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Another World Transcript Friday 8/1/03

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Felicia: Oh, no, you're not still gambling, you two?

Cass: Now we're into stealing.

Felicia: You're what?

Cass: Wally took these dice from the game down on the docks.

Felicia: Why would you do that, Wally?

Wally: To prove that they aren't weighted.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: The game was on the up and up, Wally?

Cass: No way.

Wally: Cass, now, look at this.

Cass: What?

Wally: These corners--they are not shaved, and these dice have not been rolling any numbers consistently all evening. So they can't be weighted.

Felicia: So it's over and done with. Well, we're all perfectly safe. So I just don't know why we're going on with this.

Mitch: Listen, if Wally is right and the game is on the level, I would imagine those two guys are going to be looking for their revenge.

Wally: Exactly.

Cass: What do you mean, if Wally is right, if the game was on the level?

Wally: Cass, it was.

Cass: I thought we were friends here. Why all this second-guessing?

Mitch: 'Cause if you're wrong, they're not gonna forget about it.

Wally: Mitch is right.

Mitch: What is it? Come on, what's the problem?

Cass: Ok, I'm sorry! Maybe I had a little anger to blow off. Did you ever think of that? Forgive me for being human!

Felicia: Cass...Cass. [Sighs] well, I hope the two of you are happy with yourselves!

Rachel: Oh, Amanda, there you are, sweetie.

Amanda: Shh! Michael Jackson here's out like a light.

Mac: He did dance almost every dance, didn't he?

Rachel: I thought we'd have to carry Suzie Strathmore out of there.

Matthew: Suzie?

Amanda: That's the one thing you can't say. I think he's on autopilot.

Mac: Well, how are you doing? You had a very long day.

Amanda: And it was the best. Thanks to both of you for tonight. I really mean it.

Rachel: I'm just so grateful it all worked out.

Mac: Do you realize this is the first time all four of us have been alone together since you got home?

Rachel: More likely 3 1/2.

Amanda: Yeah. You know, if Jamie was here, we could call a family conference.

Rachel: Oh, no, not another family conference. The last time we had one of those, you went running out of here in tears 'cause you didn't want to go away to high school.

Mac: That's right. And then a week later, you went running out in tears because you decided you did want to go.

Amanda: Well, ok, ok, give me a break. I was barely 14 then.

Mac: Now you're a grown young woman. 18.

Amanda: Well, I promise this time I won't go running out in tears.

Rachel: This time? You've made some decisions?

Amanda: I've made a big decision... About my future.

Lisa: It's so different now.

Jamie: What is?

Lisa: Everything. Before I met you, I felt lost.

Jamie: And now I've found you, Lisa Grady... And you're never going to be lost again.

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Jamie: I love you.

Lisa: I love you, too.

Jamie: This one sounds different to me.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Saying I love you. I know when it's true. I realize that with all the other women in my life, I was-- I was just hoping.

Lisa: Any regrets?

Jamie: None.

Lisa: Not even that it took so long?

Jamie: Well, maybe I... needed the time to appreciate what I'm getting.

Lisa: How do you do that?

Jamie: Do what?

Lisa: Say just the right thing at just the right time.

Jamie: Years of practice.

Lisa: Mmm...

Wally: I feel terrible.

Felicia: You should. You both should.

Mitch: Me?

Felicia: Yes, you. Well, maybe not you so much. You haven't known Cass that long, but, Wally, for you, you of all people? I mean, you know how he gets, especially when he's hurting.

Wally: Well, I can't help it if he never lets anything out.

Felicia: He always takes chances--you know that. I mean, this dice thing-- that's a typical Cass thing for him to do. You know that!

Wally: I think it was just overreacting.

Felicia: I think we're all overreacting right now.

Wally: Ok, you're right.

Felicia: I am right.

Wally: Yeah, but I just wish he wouldn't keep things all bottled up inside.

Felicia: He's just looking for a place to unload it and you know that.

Wally: Hey, maybe we should all keep tabs on him for the next couple of months, you know, and make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble.

Felicia: I think we also need to understand all that he's been through.

Cass: It sounds like you're trying to save an endangered species.

Felicia: We are, and a very valuable one. I hope you plan to be cooperative.

Wally: Uh, Cass... Cass, uh, I'm sorry I pushed you so hard on the dice. I'm--I'm really sorry.

Cass: It's ok, Wally. What are friends for, right? Look, I know you're all just trying to help me... put my life back on the track.

Felicia: And we'll remember that it takes a long time--promise.

Cass: It's just...What do you do in the meantime, right?

Mitch: In the meantime, for starters, I'd stay away from the dock, let everything cool off.

Wally: Hey, maybe you could resurrect Krystal lake for a couple of weeks.

Cass: I threw away my wigs a long time ago.

Felicia: I got one you could borrow.

Cass: I think I'll pass. I'll stick around here, I think, for a while and, uh, see if I can't wear out a path between my room and this bar stool.

Felicia: Listen, what do you say we--we lock up for the night?

Cass: No, it's not even last call yet. Come on, let's get this train out of the station. Set 'em up, Wally. What do you say?

Wally: Ok. But only one.

Cass: All right, now you're talking. It's gonna be just like the old days in the North Woods Inn. You remember the North Woods Inn, don't you?

Felicia: Yes, vaguely it comes back.

Cass: That was halfway between the Call-Boys and Tops.

Felicia: Is that the one where you caught on fire, or is that the one we blew up?

Cass: Yes.

Felicia: I've blended that. Whoops.

Mitch: Did you drop that?

Cass: What is it?

Felicia: Well, it's addressed to you care of the McKinnons.

Cass: Oh, Vince gave me this at the party tonight. He said it arrived this afternoon. Oh, no.

Rachel: What is this decision of yours?

Mac: It sounds serious.

Amanda: It is. Like you said, Dad, if there's something you want, it's worth rolling your sleeves up for.

Mac: Well, well.

Rachel: This is the Amanda who didn't know what she was going to do with her life?

Amanda: No, it's not. I've got a plan now. A dream. And I'm going to follow it, make that dream come true.

Rachel: Well, it must be some dream.

Amanda: There's only one thing.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: Well, I'm not sure how Dad's gonna handle it... But I have a feeling you're gonna hate it.

Mac: I don't think that's fair to your mother, Amanda.

Amanda: All right, maybe it was a bad way to start.

Rachel: Maybe?

Amanda: Ok, it was. But you have to admit we do have a history when it comes to my decisions.

Rachel: That's because they're usually based on some form of rebellion, Amanda.

Amanda: Why, just because I don't want to cash in on the fact that my last name happens to be Cory?

Rachel: It's a perfectly good name.

Amanda: But I didn't say it wasn't.

Rachel: Your father has worked very hard to get this company where it is today.

Amanda: And I appreciate that. But why should I miss out on the fun of making it on my own?

Rachel: Miss out on the fun?

Mac: Ok, ok, you two. Time out before you even get started. Why don't we just get this plan out in the open?

Amanda: Ok. Basically, it's this: For the past four years, I've been going to one of the best schools in the country.

Mac: And you made straight As, and we are very proud.

Amanda: Thank you. But now I think it's time that I get some experience.

Mac: You mean, as in getting a job?

Rachel: Doing what?

Amanda: Publishing. That's what I've decided I want to do. That is, if Dad'll have me.

Rachel: Wait a minute. I thought you didn't want to trade on the family name.

Amanda: But I don't. I want to start from the bottom and work my way up.

Mac: Like mother, like daughter, huh?

Amanda: What do you mean?

Mac: Well, Rachel's at Cory Publishing now. She's been head of the Art desk for some time.

Amanda: Mom, that's wonderful.

Mac: I guess it's just in the family blood.

Rachel: I've got another surprise for you. I think it's a terrific idea of yours.

Amanda: You do?

Rachel: Yes. Your father's the best in the business. You can learn a lot from him.

Amanda: Am I dreaming this?

Rachel: Very funny.

Matthew: You want to dance again, Susie?

[All laugh]

Mac: Come on, sleepyhead. It's time to dance you up to bed. There we go.

Matthew: Did I show you the one where your feet go in opposite directions?

Mac: You show me the one where the feet go up the stairs. Don't let this stop you two. I'll be back in a bit.

Amanda: I can't believe how Matthew's grown up in the past year.

Rachel: He really missed you.

Amanda: He was one of the reasons why I wanted to come home early.

Rachel: You know, I think he's gonna be the only one who really doesn't like this summer job plan of yours.

Amanda: Summer job?

Rachel: Yes. He was looking forward to having you all to himself all summer long before you went to college.

Amanda: College? Who said anything about college?

Cass: All you have to do is sign your name on the dotted line, and you, too, could be $50,000 richer!

Felicia: What is it? Is it a sweepstakes or a lot-- I--I don't understand. What does it say?

Mitch: What is it, Wally?

Wally: Look for yourself.

[Felicia sighs]

Mitch: "$1,000 double indemnity."

Wally: Part of that policy on that airplane that Kathleen was killed in.

Cass: You can't put a price tag on somebody's life like that.

Wally: Felicia, he's right. Kathleen was such a wonderful person. She was so full of life. Her life was worth more than... than...

Mitch: I'm sorry, Wally. I know how everybody feels.

Wally: I hate airplanes. Do you know that?

Mitch: Yes.

Wally: If God had wanted Kathleen to fly, he'd have given her wings.

Mitch: I'm sure he did.

Lisa: Maybe I should go put something on.

[Jamie chuckles]

Lisa: I mean take something off and put something else on.

Jamie: You mean, put something less on.

Lisa: Would you stop teasing me?

Jamie: I haven't even started yet.

Lisa: I'll go put on a flannel nightgown.

Jamie: Oh, flannel! I love flannel!

Lisa: With long johns underneath.

Jamie: Promises, promises, promises. You know how the Eskimos say I love you?

Lisa: They rub noses?

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: You know how doctors say I love you?

Lisa: They rub stethoscopes?

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Close. First, they, um... they take a pulse. Give me your wrist. Oh...Oh, yeah. You are definitely in love.

Lisa: Do you think so?

Jamie: Oh, yes.

Lisa: Well, you're the doctor.

Jamie: Oh, hurry back.

Jamie: Music. Gotta have music.

[The rose playing]

Jamie: Yeah.

Jamie: Oh, yes. Oh, yes, you're definitely in love. Yeah...Yeah, you're in love.

Amanda: You don't want me to go into publishing. That's it, isn't it?

Rachel: Don't be ridiculous. And you're changing the subject.

Amanda: Well, you know that Jamie isn't exactly interested. Sandy certainly isn't knocking down any doors, and Matthew's still far too young.

Rachel: What do any of them have to do with whether or not you go to college?

Amanda: It's me, Mom. Don't you see? I'm the future. In a few years, Cory Publishing is going to need me, and I just want to be ready.

Rachel: Yes. With a college diploma in your hand.

Amanda: No. With good, hard experience under my belt.

Rachel: This is crazy.

Amanda: I wish you would stop saying that... Because I really don't think that it is.

Rachel: I don't think you're thinking very clearly if you think your father's going to go along with it.

Amanda: How do you know that he won't?

Rachel: Trust me. I've known him a very long time. He may spoil you, Amanda, and let you...Spend money in Europe, but he's not going to stand still for this.

Amanda: All right, then... he won't have to. I'll go to work for another publishing company... Until I get enough experience to come back and work at Cory.

Rachel: What am I going to do with you?

Amanda: You don't have to do anything with me.

Rachel: Amanda, you just remember one thing. You're a Cory, and we have a certain reputation to uphold in this family, and in this town.

Amanda: Well, then, I guess that leaves you with only two choices.

Rachel: Which are?

Amanda: You can love me and respect my decision... Or you can kick me out of the house. So, which is it gonna be, Mom?

Cass: Let me have another one, Wally.

Felicia: Honey, maybe you'd like to talk about it.

Cass: What, a penny for my thoughts? And 50,000 bucks for my wife!

Chad: Uh, it's all right. I can handle this.

Cass: What?

Chad: I can take care of her.

Cass, quietly: Come here. Who is this guy anyway? What's he do around here?

Wally: Well, he manages the entertainment. You know, managing, booking. Stuff like that.

Cass: Yeah? What's his relationship to M.J.?

Wally: Why don't you ask him?

Cass: Did he have anything to do with M.J. canceling the wedding?

Wally: Why don't you ask her?

Cass: Oh, I can see you're going to give me a lot of help, Wally.

Chad: Come over with me by the piano.

M.J.: I don't know, Chad.

Chad: Come on... It'll be like the old days.

M.J.: Oh, right, the old days. Right. I remember those. You used to play. I'd sing...For every producer in town.

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... Forget about them. Come on. Here. You just sit... And listen.

[Playing What'll I do]

Chad: Remember this one?

Cass: So, how's my pal tonight?

M.J.: I'm ok.

Cass: Were you out walking?

M.J.: Yeah, I was just out walking around, thinking about the good old days, you know? Wondering if there were any good old days.

Cass: Of course there were. In fact, I seem to recall sharing a few of them with you. That's a pretty song.

Chad: Used to be M.J.'S favorite.

M.J.: Yeah. Used to be.

[M.J. Humming along]

When I'm alone with only dreams of you that won't come true, what'll I do?

Chad: M.J...Wait!

Cass: Let me handle it.

Jamie: To Lisa... The beginning...And end... Of all my dreams. I'll always be yours.

Lisa: Make love to me.

Lisa: I love you so much.

Jamie: I love you, too, Lisa.

Rachel: People don't grow up overnight. You still need a lot of help.

Amanda: Fine. Then help me. But you still have to give me room to fail.

Rachel: I do. I will. You can fail at college.

Amanda: Oh, come on, Mom. You know that won't work. I'll just keep getting straight As, like I always do.

Rachel: What's so wrong with straight As if you're learning something?

Amanda: Because it still isn't the real world of publishing.

Rachel: So why can't you have the real world of publishing at the same time that you're getting an education?

Amanda: Because publishing is all I think about. Morning, noon, and night.

Rachel: But what if you do fail?

Amanda: Then I'll pick myself back up, and I'll start over again. I know it's not gonna be easy.

Rachel: And what about your personal life?

Amanda: What about it?

Rachel: Honey, that's all part of the college experience.

Amanda: Just because I'm not going to college doesn't mean that I have to give up that.

Rachel: No, I'm just saying that college is a wonderful opportunity to--

Amanda: To what?

Rachel: To be exposed to people who share your same goals.

Amanda: Mom, I'll be working with people that have achieved those goals already.

Rachel: Eventually.

Amanda: What do you mean by that?

Rachel: You were the one who said you wanted to work at the bottom and work up.

Amanda: You make it sound like I'm digging ditches.

Rachel: All I'm saying, Amanda, is that college will introduce you to people at your level. They will be your peers.

Amanda: And perhaps I can meet a man that is socially acceptable?

Rachel: I didn't mean that.

Amanda: Yes, you did. I mean, that's the whole thing, isn't it? That's why we have this party, this coming out, right?

Rachel: Honey, the Cory family is part of Bay City society. The coming out party was a custom that is accepted and expected of us.

Amanda: Of us women.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: I mean, aren't we expected to marry someone of money and position?

Rachel: I'm not saying that.

Amanda: Yes, that is what you're saying. But then again, why wouldn't you? I mean, that's how you got to where you are today.

Rachel: Amanda.

Amanda: Well, face it. It's the truth. You have lived your life through the men that you have been around. I mean, you were born Rachel Davis, and you are now Mrs. Mackenzie Cory.

Rachel: Yes, you're right. Mac is my husband.

Amanda: He's more than that. Don't you see? You define yourself through him. He is your name.

Rachel: Yes. That sort of goes with the marriage vows.

Amanda: Well, I don't accept that. I want to succeed or fail on my own.

Rachel: Where are you going?

Amanda: I don't think we have anything more to say to each other.

Rachel: Yes, we do. You owe me an apology.

M.J.: Ha ha ha ha!

Cass: What?

M.J.: We're really a fun pair, you know that?

Cass: Yeah. Quite a tandem. Maybe I shouldn't have butted in. Maybe I should have just left you alone with Chad.

M.J.: Why would you say that, Cass?

Cass: It's obvious just looking at him that he's crazy about you.

M.J.: That's not true.

Cass: Hey, M.J. It's me, Cass.

M.J.: We were just friends a long time ago. That's all that is.

Cass: Listen, if he had anything to do with your breakup with Adam--

M.J.: He didn't. It was me, all right? I was responsible for it. Now, how many times do I have to tell you that?

Cass: Ok. I won't press. I guess it's not my business.

M.J.: Cass, I'm sorry. It's not that, it's just--

Cass: What?

M.J.: It was my fault, Cass. It was all my fault... And I just think it's time that I face up to it, you know? I can't keep making excuses for myself.

Cass: M.J., you don't ever have to make excuses with me or anybody else.

M.J.: Thank you.

Cass: I just want to make sure that the guy you end up with, whoever he is, treats you like the classy woman you are.

M.J.: Thank you. I'm not sure it's true, but I love you for saying it.

Cass: Come over here.

[M.J. Cries]

Cass: Shh.

M.J.: Cass, why do you waste your time on me?

Cass: Because I happen to think you're worth it... And I want to see you start believing in yourself again.

M.J.: How about if I believe in you?

Cass: I've never been known to set a good example.

[Both laugh]

Cass: Here. Wipe your nose.

M.J.: Thank you. Oops! You dropped something. Here you go.

Cass: Forget it. I don't want that damn thing.

M.J.: What's wrong, Cass? What is this? Kathleen.

Cass: Look, you don't have a job right now, right?

M.J.: No.

Cass: You collect the money. Kathleen would have liked that.

M.J.: Forget it, Cass.

M.J.: I don't want the money, Cass.

Cass: I don't even want to think about it.

M.J.: You know, ever since you came back in town, you've been taking care of my entire family. It's time for you to deal with your grief, Cass. It's your turn.

[Cass laughs]

M.J.: What? What are you thinking about?

Cass: Nothing. It's stupid. It has nothing to do with anything at all.

M.J.: Well, tell me.

[Cass laughs]

M.J.: What?

Cass: It's just a story that Kathleen told me a long time ago about your family's first dog.

M.J.: Jeremy?

Cass: Jeremy, right.

M.J.: Oh, I remember Jeremy. Pops got him at the pound. He was a big old sheepdog or something. Well, what about him?

Cass: Well, Kathleen took him out for a walk one day... [Clears throat] and on the way back home, she decided to play hide and seek with him.

M.J.: Yeah.

Cass: She kept ducking behind bushes and trees all the way back until she got to your yard.

M.J.: Oh. I remember he hated that.

Cass: She turned around and... saw Jeremy through the fence and he was totally freaked out. I mean, he thought he had lost her forever. He was frightened about that, and he was looking all over the place and he had this sad, sad expression on his face.

M.J.: He could break your heart with his face.

Cass: That's exactly what Kathleen said. Anyway, she called out to him from behind the fence. He was overjoyed to see her, broke into a major sprint, right for the yard, and when he was about 10 feet away from the fence, Kathleen realized that the gate was shut and that he wasn't gonna stop.

M.J.: Oh, no.

Cass: She didn't even have time to yell. It was like one of those suspended moments. All she could do was watch Jeremy smash head-first into this metal gate. Well, I mean, she was devastated. She felt terribly, terribly guilty and she grabbed him and dragged him somehow upstairs to her bedroom and put him on her bed and sat and prayed. I'm sure tears were streaming down her cheeks. And after a while... his tail started thumping, you know, wagging. Then he opened his eyes and licked her hand. You see, after all he'd been through, he still had this big, dumb, sweet, trusting look on his face.

M.J.: Yeah. It sounds like Jeremy.

Cass: I let her down, M.J. I didn't open the gate. I didn't carry her away. I couldn't even pray.

M.J.: Cass, you did everything you could have done.

Cass: She trusted me... And I let her down. The last thing I remember before the crash were her big, sweet eyes looking at me. I let her down. [Sobbing]

Amanda: All right. I'm sorry. If I said something that offended you, I didn't mean to.

Rachel: Thank you.

Amanda: What I meant was that you didn't have a choice. You grew up in an era where success of women came through the men.

Rachel: You make me sound positively ancient, young lady. I believe my generation was the one that came up with the whole concept of women's lib... And the second point is, you make it sound that just because we got married, we were somehow selling ourselves.

Amanda: Maybe you were, emotionally.

Rachel: I am extremely proud of being Mrs. Mackenzie Cory... And don't you think for one minute that I married Mac for any other reason except that I loved him desperately.

Amanda: I never have. And I hope that someday if I marry, I'll get someone half as good as Daddy.

Rachel: You would be very lucky.

Amanda: I also know that you want me to meet someone that is socially acceptable.

Rachel: I believe that you will find that those advantages are very important to you, yes.

Amanda: No. That's where we differ. To me, a beggar is as good as a king. It doesn't matter which one makes the most money. All that matters is that we're happy.

Rachel: Amanda, please go to college.

Amanda: No. I won't.

Rachel: So, you mind is made up, huh? That's your decision?

Amanda: I'd like your blessing.

Rachel: Oh, no, I'm sorry. That would mean I approved, and I don't.

Amanda: Well, then, I guess I'll have to accept your decision.

Rachel: There's another thing I don't understand.

Amanda: What's that?

Rachel: When did you decide to stop coming to your father and me for advice?

Amanda: I guess right about now. Can I go?

Rachel: Could I stop you?

Mac: Amanda gone to bed?

Rachel: Yes. She was tired.

Mac: Our little girl has really grown up, hasn't she?

Rachel: Yes, she has. She's grown up into a young lady who doesn't approve of me very much.

Chad: Where's M.J.?

Cass: She's all right. I took her home.

Chad: She looked exhausted.

Cass: I don't have to tell you she's been through a lot lately. I just hope you didn't have anything to do with it.

Wally: Hey, guys, we're about to lock up here. I think we all better go to bed.

Chad: I hope tomorrow's a better day for you.

Cass: There is definitely something going on between him and M.J. I know, I know. I'll have to ask him and M.J.

Wally: Gee, Cass, conversations are getting so easy with you.

[Cass groans and Wally laughs]

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Going to bed?

Cass: Eh...I don't know. Maybe Wally has another permanent floating crap game he knows about.

Felicia: No, no. I think you've both had enough for one night.

Cass: Yeah. More than enough. Listen, my friend, I'm serious about this. You take this. No one else seems to want it.

Wally: Cass, you know I can't cash that.

Cass: Sure you can. Here. I even signed it on the dotted line. Hell, I don't care what you do with it. Just don't tell me, 'cause I don't want to know.

Felicia: Hey, sweet dreams, ok?

Cass: And flights of angels sing me to my rest?

Felicia: Oh, yes. Ok. See you tomorrow.

Cass: Good night.

Wally: I didn't know Cass's middle name was Jeremy.

Felicia: It isn't. At least, I don't think it is.

Wally: That's the way he signed it there. Well, if you don't need me anymore, Felicia, can I go to bed?

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: Good night, Wally.

Felicia: Thanks for staying so late, honey.

Wally: I guess I'll take care of this tomorrow, ok? Hey, you two, don't do anything Miss Mona wouldn't do. Ha ha ha!

Felicia: Thought you might like her.

Mitch: Sleep tight, Wally.

Wally: I will, Mitch.

Felicia: Well...Alone at last.

Mitch: Just the two of us.

Felicia: Pretty crazy night, huh?

Mitch: Crazy friends.

Felicia: You think so?

Mitch: I know so.

Felicia: Yeah? My friends?

Mitch: Your friends.

Felicia: Listen, is there anything else about me that you have trouble with?

[Felicia laughs]

Mitch: Now that you mention it...

Felicia: Yes? What?

Mitch: How is it that it's after midnight...

Felicia: Yeah?

Mitch: And after a long day... You still look terrific?

Felicia: Oh, that's easy.

Mitch: Oh?

Felicia: You see, it's all in knowing the right position to sleep in.

Mitch: Is that it?

Felicia: Yeah, that's it. Listen, you want me to show you?

Mitch: I thought you'd never ask.

Rachel: She not only refuses to go to college, she refuses even to discuss it.

Mac: You know Amanda. Give her a week or two. It'll blow over.

Rachel: I don't think so. Not this time, Mac. You're forgetting her stubborn streak.

Mac: And who she gets it from.

Rachel: Well, she doesn't get it from my--

[Mac laughs] all right. She gets it from Mom.

Mac: Among others.

Rachel: I don't know how to handle this, Mac. We can't let her not go to college.

Mac: No, and yet we can't say a flat-out no, either.

Rachel: I can't believe it. I should have known this was coming.

Mac: Well, come to think of it, Amanda always did show an interest in--

Rachel: You know, the whole thing I was thinking the whole time she was talking to me is how often Mom used to say to me, wait till you have children. Just wait!

Mac: I suppose all mothers say that.

Rachel: Well, I'm glad I didn't say it to Amanda. She'd probably hold that against me, too.

Mac: Darling, Amanda doesn't hold anything against you.

Rachel: Oh, no? Just my whole life. You should have heard her just now.

Mac: She's just trying out her wings. It happens all the time between father and son, mother and daughter. You know that.

Rachel: But maybe she is right. Maybe I did use men as stepping stones.

Mac: You don't believe that and neither do I.

Rachel: It's true, Mac. You know, it's a different world now. I can remember when women just used to stay home.

Mac: And you always rebelled against it then and now. Look at your art. Look at your sculpting. Work at Cory. You've always earned your way, Rachel.

Rachel: Yeah, but I couldn't have done it without you. Maybe that's why I got so defensive.

Mac: Rachel, you are a passionate... involved, romantic, vulnerable woman! Believe me! That's why men are attracted to you. Look at me. Do I look like a stepping stone?

Rachel: Well, you're a very attractive, romantic, and intelligent one if you are one.

[Mac chuckles]

Mac: And Amanda's gonna have men in her life just the same way. Your mother's right. You're like two peas in a pod.

Rachel: I guess that's what worries me. Is this pod big enough for the both of us?

Lisa: I could stay like this forever.

Jamie: Hmm. Now, there's a thought. [Chuckles] I could have my patients come here. They always did say I have a pretty good bedside manner. [Laughs]

Lisa: They do, do they?

Jamie: Well, don't tell me I have my first complaint. [Chuckles]

Lisa: Stop it.

Jamie: Mmm. [Sighs]

Lisa: I've never felt this close to anyone.

Jamie: I feel the same way.

Jamie: Wait a minute. I almost forgot.

Lisa: What is it?

Jamie: Here. Open it.

[Music box playing melody]

Lisa: You did it again.

Jamie: Like I said... years of practice.

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