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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/22/03

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John: Hey, what's the hurry? What happened?

Donna: Nothing.

John: Did you forget something?

Donna: No!

John: What are you doing here?

Donna: They towed my car.

John: Well, the nerve of them!

Donna: Now what am I supposed to do?

John: Call the mayor.

Donna: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Cass: This big old world getting you down, kid?

M.J.: Hi, Cass.

Cass: Look, I know you probably want to talk to your sister Kathleen now, but will I do?

M.J.: I don't know.

Cass: Maybe I can help.

M.J.: I don't think anybody can help.

Cass: Well, at least give me a chance. Come on, what's wrong?

M.J.: I hate what I'm doing to my parents, Cass. I feel like I'm killing them.

Vince: It's all his fault. M.J. would have never left the force if it wasn't for him.

Mary: We don't know that.

Vince: He jilted her at the altar. Now she's so humiliated she doesn't want to bump into him at work.

Mary: She wasn't jilted.

Vince: Come on. Adam did a whole number on her head.

Mary: I don't think we should jump to conclusions here.

Vince: Why is everybody making excuses for this guy? That's what I'd like to know.

Mary: I'm not making excuses.

Vince: First M.J., now you.

Mary: I'm not doing that.

Vince: He is ruining your daughter's life, for crying out loud.

Mary: I am as upset as you are that M.J. left the force, but it is her life to do with as she wants.

Vince: Well, she wanted to be a policewoman before Adam came along and screwed up everything.

Mary: She's just in a lot of turmoil right now like everyone else.

Vince: What do you want to do? Wait till she packs her bag?

Mary: If you lean on her, you will drive her away.

Vince: Well, I'm not gonna stand around while I watch my little girl wreck her whole life.

Mary: Vince, you have already lost Kathleen. Do you want to lose M.J.?

Mitch: Is this just a visit? Or are you here for the night?

Felicia: Well, I don't know. Is that an invitation?

Mitch: This is.

Felicia: You know what? I'm not finished working.

Mitch: I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Felicia: I just thought I would mosey on down here, see what you were doing. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Mitch: No, actually I'm just going through a lot of old photographs.

Felicia: Oh, are you?

Mitch: And I really am--I really am swamped.

Felicia: Hmm. Really?

Mitch: But what the heck?

Felicia: Oh. [Laughs] I was hoping you might say that.

Mitch: Does this mean quitting time?

Felicia: Hmm, unfortunately it's not, but, you know, I could use you upstairs for a minute.

Mitch: What for?

Felicia: Actually, it's a problem that I think only you can solve.

Mitch: Oh, ok. On one condition.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: That when we're through upstairs, we come back here.

Felicia: Blackmail. Good. I like blackmail. Great. Let's hurry. Come on.

Donna: So I didn't read the sign. I didn't see that it was a handicapped space.

John: Well, I could have gotten away with it.

Donna: You know, I just can't even deal with trying to get my car back tonight.

John: Who you calling?

Donna: I'm calling for a cab.

John: No, no, no. You don't have to do that.

Donna: Well, how am I supposed to get home?

John: That's easy. I'm driving you.

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Donna: I don't need you to drive me home-I can call a cab.

John: Why don't you call the mayor or the chief of police, drag them down here?

Donna: You know, I really can't believe they towed my car.

John: You've got to be handicapped to park in that space.

Donna: I wasn't really parked in it.

John: Not even a little?

Donna: All right. All right. Maybe I was halfway over the line.

John: You want to borrow my cane? You can hobble down to city hall and plead your case.

Donna: Yes, can I have the telephone number for Bay City Cab Company? John, what are you doing?

John: Taking you home.

Donna: That's not necessary.

John: Donna, we live in the same house, remember?

Donna: Look, I wouldn't want to pull you away from what could be a very promising social evening. I mean, who knows? Barbie might show up again.

John: Molly.

Donna: Right. Whatever her name was. Are you going to let me call a cab, or do I have to go downstairs and hail one myself?

John: Oh, now this I gotta see.

[Chuckles] oh, come on, Donna. Now, where's your sense of humor?

Donna: I lost it in the parking garage.

John: You are gonna go home with me. I just got my car fixed. The carburetor is running fine. I even threw a little paint on it. It's looking real good. I think we ought to christen that car together.

Donna: No, thank you.

John: You wouldn't be afraid to ride in my car, now, would you?

Donna: I'm not afraid of anything.

John: Prove it.

Donna: I don't have to prove anything!

John: No, not to me, you don't.

Donna: All right. You're on.

John: After you, Mrs. Hudson.

Mitch: What is the problem that you want me to solve?

Felicia: Well, it's not really "what" it's "who." Right there.

Mitch: What is Matthew doing here?

Felicia: He really needs to see you.

Mitch: At this hour?

Felicia: I know. Come on.

Mitch: Hey, son.

Matthew: Hi.

Mitch: You know what time it is?

Matthew: Mitch, I know it's late, but it's really important.

Mitch: I'm just glad you don't have school tomorrow morning. Does your mom know where you are?

Matthew: She thinks I'm still in my room. I called a cab.

Mitch: I guess you know you're in deep trouble.

Matthew: Mitch, I can't help it. I was desperate.

Mitch: Ok. What's the problem?

Matthew: I've got to talk to you man-to-man.

Mitch: Well, it sounds serious.

Matthew: It is. Mitch, I got women problems.

M.J.: I made a lot of mistakes, Cass.

Cass: Oh, I know a lot about that. I know all about that, too.

M.J.: See, when I was younger I had big dreams, you know?

Cass: So what's wrong with dreams?

M.J.: Well, nothing, but I did a lot of stupid things to try and get 'em.

Cass: Yeah? Like what?

M.J.: I was naive. I guess I didn't really know what I wanted. In fact, I still don't know what I want.

Cass: Well, maybe you just need to dream some more.

M.J.: No. No, that part of my life is definitely over.

Cass: M.J., you can't give up. You just have to start again.

M.J.: Maybe we both do, huh?

Cass: I'm sure gonna try.

M.J.: I quit my job today, Cass.

Cass: Oh, wow. Ok, so you take some time off and you find yourself another job.

M.J.: I just feel so numb.

Cass: So do I. So do I. Look, we're all gonna get through this. Kathleen wouldn't want it any other way.

Vince: M.J. is just upset. We're not gonna lose her.

Mary: We will if you push too hard.

Vince: She is not doing any thinking, Mary. She never should have quit that job.

Mary: That's no reason for you to get angry at her.

Vince: I told you I'm not gonna stand by and watch her ruin her life. She needs guidance.

Mary: I told you. Whether or not she leaves the force is her decision.

Vince: But why? Why would she do something like that?

Mary: I'm sure she's given it a lot of thought.

Vince: She's not doing any thinking at all. She's letting Adam push all her buttons.

Mary: That's ridiculous.

Vince: He's the reason she quit the force. You know that as well as I do.

Mary: Whether or not that's true, that's no reason to yell at her.

Vince: Well, I'm just trying to pound some sense into her thick skull.

Mary: Vince, she's hurting! This is not a time that you choose to pound sense into her!

Vince: Well, she knows it's because I love her.

Mary: Does she? Because all she wants is to be loved and not judged.

Vince: I'm not judging. I just don't want her to make a huge mistake.

Mary: She won't if we give her all of our love and support.

Vince: Well, she's got that.

Mary: Then tell her. She's carrying so much around inside right now, and it's not just her wedding. It's losing her sister, too. I don't think any of that has really been absorbed yet.

Vince: Well, I don't think any one of us has.

Mary: But at least we have each other. She doesn't have anybody. She can't talk to Adam now.

Vince: Oh, she's better off.

Mary: Be that as it may, we're all she has. Don't be so quick to find fault. Let her do things her way.

Vince: Even when she's wrong? Even when she's letting Adam wreck her life?

Mary: You've got to stop blaming Adam for everything.

Vince: Oh, come on!

Mary: I mean it, Vince. There are always two sides to every story.

Vince: I have heard his side, and it stinks.

Mary: Wait. We've got to help her. We've got to help her get through this.

Vince: You know what would help? If Adam Cory would own up to what he's done.

Mary: Please, please, I'm begging you for her sake. If we learned anything in this world from Kathleen's death, it should be that there isn't time for this kind of arguing and bitter bickering and--and petty quarreling. Now is what we have, and we shouldn't waste any of it.

M.J.: I just gotta tell them the truth.

Cass: Look, whatever it is, I'm sure you'll find the right way to tell them.

M.J.: I just don't think there is a right way, Cass.

Cass: Maybe the timing's just off.

M.J.: But what is the right time to tell your father that...you have been lying to him all these years and that you're not even the person he thinks you are?

Cass: Um, I don't know what's going on here, but maybe you should just give your father a little more time to get his wind back.

M.J.: I just--I can't even look him in the eye anymore, Cass. I just don't want to hurt him, and I know I'm going to. If there was any way I could protect him from this, I would.

Cass: You know, I bet old Vince is saying the same thing about you right now.

M.J.: Probably.

Cass: Yeah, probably. Look, why don't I walk you over to Mary's place, all right? On the way over you can decide whether or not this is the right time to talk to your father. What do you say?

M.J.: Ok.

Cass: Good.

M.J.: Thanks, Cass. I'm really glad you're here.

Cass: Well, do you remember just before I married Kathleen I said that you weren't losing a sister, you were gaining a brother-in-law? A big brother?

M.J.: Yeah. And I told you I always wanted a big brother.

Cass: Well, you're stuck with me, kid.

M.J.: Boy, Kathleen was pretty lucky.

Cass: No. I was the lucky one. Let's get that straight right from the get-go. I was the lucky one. Come on.

Matthew: So I called Susie Strathmore to be my date for the party. She turned me down.

Felicia: Now, why would she turn down a handsome guy like you?

Matthew: Because she thinks I'm a nerd.

Felicia: A nerd? Who is this girl, anyway?

Matthew: Just the hottest chick in school.

Felicia: Well, she certainly doesn't have any taste.

Mitch: Why does she think you're a nerd?

Matthew: Because.

Mitch: Because why?

Matthew: Because...Because I can't dance.

Felicia: That--that's it? I mean, that's all?

Matthew: It's not funny!

Felicia: Sorry.

Mitch: Well, how do you know that you can't dance?

Matthew: I can't, believe me.

Mitch: What do you mean? Have you tried?

Matthew: Yeah, and I felt like a total geek.

Felicia: A geek?

Matthew: So what am I supposed to do now?

Mitch: Dancing lessons. I mean, don't you have a friend, somebody that can help you with some dancing?

Matthew: There's no time. The party's next week.

Mitch: Oh.

Matthew: Come on, you're my dad. You're supposed to help me. You're supposed to know what to do.

Felicia: Uh, he does.

Mitch: I do?

Felicia: Yeah, I think you should get Matthew up on the floor here and give him some pointers.

Matthew: Would you?

Mitch: Sure. I can do that. I mean, uh, I mean, what are dads for?

Donna: Oh!

Bridget: Oh, Miss Donna, what's happened?

Donna: I was just on the most terrifying ride of my life, that's all. I hope this is good and cold.

Bridget: Oh, yes, it certainly is.

Donna: Bridget, what happened to the air conditioning in here?

Bridget: That's the trouble. You see, the air conditioning's broken.

Donna: Broken? It must be 100 degrees in here.

Bridget: Well--

Donna: Wait a minute. Didn't you have a date tonight?

Bridget: Yes, yes. I was just on my way out to see the gentleman, and--and the air conditioning broke down, and I called the man. Of course, I didn't call my gentleman, but I called the man to come and fix it, and he said he couldn't fix it because he didn't have a piece to fix it.

Donna: Well, when is he going to be able to fix it?

Bridget: Not till Monday.

Donna: Monday?!

Bridget: That's why I made the lemonade.

Donna: Bridget, I'm not going to be able to survive this heat for the whole weekend.

Bridget: Well, maybe if we just open all the windows and the doors, maybe we'll get some cross ventilation.

Donna: Oh! You're crazy. Did you know that?

John: You enjoyed it, and you know it.

Donna: No one has driven on that old canal road since it was closed over two years ago.

John: Tonight they did.

Donna: John, you could have killed us!

John: You loved it.

Donna: No, I was scared to death.

John: I don't believe that for a minute. Ahh...It's a great shortcut.

Donna: Oh, sure it is, if you want your teeth to be rattled out of your head, which mine almost were.

John: I haven't seen your eyes so fired up--

Donna: The fire that you saw in my eyes was pure terror. I mean, that road wasn't even paved. In fact, there was a sign there that said "travel at your own risk."

John: You've always liked a good risk, haven't you, Donna?

Bridget: There, now, I think that'll give you nice fresh air.

Donna: I think I'll call Michael.

Reginald: Victoria. I'm so glad to see you.

Vicky: Hello, grandpa.

Reginald: Are you meeting someone?

Vicky: No, the air conditioning broke down, so I got out of the house.

Reginald: Well, in that case, how about a nice, cool drink?

Vicky: A sparkling water with a twist, please.

Reginald: Sorry about the air conditioning, but I'm delighted with the company. We haven't seen very much of each other since you've been back.

Vicky: Well, I've been kind of busy. You know, Donna and I are redecorating the beach house.

Reginald: So I heard.

Vicky: And uncle John is doing all the carpentry work.

Reginald: How convenient to have a handyman in the house.

Vicky: Don't start in on the Hudsons, grandpa. I'm getting tired of it.

Reginald: I only meant--

Vicky: I know what you meant. Why can't we all just get along?

Reginald: Oh, I wish it were that easy.

Vicky: Donna and Michael are happy together. Michael is my father. Why can't you just accept that?

Reginald: You know there is nothing I wouldn't do for you, Vicky.

Vicky: Then why don't you make the first move?

Reginald: It wouldn't matter.

Vicky: It wouldn't matter because you won't change what you feel about Michael.

Reginald: Any more than Michael will change what he feels about me.

Vicky: And you expect me to think you love me?

Reginald: With all my heart.

Vicky: I'll bet. That's why you gave me away.

Reginald: I did that for you.

Vicky: Come off it, grandpa. You gave me away because you didn't want another little bastard on your hands.

Reginald: Do you really think you would have had a better life if you had stayed with Donna?

Vicky: At least I would have known who I was.

Reginald: Darling, you learned that long before you met your mother. That's why I gave you away.

Mitch: Well, first you need to get a bit closer, then you take--

Felicia: This hand.

Matthew: Only old people--only old people dance like that.

Mitch: Welcome to the older generation.

Felicia: I think what Matthew probably needs is something a little funkier.

Mitch: Ok, funky like American bandstand funky?

Matthew: American what?

Mitch: You know Dick Clark?

Matthew: Who's Dick Clark?

Mitch: I give up.

Felicia: I think he's more the dance fever type really.

Mitch: Dance what?

Felicia: The generation gap, remember? Matthew, give me your hand.

Matthew: Wait.

Felicia: I thought you wanted to learn to dance with Susie.

Matthew: Yeah, but why would I touch her? I'm just gonna dance with her.

Mitch: Without touching her?

Matthew: Why would I touch her?

Mitch: I'm gonna remember that. Two years from now, I'm gonna remember.

Felicia: You know what, Matthew? Maybe--maybe you should practice this with some friends of yours. What do you think?

Mitch: You don't want to dance with her? I'll dance with her. I'll be more than happy to dance with her.

Vince: Well, you were right. You were right. M.J. was pretty upset before.

Mary: And you didn't help.

Vince: Easy, easy, easy. I wanted to.

Mary: I know you did.

Vince: Yeah, but when she-- when she started crying like that, and asking me just to love her...

Mary: You just wanted to protect her.

Vince: Yeah. Especially after what happened to Katie. I don't-I don't want anybody to hurt her.

Mary: There's only so much a parent can do.

Vince: Yeah, but I want things to be right for M.J. and Cheryl. I don't want anybody taking advantage of them.

Mary: Oh, Vince.

Vince: I know. I know. I know. Life's too short.

Mary: It is.

Vince: So...I made up my mind. I'm not gonna interfere. I'm gonna let M.J. do what she feels she has to.

Mary: Good for you.

Vince: But, Mary, did she have to throw away a wonderful career just because she couldn't work with Adam?

M.J.: Pops, it wasn't because of Adam.

Vince: Then why? Explain it to me. Why did you quit the force?

Donna: Yes, I am sure my husband would want to talk to me, Miss Masters. Of course I want you to have him call me back! Secretaries.

Bridget: Oh, Mr. Michael still in his meeting, then, is he?

Donna: Mm-hmm. I just hope it's air conditioned where he is.

Bridget: Well, I opened all the windows downstairs and all the fans are going, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good.

Donna: Bridget, I can hardly breathe.

Bridget: Well, here, come on. Have a bit more lemonade. Maybe that'll help a bit.

Donna: Bridget, are you sure Michael didn't call?

Bridget: Oh, no, Miss Donna. He didn't call.

Donna: Where's Victoria?

Bridget: Oh, she went out. I mean, after the air conditioning broke down.

Donna: Hmm. Smart girl.

Bridget: Yes, well, it's just you and me tonight then in this hot house, eh? Well. Oh! And you, too, Mr. John. Hi. Oh, now, don't forget to keep your doors open, you hear?

M.J.: I can't talk about it like this, pops.

Vince: What do you mean?

M.J.: I think we need to be alone.

Mary: Cass, did you find out anything about Kathleen's--

M.J.: Mama, please.

Mary: You remember? We were talking about the journal earlier.

Vince: Oh, so? Did they find it?

Cass: Um, I don't know, Vince. I talked to the F.A.A. In Fairbanks, and all they'd tell me was that they'd promise they'd send me everything they recovered from the wreckage.

Mary: It would be so wonderful if we could just find--

Cass: Mary, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.

M.J.: Pops, it would be a good idea if we went for a walk.

Mary: Does anybody want anything cold to drink? I could get something. You could help me.

M.J.: Mama, no!

Mary: Cass, have you made any decision yet about where you're gonna live?

Cass: It looks like the Love Tower for the time being.

Mary: Well, you know, as long as you're comfortable there.

Vince: Uh, why don't we take that walk, M.J.?

Mary: Vince, didn't you have something you wanted to say to M.J.?

Vince: What?

Mary: You know.

Vince: Oh. Oh, yeah.

M.J.: What, pops? What is it?

Vince: About before, M.J., I didn't--I didn't mean to yell at you.

M.J.: You didn't yell at me, pops. Well, ok, maybe you did yell at me, but I know it was just because you were concerned.

Vince: Yeah, but it's your life, and I shouldn't tell you. You should do whatever you want to do, but did you really have to throw away a good job just--

Mary: Vince!

M.J.: Mama, it's ok. I understand.

Vince: And there's something else I want to tell you. We love you, and whatever you decide to do, we'll stick by you.

M.J.: I really appreciate that, pops.

Mary: Well, ok, now how about those cold drinks?

M.J.: Mama, don't. It's no use.

Mary: Don't do it. Don't.

M.J.: I walked over here with Cass, and on the way I decided that I have to tell pops tonight.

Vince: Tell me what?

Cass: I think this requires some privacy.

M.J.: Thanks, Cass.

Cass: Chin up, kid.

M.J.: Ok.

Vince: M.J., now, you're starting to worry me. I want to know what this is all about.

Mary: Please.

Felicia: Mitch, are you in there?

Mitch: No. Getting the next Michael Jackson road show ready.

Felicia: You have to admit he was pretty cute.

Mitch: Yeah, he kind of takes after me.

Felicia: Yeah, I'd say he was a chip off the old block. Except for one thing, of course.

Mitch: What?

Felicia: He's scared to death of girls.

Mitch: Well, so was I at that age.

Felicia: Oh, please. I'm sure you chased a lot of teachers around their desks.

Mitch: Only with B.B. guns.

Felicia: Even then the charmer. How nice.

Mitch: You see, they didn't all look like you or smell like you, otherwise I would still be in the principal's office.

Felicia: Would you like to say that just one more time?

Mitch: No.

Felicia: No?

Vicky: Donna's my real mother. I had the right to grow up with her.

Reginald: Well, what about Bridget? I thought you loved her.

Vicky: I do! Bridget was wonderful. She treated me like I was her own daughter, but it's not the same thing.

Reginald: Darling, you were loved. That's all that matters. I picked Bridget because I knew she could give you the selfless affection that Donna never could.

Vicky: That's a rotten thing to say! Donna loves me.

Reginald: Well, of course she loves you.

Vicky: Then why are you always knocking her?

Reginald: I love Donna, but I am not blind to her faults. Donna has always been very self-centered.

Vicky: That is not true.

Reginald: Well, I think you're forgetting all the problems the two of you had.

Vicky: All of that has changed now.

Reginald: I remember not too long ago that you came crying to me because you felt Donna didn't love you.

Vicky: It's just because I was jealous of Marley.

Reginald: Donna was always so critical of you.

Vicky: I have changed, too.

Reginald: To please Donna?

Vicky: To please myself.

Reginald: Well, I think you're just overlooking all the problems so that the Hudson clan can be one big happy family.

Vicky: I think you're just trying to create more so we all are miserable.

Reginald: On the contrary, Victoria. I only want you to be happy.

Vicky: Yeah, I'll bet.

Reginald: Darling... Don't you know how very much I love you?

Vicky: I love you, too, grandpa. I just wish you would stop trying to turn me against Donna.

Reginald: Now, why would I want to do that?

Vicky: To cause trouble between Michael and Donna maybe?

Reginald: If your parents have trouble, I will not be the one who causes it.

Vicky: Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Reginald: Oh, my darling Vicky. I'm afraid you don't know your mother very well at all.

[Music plays] Woman: The night we met I often remembered two strangers meeting for the very first time...

Now here we are facing each other, two lovers holding onto something real, something so meaningful. If you wanna know how I feel, I feel good

Chorus: I feel good woman: Baby, I feel good all over. Baby, I feel good all over

Woman: You and I have what others dream about we've finally worked it out.

Say no more your expression shows it I see a little sunshine inside of you just to be with you is so exciting who would have thought it could happen to me? Mm-mm it's no secret we're in love even a little child can see I feel good

Chorus: I feel good

Woman: Baby, I feel good all over chorus: Baby, I feel good all over

You and I have what others dream...

Donna: Oh, Michael... Please come home. Please...Please come home. Soon.

Vicky: You're just trying to use me like you did before.

Reginald: To do what?

Vicky: To break up the Hudson clan. Isn't that what you call us?

Reginald: I never included you in that.

Vicky: Well, you better... Because starting right now, I am not gonna let you come between me and Donna or me and Michael or me and anybody else in that house.

Reginald: Well, I hope that works both ways. I hope you don't let them poison you against me.

Vicky: I make my own decisions.

Reginald: I'm very glad to hear that...'Cause it would break my heart to lose you, Victoria.

Vicky: You didn't seem to mind losing me all those years I was growing up.

Reginald: Because I never did. Don't you think I kept tabs on you? I got reports.

Vicky: Reports?

Reginald: Yes, constantly. I always knew exactly what you were up to.

Vicky: Oh, yeah? What about my fifth grade school play-- did you know about that one?

Reginald: Victoria, please.

Vicky: Why weren't you there? If you knew so much about me, why weren't you there?

Reginald: I'm sorry.

Vicky: Oh, forget it.

Reginald: I'll bet you were the star of the show.

Vicky: I would have been... Or at least I would have felt like I was... if you were there.

Reginald: Please forgive me.

Vicky: Forget it. I mean...It was only a little school play. I mean, it wasn't anything like the Academy Awards.

Reginald: I will make it all up to you, Victoria, I promise.

Vicky: I don't want you to make anything up to me, all right?

Reginald: Darling, won't you let me love you?

Vicky: How?! By sending me away and getting monthly progress reports? Is that your kind of love?

Reginald: Of course not.

Vicky: You know, all those years in Laster...I used to dream about a great big house and what it would be like.

Reginald: Well, you're living in a great big house now. All your dreams have come true.

Vicky: Yeah. Except back then... All I ever needed... All I ever wanted... was just a little hug... from my grandfather.

Reginald: Vicky...

Mitch: Don't you think maybe we should go inside?

Felicia: Yeah, I do. You got it?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

M.J.: I just can't keep it to myself any longer, mama.

Vince: Will somebody talk to me?

M.J.: I know that you want to protect pops forever.

Vince: Protect me from what?

M.J.: It just can't be that way.

Mary: Why?

M.J.: Because, whether or not he needs to hear it... I really need to tell him.

Vince: Will you two quit talking like I'm not in the room?

M.J.: I can't, mama!

Vince: Wait a minute! Is this about why you left the force?

M.J.: It

M.J.: Pops...

Vince: Now, take your time, sweetheart. I have got...all night.

M.J.: Adam couldn't marry me...

Mary: Please.

Vince: Now, wait a minute. Your mother knows, doesn't she?

M.J.: Mama doesn't want you to be hurt anymore, pops. That's why she doesn't want me to tell you.

Vince: M.J....you're trembling. Now, nothing can be that bad.

M.J.: This--it is. It's worse than that, pops.

Vince: I don't believe it.

M.J.: And I'm just afraid that after I tell you that you're gonna hate me.

Vince: M.J., I promise you--

M.J.: And that... I'll be as dead to you as Kathleen is.

Felicia: You know... When I'm with you, the whole world goes away. It's just...you and me.


Mitch: What?

Felicia: Something is in bed with us.

Woman: Say no more your expression shows it I see a little sunshine inside of you just to be with you is so exciting who would have thought it could happen to me? Mm-mm it's no secret we're in love even a little child can see I feel good

Chorus: I feel good

Woman: Baby, I feel good all over

Chorus: I feel good all over

Woman: You and I have what others dream about you know I've been many places and I've seen lots of faces thought I knew just about everything, everything there is to know yet you never

Chorus: Never

Woman: Cease to amaze me

Chorus: Cease to amaze me

Woman: The main reason I live is because you make me feel good

Chorus: I feel good

Woman: I feel good all over

Chorus: I feel good all over

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