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Another World Transcript Thursday 9/18/03

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Mitch: Would you like to carry this conversation on downstairs?

Felicia: Gee, I thought you'd never ask.

Cass: Felicia, wait!

Felicia: No, no. We are taking a break, Cass.

Cass: Oh, not yet, you're not. I've got a favor to ask.

Mitch: Can't this favor wait until tomorrow?

Cass: That's when the bridal chapel is arriving.

Felicia: Excuse me?

Cass: The bridal chapel. I'm not sure if the white carpet will be delivered at the same time.

Felicia: What are you talking about, Cass?

Nicole: It's basically a trellis background, maybe some white doves.

Cass: Yeah. I think it might look very nice set up over there.

Felicia: You're putting a bridal chapel in here? Maybe you've forgotten we're having a fashion show.

Cass: Oh, of course not. Maybe it's better over there. What do you -- what do you think, honey, there or up there?

Felicia: There is no bridal gown in Barbara's new collection, Cass.

Cass: This is true, but there's going to be one in the show anyway.

Felicia: I think I'm breaking out in hives!

Cass: Honey, honey, relax. All you have to do is keep the whole thing a secret.

Amanda: Shh. Did you hear that?

Kevin: I thought I was hungry?

Amanda: Do you realize how long it has been since lunch? My stomach is going crazy. Why is it Sam gets to take a break and we don't?

Kevin: Because he's "the boss."

Amanda: I was wondering, do you know where he went?

Rachel: Oh, don't tell me Sam isn't there.

Amanda: Sam isn't here.

Kevin: He went to pick a friend up from Seattle at the airport.

Rachel: Did he say when he'd be back?

Amanda: And who from Seattle is he going to pick up?

Michael: Jamie, how is Vicky? Is she going to make it?

Jamie: We're doing the best we can, Michael.

Michael: You're not answering my question. Is she going to make it? Jamie, is my daughter going to live?

Jamie: It's too early to tell. Her vital signs are very unstable.

Donna: Jamie, she has to be all right!

Jamie: I'm not saying she won't be. There's just a lot that we don't know yet. Excuse me.

Michael: Jamie, come on! What do you know? Tell us!

Jamie: She has head and internal injuries. I won't lie to you. She's in very critical condition.

Donna: What kind of internal injuries?

Jamie: Well, we're waiting for the lab results, and we're setting up an abdominal tap.

Michael: A what?

Jamie: There may be extensive internal bleeding.

Donna: Oh, no.

Michael: Look, can you stop the bleeding?

Jamie: We're trying. We're going to do a CAT scan of her head and mid-section, take blood tests and x-rays.

Donna: But once you stop the bleeding, then she's going to be all right?

Jamie: There's something else we have to deal with, something far more complicated.

Donna: What, Jamie? What? What is it?

Jamie: Head injury. From what John told us, she was thrown from the car.

Michael: John, is that right?

John: Yeah. She was quite a distance from the car.

Jamie: That's probably when she sustained the head injury.

Michael: What is it? Is it a concussion? What?

Jamie: I don't know yet. She hasn't regained consciousness since John found her.

Michael: What are you more worried about, the internal bleeding, the head injury?

Jamie: It could be a very dangerous complication -- emphasis on "could."

Donna: Jamie, but you can do something?

Jamie: Donna --

Donna: I mean, we can't -- we can't lose her!

Jamie: Donna, I want to be optimistic, but I have to be realistic. The situation right now is very unpredictable at this point.

Michael: So there's nothing -- there's just nothing you can tell us for sure?

Jamie: I can tell you that we will do absolutely everything that can possibly be done. I have to get back to her now. As soon as I know something, I'll be back to you.

Michael: All right, John. You want to tell me what happened?

Felicia: A secret?

Cass: Right.

Felicia: You're going to put a chapel and trellises and doves, and I'm supposed to keep that a secret?

Cass: You can do it.

Felicia: You -- you didn't do this for Barbara, did you?

Nicole: We were thinking of her when we did it, so, yeah.

Felicia: And you're not going to tell me what it is you're doing, are you?

Cass: Well, you'll find out.

Mitch: When will she find out?

Cass: When the time is right.

Mitch: And who's going to decide that? You?

Nicole: Well, nothing bad will happen to Felicia or the restaurant.

Cass: Trust us.

Felicia: Wait a minute. This is it, isn't it?

Cass: "It"?

Felicia: The plan! The thing you won't tell me about! I'm supposed to help you, but I'm not supposed to know about it.

Cass: And we really appreciate it, too. Don't we, Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah -- oh, it's terrific of you, Felicia.

Felicia: No, no, it is not, because it has nothing to do with me, because I'm not going to do it.

Cass: Honey, if you're worried, don't be.

Felicia: I'm worried.

Cass: That's because you're terrified that something awful's going to happen to you, which it isn't.

Felicia: Uh-huh, uh-huh. I'm worried.

Cass: As a matter of fact, you're going to get a big kick out of this. Won't she, Nicole?

Nicole: I hope so.

Felicia: I'm really worried!

Cass: All you have to do is make sure that Barbara doesn't see the chapel set.

Felicia: Oh!

That's all?

Cass: Simple, huh?

Felicia: No!

Cass: What could be simpler?

Felicia: I want you to forget the simple part. I want to know the rest of it.

Cass: The rest of it is you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of it.

Felicia: No, Cass, not this time. If I'm in on it, I want to know everything! I want to know every detail!

Cass: Oh, honey, details are so boring. It's the overall concept that counts, and you are going to love this concept --

Felicia: Oh --

Cass: Absolutely love it.

Felicia: No, Cass --

Cass: And, Mitch, what you should do is have several cameras ready because you are going to have some shots! I mean, showstoppers, award winners -- guaranteed!

Mitch: Would you like for me to have him tell you what you want to know?

Felicia: No, no. I can do this. I can do this. Cass?

Cass: Felicia, honey, this is Cass speaking.

Felicia: Oh!

Cass: Honey, if you can't trust me, who can you trust? Huh?

Felicia: Oh!

Rachel: Why do you want to know, Mandy?

Amanda: I was just curious to see who he's picking up at the airport, that's all.

Kevin: Joyce.

Amanda: Joyce?

Rachel: Do you know her?

Amanda: No! Not at all.

Rachel: Well, I do hope he's coming back, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, he left his stuff here.

Rachel: Well, that's a good sign. I guess I'll write him a note. Oh, Kevin, I meant to leave these at the front desk. I forgot. Could you take them for me? Thanks. So, you're working late.

Amanda: I don't mind.

Rachel: Have you had dinner?

Amanda: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Rachel: Well, why don't you come with me. I'll treat you to dinner at Tops.

Amanda: What about Matthew?

Rachel: Matthew's eating dinner with Grandma, so it'll just be the two of us.

Amanda: Thanks, but I can't.

Rachel: Can't or won't?

Amanda: I have a lot to do.

Rachel: You going to hang around here all night?

Amanda: Till I finish my work.

Rachel: Or until Sam comes back?

Amanda: What is that supposed to mean?

Rachel: You going to give him my note personally?

Amanda: I'm staying because of what I have to do here.

Rachel: Honest?

Amanda: Honest. I happen to enjoy my job.

Rachel: You're not just enjoying Sam?

Amanda: Sam has nothing to do with this.

Rachel: Ok. See that he gets my note.

Amanda: "Sam, need to talk to you. Have to have something done tonight. Be at Tops having a late dinner. Please call me there. Rachel Cory." Hmm.

[Music plays]

Amanda: Who did that? Kevin? Kevin, is that you? It's Mandy! I'm in here! Kevin, come on, is this a joke? Kevin? Kevin, open up!

[Pounding on door]

Amanda: It's Mandy! I'm in here! Oh, no.


John: You want me to tell you --

Michael: I want you to tell me about the accident. Were you the first one on the scene?

John: Yeah.

Michael: Well, how long after it happened?

John: Not long.

Michael: Will you talk to me, John? Please talk to me.

[John sighs]

John: Ok.

Michael: I can't believe you were the one that found her.

John: Yeah.

Michael: John, she was thrown clear, right? I mean, she wasn't wearing her seat belt?

John: No, no, it didn't look like it.

Michael: John, I'm so grateful that it was you that found her, with your medical training. Oh, but if it had been somebody else that didn't know anything or -- you probably saved my daughter's life.

John: I hope so. I hope so.

Michael: Could you maybe tell me about this head injury? I mean, was Jamie right? Is it really that bad?

John: Mike, I don't know. I'm not a doctor. All I know is I took the vital signs. I've been going over and over the situation in my head, trying to find out what I did right, wrong --

Michael: Hey, hey, hey, John, John, John, no one is blaming you.

John: That's right, nobody's blaming me.

Michael: Did she say anything? Vicky -- did she talk to you? Did -- after you found here, did she say anything at all?

John: The doctor told you. She never regained consciousness.

Michael: Never?

John: No, not from the moment I found her.

Michael: I wonder.

Donna: You wonder what?

Michael: Donna, I wonder where she was driving to, where she was coming from. I mean, she lost control of her car. That's right, huh?

John: I guess that was pretty much it.

Michael: John, she must have had her -- her foot pressed on that gas pedal, I mean, right to the floor.

John: Yeah.

Michael: I -- I just can't believe that -- I mean, there must be a reason, John. Maybe she was upset?

Donna: Michael, I don't know.

Michael: Yeah, I guess none of us will really know until she regains consciousness, will we?

Donna: No. We won't.

Michael: I guess that's some coincidence, huh, how you just happened to be on the same road there. We're really lucky.

John: Yeah. Lucky.

Michael: Were you both driving in the same direction?

John: Uh -- opposite. Opposite directions. I was on my way back home, back to the boat.

Donna: That's where I was.

John: Really?

Donna: Yes. I had gone down there to talk to you. I heard you were leaving. But you weren't there. And when I was out on the dock, I ran into Michael.

John: Oh. I was really surprised to hear your voice when I called the house.

Michael: Yeah, well, I got back early.

Bridget: Ms. Donna!

Donna: Oh, Bridget!

Bridget: Oh, Ms. Donna!

[Bridget cries]

Peter: How is she?

Reginald: They won't give out any information over the phone.

Peter: We've been calling on the car phone all the way over.

Reginald: How is my granddaughter?

Michael: Dr. Frame is with her now.

Reginald: She's being taken care of by that -- that boy?

Michael: Reginald, he is a fine doctor. And he cannot make an assessment until he completes some tests.

Reginald: Don't talk like one of those idiotic receptionists. What is Victoria's condition right now?

Peter: All right, all right. Please, Michael, we need to know.

Michael: She's unconscious. And there's internal bleeding.

Reginald: Why did this happen? What -- what caused it?

Donna: Oh, Bridget!

Amanda: I am not claustrophobic. I'm not claustrophobic. Kevin, how could you do this to me? If nobody comes here soon, I am just going to --


Amanda: Oh, finally.

Sam: What do you think?

Joyce: Your very own office?

Sam: Yeah. Not bad, huh?

Joyce: You've come a long way, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, check out the view.

Joyce: You can see the whole city from here.

Sam: Come here. I'd much rather look at you.

Joyce: Hmm. I missed you, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, it has been too long.

Amanda: Oh, no. Hello! Is somebody out there? I'm locked in a closet! Help! Quick! Let me out!

[Pounding on door]

Michael: Now, come on, you two. I want you to hold it together. She's going to need us. She's going to need all the help she can get. We cannot give up hope.

Reginald: I demand to know what caused this accident.

Michael: Reginald, will you shut up! She lost control of her car.

Reginald: She was a first-class driver.

Michael: Well, maybe she swerved to avoid an animal. Maybe it was foggy, Reg.

Reginald: Nonsense! There was something else, and I want to know what it was.

Michael: Well, nobody knows what it was, Reg. Nobody's going to know till Vicky talks.

Bridget: She will. She will talk. She will.

Michael: She will, Bridget. Don't worry.

Bridget: I'm sorry. I guess I just thought that perhaps I was just trying to pretend that it wasn't serious. And when Mr. Peter walked in and Mr. Reginald walked in and I saw their faces --

Peter: Bridget, it's all right, it's all right. Donna, what happened after you left Tops tonight?

Michael: Peter, what's the point of this?

Peter: I'm simply trying to piece this all together, Michael.

Donna: I -- I tried to reach Michael. And when I couldn't, I went down to John's boat to try to talk him into staying in Bay City.

Peter: Staying?

Michael: Yeah, she knew I'd be upset.

Donna: He wasn't there.

Michael: But I was. And I found Donna. She was upset.

Reginald: Why?

Michael: I took her home, and that's when John called.

Reginald: You found Victoria and brought her here?

John: That's right.

Bridget: Michael?

Michael: Yeah, Bridget.

Bridget: I'm not sure I did the right thing!

Michael: Well, about what?

Bridget: About Ms. Clara. I didn't tell her what was happening. I mean, I didn't want to upset her.

Michael: Bridget, come on. You did the right thing.

Reginald: I saw Victoria earlier tonight and she was just fine.

Michael: And just what has that got to do with anything?

Reginald: I am wondering just what on earth could have happened between then and the accident.

Peter: Well, Vicky was home working in the foyer, and I believe I did mention that John was leaving town.

Reginald: Well, did that seem to upset her?

Peter: Well, she's been upset, yes -- a lot.

Michael: About what?

Peter: Uh -- there's been a lot of tension in this family lately.

Michael: What kind of tension, Peter?

Peter: Well, between you and your brother, Michael. And you know it affected her.

Reginald: All this talk about fog and skidding and swerving doesn't hold water. Victoria lost control of her car for some other reason.

Michael: Well, are you looking for answers, Reg? If you're so hot for answers, why don't you come up with one!

Reginald: If I knew anything for certain, you know I would.

Something happened to Victoria after Peter talked to her. I just wonder what it was.

John: Victoria is the only one who can tell us what happened.

Reginald: I wonder.

John: Why don't you put your mouth on hold until we find out how she is!

Reginald: I don't see any harm in asking questions among ourselves.

John: I do.

Reginald: Would you care to say why?

Michael: Look, this is getting a little ridiculous, all right? Do you understand what we're saying here, Reg? This matter is not up for discussion until we talk to Vicky. Until then, we don't have any answers.

Donna: Has anyone told Nicole?

Peter: I just tried her suite. I'll try again.

Michael: No, I will.

Peter: Very well.

John: Why do these things always take so long?

Bridget: I beg your pardon, Mr. John.

John: Just talking to myself.

Bridget: I was praying.

John: Yeah, me, too.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Come on.

Felicia: Tops.

Michael: Felicia.

Felicia: Hi, Michael. How are you?

Michael: I'm ok. Look, is Nicole there?

Felicia: Yeah, she is.

Michael: Can I talk to her, please? It's very urgent.

Felicia: Yes, of course. Hold on. Nicole. Nicole, it's Michael. It's urgent.

Nicole: Yes, Michael?

Michael: Nicole, honey, there's been an accident. It's Victoria.

Peter's voice: We need to learn to rely on each other.

Vicky's voice: No one can know about this.

Peter: Not even me?

Vicky: No one.

Peter: I see.

Vicky: It's too horrible.

Peter: All right, all right. Look, I care about you. You got it? Now, if you need somebody to talk to around here, I'm available.

Vicky: Uncle Peter, wait! I can't stand it.

Peter: What? What is it? Tell me!

Vicky: My father is being a fool!

Peter: Michael's being a fool?

Vicky: What she's doing to him.

Peter: Who? Vicky, I don't know what you're talking about.

Vicky: I have to show you!

Peter: Show me what? I don't understand. What's going --

Vicky: This! Look! Look at these!

Now do you understand?

Reginald: We must take special care that she's not hurt in any lasting way.

Peter: Dad, don't worry. Vicky's a lot stronger than I gave her credit for. She'll hang in there.

Reginald: Oh, I wish I could see her myself every day. I hate what Michael Hudson has done to my family.

Peter: Not for long.

Reginald: You have something else?

Peter: I don't believe how easy it was.

Reginald: Another picture of Donna and John?

Peter: Well, this isn't just another picture.

Reginald: Hmm?

Peter: In it, they appear to be --

Reginald: In flagrante delicto?

Vicky: Who would do this?

Peter: I don't know. I don't understand any of this.

Vicky: They look too real, uncle Peter.

Peter: Where'd you get these?

Vicky: The first set I found in the front hall drawer, and the second set was sent to me.

Peter: You're kidding. Let me see these.

Vicky: What do you think?

Peter: What can I think? What would anyone think?

Vicky: It's true, isn't it? You were trying to protect me, but it's true! You and I both know it.

Peter's voice: Vicky, if you go out that door and down to that sailboat, you are going to end your relationship with Donna. Are you aware of that?

Vicky: I don't care.

Peter: She's still your mother!

Vicky: That was an accident of biology.

Peter: Victoria, you were separated from your mother for over 18 years. Do you want that to happen again?

Vicky: Well, at least this time it'll be my decision and not anyone else's.

[Peter sighs]

Peter: Would you think about what you're doing?

Vicky: I've thought enough. Donna's not going to do this to Michael.

Peter: Are you sure that you are not doing this just to hurt your mother?

Vicky: Yes.

Peter: You two have had your differences in the past.

Vicky: We're never going to be one big happy family, not after what she's done!

[Door slams]

Peter: Yeah, Reginald Love, please.

Reginald: Well?

Peter: Vicky just went down to the sailboat.

Reginald: It's hard for you, I know, Peter.

Peter: She might not make it.

Reginald: I know. It's dreadful, dreadful. But you have to stop punishing yourself.

Peter: Do I, Dad?

Reginald: It was an accident.

Peter: Yes, that came as a direct result of what I did.

Reginald: You don't know that.

Peter: I was the one who kept after her to go down to that boat.

Reginald: Nobody knows that.

Peter: Right, because while -- while Vicky is in there, she is lying there, she's bleeding, I am out here covering my --

Reginald: Shh!

Peter: I was so pleased with myself when she went down there. And you and I both know what she saw, Dad. It does not take a genius to figure that out. And that is exactly what we wanted, isn't it?

Reginald: Oh, Peter. I feel every bit as wretched as you do about this. It should never have happened.

Peter: But it did happen, father, because of me

and you.

Sam: Mandy.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: What do you do in the closet?

Amanda: Waiting for someone to get me out.

Sam: Well, who got you in?

Amanda: I got me in.

Sam: You locked yourself in the closet?

Amanda: Now, why would I do a thing like that?

Sam: Well, you just said you put yourself in the closet.

Amanda: Somebody else locked me in there.

Sam: What are you mad at me for?

Amanda: Because you're acting like it's my fault.

Sam: I'm just surprised to see you, that's all.

Amanda: I thought you weren't coming back.

Sam: I had to get my briefcase.

Amanda: Well, you could have gotten it tomorrow morning.

Sam: And, plus, I wanted to show Joyce my office. Do you mind?

Amanda: Now, why would I mind? I don't think we've met.

Joyce: Hi. I'm Joyce Abernathy.

Sam: I'm sorry. Joyce Abernathy, my assistant, Mandy Ashton.

Joyce: Hi, Mandy.

Amanda: Hi. Nice to meet you. From Seattle, right?

Joyce: Has he been talking about me?

Amanda: No. He didn't mention you. I just know that he's picking someone up from the airport, that's all.

Joyce: Oh. Well, I am from Seattle, but thrilled to be here.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I'm sure you'll have a sensational time.

Joyce: Me, too.

Amanda: Right. Well, if you excuse me, I have a lot of work to do so that I can get out of here. Excuse me.

Sam: Uh --

Amanda: Oh, Sam, Mrs. Cory wanted me to give this to you.

Sam: Thanks. Oh, no!

Joyce: What's the matter, Sammy?

Sam: Mrs. Cory wants to see me tonight.

Joyce: Should I be jealous?

Sam: Of the boss' wife? I don't think so.

Joyce: Well, I'm relieved. So when do you have to meet up with her?

Sam: Later. But, first, you and I are going to get some dinner and then do some catching up.

Joyce: Why don't we go back to your place. We have a lot of catching up to do there, too.

Sam: Oh.

Amanda: Oh, gee -- excuse me. I'm sorry. Thanks. So, how long are you planning to stay?

Reginald: Don't say that.

Peter: You know it's true.

Reginald: I know nothing of the sort. This is John and Donna's doing, not ours.

Peter: You really believe that, don't you?

Reginald: They are not responsible, Peter.

Michael: Jamie, how is she?

Jamie: She's still unconscious. The CAT scan showed a ruptured spleen. We are prepping her for surgery right now.

Michael: Now?

Jamie: She's lost a lot of blood.

Donna: A blood shortage?

Jamie: Especially with rare blood types like Vicky's.

Bridget: But why?

John: Because of the AIDS scare?

Jamie: Right. Unfortunately, people still think you can get AIDS by giving blood.

Bridget: But they can't, can they?

Jamie: No, no, they can't. It's a tragic mistake that people still think that.

Michael: Jamie, what is Vicky's blood type?

Jamie: AB-negative.

Michael: That's mine! You can use mine! Take my blood!

John: And me. I'm the same type.

Jamie: Let's go. John, I'll use you first. Michael, I'll use you in five minutes.

Michael: Anytime.

Jamie: Come on.

Nicole: Oh, Donna.

Donna: Oh -- oh, Nicole! Oh!

Cass: I'm very sorry. I hope she makes it.

Felicia: Well, is there any more news?

Michael: Jamie was just here, and he said that she's hanging on, but that she's lost a lot of blood.

Mitch: Is there anything that I can do? Can I give?

Michael: John and I are her type. Maybe you could check, see if you could give, too.

Mitch: I'll speak with Jamie.

Felicia: She's strong, like you.

Michael: That's what I'm counting on, Felicia.

Felicia: Is there anything that I can do for you? Coffee -- I mean, anything?

Michael: No, no, thank you. I don't know, maybe you could do something for them, though.

Felicia: Ok.

Donna: I'm so glad you're here.

Cass: Donna, I'm very sorry.

Donna: Oh, thank you, Cass. Oh. Oh, Felicia!

Felicia: Now, listen, she's going to be ok. She'll make it.

Donna: This has been like a nightmare. I mean, a nightmare.

Reginald: No.

Peter: I can't stand this!

Reginald: You can. Yes, you can, and you must.

Peter: Why?

Reginald: Because now is the time to be strong.

Peter: It is strong to admit what you've done.

Reginald: You are just confusing things, Peter. Just remember this -- we are not to blame.

Peter: No.

Reginald: Most emphatically no. Pull yourself together.

Felicia: What?

Donna: I -- I have to go.

Nicole: Go? Where?

Donna: Yes, I just -- I just want to go out. I just need some air.

Nicole: I'll come with you.

Donna: No. No, I -- I just want to be alone. Really, I'm ok.

Sam: Joyce can stay as long as she likes.

Amanda: Oh, of course she can. How long would you like to stay?

Joyce: Oh, I don't know. Maybe until Sammy throws me out.

Amanda: Well, I don't think Sammy is the type to throw anyone out.

Sam: Joyce can stay as long as she likes.

Amanda: Right. Well, if you excuse me, I'm just going to finish what I started before I got locked in a closet.

Sam: So, what do you want to do tonight?

Joyce: Oh, anything, just as long as we do it together.

Sam: Hmm. Would you excuse me for a minute, Joyce? Mandy, can I speak to you?

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: What is the matter with you?

Amanda: What did I do?

Sam: It's what you didn't do.

Amanda: Pardon me?

Sam: Leave.

Amanda: You want me to leave?

Sam: What did I just say?

Amanda: Fine. I can take a hint.

Sam: Good.

Amanda: I'll finish my work in the morning.

Sam: Good.

Amanda: You didn't have to be so rude about it.

Sam: It's just a little awkward, if you know what I mean?

Amanda: Not for me.

Sam: Mandy --

Amanda: Right, fine. Bye, Sam. And don't forget to call Mrs. Cory.

Sam: Good night, Mandy.

Joyce: Nice meeting you, Mandy.

Amanda: Lovely meeting you, Janet.

Joyce: Joyce.

Amanda: Right. You and Sammy have fun now, ok?

John: You're up, Mike.

Michael: Hey. Look, did you hear anything? Did the nurses say anything?

John: No, no. She's the same.

Michael: Well, at least she's not getting worse.

John: Yeah.

Michael: Look, where do I go to give blood?

John: Right through that hallway. It's the first door on the left.

Bridget: Is there any news, John?

John: No. No, nothing. Where is Donna?

Bridget: Oh, she went outside to get a breath of fresh air. Miss Nicole is with her.

John: Where?

Bridget: Oh, my, it's so hard on Miss Donna.

John: Bridget, where did they go?

Bridget: You know, I'm so worried about her.

John: Where did they go? Please.

Bridget: Oh, I -- oh, they went that way.

John: Thanks. I'll make sure that she's all right.

Reginald: Why don't you run and get us both coffee.

Peter: No.

Reginald: "No"?

Peter: I don't want coffee.

Reginald: Peter. Peter, for heaven's sake, we can't have this.

Peter: We can't have what, feelings?

Reginald: Peter, I love her, too, deeply. And I feel the same pain that you feel.

Peter: Then try showing it for once.

Reginald: We all grieve in our own ways, son. But I'm a born optimist and Victoria's strong.

Peter: She wouldn't have to be if this hadn't happened.

Reginald: It was an accident.

Peter: Accidents are caused, father! And this one was caused --

Reginald: We have no idea yet what caused it, and I say what's done is done. What we have to do now is pray, pray that Victoria recovers and that we find out what really happened and that the people really responsible are made to pay.

Donna: I just feel so helpless!

Nicole: Vicky is being cared for by the best doctors in the city. You know that.

Donna: She is lying in there bleeding! Nicole, what if she doesn't make it?

Nicole: Oh, don't do this to yourself, Donna. Now, we have to be strong.

[Door opens]

Nicole: We have to believe they're going to save her. Hi, John.

John: Nicole, can you leave us alone for a minute?

Nicole: Sure.

[Door opens and closes]

John: Donna --

Donna: What have we done?

Donna: It was Victoria who saw us.

John: Maybe.

Donna: She was on the boat!

John: I saw two cars leave the dock.

Donna: No. No. I know it was Victoria. Oh, she must have been so hurt.

John: I just gave her blood.

Donna: She's going to tell Michael what she saw.

John: Look, we'll deal with that when and if it happens. Right now what we have to be concerned with is her getting well.

Donna: I will never forgive myself if she doesn't. I love her so much. How could I have done this to my own daughter?

John: I know how you feel, Donna. She may be my daughter, too.

Michael: So she's going into surgery now, huh?

Jamie: We have to remove the spleen.

Michael: You save her, Jamie. You save my girl.

Jamie: We'll do everything we possibly can.

Michael: Vicky, Vicky, I know you can hear me. Vicky, I love you. We all love you very, very much.

Michael: Donna, they're bringing Victoria into surgery now.

Donna: Michael, would you just hold me a minute?

Donna: Oh.

Jamie: Vicky?

Vicky: Michael --

Amanda: Mind if I join you?

Rachel: Mandy, what are you doing here?

Amanda: You invited me.

Rachel: But you turned me down.

Amanda: I changed my mind.

Rachel: I wonder why.

Amanda: I just figured it's been a long time since we've had dinner together, that's all.

Rachel: What's the matter? Sam couldn't take you out?

Amanda: Mother, what is with you?

Rachel: He didn't come back to the office?

Amanda: Yes.

Rachel: And?

Amanda: And what?

Rachel: What did he say?

Amanda: About what?

Rachel: Honey, didn't you show him my note?

Amanda: Yes, of course I did.

Rachel: Well, so? Is he going to call me?

Amanda: I assume so.

Rachel: You assume so? Didn't you ask him?

Amanda: Yes, I asked him, but he doesn't always do everything that I ask him to. Look, can we just drop the conversation about Sam?

Rachel: I thought he was one of your favorite subjects.

Amanda: You're impossible.

Rachel: Isn't he?

Amanda: My favorite subject is publishing.


Rachel: Oh. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Amanda: Oh, I hate it when you use that quote.

[Rachel laughs]

Rachel: I couldn't resist.

Amanda: And don't smile at me like that.

Rachel: Oh. Is this better?

[Rachel laughs]

Amanda: Yes! So tell me what you're doing.

Rachel: Oh, a new column -- fabulous young artist.

Amanda: I thought your column was already in.

Rachel: Yeah, it is. I'm going to replace it with this one. That's why I wanted to get ahold of Sam.

Amanda: Oh, this artist must really be something great.

Rachel: Terrific. Really controversial stuff. It'll make a much better column.

Amanda: I love reading your critiques.

Rachel: Do you really?

Amanda: Haven't I told you that before?

Rachel: Yeah, you probably have. I guess I just love to hear it.

Amanda: Have you written before?

Rachel: Not for publication.

Amanda: You're really good.

Rachel: You do have a future in publishing.

Amanda: You know, I subscribed to every magazine in the world when I was away at school.

Rachel: Did you really?

Amanda: Even the hunting ones, just so I could see how they're put together.

Rachel: You know, a degree in journalism would really teach you all that. Sorry.

Amanda: I've always wanted to be in publishing.

Rachel: Yeah, I know. You used to say that when you were a little girl.

Amanda: See?

Rachel: You also used to say you wanted to be a fireman.

Amanda: I'm serious, Mom. I am going to swear off everything else in my life. I'm going to think about nothing but my work.

Rachel: Nothing?

Amanda: Don't start.

Rachel: Ok, nothing.

Amanda: Not even men. I don't want any distractions. I'm going to concentrate on my career. I'm not even going to have time for romance.

[Elevator door opens]

Amanda: And most of all, I'm not even going to look at a -- man.

Michael: Vicky? Honey, it's me. It's Dad.

Vicky: Michael -- oh, Dad. I was --

Donna: Jamie -- Jamie, she's conscious!

Jamie: It's a good sign.

Michael: Jamie, will you look? She's trying to tell me something. Honey -- honey, what is it, huh? You were what?

Vicky: I was right.

Michael: Right about what?

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