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Another World Transcript Thursday 9/4/03

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[Cat meowing]

Nicole: Barbara...

Barbara: Hello, darlings. Fancy meeting you here.

Cass: Barbara Van Arkdale...

Nicole: Here, among the common people?

[Barbara chuckles]

Barbara: You're the one hiding in the shadows with a man, Nicole. What's the occasion? Business or pleasure?

Cass: I'm here as Nicole's attorney.

Barbara: Oh, of course. I'd almost forgotten you're a lawyer. Are you as good at that as you are at gambling?

Cass: We'll find out, won't we?

Barbara: [Chuckles] remember that night in Monte Carlo?

Nicole: What night?

Cass: I believe she's referring to the night that I cleaned her out at the baccarat table.

Nicole: Why didn't I ever hear about that?

Barbara: I've never been so charmingly taken.

Cass: Why, thank you very much--

Nicole: Can we cut the banter here? Cass is going to help me prove that you stole my designs.

Barbara: That would take a great deal of skill and luck.

Cass: Well, I happen to be a very good lawyer.

Barbara: Then you must have an intimate knowledge of the legal system.

Cass: Intimate.

Barbara: Tell me then, since this warehouse is mine, and I didn't give either one of you permission to be here, shouldn't I have you arrested for breaking and entering?

Scott: Hey, Wally.

Wally: Hey, Scott. Little late for dinner, aren't you?

Scott: Actually... I already ate. I was looking for Dawn Rollo.

Wally: She's right over there.

Tony: What's a beautiful girl like you doing sitting alone?

Dawn: Oh, I don't mind being alone, really.

Tony: Don't worry. You're not anymore.

Scott: Wally, is she with Tony?

Wally: No. He's been drinking a lot.

Scott: Maybe I have to change this.

Reginald: I can't imagine attending bar with John Hudson's interests.

Peter: Well, at least he didn't leave town.

Reginald: Not yet.

Peter: Pretty soon it won't matter whether he stays or goes.

Reginald: Hmm, you sound very sure of yourself.

Peter: Dad, Vicky was on the sailboat. She saw the gardenia. She saw that the boat belongs to Donna. She knows her uncle John is staying there. She is bound to put 2 and 2 together.

Reginald: What if she still doesn't talk to Michael? She hasn't so far.

Peter: We'll just have to take stronger measures.

Vicky: I have to talk to you... Alone.

Michael: You want to tell me what this is all about?

Vicky: Well, this family means a lot to you, right?

Michael: You know it does.

Vicky: That's what I have to talk to you about.

Donna: Victoria, can't this wait until in the morning--

Vicky: No! I need to talk to you tonight, dad, please.

Donna: Victoria, Michael has had so many difficulties--

Michael: No, it's really all right. Talk about this downstairs.

Vicky: Thank you.

Michael: And I hope you're going to tell me what's upsetting you once and for all.

Vicky: That's exactly what I have to talk to you about.

[Captioning made possible by ABC cable group]

Vicky: I first want to tell you...That I love you.

Michael: [Chuckles] well, I love you, too.

Vicky: I know. And I would do anything to keep you happy.

Michael: Well, you called me dad upstairs. That's a pretty good start.

Vicky: Always needed a dad. And now I have a dad that every girl dreams of. I just don't know what to do.

Michael: About what?

Vicky: When I came here, I thought we could all be together and things would be perfect and we could all be happy.

Michael: Well, honey, look, I'm really sorry about that. I mean, everything can't be perfect. I mean, we're trying to put together a family here. That takes a lot of adjusting and takes a lot of time.

Vicky: I never would've come back here if I knew how much pain I would cause you.

Michael: Vicky, if you're talking about that car--

Vicky: The car is only part of it. There's a reason why that happened.

Michael: Ok.

Vicky: I just can't keep it inside anymore.

Michael: There's nothing that you can't tell me.

Vicky: I don't want to hurt you.

Michael: Look, the only thing that hurts me is dishonesty, all right, especially from the people that I love. So, why don't you tell me what's bothering you?

Vicky: Ok.

Michael: The truth?

Vicky: Yes... The truth.

[Telephone rings]

John: Tops.

Donna: Uh, yes, is Felicia Gallant there, please.

John: No, she's in Europe. Donna?

Donna: John?

John: Are you all right?

Donna: I just wanted to talk to Felicia, that's all.

[Hangs up phone]

Dawn: Tony, I really don't mind being by myself.

Tony: Now you don't have to worry about it.

Scott: You ready to go?

Tony: Ah. What are you doing here?

Scott: Dawn and I have a date.

Tony: Some date. Picks you up after 11:00.

Scott: In that case I guess we better not waste any more time.

Dawn: Yes, of course. Good-bye, Tony.

Tony: Ciao.

Dawn: Thank you. I really didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Scott: Well, he's usually not that obnoxious.

Dawn: Well, it was nice seeing you again.

Scott: Whoa--whoa, whoa, wait. We've got a date, remember?

Dawn: Oh, you just made that up.

Scott: I did, but it doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea.

Dawn: No.

Scott: It's not like we're strangers. I mean, we are friends. Right?

Dawn: I hope so. Ok, ok, um, a date between friends?

Scott: Friendly date.

Dawn: Friendly date.

Scott: Ok.

Reginald: Scott... Aren't you gonna say hello?

Scott: Hello.

Reginald: And who is this lovely young lady?

Scott: Dawn Rollo.

Dawn: We're on our first friendly date.

Reginald: You're a lucky man, Scott. Why don't you let me buy you a drink?

Scott: No, thanks, we're kind of in a hurry. Come on, Dawn.

Dawn: He seems nice. Who is he?

Scott: He's my father.

Nicole: You want to arrest us for breaking and entering?

[Scoffs] you wrote the book on breaking and entering, not to mention lying, stealing--

Cass: Nicole and I were in the neighborhood and, uh, we saw the door open. We thought we'd drop in.

Barbara: And rifle through my packing crates? Oh, nice try, Cass.

Nicole: So, call the police. Call the army! I'm gonna prove to everyone that you stole my designs.

Barbara: Oh! You're not still telling that sad tale, are you, Nicole?

Nicole: You did steal them!

Barbara: What in the world would make you think that I'd want your pathetic little scribbles?

Nicole: Ohh! Pathetic! You turned green every time you saw them!

Barbara: That wasn't envy, darling--it was nausea.

Nicole: Ohh!

Cass: Now, wait, wait, wait! Wait a minute!

Nicole: Yeah, the only talent you know is what you pick up on the streets!

Barbara: Isn't that where I found you?

Nicole: Ohh! I worked like a dog for you, lady! Those designs are mine!

Barbara: You know, this really is so tiresome. My attorney will be calling you.

Cass: About what?

Barbara: The suit I'm bringing against Nicole.

Cass: You don't have a thing on her.

Barbara: Ohh, didn't you at least tell Cass the truth?

Nicole: About what?!

Barbara: That you stole my designs and now you're trying to pass them off as your own!

Nicole: Ohh, of all the nerve!

Barbara: It's really kind of sad when you think about it.

Nicole: Ohh! I'll kill her!

Cass: Nicole!

Nicole: I'll kill her! No!

Cass: Drop the flashlight. Drop it!

Vicky: I don't know where to start.

Michael: I'll tell you what, why don't you, uh, start at the beginning, and then if I don't understand something I'll stop you.

Vicky: Well, I don't think you're gonna understand any of this. I love you.

Michael: I love you.

Vicky: And you are the only person in this whole world that I trust.

Michael: Well, what about your mom?

Vicky: That's what I have to talk to you about.

Michael: Victoria, I know that you and your mother have had a lot of differences in the past.

Vicky: It's not about the past, dad, it's about what is happening right now.

Michael: Ok, tell me!

Vicky: It's Donna. Donna hasn't been honest with you.

Michael: About what?

Vicky: About what she's thinking and feeling and what she's--

Michael: Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Are you in on this, too? You are! [Laughs]

Vicky: What?

Michael: Ah, you--well, your grandmother was after me the other day--she said, "oh, Donna's upset--she's not happy. I haven't been paying enough attention to her."

Vicky: You give everything to Donna!

Michael: No, well, your grandmother doesn't think so. Your grandmother thought that Donna needed something a little more.

Vicky: What--what more could she want?

Michael: A child.

Vicky: What?

Michael: Yeah! Donna told me that she wanted a child. As a matter of fact...She might be pregnant.

Vicky: Preg-pregnant?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah! Hey, don't worry, all right? You won't have to baby-sit, I promise.

Vicky: I can't believe this.

Michael: Well...I mean, I gotta admit I was a little surprised when Donna first brought it up myself.

Vicky: Which was when?

Michael: I don't know, about a month ago?

Vicky: A month...

Michael: Yeah. See, the more I thought about it, the more I thought what a great idea it was! I mean, it gives us a chance to--to start over, to do something together, and that's-- well, that's what Donna and I have always wanted.

Vicky: I know that's what you want, dad.

Michael: Hey, that's what Donna wants, too.

Vicky: Then...It's what I want.

Michael: You are a terrific human being.

Vicky: Why do you say that?

Michael: 'Cause you were sensitive enough to notice that Donna was going through a rough time, and I am really, really sorry that you thought it was all about you.

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, that's what it was.

Michael: But isn't it great? A child? Victoria, I think a baby is just what this family needs! Come here.

Peter: Yeah, Reginald Love, please.

Reginald: Hello.

Peter: Dad, it's Peter.

Reginald: Did she tell him?

Peter: No, and she's not going to.

Reginald: Why not?!

Peter: You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

Reginald: It was a mistake to rely on Vicky--we must find someone less emotional.

[Peter chuckles]

Peter: There's somebody we've forgotten, Michael's, uh-- Michael's hateful old mother.

Reginald: Get her to find out that her daughter-in-law is cheating on her beloved Michael. I like it.

Peter: So do I. The only problem might be is if she decides to protect John.

Reginald: Well, she'll just have to find Donna and John in a very compromising position, one that she cannot ignore.

Peter: Well, what do you know?

Reginald: What? Speak, tell me!

Peter: The prodigal son just pulled up to the garage.

Reginald: Then get moving.

Peter: I'm gone.

[Door closes]

Donna: Am I interrupting?

Michael: No. No, not at all.

Donna: Did you have your talk?

Michael: Mm-hmm. It's all out in the open, Donna.

Peter: John! What are you doing back?

John: I'm not back. I just came to pick up some tools. What are you doing down here?

Peter: Oh, well, taking a walk. Saw your car. So, uh, how is the work on the sailboat coming along?

John: I haven't started yet.

Peter: Oh. Oh, that's too bad. Hey, listen, it's late. Wanna come up to the house for a, uh--for a nightcap? Everybody would love to see you.

John: Yeah, right.

Peter: Hey, they would!

John: It's a little after their bedtime, isn't it?

Peter, laughing: Well...I know for a fact that, uh, Vicky and Michael are still up--in fact, they seemed to be having a pretty intense discussion.

John: Oh?

Peter: Yeah. Yeah. Vicky's had some sort of problem on her mind lately. Apparently she decided to tell Michael whatever it was tonight.

John: Was Donna there?

Peter: Donna? No! No, Donna seems only to confide in Michael these days. I wonder why.

John: Look, I gotta get going.

Peter: Oh. Oh, all right. Uh, listen, John...What about the sailboat--are we gonna, uh, make a deal on this or not? You still interested in buying her?

John: Maybe.

Peter: Yeah? Well, look, like I told you, I can offer you a very attractive deal here. Uh, what do you say?

John: Well, I-I have to get some financing and all that, you know.

Peter: All right, all right. Well, uh, I really wanna get moving on this.

John: All right, well, maybe we can talk about it some other time, Peter-I'm really, uh, in a hurry. I...

[Engine stalling] damn it!

Peter: What seems to be the problem?

John: Obviously the engine won't start.

Peter: That's too bad. Ah, boy. Listen, John, uh, about that sailboat--

John: Why--why don't I leave a note at Tops where we can, uh, get together, all right?

Peter: All right, all right. We'll meet on the boat?

John: Yeah, fine, whatever you say.

Peter: Good. Good enough. Good luck with the car.

[John groans]

Nicole: I'll rip her face off!

Cass: Nicole! Nicole, stop it. Stop it. Now, let me see if I've got this correctly. You are going to sue Nicole for stealing your designs?

Barbara: That's right, and now she's pretending that they're hers and that I stole them. My lawyer says that they call that "slander."

Nicole: Ohh! You can't sue--

Cass: Shh! Shh, shh, shh.

Nicole: Cass, can she do this?

Cass: If she doesn't mind losing.

Barbara: Oh, I don't think I will--Nicole's a nobody. I have an international reputation.

Nicole: You sure do!

Barbara: My work is very well-known.

Nicole: Yeah, because you steal from your assistants and then you fire them--if they're lucky. That's what you did to me!

Barbara: I fired you because you don't have any talent.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? I'll prove who hasn't any talent, lady!

Cass: I wouldn't be so confident about my reputation if I were you, Barbara. It seems to me a lot of the people that you've fired have ended up with their hands broken.

Barbara: What does that have to do with me?

Cass: Possibly everything, and it'll all come out if this goes to court.

Barbara: Wait a minute. I caught you in my warehouse. I caught you red-handed trying to steal my designs. [Chuckles] good luck in court, Cass.

Cass: I'll subpoena these dresses, and I'll prove that they were originally designed by Nicole.

Barbara: There you go again, slandering me.

Nicole: I have witnesses.

Barbara: You don't have a snowball's chance in hell--

Cass: If this goes to court, you stand to lose your entire business.

Barbara: Well, I have to protect myself against ungrateful, ambitious nobodies.

Cass: I can prove that Nicole's story is true, and I'll expose you.

Barbara: Cass, why don't you come to work for me instead? I'm sure I could find a place for you, darling.

[Nicole gasps]

Cass: I think I could find a place for you, too, darling-- designing prison wear at Leavenworth.

[Barbara laughs]

Scott: Come on. Here we are.

Dawn: Oh. Well, what did you mean when... You said he was sort of your father?

Scott: I'm adopted, remember?

Dawn: Mm-hmm.

Scott: That's, uh--well, that's not really what I meant.

Dawn: Well, he seems real nice.

Scott: Oh, yeah, he is when he wants something.

Dawn: You guys don't get along very well?

Scott: I just don't like a lot of things that he does.

Dawn: Well, I never knew my father. My mother never talked about him...But I used to always make up these madly romantic stories about why he never saw us.

Scott: You ever ask about him?

Dawn: No...I couldn't...But, um, your mom seems really nice.

Scott: My mom?

Dawn: Yeah.

Scott: She's great. I couldn't ask for a better mom.

Dawn: Did you ever meet your natural parents?

Scott: No.

Dawn: Well, I guess the two of us didn't grow up like the kids on TV then, huh?

Scott: Maybe that's why we understand each other.

Dawn: Maybe.

Scott: Come on. Ohh! Hey, come on, this is supposed to be a date. What do you wanna do here?

Dawn: Oh. Well, you asked me out, so--

Scott: I'm a great guy.

Dawn: Well, you're supposed to--you're supposed to decide what we're supposed to do. I bet you don't even know what you wanna do, so...

Scott: Well, we already ate dinner, and it's a little late for a movie.

Dawn: Let's see...We are on a dock...

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dawn: On a lake...Why don't we go for a midnight cruise under the stars?

Scott, chuckling: What, in Reginald's yacht?

Dawn: No. I prefer yours.

Scott: Mine.

Dawn: Uh-huh.

[Scott laughs] over there.

Scott: The Titanic, of course.

Dawn, laughing: No--no, no, let's call it, um... The midnight Adventure.

Scott: Let's go for a starlight cruise--what do you say?

Dawn: Oh, yes! I'd love to!

Scott: Stand over there. Let's get this boat up here. That's good. Ah. Let's clear it out a little bit.

[Dawn laughs] ahh, so much for our midnight adventure.

Dawn: What are you talking about? This boat is perfectly seaworthy. Look, see? Hurry, they're taking up the plank! Come on! Get in!

Scott: Whoa!

[Both giggling]

Dawn: Are you ok?

Scott: Yeah. Hey, anchors aweigh, huh?

Cass: This could all be very easily resolved.

Nicole: Yes. I get my designs back...And then, I kill her!

Cass: Will you cut that out?! Now it's obvious to me that Nicole is very, very talented. Why don't you hire her back?

Barbara: As what?

Nicole: Not if it were the last job in the world!

Cass: Listen to me. What if you introduced Nicole as your new star designer? Then you both look good.

Barbara: I look good already.

Nicole: And you've got the plastic surgeon bills to prove it.

Cass: No, no, come on--there's plenty of room at the top for both of you.

Barbara: I don't need her. I made it to the top on my own.

Nicole: Horizontally!

Barbara: At least I know how to hold onto a man!

Nicole: Yeah, hold onto his--

Cass: Ladies--

Barbara: Why don't you just go back to the junior leagues, sweetie?

Nicole: Why don't you kiss my--

Cass: Ladies!

Michael: Yes, Victoria and I just had ourselves a terrific talk, didn't we? And, uh, we decided we both want the same thing...A happy family.

Donna: Do you really mean that, Victoria?

Clara: Why, I'm sure that's what we all want.

Michael: And, if we ever have a problem again, we're gonna talk it over together.

[Telephone rings]

Vicky: Whatever you want, dad.

Michael: I think that's probably for me.

Vicky: I am very tired. I'm gonna go to bed. Good night, Grandma.

Clara: Good night, dear. Sleep well.

Vicky: I meant what I said. I will do anything to keep my father happy.

Donna: So will I.

Vicky: I hope so.

Donna: Good night, Victoria.

Clara: I think I'll go on up with her.

Donna: Why?

Clara: I just wanna be sure she's all right. Are you?

Donna: Why shouldn't I be?

Michael: That was the foreman from the oil field.

Donna: A-about the fire?

Michael: Yes! He can prove, positively, that it was arson.

Peter: Well, what are you looking at me for?

Michael: Because we both know who set that fire, Peter.

Peter: Do we?

Michael: Yes, Peter. Reginald's out to destroy me, and whatever Reginald wants, Peter wants.

Peter: Oh.

Donna: Now--now, Michael, where are you going?

Michael: I'm going to find your father.

Donna: Peter, do you really think he could be behind those fires?

Peter: Oh, sweetie, every time Michael gets a hangnail, he blames our father.

Donna: Yes, but he has had a lot of business troubles lately.

Peter: Well, speaking of business troubles, we've got a few of our own.

Donna: What do you mean, "we"?

Peter, laughing: Donna, you've really gotta start paying more attention to your finances, you know? I got the bills from the storage company today and from the marina.

Donna: Well, so?

Peter: The ballroom furniture? The old Bentley? Need I say more? It's all in storage, and it's costing us a fortune, not to mention that old--that old wreck of a sailboat.

Donna: Peter, I-I can't deal with that now.

Peter: You know, you're starting to sound more and more like, uh, Scarlett O'Hara. Donna, I've had an offer on the boat.

Donna: Fine! Fine, sell it.

Peter: Yes, but it's in your name--I'll need your signature.

Donna: Fine, I don't care--do-- do whatever you have to do. I-I just wanna know what Michael is going to do.

Peter: Ohh! [Chuckles] nobody knows what anybody's doing in this house anymore. I mean, look at John.

Donna: What about John?

Peter: Well, he's down in the garage, right now.

Donna: You're not serious?

Peter: Yes, I am. He wouldn't even come up when I asked him to.

Donna: He is here? Why?

Peter: I'm sure I don't know.

Donna: I told him never to come back to this house!

Clara: I think Victoria will sleep now. Well, where is everyone?

Peter: Hello, Clara. I believe Michael was called away on business, and Donna went down to the garage.

Clara: The garage? At this hour? Why?

Peter: I believe she said she was going to see John.

John: Damn it!

Donna: I want you out of here.

John: As soon as I can get my car started.

Donna: I thought you said you weren't going to come here anymore.

John: I just came here to get some tools.

Donna: You came here to see me.

John: Don't flatter yourself.

Donna: I want you to stay away from me.

John: You came down here.

Donna: Yes, to tell you to get out of here and leave me alone!

John: Me, leave you alone? Now, that's a laugh, isn't it?

Donna: What are you talking about?

John: Gardenias, your favorite flower, they were on my boat. Now, I wonder how they got there, Donna.

John: The gardenias didn't appear out of thin air, Donna.

Donna: I never sent you flowers!

John: I didn't say you sent them--you brought them there.

Donna: That is not true!

John: How else did they get there?

Donna: I have no idea!

John: You can't even admit that you came to see me!

Donna: Oh, please, if I ever wanted to see you, I wouldn't--

John: I told Bridget not to mention where I was.

Donna: Well, she didn't. I just found out that you were on some boat. I don't even know where it is nor do I care.

John: Really?

Donna: Yes! In fact, I wish you'd just get on it and sail out of here forever!

John: I'd like nothing better.

Donna: Then why don't you do it and just get out of my life?!

John: I keep trying!

Donna: You know, I think you want Victoria to find out, and I think you want her to tell Michael.

John: If I wanted Michael to know, I'd tell him myself.

Donna: You are never going to admit what you're doing, are you? And you're not going to stop until you destroy my marriage, because you want me and you'd do anything to have me.

Michael: Reg...Fire's out.

Reginald: Is that some sort of cryptic message, Hudson?

Michael: I think you know what I mean.

Reginald: I'm sorry, I didn't bring my decoder ring.

Michael: Uh-huh. Well, does the name Craig Lowell mean anything to you?

Reginald: Should it?

Michael: Yeah, one of your lackeys--matter of fact, he used to work here at Tops until about, oh, 2 months ago.

Reginald: I have many employees, Hudson.

Michael: Ah. Well, then, let me refresh your memory--this one was particularly good with matches. As a matter of fact, you hired him to torch my oil field.

Reginald: How inconsiderate of me. I suppose you have proof?

Michael: No, not yet...But I will, Reg. I will have proof that he torched my oil fields, that you were behind my stock manipulations, and that, uh, you were behind all my labor problems, and it was all part of your plan.

Reginald: My plan.

Michael: Yeah, Reg, to break me and get your family back.

Reginald: What an interesting scenario.

Michael: Yeah, but you see, it doesn't get to work that way.

Reginald: The members of my family will come back to me on their own...When they tire of being dictated to by a stable boy.

Michael: Oh, dictated! No, Reg, I don't dictate. That's your domain. Oh, excuse me, I gotta go... Back to your house and get in bed with your daughter.

Reginald: Not for long, Hudson. I'll get back everything that's mine.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Well, I'll tell you, Reg, 2 can play this game. You may have a soul that's made of asbestos, but, buddy, you are gonna burn...Real bad.

Reginald: We'll see who's going to burn, Hudson.

Dawn: Take an oar.

Scott: The boat's got a hole in it, Dawn.

Dawn: Take an oar, and I will--

Scott: We'll sink!

Dawn: No, we won't!

Scott: You know something I don't?

Dawn: Yes, I know that we have a boat, we have a gorgeous night, and we have our imaginations. You're not rowing.

Scott: Yes, ma'am.

Dawn: Oh, careful, watch the current--it's a little tricky on this part of the river.

Scott: Oh, and which river are we in, by the way?

Dawn: The Amazon.

Scott: Of course, look at all these jungles out here.

[Both laugh]

Dawn: Oh, wait, wait! What's that sound?

Scott: Drum beats.

Dawn: The natives are getting restless.

Scott: It's the moonlight.

Dawn: It makes people crazy.

Scott: That's your excuse? Hmm? [Laughs]

Dawn: Row! Hurry, they're after us!

Scott, laughing: Come on! Dawn, laughing: Hurry up!

Cass: Obviously you two aren't going to iron out your differences tonight.

Nicole: We'll work it out in court.

Barbara: Ooh, I can't wait to drag you through the mud.

Nicole: Well, you would look a lot better in mud than you do in that ridiculous outfit!

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: I'll remember the things you said, Nicole. It'll help me to not feel any pity for you when you lose.

Nicole: You have a lot more to lose than I do.

Cass: Nicole, shall we go?

Nicole: When I get through with you, you'll be lucky if you have a tie-dyed shirt and a pillbox hat!

Barbara: I'll see you in court.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Well, I'll see you in jail!

Cass: Nicole! Come on!

[Door slams]

Barbara: Mmm.

[Cat meows]

Dawn: I think I would tour the opera houses: La Scala, Covent Garden...

Scott: Europe is great.

Dawn: You've been to Europe?

Scott: I went to school in Switzerland.

Dawn: I wanna go! I wanna go right now, yeah!

Scott: Well, we got us a yacht here, so--we've already seen the Amazon, right? We can just head up north from here?

Dawn: Ok, ok, London, London! We are sailing up the Thames. Look! There's Big Ben.

Scott: Mmm.

Dawn: No, let's go to Paris. Paris...On the seine.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Dawn: Notre Dame.

Scott: Ooh...It's Quasimodo. Yo, Dawn. Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

[Both laughing]

Dawn: Ohh, what is your favorite city?

Scott: Venice.

Dawn: Is it wonderful?

Scott: It's the most romantic city in the world.

Dawn: Ok...We're in Venice... On the grand canal...And you are my guide.

Scott: Your gondolier? Signorina.

[Both laugh] whoa!

Dawn: Ohh, I have always wanted to ride in a gondola. It's so lovely.

Scott: And you are a lovely signorina. [Laughs]

Dawn: I've heard about you Italians.

Scott: Hear the bells?

Dawn: Yes. Yes, they're beautiful.

Scott: That is the Campanile. Next stop, the Piazza San Marco.

Dawn: Ohh, St. Mark's Square, right--and does it really have all those pigeons and--and--and, the little outdoor cafés and--

Scott: And lovers.

Sole mio, mi amore


[Cass laughs]

Nicole: One good punch, huh? Why didn't you let me give her just one good shot?

Cass: What am I, your trainer?

Nicole: Accusing me of stealing her designs? Her designs?! I know 5-year-olds who have more talent than she has--or 4-year-olds!

Cass: Nicole!

Nicole: You know, I know a 3-year-old who--

Cass: Shut up! All right.

Nicole: Sue me, will she? Well--

Cass: Wait--look, I can keep this up for a long time. I don't remember you having such a big mouth.

Nicole: Well, you couldn't expect me to just stand there and not say anything?

Cass: I would never expect that of you, which is why I didn't want you to come to the warehouse in the first place.

Nicole: Cass, she has my designs hidden there.

Cass: Maybe I could've found them.

Nicole: Well, you still would've run into her.

Cass: I wouldn't have threatened her life.

Nicole: I'll say. What was all that schmoozing when you first saw her?

Cass: What are you talking about, schmoozing? What?

Nicole, as Barbara: I've never been so charmingly taken.

[Cass laughs] oh! I thought I was gonna throw up.

Cass: That's the only thing you didn't do.

Nicole: Every time I think of that pig--

Cass: Think about how powerful she is. Think about how she's broken everybody who's tried to prove that she took their designs.

Nicole: Well, she's not gonna break me.

Cass: She could teach you something about strategy, I'll tell you.

Nicole: She couldn't teach me anything.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Yeah!

Cass: Who stole the designs?

Nicole: She did.

Cass: Then why is Barbara acting like the winner?

Peter: Dad, you better be careful. Michael suspects you of starting that oil field fire.

Reginald: He'll never be able to prove it. Anyway, he'll be much too busy trying to clean up the next mess I have planned for him.

Peter: Oh? Anything I should know about?

Reginald: I'm delegating you to handling the domestic front.

Peter: Ha ha ha. The marriage. Well, Donna seems to be, uh, taking care of that all by herself.

Reginald: Oh?

Peter: Yeah... And in full view of mother Hudson.

John: If anyone's gonna destroy your marriage, it's gonna be you.

Donna: I love Michael.

John: Then go back to the house. I'll be out of here as soon as I can.

[Donna scoffs]

Donna: This is all just a joke to you, isn't it?

John: I just came here to get some tools.

Donna: Don't do this to Michael, please.

John: I didn't leave the gardenias on the boat.

Donna: Well, neither did I.

John: Well, what was it, the phantom florist?

Donna: Oh, stop it! You know, I really can't stand anymore of your lies!

John: I have never lied to you. Never! I would never do anything to hurt you.

Clara: John? Oh. I was told you were down here.

John: I was just leaving.

Clara: I was hoping you would come up to the house.

John: I don't think so.

Donna: I was just trying to get John to come up and see you, but as usual... He won't do anything I say.

[Door slams]

Michael: Donna? Hey.

Donna: Oh, Michael.

Michael: Where ya been?

Donna: Oh, I was just out for a walk.

Michael: Oh. Well, you must be pretty out of shape there, honey. You're breathing like you just ran 20 miles.

Donna: Well, I still have enough breath left for a kiss for you.

Michael: Thank you.

Donna: Mmm.

Michael: What, have you been doing a lube job here?

Donna: What?

Michael: You got grease on your cheek. What were you doing in the garage?

Dawn: I wanna see... A romantic bridge.

Scott: One romantic bridge coming up. First, we make a right turn, and then a left turn. Then we take a hard left.

[Dawn laughs] and there it is, the Rialto bridge.

Dawn: Oh. It's beautiful. Everything in Venice is beautiful. The--the bridges are beautiful. The canals are--oh!

Scott: And the tourists are a little crazy, eh?

Dawn: Oh, yeah. You must think that I am crazy pretending that I am in Venice, right?

Scott: I think... I think it's nice that you can see your dreams as clearly as you do.

Dawn: Well, I think it would be a dream come true to go to Venice.

Scott: Then you will... Because I'll take you there.

Dawn: But you've already seen it.

Scott: I'd like to see it again, with you.

Nicole: It's not fair.

Cass: What?

Nicole: Life.

Cass: What about life?

Nicole: You work, and you work, and what have you got in the end?

Cass: Another drink?

Nicole: Nothing.

Cass: Then I'll have another drink.

Nicole: I mean, work.

Cass: What about work?

Nicole: It's not fair.

Cass: I thought life wasn't fair.

Nicole: Well, that, too.

Cass: Oh.

Nicole: I'm a good person. Aren't I a good person?

Cass: You look ok to me.

Nicole: Yeah, and don't I deserve...To get what I deserve?

Cass: Whatever you say.

Nicole: The good guys-- and girls-- it seems like they never get what they deserve. It's not fair.

Cass: You're right there. Life isn't fair, and death isn't fair.

Nicole: Oh. Kathleen. I am so stupid.

Cass: No, no, no, you're not. No, no, you're right. It's time that the good guys won.

Nicole: Hey. To the good guys.

Cass: To the good guys.

Nicole: You don't drink to good guys?

Cass: Of course I drink to good guys.

Nicole: Well, it's not your favorite, huh?

Cass: Well, it's just that Wally needs a little instruction on the importation of white wines.

Nicole: I remember how Kathleen used to keep a diary of your favorite wines.

Cass: I'll have to look for that.

Nicole: Well, I'm gonna have to look for my bed if I'm to be bright-eyed tomorrow. Good night, Cass, and don't forget, we're the good guys.

Cass: All the way, Nicole. All the way. Good night. I'll trade you.

Bartender: What'll you have?

Cass: A Gibson straight up with onions.

Bartender: Of course, sir.

Cass: Good old bay city.

Bartender: Yup. It's like Philly, the city of brotherly love.

Cass: We shall see about that. 5.

Bartender: I beg your pardon.

Cass: Not 3, 5.

Bartender: I'll remember.

Cass: It's all right if you don't.

Donna: Well, I--I was just out in the garden looking at the roses.

Michael: Where, on your face?

Donna: Michael, it's just dirt.

Michael: Donna, it looked like grease to me.

Donna: Uh, listen, what were you doing? Where were you?

Michael: I went down to Tops to talk to your old man.

Donna: Michael, do you-- do you really think he started that fire?

Michael: Well, Donna, he didn't light the fire, but I know he's behind it. He's behind all of my labor problems.

Donna: But why?

Michael: Because he wants to destroy me. He hates me.

Donna: I just--you know, I just wish he would leave us alone. I just wish everybody would leave us alone.

Michael: Hey, hey, Donna. Come on, what's the matter?

Donna: I'm sorry, nothing. It's just that I hate it when my father gets you so upset.

Michael: Look, I'm not upset, all right? I already beat your father. I won the biggest battle ever. I got you away from him. Anything else is just a piece of cake.

Donna: I love you so much. Mmm.

Michael: Mmm.

Donna: Hey, let's go to bed.

Michael: Sounds like a great idea.

[John slams car hood]

Clara: I know you won't come into the house, but would you at least walk me to the door?

John: Sure.

Clara: That's, uh, Michael's and Donna's room.

John: Yeah. I know.

Woman: Your look for me was such a welcome surprise, I think at last I found forever

Man: Oh, what about me?

Woman: I'll always love you

Man: Oh, what about me?

Woman: I'll always need you

Man: You were my love before...

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