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Another World Transcript Wednesday 9/10/03

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Cass: Barbara van Arkdale stole your designs, right?

Nicole: Right, the cow.

Cass: She's using them for her fashion show and saying they're hers, right?

Nicole: Right, the witch.

Cass: You want her to get all the credit, all the glory, all the money?

Nicole: No, I want to break her kneecaps.

Cass: That's more like it. All right. So, what are you standing around here for?

Nicole: What else should I be doing?

Cass: Your part of the plan.

Nicole: Which I would take care of if I knew what it was.

Cass: You create a whole line of new designs to prove you can do it.

Nicole: Just like that?

Cass: And to top it off, you come up with something absolutely spectacular, the piece de resistance.

Nicole: Why am I doing this?

Cass: A wedding gown. Those always go over real big.

Nicole: But I don't even know --

Cass: Are you going to talk all day, or are you going to start drawing?

Nicole: That's it? That's all you're going to tell me?

Cass: You do all the creative stuff. I'll handle the dirty work.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Cass: I have work to do --

Nicole: Tell me.

Cass: And so do you. I'll tell you later.

Nicole: You know, I'm the one who's liable if anything goes wrong here.

Cass: Trust me.

Nicole: Not on your life, Cass Winthrop. Hey, get out of that elevator.

Cass: Trust me.

Nicole: Get back here. Oh.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Go away.


Sam: Whoever that is, I am going to kill them.

Sam: Mandy.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: What do you want?

Amanda: Well --

Sam: Well? You better have a good reason for this.

Amanda: Well, I tried calling. The phone was busy. It's off the hook.

Sam: Do you know what time it is?

Amanda: Yes.

Sam: It's 6:30 in the morning.

Amanda: No, it's not.

Sam: Look. Can't you read?

Amanda: I can read. It's not 6:30 in the morning. It's 2:00 in the afternoon.

Sam: What?

Amanda: I swear it. Look outside.

Sam: Oh, no. No, it can't be.

Amanda: It is. So I suggest, unless you're tired of working, you get yourself over to "Brava" right now.

Vicky: Donna isn't having dinner with us?

Peter: Well, she's not back by now. I doubt it.

Vicky: It's only 2:00. How long does it take her to get back from Tops?

Peter: Well, it's the way she's coming home that might delay her.

Vicky: What does that mean?

Peter: Nothing.

Vicky: Where is she going, Uncle Peter?

Peter: It's just a feeling, all right, Vic, but I think she's on her way to John's sailboat.

Vicky: And what makes you think she's going there?

Peter: Well, now, I said I wasn't sure.

Vicky: So that's why she was so edgy at Tops.

Peter: Now, don't get yourself upset, all right?

Vicky: She's going to see John, isn't she?

Peter: Vicky, this may all be entirely innocent.

Vicky: Just like the pictures were entirely innocent?

Peter: Look, I understand John's leaving Bay City tonight. Maybe she just went to say goodbye.

Vicky: I don't think so. I think she went to get him to stay.

Donna: John? John, are you here?

Donna: 20 years ago. You kept these all those years.

Donna: These letters and everything?

John's voice: Dear Mom. Well, I guess I'm the last person you thought you'd hear from. No, I'm not writing this from heaven. More likely to be the other place if I were dead, but I'm not. There's a lot of reasons why I didn't write sooner to let you know that I was alive, but none of them makes any difference now. I got hit trying to save Mike. If it wasn't for good old Mike, I'd be out dancing now. The doc seems to think I might lose my leg. One way or another, it -- I'll never be the same again. Not that I was ever all that together before. I know it's asking a lot, Mom, but if you could keep my secret, I think it would be better if everyone just kept on thinking that I was dead. You see, Mike and I were having a big fight just before I got hit. I was going to tell him what you already know -- that I love Donna. I guess I always will.

Vicky: Donna's not going to get away with this.

Peter: Well, you're not thinking of stopping her, are you?

Vicky: Well, who else is going to do it?

Peter: Her husband.

Vicky: My father doesn't know anything about what's going on between the two of them.

Peter: Well, if Michael doesn't know anything by now --

Vicky: I should've told him. Where are my keys?

Peter: Oh, sweetie. You're so stressed out over this. I'm sorry I said anything.

Vicky: I've got to do something, Uncle Peter.

Peter: Vicky, maybe what you should do is tell Michael. Tell Michael what you suspect and get him to go down to the boat.

Vicky: And then what if I am wrong?

Peter: Do you really think that's possible?

Vicky: They're supposed to love each other. Donna's going to have his baby.

Peter: Well, they're trying to have a baby, yes, but sometimes a couple uses a baby to help pat up a marriage.

Vicky: Meaning?

Peter: They had this huge fight.

Vicky: When?

Peter: Last night before he left.

Vicky: About what?

Peter: Well, I didn't overhear everything, but he said that Donna wasn't the girl he married. He accused her of getting selfish and self-centered again.

Vicky: He said that?

Peter: Michael expects an awful lot of her.

Vicky: So?

Peter: That could be why she's turned to John.

Vicky: My father adores Donna.

Peter: Yes, but he has this lofty ideal he expects her to live up to all the time. Maybe she and John got together out of feelings of mutual inadequacy.

Vicky: You can think what you want, Uncle peter, but I know all of this is Donna's fault.

Peter: You just won't see this from her point of view, will you?

Vicky: I don't care what Donna's point of view is. Nothing excuses her sleeping with my father's brother.

Sam: I cannot believe this.

Amanda: I tried calling.

Sam: I always take the phone off the hook when I'm working. What's wrong with this?

Amanda: Are these for the presentation?

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: They're good.

Sam: Yeah, I was up all last night working. I was only going to get a couple hours sleep.

Amanda: Don't worry about it. One of those socks is brown and the other is blue.

Sam: Look, this meeting is with one of "Brava's" most important advertisers, and you're telling me not to worry about it?

Amanda: They'll love it.

Sam: Yeah, and I'm five hours late.

Amanda: I changed it to this afternoon.

Sam: What?

Amanda: I figured something went wrong when you didn't show up, so I gave them some story about you needing extra time to make the presentation a real smash.

Sam: You did that?

Amanda: I did that.

Sam: Great. How much time do I have?

Amanda: About 15 minutes.

Sam: Oh, my God. Where are my shoes?

Amanda: It's ok, don't thank me. You'll make it. You'll make it.

Sam: Oh, no. Look --

Amanda: What?

Sam: I'm -- I'm supposed to tell my landlady that I've got some furniture being delivered this afternoon.

Amanda: I'll take care of it. Just get out of here.

Sam: Ok, it's in boxes. I'll need to assemble it.

Amanda: Right, got it.

Sam: With how things are going, I'm never going to get this stuff out of the boxes and I'm never going to get this apartment finished.

Amanda: Go.

Sam: Look, just shut the door. It'll lock on its own.

Amanda: Hmm. With a little fixing up, this place could be decent.

Amanda: Hi, it's me. Come on over to Sam's loft right away. I don't care what you're doing. Make up some excuse. And hurry. Oh, and bring a screwdriver.

Cass: What's that?

Nicole: Oh -- it's a dress.

Cass: It's a dress. Well, that's beautiful.

Nicole: It's the rough.

Cass: Oh, it's the rough. How did you get all this stuff so fast, anyway?

Nicole: You told me to design. I'm designing.

Cass: Well, it's a good thing because we're kind of under the gun here, with the fashion show being tomorrow and all.

Nicole: Well, I'll be done with my part.

Cass: Good. Oh, listen -- I finally heard from Felicia. She's on a flight back from Paris.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? How much did you tell her?

Cass: Nothing.

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Well, she was talking about how much she was looking forward to the fashion show and all.

Nicole: Felicia is your dearest friend.

Cass: Don't worry about it. Once she hears what Barbara did to you, she's going to be behind us 100%.

Nicole: I just hope you know what you're doing.

[Cass laughs]

Cass: This is from the woman who threatened Barbara van Arkdale with what, a phony gun?

Nicole: I was working alone then. You won't even tell me what you're doing.

Cass: The less you know, the better.

Nicole: If Barbara finds out we're up to something --

Cass: She won't.

Nicole: She'll have you practicing law in Siberia.

Cass: Forget her. Be a piece of cake.

Nicole: I really appreciate all you're doing for me, Cass.

Cass: So, design me a suit.

Nicole: This has to work.

Cass: It'll work.

Nicole: It might help if you told me exactly what it was.

Cass: You're a security risk.

Nicole: I'm a what?

Cass: Well, let's face it, Nicole. You have kind of a big mouth.

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Mm.

Nicole: What are you up to?

Wally: Yeah, Cass, tell us. A lot of people would like to know what you're up to.

John's voice: Dear Mom. I just read in "World News" magazine that Mike married Donna. Too bad it wasn't a cover story. He would have loved that. Sounds like they're real happy. Well, real rich, anyway. I'm not sure if Donna's going to be able to stand the picket fence that Mike's bound to put up around her. A fence is still a fence. Donna always had a wild streak. Restless, just like me. I used to tell her that she was like a hurricane waiting to happen. She'll try to be the woman that Mike wants her to be. She always has. I just hope she doesn't kill that wild part of her in the process.

Donna: I am not anything like you, John Hudson. Clara, Clara, Clara. Clara, Clara.

Peter: Vicky, if you go out that door and down to that sailboat, you are going to end your relationship with Donna. Are you aware of that?

Vicky: I don't care.

Peter: She's still your mother.

Vicky: That was an accident of biology.

Peter: Victoria -- you were separated from your mother for over 18 years. Do you want that to happen again?

Vicky: Well, at least this time it'll be my decision and not anyone else's.

Peter: Would you think about what you're doing?

Vicky: I've thought enough. Donna's not going to do this to Michael.

Peter: Are you sure that you are not doing this just to hurt your mother?

Vicky: Yes.

Peter: You two have had your differences in the past.

Vicky: We're never going to be one big, happy family, not after what she's done.

[Door slams]

peter: Reginald Love, please.

Reginald: Well?

Peter: Vicky just went down to the sailboat.

Reginald: Is Donna there?

Peter: Should be.

Reginald: Splendid.

Peter: Vicky will see John and Donna together, and that'll be the end of Michael Hudson.

Reginald: You've done a good job, Peter. But not good enough.

Amanda: "Drawing the female figure nude." Chuck that one.

Amanda: I'd like to go a few rounds with you, Sam Fowler.

Amanda: I know this.

[Classical music plays]

[door opens]

Julie Ann: You have really lost it.

Amanda: Oh, it's about time you got here.

Julie Ann: Well, it's a good thing your father was at that conference.

Amanda: Do you have a screwdriver?

Julie Ann: I left a note saying I went on a dentist appointment.

Amanda: Oh, that's original.

Julie Ann: It makes a lot more sense than this crazy scheme of yours.

Amanda: Don't you just love this loft?

Julie Ann: You have really gone off the edge this time.

Amanda: Wait until Sam sees what I do to it.

Julie Ann: It's a dumb idea. It's not going to work.

Amanda: Oh, ye of little faith.

Julie Ann: Oh, ye of little brains. Sam is not going to like this.

Amanda: He's going to love it. Now, come on. We got to get a move on before he gets back here.

Cass: Plan, plan, plan. What is the big deal?

Nicole: We want to know what you think we shouldn't know.

Wally: And we want to know it now.

Cass: Ignorance is bliss.

Wally: Oh, not in the case of Barbara van Arkdale. I hear when that woman is angry, she's a real shark.

Nicole: And I don't want to go to prison. I look awful in stripes.

Cass: You want to back out?

Wally: No. I just want to know what it is we're getting ourselves into.

Cass: Wally, isn't it enough to know that Nicole is going to get her revenge on old Baba?

Nicole: How? How am I getting my revenge?

Cass: I wonder how the White Sox did yesterday.

Nicole: Oh!

Wally: Don't worry. Felicia will get it out of him.

Cass: I don't want her in on this.

Wally: I'd like to see you try to keep her out of it.

Cass: We just don't tell her, Wally.

Wally: You think that's going to work, huh? We're talking Felicia here, not Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Cass: I'll think of something else to tell her.

Wally: I just don't know how you're going to keep it from her.

John: Ah, Wally. Just the guy I was looking for.

Wally: Oh, John, I'm sorry I replaced you behind the bar. I thought you were leaving.

John: It's all right. I just came by to pick up my paycheck.

Wally: Oh, hang on, it's right back here.

Nicole: Hello, John.

John: Nicole, Cass.

Cass: Hey, John.

Nicole: You're leaving?

John: Yeah.

Nicole: I'm sorry.

John: Why? Nobody else is.

Wally: Hey, what kind of talk is that? I'm going to miss you.

John: Thanks for everything, Wally.

Wally: Is this for good?

John: I just need to get away from here for a while.

Wally: John, don't give up the fight.

John: Thanks, Wally.

Cass: Gee, what an up guy he is.

Wally: Cass, I'm worried about him. Something's wrong.

Cass: It looks like Reginald just noticed that, too.

Reginald: Wait.

John: I'm in a hurry, Reg.

Reginald: Going back to the boat?

John: How'd you know about that?

Reginald: Well, it used to belong to my family.

John: Well, it's mine now.

Reginald: Must be rather lonely on the boat after being in the bosom of the family.

John: I like being alone.

Reginald: Still, it's nice to have company once in a while.

John: Goodbye, Reg.

Reginald: I just hope the old boat is still seaworthy.

John: I'm about to find out.

Tony: Thought that was you.

Vicky: Tony.

Tony: What are you doing down here on the docks?

Vicky: What are you doing down here on the docks?

Tony: Covering the longshoreman strike.

Vicky: Oh, I forgot. You're a reporter.

Tony: What are you doing here?

Vicky: Nothing. Um -- just taking a walk.

Tony: Well, I'll walk with you.

Vicky: No.

Tony: What's the matter?

Vicky: Nothing. Look, Tony, I just want to be alone, ok?

Tony: Something's bothering you.

Vicky: No, I said nothing.

Tony: Look, am I bothering you?

Vicky: It's not you. I have somebody I'm meeting.

Tony: Well, I thought you said you were just taking a walk.

Vicky: I am. I --

Tony: You are upset.

Vicky: No.

Tony: Well, the last time I saw you this upset, you decided to play Mario Andretti in that sports car of yours.

Vicky: Tony, I really have to go.

Tony: Look, Vicky, you going to do something crazy again?

Vicky: What I do is none of your business. Now let go of me.

Tony: Vicky --

Vicky: And don't follow me!

John's voice: Dear Donna. I know you probably never want to see me again, but I had to try and explain. I'm sorry about what happened in the car last night. No, I'm not sorry it happened. I'm sorry you were crying afterwards. But you have to understand the way you made me feel when you kissed me. For the first time, I knew you wanted me as much as I want you. I know that's hard for you because of Mike. I hope one day you can admit to yourself that what we did was make love. We made love. I won't bother you anymore. I know how you feel about Mike, and I can't compete with him. Never could. I just wish you could know how much I --

Donna: You were right. You were right about everything. Why -- why couldn't you finish this letter? Why couldn't you tell me that --


Donna: Oh, no.

Vicky: Donna, you can come out now. I know you're in here.

Vicky: Donna? John?


Vicky: I told you not to follow me.

Tony: Whose boat is this?

Vicky: I don't know.

Tony: Oh. You always drop by people that you don't know?

Vicky: Get out of here, Tony!

Tony: Whoever owns this boat, looks like they're planning to exit in a hurry.

Vicky: Don't you have a story to cover?

Tony: Maybe there's a story here.

Vicky: There's not. Now, leave.

Tony: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Vicky: No! Now, can't I do anything without being questioned by someone?

Tony: Well, maybe people are concerned about you.

Vicky: Leave me alone, Tony.

Tony: Sorry.

Vicky: Why are you doing this to me?

Tony: Maybe because I know what it's like to be in trouble and have no one to turn to.

Vicky: You can't help me. I wish you could, but you can't.

Tony: Well, I'm just not going to leave you here all alone.

Vicky: Well, maybe there's no reason for me to stay here, anyway.

Tony: Why?

Vicky: Nothing.

Tony: Look, why don't you have dinner with me at Tops. We'll go to a movie, we'll go dancing. Hmm?

Vicky: No questions asked?

Tony: Deal.

Vicky: You know, Tony, you're extremely persistent.

Tony: It's the only way to get what you want.

Donna: Are you proud of yourself? Hiding from your daughter, hiding from Michael. Hiding from yourself. You're a coward, Donna. A coward, Donna Hudson.

Amanda: This will look much better over here.

Julie Ann: You realize that this is an invasion of privacy, don't you?

Amanda: All I'm doing is moving a punching bag.

Julie Ann: You're rearranging the entire apartment.

Amanda: So?

Julie Ann: So, it's not your apartment.

Amanda: Sam will love it.

Julie Ann: You're taking a big risk, Amanda.

Amanda: He all but told me that he couldn't do it himself. He practically asked me to do it for him.

Julie Ann: Did he ask you?

Amanda: He implied it.

Julie Ann: He said, "Amanda, please --"

Amanda: Mandy.

Julie Ann: "Mandy, please rearrange the entire apartment and make it completely different than the way I had it"?

Amanda: No, not in so many words.

Julie Ann: He didn't.

Amanda: He wanted to ask me. He just didn't know how.

Julie Ann: You're going to be sorry.

Amanda: How do you think this table would look up there?

Julie Ann: Don't ask me. Ask Sam.

Amanda: Hold this.

Julie Ann: It's not going to work.

Amanda: Nonsense. It'll look great here.

Julie Ann: Not the poster. All these crazy things that you're doing. Why? He still hasn't asked you out.

Amanda: He will.

Julie Ann: I still think you should tell him who you are.

Amanda: No way. He'll think I'm a pushy, little, rich girl.

Julie Ann: Changing somebody's apartment around without their permission is pushy, and you are rich.

Amanda: That doesn't make me a bad person.

Julie Ann: Amanda --

Amanda: I've done everything short of a hula to make this guy notice me, and he still acts like I don't exist.

Julie Ann: Well, why don't you try some old-fashioned things? Nice dresses, a little perfume, come-hither looks?

Amanda: Wouldn't work with Sam.

Julie Ann: Well, maybe nothing would.

[Doorbell buzzes]

Amanda: That must be his furniture.

Julie Ann: I suppose we're supposed to set this up, too?

Amanda: You know, in two hours, Sam won't even be able to recognize this place.

Julie Ann: In two hours and two minutes, you may be dead.

Cass: This is the wedding dress, huh?

Nicole: Yeah, we were just about to run it up.

Cass: You going to be able to finish the whole line in time?

Nicole: Sophie?

Sophie: For you, I be rapide comme un lapin.

Cass: Quick as a bunny.

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: Huh?

Nicole: You're catching on.

Sophie: Anything to make Madam van Arkdale look like the ass.

Cass: I like your style, Sophie.

Nicole: I would like just a little bit more volume at the hem.

Cass: What are you really thinking?

Nicole: Oh, Sophie is a wiz, but this is going to be real close.

Cass: Yeah? Well, it's make it or break it time, you know.

Nicole: Well, we'll make it. How would you like to tell me what you're doing?

Cass: Don't worry. I'm taking care of all the rest.

Nicole: And you say don't worry?

[Sam grunts]

Sam: What the -- what happened to my apartment? Mandy. Where'd she put the phone? Is Mandy Ashton there? Ok, well, you tell her that Sam Fowler wants to see her. Yes, right now.

Sam: I am going to kill her.

Vicky: Do you always ask so many questions?

Tony: I'm a reporter. It's my nature.

Vicky: Is that why you invited me to dinner, to get an interview?

Tony: I invited you because I like you, because I want to get to know you better.

Vicky: Well, what you see is what you get.

Tony: I don't believe that for a minute.

Vicky: Why not?

Tony: Because it's too obvious to me that you're hiding something.

Vicky: I'm not. You're wrong.

Tony: Come on, Vicky. What is it about the sailboat that's got you so upset?

Vicky: It doesn't upset me. I could care less if I ever see it again.

Tony: It or the person who owns it?

Vicky: I'm not going to answer that.

Tony: Does this have anything to do with your mother?

Vicky: Why would you think that?

Tony: Because of the way you were the last time we were here. You couldn't even look at her.

Vicky: I don't want to talk about my mother. As a matter of fact, I don't want to talk at all.

Tony: Look, don't run away, ok, please.

Vicky: I'm going to the powder room.

Tony: Look, I only ask you these questions because I care, all right? I don't like to see you unhappy.

Vicky: I'll be back.

Reginald: Vicky, what are you doing here?

Vicky: I'm having dinner with a friend.

Reginald: Tony Carlisle? But I thought --

Vicky: You thought what?

Reginald: Well, I've been trying to reach Donna at the house all afternoon.

Vicky: And she's still not there?

Reginald: No. Bridget says she hasn't been in all afternoon. I wonder where she could be?

Female singer: Inside my mind the hands of time rewind when your love was mine so magically we shared a song even though it's gone I can still recall the melody

singers: Tonight

female singer: Tonight

male singer: Tonight

female singer: So soft and pure your love was the cure never felt lost so alone now it's my turn to give you what you yearn return the love that you have always shone

singers: If you need my love tonight all you have to do is call me and I'm always here when you need a friend if you need my love tonight I promise to keep you from fallin' and I'll stay with you if you need my love tonight

female singer: Tonight

male singer: Whoa tonight

singers: I'll be there

female singer: Yeah

male singer: Whoa

singers: If you need my love tonight all you have to do is call and I'm always here if you need a friend

male singer: When you need a friend

singers: If you need my love tonight just to keep you from fallin' I'll stay with you if you need my love tonight

female singer: Stay with you lay with you, baby

singers: If you need my love tonight all you have to do is call and I'm always here when you need a friend tonight

Cass: This is going to look great. Joan Collins could get married in this -- again.

Nicole: Well, this is just the muslin. Wait till you see the real thing. My piece de resistance for the show is going to cause a riot.

Cass: With any luck, Barbara will be trampled.

Nicole: Oh, we have a lot left to do. We've got to move on to the evening line, Sophie.

Cass: There's no way Barbara's going to top that.

Sophie: Pour vous, Barbara van Arkdale.

Cass and Nicole: Pour vous.

[Cass and Nicole laugh]

Nicole: The sketches are in the bedroom, Sophie.

Sophie: Ok. Oh! Hello.

Wally: Hello. Who was that?

Nicole: That was Sophie, my seamstress. She's French.

Wally: I'll say. Hey, this is great.

Nicole: It's the best thing I've ever done, if I do say so myself.

Cass: It's -- the whole rest of the line's going to be even better, Wally. Wait till you see it.

Nicole: Oh, there's so much left to do.

Wally: You're going to have it done in time, aren't you?

Nicole: Oh, I'll be ready. Every time I get tired, I just think of the look on that witch Barbara's face when I pull the rug out from under her.

Wally: I keep thinking of the look on Felicia's face when she finds out we're plotting behind her back.

Cass: We can't tell her, Wally.

Wally: I know, I know. But, Cass, I'd feel a lot better if you would just tell me and Nicole what your whole plan is.

Cass: As I said before --

Wally: Right, right, your lips are sealed. Well, our doom's going to be sealed if this doesn't work.

Cass: Trust me, Wally.

[Cass and Wally laugh]

Wally: Oh, I break out in hives every time you say that.

Nicole: He looks so nervous.

Cass: Oh, he always looks nervous.

Nicole: Just tell me this plan of yours is going to work, Cass.

Cass: It's going to work, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, I just keep thinking --

Cass: Don't do that! Just work.

Amanda: You wanted to see me?

Sam: Get in here. What is this?

Amanda: What is what?

Sam: This!

Amanda: It's your apartment. And what a beautiful apartment is it.

Sam: You're half right, Mandy. It's my apartment. My books, my furniture, my records, my dust!

Amanda: I can explain.

Sam: What did you think you were doing?

Amanda: Straightening up?

Sam: "Straightening up." You moved my whole apartment around.

Amanda: Yes, but I --

Sam: Who gave you the right to do this?

Amanda: You did.

Sam: I did?

Amanda: Sort of.

Sam: Sort of?

Amanda: You said that you didn't have time to do it yourself, so I suppose that in your usual roundabout way you were --

Sam: I did not ask you to do any of this, Mandy.

Amanda: Not in so many words, no, but --

Sam: Not in any words.

Amanda: I would think that you would be grateful that someone would try to make this place livable.

Sam: I liked it the way it was.

Amanda: If you would just calm down and take a look at what I've done, you'd realize --

Sam: I don't care what it looks like. You had no right to move any of this.

Amanda: Still doesn't change the fact that it looks pretty terrific. I think I have quite a flair.

Sam: Your job is to help me at the office, not meddle in my own personal affairs.

Amanda: Anything else?

Sam: No.

Amanda: May I go now?

Sam: Yes.

Amanda: You could have at least thanked me for the present.

Sam: What present?

Amanda: The one right over there.

Sam: Look, what is this?

Amanda: A present. It won't bite. Maybe this one will wake you up.

Sam: Thank you. The presentation went well.

Amanda: Good.

Sam: Look, thank you for waking me up this morning and for covering for me.

Amanda: Just doing my job.

Sam: Let's just stick to that. Leave my personal life to me, ok?

Amanda: Whatever you say, Sam. Bye.

Amanda: I'm getting to him.

Vicky: How would I know where she is?

Reginald: You do live in the same house.

Vicky: Well, she's not at the house. Bridget told you that.

Reginald: I know. I just wonder where she is.

Vicky: What do you want?

Reginald: Darling, I love Donna just as I love you.

Vicky: Well, you have a funny way of showing it.

Reginald: You've been listening to Michael too much.

Vicky: At least I can trust him.

Reginald: And you can't trust your own grandfather?

Vicky: Don't use that old harmless grandfather routine on me. You're about as harmless as a boa constrictor.

Reginald: How can you say that? We're family.

Vicky: Every time you use that word, you want something.

Reginald: This attitude of yours is all Michael's doing.

Vicky: Michael isn't the problem.

Reginald: What have I done to you?

Vicky: You've kept me away from my family for over 18 years. I'm not going to lose it now.

Singer: So all alone little girl blue you tell me the tale and stand there crying I'm here for you you know that I care listening to you inside I'm dying your heart may be breaking but my heart is breaking, too he doesn't care if you're all alone but I do he doesn't care if you come back home but I do yes, I do

Donna: John.

Singer: Why can't you feel it, too?

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