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Another World Transcript Wednesday 8/13/03

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(Missing the first five minutes or so)

Felicia: It's a lot better than ignoring 50,000 bucks.

Wally: I like that.

Cass: A charity, huh?

Felicia: Why not? You know if the money just hangs around, it'll only depress you.

Cass: True.

Wally: And after all, Kathleen was always throwing money at bums or homeless people she saw on the street.

Felicia: Right, right. Mm-hmm.

Cass: Also true. She couldn't resist a stray.

Felicia: Obviously. She married you.

Cass: We get the picture.

Felicia: Sorry.

Wally: Ok, ok. So what about a home for homeless people? A shelter, you know? Or medical research?

Cass: I don't know.

Felicia: What do you mean you don't know?

Cass: Well, we got to find just the right cause.

Felicia: But, honey, those are really good causes. They do good work.

Cass: Yeah, I know, but if it's going to be for Kathleen, you know.

Felicia: You're right, he's right. It should be--it should be something very special.

Cass: I mean, something that says "Kathleen McKinnon."

Felicia: Well, that is where you come in.

Cass: Me?

Felicia: Well, you said you have a lot of free time on your hands right now.

Cass: Yeah, so?

Wally: So Felicia's right. You cash the check first and then you scout around.

Felicia: Right. You know, and the money doesn't have to go to one charity. In fact, you know what we could do? We could start a fund in Kathleen's name.

Cass: A fund, huh?

Felicia: Yeah, a fund. I mean, you're a lawyer. You could do that.

Wally: Yeah, like-- listen to this. "The Kathleen McKinnon Environmental Fund."

Felicia: That's good. Or it could be-- it could be the "Kathleen McKinnon Medical Research Fund."

Cass: We have to figure out exactly what Kathleen would have wanted.

Wally: Well, Cass, nobody knows that better than you do.

Cass: Yeah, but how would I know whom to give the money to, where it would do the most good?

Felicia: Oh, that's easy. Well, it has to be easy. I mean, you just take the time and...and you research it. So...What do you say?

Amanda: You're trying to scare me into quitting, aren't you?

Mac: How, by asking you to copy a 26-page report?

Amanda: Well, yes, when I've only been here for 5 minutes. Ma well, if you'd been on time, you would've been here for 2 hours.

Amanda: Well, I took the bus because I didn't want to ride in your limo.

Mac: I'm only trying to treat you like I treat everyone else.

Amanda: Yeah, you're right. That's what I want you to do.

Mac: And, it's very difficult for me, too, because I love you, and I want to be lenient with you.

Amanda: You don't think I'm going to be able to do this job, do you?

Mac: I think you're able to do anything you set your mind to, but I agree with your mother that college would be a better use of your time right now, Amanda.

Amanda: But we made a deal.

Mac: And I'm going to keep my end of it.

Amanda: You just wait and see, dad, because this job is going to work out so much better than college ever would for me.

Mac: Great, darling. Now, uh...Why don't you head for the copy room, Miss Ashton?

Amanda: Aye-aye, boss.

Rachel: Oh, hello, darling.

Mac: Oh, hi, sweetheart.

Rachel: I'm here for the meeting.

Mac: Oh, how wonderful that you're early.

[Amanda clears throat]

Mac: Oh, do you know Miss Mandy Ashton?

Rachel: Oh, yes. Well, I believe you look familiar.

Amanda: I'm sure you'll see me working around here.

Rachel: I'm sure I will.

Amanda: So you can just call me Mandy. I'll have these run off and delivered for you right away, Mr. Cory.

Mac: Thank you, Miss Ashton. Handy Mandy, I call her, just like any other employee.

Rachel: This is never going to work.

Rachel: Well, darling, as much as I'd like to stay with you here all day, I have work to do.

Mac: And don't worry about our Miss Ashton. Despite what she says, I think her enthusiasm is fast fading.

Rachel: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Once her pride kicks in, watch out.

Mac: What about her boredom kicking in? I mean, college is going to look marvelous after a hard day's night with a copier.

Rachel: Well, not if she's bent on proving something to us.

Mac: Hmm, yeah, maybe you're right about that. We mustn't take anything for granted.

Rachel: Mom's right. She's as stubborn as I am, and at that age I would have done anything to prove a point.

Mac: Well, all the more reason for us to just keep out of it, don't interfere.

Rachel: I don't suppose there's any way you could sort of ride her a little or anything.

Mac: Oh, no, she'd see through that immediately. I'm just going to treat her like any other employee.

Rachel: Well, I hope that works.

Mac: It will, believe me. Remember, this is the same Amanda Cory who just bought up half of Europe.

Rachel: Well I saw what she was wearing this morning. That's totally inappropriate for an office.

Mac: I've already told her that. Maybe you could subtly suggest a college campus--

[buzzer] excuse me--does not have a dress code. Yes? Speaking. What? Of course not! Well, you just stop him. He does not have authority to do that from me or anybody else. It's gone to print?! Damn right I'm angry! No. No, I'll speak to him, but, Frank, please, always call before you let something like that go through again. Always, please! Yeah, all right.

Rachel: Trouble?

Mac: Oh, a new assistant layout man is already stepping on toes.

Rachel: Sam Fowler?

Mac: Right.

Rachel: Whose toes?

Mac: Well, mine at the moment, all 10 of them. I'm gonna tell him about it. Who does he think he is?

[Door slams]

Rachel: Oh, Mac, if you only knew.

Sam: See, I figured with all the new columns, it's a look that people are gonna understand right away.

Kevin: Oh, it's about time someone started stirring things up around here.

[Sam laughs]

Mitch: Is this where all the enthusiasm's coming from?

Kevin: Mr. Fowler's been showing me his new page design.

Sam: It's Sam. Hi, I'm Sam Fowler, the new assistant layout editor.

Mitch: Mitch Blake, photographer.

Sam: Yeah.

Mitch: Kevin, would you do me a favor, take these to the art department?

Kevin: Sure thing, Mr. Blake.

Mitch: Thanks. That was a bit silly.

Sam: It won't last long.

Mitch: Having fun?

Sam: Yeah, it's great. Look at this. I've been here one day and I've already changed a major page format.

Mitch: "That's happening" section. You did change that.

Sam: Yeah, so what do you think?

Mitch: Who approved it?

Sam: Well, see, I figured people today are looking for a quick reference when they're looking in the entertainment section.

Mitch: It looks good.

Sam: Yeah, I just hope Mac Cory thinks so.

Mitch: He hasn't seen this?

Sam: No. There wasn't time. See, I worked on this all last night and just finished it this morning.

Mitch: Ok.

Sam: What's wrong?

Mitch: Nothing that you won't find out about. It's nice meeting you, Mr. Fowler. Got to get back to work.

Sam: Well, maybe I'll stop by the darkroom one of these days.

Mitch: Just do what I say. Just take it slow and easy and don't try to do too much too soon. I mean that.

Mac: Oh, hello, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi, Mac.

Mac: I'd like to speak with Mr. Fowler alone, please.

Mitch: Here you go.

Sam: So you heard about the new page format.

Mac: Yes, along with your division supervisor, we were both quite surprised.

Sam: It's here on my desk. I think you'll be quite pleased.

Mac: I don't think you understand. You weren't cleared for publication. We don't like that kind of surprise.

Sam: But there wasn't time. I mean, I worked on this all last night. I just got it in under the deadline.

Mac: Don't play naive with me, Mr. Fowler.

Sam: Sir, I'm not playing naive with you.

Mac: If you're experienced as you say you are, you know there is no magazine in this country that would allow an assistant layout man to change the format of an advertising section just before publication!

Sam: But I thought I had authorization.

Mac: From whom?!

Sam: From you, at least that's what I understood last night.

Mac: What I said to you last night was that after you're settled in here a little, you may make a suggestion. You do not submit a suggestion by publishing it and showing it to the publisher the next day!

Sam: I guess I got a little bit too enthusiastic.

Mac: You guessed right, and you surely know that any magazine would go down the drain that allowed that practice.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Mac: I hope so. That's not going to do us a lot of good with our advertisers, Mr. Fowler.

Sam: But didn't they stop it in the final pressing--

Mac: No, unfortunately, they did not stop it!

Sam: You mean it's going to go through?

Mac: Yes! It will be on the newsstands this afternoon!

Sam: All right.

Mac: You're fired if this happens once more, you understand that?

Cass: You want to start a charitable foundation?

Wally: Well, why not?

Felicia: You know, when I really think about this, I'm amazed that I didn't think of it.

Wally: Felicia, you did think of it.

Felicia: Oh, I did, didn't I?

Cass: Yeah, but what you didn't think about was I don't know the first thing about charities.

Wally: Well--

Felicia: Well--

Wally: They say it starts at home.

Cass: Very funny.

Felicia: No, no. Wally is right. He's right. It's something that we can all get involved in.

Wally: Sure, we can. I mean, it's just a matter of research and funding.

Felicia: Funding, yes, and you said you were going to do the research.

Cass: Yes, but that still leaves the funding.

Felicia: Well...

Wally: Wait a minute, Cass. You've always been very good at making money.

Felicia: It's true.

Cass: Yeah, too good. I don't want Kathleen's name to be associated with some of my previous business endeavors.

Wally: Cass.

Cass: Cecile, Tony the Tuna...

Felicia: All right, all right, all right. Wally and I will do the funding.

Wally: What do I know about funding?

Felicia: Well, it's sort of like picking the horses. You know, you pick top millionaires, and they have to have a good track record, and I will throw the parties.

Cass: You know, you guys, this is so off the wall that it just might work.

Felicia: Of course it will work. Will you do it?

Cass: Oh, let me think about it.

Man: Excuse me, Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: Yes?

Man: There's a call for you from Mr. Cory.

Cass: Mac's whole publishing empire has probably ground to a halt without me. Thank you.

Felicia: I'm telling you, this is just what he needed.

Wally: But, but-- Felicia, he hasn't said yes.

Felicia: He said he'd think about it. It's the same thing. Oh, Wally, can't wait to do my first charity bash. I wonder what I should wear.

Wally: Oh, gosh. Isn't it ironic?

Felicia: What?

Wally: The three of us, after all these years, going legit. Ha ha ha!

Vicky: I was on the patio. I saw the two of you together in the living room.

Donna: Oh, you did.

Vicky: Don't worry, Donna. The doors were closed. I didn't hear anything.

Donna: It wouldn't have mattered if you had.

Vicky: I wonder.

Donna: John and I were discussing the plans for the beach house.

Vicky: You mean arguing, don't you?

Donna: Yes. Yes, I guess you could say that. He didn't like some of my ideas.

Vicky: Well, I guess I just didn't know how emotional redecorating could get.

Donna: Oh, well, it can, believe me. I guess maybe that's why I felt like playing hooky today. You know, you never did say, are you going to join me?

Vicky: I don't feel like swimming.

Donna: Well, all right. Maybe not that, but what about the shopping and lunch at tops?

Vicky: Just the two of us?

Donna: Well, yes, of course.

Vicky: I get to pay for lunch.

Donna: Of course, if that's what you'd like.

Vicky: All right. Well, I guess it's not such a bad idea.

Donna: No, this is wonderful.

Vicky: Well, why don't you just give me a little time to get ready?

Donna: Of course, of course. I'll just go call for the car.

[Door closes]

Reginald: I can't stay very long.

Peter: Well, then I'll have to make it quick.

Reginald: So, tell me what's happening.

Peter: It won't be long now.

Reginald: Has Victoria seen the pictures?

Peter: Not only seen them but come to her dear uncle for support.

Reginald: She trusts you?

Peter: She's beginning to.

Reginald: Well, good work.

Peter: Thank you, dad.

Reginald: Tell me, how is she holding up?

Peter: Well, she's, uh... She's a little shaky, but she'll make it.

Reginald: I hate to do this to her. We must take special care that she's not hurt in any lasting way.

Peter: Dad, don't worry. Vicky's a lot stronger than they gave her credit for. She'll hang in there.

Reginald: Oh, I wish I could see her myself. Every day I hate what Michael Hudson has done to my family.

Peter: Not for long.

Reginald: You have something else?

Peter: I don't believe how easy it was.

Reginald: Another picture of Donna and John?

Peter: Oh, this isn't just another picture. In it, they appear to be, um...

Reginald: In flagrante delicto?

Peter: Exactly.

Reginald: Then they are playing right into our hands.

Reginald: Ladies. What a pleasant surprise.

Peter: Why don't you come sit and join us for lunch?

Donna: Oh--

Reginald: An excellent idea.

Donna: Oh, no. No thank you. I wouldn't want to take you away from, uh...Whatever it is you do.

Reginald: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi.

Donna: Victoria, shall we?

Reginald: Victoria seemed awfully quiet.

Peter: Hmm.

Reginald: You don't suppose she's seen this latest photograph, do you?

Peter: Nah, I don't think so. I don't think she'd be here with Donna if she had.

Reginald: Where is the picture?

Peter: Right over there.

Reginald: Hmm?

Peter: I put it in her purse.

Reginald: You know, I might just stay for lunch after all.


Sam: I guess I've put you in an embarrassing situation.

Mac: Most definitely! Now I must apologize personally to our advertisers for not at least giving them notice!

Mac: Hello, dawn.

Rachel: Mac, I was looking all over for you. I just came from printing.

Mac: I know. I already talked to them. Well, it's too late now. We'll just have to take the loss.

Rachel: A loss?

Mac: A big loss. I can't ask advertisers to pay for what they haven't even seen.

Rachel: Well, maybe we can show it to them.

Mac: No, I don't think it would be right. They didn't give us any clearance to do what he did.

Rachel: Ok, I agree with you.

Mac: And he's supposed to have experience? What kind of magazine could he have been on?

Julie Ann: Mr. Cory, I've been looking for you.

Mac: Oh? Oh, what was it you wanted me for, Julie Ann?

Julie Ann: Oh, I'm sorry. Cass Winthrop's waiting for you in your office.

Mac: Oh. Well, then, I better go in and see him.

Rachel: I'm sorry I can't make you feel better.

Mac: It's all right, darling. You didn't make me feel bad.

Rachel: Julie Ann, do you want me for something?

[Door closes]

Julie Ann: What? Oh. No. No, no. I got to get back to work.

Rachel: All right.

Rachel: I took a big chance giving you this job.

Sam: Well, I take it you talked to your husband.

Rachel: Just what did you think you could prove pulling a stunt like this?

Man: Have you decided what you'd like?

Donna: Mmm, yes. Victoria?

Vicky: You know, I don't know why I came. I'm really not very hungry, and dad probably needs me at the office today.

Donna: Honey, what's happened? I thought everything was just fine.

Vicky: You know, if you don't mind, I'll just have the check, please.

Donna: Victoria, why do you want to leave? I thought we were going to have lunch?

Vicky: I just changed my mind. Is that so impossible to believe?

Donna: But why? Honey, we were just starting to talk. We--did I say something?

Vicky: Donna, why are you so guilty?

Donna: Well, I'm not. I don't think I have anything to be guilty of. Wait--wait a minute. Maybe you want to tell me something.

Vicky: Where's the waiter?

Donna: Victoria, answer me.

Vicky: I just want the check.

Donna: Victoria, why are you treating me like this?

Vicky: Because maybe I don't understand you or what you're doing. Did you ever think of that, Donna?

Donna: What--what I'm doing?

Man: Here's the check, ma'am.

Vicky: Thank you. I'll take this.

Donna: No! No, you won't, until you tell me what you're talking about.

Vicky: Donna, please. You're making a scene.

Donna: I'm sorry. Maybe you're right. Maybe we should go on home. Do you think we could talk about it there?

Vicky: There is nothing to talk about.


Donna: Honey, what is it? What's the matter? What are you looking at?

Reginald: I think we may be needed soon.

Donna: Victoria, what is it?

Vicky: It's nothing. I don't have my wallet. I don't have any money.

Donna: Oh, is that all? Well, that's no problem. I can take care of this.

Vicky: I found it.

Donna: Honey, you don't look too well.

Vicky: You know, all of a sudden I don't feel so well.

Donna: Well, are you ill?

Vicky: I don't think so. I should just get home.

Donna: Victoria--

Vicky: I've gotta get home.

Peter: Hey, hey. Are you all right?

Vicky: No.

Peter: Well, can I help you with anything in any way?

Vicky: Could you please just take me home?

Peter: My car's downstairs.

Donna: Wait just a minute. Where are you going?

Peter: Vicky needs to be taken home, Donna.

Donna: Well, I can do that, Peter.

Peter: She asked me to take her home.

Donna: Victoria!

Reginald: I do hate these hot summer days. Everyone's mood is so fragile.

Donna: You know what this is all about, don't you?

Reginald: Ohh.

Donna: You did this.

Reginald: Donna, I hope that old paranoia of yours isn't flaring up.

Donna: Don't you--

Reginald: Darling, it's what I've said all along, the slightest breeze and the cards all start to scatter.

Sam: I obviously thought I was doing what Mr. Cory wanted me to.

Rachel: Mr. Cory wanted you to change the format for a whole advertising section?

Sam: He told me to take a look at it and come up with a new approach.

Rachel: For this week's issue?

Sam: I assumed that, yes.

Rachel: You assumed?

Sam: Yes!

Rachel: You just started working here yesterday.

Sam: I worked on this all last night. That magazine would not have gone to press without me.

Rachel: That's no excuse to go over Mac's head.

Sam: Oh, all right. The next time I come up with an idea, I'll send it to him in triplicate, maybe that way he'll take notice.

Rachel: He just may have, you know, if you'd taken this idea to him in the first place, he might have approved it.

Sam: There was not time! The presses were rolling, and I was assuming that's what he wanted.

Rachel: You were assuming!

Sam: All right. Maybe I went too far too fast.

Rachel: Yes, I think you just may have.

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm not used to asking questions.

Rachel: Well, try it. You might be surprised at the answers.

Sam: Mrs. Cory? Did you see my new layout?

Rachel: Yes.

Sam: Well, what'd you think?

Rachel: It was very good.

[Door slams]

Mac: I know things have been slow for you lately.

Cass: Yes. I'm hoping that work will be therapeutic.

Mac: I'm glad to hear you say that. I've been looking for a time to talk with you.

Cass: About what?

Mac: A special project concerning Kathleen.

Cass: You've heard already?

Mac: Well, yes, of course. Actually, I was working very closely with her right up until the time of the accident.

Cass: I'm sorry. I think we have our wires crossed here.

Mac: Well, I'm talking about her book. The one she was writing that was based on your life.

Cass: Her book? You've known about that?

Mac: Well, yeah. You see, you know it was her first novel, so she did ask me for help right from the beginning.

Cass: Oh, she never said anything.

Mac: Well, I'm not surprised. Kathleen never really trusted her writing.

Cass: I kept telling her--

Mac: Yeah, so did I. I recognized her potential the minute she came to work for me.

Cass: She loved that job, Mac.

Mac: And I was very proud of her. In fact, I wanted to show her stuff around to people, and she kept begging me to put it off a while, but she was very excited about this last thing.

Cass: Well, one thing about my life, no one would believe it was non-fiction. Ha ha ha.

Mac: I still want to publish it.

Cass: You do?

Mac: Sure. I'd even do the editing on it. I want people to know what a gifted writer she was. Seems like something I can do for her.

Cass: Well, there's only one problem. There's no manuscript.

Mac: What?

Cass: I assume it burned in the crash.

Mac: But weren't your personal effects salvaged?

Cass: Some, but not the manuscript.

Mac: You're certain about this?

Cass: Well, there wasn't that much, Mac.

Mac: Kathleen had a real writer's instincts. I think she would have had a back-up copy someplace.

Cass: I'll be glad to check again.

Mac: Maybe like something on-- even on a computer disk? You know, something that's been overlooked.

Cass: Mac, believe me, nothing would make me happier than to see Kathleen get the recognition she deserved.

Mac: Right. Meanwhile, I'm going to go through the correspondence that she sent me.

Cass: She wrote to you?

Mac: Practically every week, and a lot of it was to do with the book. The south side --

Amanda: I just made 300 copies of a 26-page report. How many copies is that? 7,800.

Michelle: Oh, and you haven't even collated.

Amanda: You mean I have to put them together yet? Frankly, I'm having trouble with that concept.

Michelle: Join the club.

Amanda: I mean, why can't I just make 26 piles and have everyone assemble their own?

Rachel: Well, there's an idea.

Amanda: What do you think? Has its time come?

Rachel: Why don't you ask the boss?

Amanda: I was afraid you'd say something like that.

Rachel: What's the matter, getting tired already?

Amanda: Oh, no. I'm loving it. In fact, now that I'm here, I'm kind of sorry that I wasted so much time.

Rachel: Wasted so much time?

Amanda: Well, of course. If I had known I was going to be this valuable, I would have quit school at 16.

Rachel: Good morning, Miss Ashton.

Amanda: Good morning, Mrs. Cory.

Julie Ann: Have you started distributing those reports?

Amanda: Distributing? I haven't even put them together yet.

Julie Ann: Then you haven't been to the layout office.

Amanda: Hello, do you hear me? I've been busy all morning.

Julie Ann: Come on. I'll help you assemble them.

Amanda: Thanks. What's with all the sudden help?

Julie Ann: Let's just say, I want to be there when you distribute a specific report.

Felicia: All right, turn the page. Let me see.

Wally: Oh, look at that, Felicia.

Mitch: Miss me?

Wally: Hi.

Felicia: Hi. You've been down at the magazine?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Wally: Mitch, I hope these aren't more photographs of the plane crash.

Mitch: It is, Wally. In fact, I was looking for another envelope of them.

Wally: Oh, that. I put it back here.

Mitch: Thanks.

Wally: Mitch, I didn't want Cass to see those again.

Mitch: I know, Wally. I'm sorry that ever happened in the first place.

Felicia: Wait. I think maybe it loosened things up a bit.

Wally: Yeah, he sure does seem to be enthusiastic about the charity idea.

Mitch: What charity?

Felicia: We decided to start a foundation in Kathleen's name.

Mitch: That's nice.

Felicia: Yeah. Cass is going to head it up, and Wally and I are the fundraisers.

Mitch: You're asking for a lot of work.

Felicia: No, it'll be a lot of fun. Besides, you know how much I like to give parties.

Wally: Well, honey, you may have to wait a while.

Felicia: What do you mean I have to wait a while?

Wally: Well, hand me that scheduling book. I mean, it's right here in black and white. We're booked up all this month and way into--

Felicia: Well, now wait. That can't work because we've got to do this while the idea is still fresh.

Wally: W-w-w-wait. You want to do it on Friday?

Felicia: This Friday?

Wally: Yeah. That other party canceled.

Felicia: Oh, I don't know. You think that's possible? You think I can organize it that fast?

Mitch: And still have time for me?

Felicia: That goes without saying.

Mitch: Just checking. Come on. I want to talk to you. Come on, Wally.

Donna: I don't know what you're talking about.

Reginald: Come, come, my dear. This charade about one big happy family is beginning to wear a little thin.

Donna: Oh, you sound so hopeful.

[Reginald chuckles]

Reginald: I've never been able to keep secrets from my children.

Donna: Well, unfortunately, you're wrong this time.

Reginald: Oh.

Donna: Things couldn't be better between Michael and me.

Reginald: Given the circumstances, I'm sure they couldn't.

Donna: In fact, we're talking about having another baby.

Reginald: Really? Take care that history doesn't repeat itself, my dear.

Felicia: Donna, listen, are you free Friday night?

Donna: Why is it that he always manages to get to me?

Felicia: Reginald. You were talking to him, weren't you?

Donna: He just won't stop, and now he's trying to turn Victoria against me.

Felicia: Oh, honey, he can't do that.

Donna: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure. She just left with Peter, and she wouldn't even speak with me.

Felicia: Well, do you think it has something to do with John?

Donna: Felicia, she saw us arguing last night.

Felicia: John and you? About what?

Donna: He won't leave me alone.

Felicia: So then you leave him alone. Don't give Reginald any ammunition that he can use against you.

Donna: Well, what am I supposed to do, just ignore John, not speak to him?

Felicia: Yes, even if it means that you walk out of a room when he enters, even if you don't want to, Donna.

Donna: I have to go.

Felicia: It's not that hard, believe me.

Felicia: Hi.

Mitch: Hi. Are you actually going to sit for a minute?

Felicia: Yeah, I thought I would.

Mitch: What's happening?

Felicia: Well, I was just talking to Donna. You know, it's so weird that you can see the solutions of someone else's problems and they can't see it at all.

Mitch: You mean Donna?

Felicia: Yeah. I really--I really can't talk about it, though.

Mitch: That's fair enough.

Felicia: I mean, I trust you implicitly, it's just--

Mitch: No, I'm sure you said that you wouldn't.

Felicia: Right. I did.

Mitch: Well, I happened to stop by Sam's office today.

Felicia: You think that you shouldn't have done that?

Mitch: Oh, it's all right. I played the role.

Felicia: Oh, I would have loved to have seen that. So how is he doing on his first day on the job?

Mitch: For starters, he changed the format of a section of the magazine.

Felicia: He what?

Mitch: Without asking approval.

Felicia: Oh, you're funny.

Mitch: Oh, I am?

Felicia: Yes. I mean, I got Sam this job, and now you're trying to scare me to death, right? Aren't you? Well, only a hot-headed idiot would do such a thing as that.

Mitch: Really?

Felicia: It's all right. It's all right. I'm still glad that he has this job. It's just that Mac and Sam will have to learn to get along together.

Mitch: I know you went to Mac because he's my brother.

Felicia: I did not. I went to him because Sam is very talented.

Mitch: But you don't have to solve everybody's problems.

Felicia: Whose problems do I solve?

Mitch: Well, let's see. For a starter, there was Donna. There's Cass. I mean, there's Sam.

Felicia: Come on, don't be ridiculous.

Mitch: I'm not being ridiculous. I mean, you're like the red cross.

Felicia: All right. All right, what did I do for Cass?

Mitch: Well, you're setting up the charity fund.

Felicia: No, no. No, not yet. He hasn't agreed to it yet.

Mitch: He will.

Felicia: Besides, I'm not doing it really for Cass. I'm doing it for Kathleen. If you knew her, you would understand why.

Mitch: I do understand.

Felicia: Are you worried that I'm not going to spend enough time with you and I'm going to be with Cass?

Mitch: No.

Felicia: But you said that-- well, you asked me if I would have enough time for you. Remember that?

Mitch: But I don't want to lose track of you.

Felicia: You won't. It's just a few little parties, that's all.

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: You know, I forgot what it was like to have someone concerned about me. I like this a lot.

Mitch: Well, it's because you have such a big heart, that's one of the things that I like most about you.

Felicia: Why do I feel a "but" coming?

Mitch: But I don't want you to forget to take care of yourself, as well.

Felicia: I won't. I promise.

Mitch: I'll remind you.

Felicia: You know what? You're a very sweet guy. You're crazy, but you're very sweet. I have to go. I'll see you later? Huh?

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: Ok.

Mac: Please let me know the minute you find something.

Cass: I will, but if I haven't found the manuscript by now, Mac, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Mac: I understand.

Cass: If you don't mind. I would love to see the correspondence she sent to you, though.

Mac: Well, of course. Any time, Cass.

Cass: Thank you, Mac.

Mac: Good to talk to you.

Cass: See you.

Mac: Oh, Julie Ann. Will you start calling that list of advertisers I've got to talk to? Hi, sweetheart, go on in, and also, would you pull Kathleen McKinnon's file? I want to have a look at it.

Julie Ann: Right away.

Mac: Thank you.

Rachel: Busy day?

Mac: Yes, and it's gonna get busier. I have yet to talk to these advertisers and explain about Mr. Fowler's foul-up of that format.

Rachel: Well, it was quite a change. I mean, they will notice.

Mac: Well, the whole section had a different feel and look about it.

Rachel: You actually saw it then?

Mac: What makes me so angry is I quite admire what he did.

Rachel: That makes you angry?

Mac: Yes, because if he had just told me beforehand, I could easily have cleared this with the advertisers. Now I can't charge them for things that were done behind their back.

Rachel: No, of course you can't.

Mac: And this young man, Fowler, he seems so honest. Do you think he could possibly have thought he really had a green light to do that?

Rachel: Well, hopefully, it won't happen again.

Mac: No. Well, if it does, he's out, and he knows that. I mean, you cannot run a magazine or anything else without a chain of command.

Rachel: Well, speaking of chains, how's our link holding up?

Mac: You mean handy Mandy?

Rachel: Yeah, I believe that's the name.

Mac: Well, I personally think that Miss Amanda Cory is gonna get fed up soon and return to normality any day now.

Julie Ann: Wait a minute.

Amanda: What?

Julie Ann: Why don't you take this one inside?

Amanda: I stood in front of a copier for an hour and a half, collated 300 of these things. I'm too tired.

Julie Ann: You won't regret it.

Amanda: Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Julie Ann: Why don't you hand deliver this one and find out?

Amanda: This had better be good.

Julie Ann: Trust me.

Vicky: Thanks for giving me a ride home, uncle Peter.

Peter: Sure, sure. You were awfully quiet in the car. Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to help?

Vicky: Yeah, I just need to be alone. I have to figure out what to do.

Peter: Yeah. Look, Vicky, do you promise to talk to me before you come to any decision?

Vicky: You'll know. I promise.

Peter: All right. I'll be downstairs in my office.

Vicky: How could she do this to him?!

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Uncle Peter?

Donna: No, it's me.

Vicky: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Are you feeling better?

Vicky: Much better now.

Donna: Honey, I really think we should talk.

Vicky: I don't think we have anything to say, Donna.

Donna: I can't even show you my love. Victoria--

Vicky: Let it alone, Donna.

Donna: No! No, I am not going to let it alone! I want to know why you keep pushing me away!

Vicky: All right! You really want to know? Fine. This is what I think of your love.

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