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Another World Transcript Monday 9/8/03

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Cass: Nicole, good. I'm glad you're here. Look. You're not gonna believe this.

Nicole: What is this?

Cass: This is my plan. Right down to the last penny.

Nicole: 12 dresses, 2 coats--

Cass: Got it all lined up. Seamstresses who'll work cheap, a distribution company--

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: What?

Nicole: How do we pay these wonderful people? Money is our big problem, remember?

Cass: Not anymore.

Nicole: You got it?

Cass: I did better than that.

Nicole: What could be better than getting me $1 1/2 million?

Cass: Figuring out how to put on your whole show for a lot less than that.

Nicole: How much?

[Taps paper]

Cass: What do you think? Huh?

Nicole: I think you're crazy.

[Dawn humming]

John: Guess I missed the sunrise.

Dawn: Uh, yeah, by about 3 1/2 hours. I thought you said you were gonna set your alarm?

John: I was. I think I slept through it. Were you waiting for me?

Dawn: Yeah. I, uh, brought breakfast for both of us.

John: Sorry, Dawn.

Dawn: It's ok, I ate 'em both. Guess what?

John: Your audition went well, didn't it?

Dawn: How did you know that?

John: You got accepted?

Dawn: Yeah, I am now a student at the Chicago Academy of Music!

John: That's great!

Dawn: The admissions guy called me last night. I can't even believe it. I don't even--

John: I can. I can. Congratulations.

Dawn: Listen to this? Just tell me what you think about it, ok? Ok...

Dum dum da da da da--

John: Hey, hey! I can name that tune in 5 notes.

Dawn: Oh, come on. Ok, just a second...

Dum dum da da da da, da da da da da da da da da


John: It's a pretty song.

Dawn: Well, it's not really a song. It's like a motif for a choral.

John: That's not a song?

Dawn: Well, no, it's sort of a harmonized hymn.

John: Ah.

Dawn: But it's made--it's made for the organ, but Bach used to write beautiful ones.

John: Who wrote that one?

Dawn: Me.

John: You wrote that just like that?

Dawn: Well, it's my first assignment.

John: I should've come a little later. You'd have knocked off a symphony, hmm?

Dawn: Oh, a symphony. That--that would be incredible.

John: Just like you.

Bridget: Good morning, Miss Donna. Did you sleep well last night?

Donna: No, no, I didn't sleep well at all last night.

Bridget: Oh, I'm sorry.

Donna: Oh, no, Bridget, don't be. I plan on sleeping like a baby tonight.

Bridget: What can I get you for breakfast?

Donna: Coffee, juice, sweet roll or something.

Bridget: Yes, of course.

Donna: Bridget?

Bridget: Yes, Miss Donna?

Donna: Where's Michael?

Bridget: Oh, he's gone.

Donna: Already? He didn't even have breakfast?

Bridget: Oh, there's no time, he said.

Donna: Well, where was he going?

Bridget: He went to the office. Mrs. McKinnon called. She said there was another emergency.

Donna: Oh, not again.

Bridget: You know, I could hear Miss Victoria in the background on the phone.

Donna: Victoria was at work?

Bridget: Yes, she was. Well, I'll get the juice.

Peter: Oh, yeah, these are the receipts from the work that was done on the boat. Painting, calking...Whatever was done in dry dock.

John: I was really expecting to do this last night, Peter.

Peter: Well, John, I got your note. I'm sorry. I couldn't meet you at 7:00, something came up.

John: That's all right, just as long as I get the boat.

Peter: She'll be yours! All you have to do, here we are, is sign this. This is the transfer of title document, sign right here. Very good.

John: Is that it?

Peter: That's it. All we need is Donna's signature. I just hope you'll be happy with it.

Donna: What are you doing here?

Peter: John's here to see me, Donna.

John: Look, maybe I should come back another time.

Peter: No, no, no, John, stay. You don't have to leave. I mean, you know, let's finish our business first. Donna...This is still my house, too. John's here to see me, and he's staying.

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Donna: Why on earth would you want to see Peter?

Peter: Is it that outrageous an idea, Donna?

John: Business.

Donna: Business? You and Peter?

Peter: Business. John bought the old sailboat.

Donna: What?

Peter: Well, you told me to sell it.

Michael: John bought the old sailboat?

John: Figured you knew.

Michael: Oh, hey, if you're in a buying mood, why don't you buy that old Bentley we got sitting down there. It's been up on blocks for, I think, 8 years.

John: Oh, I don't know. I don't see me as the Bentley type.

Michael: Well...You got your own place.

John: You forgot to say finally. Finally got my own place.

Michael: Hey, Peter, is this your idea, huh?

Peter: Do you have any objections to this, Michael?

Michael: No, no, no. I think it's a great idea. As a matter of fact, John always loved being around the water, didn't you?

John: That's right. You see, the water moves. If you feel like it, well, you can move with it.

Michael: Well, I really hope this works out.

John: Oh, it will.

Peter: Yeah, well, first for it to work out, we need Donna's signature, uh...Right over here.

Donna: What--what is that?

Peter: This is the transfer of title document for you to sign, Donna.

Michael: Come on, honey. Make it official. Here. You got a problem or something?

Donna: I'll sign. I'll sign.

Michael: I don't know why. I thought you wanted to get rid of that old boat.

Donna: I did. I do. Take it.

John: Thanks.

Donna: Good luck with it.

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Michael, you are back. Mrs. McKinnon said you would be.

Michael: Oh, no, don't tell me she needs me down at the office.

Bridget: Oh, I'm sorry, but she was so upset.

Michael: This is incredible. What is happening around this place?! I don't get it! Hey, uh...Congratulations. Enjoy the boat.

Donna: Michael, now-- aren't you gonna have breakfast?

Clara: Good morning.

Peter: Well, Clara, you're here. Good!

John: Hi, mom.

Peter: You can join us in a celebratory breakfast.

Clara: My goodness. What are we celebrating?

Peter: Well, it looks like we're all going to be one, big, happy family. Thanks to me.

[Dawn playing guitar]

John: Hey, you think you could write a symphony?

Dawn: Uh, yeah, in 3 movements: Bad, worse, and worst.

John: No. No. No. No, I'm talking about in a few years after you've had some more training.

Dawn: All the training in the world's not gonna give me more talent. Do you have any idea what it takes to write a symphony?

John: Well, my mom forced me to take piano when I was a kid.

Dawn: Oh, you play piano? I didn't know you pl--

John: I don't. Dropped out after fur Elise.

Dawn: [Giggles] come on, I bet you're very musical.

John: Not on the piano. You see, my dad thought I was so bad he paid me to stop taking lessons.

Dawn: [Giggles] well, what were your interests?

John: Well...Well, I like movies. I saw Rocky 8 times.

Dawn: I'm talking serious interests here.

John: Hey hey hey. Uh, 8 times is pretty serious, huh?


Dawn: But what were your ambitions? I mean, what did you wanna be? What did you think that you wanted to be?

John: Do you really want to know this? Hmm?

Dawn: I would not ask you if I did not want to know.

John: A lawyer.

Dawn: Really?

John: Ever since I was a kid I, uh, wanted to be Lee Bailey, I don't know.

Dawn: And you always knew that?

John: Never told anybody.

Dawn: Well, I think the most important thing is that you're doing that now.

John: You always love music?

Dawn: Yeah, ever since I was 3.

John: Well, I guess we're both pretty lucky...Knowing what we wanna do.

Dawn: Yeah, I guess, uh, some people never figure it out, ya know?

John: I know what I want right now.

Dawn: Really? What?

John: Food, but I bet you're not hungry after eating 2 breakfasts, are ya, huh?

Dawn: No. What time is it?

John: 9:30.

Dawn: I have been here for 4 hours. It must've been the sun-- sunrise or something like that--it always inspires--

John: Wait a minute. What--

Dawn: I gotta go! I gotta run!

John: Where ya going?

Dawn: I'm late. I gotta make a phone call to my school in New York--the registrar's.

John: Well, ok, I'll see ya at Mary's Place a little later. You can have another breakfast, my treat, ok?


Nicole: This is great, a mere $975,000.

Cass: Well, I know this guy who's in the discount bobbing game otherwise it would've been an even million.

Nicole: Cass, there's no way I can come up with that kind of money. It's impossible.

Cass: I hate that word. It's very limiting.

Nicole: Even if I could scrape it together, what am I looking at here: A bargain-basement collection? Cellar creations by Nicole Love.

Cass: Uh, you know, granted, it is a bare-bones figure.

Nicole: Well, what if the buyer likes the design? Who makes all the copies?

Cass: We'll hack it. We'll hack it.

Nicole: No, we won't. Not with this kind of a budget. I won't-I just won't put out anything but a first-class product here.

Cass: I knew you'd say that.

Nicole: Well, I could do it right for 2 million.

Cass: 2--now wait a sec-- last night you said a million and a half.

Nicole: Well, that was last night. I was being thrifty.

Cass: So this is our choice? Either we let Barbara van Arkdale walk off with your designs or we come up with $2 million?

Nicole: Well, it takes big bucks to make big bucks...And it takes an even bigger ego. Right now, I'm a little short on both.

Cass: Speaking of ego, guess who just walked in.

Nicole: Who?

Cass: [Whispering] don't look!

Nicole: Barb.

Cass: In the flesh... And--ooh ooh ooh--wow.

Nicole: Ooh ooh ooh, wow what?

Cass: She's got a great outfit on.

Nicole: How could she?

Cass: What are you doing?

Nicole: How dare she!

Cass: What? How dare she what?

Nicole: That outfit? I designed it.

Nicole: Now I have to kill her.

Cass: Hey hey.

Nicole: Oh, I really do!

Cass: Hey, get--get over here. Shh, shh, shh. Come over here. Hey, Nicole... Did you design that?

Nicole: I spent hours working on it.

Cass: You are very good.

Nicole: She must've had a seamstress let it out in the seat.

Cass: And she took all the credit for it, huh?

Nicole: Oh, when I think of what I've been through. Watching people fawn all over her.

Cass: Well, it's a dirty business, the rag trade. Ooh.

Nicole: She's the type who makes it dirty.

[Scoffs] look at her.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Flaunting it in my face and with those horrible earrings!

Cass: Hey, come on now. Calm down. I think it's time that we sit down and map out our strategy. Nicole...Sit! Now!

Nicole: Five minutes alone with her gloves off.

Cass: You really wanna fight her, punching her in the nose isn't the way.

Nicole: Well, it would make me feel good.

Cass: If you really wanna feel good, expose Babs and start marketing yourself.

Nicole: Well, couldn't I do that and still punch her in the nose?

Nicole: I wondered what she was doing here. I should've known.

Cass: You told him you wouldn't take his money, right?

Nicole: I know.

Cass: So he's pulling out the big guns.

Nicole: If I could only get my hands on that trust fund.

Cass: The one your grandmother set up for you?

Nicole: Yeah, I'd use it all... Just to show him.

Vince: So the building is in trust for the kids now, huh?

Zack: Right. Vince, I still think you and Mary oughta think about what you're gonna do.

Vince: We thought about it. Where do I sign?

Zack: [Sighs] right here. Ya still should think about it. I mean, you don't have to rush into this, ya know?

Vince: I thought lawyers were supposed to be objective.


Zack: Well, it's not easy. Especially when they think their clients are incredibly stupid.

Vince: Mary and I are over, ok?

Zack: All right. Ok.

Vince: All right, ya want some breakfast--french toast, some eggs?

Zack: No, I gotta rush on, thanks.

Vince: Uh-huh. Ok, Sarah, give that man a check, and where are those napkins we got 3 weeks ago, which have already disappeared?

Sarah: I think Mary put 'em someplace. Vince, maybe we should call her.

Vince: Maybe we shouldn't. No.

Sarah: You just had coffee, right, Zack?

Zack: Yeah, right, Sarah, thanks.

Vince: I am gonna find these darn things.

M.J.: Hi ya, pops.

Vince: Hey, M.J., maybe you'd like to help me find some napkins, huh? Your mom put 'em in such a good place nobody can find 'em.

M.J.: Pops, why don't you just admit that ya miss her?

Vince: Right now what I'm missing are napkins.

Zack: Yeah, sure, Vince.

Vince: Ok, gimme that.

Zack: Yeah, yeah, I'll see ya later, all right? Take care, M.J.

M.J.: Nice to see ya, Zack.

[Vince groans]


[M.J. whistles]

Vince: Pfft. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

M.J.: Pops, what happened to mama's portrait?

Vince: Donna Marissa went to greener pastures.

M.J.: Well, did she take it?

Vince: Well, you don't think I wanted that thing, do ya? Now, listen, uh, what can I do for ya, honey?

M.J.: Well, sit down. Talk to me.

Cheryl: Hey, M.J. ya want some breakfast?

M.J.: Uh, no, thanks, Cheryl, I just need to talk to pops for a second.

Cheryl: Well, uh, see me before you go, I wanna talk to you about something, ok?

Vince: Now, is this real important 'cause the place is very busy.

M.J.: Yeah, pops, it can't wait. In fact, it's only gonna wait till mama gets here because I've asked her to come over. She needs to hear this, too.

Vince: Sounds important.

M.J.: I'm really sorry to have to do this to you right now, pops. I mean, with Kathleen gone and mama moved out and everything.

Vince: No, no, no, come on, just tell me.

M.J.: I'm going away, pops.

John: Let's check the figures, make sure they're right.

Peter: Oh, they're right. Now how am I gonna know this check isn't gonna bounce, hmm?

John: You don't. We'll just have to wait and see.

Peter: Ha ha. Well, I hope you're here when I do. Ha ha.

Bridget: Congratulations, John.

John: Ahh, well, thank you, Bridget. Now, who'd have thought that I'd have bought a house, huh?

Bridget: Is that what you're gonna do with the old thing, make it into a house?

John: Who are you calling an old thing? Now you just wait till I fix her up.

Bridget: Well, are ya gonna anchor it here?

John: I haven't decided yet. I may just pull up that anchor and take off and never come back.

Donna: Fine by us.

John: I do think I'll change the name though.

Bridget: Well, what are ya gonna call her?

John: I haven't decided yet. It, uh, if that's all right with you, isn't it, Donna?

Donna: Of course. Well, I could care less what you call it. It's yours now.

John: Well, I'll think of something that won't embarrass you too much. Sooner I get my house ship-shape, the sooner I can start making some plans. Mom, why don't you come down, I'll give ya the grand tour.

Clara: Well, thank you, I will.

Peter: John, enjoy your boat.

John: Thanks.

Clara: [Sighs] I hope John isn't serious.

Donna: About what?

Clara: Well, about leaving Bay City...Maybe for good.

Peter: Mm, I hope so, too.

Donna: [Scoffs] Clara, I think we should stop thinking about what John is going to do or not going to do and just let him do it.

Clara: You mean just let him go?

Donna: Yes. Yes, Michael has worked very hard and put a lot of time and energy into trying to help John, and it seems that it doesn't mean anything to him.

Nicole: What is this?

Cass: Coffee.

Nicole: I didn't order it.

Cass: No, but you're gonna drink it.

Nicole: I'm already wide-awake. What I need is money and an invitation to that fashion show. It's by written invitation only. Her invitation.

Cass: We'll figure something out.

Nicole: Couldn't we just leave?

Cass: No, they'll assume that they got the best of us.

Nicole: Well, they might assume that it nauseates me to be in the same room with them. It would be the correct assumption.

Cass: Look, you're gonna have to learn how to tough it out.

Nicole: [Scoffs] well, I can. What I can't do is sit here and smile while father sucks orange juice with a woman I hate most in the world.

Cass: You're not smiling.

[Nicole sighs]

Cass: Hey, Zack.

Zack: Cass, Nicole, how ya doing?

Cass: Boy, that was quick. Sit down.

Zack: Yeah, well, I was just around the corner and I got your message, so what's up?

Cass: We got a trust fund to bust.

M.J.: Mama, I'm glad ya got here.

Mary: Well, you sounded so serious on the phone.

Vince: She says she's leaving.

Mary: For how long?

M.J.: I don't know, just until I get myself together. I just-- I need to get outta here, you know?

Mary: Well, you went away after the wedding.

M.J.: I know, but when I came back...Kathleen was gone and now everywhere I turn-I don't really know which way to turn right now.

Mary: It'll get easier.

M.J.: I know it will, but it won't until I start to believe in myself, and I just don't think I can do that in Bay City.

Vince: But it's your home.

M.J.: Yeah, but, pops, I just don't fit in here right now.

Vince: Course you do!

M.J.: No, I don't. You don't wanna admit it, but I don't.

Vince: I don't believe this.

Mary: You will come back, won't you?

M.J.: Yeah, of course I will... Once I've got myself straightened out.

Mary: And you've made up your mind?

M.J.: I gave it a lot of thought, mama. Pops, it's just something I gotta do. Can you understand that?

[Vince sighs]

Mary: Oh, isn't there anything that we can do?

M.J.: Well, you could love me.

[Laughs] maybe wish me luck, ya know?

Cheryl: Good luck with what? M.J, what are ya doing?

Clara: You don't seem very pleased that John has bought the boat.

Donna: That's not it at all. I was just surprised by it, that's all.

Clara: I thought you might be upset at the thought of John leaving Bay City.

Donna: Why would I be upset?

Clara: Well, I'm sure Michael will be when he hears.

Donna: Well, I don't really know how Michael's going to feel about it, but whatever John does is up to John. Uh, listen, I have to go get ready for this charity luncheon this afternoon. Where's my purse? I thought I put it down here.

Peter: Oh, Donna, your purse is over here.

Donna: Oh, thank you, Peter.

Peter: Oh!

Donna: Ugh. For heaven sake, Peter, you know, sometimes you are so clumsy. Clara, don't worry about this. I can get it all. I can't believe you sometimes. Clara, what is it? What's the matter?

Donna: What is it?

Clara: I believe this belongs to you, Donna. Peter, I'd like to speak to Donna alone.

Peter: Oh, why, certainly. Certainly.

Donna: Clara, I've nev--I've never seen this before.

Clara: Please, Donna.

Donna: Please? It-it's not mine.

Clara: It was in your bag.

Donna: So?

Clara: We both know whose writing it is.

Donna: This is silly.

Clara: This is John's writing. I know my own son's writing.

Donna: Well, he didn't write it to me.

Clara: "Meet me at the boat dock at 7:00 tonight."

Donna: Clara, I have no idea how that got into my purse.

Clara: He probably slipped it in as he was leaving.

Donna: What are you insinuating?

Clara: Are you and John having an affair?

Donna: Wait a minute. That's absurd.

Clara: Is it? Am I supposed to forget that night that you ran in from the beach house and John came tearing in after you?

Donna: John and I were having an argument.

Clara: I know that's what you said.

Donna: This whole thing is really nonsense. I--you know, it's really none of your business, but-- but I will tell you anyway.

Clara: Well, I hope you will tell me the truth.

Donna: All right. I have done nothing wrong. I have no feelings for John, and I don't want him in my life. Not now and not ever.

Clara: Oh, Donna, I would like to believe you.

Donna: In fact, Michael and I have decided that we wanna have another child.

Clara: You're gonna have a child?

Donna: Well, I was hoping to be pregnant this month, but I'm not.

Clara: I see. I had no idea.

Donna: Well, Clara, I certainly hope that proves to you that I have no feelings for any other man.

Clara: Well, no, but--but if I've been wrong about you, Donna, I'm truly sorry.

Donna: The person that you should talk to about this note is John.

Clara: Yes, I will.

Donna: Good, and while you're at that why don't you tell him to just sail out of here and not come back and to please just leave me alone.

Clara: You're not just blaming John for all this, are you? I mean, you--you--you must've done something to encourage him. He wouldn't just assume--

Donna: Look, it's not my problem what he assumes.

Clara: Donna, if we can't get at the truth right now, I will be forced to speak to Michael.

Donna: No, don't you dare!

[Clara moans]

Michael: Mom! Mom! Donna, what have you done?

Barbara: Was it important?

Reginald: Just a family matter. Tell me, is it too early for champagne?

Barbara: Darling, it's never that early.

Reginald: [Laughs] good.

Cass: What do you think?

Zack: Well, your Grandma knew what she was doing.

Cass: That's what I thought.

Nicole: Not a dime?

Zack: Not until you're 35 or married.

Nicole: Great, I have to prove that an internationally-known designer is guilty of fraud, and I have to do it with no money.

Zack: Well, it sounds tough.

Cass: Well, it beats sitting around here watching that obnoxious little scenario over there.

Nicole: Ugh, I'll say. I'll think of something.

Cheryl: I don't understand. Where are you going?

M.J.: Uh, I don't know yet. I just need to get away.

Cheryl: So when are you coming back?

M.J.: I don't know yet, but I'll call you in a couple days. I'm gonna really miss you.

Cheryl: [Sighs] I really wish you wouldn't do this.

M.J.: Yeah, what do you care? You don't need me, you're always bossing me around anyway.

Cheryl: I do not, and I do need you.

M.J.: I don't wanna hurt you, Cheryl. I hope this isn't hurting you 'cause the last thing I wanna do is hurt any of you. Just don't be mad at me, ok?

Cheryl: I'm not mad... I just like having you around the house, that's all.

[Cries] I'll miss you.

M.J.: I'll miss you, too.

M.J.: Be happy, ok?

Cheryl: Yeah, you, too. Um... Call, ok? Please? Soon?

M.J.: Don't worry, I'll be calling you every 10 seconds. Mama, um, would you deliver these for me?

Mary: Of course.

M.J.: This one's for Adam. For Chad.

Mary: I'll see that they get them.

M.J.: Thank you. I love you. Pops.

Vince: I wanna know where you are, ya know?

M.J.: Well, I'm gonna start out in Minneapolis, and then who knows, maybe Paris, I don't know.

Vince: Ahh, they both get cold in the winter. Ha.

M.J.: Maybe I'll be back by the winter, I don't know.

Vince: You be happy, too.

M.J.: I'll give it my best shot.

Vince: I've never stopped loving you, not for one minute, and some day, the world is gonna be at your feet.

M.J.: [Cries] I love you, pops. I love you all.

Vince: Now you call... With that phone number, hear?

[Door closes] Mary: She will be fine. Part of loving... is letting go.

Cheryl: I'm gonna miss her so much.

Mary: She'll be back... Probably sooner than we think.

Vince: I'm glad you were here.

Mary: So am I. I gotta get back to work. Are you ok?

Cheryl: Yeah.

Mary: I will call you later. Are you ok?

Vince: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mary: Well...

[Sighs] well,

[sniffles] take care.

Vince: You, too.

Mary: Uh...Would you, uh, would you do something for me, Sarah?

Sarah: Sure, Mary.

Mary: Would you see that Chad gets this note?

Sarah: I'd be glad to.

Mary: Thank you.

Vince: Well, we are gonna have to stick together, eh?

Cheryl: Well, maybe we can talk her into staying.

Vince: No, no, no, I've seen how much pain she was in. She knows what she needs. We have to respect that.

Sean: Hey, guys. Uh, anybody seen Dawn around?

Vince: No. No, nobody's come in for a while.

Sean: Hey...What's the matter? Is there something wrong?

Cheryl: M.J. just decided to leave for a little while, that's all.

Sean: I'm sorry.

Dawn: Hi, everybody.

Cheryl: Oh, um--

Sean: Well--

Cheryl: Dawn, I-I have something for you.

Sean: It's about time.

Dawn: Am I late?

Sean: No, I'm just starving, that's all.

Cheryl: Dawn, I-I circled all the places that--that looked good. Here ya go.

Dawn: Oh, you're an angel. Thank you.

Cheryl: It's ok.

Dawn: I'll look at these over breakfast.

Sean: Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Uh, Sarah, where can we sit?

Sarah: Anywhere you want.

Sean: Let's go over here.

Cheryl: Pops, maybe we should advertise.

Vince: What are you talking about?

Cheryl: In--in the paper. Um, you know, now with Becky and, uh, and mama gone and now M.J., we're gonna have a whole bunch of empty rooms in our house.

Michael: Ma?

Clara: Mm.

Michael: Ma, are ya ok? Huh?

Clara: Yes. Yes, fine.

Bridget: Here, the smelling salts.

Michael: Oh, thank you, Bridget.

Clara: I'm all right.

Michael: Bridget, would you call the paramedics, please.

Bridget: I did, and I called Dr. Frame, too. They're on their way over here.

Michael: Great. All right, I tell ya what, why don't ya help me get mom upstairs?

Bridget: Oh, yes, of course.

Donna: Michael, here--here, let me help, too.

Michael: Donna, you seem to have done enough already, yes?

Bridget: Put your arm around my neck.

Clara: Yes.

Bridget: There we go. Just lean onto me now.

Clara: [Moans]

Bridget: Here we go.

Michael: Ma, ya, all right, huh?

Clara: I'm fine.

Peter: Oh, no, poor Clara. Not another spell?

Michael: Outta here.

Peter: Can I do anything to help?

Michael: Peter.

Peter: Well...

Peter: I am appalled.

Donna: What?

Peter: At Michael. He's got no right to treat you like that, Donna.

Donna: You heard?

Peter: Yes. You know, it's obvious Michael is not the sensitive caring individual we all thought he was.

Donna: Peter, please don't say that.

Peter: Well, Donna, I'm sorry, but, you know, I just wish Michael treated his wife as well as he treats his own brother.

Michael: Get out, Peter!

Peter: What?

Michael: Get out!

Peter: Why? So you can be even more abusive to my sister?

Michael: Out!

Donna: Peter, please, it's-- it's all right, really. I would like to talk to Michael alone.

Peter: All right. Look, if you need me, I'll be upstairs, all right?

Donna: Is your mother all right?

Michael: She's in bed. Now you wanna tell me what you said to her that made this happen?

Donna: I--I--I-- I don't remember.

Michael: Donna, don't you lie to me!

Donna: Please, don't yell at me.

Michael: Well, then tell me the truth.

Donna: All right.

Michael: You gonna tell me what you said?

Donna: I told her... That I wished John would just get on that sailboat and sail away forever.

Michael: What?

Donna: Michael, I feel so guilty.

Michael: About John?

Donna: I hate him.

Michael: Why, Donna?

Donna: Because he doesn't deserve you. Because you have devoted all your time and energy and effort to trying to help him, and what's he done for you? Nothing. He has given you back nothing, and I can't stand to see that anymore.

Michael: Wait a minute. So you told that to mom?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Donna... Why don't you tell me that?

Donna: Because I didn't wanna hurt you by saying it.

Michael: Donna, what hurts me is that you went behind my back, and ya talked to mom! She's sick!

Donna: I didn't mean to!

Michael: No, Donna, of course not, you never mean to!

Donna: What do you want from me?

Michael: What I want from you, Donna, is I want a partner! I don't need a needy child!

Donna: That's a really cruel thing to say.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry, but it's true. You have become that selfish woman you were when I came back here.

Donna: If I have become that-- that same selfish woman that I once was that's because I'm being forced there.

Michael: By whom?

Donna: Who do you think?

Dawn: I can pay this... If I don't eat.

Sean: What's the big deal about eating?

Dawn: Oh, I should just become a high-powered lawyer like you and then I wouldn't have to worry if I don't eat or not.

Sean: Ahh, a rich singing attorney, hmm?

Dawn: Any objections?

Sean: You'd overrule them anyway.

Dawn: Oh, would you cut it out with the jokes and help me find a place to live here? I don't know.

Cheryl: You know, pops, I, uh, I wasn't serious before when I talked about us renting a room, but--

Vince: What?

Cheryl: But maybe it's just what we need right now. What do you think?

Donna: You expect too much of people.

Michael: All I expect, Donna, is honesty.

Donna: No. No, you expect perfection.

Michael: I never said that!

Donna: You don't have to, Michael. All you have to do is look at someone, and they see that they don't measure up.

Michael: Wait, you're beginning to sound like my brother now.

Donna: Well, maybe, just maybe, he has a point for a change.

Michael: Donna, I don't expect any more from people than they're capable of giving.

Donna: No. No, it's what you think they're capable of giving.

Michael: What do you mean?

Donna: Michael, everybody is not like you.

Michael: We're not talking about me.

Donna: Well, you know, maybe we should for a change. Did it every occur to you that people may resent you?

Michael: Do you resent me?

Donna: We're not talking about me, we're talking about you, and you don't resent anybody because you are, you're just too damn virtuous.

Michael: What do you want from me, Donna?

Donna: I wanna know that you're human, I wanna know that you have weaknesses, and that you make mistakes just like everybody else.

Michael: I thought you needed me strong.

Donna: Michael, I can never be as good a person as you.

Michael: Donna, you can be anything that you wanna be.

Donna: I'm not so sure about that anymore.

Bridget: Excuse me, Mr. Michael--.

Michael: H-how's mom?

Bridget: Well, the doctor says she's gonna need an awful lot of bed rest and a private nurse.

Michael: Could ya tell her that I'll be up in a minute?

Bridget: Yes, of course.

Michael: Honey, I-- I just wish you could believe in yourself just half as much as I believe in you.

[Door opens]

[door closes]

Zack: So, uh, your options are definitely limited, Nicole.

Nicole: I start aging like crazy?

Zack: Yeah, or look for a mail-order groom.

Nicole: Yeah.

Zack: Well, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help here.

Nicole: So am I, Zack, but I didn't expect you could do anything. Thanks for trying.

Cass: I appreciate it, buddy.

Zack: Hey, no problem. I guess I'll see you guys later.

Cass: Ok, see ya.

Zack: Ok.

Nicole: Look at them.

[Scoffs] just makes my skin crawl.

Cass: We'll figure out something.

Nicole: You know, you've really been nice.

Cass: I have?

Nicole: I was, um, wondering why.

Cass: Because you're talented.

Nicole: You think so?

Cass: Well, you designed that, didn't you?

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: I'm impressed. You're gonna make lots of money.

Nicole: Oh, I see. You want me to have money.

Cass: All we have to do is unmask Babs for the fraud that we all know she is, and then you step up and grab the brass ring.

Nicole: The money?

Cass: What else is there?

Nicole: Hmm, you're right, Cass, it's going to happen.

Reginald: Nicole, how nice. Nicole:"Fantasy in Paris". I think that's what they called my prom. Oh, these are the invitations. Terrific.

Barbara: Nicole?

Nicole: Oh, Barbara, I know you wouldn't want me to miss the new Barbara van Arkdale collection. Enjoy your breakfast. By the way...I just love your outfit, Barbara. I only hope your new collection is as interesting. I'll be sure to sit ringside.

Peter: Whose limousine is that out...Front.

Michael: Mine, Peter.

Peter: Going on a trip?

Michael: Yes, there was an explosion in one of my factories as if you didn't know.

Peter: How terrible.

Michael: Peter, you can tell your father he's not gonna get away with this. I'm so sick of the Loves. Bridget, when the nurse gets here, just make sure she gets everything that she needs, ok?

Bridget: Oh, yes, Mr. Michael.

Michael: And, uh, Mary has all the numbers of where I'm gonna be, so if anyone needs to get in touch with me--

Bridget: Yes, of course.

Michael: Thank you.

Bridget: Yes, sir.

Donna: Michael? Michael?

[Sighs] please don't go.

Michael: Donna, I have to. Before I go though I want you to answer me one question.

Donna: If it's about your mother, I promise I'm not gonna say or do anything to hurt her or upset her.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Michael... You don't think you made a mistake, do you? About me?

Michael: I have to go, Donna.

[Door closes]

Donna: [Sighs]


Peter: Donna-- Donna, could I fix you a drink?

Donna: No.

Peter: Well, you're so upset. How 'bout some coffee and bran--

Donna: Peter, I don't want a drink, I don't want anything, ok?

Peter: All right. Well, I just thought with Michael leaving--

Donna: Just shut up. Just-- just shut up, Peter.

Peter: I'm sorry.

[Phone ringing]

Donna: [Sighs] if that's for me, I don't wanna talk to anybody.

Peter: Fine. Love mansion, uh, Hudson household.

Michael: Peter, this is Michael. Let me talk to Donna.

Peter: Donna is indisposed.

Michael: Well, in that case, would you give her a message for me?

Peter: Certainly.

Michael: Would you tell her that I did not make a mistake. She'll know what I mean, and tell her that I love her.

Peter: Of course. Good-bye. That was very strange.

Donna: What?

Peter: Well, that was John Hudson.

Donna: What did he want?

Peter: Well, he asked for you, but then he said never mind and to tell everyone good-bye for him.

Donna: Good-bye?

Peter: Mm. He said he was sailing away tonight.

[Donna sighs]

John: You're a great mechanic, Henry. Thank you.

Henry: Thank you. Well, I've worked on everything from outboards to luxury liners. There's no marine engine that I can't put right.

John: I was lucky to find you.

Henry: Yeah, well, you get that rudder fixed up neat, you should be able to pull outta here tomorrow.

John: Yeah.

Henry: Right.

John: Yeah, I just might do that.

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