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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/15/03

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Cass: Excuse me, everybody. I'd like to say a few words if I may here. I was just sitting over there in the corner moping, and, uh... And then I started thinking about how much Kathleen would've loved tonight. She missed her family and her friends very, very much. Over the last few weeks, we often talked about what this very night would be like. She was really looking forward to coming home. Whenever Kathleen talked about home, a special brightness came into her eyes. She was a light in all our lives. I'm not very good with prayers, but the light that was Kathleen McKinnon Winthrop will never go out if we keep it burning in our hearts. Let's do that together. Let's keep her light burning in our lives forever.

Felicia: Cass. He's really something, isn't he?

Wally: He's one of a kind.

Mary: Why don't we go talk about the funeral? You wanted to do that.

Vince: Felicia?

Felicia: Yes?

Vince: You do one of the readings, all right?

Felicia: Yes.

Vince: And the mass will be at 11:00.

Mary: We expect to be back here about 1:00.

Felicia: Well, that'll give us plenty of time to set up.

Vince: Yeah, we'll give Katie a proper send-off.

Mary: Hope we have enough food.

Vince: Yeah, everybody's invited back here afterwards.

Ada: Well, how many people are we talking about?

Vince: Well, I don't know. It could be over a hundred. I mean, with all of Kathleen's friends and family.

Felicia: Plenty of people did love Kathleen McKinnon.

Wally: Well, and Cass Winthrop, too.

Felicia: Right.

Cheryl: Cass?

Lisa: Yes, I'd like the number for the, uh, for the bus station, please.

[Busy signal]

Jamie: Well, she must be on the phone. Maybe I'll just go down there. Here, keep the change.

Bartender: Hey, thanks.

Lisa: So, the next bus leaves in half an hour? Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Lisa, it's Jamie. Are you in there? Lisa, it's Jamie. Are you in there?

Lisa: Yes, hello. I'd like some information about the Pinewood Cabins. No. No, just for one.

Cheryl: Hey.

Cass: Hmm?

Cheryl: You ok?

Cass: I loved your sister with all my heart, Cheryl.

Cheryl: I know, Cass. And she loved you so much.

Cass: I still can't believe she's gone.

[Continuous knocking on door]

Lisa: Then I'll reserve that cabin, yes. Oh, what time would I have to be there?

Jamie: Lisa, it's Jamie. Are you in there?

Lisa: Ok, thank you. I can make that, thanks.

[Knocking stops]

Mary: Honey, close the door. We don't want people to think we're open for business.

Ada: Ok, everybody, Julie Ann is scooping out the ice cream on that pie her mother made, so it's pie a la mode, go, go, go! Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, thank you.

Vince: None for me, no.

Ada: And there's lots of ice cream, lots of ice cream! Vince?

Vince: I'll handle the bar.

Ada: There's somebody at the front door that I think you better handle.

Vince: Ohh. Diane.

Diane: Oh, Vince.

Vince: Oh, hey, hey. Come on in, come on, come on.

Diane: No, no, I don't want to intrude.

Vince: Hey, hey, you, this is for Katie. Now, you're gonna have a glass of wine for Katie, aren't you?

Diane: Yes.

Vince: All right! All right, get in here, come on.

Diane: I'm so sorry, Mary.

Mary: Thank you for coming, Diane.

Diane: I wish I knew what to say.

Mary: There really isn't anything to say.

Diane: Or do for you. I--since I heard the news I just kind of sat around--

Vince: Here you go.

Diane: Well, you have my deepest sympathies, although that sounds so empty.

Vince: No, no, no, we just need the people who loved Katie.

Diane: When she was a little girl, spunky little girl.

Vince: Heh heh! Begging the guys to let her play ball with them.

Diane: She was as good as they were.

Vince: She was the best. She whipped most of them.

Diane: She taught Ben everything he knew.

Vince: Well, he'd be the first to admit that the only reason he played quarterback for Bay City was because of Katie.

Diane: Oh, she would drill him day after day. He loved her so much.

Vince: Yeah, all the kids were close, but she--she was--she had the fire, she had the sparkle.

Diane: Well, if there's anything I can do.

Vince: Hey, hey, you're not leaving.

Diane: Well, when is the service?

Vince: Well, it's 11:00. Well, wait a minute, you can't leave the party. I mean, there's a lot of food here.

Diane: No, I really should go.

Mary: Please stay.

Diane: Well, this is for the family.

Vince: Whoa, now, hey...

Mary: It's for everyone who loved her.

Vince: Now, listen, Katie would never forgive you leaving a party. Now, please stay.

Mary: You are staying. That's that.

Vince: Katie wouldn't have said it better herself.

Priest: I'll say good night, Vince.

Vince: Oh, so soon, Father.

Priest: Well, I'll be seeing you in the morning.

Vince: Yeah.

Priest: Good night, Mary.

Mary: Thank you so much for everything.

Priest: Kathleen McKinnon meant a great deal to me. I remember her first communion. Those red curls against her white dress.

Vince: Ohh, I was so proud of her, she--she was really something.

Priest: She's with God, Vince.

Vince: Mm-hmm.

Priest: I'll see you at mass.

Vince: Yeah, at mass.

Diane: Vince loved her so much.

Mary: Evidently, so did you.

Diane: Since the sixth grade. I was her teacher.

Mary: Really?

Diane: Yeah.

Mary: Oh, that's how you got to know Vince.

Diane: Well, Katie forced him to go to a P.T.A. meeting.

Mary: Well, she really is responsible...

Diane: For the two of us getting to know each other, yes.

Mary: I guess then that the friendship grew to include the rest of the family.

Diane: Well, Katie would invite me to go along with the family on family Sundays.

Mary: To where? Please understand why I'm asking this. I don't--I don't have any of those kind of memories. Please tell me.

Diane: Well, we--they would pack a picnic lunch, and we would go to the lake or we would pick mushrooms in the backwoods.

Mary: Go on.

Diane: Well, no, that's about it.

Mary: Oh, no. I know there's a lot more. Please tell me.

Diane: Well, Katie was a normal child with normal problems.

Mary: And you two were really close.

Diane: For a while we were. Well, through the teenage years, when she was going through the growing pains, and--well, then she grew up, and, uh, we grew apart.

Mary: I really envy you. I didn't have any of that. Any of the growing up years of my children. And there's no way that I can ever...Get that back.

Diane: Well, I guess I suppose I could be envied, but--but it's you that's here for Vince now.

Mary: Among a lot of others.

Diane: No, no, it's you he needs. I mean, Vince has never been able to express his feelings, but he's in a lot of pain now, and he needs a pair of strong arms to lean on. He needs you, Mary.

Mary: I need him, too.

Diane: You may have missed your children growing up, but there's so much of you in them, each one of them has so much.

Mary: Oh, Diane, thank you for saying that.

Diane: Well, it's the truth. I mean, there's no doubt who their mother is. I--I wanted to speak to Cass for a minute. Isn't he here?

Felicia: You know, I'm starting to worry about him tonight.

Wally: Well, so am I.

Felicia: You know, on the surface, he may be handling this, but...Underneath, maybe he is at the breaking point.

Wally: Felicia, I'm a little worried about that, too, but now just settle down. When he gets back, we'll sit him down and we'll have a heart to heart talk with him.

Cheryl: I have a feeling that he might not be coming back.

Felicia: What do you mean?

Cheryl: He ran out before. He looked pretty upset. I think all he wants right now is to be alone.

Wally: What do you think?

Felicia: I think we should go after him.

[Harbor horn blowing] Woman: How about a nice rose for your pretty young lady?

Jamie: Lisa? Lisa. Lisa! Security, this is Dr. Jamie Frame. Is Lisa Grady's car still downstairs? It is. Ok, listen. Stop her from leaving. This is very important. I don't care how you do it, just stop that car. I have to talk to her. Thank you.

Man on telephone: Bay City Bus Station.

Cheryl: He was really upset, Felicia.

Wally: Ok, what direction did he take?

Cheryl: I think I saw him go down Granger Street.

Wally: Toward the lake?

Cheryl: Yeah.

Felicia: Let's go.

Ada: You all right, honey?

Cheryl: Yeah, thanks.

Ada: Ok. Zack, come on, I'll fix you a cup of coffee.

Zack: Oh, thanks, Ada.

Ada: Excuse me.

Julie Ann: Scott's here.

Cheryl: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Julie Ann: Does that bother you?

Cheryl: No, no, I--I know that he was--he really liked Kathleen.

Julie Ann: I think he came here to see you, Cheryl.

Cheryl: No, he is just worried about Mom and that's all.

Julie Ann: If that's the way you want to see it.

Scott: Hmm. You doing all right?

Cheryl: Sure.

Scott: Would you talk to me?

Cheryl: I...Just have never lost anyone before. When we thought Mom died, I was really too young to know what was going on.

Scott: It's rough.

Cheryl: Scott, uh, have you ever lost anyone?

Scott: No, I mean it's rough seeing what you guys are going through right now. And the answer's no, I've never lost anyone, at least that I knew about.

Cheryl: Do you still think about your family, finding your natural parents? Or is that a really stupid question?

Scott: No, I wonder about them all the time. Especially seeing something like this, the way your family rallies around each other. You guys really care about each other.

Cheryl: It helps so much. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have these guys to lean on.

Scott: I think these guys have been leaning on you a lot here, lately. You're a pretty tough cookie there, girl.

Cheryl: I just keep thinking, "what would Kathleen say right now?" And I hear her saying, "Cheryl, you gotta stand tall for Pops, because he needs you."

Scott: Well, he wouldn't be getting through it without you, that's for sure. Your mom said the same thing, too.

Cheryl: You know, guy, you've been pretty terrific yourself. Making all those awful phone calls that we couldn't face, and helping--

Scott: Hey, hey, hey. Do you realize what we're doing here?

Cheryl: No, what?

Scott: We're talking like a couple of friends. Good friends, and we really haven't done that for a while.

Cheryl: You know, I really can't remember us ever doing that.

Scott: It's kind of nice having you as a friend.

Cheryl: Yeah, yes.

Vince: Diane, stick around.

Diane: No, I really can't, Vince, I have--

Vince: I know, people to see, places to go. I know, I know, I know.

Diane: No, no, just a couple of things I promised to do.

Vince: You're a good woman, Diane. Mm! Katie loved you. You know that.

Diane: Yes, I know that.

Vince: And all the McKinnons love you. And...We owe you.

Diane: No, Vince. We were to never have any debts, remember? What we gave, we gave freely. That was the deal.

Vince: Yeah, ahem. That was the deal.

Diane: And it still goes. So, if you ever need anything...

Vince: No, no, no, you--you did everything just by being here. Hey, hey, hey! We're starting to slow down here. I don't think Katie would approve of that. She's probably up there looking down at us saying, "wait a minute, they're a bunch of deadbeats." So, let's raise your glasses. To my... Ohh...

Mary: To Kathleen McKinnon, who had all of her father's good qualities.

Vince: No, no, no. All her mother's.

Zack: Hear, hear.

Mary: I've got a great idea. Why don't we put on some of your wild Irish music and dance?

Vince: Oh, say no more. Zack, do you want to hit that tape recorder?

Zack: All right!

[Irish jig playing]

Vince: May I have this dance?

Mary: What do they call this dance?

Vince: A real Irish dance.

Mary: Do I know how to do this?

Vince: It's not knowing. It's feeling.

[Others clapping]

Woman: How about a flower for your lady, sir?  So you do have someone. What do you say, sir?

Cass: Keep the change.

Woman: God bless you, sir. Here. A flower for your lady.

Cass: A flower for my lady.

Lisa: I need a ticket to Pinewood, Wisconsin.

Agent: Well, you've come to the right place.

Lisa: When does that bus leave?

Agent: 8:00 sharp.

Lisa: That's in 3 minutes.

Agent: Well, you timed it real well. You want a round-trip?

Lisa: No, one-way.

Agent: All right, so, what takes you there?

Lisa: I beg your pardon?

Agent: To Pinewood.

Lisa: I just need to get out of the city.

Agent: You know, I don't blame you one bit. A body sometimes just has to get away from it all. You know, if I wasn't working here weekends, I'd take off like a shot. Hop on one of those bus--no matter where it was going. I don't care if it's going to Timbuktu. I--just as long as I could find a little peace and quiet.

Lisa: Do you think I'm gonna make this bus?

Agent: Well, why shouldn't you? It doesn't leave until 8:00 P.M.

Lisa: It's 8:00 now, and you haven't got my ticket ready.

Agent: Don't panic, honey. All I gotta do is punch this thing, and then you'll be on your way. Um, you got friends up there?

Lisa: No.

Agent: But you've been there before.

Lisa: Yes, I've been there before.

Agent: Yeah. Not alone, I hope. Pretty little thing like--

Lisa: With my parents!

Agent: Oh, and you fell in love with it, huh?

Lisa: As I remember, it's very peaceful. Now, could I have my ticket?

Agent: Hey, hold it.

Lisa: What?

Agent: You know, you look so familiar to me. You know, have I seen you on TV? You're an actress, right?

Lisa: No, no.

Agent: Oh, jeez, sure good-looking enough to be one. Maybe you remind me of an actress.

Lisa: No, please, that bus is gonna leave. I'd like my ticket.

Agent: Oh, sure, lady, all right. All set. Oh, it's pulling out now, but don't worry. It'll wait for you if you just-- hey, wait a minute! You're the psychic on that serial killer case aren't you? Hey, that madman nearly killed you!

Mary: It was a good time tonight.

Vince: Mm-hmm. It was a good time.

Mary: Kathleen would've loved it.

Vince: Hmm! She'd still be out there dancing till her feet fell off and laughing...

Mary: I wish I could make this easier for you.

Vince: You can't bring her back, Mary. Nobody can.

Mary: I can't stop thinking this is not true.

Vince: You know, she used to read to Cheryl in bed. Heh! The two of them...

Mary: Tell me about it.

Vince: Well, Cheryl never was a good sleeper. To try and get her to sleep? Forget about it. Katie? She wouldn't mind. She'd fluff up some pillows, jump into bed, haul out a book, and read away.

Mary: What kind of book?

Vince: Anything, anything with words, she'd just start reading one book after another. And finished it, she'd repeat it.

Mary: You mean she'd read the same books over and over?

Vince: Sure, over and over again. She didn't mind.

Mary: She was a good big sister. Cheryl--Cheryl was the baby, so she was the apple of Katie's eyes. Well, see Cheryl with Becky. It's the same thing.

Mary: Kathleen would've liked to have seen that.

Vince: She'd be so happy, yeah.

Mary: Let's go home.

Vince: Oh, no. Oh, hey, no, wait a minute. We got--we got so much to square away here. Ahh! Ada, what are you doing?

Ada: Studying for my bar exam. What do you think I'm doing?

Vince: Listen, we'll do that for you.

Ada: Do I have to go through all this again? I'll lock up. Now take off. Go!

Mary: Let's go home.

Vince: Uh, I don't feel right about this.

Ada: You want me to have you thrown out?

Vince: Heh heh heh!

Mary: You guys ready?

Scott: Uh, you and Vince go ahead, and I'll drive them over in a minute.

Cheryl: Yeah, we'll pack up the rest of the stuff and put it in the car. And, Pops? Don't forget your present from Kathleen.

Vince: I won't, darling. I won't ever forget that.

Mary: Well, I'm all set.

Vince: Hmm, me, too, me, too. Uh, Ada...

Ada: Say good night, Vince.

[Vince and Mary chuckling]

Mary: I'll see you in the morning.

Ada: Ok. Take good care of him. He breaks easy.

Cheryl: I'm really worried about Pops.

Scott: Oh, I wouldn't worry about Vince. He's in pretty good hands, huh?

Wally: Felicia, look!

Felicia: Oh, my God!

Wally: Cass, no!

Felicia: Don't!

Wally: No, Cass!

Felicia: Don't, please!

Wally: You can't do it!

Cass: Do what?! Oh, you're kidding!

Felicia: No, we're not kidding.

Cass: Are you guys nuts?

Felicia: I hope so.

Cass: You thought I was gonna jump?

Wally: Well, kind of.

Felicia: We've been worried about you.

Cass: Am I on a bridge?

Wally: No, you're not on a bridge!

Cass: A causeway, a building? Am I on anything that I could jump from?

Felicia: I don't know what a causeway is.

Cass: One of the things that I'm not jumping off of!

Felicia: Oh, no.

Cass: I mean, the only thing I could do off of this is a racing dive, which would merely provide me with a glide across the surface of the lake.

Felicia: Good!

Wally: Right, that's nice. It's a good evening for a swim.

Cass: Well, I would if I wanted to.

Wally: Well, of course you would.

Felicia: I guess we--

Wally: Well, we--only natural.

Felicia: Well, maybe not natural.

Wally: No, but we were scared.

Felicia: No! No, no, we weren't scared.

Wally: No, well, we were--

Felicia: We, uh, we overreacted.

Cass: You actually thought I was gonna pack it in?

Wally: It did cross our minds.

Felicia: I mean, things like that can happen, you know.

Wally: Yeah, even to the strongest of people.

Felicia: Well, that's the one that usually it happens to.

Wally: Yeah, especially the Rock of Gibraltar types like you.

Felicia: Yeah, the ones that are so strong on the outside, but inside they're a mess.

Wally: And then all of a sudden one day they snap--

Cass: Will you cut it out! Listening to you guys is like listening in stereo. One starts a sentence, the other one finishes it.

Wally: Well, it's just because we feel the same way about it.

Felicia: We love you.

Cass: There you go again.

Wally: Oh, sorry.

Felicia: We'll stop.

Cass: Look...Heh! Look, I have not snapped, nor am I going to snap. All right?

Wally: That's fine by us.

Felicia: You know, I mean, we came here and there you were. You were so close to the water.

Wally: And we just got panicked--

Cass: Let's not go through all of this again.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: I came close to the water for this.

Felicia: It's lovely. Where did you get this, anyway?

Cass: There was a flower girl here before, and she told me I had to buy a rose for my lady. So I did.

Felicia: Oh, Cass.

Cass: And I...I'm gonna give it to my lady. You know, one last, uh...Gift to show here I'll always love her. One last gift to say good-bye.

Jamie: Excuse me. Listen, have you see a girl? A girl with long dark hair, a beautiful girl.

Agent: Oh, listen, I see lots of beautiful girls, young man. I sell 2--300 bus tickets a day.

Jamie: Listen, she would've been in a hurry, a big hurry. She was going to Pinewood, Wisconsin...

Agent: You know, wait a minute. You're not talking about the psychic are you?

Jamie: Yes, yes, I am! Lisa Grady.

Agent: Lisa Grady, right! You know her name was right on the tip of my tongue and I just couldn't come up with it--Lisa Grady!

Jamie: Then she was here? She was here, right?

Agent: Oh, you bet she was. I sold her a one-way ticket.

Jamie: When?

Agent: Oh, no more than 5 minutes ago. Hey, wait a minute. You're that doctor fellow, aren't you? I saw your picture in the paper, too!

Jamie: Ok, the bus, the bus, what gate?

Agent: Oh, I'm sorry, buddy, you just missed it.

Jamie: Then I'll catch it at the other end.

Vince: Well, uh... Good-night.

Mary: Vince?

Vince: Yeah?

Mary: I wish...

Vince: What?

Mary: Never mind.

Vince: What were you gonna say?

Mary: It was nothing.

Vince: Mary, what were you gonna say?

Mary: I wish I had memories of the kind of a relationship with Kathleen that Diane does.

Vince: Oh, don't do that to yourself.

Mary: I can't help it.

Vince: You did the best you could. Katie felt your love wherever you were.

Mary: That's really generous of you to say.

Vince: Well, it's true.

Mary: I don't know about that. But I sure do appreciate hearing it. I wanted so much to make up for the missing years with her. I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to be her mother-- I'm sorry!

Vince: Hey, hey, hey.

Mary: I didn't mean to do this.

Vince: Don't worry about it.

Mary: You shouldn't have to be taking care of me tonight. I should be helping you.

Vince: Mary, Katie was your daughter, too, huh? Well...I'll say good night.

Mary: Vince...You want to talk some more before you go to bed?

Vince: I'm all talked out, Mary.

Mary: There's an awful lot that we haven't said.

Vince: Well, what good does it do, hmm?

Mary: It might...

Vince: What?

Mary: Help us to not feel so alone. Help you to let it out.

Vince: Mary, we've been through this, huh?

Mary: You have to cry sometime.

Vince: I'm all right.

Mary: How can you be all right?

Vince: Because God... Has his reasons. Everything that happens in this life...He has his reason. And you'll always kind of look and try to make sense of it... You can't do it. Hmm?

Mary: I guess you're right. As much as I ever hate admitting that.

Vince: But I want you to know that...Thank God you were here.

Mary: You, too.

Vince: Yeah. I know I'm not good at showing it, but...Ohh! It was so good. It's so wonderful to be able to share this with you. Be able to hold your hand. I, uh, I--I couldn't have gotten through it without you, Mary.

Mary: Don't you dare. Now, hold onto me. That's why I'm here.

Vince: I...I got to be alone, Mary.

[Vince crying]

Cass: Good-bye, Kathleen. My love. So that's done.

Felicia: Beautifully done.

Wally: And now, back to living.

Felicia: And let's always keep in our hearts all those moments that were so dear and so magical.

Wally: And so fun.

Cass: Kathleen was all those things.

Felicia: Yes, she was.

Cass: Let's sit down, ok?

Felicia: Ok. You know, there's nothing quite like a warm summer's night.

Wally: Well, I'll tell you what's better. That's being with your 2 best friends in the world. I'm glad you're home, buddy.

Cass: Right, home. I've got some decisions to make here.

Felicia: About what?

Cass: Oh, what to do, where to live. Everything I'd planned had to with Kathleen.

Felicia: You know what? I don't think you should think about that right now. Certainly not what you're going to do.

Wally: Yeah, and so far as a place to live, Cass--

Cass: No, I'm talking permanently, Wally. Not that anything is permanent, but I've got to start thinking in those directions.

Felicia: Honey--

Cass: I got to start getting my mind working on those lines.

Felicia: I don't think you should rush this. I think it's going to be a long time before, well, things seem normal again for you. You know, when I lost Zane, it always seemed like, I don't know, that I would run into somebody that knew him or--or I would end up at some place that--that the 2 of us had been to together. Or--or a song would play, you know?

Wally: Sometimes I'd say something and it would be just the way Zane would've said it.

Felicia: That's right. He's right. You know, sometimes he would say phrases that--just the way Zane would say those phrases.

Wally: When you're close to someone, when you love someone, you begin to sound like them.

Felicia: In fact, do you know, sometimes he says things the way you say them, Cass? Cass.

Cass: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry. I was--I was just thinking about something that Kathleen said to me a while ago. She told me that if anything ever happened to her, she knew I'd be all right, that I was one of the lucky people because I had friends. Real friends. And they would see me through.

Felicia: Well, she was right about that. We're here. We always will be.

Cass: I love you guys. Oh, I think you're right. There is nothing quite like a warm summer night. But now I think it's time to go home. It's time to go on.

Felicia: Yes. Yes. Come on.

Wally: Come on.

Felicia: Shall we?

Cass: Let's.

Felicia: Ok.

(missing small part here)

Lisa: I don't know why I'm here or what I'm going to do. You should've gone back to tops and told Jamie everything. But I don't see the point. I'm no good for him and I never will be. It won't ever work, and Jamie doesn't deserve to be hurt. So I'm not going to ruin his life like I've ruined so many others.

[Banging on door]

Jamie: Lisa! It's Jamie! Open the door! I know you're in there! Now, come on! I'm not leaving here until you let me in and talk to me!

Wally: So is anybody hungry? I could raid the kitchen.

Felicia: Well...

Cass: Let's um...Let's hold off on the food, shall we? I have a feeling this is going to be a long party tonight.

Wally: Great! Just like old times.

Cass: Hello! What have we here?

Wally: Um, cognac.

Cass: Not just cognac, Wally. No, no, no, no. This is the real McCoy. This is the stuff they auction off for thousands of dollars.

Wally: Yeah, but, Cass, that belongs to Reginald Love.

Cass: No kidding?

Felicia: Hm-mmm, it's his private reserve.

Cass: Well, hoity-toity.

Wally: He saves it for very special occasions.

Cass: Yeah? Hmm. Well, I don't blame him. It's almost 100 years old.

Felicia: That old, really?

Cass: Yeah.

Wally: That's a lot of years just to sit in a bottle, isn't it?

Cass: Does anyone--does anyone know if Reggie has any very special occasions coming up?

Felicia: Mmm, I doubt it. You know, I get the impression lately that things aren't going too good for old Reg.

Wally: I get the same impression. And I think it's going to be a long time before things start perking up for him.

Cass: Oh, dear. Well, that's a pity because this stuff isn't getting any better.

Felicia: It's not?

Cass: No, no. There is a limit.

Felicia: Ohh.

Cass: Good brandy takes years and years to age properly, years to reach a peak of perfection, but then it just gets old.

Felicia: Gee, I never knew that.

Wally: Yeah, Cass is right. I mean, you keep it too long and it just turns to goo.

Cass: And Reg wouldn't want to drink goo.

Felicia: No, he doesn't strike me as the goo type.

Cass: Oh, and I agree. It should be saved for a very special occasion.

Felicia: I suggest that if Reg knew about this occasion, I mean, the 3 of us reuniting...

Wally: I second the suggestion.

Felicia: Pop that sucker.

Cass: Thank you, Wally...

Wally: Uh-huh.

Cass: For your assistance.

Wally: Oh, careful.

Cass: Unh! Unh!

Felicia: Get it? Come on.

Wally: Here. Let me.

Cass: Help me, would you?

[Cork pops] there we go.

Wally: Did you hear that?

Cass: But let me do the honors.  [Sniffing] ooh, how sweet it is.

Wally: Well, I'll get the snifters.

Cass: Reggie, baby, 'tis a very noble deed you do tonight.

Felicia: Probably his first.

Cass: And probably his last. Ha ha ha!

Wally: Pour, Cass.

Cass: You got it. Glug glug. Oh, what a beautiful sound. Oh, what a beautiful color.

Wally: Ohh.

Cass: And look at that body.

Felicia: Ok.

Wally: Ok?

Felicia: Yes.

Wally: To old friends.

Felicia: To dear, dear friends.

Cass: To a new future.

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