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Another World Transcript Wednesday 7/23/03

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Felicia: Mitch!

Mitch: What?

Felicia: Something's in this bed with us. What do you think it is?

Mitch: I don't know what it is.

Felicia: It's a surprise, isn't it? Oh, I love surprises. That's very sweet of you, really. It's a man. He's naked. I don't like this kind of surprise, Mitch. What is a naked man doing in your bed?

Mitch: I don't know what he's doing in my bed.

Felicia: Well... All right. Excuse me. Excuse me. You're going to have to get up. Excuse me. Do you think he's dead?

Mitch: Not yet, but he's gonna be.

Vince: M.J., you're shaking. Now, nothing can be that bad.

M.J.: This is, Pops. It's worse than that.

Vince: No. I don't believe it.

M.J.: I'm just afraid that once I tell you, you're gonna hate me.

Vince: I promise you, no.

M.J.: And that I'll be as dead to you as Kathleen is.

Mary: I'm begging you, please don't do this.

M.J.: I have to, Mama.

Mary: He's been through enough.

Vince: Mary, let her talk.

M.J.: Mama, I have to tell him. Pops, I don't want you to hear this from strangers. I want you to hear it from me.

Mary: Some other time.

Vince: Stay out of this, please. Now go ahead, M.J. Don't be afraid.

M.J.: Pops...

Vince: It's ok. Look, we've always been honest with each other, right?

M.J.: No, we haven't. I haven't. All these years, I've been lying to you.

Vince: About what?

M.J.: I'm sorry, Pops. I never wanted to hurt you the way I have to hurt you now.

[Wind chimes jingling]

The night we met, I often remembered 2 strangers meeting for the very first time, now here we are

[jangles wind chimes]

facing each other, 2 lovers holding on to something real, something so meaningful, if you wanna know how I feel, I feel good, baby, I feel good all over, you and I have what others dream about

Donna: What do you want?

We've finally worked it out

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Donna: What are you staring at?

John: Nothing.

Donna: It was so hot, I-- I couldn't sleep.

John: Yeah.

Donna: I really hate this. I don't think I can survive without this air conditioning.

John: Could I have some of that?

Donna: What?

John: Ice.

Donna: Sure. It's mostly melted. I'm sure there's more downstairs in the refrigerator, though.

John: No, this'll be fine.

Donna: I really can't believe how hot it is tonight. Normally, I don't pay any attention to the heat, but tonight it just seems almost unbearable. Wouldn't you know the air conditioning would go out?

John: Wouldn't you know?

Donna: Wonder if it's this hot in Philadelphia.

John: Hmm?

Donna: Well, Michael's in Philadelphia. If it's this hot, I hope his room's air conditioned.

John: If it isn't, I'm sure he'll have it installed.

Donna: Michael hates the heat.

John: Well, that's funny. I never minded it at all.

Donna: Uh, where are you going?

John: Out.

Donna: Where?

John: Now, what do you care?

Donna: Right. I don't care.

John: Neither do I.

Donna: I really want to be alone, anyway.

John: Yeah, me, too.

Donna: Yeah. It's hot enough in here without starting an argument with you.

John: And I've got better things to do on a hot night like tonight.

Donna: Yes, Michael Hudson's room, please.

Mitch: Wake up.

Felicia: You know this man?

Mitch: Yeah, you might say that. Come on, wake up.

Felicia: Well, who is he?

Mitch: Hey, sleeping ugly, let's go.

Sam: Who's calling who ugly?

Mitch: I'm calling you. Let's go.

Sam: Get lost!

Mitch: Hey, this isn't your crash pad. Come on.

Sam: Ohh. Yeah, I've noticed. You've moved up in the world, Stoneface. Fancy lobby, security guards to keep out the riffraff.

Mitch: How'd they let you by?

Sam: Ha! Attitude, my man. All attitude.

Mitch: Right. Come on, let's go.

Sam: Heh. Ohh. Hello.

Felicia: Hello.

Mitch: Are you getting up?

Felicia: Look, maybe I should leave.

Sam: No, don't bother.

Mitch: Just get up.

Sam: Why didn't you tell me you'd gotten lucky?

Mitch: Why didn't you tell me you were showing up? You've got lousy timing.

Sam: I'll be out of your way in a flash.

Felicia: Uh, no. You don't have to leave on my account, really.

Sam: Well, your taste is improving. Look, I'll be back in a couple hours.

Mitch: No. No. No, you don't.

Sam: In the morning, then, when the lady's gone.

Mitch: The lady won't be gone in the morning.

Sam: Ooh, got yourself a hot one, eh?

Mitch: As long as you're here, come on.

Sam: Ok.

Mitch: I'd like for you to meet a very special lady in my life. This is Felicia Gallant.

Sam: Oh, yeah. You're the one.

Felicia: I'm the one what?

Sam: Well, in the pictures on his desk.

Felicia: You have pictures of me?

Mitch: Come on. Let's go, ok?

Sam: She must be a very special lady in your life.

Felicia: Well, you must be a very special man in his life.

Mitch: Felicia... This is my brother Sam.

M.J: I made some terrible mistakes in my life, Pops.

Vince: Come on. Just because Adam stepped out of the wedding. Come on. If he's too stupid not to see what a wonderful young-

M.J.: I'm not wonderful, Pops, and I don't deserve somebody like Adam.

Vince: Nonsense. Listen, your trouble is you're too hard on yourself. You were always like that as a kid. You were always worrying about how you looked.

M.J.: I was fat, Pops.

Vince: Ah, you looked fine to me. I always had the three most beautiful girls in the neighborhood.

M.J.: Well, I never felt beautiful... And I really needed to hear it. I just needed a man to tell me I was beautiful.

Mary: This can wait.

Vince: Mary. M.J., What are you-- what are you trying to tell me?

M.J.: After high school, when I was 18, I went to Chicago. You didn't even know about it. You were in West Virginia someplace, working the mines.

Vince: Well, I had to go where the work was. I mean, times were rough then.

M.J.: I know, Pops. They were rough for me, too. I went to Chicago to study singing. Remember, I told you I was taking lessons.

Vince: Yeah. You always had a beautiful singing voice.

M.J.: I wanted to be a singer so bad. I would have done anything to make that dream come true, Pops...Anything. Can you understand that?

Vince: So... so you didn't make it in singing. I mean, it's a hard business to break into.

M.J.: Yeah, it is. You need connections. I met this record producer. He said that he would help me with my career. But first, I had to...

Vince: So... He took advantage of you, huh? You were young--

M.J.: No, Pops. I knew exactly what I was doing. I thought that if I dated important people... That they could help me with my career. I was stupid. I... He just wanted to sleep with me... And I let him. Problem was that, after a while, they stopped thinking of me as a singer. To them, I was... just a whore.

Vince: Now, I won't have you saying something like that about yourself. Do you hear me?

M.J.: It's the truth, Pops.

Vince: No, it's not!

M.J.: Yes, it is. I slept with men, a whole lot of men, Pops. I was nothing but a whore!

Vince: That's not true.

M.J.: I was a hooker, Pops.

Vince: Now, look, look, I am not gonna have you say something like that about yourself. You are a good girl.

M.J.: No, I'm not.

Vince: Now, you wouldn't do something like that.

M.J.: I did, Pops. I know you can never forgive me for it, but I did.

Vince: Look... You were young. You were naive.

M.J.: I slept with men for money!

Vince: No!

M.J.: I was a prostitute!

Vince: No! Now, look, that is a lie!

Mary: No, let go. Let go. Let go.

Vince: Now, look, did she tell you this?

Mary: Yes.

Vince: Well, it is a lie. It is a damn lie! This is because of the wedding, isn't it? You're not yourself. You don't know what you're saying.

M.J.: It's the truth, Pops. It's the reason I quit the Police Force.

Vince: You quit the Police Force because of Adam!

M.J.: I quit the Police Force because I knew I could never be a cop if they found out I was a prostitute.

Vince: I raised my girls to be good girls. None of my daughters would do something like that.

M.J.: I did.

Vince: What has gotten into you? Now, what do you keep saying things like this for?

M.J.: I was being blackmailed, Pops.

Vince: What?

M.J.: There was a tape made of me--

Mary: Please! Please, enough. He doesn't need to hear that!

M.J.: What if it gets into the papers?

Vince: What tape?

M.J.: There was a videotape made of me turning tricks. I swear to you, Pops, I didn't even know it existed.

Vince: Look, somebody set you up. You with a boyfriend, right? They bring in a camera--

M.J.: Get it into your head, Pops. These are not boyfriends. They are tricks. They are nothing but johns!

Mary: Stop it!

M.J.: Mama, he has to know! This way, if the story comes out, he can say that he knew. He can say that I am not his daughter anymore.

Vince: You wouldn't do this. It is a mistake. Huh?

M.J.: It's the truth, Pops. Even Adam knows.

Vince: How?

M.J.: Somebody sent him a copy of the tape. He saw it on the day of our wedding. That was why he couldn't-- can't you see, Pops? Now you understand that's why he couldn't--

Vince: It's a lie! Now, look, somebody is out to get you. Huh?

M.J.: It's the truth, Pops. I'm not good enough to marry Adam. I'm not good enough to be on the police force. And I'm not good enough to be your daughter.

[M.J. crying]

Vince: That--that is not true.

M.J.: Pops, if you don't believe me, ask Adam.

Vince: I will. Now, somebody has been filling that head full of lies, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

Mary: Vince...Vince...

[Door slams]

M.J.: Let him go, Mama. He had to know. I want to die, Mama. I just want to die. Please let me die.

Donna: Are you sure Mr. Hudson hasn't come in yet? This is his wife. No, I don't want to leave any message.

John: Could I have some of that?

Donna: What?

John: Ice.

Donna: Sure.

[Donna gasps]

Donna: What am I doing?

Felicia: This is your brother, really?

Mitch: Felicia Gallant, Sam Fowler.

Felicia: Fowler? But, uh, why is it you don't have the last name?

Mitch: My mother remarried after my father died.

Sam: Which makes us half brothers. Obviously I'm the better half.

[Felicia laughs]

Felicia: Well, why didn't you tell me your brother was visiting you?

Mitch: Because I didn't know he was showing up.

Sam: Well, you're the one who said I should move here the last time you were in Seattle.

Mitch: Is this permanent?

Sam: Oh, Seattle's too rainy for my taste, anyway.

Felicia: Ah.

Mitch: Another job lost?

Sam: Who said?

Mitch: Well, I just can't recall the many occasions on which you've handed in your resignation upon your departure.

Sam: We had creative differences.

Mitch: In other words, they didn't agree with him, so he decided to run his mouth off.

Sam: Look, I've got a right to my own opinion, Mitch.

Mitch: Sometimes it doesn't hurt to keep it to yourself.

Sam: Not in my book. Look, I want people to know exactly where I stand right away. Anything else is just a waste of my time.

Mitch: Right now, you're standing in Bay City. Broke?

Sam: Yeah. I had to hitch all the way back from Seattle. Heh. I spent the last two days in the back of a meat truck.

Mitch: I noticed. There's a shower over here.

Sam: Look, here. This is yours. I was gonna get something to eat, but I thought I'd sack out instead.

Felicia: I'll tell you what. I'll order some room service.

Mitch: Shower's this way. Maybe we can get out the smell of the cattle.

Sam: Heh. Perfect for an old bull like yourself.

Felicia: Ok, dinner for three on its way. Gee, I didn't know that I was going to spend the night in bed with two handsome men.

Mitch: Well, uh, I didn't know that Sam was gonna be here, but that's his way. He just kind of does what he wants to and shows up where he pleases.

[Telephone rings]

Mitch: Excuse me. Hello?

Matthew: Mitch, I know it's late, but it's really getting worse.

Mitch: Matthew, come on now. What's--what's the problem?

Matthew: I just had the worst nightmare. I was trying to dance with Suzy Strathmore, and she wouldn't stop laughing at me.

Mitch: Just cool out. Forget about her. I mean, no girl's worth losing sleep over.

Matthew: Yeah, but, Mitch, if I don't learn to dance, she'll never go to the party with me.

Mitch: Matthew, there are plenty of other girls. I mean, if you can't have her, then just find another date. There are plenty of girls in the world, you know. Come on. Just get some sleep, and I'll talk to you in the morning.

Felicia: Well, is that your philosophy on women? You know, easy come, easy go.

Mitch: Sure, why not?

Felicia: Why not?

[Knock on door]

Mitch: I just don't want to see Matthew worrying himself sick and taking his love life so seriously.

Felicia: Well, I don't think you should teach him that love is like going into a bakery. You know, "I'll take that one, and, oh, gee, those two are good. I'll take that. And how about that? That's wonderful."

Mitch: That's all right. I mean, he should be seeing more than one girl. I mean, at his age, especially.

Felicia: Yeah, right, and if anybody gives him any lip, he can just dump them. I mean, there's certainly more where that came from, isn't there?

Mitch: Why are you twisting my words?

Felicia: I don't know. It's probably 'cause I'm only a woman.

Mitch: I don't believe-- I don't believe this. Why are you just blowing this out of proportion?

Felicia: So get rid of me. I'm disposable. I mean, isn't that your philosophy on life? Use 'em and leave 'em or--

Mitch: Will you just listen to me?

Sam: I smell food. Did I interrupt something?

Felicia: No!

Mitch: Yes.

Felicia: Sam, come on. Why don't you sit down? We're gonna have something to eat.

Sam: This is some spread.

Mitch: It's her favorite style. It's overdone.

Felicia: It's because I care about people... And nothing is too good for Mitch's brother. Come on. Dig in, come on. Sit down.

Felicia: So, I want to hear all about you. What kind of work do you do?

Mitch: As little as possible.

Felicia: I was talking to Sam, thank you. Ok? Good. Go on, honey.

Sam: Well, I've been working in graphic arts doing layouts, um, mostly in advertising. Did a couple of magazine gigs.

Felicia: Really? Oh, that's nice.

Sam: Yeah, I'd rather just paint, though, except that doesn't pay rent.

Felicia: So you're an artist.

Sam: Yeah, I'll paint anything: Murals, portraits. I did this series of nudes once that's just amazing.

Mitch: Wow. Far out.

Sam: I don't paint to please anybody but myself, Mitch.

Felicia: Good for you, Sam. You know, when I stared writing, I felt exactly that same way. In fact, even now, I wonder why people pay me to do it.

Sam: So you're a writer?

Felicia: Yes. Romance novels.

Sam: Really? Well, you must be good at it.

Felicia: What, romance or writing?

Sam: Both.

Felicia: Yes, well, love is an honest emotion, isn't it?

Sam: Well, it should be.

Felicia: I'm glad you agree. You know, I'd love to see your work. Do you have a portfolio?

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Mitch: Later.

Felicia: After we finish eating.

Sam: I thought we were gonna have a quiet evening and then we were gonna go to bed.

Felicia: Well, I'm not stopping you. So, Sam, I know a lot of people in the art world. Uh, maybe I can introduce you to some of them.

Sam: Oh, really? I'd like to do that.

Felicia: Ok.

Vince: Get out of my way.

Reginald: Gladly. What is it? Mary all right?

Vince: Don't even say her name.

Reginald: Where is she?

Vince: Where she belongs: At my house.

Reginald: Not for long she won't be.

Vince: What does that mean?

Reginald: I'm quite aware why Mary is in that house, and it's only a temporary arrangement.

Vince: It's become a lot more permanent than you think.

Reginald: If you touch her--

Adam: Hey! Hey! Cut it out! Cut it out, you two!

Reginald: I demand you arrest this man. He just assaulted me.

Vince: I'll give you assault.

Adam: Cut it out, Vince. Just get outta here. Now, what's the matter with you?

Vince: You are gonna tell me the truth, now! What did you do to M.J.?

[Donna sighing and moaning]

[exhales deeply]

[Donna gasps] Donna, exasperated: You're dripping on me. Do you mind?

John: Better?

Donna: What are you doing here?

John: Ice fishing. Can't you tell?

Donna: I thought you were going out.

John: Well, the beach is out.

Donna: You know, I really don't want any company.

John: Me, neither.

Donna: Well, good. Then good-bye.

John: Well, I was here first.

Donna: Sorry. This is my beach.

John: Your beach?

Donna: Yes. My beach house, my beach.

John: Nobody owns a beach.

Donna: I do.

John: It's un-American to own a beach.

Donna: Really?

John: That's right. Every American has the right to life...Liberty...And the pursuit of anything he wants... On any beach in America.

Donna: Not this beach.

John: All of 'em.

Donna: I really wish you'd leave.

John: Ah, I can't. I've already established a beachhead.

Donna: Well, why don't you establish your beachhead someplace else?

John: Well, under normal circumstances, I would, but, uh...I like the view right here.

Vince: Tell me what you did to M.J.

Adam: What's wrong with you?

Vince: You knew! You knew all along!

Adam: Vince, what happened?

Vince: You know damn well what happened! She said she--she said she was...

Adam: I know.

Vince: Well, it's a lie...And I wanna hear you say it's not true.

Adam: I can't. I'm sorry.

Vince: It's your fault, you know. You pulled out of the wedding!

Adam: What M.J. told you is the truth.

Vince: You got her so full of grief she doesn't know what she's saying!

Adam: I saw a tape. M.J. was in bed with... I got it just before the wedding.

Vince: M.J.! She would never--never do something like that. Now...They can fiddle with film today. They can make it look like somebody's in the film when they're really not.

Adam: Vince, it was M.J.

Vince: Then somebody forced her to do it! Somebody made her do it!

Adam: She says no, and I believe her. Vince, I couldn't marry her. You have to understand that. You--if you--if she told me when we first met, I--maybe I could've forgiven her anything, but...she waited until just before we got married! I...

Vince: She was always a good girl.

Adam: She's still a good girl. You know, even after all this, I still love her. Probably always will love her... But I trusted her...

Adam: Vince...Look, you're gonna have to keep loving her, too. Your daughter needs you. You can't back out on her now, not now. Vince, it'd kill her! Don't do it! Vince. Vince! Or you had them changed --

Sam: That was great. Look, I'll be out of your way in a minute.

Felicia: No, no! You don't have to go anywhere. We haven't finished talking yet.

Mitch: Maybe some other time would be better.

Felicia: So, Sam, tell me... Do you have a girl?

Sam: No, not at the moment.

Felicia: You're playing the field?

Sam: That's not my style.

Felicia: Why?

Sam: I just don't like to play those games.

Felicia: Oh. Unlike so many.

Sam: Well, I been burned a couple of times, so I, uh, want the next time to last.

Felicia: So, tell me, what kind of girl does Sam Fowler go for?

Sam: Well, someone with her head screwed on straight. You know, somebody who's--who's out front and independent. I want her to need me but not need me. Do you know what I mean?

Felicia: Yeah, I think so.

Sam: And she's gotta be mature. You know, I'm not fooling around with kid stuff anymore.

Felicia: So what does this perfect girl look like?

Sam: I'll know it when I see her.

Felicia: Love at first sight? Really? Oh, you are a romantic.

Sam: No, I just know what I'm looking for. It's a partner.

Felicia: Well, I admire your attitude about women. There aren't many men around like that.

Mitch: Excuse me? Are you referring to me?

Felicia: Well, I don't know. If the shoe fits...

Mitch: Are you trying to make me mad?

Felicia: Are you trying to make me crazy?

Sam: Ahem. Am I in the way?

Mitch: Yes.

Felicia: No.

Vince: Who did this to you?

M.J.: Pops...

Vince: Oh, no, no, no, no. Somebody must've forced you to do those things.

M.J.: Nobody forced me, Pops.

Mary: Why don't we leave this--

Vince: Mary.

Mary: Until tomorrow--

Vince: Mary. I want to get at the truth, right now.

M.J.: I told you the truth, Pops.

Vince: No, no, no. You're covering for somebody.

M.J.: No, I'm not.

Vince: Who was it?

Mary: Vince, don't--

Vince: I'll have him arrested. I'll make him pay for all those things he did--

M.J.: I did it. I did it. I am to blame.

Vince: No, no, no. No daughter of mine would--

M.J.: Would what? Would what, Pops? Become a prostitute? You might as well say it. You might as well get used to it. Your daughter was a prostitute.

Mary: Stop it, both of you.

Vince: You got in with a bad crowd, you were young--

M.J.: Nobody forced me, Pops! You've got to accept that!

Vince: No, no, no. Look, they poisoned your mind and--

M.J.: I am to blame! It's me!

Vince: No!

M.J.: Yeah... And God help me. I will never forgive myself for what I've done to you.

Mary: No, M.J., you--

M.J.: Mom, let me go. I'm no good. I'm just a disgrace to the whole family.

Mary: Ohh!

John: Whatever happened to the girl who scandalized the Marlborough school for girls by wearing miniskirts?

Donna: She acquired good taste.

John: Good taste. I don't think this has anything to do with good taste. I think you've just... gotten boring.

Donna: Is this boring?

John: What does it take to turn you on?

Donna: Silence.

[Radio playing Stephanie Mills' I feel good all over]

John: We danced to this at Tops. Remember? Donna Hudson's last charitable act.

Donna: What are you talking about?

John: The only reason you danced with me was because that guy called me a gimp.

Donna: That's not true!

John: You were stiff as a board.

Donna: I was not!

John: I just wonder what it is that you were afraid of.

Donna: Oh. What was I supposed to be afraid of?

John: I don't know. Maybe you were... just scared that, uh... that you couldn't handle it.

[Donna chuckles]

Donna: Don't flatter yourself.

John: No, you see, I've got this, uh, animal magnetism. Most women just don't know how to handle it.

Donna: That's it. Come on. Get up.

John: What for?

Donna: We're going to dance. Right here, right now. I am not afraid of you, John Hudson.

Radio: Say no more, your expression shows it

[radio playing Stephanie Mills' I feel good all over]

Donna: You know, if you're going to dance with me, you do have to hold me.

John: You think you can take the excitement?

Donna: Can you?

Radio: The night we met, I often remember...

John: I lead.

Donna: Whatever you want.

Radio: Now, here we are, facing each other, 2 lovers holding on to something real, something so meaningful, if you wanna know how I feel, I feel good, baby, I feel good all over, you and I have what others dream about, we've finally worked it out, say no more, your expression shows it, I see a little sunshine inside of you, just to be with you, is so exciting, who would've thought it could happen to me? Mmm, it's no secret we're in love, even a little child can see, I feel good, baby, I feel good all over

John: I win. You trembled.

[Camera clicks]

Donna: Damn you, John Hudson!

Radio: Oh, I've seen lots of things, thought I knew just about everything, everything there is...

Vince: M.J... Used to sing in the choir. She had the sweetest voice.

Mary: She is still the same girl you raised.

Vince: Oh, she wouldn't do some of those things.

Mary: She did, Vince. You have to accept that.

Vince: If only Kathleen were here. She'd talk to her. She'd get the truth.

Mary: (sighing): I wish she were. Maybe she could make some sense out of this.

Vince: Why?

Mary: I don't know, sweetheart. I just know she's gonna need us right now.

Vince: Why did she have to go to Chicago? Why couldn't she just stay here, where she belongs?

Mary: She is so ashamed of what she did. Don't make it harder for her.

Vince: It's hard.

Mary: It's over. We need to forgive her. We need to let her know that we still care. Will you do that?

Mary: Maybe you just need to be alone right now. I'm gonna go home.

Mary: She needs our love... But most of all, she needs yours.

Sam, chuckling: Same old Mitch-- a real subtle guy.

Felicia: You know, Sam, you don't have to go, really.

Mitch: Maybe he does. It is getting late.

Felicia: You're being rude, you know that? I mean, he's your brother.

Sam: And we're always straight with each other, right, Stoneface?

Felicia: Stoneface? How apropos. Come on, where are you gonna go? Tell me.

Sam: Oh, I don't know. I'll go discover Bay City by night. That's where you really find out what a city's made of, anyway.

Mitch: Look, there's a boardinghouse down the street.

Sam: Thanks. I'll pay you back.

Mitch: Don't worry about it.

Sam: It was nice to meet you, Felicia.

Felicia: You, too. I hope I see you again soon.

Sam: Oh, I'm sure.

Felicia: I really hate that you're gonna go out all by yourself now, you know that?

Sam: Don't worry about me. I'll have a good time... And so will you.

Felicia: I like him. I think he has some great ideas about life.

Mitch: Sure. All of which are subject to change depending on the time of the day and the wind direction.

Felicia: Well, I like a man with an open mind.

Mitch: Well, then, you should certainly like me... Because my mind is always open to suggestions.

Felicia: Then I suggest you take your hands off me.

Mitch: Why?

Felicia: I don't know. I don't think I like this new side of you that I discovered tonight.

Mitch: Well, which wonderful side are we talking about?

Felicia: It is not wonderful. I think your attitude towards women stinks.

Mitch: I adore women.

Felicia: Mmm.

Mitch: I adore all women.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. That's what scares me.

Mitch: But then, there is this one very special woman.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Who?

Mitch: Well...

[Felicia laughs]

Mitch: Let me see if I can give you a hint.

Felicia: Ok. How do you think that you really feel about her?

Mitch: You mean the one and only, very special woman?

Felicia, laughing: Why am I such a sucker for that kind of talk?

Donna: Yes, uh, Michael Hudson's room, please. [Exhales deeply] oh, come on, Michael, please. Please answer. [Sighs] uh, y-yes, um, are you sure my husband's not back yet? Uh--uh, did he say when he was coming back? It's after midnight! Uh, no, uh--no, I-I don't wanna leave a message. Uh, uh, wait. Wait just a minute. Um... What's the address of your hotel? Ok. I-is that downtown Philadelphia? Great. Great. Um, I will be arriving tomorrow. Right, and, uh, don't tell my husband. It's going to be a surprise. Thank you.

John: Little spur-of-the-moment visit to Michael?

Donna: Why not?

John: Sure. Why not? After all... Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love.

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