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Another World Transcript Monday 9/1/03

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(Missed the first minute or two)

Reginald: I'm listening, Nicole.

Nicole: Good, because I'm only going to say this once. Stay out of my life.

Reginald: Don't be like this, Nicole.

Nicole: When I left Bay City, I told you how I felt about you. Now, that hasn't changed.

Reginald: I've changed. I swear it.

Nicole: That'll never happen.

Reginald: Believe me. I've been so alone since you've left. I realize now how much I depended on you, how much I need you.

Nicole: Don't try to manipulate my feelings, Reginald.

Reginald: Don't call me that. I'm your father.

Nicole: I told you before I left I'd never call you father again, and I meant it.

Reginald: Nicole, please. I realize I've made some mistakes with the family--

Nicole: Mistakes? Don't you think that's a bit of an understatement?

Reginald: Can't you forget?

Nicole: No. I'll never forget what you did to us. I'll never forgive you.

Reginald: Please, Nicole. I love you.

Nicole: Don't touch me.

Cass: Hey, get your hands off her.


Cheryl: Well, that's weird.

Sam: What?

Cheryl: I thought I just saw somebody I knew by the elevator.

Sam: There's nobody there.

Cheryl: No, I guess not.

Sam: So, look, I'd like to get to know you.

Vicky: What are you doing here?

John: I work here.

Vicky: So you decided to stay in Bay City after all, huh?

John: Yep.

Vicky: Not for long, I hope.

John: Oh, yeah?

Vicky: Let me make it plainer. Get out.

John: I'm not going to stand here and listen to a spoiled little girl.

Vicky: Oh, too busy with spoiled big girls?

John: Victoria, if you have a problem, why don't you spit it out?

Vicky: You know exactly what the problem is. Now, are you going to get out of town or not?

John: No. I'm really getting tired of you, kid.

Vicky: You're not going to get away with this. I'm not going to let you.

John: Exactly what is it that I'm not going to get away with?

Vicky: I've been seeing what's going on at the house. I'm not stupid and neither is Michael.

John: Whatever you think has been going on at the house isn't going on any longer because I've moved out.

Vicky: That's not good enough.

John: You're going to have to learn to live with it.

Vicky: I love Michael very much, and I'm not going to let him get hurt. That means I will do anything to protect him.

John: You know, maybe you ought to be telling this to your mother. Like I said, I'm out of it.

Peter: Vicky, anything wrong?

Vicky: No, nothing I want to talk about right now. Do you like to dance?

Tony: Uh...Yeah, sure.

Vicky: Let's do it then.

Peter: Well, well, well. Got yourself a new line of work, I see.

John: That's right.

Peter: Seems rather not quite up to your skills.

John: No, not at all. I never spill a drop.

Peter: I'm sure you don't. You're too good with your hands.

John: You want a drink?

Peter: Sure. Vodka martini, straight up, with a twist.

John: Coming up.

Peter: You know, John, I really enjoyed the work you did on Donna's beach house. Quite good.

John: I like fixing things up.

Peter: You'd make a lot more money doing that than doing this.

John: Yeah, well, this'll do, until something better comes along.

Peter: Perhaps something just has. I've got a proposition for you.

Reginald: I was talking with my daughter, Winthrop.

Cass: So talk but don't touch.

Reginald: This is a family matter.

Cass: Are you finished with this conversation, Nicole?

Nicole: Yes.

Reginald: I am still your father.

Nicole: Not as far as I'm concerned.

Cass: The lady doesn't want to talk to you, Mr. Love.

Reginald: Nicole, please, I'm begging you.

Nicole: Leave me alone.

Reginald: Look, I realize how you could resent me, and I'm sorry for everything I've done. Please, what else can I say?

Nicole: Nothing. Just leave me alone.

Reginald: If that's what you wish, but just so you know, I'm here if you'll ever need me.

Nicole: I won't.

Reginald: I do love you.

Cass: Boy, he does that so well.

Nicole: Ohh. He's only trying to get to me. I won't let him.

Cass: I'm sorry. Forgive me. I forget he's your father.

Nicole: I just have to remind myself what he's done to us. Ohh! I have much more important things to think about.

Cass: That's right, like Barbara Van Arkdale.

Nicole: At least my father prepared me for dealing with someone like her.

Cass: We'll get those designs back. Buhh!

Nicole: Yeah, I'll show them. I'll show them all.

Michael: Donna, you were awfully upset when I came home last night.

Donna: No, I wasn't.

Michael: What happened?

Donna: Michael, nothing happened.

Michael: Then why did John move out?

Donna: I told you, I'm really not sure.

Michael: Donna, there's got to be a reason.

Donna: Michael, think about it. This isn't the first time he's moved out. In fact, he's practically made a career of it.

Michael: Nuh-uh. You didn't answer my question.

Donna: John has not liked living here. You know that.

Michael: Fine, all he needs is time.

Donna: We have given him months, and it's not gotten any better.

Michael: Donna, he has problems adjusting, all right? I mean, the war--

Donna: I know about his problems. Look, you're the one who's at the office all day or away on some kind of business trip. I'm the one that has to stay here and deal with John and his problems every day.

Michael: Well, have you tried talking to him?

Donna: He doesn't talk, Michael, he argues.

Michael: Then what am I supposed to do, Donna, just let him go?

Donna: Yes!

Clara: Donna's right, Michael.

Michael: Mom. Did you find out where John was going?

Clara: No, but I'm sure he'll turn up.

Michael: Well, you don't seem too worried.

Clara: Well, of course I'm worried, but John can take care of himself.

Michael: Wait a minute, Mom. I thought you wanted to see this family together.

Clara: Yes, I thought I did, but I think now that it's best if John doesn't live in this house.

Michael: You want to tell me why?

Clara: There are things that john has to work out for himself.

Michael: Mom, this doesn't sound like you at all.

Clara: You're the one who preached your tough love philosophy to me, Michael.

Michael: That's right, Ma, and you didn't go along with it.

Clara: No, but now I have to. We've done all we can for John. The rest is up to him. Now don't you two have dinner reservations?

Donna: Yes. Yes, we do, and we better get going. I'll just go get my wrap.

Michael: Mom, are you and Donna keeping something from me?

Clara: Michael, you worry too much. What you should be doing is paying more attention to your wife.

Michael: Why on earth would you say that?

Clara: Donna needs you now, and you haven't been around much lately.

Michael: Well, yeah, I mean, I've had a lot of business problems. She knows that.

Clara: I know, but aren't you the one who said your family comes first?

Michael: It does.

Clara: Well, Donna is the most important part of your family.

Michael: Has she said something to you, Mom?

Donna: I'm ready.

Michael: Donna, just a minute. Mom--

Clara: Now, you two run along. Have a good time. Be happy.

Donna: Come on.

Clara: Good night.

Adam: Mmm. Ooh, that's terrible.

Jamie: So...Working late again, are you?

Adam: It's only 6:30.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I say it's high time for all good police sergeants to blow this popsicle stand.

Adam: Yeah, well, this pop stand is not closed yet, Jamie.

Jamie: It is now.

[Closes drawer]

Adam: Why are you here? I mean, besides the fact that you're bugging me, why are you here?

Jamie: Well, I had a patient downstairs to take a look at, and I thought I might just pop up here and see if my old cuz would like to go to dinner.

Adam: Well, that's really nice of you, actually, but don't you think Lisa would be better company?

Jamie: Yeah, true, true. That's why she's coming. I thought we could make it a foursome.

Adam: Jamie.

Jamie: There is this beautiful looking nurse in radiology.

Adam: Jamie. I'm telling you if I want to date, I'll fix it up myself.

Jamie: But you haven't been doing that.

Adam: And that, cousin, is none of your business.

Jamie: Listen, all you do is stay here, work late, and try not to think about M.J.

Adam: That is really none of your business.

Jamie: Listen, I don't know why you called off the wedding.

Adam: Jamie, I've already told you--

Jamie: You can't sit here and keep it bottled up forever.

Adam: It's over, all right? Do you understand?

Jamie: Ok, but if you ever need to talk to somebody, ok?

Lisa: Hi, sorry I'm late.

Jamie: Hi.

Lisa: Hi, Adam.

Adam: Lisa. You look nice tonight.

Lisa: Thanks. I see this old place hasn't changed any.

Adam: I guess not. It's pretty much the same.   [Beeping] excuse me just a minute.

Jamie: Listen, don't worry. Nobody blames you.

Lisa: I know that. Of course not. I guess old habits die hard.

Jamie: Yeah, well, it's over now.

Lisa: Yeah, it's over.

John: You want another drink, or are you just going to rent that bar stool?

Peter: Ha ha ha. John, I've got this houseboat sitting down at the marina.

John: Lucky guy.

Peter: Well, not really. It's badly in need of repairs. How'd you like to fix her up for me?

John: What's the catch?

Peter: No catch. I told you I liked the work you did on Donna's beach house.

John: I'll pass.

Peter: John, I'll pay very well.

John: I'm not looking for a handout.

Peter: Well, there's none offered. You'd be doing me a favor.

John: I knew there was a catch.

Peter: Look, if I went to an outside contractor and told him my name was Love, all he'd do is rip me off.

John: What makes you think I won't?

Peter: Well, I think you're into being honest. Look, John, if you wanted to, you could live on this boat until you're finished with the repairs.

John: You knew I didn't have a place to stay right now, didn't you?

Peter: Mmm. I might even let you buy her if you wanted.

John: Well, it sounds like a pretty good deal, Pete.

Peter: Uh-huh.

John: Too good.

Peter: Ha ha ha. John, what ulterior motive could I possibly have in this situation?

John: I don't know, but I'm sure I'd find it.

Peter: You know, I'm not half as bad as your brother makes me out to be, although I'm not as perfect as he would like.

John: Well, who is?

Peter: Hmm.

John: Look...Maybe I'll go down, take a look at the boat.

Peter: Wonderful. Great. Bridget has the keys at the house. It's slip number 20 if I remember correctly. Let me know what you think, all right? Keep the change.

Reginald: I need to talk to you.

Peter: Over here, all right? You look like you're having a bad day.

Reginald: Oh, I just had a very unpleasant talk with Nicole.

Peter: Unpleasant, why?

Reginald: Cass Winthrop was there.

Peter: Mmm.

Reginald: I am sick and tired of outsiders poisoning my children's minds against me.

Peter: Dad, Nicole will come around.

Reginald: I don't know, Peter.

Peter: I do. She's broke.

Reginald: Yes, there is that. There's Vicky. What's she doing with Tony Carlisle?

Peter: I believe it's called dancing.

Reginald: She doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

Peter: I assure you she does. She knows her Uncle John has not left town.

Reginald: Yes, I was quite pleased to see him here tonight.

[Peter chuckles]

Reginald: I wish she would tell Michael about Donna and John. I am so tired of all the Hudsons.

Peter: Give her time, Dad. Give her time.

Reginald: She's had time. I'll have to think of another plan.

Peter: I already have. In fact, it's already in motion.

Nicole: Hasn't Vicky grown up?

Cass: Every day in every way she just keeps getting better and better.

Nicole: She's my niece and don't you forget it.

Cass: Oh, just an observation. Why don't we say hello?

Nicole: Yes, let's do. Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, hi, Aunt Nicole.

Nicole: Your partner looks as though he could use a breather.

Vicky: You don't want to stop dancing, do you, Tony?

Tony: Well--

Vicky: Don't be a stick in the mud.

Nicole: Perhaps you would like to introduce us.

Vicky: Oh, sure. I'm sorry. Aunt Nicole, this is Tony Carlisle. And, of course, Tony, you know Cass Winthrop.

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: So what are you celebrating tonight?

Vicky: Hey, I don't need a reason to dance, you know?

Nicole: Right. Well, um, have fun.

Vicky: Thanks.

Nicole: It was nice meeting you, Tony.

Tony: Nice meeting you.

Cass: See you later.

Tony: Yeah.

Vicky: Tony, this place is dead. Come on, let's go someplace else.

Tony: Ok.


Vicky: Thanks.

Nicole: Something's bothering her.

Cass: That's what she looks like when something's bothering her?

Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Well, I was just thinking perhaps I could give the poor girl some counsel.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Hey, Victoria.

Vicky: Hi.

Donna: Oh, I'm so glad to see you. Why don't you join us for dinner?

Vicky: We're leaving.

Michael: What's the hurry?

Vicky: I've had too many relatives for tonight. Come on, Tony.

Michael: I think that girl has forgotten how to say a civil word to anyone.

Donna: Maybe she just doesn't want to be seen with her parents.

Michael: I don't think that's it, Donna. I think something is really bothering her. Come on, let's sit down.

Donna: All right.

Sam: I was wondering if you would like to do some promotional ads for Brava. Hello?

Cheryl: Oh, Sam. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Sam: Am I boring you?

Cheryl: No, no, not at all.

Sam: What, are you looking for your friend still?

Cheryl: Yeah, yeah. It's just really weird. Anyway, go ahead. What were you saying?

Sam: I was saying how impressed I was with the way you photograph.

Cheryl: Thank you.

Sam: What else have you done?

Cheryl: Um...Not much. I actually gave up modeling a little while ago.

Sam: Would you like to start again?

Cheryl: I don't know. Why?

Sam: Nothing sells a product like a beautiful face.

Cheryl: You think I'm beautiful?

Sam: Yes. Haven't you looked in the mirror lately?

Cheryl: Oh, Sam. Oh! Oh! Um...

Sam: It's ok. It's only wine.

Cheryl: Uh...I am so graceful. I'll be right back, ok?

Sam: Yeah.

Cass: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Cheryl: Cass, look what I just did.

Cass: Oh, my.

Cheryl: I spilt wine all over my dress.

Cass: By all means.

Cheryl: Thanks. Oh, Cass. I have something for you. Hold on a second. Let me get it.

Cass: Take your time. I'm enjoying the view, wine stains and all.

Cheryl: Here it is. Um...Remember this? Doesn't Kathleen look beautiful?

Cass: Yeah, she sure does, but I don't recall the, um...

Cheryl: It was Marley's picnic, remember?

Cass: Right, Marley's picnic, yeah.

Cheryl: When she got engaged.

Cass: Yeah. Marley was engaged to Ben.

Cheryl: Ben? No.

Cass: What, what's wrong?

Cheryl: Ben? This is Jake, Cass. Jake McKinnon? Our cousin?

Cass: Of course it's Jake. I said Ben?

Cheryl: Yeah.

Cass: Gee, I guess I'm not all right. No, of course, Marley was engaged to Jake. Sometimes, I'm telling you, I think that I'm cracking up right down the middle. Forgive me.

Cheryl: No. No. It's nothing to forgive, Cass, I mean, after all that's happened.

Cass: Well, you haven't heard the latest.

Cheryl: What?

Cass: Oh, I just had a little run-in with Reginald love.

Cheryl: Well, that's enough to make anybody crack up.

[Cass chuckles]

Cheryl: Cass, take care of yourself, ok? Promise?

Cass: Yeah, I promise.

Amanda: You have to come over here now. It's an emergency.

Julie Ann: Amanda, I just got home. I was just going into the shower.

Amanda: Cheryl McKinnon and Sam are having dinner, and I think she spotted me.

Julie Ann: So?

Amanda: So, what if she tells him my real name? You've got to help me.

Julie Ann: Just leave.

Amanda: I can't. They'll see me. I need a disguise.

Julie Ann: I can't believe you followed Sam Fowler out on a date.

Amanda: I can't believe anything I've done so far. I've never chased after a guy in my life.

Julie Ann: So why start now?

Amanda: I don't know. Maybe it's bigger than the both of us?

Julie Ann: Ok. What do you want me to do?

Amanda: Bring me a disguise so I can get out of here.

Julie Ann: Where are you?

Amanda: I'm trapped in the ladies room. Hurry!

Cheryl: Amanda! I thought that was you. What are you doing here?

Cheryl: So, why didn't you stop by our table?

Amanda: I didn't see you.

Cheryl: Amanda, you were looking right at me.

Amanda: Yeah, well, you know how terribly near-sighted I am.

Cheryl: No, I didn't know that.

Amanda: Practically blind without my glasses.

Cheryl: I've never seen you wear glasses.

Amanda: Well, then, is it any wonder that I can't see? So, what are you doing here?

Cheryl: Um...I'm having dinner. In fact, you probably know the guy I'm with.

Amanda: No!

Cheryl: Did I tell you his name already?

Amanda: No, but I'm sure I wouldn't know him. I've been away.

Cheryl: Oh, yes, you do, Amanda. Sam Fowler.

Amanda: Doesn't ring a bell.

Cheryl: He was the guy who parked the cars at your party. Remember? He's got brown hair, really nice eyes.

Amanda: I was a little busy that night to be noticing the parking attendants.

Cheryl: Yes, and he works for Brava now.

Amanda: Parking cars?

Cheryl: No, no, no. He's in the art department. I'm surprised your parents haven't mentioned him.

Amanda: Not a word. So, are you two an item?

Cheryl: Oh, hardly. This is our first date.

Amanda: Really?

Cheryl: Yeah. In fact, it's my first date since Scott and I broke up. I was so nervous that I spilt wine all over my dress. I was so humiliated.

Amanda: And it's such a great dress.

Cheryl: Amanda, why don't you go out with me and I'll introduce you?

Amanda: No. I think I'll stay here.

Cheryl: In the ladies room?

Amanda: I wouldn't want to interrupt.

Cheryl: Oh, Amanda. I'd really like you to meet him, and he's really cute, and you'd make me a lot less nervous.

Amanda: Maybe later, Cheryl. Really, my eyelashes are just a mess.

Cheryl: Ok. Well, please, try to stop by. Ok, see ya. He's really cute. You wouldn't believe how cute he is. See ya.

Amanda: Oh, yes, I would.

Lisa: Adam, we want you to come with us. I haven't talked to you in so long.

Adam: Look, I'd be lousy company. All I do is talk about police work.

Lisa: Well, then that's why you should come out with us and do something new.

Adam: I get the sense there's some kind of conspiracy going on here. Is that right?

Lisa: We care about you, Adam.

Adam: I appreciate that, but I'm ok. Really, I am, I am. Listen, maybe some other time, ok?

Jamie: We're not gonna stop until we get a yes, Adam.

Adam: I appreciate the warning.

Vicky: Get your hands off of me! Oh, I demand to see my lawyer!

Man: Fine.

Vicky: Do you know who I am?

Adam: Hey! Hey! What's going on out here?

Man: This woman's under arrest, Sarge.

Jamie: Vicky! What have you done now?

Sam: Thank you, Carl. I thought you ran out on me.

Cheryl: Oh, I would never do that.

Sam: Good.

Cheryl: I just met this person that I know.

Sam: Oh, you found your friend then?

Cheryl: Yeah. In fact, I might introduce you to her if she ever decides to come out of the bathroom.

[Sam laughs]

Nicole: I knew he'd start working on me, but I didn't think it would be so soon.

Donna: Well, you are his daughter.

Nicole: So are you, but do you trust him?

Donna: No, but I do have to admit, lately, I have begun to feel a little sorry for him.

Michael: How could you say that?

Donna: Well, think about it. I mean, it really must be terribly lonely to have your entire family against you.

Cass: Please, it seems to me it didn't have to be that way.

Michael: Cass is right. Look, he brought it all on himself. He does not deserve to have a family.

Nicole: I wonder what he wants from me.

Michael: Me, too. He's been after my business lately, but I think it's just part of his plan. John, what the heck? Hey, what are you doing here?

John: I'm busy.

Donna: You work here?

John: You got a problem with that? Your arm, Mike.

Michael: No, you're not going anywhere, John, until I get some answers. Now, just why the hell did you leave that house?

John: I didn't realize I had to get your permission.

Michael: Hey, man, you don't. All right? I just want to know why you left the house.

John: Lousy room service.

Michael: You going to be sarcastic with me?

John: Look, Mike, I come and go as I please. I did it for you so you can have a happier life.

Michael: Now, what does that mean, John? You did it for me so I would have a happier life?

Donna: Michael. At least we know where John is now.

John: She's right, so why don't you just back off? You, too.

Michael: What are you doing here tending bar, man? I wanted you to work for me.

John: I want to do my own thing.

Michael: What, tending bar?

John: You can't run everybody's life, Mike, so just back off!

Michael: I don't understand you, John.

John: No, you don't. Look, Mickey, would you give these back to Wally for me?

Mickey: Sure, John.

John: And...Cover for me, will you? I'll be back in a little while.

Michael: Come on, John!

John: Drop it, Mike!

Mickey: Is he giving you trouble, John?

John: No. Listen, tell Wally I said thanks for letting me stay at his place. I think I might have a place lined up.

Michael: John.

John: There's nothing left to say, Mike.

Michael: Ok, fine. Just come over to the table. I want you to meet somebody. John, I would like you to meet Donna's sister, Nicole love.

Nicole: Interesting style. How do you ever shut him up?

Amanda: It's about time.

Julie Ann: How do you get yourself into these messes?

Amanda: Never mind. The important thing is I get myself out of them. What did you bring?

Julie Ann: This.

Amanda: What is this monstrosity?

Julie Ann: A hat.

Amanda: It looks like the astrodome.

Julie Ann: Well, I figured you could hide under it.

Amanda: You could hide Cleveland under this.

Julie Ann: Well, you said didn't want to be recognized by Sam fowler.

Amanda: I had in mind a scarf and some dark glasses.

Julie Ann: I have those, too.

Amanda: Well, I guess I have to learn to live with it. Who do I look like?

Julie Ann: A hat with legs.

Amanda: Is he still out there?

Julie Ann: Wouldn't it have been a lot easier if you'd just ask Sam out on a date?

Amanda: What? Are you crazy, and have him think I like him?

Julie Ann: Well, then why don't you just stay in here until they leave?

Amanda: I can't. Cheryl's already seen me, and people were starting to think I'm the ladies room attendant.

Julie Ann: Well, if Cheryl's already seen you, then she probably told Sam.

Amanda: No. No. She's far too nervous to remember her own name, much less mine. She thinks Sam is cute. Only Cheryl would think a guy like Sam Fowler is cute.

Julie Ann: Cheryl is very nice.

Amanda: Didn't say she wasn't.

Julie Ann: And she's beautiful.

Amanda: I suppose, in a certain way.

Julie Ann: And you're jealous.

Amanda: That is ridiculous.

Julie Ann: She got a date with Sam Fowler, and you didn't.

Amanda: I just--I don't think that he should saddle himself with the quiet type.

Julie Ann: Well, he wouldn't have to worry about that with you.


Amanda: Ha! I feel like I'm ready to star in the Rose Parade. You can still tell it's me.

Julie Ann: Then try these. There. Now you look like Greta Garbo.

Amanda, imitating Garbo: I want to be alone... With Sam Fowler.

Julie Ann: Coast is clear. They're having dessert.

Amanda: Here it goes.

[Julie Ann giggles]

Cheryl: Dinner was wonderful, Sam. Thank you.

Sam: The pleasure was all mine. Have your agent call me if you want to do that ad, or you call me.

Cheryl: Ok. Well, I'll think about it.

Sam: Nice hat.

Julie Ann: Cheryl! Hi! What are you doing here?

Cheryl: Julie.

Julie Ann: Sam, well, what a coincidence.

Sam: Julie Ann, hi.

[Julie Ann giggles]

Sam: Hey! Hold the elevator!

Julie Ann: Some people are so rude, aren't they?

Adam: All right. Look, Frank, I'll handle it from here, thank you.

Jamie: What were you driving so fast for?

Vicky: Nobody does 30, Jamie.

Adam: They do if they don't want to get a ticket.

Vicky: So I got the ticket! He didn't have to arrest me!

Adam: That's standard procedure for somebody who's recklessly driving... Or has been drinking.

Vicky: I am a very good driver.

Adam: Then why were you driving so fast?

Vicky: Because I felt like it! Can I go now?

Adam: You can after you calm down.

Vicky: I'll get calm when I am good and ready.

Adam: Fine, maybe you'd like to do that in a jail cell.

Vicky: No.   [Clears throat] I'm calmed down, and I promise I won't break anymore laws.

Jamie: I'll vouch for her, Adam.

Adam: All right. The next time you want to get crazy, you make sure you do it where somebody doesn't get hurt. You understand me?

Vicky: Can I go?

Adam: Yeah.

Jamie: I'll walk you out.

Vicky: No, I want to be alone.

Jamie: Back in a minute. Hey, wait a minute!

Vicky: I don't want to talk, Jamie.

Jamie: Where are you going? What's bothering you?

Vicky: Nothing.

Jamie: You don't drive like that when you feel good. Now, something happened at home, didn't it? Is it Michael?

Jamie: Now what happened?

Vicky: Nothing. Let go of me.

Jamie: You're not driving again until you calm down. Now, come on. Talk to me.

Vicky: You don't want to hear it, Jamie.

Jamie: I thought we were friends.

Vicky: I don't have friends.

Jamie: I would have never got to that hospital in time to deliver those twins if you hadn't of let me drive your car. Now, come on. I owe you one.

Vicky: Forget it.

Jamie: I'm gonna keep dogging you until you let me pay you back.

Vicky: I never should have come back to bay city.

Jamie: You're having trouble with your father.

Vicky: No, Michael's wonderful. It's Donna I can't st--

Jamie: You and Donna aren't getting along?

Vicky: That's old news, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, I have a feeling this is a new problem. Am I right? Have you tried to talk to her about it?

Vicky: I've tried. I just can't.

Jamie: Well, you have to keep trying.

Vicky: Jamie, that is easy for you to say. You don't have to live with her, you don't have to hear the lies every day.

Jamie: What lies?

Vicky: Oh, just leave me alone! I wish everyone would just leave me alone!

Bridget: John? John.

John: Bridget.

Bridget: Here's the key.

John: Oh, oh, yes. Yes, thank you.

Bridget: I didn't know Mr. Peter had a houseboat.

John: Yeah, well, apparently he does. Listen, I'd appreciate it if you just keep it to yourself that I want to go and take a look at it. I don't want anyone to know.

Bridget: Oh, aye. Well...Yeah, if that's what you wish, aye.

John: That's what I wish. Thank you.

Bridget: Yes.

Clara: John!

John: Mom.

Clara: I knew you'd come back.

John: Actually, I just came by to pick up some things.

Clara: Oh. Well, how are you?

John: I'm good, I'm good. I got a part-time job, and I may even have a place to live.

Clara: That's wonderful. Where?

John: On a houseboat.

Clara: Oh, John. That's no way to live.

John: Oh, now, come on. It suits me just fine. Why, if I get the urge, all I have to do is pull up the anchor and I'm gone.

Clara: Well, you're not thinking of leaving or--

John: No, no, no. Of course not. I told you I wouldn't.

Clara: That's good. I know you have a wonderful future ahead.

John: Hmm. You know something I don't?

Clara: I know you deserve to be happy.

John: Maybe I do.

Clara: You will come and see me now and then, won't you?

John: Sure.

Clara: John, I love you very much.

John: I love you, too, mom.

Clara: Mmm!

John: I'll see you soon.

Clara: Bye.

John: Bye.

Nicole: I should have had some kind of contract with her.

Cass: Well, a verbal promise that she made might hold up in court.

Nicole: No, you don't deal with Barbara Van Arkdale in court. Trust me, I know.

Michael: Van Arkdale's a real shark. I read an article about her in the Wall Street Journal.

Nicole: Well, she won't have any teeth left when I get through with her.

Donna: Nicole! I have never heard you be so direct.

Cass: Oh, direct is a good word for it, yeah.

Donna: Well, I do have to tell you. I think your designs are wonderful. You know, I really had no idea you were so talented.

Nicole: Well, neither did I. I ought to be rich.

Donna: Well, you still have your stipend.

Nicole: No, I didn't want to have to use that. I want to work for my money.

Michael: Well, look, if you ever need anything at all--

Nicole: No, thank you, Michael, but I hope I don't have to do that, either. Oh, I swore I wouldn't come back here until I was somebody.

Donna: You are somebody.

Cass: And you will be a rich somebody once we get Van Arkdale to admit that she stole your designs.

Nicole: Well, even more than the money, I want the satisfaction of seeing that woman get what she deserves.

Jamie: Michael!

Michael: Hey, Jamie, Lisa.

Donna: Hi.

Jamie: Nicole. It's been a long time.

Nicole: Yeah, it has.

Jamie: Lisa, you remember Nicole Love.

Lisa: Of course. In fact, we just saw Vicky.

Michael: Where?

Jamie: I'm sorry. It was at the police station.

Donna: What?

Jamie: Well, it's nothing serious, just a minor speeding violation.

Michael: You don't get thrown in jail for going just a little over the speed limit.

Jamie: Well, it was more than a little over.

Michael: How much?

Jamie: 80...In a 30.

Donna: She could have been killed!

Jamie: Well, she's ok now. Of course, she's at home.

Donna: Jamie, why was she going so fast?

Nicole: Well, Cass and I saw her before she left, and she seemed a little wired.

Cass: Yeah.

Michael: Ah, you know something, I really don't care. If you will excuse us.

Donna: Yes.

Michael: I am going to find out what is going on with that kid, once and for all.

Donna: Yes.

Jamie: I forgot what a lovely dancer you are.

Lisa: Thank you. You know, I hope I didn't cause more problems for Vicky.

Jamie: Oh, I'm sure you didn't.

Lisa: I sort of know what she's going through.

Jamie: You mean the trouble with her family?

Lisa: Yeah, especially with Donna. I know what it's like to love your mother and still not be able to talk to her about things.

Jamie: Yeah, well, everybody goes through the same thing with their mother at Vicky's age.

Lisa: Did you?

Jamie: Oh, yeah, sure.

Lisa: With Rachel? But you get along so well.

Jamie: Well, now we do, but believe me, then we had some-- plenty of moments.

Lisa: Well, I hope Vicky takes your advice and talks to Donna about what's bothering her.

Jamie: Yeah, uh... When you care for someone, it's important to be honest about your feelings.

Lisa: First, you have to know what your feelings are.

Jamie: Well, Vicky does. She knows.

Lisa: I was talking about me and you.

Jamie: Yeah, well, you just needed the time.

Lisa: And patience and someone I could trust.

Jamie: Well, I hope you know you can always tell me anything.

Lisa: I know. Let's dance again.

Jamie: Sure.

Nicole: I'm sorry Donna and Michael had to leave.

Cass: Well, at least they left after the check came.

Nicole: You never stop.

Cass: Never, and don't you ever forget that.

Nicole: I won't.

Cass: So would you like to dance?

Nicole: Oh, no thanks. I'm going to bed.

Cass: Wait, whoa, whoa. The night is still young.

Nicole: Well, I've got some reading to do.

Cass: Why go to bed with a book when you can stay here and dance with me? You know, if you're a good girl, I'll take you for a ride afterwards.

Nicole: Oh, you will?

Cass: No, but this is a legitimate offer. There's a place out in the country that has the greatest blueberry pie in the world. Kathleen and I used to go there all--

Nicole: You two had a lot of fun, didn't you?

Cass: Uh...Yes, we did.

Nicole: You know, maybe I will stay and have that dance, after all. Come on.

Clara: Donna? Oh.

Vicky: It's only me, Grandma.

Clara: Oh, I thought it might be John come back again.

Vicky: What do you mean come back again?

Clara: Oh, well, he was here earlier picking up the rest of his things.

Vicky: Well, I hope he got them all.

Clara: He said he found a place to live.

Vicky: Oh, really?

Peter: Hello.

Clara: Hello, Peter.

Vicky: Well, where is this place that Uncle John is going to be moving?

Clara: On a houseboat. Can you imagine?

Vicky: That's nice and quiet.

Clara: Well, it's just like him to pick something so isolated. I just hope he won't get lonely. Well, I think I'm off to bed.

Vicky: Ok, good night, Grandma.

Clara: Good night, dear. Good night, Peter.

Peter: Good night. A houseboat? Interesting.

Vicky: Yeah, maybe it'll sink.

Peter: Vicky.

Vicky: I wonder if Donna knows about this.

Peter: You don't think...

Vicky: Isolated? Far away from this house?

Peter: Whoa. Are you saying that-- John and Donna planned this?

Vicky: It's awfully convenient, isn't it? Uncle John moves out, and out of the blue, he just buys a houseboat?

Peter: Oh. Poor Michael.

Vicky: Uncle Peter, I cannot stand this anymore.

Michael: Excuse me. What is going on here? Victoria, I would like to talk to you alone.

Peter: Certainly. Vicky, uh... I'll see you in the morning.

Vicky: Good night, Uncle Peter.

Michael: Now... What's all this about a speeding ticket?

Vicky: My life is an open book around here.

Donna: Victoria, Jamie said that you were arrested.

Vicky: Jamie should have minded his own business.

Michael: Young lady, I would like to know what was going through your mind. What were you thinking?

Vicky: I wasn't thinking about anything.

Michael: Why don't you tell me what happened?

Vicky: Michael, I just got a speeding ticket. You know, the cop made a big deal out of it, just like you're doing.

Donna: You could have had an accident. You could have been seriously hurt or even killed.

Vicky: The roads are much safer than it is in this house.

Michael: All right, Victoria, that's it. I've had it. I am tired of these cryptic, sarcastic remarks of yours. Now, you're going to tell me what's been bothering you.

Donna: Michael, um... Maybe Victoria and I should have a little talk alone first.

Michael: No, Donna. Anything Victoria has to say she can say to both of us. Now...What is it?

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