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Another World Transcript Tuesday 8/19/03

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(Missed first 20 min.)

Vicky: All right, I made a mistake.

Peter: Well, maybe you should've waited longer.

Vicky: Waited until what, they were climbing all over each other?

Peter: No, no, of course not. Oh, this whole thing is so unfortunate.

Vicky: Did you see the way John and Donna looked at each other?

Peter: Michael was oblivious.

Vicky: He has a lot on his mind.

Peter: Well, Vicky, maybe it's a good thing that you didn't tell him about the pictures.

Vicky: Oh, those pictures! Uhh, I just wish I knew who was sending them.

Peter: Yes, that is odd.

Vicky: Do you think they're gonna send a set to Michael?

Peter: Probably not, no.

Vicky: Uhh! I never know what's gonna happen next.

Peter: Oh, poor Vick. This is really tough on you, isn't it?

Vicky: Yeah, and, uncle Peter, I just don't know how much more I can take.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: [Sighs]

Michael: It's ok, I'll get it. Is everybody here?

Peter: We're just waiting for you and Donna, Michael.

Michael: Well, Donna will be down in a second. I just called a car to pick us up. Ahem. Hi, Jane.

Jane: Oh, hello, Mr. Hudson.

Michael: Oh, you look wonderful.

Jane: Oh, I went to the beauty parlor for the first time, and I've never worn a dress like this. Donna let me use it. I hope I'm not late.

Michael: Oh, no, you're not late at all. Come on. You just look beautiful. Come on in. Uh, John! John, Jane's here.

Jane: Hi, John. I hope I'm not late. I got caught in some traffic.

John: You look lovely.

Jane: Thank you.

John: Listen, I thought we'd take my convertible tonight. That is, unless there are any--

Jane: Oh, that sounds wonderful.

Donna: Are you ready?

John: Forget about the party. I'm ready to stay.

Donna: Are we all ready?

Michael: We were just waiting for you.

Vicky: You're not fooling anyone, you know.

Michael: Victoria, what is it?

Vicky: Eh, nothing. Let's get going.

Michael: Victoria.

Donna: Michael, can we please just go to the party? Uh, we're usually not like this.

Peter: Only when the moon is full.

John: Jane, you ready?

Jane: Yes, of course.

John: Let's go.

Michael: Young lady, what is wrong?

Donna: Michael, we're going to be late.

Chad: Do you think you can get some sleep?

Dawn: I'll try.

Chad: Oh, come on, honey. There's nothing you could've done.

Dawn: I keep thinking that mom's funeral is tomorrow and it's gonna be the first time in 10 years that I've seen her.

Chad: That's the way she wanted it.

Dawn: And I won't be getting anymore letters from her.

[Dawn sobbing]

Chad: Oh, boy, it's so good to have you here.

Dawn: I missed you so much. I missed you so much.

Chad: Ohh. Why don't you stay with me for a while in Bay City?

[Telephone ringing]


Chad: Hello?

Scott: Chad, it's Scott. I was just calling to see how Dawn's been doing.

Chad: Yeah, she's ok. She's, uh, she's just a little tired.

Dawn: Is that Scott?

Chad: Uh, yeah, he's calling from the party.

Dawn: Can I talk with him?

Chad: Sure.

Dawn: Hi.

Scott: Oh, Dawn, I hope I didn't wake you up or anything.

Dawn: No, that's all right. Thanks for calling.

Scott: Listen, I don't want to intrude, but...

Dawn: It's ok.

Scott: I know the funeral's tomorrow, and I figured you'd probably need somebody to go along with you.

Dawn: I couldn't ask you to do that.

Scott: You're not asking. I'm offering you this. I figure you need a friend, and I just want you to know you have somebody.

Dawn: Sure, I'll let you know.

Scott: Ok. I'll talk to you tomorrow. In the meantime, try to get some rest, ok?

Dawn: Bye.

Scott: Bye-bye.

Rachel: So, I understand from Jamie and Amanda that you're really something with Cajun cooking.

Lisa: Only if you like a whole lot of Tabasco sauce. I'm never gonna live that down.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Oh, excuse me.

Peter: There's the mayor. Peggy, perhaps you'd like to say hi to the mayor.

Peggy: Yes, I'd love to, and the governor, too.

Peter: And the governor. Excuse us, thank you.

Felicia: Well, there you are. You know, I was starting to worry about you. You look great. I'm sorry, I don't think we've met.

John: Felicia Gallant, Jane Falkland.

Jane: Oh, Miss Gallant, I've read all of your books.

Felicia: Oh, how nice. In that case, you really must call me Felicia. And you are very welcome here tonight, Jane.

Jane: Thank you.

Felicia: Especially with our guest of honor.

John: Well, I hope this guest-of-honor stuff doesn't keep me from having a good time. How about a dance?

Jane: With me?

John: Who else?

Jane: I'd love to.

Felicia: Have fun. Do you think he's gonna give the speech?

Michael: Well, with my brother, who can tell?

Felicia: I will keep my fingers crossed.

Michael: Good.

Felicia: Excuse me. Mrs. Hudson, how nice. Victoria, come on, let me show you to your table.

Clara: Oh, do call me Clara.

Donna: Michael.

Michael: Yes.

Donna: Can we leave after John's speech?

Michael: Honey, we just got here.

Donna: I know, I know, but--

Michael: Well, look, what if I want to dance?

Donna: Well, we can dance at home. Um, among other things.

Michael: Judging from that look in your eye, I--I think I'd like to leave now. Huh? Ha ha ha.

Felicia: Oh, honey.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Don't you know you almost gave me heart failure?

Cass: So how do I look?

Felicia: You look great! You always look great.

Mitch: It's 9:00. Time to get started.

Felicia: Right. You ready?

Cass: As ready as I'll ever be. Oh, boy, look at all these people.

Felicia: Well, I already told you, you look like a million bucks. Come on.

Mitch: Maybe you'd better go get John.

Felicia: Uh, Wally's over there now. Wally?

Wally: There's the high sign. This is it, John.

John: Wally, I haven't even had a beer yet.

Wally: Oh, come on. Do it later.

Michael: Sorry, bro. It's now or never.

Donna: John... Just say what comes from your heart.

Michael: I want you to know we're all proud of you, man.

Felicia: Well, here we all are. Let's say to a new beginning.

Cass: Hey, man.

John: Cass.

Felicia: Great. Want to go up together? Why not? Come on. Oh. Excuse me. Excuse me.

John: How are you? Good to see you. Sergeant Freeling.

Sergeant Freeling: Doc Hudson. How you doin'?

[John laughs] hello.

John: It is so good to see you!

Freeling: And to see you. It's great to see you.

John: Listen, I'm sorry. I--I should've kept in touch.

Freeling: Look, hey, welcome back to the world, man.

John: Thanks.

Freeling: I want you to meet my buddy here--Al Mongato.

Al: Nice to meet you, John.

John: It's nice to meet you. Any friend of Sergeant Freeling's is a friend of mine. We served together.

Al: He says you saved his life.

John: Yeah, well... I wish I could've done more.

Freeling: Hey, Al's here as the representative of the local vets' group. I'm here to see that he doesn't drive away with the money.

Felicia: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Welcome.


Felicia: Thank you. Especially on such short notice. I, uh, I do appreciate it. Kathleen McKinnon Winthrop... was a very dear friend of mine. I will never forget her. But you certainly didn't come here to listen to me give speeches. We have a lot of ground to cover tonight, so please let me introduce the man behind the Kathleen McKinnon Foundation, her husband, Cass Winthrop.

Cass: Thank you.

[Applause slowly stops]

Cass: To begin with, I think it would be appropriate to introduce you to the two people who gave us Kathleen in the first place-- Vince and Mary McKinnon. Where are you guys anyway? Stand up, please. As I was...trying to come up with what to say to you people tonight, I was going through some of Kathleen's poetry and other writing and I came across this. And I thought to myself, "what better speech to give than one using Kathleen's own words?" She wrote this for a character in an unpublished short story. "I hope I leave the world a happier place than I found it. We do not value a tree for the number of its rings but for the shade and beauty it brings. Please remember me, not for the number of years I was among you, but for the music of my spirit." [Softly] We will, my love. [Strongly] We will. Thank you so much for coming.

Felicia: All right. To start the donations, we have $50,000 for this foundation, which fittingly enough comes from Kathleen herself. Now, 25 of that will go to starting up our organization and--and get it going. But we are very proud tonight to announce that the other 25,000 will go to an organization that has tragically been ignored until recently--the Vietnam Veteran Association of Bay City. Ok.


Felicia: Now, to present this wonderful gift, I would like to introduce a man who served a distinguished tour of duty as a marine corpsman in Vietnam and who just recently returned home to his family and his friends-- Corpsman John Hudson. John. You ok? You ok?

[Applause slowly stops]

John: "The war in Vietnam changed a lot of things. And before that, what are now referred to as Vietnam veterans were just a bunch of guys out playing basketball, drinking beer and chasing girls. But then--" uh... Ahem! "But then--" I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Freeling: Doc! I never thought I'd see the day that you couldn't run your mouth.

John: I'm not a speech maker.

Freeling: That don't wash, corpsman.

John: Then why don't you get up here and make the speech? Your wounds have healed. I haven't started working on mine yet.

Freeling: Start tonight.

John: You really think these people are going to understand?

Freeling: No, but you can try. Doc... talk to me. We haven't talked together in a long time. John?

John: All I've been hearing is, "I--I think I understand." Well, the truth is, they don't understand. I'm not talking about a bunch of Vietnam veterans sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. I'm talking about an entire country that's ashamed of guys like us... Because we represent the one black mark on this country's lily white conscience. Well, let me tell you something. I'm not ashamed of what I did over there. What I am ashamed of is the way that this country has treated its vets since they came back, the way it still treats them. You see, Sergeant Freeling, you and I were lied to...but then, you know that.

[Paper crumbling] it seems that, uh... This country just couldn't get itself together enough to--to support us while we were there. And it's having a real tough time facing up to that fact. $25,000 is a lot of money. But, Sergeant Freeling, it's not going to give you your legs back. It won't give Al his eyesight back, and it's not going to keep me from limping for the rest of my life. And I am positive that it's not going to mean a damn to those over 58,000 guys who died there! So what good is it? What good is it? How do we use it? Uh... I guess we use it... In the spirit that it was intended, in the way that it was given by these good people... And that is for vets... To be used by vets... vets helping vets. Because we're the only ones who understand.

Felicia: Thank you.

Lisa: What did the hospital want?

Jamie: One of my patients is in labor, and she's not due for 4 more weeks.

Lisa: You're kidding. I hope the baby's all right.

Jamie: It should be, but I have to go right away.

Lisa: Do you want me to come with you?

Jamie: No. I just wanted you to offer, that's all. You stay here.

Lisa: Ok. I love you.

Jamie: I love you, too, and I'm sorry I have to go.

Lisa: Don't be silly.

Jamie: I sure am glad that I have you.

Lisa: Like I said at the hospital, what you feel, I feel.

Jamie: I thought you said that you lost your psychic powers.

Lisa: Don't try to read my mind.

Jamie: I just might. Ha ha ha.

[Beeper] oh, no!

Lisa: I don't think that baby's going to wait.

Jamie: Do you believe this? Bye. Do I have lipstick on me?

[Band playing]

Michael: So, uh, what do you say we have one more dance before we go home, huh?

Donna: I'm beginning to think you don't want that surprise.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no, no. I think I just like to hold you in public.

Donna: I know. Ha ha.

John: So did I, uh, embarrass you?

Jane: With your speech?

John: Well, if you want to call it that.

Jane: Oh, no! You made me think.

John: Anybody ever tell you you're a good sport?

Jane: Uh-huh, yeah, and that I have a great personality.

John: No, no, that's not what I meant.

Jane: I don't have a great personality?

John: Oh, you have a wonderful personality. You've put up with a lot.

Jane: Ha. Well, you know, I think I could put up with another dance with you.

John: You're all right, Jane. You know that?

[Jane giggles]

Clara: Everyone seems to be having a good time, except you.

Victoria: I'm sorry, Grandma.

Michael: So, uh, when do I get my surprise, huh?

Donna: Uh, when we get home.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: [Gasps] that is, if we ever get home.

Dianne: Vince?

Vince: What? Oh, sorry. What were you saying?

Dianne: Oh, nothing. Nothing important.

Scott: Mom, you think a dance would lift your spirits up a little bit, hmm?

Mary: You mean with my favorite fella?

Scott: You bet.

Mary: Oh, I think that would be wonderful.

Cass: Hey, you look like a lady who needs someone to dance with.

M.J.: [Sniffle] that's ok, Cass. You don't have to do that.

Cass: What if I want to? Come on. One.

M.J.: Ok.

Michael: Come right this way, my dear. I think I'll call us a car. We'll get out of here.

Donna: Oh, good. Then I will wait right here.

Michael: Don't go--go away.

Donna: No. Hmm.

Felicia: Look, I've noticed you wanted to leave this party all evening.

Donna: Uh, it's not that it's not a wonderful party. Honestly.

Felicia: Mm-hmm. But, uh...You have a better party at home, is that right?

Donna: Nothing specific, but I do have a rather exciting evening planned.

Felicia: You. Call me.

Mac: What happened to that last dip?

Rachel: What? Dip? Oh! I'll have one of those.

Mac: Thank you.

Mac: Is there anything wrong, honey?

Rachel: Nothing's wrong. I just tried to call Amanda and she's still not home yet.

Mac: Well, she's working late at Brava.

Rachel: She's obsessed with Brava.

Mac: I don't think that obsession's going to last very long.

Rachel: I don't understand why she wants to change departments. At least where she is now, we can keep our eye on her.

Mac: She's just applying for a different job. She hasn't got it yet, honey.

Rachel: Isn't there something you can do to stop her?

Felicia: Now, look, all I need is 10 minutes.

Wally: Felicia, I don't see anybody stopping you.

Felicia: Well, now, that doesn't sound like the Wallingford I know.

Wally: All right. Here are the three little words you love to hear most from me-- can I help?

Felicia: I just want you to keep Mitch occupied until I get back. That's all.

Wally: Fine. Where is he?

Felicia: He's getting me a drink. Now, you're a doll.

Wally: Why do I feel like such a jackass?

Mitch: Oh, Wally.

Wally: Oh! Mitch. Uh...I haven't seen Felicia.

Mitch: I haven't asked.

Wally: Asked what?

Mitch: If you'd seen Felicia.

Wally: Felicia? What?

Mitch: Wally, are you all right?

Felicia: Do this fast or he's-- that's strange. Mitch? Mitch, are you in here? Oh, no.

Mary: Oh!

Vince: Where are you going?

Mary: Uh, actually, I thought I would go home. Uh, to Felicia's. Well, that is home, isn't it?

Vince: Well, please stay.

Mary: Why?

Vince: We have to talk.

Mary: About what? Vince, I don't want to argue.

Vince: Oh, excuse me. I have to go see Dianne.

M.J.: Please.

Waiter: Sure.

M.J.: I hope you're not too busy down at the precinct, now that I quit.

Adam: No, uh...Ahem. Things are settling down. I guess I never realized how much you did.

M.J.: Judy seems like a real nice girl.

Adam: Yeah, she, uh... she works for Mac over at Brava. It's nothing serious. I--I just didn't want to come alone.

Donna: Well, I think they're actually having a good time.

Victoria: Is that what you wanted?

Donna: Well, of course. That's why I invited her for your uncle John.

Veronica: Funny, I was just thinking it was because she wasn't any competition for you.

Donna: What's that supposed to mean?

Veronica: You're a bright woman, Donna. Figure it out.

John: Ahem. Are you as hot as I am?

Jane: Uh, well, yeah. I guess, sure.

John: I hear you. Listen, why don't I--I'll go and get us a couple of drinks. All right?

Jane: Ok.

John: What's up? You look nervous.

Donna: I have to talk to you. Victoria.

John: She say something?

Donna: Uh, look, not here. Later.

John: Hot night, isn't it?

Peter: And getting hotter.

Victoria: One of those for me?

Peter: Ha ha. Yeah, it's one for you and one for Peggy. Donna seems a bit nervous. You notice?

Victoria: Yes. I wonder why. I overheard her telling Felicia she had something exciting to do this evening.

Peter: Well, I overheard her talking to John. She was saying she had to see him.

Victoria: Do you think they could be leaving together?

Peter: Could be.

Victoria: If something's going on, I have to know for sure.

Peter: Wait, wait, wait. Let me tell Peggy, and I'll come with you.

Victoria: We don't have time for that. Just meet me at home.

[Door opens]

Donna: Oh, John, we have to do some--

Victoria: Oh, great. Would you get out of my way?

[Horn blows] come on! Move it! Move it! Why is this--jeez! What do you think you're do-- Jamie!

Jamie: Vicky.

Victoria: I didn't think it was you.

Jamie: Yeah, it was me.

Victoria: Your car is stalled.

Jamie: That's right, yeah, and neither of us is going anywhere unless you give me a hand. So what's it gonna be?

Mitch: Wally, where is Felicia? I still can't find her. I'm starting to get worried.

Wally: Oh, why don't you just give her 5 minutes?

Mitch: What do you mean, "5 minutes"?

Wally: Well, you know Felicia. She's probably in the powder room or somewhere.

Michael: Hey, M.J., you seen Donna? I think we better talk. Come with me.

Peggy: Peter.

Peter: Hmm?

Peggy: You've done something, haven't you?

Peter: Let's just say things are definitely heating up.

Cass: Wally, join me for a drink.

Wally: Cass, that-- that is the most expensive stock in the cellar.

Cass: Of course, it is. You see, tonight I feel like celebrating.

Wally: You sure you're not just pretending?

Cass: Wally, I feel great. To Cass Winthrop.

Wally: Right! To Cass Winthrop.

Wally: Ahh!

Cass: Ahh!

Wally: Mmm.

Cass: I'm finally back, Wally. And Bay City's got me.

[Wally laughs]

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