What's the problem here?

Reginald: Your Dr. Frame thinks that Vicky should be tended to by - Miss Grady, is it?

Michael: So?

Dr. Undler: This woman is a psychic.

Michael: What harm can she do?

Dr. Undler: I will not have this hospital turned into a side show.

Michael: Jamie, is this the doctor that was giving you a problem this afternoon?

Jamie: Dr. Undler, chief of staff.

Michael: Dr. Undler, I can only assume that you are concerned with the image of your hospital. Well, I am concerned with the safety of my daughter.

Dr. Undler: Surely, you don't think -

Michael: What I think is that the doctor I chose to be in charge of this case should handle it as he sees fit.

Dr. Undler: You know about this, then?

Michael: I know. We asked Dr. Frame to do everything possible to save Vicky.

Dr. Undler: This is highly unorthodox procedure to say the least.

Michael: Fine. Then I will have my daughter transferred out of this hospital.

Dr. Undler: But the publicity -

Michael: Well, doctor, I am not concerned with publicity, but maybe you ought to be.

Dr. Undler: I understand you're going through a very difficult time.

Michael: "Difficult" is not the word for it, doctor!

Dr. Undler: No one hopes more than I do that this sense stimuli will be effective.

Michael: Well, then, what is the problem?

Dr. Undler: But false hope can be very cruel and the doctor who allows it is also being cruel, no matter how ardent and idealistic he may seem.

Michael: You don't seem to have much hope for my daughter.

Dr. Undler: I'm saying that it is a possibility that you cannot ignore.

Michael: Well, I beg to differ with you, doctor. I will ignore it until I have explored every possibility.

Dr. Undler: I see you have persuaded this family to do what you want.

Jamie: I recommended a course of treatment, and they agreed.

Dr. Undler: I will allow you to continue with the sense stimuli, although I don't see what good it will do.

Jamie: And Lisa?

Dr. Undler: I do not want to see her in Miss Love's room again.

Donna: He can't make you do that, can he?

Jamie: No.

Lisa: Jamie, you heard what he said.

Jamie: Lisa heard some voices screaming out to her.

Reginald: You aren't serious, are you?

Jamie: One of those voices may have been Vicky's.

Michael: Dr. Undler does not seem like the kind of guy who will back down.

Jamie: Well, neither am I. Unless you disagree, I would like Lisa to keep working with Vicky.

Donna: Yes, we want her to.

Reginald: Are you going to spirit her in under cover of darkness?

Jamie: No.

Reginald: You heard Dr. Undler.

Michael: Reg, just cut it, please. Jamie's the one taking the risk here. Look, I'm going to go see Vicky.

Donna: Nicole's in there with her now.

Michael: Fine. I'll relieve her.

Donna: All right. Do you want me to come with you?

Michael: No, no. You do it later. It's going to be a long night.

Jamie: Thanks, Michael. I want to talk to you for a minute. Why don't you come with me? Excuse us.

John: You want a cup of coffee?

Donna: Um - no. Thank you.

John: Meet me outside. It's very important. Well, I think I'm going to get some.

Reginald: Maybe Michael should have some of Vicky's things with her.

Donna: Uh -

Reginald: It might help Miss Grady.

Donna: Yes. Yes, you are probably right.

Reginald: You think so?

Donna: Well, you heard what Michael said. We'll do anything to help Victoria. Anything.

Peter: Are you enjoying yourself?

Reginald: I beg your pardon?

Peter: Torturing her like this?

Reginald: That is not what I am doing.

Peter: I know, dad, I know. You keep saying you're trying to help Donna, but I'm wondering - is this how you get your kicks?

Reginald: I haven't done anything to Donna or Vicky. You're the one who's taking care of that. And unless you want your life made a living hell by Michael Hudson, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Just sit back and watch that marriage self-destruct.

John: Thanks.

Donna: What? What's wrong?

John: We can't do this. We can't do this, Donna. We just can't do this.

Donna: John -

John: What did you tell Michael?

Donna: What are you talking about?

John: Did you tell him that someone tried to rape you down on the docks?

Donna: John, I -

John: I hope that you're not building him up to tell him that that someone was me.

Dawn: I wish I could be married in this dress someday.

Scott: You looked beautiful tonight.

Dawn: Did I?

Scott: Come on. You have to ask?

Dawn: What did you want to tell me?

Scott: First, I guess, I really like you.

Dawn: I really like, you, too.

Scott: I mean, I really like you. And I'd like to take you out.

Dawn: You have taken me --

Scott: On a regular basis, ok?

Dawn: Is that all you wanted to ask me? I mean, you should've just asked me. I just --

Scott: That's only part of it. Before you came, I was seeing someone else.

Dawn: Oh, really? I mean, I thought you lived like a monk before I came along.

Scott: It's not just the fact that I was seeing someone else. It's who that someone was.

Dawn: Scott, you don't have to tell me about your other girlfriends to take me out. I don't care.

Scott: You are --

Dawn: I'm already impressed with you.

Scott: Not going to make this easy for me, are you?

Dawn: No, I'm not because I don't care about the past at all. All I care about is now.

Scott: Well, now is pretty much ok.

Dawn: You don't care about my past, do you?

Scott: Wait a minute. You saying you have one, hmm?

Dawn: Why do you think Sean Penn married Madonna? Because he was on the rebound.

Scott: Ah, you were much too good for him, anyway.

Dawn: You don't want to talk anymore, do you?

Scott: There's time.

Cheryl: Dawn, we haven't -

Scott: No.

Dawn: Cheryl -

Scott: Cheryl -

Dawn: That thing that you wanted to tell me -

Scott: I think you pretty much figured out what it is, huh?

Donna: John, I -

Donna: I just knew that it was Victoria that saw us, and I just rushed out of there. I didn't even take time to button my blouse. And then I ran into Michael on the dock.

John: So you told him that someone jumped your bones -is that it?

Donna: No! No, I was in shock. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do.

John: Guess you couldn't very well tell him the truth, could you?

Donna: Oh, oh, right - that I was in bed with his brother and at the last minute we changed our minds? You think I could do that?

John: All right, right, I understand. You were in a lousy position.

Donna: Right.

John: But you tell a guy like Mike that you were almost raped, he's never going to give up until he finds the guy. I understand that. I - I would feel the same way.

Donna: I didn't mean for it to come out like that.

John: Well, how did you mean it?

Donna: When I saw the way Michael looked at me, I knew what conclusion he'd drawn. And I just decided I would let him think that than tell him the truth.

John: He's got his cop buddy in on this now.

Donna: I know. I've already spoken to Adam.

John: He'll probably want a statement, a description.

Donna: I told him I didn't remember, I couldn't see anything.

John: Come on, Donna. Mike will never accept that.

Donna: Well, I'll just get him to. I'll take care of that. But, listen, I want to tell you something. I never would have involved you.

John: I know. But maybe you should.

Donna: What?

John: This whole thing has gotten - it's gotten very, very complicated. I think perhaps we should just tell Mike the truth.

Donna: No! No, I can't do that!

John: Donna, you heard Victoria. On her way to surgery, she said that she wanted to tell Mike something. Let's face it. It's only a matter of time.

Donna: Well, you are right about that. Jamie gave me Victoria's purse, and in it, I found this.

John: What the -this is at the beach house, that - I had sawdust in my eyes.

Donna: Victoria saw us.

John: Did she?

Donna: She sensed what was going on with us. Don't you see? Don't you understand? She knew all along! John.

Michael: Hey. Well, it's good to see you two getting along, huh?

Donna: John was being very supportive.

Michael: Thanks, buddy. I knew you had it in you.

Donna: So, how's Victoria?

Michael: Look, don't let that Dr. Undler upset you, all right? I haven't given up hope.

Donna: No. No, and I haven't, either, and I won't.

Michael: Good. And Jamie wants to see us in Vicky's room right away, ok?

[Monitor beeps]

Jamie: I think we're ok. Dr. Undler's doing rounds. Vicky - it's Jamie. There are a lot of people in the room right now. Your grandfather's here and your uncle Peter and your aunt Nicole and Cass Winthrop. And your mother and father just walked in and your uncle John. And Lisa's here, too. You remember Lisa, of course. Everyone's here because they love you. And Lisa's here because she has a gift that may enable her to hear you while the rest of us can't.

Lisa: Vicky? I know you want - I know you can't speak to all of these people in this room who love you. But if you want to reach them, do it through me. Let me help you, Vicky.

Vicky's voice: I'm here.

Lisa: Vicky?

Vicky's voice: I'm here. Don't let me go.

Jamie: What is it?

Lisa: Vicky?

Donna: Michael, what is happening?

Reginald: This is unbelievable.

Nicole: Will you put a sock in it.

Vicky's voice: I want -

Lisa: What, Vicky? What do you want?

Donna: Michael - Michael, she hears her. She -

Vicky's voice: I want to live.

Lisa: You will. You will, Vicky.

Donna: Lisa? Lisa, what is she saying?

Lisa: Vicky? Vicky?

Michael: Lisa, what's happening?

Lisa: I heard her. It was her!

Peter: What did she say?

Lisa: She wants to live.

Donna: Oh. Oh, Michael.

Lisa: More than anything in the world, she wants to live.

Donna: Oh. Oh, darling -

Michael: Baby? You want to live - that's all I need to hear because you will live, I promise you. You will.

Scott: Cheryl and I went together for several months, but we broke up a long time before I met you.

Dawn: Why did she look so hurt?

Scott: Because it wasn't such a clean break.

Dawn: No, I guess not.

Scott: And about the last time I really talked to her was when her sister died.

Dawn: I live in her house.

Scott: Dawn, I wanted to tell you about Cheryl and me before you moved in there.

Dawn: Why didn't you?

Scott: Because it was personal, it's private.

Dawn: She is the best friend that I have in Bay City.

Scott: I tried to talk to her, too.

Dawn: When?

Scott: When I realized how I felt about you.

Dawn: Well, what did she say?

Scott: I told her I was interested in someone else, and she said it was none of her business, and then she walked away from me.

Dawn: She didn't let you say anything because she was so hurt.

Scott: What am I supposed to do, Dawn? She is the one who broke things off between us. She wouldn't let me explain.

Dawn: She is my friend, and I live in her house.

Scott: Fine. I'm sorry she had to see us like this. But I'm glad that she knows now.

Dawn: No, I - I've got to go talk to her.

Scott: I'm going with you.

Dawn: No. No. I don't want her to see us together tonight.

Scott: Dawn, she has to face this.

Dawn: Not tonight. Please, Scott, I just got to go and I got to talk to her and straighten things out, ok? I got to just talk to her.

Scott: Dawn?

Nicole: I don't care what that Dr. Undler says. I think Lisa really heard Viki.

Michael: See, she wants to live. I mean, her will is still alive.

Nicole: Yeah.

Donna: I just wish I had heard her myself, you know, talked to her myself.

Cass: You will, Donna.

Michael: That's right, Donna, you will.

Donna: I just want her back, no matter what. Listen, you two didn't have to spend all this time here.

Nicole: Oh.

Cass: What else would we be doing?

Michael: Celebrating.

Nicole: Oh, Michael, no -

Donna: No, no, that's right. I want you two to go out and celebrate your big night, and then you bring me in all the good reviews from the morning papers, hmm?

Michael: You celebrate the fact that our daughter wants to live.

Cass: Well, if they put it that way -

Nicole: Well, I'll bring in the newspapers if the notices are good.

Cass: You think they're going to be bad?

Nicole: I'll read them to Vicky when I'm sitting with her tomorrow. I just hope she'll open up her eyes and say, "I hope you clobber them, broad, for me."

Donna: Oh, thank you, sweetie. I'm so glad you're here. And thank you for coming, Cass.

Cass: Good night. You take care, both of you.

Michael: Thanks, buddy.

Nicole: Yeah, you, too.

Donna: We'll see you later.

Nicole: Ok.

Donna: Honey, I'm sorry. I just seem to be crying all the time.

Michael: Hey, it makes perfect sense to me, right?

Donna: It's just so much has been happening.

Michael: I know, I know. But we have hope and we have each other.

Donna: Do you really think she's going to be all right?

Michael: Hey, I think that Lisa has a real gift. I believe that, and I believe what she says.

Reginald: I must admit I was moved.

Michael: Well, does this mean you're going to stop giving Jamie flack?

Reginald: Amazing, isn't it?

Donna: What? What is?

Reginald: Vicky struggling so valiantly to come back to us.

Michael: What's amazing about that? It's just like her.

Reginald: After all that pain. She must have been tempted to simply let go.

Peter: She loves her family.

Reginald: Yes, you must be right.

Donna: Well, what else could it be?

Reginald: Maybe she left something undone. Maybe she needs to tell us all something when she opens her eyes.

Ada: Ok. This should hold you for a few seconds.

Julie Ann: Oh. The only thing I can model tomorrow is a pup tent.

Ada: Sweetheart, what about you?

Cheryl: Oh, Ada, you don't have to serve me.

Ada: Well, you said you were starving.

Cheryl: I - I'll just have some of Julie Ann's, ok?

Dawn: Cheryl.

Cheryl: Hi, Dawn. Where's Scott?

Dawn: I took a cab over here by myself. Look, I have to talk to you.

Julie Ann: Um - Ada, I'm much too embarrassed to eat all this food in public.

Ada: Well, then, you just come in the kitchen and eat supper with the big boss.

Julie Ann: Great idea.

Ada: Ok?

Julie Ann: Yes.

Ada: Ok. Let's go.

Dawn: Cheryl, I know what you saw.

Cheryl: It's ok.

Dawn: No, no, it's not ok. I saw the look on your face.

Cheryl: Look, Scott can see whoever he wants. It's ok.

Dawn: Look, I swear I did not know anything about the two of you.

Cheryl: I know that, Dawn. He really likes you. I can tell.

Dawn: But you're my friend. You're my roommate. I wouldn't hurt you in a million years.

Cheryl: I knew that he was going to find somebody.

Dawn: But you didn't think you had to watch, huh?

Cheryl: Did he tell you why we broke up?

Dawn: No. He said it was too private.

Cheryl: I couldn't sleep with him, so I - I told him that I couldn't see him anymore.

Dawn: But it's not because you stopped loving him?

Cheryl: I'm not carrying a torch or whatever they say. I guess I'm just not over him as much as I thought I was.

Dawn: He said he tried to tell you.

Cheryl: Yeah, he did.

Dawn: You know, after everything that's happened to you, I'm really, really sorry that you had to see this.

Cheryl: Dawn, I'm not - I'm not jealous. Really, I'm not.

Dawn: When I moved into your house, I was supposed to cheer you up.

Cheryl: You did cheer me up.

Dawn: Up until tonight.

Cheryl: I'm really glad you found a boyfriend, Dawn.

Dawn: He isn't my boyfriend.

Cheryl: Yeah, well, he would be if it wasn't for me. I know the signs.

Dawn: Well, it's a good thing I found out about the two of you, you know, before things went too far.

[Door opens]

Cheryl: What are you going to do?

Dawn: I guess there's only one decision.

[Cass laughs]

Nicole: I didn't know you could get the morning paper so early.

Cass: Well, you have to know somebody.

Nicole: I really think that's a hopeful sign about Vicky. Don't you?

Cass: Yeah.

[Nicole sighs]

Cass: You want me to look?

Nicole: No, I can do it.

Cass: Yeah?

Nicole: Why don't you give me the local paper first?

Cass: All right. This is the local one here.

Nicole: All right.

Cass: There you go, right there.

Nicole: Ahem.

Cass: Good luck. Oh, great. Are you going to read this silently? You're not even going to move your lips?

Nicole: Oh. Sorry. "There were several surprises at what was supposed to be Barbara van Arkdale's 'Fantasy in Paris' collection showing."

[Nicole laughs]

Cass: What?

Nicole: Well, look at this picture. That's - that's my elbow in her mouth.

Cass: Just keep reading, will you?

Nicole: Oh. "The major surprise was Miss van Arkdale's admission under duress" __ that's what they call it, "duress"? I thought it was a half Nelson.

Cass: Give me the paper! Look out. "Under duress that her collection was, in fact, designed by a local woman, Nicole Love. The second major surprise was that the collection was a creative triumph for Miss Love." Well, aren't you going to say anything?

Nicole: They liked it.

Cass: "They liked it," she says? The words "creative triumph" do not connote a lukewarm reception.

Nicole: Well, let's look at what the Chicago papers say.

Cass: Yeah. This is good, too.

Nicole: Well, read it!

[Cass laughs]

Cass: "Whether it's called 'Fantasy in Paris' or 'Love with love,' every woman in America will want a Nicole Love original to call her own."

Nicole: Oh, they're raves.

Oh. Hey, what's wrong?

Cass: Nothing. I just thought there might be a word or two about my humble contribution.

Nicole: Well, you wouldn't tell anyone what you were doing.

Cass: Well, there is such a thing as investigative reporting.

Nicole: You're right. I'm sorry.

Cass: No, hey, it really - no, it doesn't bother me in the least, really. I just thought there might be a word or two.

Nicole: Let me read the review. "Every woman in America will want a Nicole Love Original to call her own." Oh, no.

Cass: What now?

Nicole: How am I going to make dresses for every woman in America? I don't have a dime.

Cass: I thought you had an appointment with a banker.

Nicole: I do, but I told you, you know, he's far from optimistic.

Cass: Bankers are never optimistic. Hey, look at these reviews.

Nicole: You really think I'll get the money?

Cass: It's a cinch.

Nicole: Nah, I don't know. I still think I need a backup plan.

Cass: Like what?

Nicole: My trust fund.

Cass: You're not getting married.

Nicole: Who says?

Cass: Look, I can't believe that you're still thinking about this.

Nicole: Cass - this is a big chance for me.

Cass: Then don't blow it by marrying some jerk.

Donna: I don't care what Victoria does when she wakes up just as long as she does.

Reginald: Of course. I feel exactly the same way.

John: So do I.

Michael: We all do, Reg, so what's the problem? Hey, Lisa. How are you?

Lisa: I'm a little tired, but other than that, just great.

Jamie: Vicky's all alone right now.

Peter: Oh, hey, I'll go. I'll go to her.

Jamie: I don't care what anyone says - I think we made a real breakthrough today.

Michael: So do we.

Lisa: She was trying to reach you.

Michael: Well, what do we do next?

Jamie: I would like to step things up. I would like someone to be with her at all times.

Michael: Right.

Jamie: You don't have to talk to her. Just so she knows she's never alone.

Donna: Well, she won't be.

Jamie: And I would like Lisa to work with her on a regular basis. I don't care what Undler says.

Michael: Neither do I. And I will transfer her to another hospital if we get too much trouble.

Jamie: Don't you think about that. I'll handle it. Just concentrate on Vicky.

Michael: Jamie, this has got to work. We can't lose her.

Nicole: Cass, calm down. I am not going to marry some jerk.

Cass: Well, it's just that you don't want to get tied down to some clown, you know?

Nicole: No. I don't. But a wealthy, disinterested husband would solve all my problems.

Cass: Wealthy and disinterested? That's going to be quite a trick.

Nicole: Yeah. Well, I'm not expecting to be swept off my feet.

Cass: See what the banks say first.

Nicole: I will.

Cass: If that doesn't pan out, we'll think of something else.

Nicole: Hey, I really appreciate everything you've done for me, even if the newspapers didn't mention it.

Cass: Is this a polite way of telling me to butt out?

Nicole: No, but I have to consider that trust fund.

Cass: Not yet, you don't.

Nicole: Cass, there's a lot of money in it.

Cass: So, collect on it when you're 35.

Nicole: Well, the - look, the will only says that I have to be married for 90 days. I can live with Quasimodo for 90 days.

Cass: The cathedral bells would drive you nuts.

Nicole: Well, I promise you I'm not going to get engaged before tomorrow morning.

Nicole: Hmm.

Cass: You look beat.

Nicole: All that work on the collection. And then Vicky. Guess it just hit me.

Cass: I'll get out of here, then. You - you were really fantastic tonight. Really great.

Nicole: Thank you.

Cass: I'll see you tomorrow. Get some rest.

Nicole: You, too.

Cass: Did I forget something?

Nicole: No, I - I just wanted to say thank you again. Good night.

Cass: Good night.

Dawn: Scott, I thought I told you that I wanted to talk to Cheryl alone.

Scott: I'm a part of this. I'm not going to sit here while the two of you decide what happens next.

Cheryl: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I overreacted.

Dawn: Cheryl -

Cheryl: Really, you guys, work it out by yourself. Don't worry about me. It's ok. Do whatever you want.

Dawn: Cheryl, where are you going?

Cheryl: I'm going to talk to Ada and Julie Ann, that's all.

Dawn: Ah. She feels terrible.

Scott: I know she does, Dawn.

Dawn: Why didn't you tell me about her in the beginning?

Scott: Because there was no reason to in the beginning.

Dawn: I moved in with her, and you still didn't say anything.

Scott: I started to. I started to, but then I - I saw how you seemed so happy about living there -

Dawn: That's what you meant when you said that you didn't think it was a good idea that I moved in there?

Scott: Dawn, your mother had just died. You'd just moved here. I didn't want to mess anything else up.

Dawn: Well, things are sure messed up now.

Scott: At least she knows now.

Dawn: How can I keep seeing you? How can you come to her place and pick me up?

Scott: What are you saying?

Dawn: I just don't think that we should date anymore.

Scott: Dawn, Cheryl -

Dawn: I just can't do it to her.

Scott: Cheryl and I have been separated for months now.

Dawn: Well, she says she doesn't care but she still does. I just think it would be easier for everybody -

Scott: It -

Dawn: If we just stayed friends.

Scott: It would not be easier for me. And something tells me it wouldn't be easier for you, either.

Reginald: Well, I think I'll go spend some time with Vicky. I trust the three of you can find something to talk about.

Michael: Hmm. You know, I was just thinking.

Donna: About what?

Michael: Well, I was trying to put things together. You see, the night of that accident, maybe - maybe Vicky saw something. I mean, maybe that's what she was trying to tell me.

John: Saw what?

Michael: Maybe she saw Donna being attacked.

Donna: No. No, Michael. I would've known that --

Michael: No, no, no, not necessarily. I mean, that would explain why she was barreling down the highway in that fog - she was going to get help.

John: Look, Mike - listen. I don't think it's going to do any good to be second-guessing.

Michael: Maybe not.

John: After all, when Vicky wakes up, we will all know exactly what happened.

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