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Another World Transcript Friday 9/5/03

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Jamie: Oh. Ahem. So, um... What about lunch?

Lisa: Oh, I don't know--

Jamie: In here! [Laughs] where were we?

Lisa: Are you still hungry?

Jamie: What about dinner? [Laughs]

Vicky: Ahem.

Jamie: Oh... I thought it might have been Dr. Ungler.

[Both laugh]

Vicky: Who?

Lisa: His boss.

Jamie: Better known as the dreaded Dr. Ungler.

Vicky: I reminded you of your...Boss?

Jamie: Well, except for one thing. You're a lot meaner.

Reginald: Peter.

Peter: Dad.

Reginald: So... How are things at the Hudson house?

Peter: Heh. The Hudson house. Well, I sent mother Hudson down to the garage last night.

Reginald: For a tune-up?

[Peter chuckles]

Peter: Donna and John were there together.

Reginald: Excellent. Nicole.

Nicole: Hello, Reginald. Peter.

Peter: Hello, Nicky.

Reginald: Will you have lunch with us?

Nicole: No, thanks. I'm meeting Cass.

Peter: Give him my best.

Nicole: I will.

Peter: Mmm.

Nicole: Keep your eyes on the elevator door.

Cass: Do I get a big surprise?

Nicole: Big. And ugly.

Cass: Well, well, well, so the mountain comes to Mohammed.

Nicole: That mountain shouldn't wear red.

Cass: Remember what I said about strategy. Smile.

Barbara: Cass. Nicole.

Cass: Barbara.

Nicole: Blow it out your ear, Babs.

Cass: I think what Nicole means is you're looking lovely, Barbara.

Barbara: Well, I'm glad someone at this table knows how to be civilized.

Nicole: And she's not standing up.

Barbara: I think I'll be going. Oh, by the way. I wouldn't pay any more late night visits to my warehouse.

Cass: Oh, don't worry. The next time we'll bring garlic and wooden stakes. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Barbara: Did you really think that I'd leave my designs there for you to steal?

Nicole: Wait, your designs?

Cass: No name-calling, please.

Barbara: The showing will be here at Tops in 2 weeks. Mark it on your calendar. And, Cass... Why don't you advise your client that if she wants to be a designer, she should be a designer, and stop accusing her superiors of fraud.

Cass: Oh, now, come on, Barbara, where's your sense of humor?

Nicole: Right where her label is going to be.

Barbara: Face it, darling. You just don't have it.

Nicole: Oh!

Cass: Easy, tiger, easy.

Nicole: I don't care what it takes. I am going to get her.

Michael: Buchanan, I really don't care, just get me those papers!

Mary: This just came in. I think you should see it. It's important.

Michael: Thank you, Mary. Oh, I don't believe this! Bridget!

Bridget: Yes?

Mary: Is there something I can do?

Michael: No.

Bridget: Yes, Mr. Michael?

Michael: Bridget, would you pack me an overnight bag, please?

Bridget: Yes, Mr. Michael.

Donna: Make that 2, Bridget.

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Donna: All right, so where are we going?

Michael: We are not going anywhere. Bridget, uh, I'll be ready to leave in half an hour.

Bridget: Yes, Mr. Michael.

Donna: Bridget, please pack my yellow suit--

Michael: Donna, don't give me a hard time.

Donna: Michael, I want to be with you.

Michael: We made a deal.

Donna: No, you made the deal.

Michael: I'm sorry, you're not going. Mary, would you have Falkland telex back to the people and tell them I'll be there today?

Mary: Shall I pack your briefcase for you?

Michael: Yes, if you would, please, and also enclose the reports on the Jansen oil field.

Donna: I thought the fire was under control.

Michael: Well, it's not. They're gonna have to blast.

Donna: Michael, I want to go with you. Bridget, please pack my bag.

Bridget: Oh, I'm sorry, but--

Michael: Excuse me-Donna, would you please not give me a hard time here? Look, I couldn't spend any time with you. I can't watch over you and be in the field.

Donna: Michael, I won't get in your way.

Michael: Honey, just forget it. I'm trying to save my business. Will you get off my back?

Donna: Michael!

Michael: Mary, uh, just get the telex office, please.

Mary: Yes, I will.

Bridget: Oh, well, I'll just go help him with his bag.

Donna: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Mary: Michael is under a lot of stress. All the staff understand that.

Donna: You have been with him for one day. You don't have all the answers.

Vicky: Uh, look, I'll wait right out here.

Lisa: No, Vicky, you don't have to leave.

Vicky: Really, it's not that important.

Jamie: You know something, you are a very lousy liar. Come on, get in here.

Lisa: Listen, do you have a quarter? I need to put something in the meter.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, sure, here.

Lisa: Good. I'll be right back.

Jamie: Hey. I hope you're not long. I'm hungry.

Lisa: I noticed.

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: So, what's up?

Lisa: I'm really sorry to barge in on you like this, Jamie. I feel like a jerk.

Jamie: Oh, come on. Forget about it. What's wrong?

Vicky: Uh...Nothing, I guess.

Jamie: Come on, you wouldn't come all the way over here just to tell me nothing is wrong.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Did something happen? With your folks?

Vicky: Jamie, you know what I told you last night about uncle John and Donna?

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Well, I was all wrong.

Jamie: Well, what happened?

Vicky: I went over to the house to tell my father everything.

Jamie: But you didn't.

Vicky: Suddenly there was nothing to tell.

Jamie: Why?

Vicky: My dad gave me the big news.

Jamie: What news?

Vicky: They're gonna have another baby. Can you believe it?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, sure, I can believe that.

Vicky: Well... That means that uncle John and Donna aren't having an affair, right?

Jamie: Yeah, I guess so.

Vicky: I mean, Donna must really love my father a lot if they're gonna have a baby.

Jamie: That's usually the way it works, yeah.

Vicky: Yeah, even if they are too old.

Jamie: What's really bothering you?

Vicky: Nothing! I told you, I am all wrong.

Jamie: Are you still worried about Donna and John?

Vicky: No.

Jamie: Is it the baby?

Vicky: I don't know.

Jamie: How did you feel when you found out?

Vicky: I didn't feel anything, ok?

Jamie: Then why are you so upset?

Vicky: I'm not! Babies don't mean anything to me.

Jamie: Oh, right, I didn't see you with those twins I delivered.

Vicky: That was different.

Jamie: You know, maybe you want your parents to be happy... But not that happy.

Vicky: What do I care?

Jamie: Are you jealous?

Vicky: Jealous? Jamie, I am not 2 years old, ok?

Jamie: You don't have to be 2 years old to have those kinds of feelings. Your life wasn't all that easy.

Vicky: Well, it's great now. Terrific, fantastic. I mean, even ask Michael.

Jamie: Hey, Michael loves you. And so does Donna.

Vicky: Well, if Donna loves me so much, then why does she have to have another baby?

Lisa: Let me go.

Reginald: I keep wondering if it's wise to bring Clara Hudson into this.

Peter: Well, dad, we don't have much choice. Vicky keeps backing down.

Reginald: Well, it's better that she's out of it. I hate seeing her in so much pain.

Peter: Hmm. Fortunately, Michael listens to everything his sainted mother says.

Reginald: Does she suspect anything?

Peter: She is a pretty sharp old bird.

Reginald: John is still her son.

Peter: Yeah, but Michael is her fair-haired boy. I think we're in business here. As long as she doesn't have another stroke.

Reginald: Just don't trust anything to chance.

Peter: I won't, don't worry. Don't worry. As a matter of fact, I better make sure John still wants that boat, huh?

Barbara: Mmm. I love your olives.

John: I'll tell the chef.

Barbara: Darling, do you see those 2 rather nondescript people sitting over there at that table?

John: Yeah.

Barbara: Why don't you make them a couple of bloody marys? They look like they could use them. Just put it on my tab.

John: Ok.

Barbara: Oh, and give them a message. Tell them I'm gonna wipe up the floor with them.

Peter: Hello, John.

John: Peter.

Peter: Still interested in buying a boat?

John: Well, if the price is right, yeah.

Peter: It will be, don't worry. All I have to do is draw up a contract and transfer the title.

John: Well, when do you want to do it?

Peter: Ah, well, tonight? I can meet you at the boat down at the docks.

John: What time?

Peter: When is it convenient for you?

John: You're being awfully agreeable about this.

Peter: Well...

John: I have to get to the bank first.

Peter: I see, I see. Yeah, well, I have to check my schedule, too.

John: You want me to call you?

Peter: Good. No, no, on second thought, don't. I don't know where I'll be. Um...Tell you what? Why don't you leave me a note here, all right? Let me know what time to meet you.

John: Ok.

Peter: Great, great.

John: Excuse me.

Peter: Certainly. Excuse me for staring. Heh heh heh. But aren't you Barbara van Arkdale?

Barbara: Yes. Tell me, that man you're sitting with, isn't he Reginald Love?

John: Welcome back.

Nicole: Well, you're much more talkative than last night.

John: Well, I had a few things on my mind. You certainly have filled out.

Nicole: Heh. Well, so have you.

Cass: Am I missing something?

Nicole: I used to hide his basketball.

John: You used to have braces on your teeth.

Cass: And what's with the drinks, John?

John: The lady at the bar ordered them for you.

Cass: Oh, that's no lady.

John: She's crazy about you, too.

Cass: Well, just stay out of the crossfire.

Nicole: Don't you dare touch that drink if she paid for it.

John: Well, I think I'll just stand back and watch the sparks fly.

Cass: Then I'd say you're in for some real fireworks. Cheers.

Lisa: Hi, Cheryl.

Cheryl: Hi, how you doing?

Lisa: Can we have that table over there?

Cheryl: Sure.

Lisa: Thanks.

Cheryl: Um, I'll bring you some menus.

Lisa: Ok.

Vicky: You really didn't have to ask me to lunch.

Lisa: I wanted to. And besides, Jamie had that emergency, and I didn't want to eat alone.

Vicky: Oh, me, neither.

Lisa: I wanted to take you out to lunch before. I'd like to get to know you.

Vicky: If you really want to know about me, you just have to ask half of Bay City.

Lisa: I like to make up my own mind about people.

Vicky: Thanks.

Lisa: What for?

Cheryl: Our specials today are chicken salad--

Lisa: Oh, that sounds great. I'll have that.

Vicky: Me, too.

Vicky: Ugh. Cheryl McKinnon is not one of my biggest fans.

Lisa: I'm really glad that you came by the hospital today.

Vicky: You are?

Lisa: Yeah. Jamie said that you're having problems with your family.

Vicky: He did?

Lisa: Well, he didn't go into specifics.

Vicky: Oh, it's no big deal.

Lisa: I guess it's good to have someone to talk to, isn't it?

Vicky: Lisa, you don't mind if I talk to Jamie?

Lisa: No, of course not. I know he's very understanding. He helped me with a lot of my problems.

Vicky: You two don't have to be my shrinks, you know.

Lisa: Well, we wouldn't mind being your friends.

Vicky: Both of you?

Lisa: I don't know many people in Bay City.

Vicky: Me, neither. Um... Felicia Gallant is your aunt, right?

Lisa: Yes.

Vicky: Do you live with her?

Lisa: I used to, but I just got my own apartment.

Vicky: I'm gonna have my own place soon, too. Donna let me re-do the beach house.

Lisa: I'd love to see it.

Vicky: Sure.

Lisa: Ok.

Vicky: Uh, do you live near the hospital?

Lisa: Yeah, I live pretty close.

Vicky: So I guess you and Jamie see a lot of each other, right?

Lisa: Not as much as I would like to. He has a crazy schedule.

Vicky: Doctor's hours.

Lisa: Yeah. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Vicky: Do you have dinner together every night?

Lisa: We try, but sometimes he's so exhausted he just falls into bed.

Vicky: I'll bet.

Lisa: But I don't mind. Jamie is worth it.

Vicky: You know, Lisa, you're very lucky.

Lisa: Why do you say that?

Vicky: You have somebody who loves you.

Cheryl: Hi, Chad.

Chad: Hello, Cheryl. I'd like you to meet my little sister, Dawn.

Cheryl: Hi.

Dawn: Hi. Aren't you the girl that's in the, uh, the pictures on Chad's desk?

Cheryl: Well, I had to do a little modeling to, uh, support my career in waitressing.

Chad: I think you ought to brace yourself.

Cheryl: Why?

Chad: I have some news that may change everything.

Mary: Donna, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with you.

Donna: No. No, that was a very rude thing for me to say, and I am--I'm sorry.

Mary: You're right. I have only worked for Michael for one day, and although my boss is under a great deal of pressure--

Donna: I don't care. There was no excuse for it, and I am--I'm sorry.

Mary: But I'm not trying to explain your husband to you.

Donna: Heh. Oh, you know, I really wish you could. I mean, he has been away so much lately.

Mary: He's trying to save his business.

Donna: Yes, I know that. But I am so used to having him here. Mary, I need him.

Mary: And I'm sure he'd rather be with you than off at some oil field fire.

Donna: You know, I can't help it, but I feel like all I do is just sit around and wait for him to come home. I feel like some kind of widow or something.

Mary: Well, it's a really bad time right now. Eventually, it will be over.

Donna: I hope you're right. And I just hope that the damage won't be permanent.

Mary: Damage?

Donna: Yes! I mean, everything I seem to say or--or do makes him angry.

Mary: He's just--he's--he's got a quick temper. But he cools down, and then he's really a very gentle man, and he is crazy about you.

Donna: You know, I think you really do understand him.

Mary: I understand that he needs some room right now.

Donna: Then what is wrong with me?

Mary: Nothing!

Donna: Everything I say or do is just not right.

Mary: You're just upset. You're being way too hard on yourself.

Donna: I just want to make things better for Michael, the way you seem to be able to.

Mary: I'm his assistant. There are certain specific things I can do to assist him. You have the hard part.

Donna: I do?

Mary: Well, sure. To be there for him when he needs you, and to figure out a way to fill the time when he's gone.

Donna: Yes, that is the hard part.

Mary: Maybe you should spend a little more time with your friends. Let them help you. Let me help you.

Donna: All right. Thank you.

[Telephone rings]

[Donna sighs]

Mary: Do you want me to get that?

Donna: Would you, please?

Mary: Of course.


Mary: Hello, Hudson residence. Uh, yeah, uh... Hold on one second. Go ahead. Ah. Great. Uh-huh. Yes. Yes, I will. I will see that he gets it. Thank you.

Donna: What, is that for Michael?

Mary: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Mrs. McKinnon? They want you down at the office right away. There's another emergency.

Mary: Oh, Lord. Uh...Uh... Would you give this to Michael? It's important. See that he gets it before he leaves.

Donna: Yes, of course I will.

Mary: I'll be at the office if you need me.

[Door opens]

[door closes]

Donna: Just get out of my life!

John: I keep trying!

Donna: No, I think you want Victoria to find out, and I think you want her to tell Michael.

John: If I wanted Michael to know, I'd tell him myself.

Donna: You are never going to admit what you're doing, are you? And you're not going to stop until you destroy my marriage, because you want me, and you'd do anything to have me.

John: If anyone is gonna destroy your marriage, it's gonna be you.

Donna: I love Michael.

John: Then go back to the house. I'll be out of here as soon as I can.

Donna: [Scoffs] this is all just a joke to you, isn't it?

John: I just came here to get some tools.

Donna: Don't do this to Michael, please.

John: I didn't leave the gardenias on the boat.

Donna: Well, neither did I!

John: What was it, the phantom florist?

Donna: Oh, stop it! You know, I really can't stand any more of your lies!

John: I have never lied to you. Never. I would never do anything to hurt you.

Donna: Uh, yes, is Dr. Bridges in, please? This is Donna Hudson. Oh, well, I-I just wanted to know if my test results, uh, were in for my pregnancy test. I see. I-I do have an appointment later this afternoon. Great. Yes, I will be right there. Thank you. Bridget? Bridget, can you have the car sent around, please?

John: Can I get you a refill?

Barbara: No, thank you. Thank you.

Nicole: I should have known. Trash always ends up with trash.

Cass: Looks like the troops are lining up.

Barbara: Mr. Love?

Reginald: I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

Peter: Dad...Permit me to introduce Barbara van Arkdale.

Reginald: The fashion designer?

Barbara: Good looks definitely run in your family.

Reginald: Please, join us.

Barbara: Thank you.

Peter: Here, permit me to, uh... There you are.

Peter: Barbara--if I may call you Barbara? I was just reading about your fashion show.

Barbara: Yes, I'm showing my fall line.

Reginald: I hope you'll save me a front-row seat.

Peter: Me, too.

Barbara: Oh, you know I will. As long as Felicia Gallant holds up to her end of the contract.

Reginald: Is there a problem?

Barbara: Actually, certain parties who shall remain nameless are trying to pressure Miss Gallant into reneging on our deal.

Peter: Oh, I can deal with the parties in question.

Barbara: Can you?

Peter: Absolutely.

Reginald: Felicia isn't as independent as she likes to think.

Barbara: Really? I shall be eternally grateful for any help.

Peter: Just leave everything to me.

Barbara: Oh, I will, darling. I most certainly will.

Nicole: Can you believe her?

Cass: Looks like old Babs has broken the ice with daddy.

Nicole: Broken the ice? His shorts must be scorched. Reggie baby hasn't had that much attention from a woman in decades.

Nicole: She'll just keep batting those false eyelashes at him until he coughs up a fortune in backup money.

Cass: No, he's shrewder than that.

Nicole: He'd do it just to show me who's boss.

Cass: Sounds like you need to be the boss.

Nicole: You're right. I'll never be able to design... Unless I open up my own shop.

Cass: Where are you going?

Nicole: I have to call a man about a fortune.

Vicky: Have you known Jamie a long time?

Lisa: Well, in a way, it seems like forever, but it hasn't been that long. I didn't know much about love before I met Jamie. I was afraid of it.

Vicky: But now you're not?

Lisa: Not with Jamie.

Vicky: You two seem like you don't have a problem in the world.

Lisa: Oh, I had a lot of problems, plenty of problems. I had a lot of things that I kept locked inside of me. Things I didn't want to tell anybody.

Vicky: Except Jamie.

Lisa: Not even him at first. He kept breaking down my defenses and making me trust him.

Vicky: Yeah, he's like that.

Lisa: I never thought that I would love anybody so much.

Vicky: I am never falling in love.

Lisa: That's what I used to say.

Vicky: Well, I guess I'm not the sentimental type, you know?

Lisa: You'll change your mind.

Vicky: No. No, I won't.

Lisa: I think you will. When you meet the right man.

Cheryl: Sam Fowler called you? He really did?

Chad: Sure did.

Dawn: Who is Sam Fowler?

Cheryl: He's with Brava magazine.

Chad: They're putting together a whole new campaign, and it seems like they're trying to attract a younger audience.

Dawn: And they want you?

Chad: Couple more jobs like this, kiddo, and you won't be bussing tables anymore.

Cheryl: Well, all I want is my own place.

Dawn: Me, too. It must be nice to be independent.

Cheryl: Yeah, well, it certainly is nice to dream, anyway.

Chad: Look, I will call you the minute I find out any specifics, I promise.

Cheryl: Thanks, Chad. So, are you living here in Bay City now, or--

Dawn: Yeah.

Cheryl: Well, if you're bored or you want to go shopping or anything, just give me a call, ok?

Dawn: Before you become the new Christie Brinkley.

Cheryl: Yeah, right.

Chad: This is true.

[Cheryl giggles]

Cheryl: See you later.

Dawn: Bye.

Chad: See you, Cheryl.

Dawn: She seems really nice.

Chad: Cheryl is a sweet kid.

Dawn: Yeah.

Scott: Hi, guys.

Dawn: Hi.

Chad: Sit down, Scott.

Scott: Thanks a lot. How's it going?

Dawn: Good. Did you find out anything about the apartment?

Chad: What apartment is this?

Scott: Dawn and I were talking about her getting her own apartment.

Chad: Oh, you were talking about it?

Scott: Yeah. I told her there was a place next to mine that might be for rent.

Chad: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Dawn: When can I see it?

Chad: You can't see it! Just hold on a second.

Dawn: Chad!

Chad: You're not getting your own apartment. Just wait a minute now.

Dawn: Chad, I already told you--

[both yelling]

Scott: Hey, hey, hey. Wait a second. It doesn't matter, ok? The apartment's rented. It's already rented.

Chad: Could I see you outside?

Cass: Oh, you mix a mean bloody mary.

John: Lucky it's not my life's work.

Cass: What do you mean?

John: Just bought a sailboat.

Cass: You're gonna live on the lake?

John: Yeah, as soon as I fix up the boat.

Cass: You're leaving a mansion to live in a boat?

John: You wouldn't understand.

Cass: Well, that's absurd. You won't have room service.

John: I won't have my brother, either.

Cass: And here I thought you were sticking me with the check.

Nicole: I might have to.

Cass: Where were you?

Nicole: The phone. I just talked to the administrator of my trust fund.

Cass: Oh...Trust funds were designed to keep people with money from having that money.

Nicole: I can't touch a cent.

Cass: Do you have any other income?

Nicole: Enough to live on. That's all. Oh...I can't believe how stupid I am about money.

Cass: Oh, that's because you're loaded. It's traditional.

Nicole: Grandma set up generous trust funds for each of the Love children.

Cass: Yeah? So far, so good.

Nicole: We all get a yearly stipend.

Cass: Which you spend about as fast as you get.

Nicole: The plain and ugly fact of the matter is... Cass, I'm broke.

Cass: So what? I've been broke plenty of times.

Nicole: But I need money now.

Cass: Oh, no. No. I know what you're thinking.

Nicole: He is my father.

Cass: He's coming over here! Now, listen, don't agree to anything until we talk. You got it?

Reginald: Nicole, may I speak to you for a moment? Privately.

Cass: It's up to you, kiddo.

Donna: Look, I just want to see my test results.

Nurse: You can't look at your chart.

Donna: Why not?

Nurse: Just give it to me.

Donna: It is my chart.

Nurse: I understand that.

Donna: I will look at it when I want.

Jamie: It's ok. Give me the chart, Donna. Sandy, would you tell Dr. Bridges that I am with Mrs. Hudson? Thank you. Just step in here. Now... You know you were way out of line, don't you?

Donna: Why? Because I wanted to see my test results?

Jamie: You wouldn't be able to read these anyway. Only doctors know how to interpret them.

Donna: Then, fine, interpret.

Jamie: What's the rush?

Donna: I want to know if I'm pregnant or not.

Jamie: It would be unethical, Donna, for me to reveal the findings of another doctor. Unless, of course, there is an emergency.

Donna: Jamie, I'm just so tired of waiting.

Jamie: I'm sure Dr. Bridges will be here momentarily. Do you want to be pregnant?

Donna: Yes! Yes, more than anything.

Jamie: How does Michael feel about starting a new family?

Donna: He is thrilled.

Jamie: What about all the newfound freedom?

Donna: Jamie, we both want a baby. Besides, I really don't know how much time I have left. This could be my last chance.

Jamie: You know, Vicky came by to see me.

Donna: She was here?

Jamie: Mm-hmm, yeah, she wanted to talk.

Donna: To you? About what?

Jamie: Things in general. How do you think Vicky feels about this baby?

Donna: Jamie, I don't even know if I am pregnant yet.

Jamie: Maybe you should talk to her.

Donna: Victoria and I do not talk these days. She practically bites my head off.

Jamie: I think that's mainly defense mechanisms.

Donna: Then why don't you talk to her? You seem to have an influence over her.

Jamie: I'm trying to be her friend.

Donna: Good. Then maybe you can get her to cooperate for a change.

Jamie: She feels left out, Donna.

Donna: She isolates herself, Jamie. Oh, Dr. Bridges.

Jamie: Hi, Jim, I was just keeping Donna company.

Dr. Bridges: Thanks, Jamie. I'm sorry you got so upset, Donna.

Jamie: I should finish my rounds. Good luck, Donna.

Donna: Thanks, Jamie.

Donna: Well?

Dr. Bridges: Uh...I'd like to talk about these tests, Donna.

Donna: Dr. Bridges, I don't want to talk. I just want to know if I'm pregnant.

Scott: Chad, look, it was only a date.

Chad: Why didn't Dawn tell me about it?

Scott: Because it just happened.

Chad: What do you mean, it just happened? What does that mean?

Scott: We were at Tops, and she was... alone, and we decided to go for a walk.

Chad: I had no idea you two were seeing each other.

Scott: We bumped into each other a couple of times. And I like her.

Chad: So what did you do last night? Where did you go?

Scott: It was no big deal. We went down to the docks, and it was too late to see a movie, so we... we just walked around. We looked at the stars.

Chad: That--that's it?

Scott: You wouldn't understand.

Chad: Well, try me!

Scott: We talked.

Chad: About what?

Scott: Ab-- don't start with the overprotective brother routine. It's boring me.

Chad: We're talking about my sister, here, ok? You had no right to take her down to the docks at that hour. You don't even know her.

Scott: What is it with you?

Chad: My sister. She has never even dated.

Scott: So are you trying to keep it that way?

Chad: Just don't go sneaking behind my back.

Scott: What--what am I supposed to do, ask your permission if I can take Dawn out?

Chad: That sounds like a good idea to me.

Scott: You know what? That sounds like Vince McKinnon.

Chad: Well, maybe Vince wasn't so far off-base. Dawn, could you please wait for us inside?

Dawn: No, I just wanted to ask Scott if he's got some time, maybe he can show me down to the docks--

Chad: No--

Scott: Sure. Look, I have all the time in the world.

Chad: Well, unfortunately, Dawn doesn't. Come on.

Dawn: Chad.

Chad: You've got some eating to do, young lady.

Dawn: I am all finished.

Chad: Well, then, we'll have some dessert.

Dawn: I'm not hungry.

Chad: Well, you will be.

Reginald: If you don't mind, I'd like to speak to my daughter alone, Winthrop.

Cass: All I said was that it was up to her.

Nicole: It's all right, Cass. I can handle my father.

Cass: So can Barbara van Arkdale.

Reginald: Miss van Arkdale told me all about your difficulties.

Nicole: My difficulties? She stole my designs.

Reginald: Why don't you forget your little designs? Let me set you up in business.

Cass: Oh, he'll set you up, all right.

Reginald: That way, you'd have your own label.

Nicole: Barbara and I had a deal.

Reginald: Deals are made to be broken.

Cass: Precept you live by.

Reginald: I just want to make sure that you... Make a success of something. Let me help you.

Cass: You don't need his money.

Nicole: Cass! You know I do.

Cass: We can find another way.

Reginald: Stay out of this, Winthrop.

Cass: You know him! He's probably made a side deal with Babs!

Reginald: That's absurd!

Cass: She'll end up owning all of your designs for the rest of your life.

Reginald: I'll have a showroom at your disposal tomorrow.

Cass: You might not even own your own name!

Reginald: How does 1.5 million in starting money sound?

Cass: Like a bribe.

Reginald: I could have it transferred into your account within the hour.

Cass: Keep your money! We'll find another way. Right, Nicole?

Nicole: I'd rather steal the money than take it from you.

Reginald: I offer you love and concern, and you say that?

Nicole: You don't offer anything unless there's something in it for you.

Reginald: I want you to be happy. I love you.

Nicole: It's too late.

Reginald: What possible motive could I have?

Cass: She doesn't want the dough, so buzz off.

Nicole: I can do this by myself.

Reginald: Darling, I think it's very sweet that you want to prove something to me, but do you really think you're any match for Barbara van Arkdale? You're undisciplined. You don't have any experience.

Nicole: I have talent.

Reginald: That's what you said when you wanted a singing career. Now, what did that music critic write?

Nicole: You're not going to hurt me.

Reginald: I'm trying to help you face the truth about yourself.

Cass: The truth about you is that you're slime. Come on, let's get out of here.

Nicole: It's all right, Cass.

Reginald: I would just hate to see you start making those same old mistakes.

Nicole: How do you know about my mistakes? You weren't even here.

Reginald: I know about the men who used you, who let you pay their way.

Nicole: Don't do this.

Reginald: Then that nasty business with drugs. Cocaine, wasn't it?

Nicole: Please.

Reginald: I'd hate to see you fall into that trap again.

Cass: Ok, that's enough.

Reginald: I'm just trying to tell her the truth.

Cass: Forget it.

Nicole: I thought everyone had forgotten.

Cass: It's ok.

Nicole: I wanted to put it all behind me.

Cass: You made a few mistakes. Who hasn't?

Nicole: That's why this business is so important to me. I have to start over.

Cass: You already have.

Nicole: When he was, uh, describing all of that... He wasn't lying.

Cass: Don't cry. Somebody as beautiful as you should never have tears in her eyes.

Dawn: You are treating me like I am a little kid.

Chad: You are a kid.

Dawn: I am not anymore!

Cheryl: This sounds familiar.

Chad: Terrific.

Dawn: I was on my own when I was in New York.

Chad: You are too young to have your own apartment, young lady.

Dawn: Why? You had your own apartment when you were my age!

Chad: That's different.

Dawn: Why is that any different?

Cheryl: Yeah, this definitely sounds familiar.

Chad: I love you, and I am gonna take care of you.

Dawn: Don't you think it's about time that I started taking care of myself?

Cheryl: Chad, I don't want to butt in, but I think that Dawn has a point.

Chad: Cheryl, I don't need this right now. Please.

Cheryl: You're making the same mistake pops did. He thought that if he took good enough care of me that I wouldn't have any problems. Well, he was wrong... Because I ended up having problems anyway, and I didn't know how to take care of them.

Dawn: You see?

Chad: Well, looks like I'm outnumbered here.

Dawn: Does this mean what I think it means?

Chad: It means if you or Cheryl hear of an apartment that's decent, I'll look at it.

Dawn: Oh, now you're talking!

Chad: But first, I am gonna make that appointment for you at the Chicago Academy of Music.

Dawn: Fine, just go make the appointment.

Dawn: Thank you.

Cheryl: Don't worry about it. What do you say we have some dessert to celebrate?

Dawn: Uh, no, I think I'm gonna take a walk down by the docks. Maybe I'll run into a great-looking guy.

Cheryl: At the docks?

Dawn: Hey, you never know.

Cheryl: Well, good luck.

Dawn: Bye.

Cheryl: See ya.

Michael: Oh, Mary, hey, you got my briefcase?

Mary: You don't need it. Michael, you don't have to go.

Michael: What?

Mary: They were able to put the fire out without blasting. Didn't Donna tell you?

Michael: No! No, I just canceled 2 very important meetings with franchises. I don't believe this! Donna, were you supposed to give me a message?

Donna: Oh. I--I--I forgot. It's still on the table, Michael.

Michael: You forgot? Honey, look, I'm fighting for my life right here. What do you mean, you forgot?

Donna: I'm sorry.

Mary: I'm going back to the office.

Michael: Mary, no, look, you hold on--

Donna: Michael, please, I am very sorry.

Michael: Donna, sometimes I really wonder about you.

Donna: I have other things on my mind.

Michael: Like what, going to the hairdresser?

Donna: That's not fair! I'm not responsible for delivering messages to you. That's what you pay her for.

Mary: I'm sorry. It was my fault. I should not have expected Donna to do my job. It won't happen again.

Michael: Mary--

Mary: If you need me, I'll be in the office.

Michael: Donna, you had no right to do that.

Donna: Oh. Oh, I see. You're taking her side now?

Michael: No. Don't you ever take that tone with one of my employees again. Ever. Is that clear?

Cass: Come on, blow.

Nicole: You're being almost nice.

Cass: Oh, gee, don't spread that around.

Nicole: Heh.

Cass: Look... I have decided to get you the money.

Nicole: Oh, no.

Cass: No, no, I've pulled scams for less worthy causes.

Nicole: I'll pay you back.

Cass: Yeah, right.

Nicole: No, I was thinking about this. If I could just manufacture a few things--

Cass: How much money do you need?

Nicole: What my father offered. 1.5 million.

Cass: Dollars?

Nicole: Yeah. Cass, what's wrong?

Cass: $1.5 million for some dresses?

Nicole: Not even the great Cass can raise that kind of money?

Cass: Gee, I... 1.5 million.

Nicole: Maybe we can talk to that, uh, friend of yours.

Cass: What friend?

Nicole: You know, that tuna person.

Cass: No, no, no, no. No, not that tuna person. 1.5 million, huh?

Reginald: What does it say?

Peter: Heh heh. "Meet me at the boat dock at 7:00 tonight." Perfect.

Reginald: I trust the next eyes to see that will be Donna's.

Peter: Heh. Donna will know that the handwriting is John's, and she'll run right down to the boat. In the meantime, I have to make sure that Clara sees this.

Reginald: That sounds tricky.

Peter: I can do it.

Reginald: Heh heh heh. Good. By this time tomorrow, Michael Hudson should be asking for a divorce.

Peter: Ah...Let's hope.

Donna: You are the one that has changed.

Michael: Hey, look, I've been a little out of my mind, all right? I'm trying to hold the family together, I got my business that's falling apart--

Donna: What about me? What about us? What about our happiness?

Michael: Happiness? Donna, happiness may be something you have to work at sometimes.

Donna: Oh, and I haven't been?

Michael: Look, I think that sometimes you're a little self-involved.

Donna: Me? Me, self-involved?

Michael: Yes, and I get tired of having to cater to you.

Donna: Oh, I see. What am I supposed to do, just cook and clean and take care of your entire family, and then just go off and sit quietly in some little corner someplace?

Michael: No! But I'd like it if you could give me just a simple message, or is that too much to ask?

Donna: I don't care about your lousy message!

Michael: See, that's what I mean.

Donna: No, because you didn't even care to find out why I forgot to give it to you. You were too busy making your own assumptions.

Michael: That's not true, Donna.

Donna: For your information, the reason I forgot to give you your message is because I just came from Dr. Bridges' office, and now since you seem to hate me so much you'll be so relieved to know that I am not pregnant!

Michael: Hey, hey, hey!

Michael: I'm really sorry.

Michael: I wanted that baby, too. Donna... Donna, I'm just not thinking straight lately. I do love you, honey. I do love you. I'm sorry.

Dawn: Scott!

Scott: Dawn, I didn't think you were gonna show up.

Dawn: Oh, are you kidding? I love this place. You know what? Tomorrow I'm gonna come here and watch the sun rise.

Scott: I'll set my alarm. How's that?

Dawn: Will you?

Scott: You bet. But, uh... There's one thing.

Dawn: What?

Scott: I don't want to come between you and Chad.

Dawn: Oh, you couldn't do that.

Scott: He's not exactly crazy about us seeing each other.

Dawn: He's just being a big brother.

Scott: Yeah, well, I've been through this thing before.

Dawn: Been through what before?

Scott: Being involved with a girl who has an overly protective male relative.

Dawn: Are you involved?

Scott: Yeah, I am. Now.

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