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Another World Transcript Friday 7/11/03

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Cass: Hi. I know it's early, but, uh...

Wally: What'll you have?

Cass: I could use a little fortification before I look at this.

Wally: Brava? Why?

Cass: Well, that Blake guy. Uh, you know, the one who showed up when our plane went down.

Wally: Yeah, I know him.

Cass: He asked my permission to submit some photographs to Brava.

Wally: And you said it was ok?

Cass: The guy's just tryin' to make a buck like anybody else. Page 38.  [Sighs] the guy's quite a photographer.

Wally: Cass, please, don't look at this now.

Cass: I think you're right.

Wally: Hey, you said something about fortifications, hmm?

Cass: Yes. What have you-- what do you have?

Wally: Oh...Did you ever hear of a Philippine Pistol?

Cass: No. Does it work?

Wally: Oh, my friend John Hudson said that it made him forget he was blind.

Cass: Well... Set 'em up, barkeep. But I don't think I can forget.

John: So I lifted the cover off my room service tray, and there was the biggest scorpion you've ever seen.

Victoria: Oh, gross!

John: Well, the next thing I knew, the bellboy had a gun stuck in my ear.

Victoria: You're kidding. What did you do?

John: I just turned to him, and I said, "lookit, buddy, if this is the blue plate special, I'm gonna have a hamburger.

Victoria: You didn't.

[Both laugh]

[indistinct chatter]

John: Well, you guys check out the garage?

Michael: Yeah, what was left of it.

Donna: John been entertaining you?

Victoria: Oh, sure has. Yeah.

John: How's my car?

Michael: Your car is, uh, barely singed. Must have fire-repellent paint or somethin'.

Victoria: What kind of car is it?

John: '65 red 2-door convertible.

Victoria: Really?

Michael: Kinda looks like an old parade float.

Victoria: I'd love to see it.

John: Well, all right. Let's go.

Victoria: Oh. Great.

Donna: Where are you going?

John: For a ride. You got any objections?

Michael: As a matter of fact, I do, yeah.

Victoria: Michael...

Michael: No, I think that it's a crime for you two to go tooling around town when the rest of us are out here working for a living.

John: Oh, yeah?

Michael: Oh, yeah. I mean, you're perfectly able-bodied, and you, young lady, you're in to me for a bundle.

Victoria: Michael, I just got home.

Michael: Oh. Well, in that case, then, I'll begin with your Uncle John. John...I got a job for you.

Mary: Even when I see it in black and white, I just... I find it so hard to believe.

Vince: You gonna make it through this?

Mary: Oh, yeah. Sure. I'm--I'm better when people are around. [Sighs] when that neighbor lady came over, uh... The one who brought the ham.

Vince: Mrs. Casey?

Mary: Yeah.  [Sighs] She--she couldn't stop crying, and she was talking on and on about how much she loved Kathleen--

Vince: They couldn't stand each other. [Chuckles softly] Mary, chuckling: No! [Laughs] well... well, she made me feel better. For a while, anyway. How about you?

Vince: Me? Oh... I'm all right. Uh, I guess we'd better go back inside, huh?

Mary: Vince, please. She was our child. Talk to me!

[Vince sighs]

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: How did you know I was here?

Jamie: I called Felicia.

Lisa: Something wrong?

Jamie: You know there is. I've been thinkin' about you all day at the hospital.

Lisa: I'm sorry.

Jamie: Lisa... I can't wake up another morning wonderin' if you're gonna think of an excuse not to see me.

Lisa: You angry?

Jamie: Yes, I'm angry. I love you. And you love me. And I've had enough of your pullin' away from me.

Lisa: I know I've hurt you.

Jamie: Do you know what you've done for me, Lisa? I love you. I--I mean I really love you. I haven't had much success with women before. I married two I couldn't even stand. And I was beginnin' to lose hope...When all of a sudden, you came along.

Lisa: There are things about me you don't know.

Jamie: I know everything I need to know, Lisa. I know that you need me.

Lisa: I did.

Jamie: You do! You need me now more than you ever did, Lisa. Why won't you admit that?

Lisa: I don't know.

Jamie: I getting sick and tired of not seeing you, Lisa. A-and then finding you inside there, pouring your heart out to Tony Carlyle--

Lisa: I don't love Tony Carlyle!

Jamie: Is that it? Are you afraid of me because you love me? Well, uh...I don't know what else to say to you, Lisa. I've told you that you can tell me anything. I've told you that nothin' will make me love you less.

Lisa: I haven't forgotten that.

Jamie: Then there's only one thing that would make this all make sense, Lisa, and that's what I'm here to find out.

Lisa: What?

Jamie: Maybe you don't love me at all.

Wally: I didn't put an umbrella in it. It only takes up space. [Chuckles]

[Cass coughs]

Wally: You like it?

[Cass coughs]

Cass: I'll tell you when my throat heals, Wally.

Wally: Cass, would you like to know what the secret ingredient is?

Cass: Gasoline. Maybe some other time.

Wally: Can I get you anything else?

Cass: No. No, thanks. Just tell me about the guy who took this photograph.

Wally: Mitch Blake.

Cass: He, uh...He helped a lot that night, but he didn't say much.

Wally: That sounds like Mitch, all right.

Cass: He's, uh...Pals with Felicia, too, right?

Wally: You might say that.

Cass: He, uh... He helped me try to get to Kathleen, but when the fire got too bad, he dragged me away. That was just before the explosion.

Wally: Mitch is a good man.

Cass: If I just could've gotten to Kathleen in time...

Wally: Cass...

Cass: I should've saved her. I--I didn't care about saving myself. I should've saved her.

Wally: Cass, you didn't know what you were doing. Now, Mitch Blake saved your life.

Cass: I wish he had taken his camera to some other disaster.

Wally: Would you shut up?! We lost Kathleen. Now, I thank God and Mitch that we didn't lose you, too.

Cass: I suppose you're right.

Wally: Hey... Remember that time Felicia locked you and Kathleen up in that suite at the Northwoods Inn? [Both chuckle]

Cass: She said she wasn't gonna let us out until we got back together again. Yeah, I remember.

Wally: Boy, did she underestimate you two.

[Both laugh]

Cass: We were both pretty stubborn, and we were pretty determined to get out of there.

Wally: What happened there? Didn't Kathleen pull you up in a dumbwaiter or something?

Cass: She tried, but... The rope gave out or something, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, looking up into her... Big blue eyes, you know...

Wally: I'm sorry. I should never have brought it up.

Cass: No, no, no. It's not that. It's just that we wasted so much time.

Scott: Hi, Cass.

Cass: Scott.

Scott: I just found out. I didn't know what to do, so I came over. She was a great girl. I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

[Scott sighs]

John: A job? For me?

Michael: Yep. You want to hear about it?

Donna: I think you're going to like it, John.

John: I can't wait.

Michael: Donna's house was almost ruined by the storm. Tree fell on it, right in the living room there. Paint's peeling. Needs a lot of work.

John: I suppose you want me to fix it up.

Michael: Yeah, well, I figured you like all that macho kind of stuff. You could take your shirt off, walk around outside.

Donna: Uh, Michael, you know what I was just thinking?

Michael: What?

Donna: Well, since we don't use the beach house that much anymore, John, you might like to live there once you fix it up.

Michael: Now, that is a great idea. It's about as close to a boat as you're gonna get.

Victoria: It really is a nice house.

John: All right. I'll take a look at it. I suppose you'll want your room back, huh?

Victoria: Oh, hey...I'm easy.

Donna: Listen, why don't we go look at it right now?

John: Yeah. Why not?

Michael: So, young lady, would you like to come along?

Victoria: No, thanks. I'm kind of beat, and I'm sure you have some plans for me, too.

Michael: How did she get so smart, huh? John, uh...John, you're gonna love this house, by the way. This house has so much potential.

John: Potential? What are you, a real estate agent? How much potential could a house have that has a tree in the living room?

Michael: Well, the tree kinda fell right next to the fireplace.

Donna: Uh, Clara, we're going out to see the beach house. Would you tell Bridget that we will be back in time for dinner?

Clara: Yes, I'll tell her.

Donna: All right. Thank you.

Michael: Bye, ma.

Clara: Bye.

Michael: Mm-muh.

Clara: Hello, Victoria.

Victoria: Hello.

Clara: May I?

Victoria: Oh, sure.

Clara: I'd like it very much if you'd call me Grandma.

Victoria: Ok, well, I'll try.

Clara: I'm sorry about all the years I didn't know you. You know, we could've done so many things together.

Victoria: I always wanted a Grandma.

Clara: Did you? Well, you've got one now.

Victoria: Grandfather! You're back!

Reginald: I bought you a little welcome home gift and forgot to give it to you.

Victoria: Well, what is it?

Reginald: Well, there's a simple way to find out.

Victoria: Ok. [Giggles]

Reginald: Mrs. Hudson. How nice to see you again.

Clara: Indeed.

Mary: Vince...

Vince: Ah...Angel food cake with pink frosting. Wouldn't be a wake without that.

Mary: Can't you talk about this?

Vince: No, I can't!

Mary: It's not a sign of weakness.

Vince: Now, what do you want me to do, go to pieces? I did that when I thought you were dead, and I wasn't worth anything to anybody.

Mary: You went for that walk with Cheryl today.

Vince: Well, she's taken this hard. She idolized Kathleen.

Mary: You're taking care of Cheryl. You've called Ben. You're looking out for me.

Vince: So?

Mary: So what do you do for you?

Vince: Maybe--maybe this is what I do, Mary. Maybe this is how I do it.

Mary: You have to grieve.

Vince: Look... What if I did? What if I sat down by the coffin... And I started to keen? It wouldn't bring her back.

[Mary sighs]

Mary: I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm just trying to get closer to you, and all I'm doing is driving you away.


Zack: Um... I hope I'm not interrupting.

Vince: No, no, no. No, no, that's ok.

Zack: I--I saw the sign. I could come back.

Mary: No. Zack, really, it's ok. I've got stuff to do in the kitchen.

[Vince starts whistling]

Zack: I'm so sorry about Kathleen.

Vince: Yeah...yeah, me, too. Me, too.

Zack: She was your first, right?

Vince: Yeah.

Zack: It must feel like A... Kick in the gut.

Vince: Yeah, but you know me. I'll, uh... I'll just go on, you know.

Zack: Huh. Yeah, I'm still not over Quinn. I know how you feel.

Vince: No, you don't.

Zack: I'm--I'm sorry.

Vince: What I'm goin' through is what I'm goin' through, and that's it. I don't want anybody sayin' that they know what it's like, because nobody knows! Nobody knows!

Zack: Mind if I get myself a beer?

Vince: Oh, no, no, no. Take whatever you want. It's on the house.

Zack: Oh, thanks.

[Vince whistles]

[Zack sighs]

[Vince exhales sharply]

Zack: Pretty angry.

[Vince snickers]

Vince: You noticed.

Zack: Hard not to be. You know, when Quinn died, I wanted to kill somebody. Wanted to make somebody pay.

Vince: I know about that.

Zack: You know that Rollo guy? Chad Rollo?

Vince: Yeah. Yeah, I know him.

Zack: I damn near killed him. And he wasn't even the stalker. You know, I could've been doin' from 20 to life for killin' the wrong guy.

Vince: I went after Kathleen's husband pretty good myself.

Zack: Vince...There's no percentages in doin' what I did. Gettin' mad, gettin' even. It's only putting off the inevitable.

Vince: What inevitable?

Zack: Feelin' bad, man. Your girl's gone. You're gonna feel bad. You know I didn't cry for Quinn for almost a month? I mean, I was... Just eating myself up inside. And one day, I was standin' in the shower...And I heard someone crying. Then I realized it was me. Later on that night, I called Quinn's daughter and son-in-law. Thomasina and carter? We must've talked for at least 2 hours. It wasn't until then... That night... That I knew I was gonna make it.

Vince: I am gonna make it.

Zack: People do understand what you're goin' through, Vince. Let 'em help you.

Vince: What am I supposed to let 'em do?

Zack: Don't push people away, man. You're not alone right now. But if you keep pushin' people away, you will be.

Jamie: Answer me.

Lisa: You know I love you.

Jamie: How do I know that? I never see you anymore.

Lisa: You're better off.

Jamie: Maybe I am. You know what I hate most about this?

Lisa: What?

Jamie: You're handling me. You're making decisions for both of us.

Lisa: I'm doing that for you!

Jamie: Well, maybe you can explain to me.

Lisa: I don't want you to feel cheated.

Jamie: Cheated?! Why? Wha...Because of what Glaser did to you?

Lisa: No. It's more than that.

Jamie: There's something else. Something I don't know about. Well, you don't want me to feel cheated, Lisa? I do feel cheated. I feel cheated because you don't trust me enough to open up to me and level with me.

Lisa: Jamie, I'm not like you. I can't just say everything I feel.

Jamie: There is something else. I knew it. I knew the day you got me out of jail.

Lisa: Yes. There's something else.

Jamie: But you can't tell me what it is.

Lisa: No, I don't think so!

Jamie: So the fact that you love me and I love you is less important than keeping this secret.

Lisa: Don't twist my words like that.

Jamie: I'm not tryin' to twist anything! I'm tryin' to understand! Lisa, I think what we've got together is more important than anything in your past. But I just can't make you see that, can I?

Lisa: No, you can't. Jamie, you're not God. And you can't tell me what to feel!

Jamie: You make me so angry!

Lisa: I'm sorry.

Jamie: This doesn't make any sense, Lisa, at all. I mean, we love each other. We can beat anything. I just wish I could make you understand that.

Cass: You heard about this from Cheryl, right?

Scott: No. My mom just told me.

Cass: But you've been with Cheryl. This is hideous for her.

Scott: I'm gonna call her right now, Cass.

Cass: What are you not tellin' me?

Scott: We broke up. It's been that way for quite a while now.

Cass: Cheryl never wrote Kathleen about--

Scott: She was pretty upset about it.

Cass: And how about you?

Scott: Cheryl's a lot younger than she acts. She just wasn't ready.

Cass: Oh, those McKinnon women, they're a complex bunch, I'll tell you.

Scott: I still care about her a lot.

Cass: That's the thing. You can't get 'em out of your system, no matter what.

Scott: Yeah. How do you think Vince is takin' all this?

Cass: Who knows?

Scott: I wonder about the guy sometimes.

Cass: He's just an Irishman with a streak of melancholy that's he's trying to hide, I think.

Scott: Vince melancholy? You kiddin' me?

Cass: He's not what he seems on the surface.

Wally: There was a time when he and Kathleen didn't get along at all, right?

Cass: No. Kathleen reminded him of Mary, and he couldn't take that, so he pushed her away.

Wally: Until she met you.

Cass: Yeah. Yeah. That allowed him to overcome that problem to protect her from a bum like me.

Scott: Well, he must feel pretty bad about all those years now, huh?

Cass: That's the thing about loving somebody. You mess up, and you always think that you're gonna get a chance to make it up to them.

Scott: Is there anything I can do for you?

Cass: Yeah. You could give me a ride over to Mary's place. I want to check in on Vince and Mary.

Scott: Let's go. Hey. That your magazine here?

Cass: Oh...That's one issue I can do without. Thanks for the drink, Wally.

Wally: Yeah, Cass. Anytime.

Reginald: Do you like it?

Victoria: Oh, you know I do!

Clara: It's got somebody else's initials on it. Must be a second.

Victoria: Grandma, those are the designer's initials. They're to show everyone that you've got money.

[Victoria and Reginald laugh]

Reginald: Victoria's very direct.

Clara: I'm familiar with that quality.

Reginald: Yes, I'm sure you are.

Victoria: Thanks for the purse, Grandfather.

Reginald: Oh, it's so good to have you back here.

Victoria: Did you miss me?

Reginald: You know I did.

Victoria: Well, I kinda told you off a little bit before I left.

Reginald: Oh, I chalked that up to adolescent impetuousness.

Clara: Does my son know you're here?

Reginald: I didn't clear it with him, no.

Victoria: Oh, God, I wish you and Michael got along.

Reginald: You must've read my mind, darling. I am going to make amends to you and Donna and even Michael.

Victoria: Great.

Reginald: Yes, I want to be as welcome in this house as Clara seems to be.

Victoria: Well, I cannot wait to show this to Donna. Thanks, Grandpa.

[Reginald chuckles]

Clara: Michael and Donna know that I want for them only the best. If I'm welcome here, that's why.

Reginald: I take it they've been talking to you about me.

Clara: Michael is very open with me...Always has been.

Reginald: And has Michael told you that I'm very good at getting what I want?

Clara: Let me explain something to you, Mr. Love. I live on a farm. I'm not a sophisticated person. But that doesn't mean that I haven't learned a great deal about fighting back.

Reginald: I'm sure that's true.

Clara: You'd be very foolish to underestimate me.

Reginald: I'd never underestimate such a formidable opponent.

Clara: Good.

[Door closes]

Peter: Hello, Clara. My, that's a lovely dress you have on today.

Clara: Don't you ever go to work?

Peter: I assume she's off to plow the south 40.

[Reginald laughs]

Reginald: Hello, Peter.

Peter: What brings you back, Dad?

Reginald: I had something to give Vicky.

Peter: Oh. As a matter of fact, I have something to give you. A picture of the whole Hudson clan. It's very interesting.

John: This is it?

Michael: Hey, I told you it needed a little work.

John: A little?

Donna: Oh, Michael, I didn't realize the leaks in the roof were so bad.

Michael: No problem, Donna. John can fix that.

John: Look. The--the floors are ruined. The roof has to be replaced. The wiring's probably shot.

Michael: Told you it was a beach house. What'd you expect?

John: You want me to live here?

Donna: Well, it's near the water.

John: It's in the water!

Michael: Hey, look. This is a project. I thought you might enjoy working on it. Nobody said you have to live here. No one says you have to live here at all.

John: No one?

Donna: No! Of course not.

John: Oh, well, good. Because I was really beginning to take to life at the mansion.

Victoria: Wow! This place is great! I had forgotten how neat it is.

Donna: See there?

John: Thought you were gonna stay home.

Victoria: Well, I changed my mind. Aren't you going to love living here?

John: Does she see something I don't?

Michael: I think my daughter just has the uncanny ability to recognize potential when she sees it.

Victoria: Well, you better be prepared, because I'm gonna come and visit you a lot when you live here.

John: Well, I don't know that I'm going to live here.

Victoria: Are you kidding me?  [Laughing] I would love to have a place like this.

Donna: Oh, you see, your Uncle John, I think, has decided that he would rather live at the house where there's no privacy and his comings and goings are constantly watched.

John: And there are servants and every modern convenience known to man.

Victoria: Who cares about all that? You can wake up in the morning and see the lake. You can sit out on the porch at night and watch the sun go down. This is great.

John: Ok.

Michael: Ok what?

John: Ok, I'll fix it up.

Donna: Wonderful!

John: For her.

Donna: What?

Victoria: What did you say?

John: I took your room at the house. It's only fair.

Victoria: I can live here?

John: That's my condition.

Michael: Donna, what do you say to that?

Donna: Oh...W... Well, what choice do we have?

Michael: We have a lot of choice. We could go out and hire some carpenters, carpenters who aren't blackmailers.

Victoria: Please? Donna, signing: I guess it's all right. At least you would be close by.

Victoria: My own place! I cannot believe this!

Michael: We're gonna discuss your salary later.

John: I get time and a half for overtime.

Michael: You get a roof over your head.

John: What, this roof?

Victoria: You know, I would like a Jacuzzi right outside. And right over here, we could put a bar, just brick up the kitchen.

Michael: Victoria. Let's you and I have just a little talk.

Victoria: Sure. What about?

Michael: I saw what you just did.

Victoria: What did I just do?

Michael: You just played your Uncle John like a violin.

Victoria: Michael, I was only telling what I felt.

Michael: Hey. You put your mother and me in a very difficult position, and I don't want you ever to do that again.

Victoria: Ohhh... Well, you want me to be happy, don't you?

Michael: Honey...You'd live in a tree house if it meant you didn't have to live with us. Hey...I care that you're honest. I'll worry about your happiness later. All right?

Jamie: Are you afraid of me?

Lisa: Sometimes.

Jamie: I don't know what to do...To change that.

Lisa: It's not your fault. You know? It's me. It's all me.

Jamie: Come here. Come here. You know... You are... Without a doubt... The most infuriating woman I've ever met.

Lisa: Well. No one's ever said that about me before.

Jamie: No one ever knew you like I do. I miss you, Lisa.

Lisa: I miss you, too.

Jamie: You know what my diagnosis of you is?

Lisa: I'm afraid to ask.

Jamie: You think all the time. I bet right now little wheels in your head are just churnin' away right now. Just gotta stop thinkin' every now and then. I mean...Doesn't this feel good?

Lisa: Yes. I love you, Lisa. I'll love you always. I never want to let you go.

Lisa: Mmm...

Jamie: Mmm...

Jamie: Ohhh... This is more like it.


Lisa: It's wonderful.

Jamie: And you really mean that?

Lisa: I know you love me, Jamie. And I know I love you, too.

Jamie: And I love the way this conversation is going.

Lisa: But--

Jamie: No "buts."

Lisa: Jamie, listen to me. The present isn't enough, not when you don't understand the past.

Jamie: There's a simple way to clarify that.

Lisa: I know.

Jamie: Then talk to me.

Lisa: I wish I could.

Jamie: Haven't you heard a thing I've said, Lisa?!

Lisa: When you put your arms around me, you tell me you love me, I forget for a while.

Jamie: Forget what?

Lisa: There's no hope.

Jamie: Now you're talkin' in circles again, Lisa, and it's driving me crazy.

Lisa: Jamie, I don't know what else to do!

Jamie: You're gonna do it, aren't you? You're gonna throw away everything that we have?

Lisa: Jamie, don't do this.

Jamie: No! You don't do this! Don't you do this to us!

Peter: Nice likeness, isn't it?

Reginald: Very.

Peter: I may have to take this up as a profession.

Reginald: Only Hudson seems to be looking at the camera.

[Peter laughs]

Reginald: Oblivious to everything. His wife is staring at his brother, who's staring at his daughter.

Peter: I thought you'd notice.

Reginald: I like this picture. There's almost a certain... Symbolic quality about it.

Peter: Symbolic of what?

Reginald: The Hudson house. A house of cards.

Peter: Ah. Vicky seems rather taken by her Uncle John.

Reginald: I heard her say so, yes.

Peter: It's a really special bond, I think. More than just uncle and niece.

Reginald: Good for you, Peter. Seems you're beginning to get the picture, so to speak.

Peter: So to speak. Is Vicky going to get the same picture?

Reginald: In time.

Peter: Yes, I guess you don't want to rush into something like that.

Reginald: No. Her life would never be the same.

[Apple crunches]

Vince: Ah. I'm sorry I hollered at you.

Mary: It's ok.

Vince: I know you're just tryin' to look out for me.

Mary: [Sighs] I don't know what I'm doin'.

Vince: Well, I'm glad you're here, because if you weren't... I don't know what I'd be doin'. I'd probably--

Cheryl: Hi.

Mary: Hi, honey.

Cheryl: I just talked to Father Donne, and he wants to know what we're planning on doing tonight.

Vince: About what?

Cheryl: The, uh...Rosary-- if we're gonna have one or not. Something like that.

Mary: Oh, we're not gonna do anything that formal, are we?

Cheryl: He said that he's planning on coming over tonight. No matter what, so...

Mary: If he's gonna start eulogizing--

Vince: Oh, no, no, he won't. He's not--he's not that kind of priest.

Mary: Ok.

Vince: Did--did you... Did you get to M.J.?

Cheryl: No, uh, but I called everyone in our book and no one has heard from her.

Vince: Well, we gotta keep lookin', 'cause she's gotta be-- she's gotta be at Kathleen's mass.

Cheryl: She's gonna be torn apart when she finds out about this.

Vince: Your sister's gone through a lot with Adam Cory, and I am--I'm not lookin' forward to tellin' her about Kathleen.

Cheryl: She always knows how to take care of people when something like this happens.

[Door opens]

Vince: We're taking care of her this time.


Zack: Um...I just talked to my sister, and she said she'd come over and keep you company, if that's ok.

Vince: Sure, it's ok.

Zack: Ok. Well, uh, I better go get her. I'll be back later. Ok?

Vince: Uh, Zack... Thanks for everything.

Zack: It's the least I could do.

Cheryl: Bye. Is there anything I can do in the kitchen? I, uh, I'd really like to keep myself busy.

Mary: Sure. Uh... Oh, there's a cake that needs frosting. It's right on the table.

Cheryl: Oh, a cake. Thanks.

Mary: Oh, I wish you'd say something.

Vince: Zack says I'm pushin' people away.

Mary: I don't think you mean to.

Vince: You know what it is? I don't believe it. I mean, if I had seen her myself, if I were really sure. But all we got is Winthrop's word on this.

Mary: You don't think he'd lie about something like this.

Vince: I just keep thinkin' it is really just a big mistake, that she's gonna walk in here like she always did and say, "hey, Pops, any coffee on the stove?"

Mary: I wish I could make that happen.

Vince: Yeah... Me, too. God.

Cass: I'd give my life if I could make that happen. I'd give my life if I could bring her back to you.

Mary: We loved Kathleen. A lot. But we know that you loved her, too. And there is no way that anyone here holds you responsible for her death. Isn't that right, Vince?

Vince: That's right.

Mary: And we know that in the time you had together... You made her very happy.

Cass: Is that what you think, Vince?

Vince: Well...I'm sure that she loved you for whatever reason. I don't know.

[Cass chuckles]

Vince: And she never lied about stuff like that.

Mary: No, she didn't.

Vince: And I figure you've gotta be...Crazy for her or else you wouldn't have stuck around as long as you did.

Cass: I would've stuck around forever, Vince.

[Cass sighs]

Mary: Well, all right. Then that's that. And we will get through this together.

[Vince sighs]

Mary: And without any sloppy sentimentality.

Cass: Oh, now, wait a minute. I don't know. Kathleen loved sloppy sentimentality, although she'd never admit it.

Vince: You know, we used to have the worst fights about, uh, the last act of "The Heiress"? You know the line where she says, "bolt the door--"

Cheryl: Please, Pops, no more stories.

Scott: Cheryl, come on. Think I'd better go talk to her.

Mary: No. No. Uh... Let me do it.

Cass: This time... I think it should be me. Excuse me.

Donna: Victoria...When did you buy that purse?

Victoria: Oh, I didn't. It's a present.

Donna: Oh. From who?

Victoria: Grandfather.

Michael: When did you see him? Did he come back to the house?

Victoria: Yeah. He came by to give me the present.

Donna: Michael, maybe he's still there. I think we should give it back.

Michael: I think I got a little present I'd like to give Reg myself. Let's go.

Donna: Yes.

Victoria: There is a lot of tension between Michael and Grandfather.

John: Doesn't, uh, seem to bother you, does it?

Victoria: Does it bother you?

John: I don't agree with Mike about much, but I think his opinion of your grandfather is real accurate.

Victoria: You do?

John: Yeah. And I don't think that's about to change... For either one of us.

Lisa: You don't think I have any problems, do you?

Jamie: I didn't say that.

Lisa: You think I sit around thinking up ways to torture you.

Jamie: Well, you haven't exactly been straightforward.

Lisa: Well, did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't have a choice? Maybe I can't talk about that night.

Jamie: What night?

Lisa: Uh, b--don't put words in my mouth.

Jamie: I didn't. Somethin' happened to you, didn't it? Something Glaser brought back.

Lisa: Don't push me, Jamie!

Jamie: Who hurt you? Was it your mother? Your father?

Lisa: No.

Jamie: Who did it? What did they do to you?

Lisa: I can't tell you.

Jamie: I don't understand this, Lisa, but I can't take much more of it!

Lisa: Jamie!

Jamie: Listen, I'm serious. I've had enough of this.

Lisa: Jamie, please don't do this.

Jamie: No. I've gotta go on with my life at some point, Lisa.

Lisa: If that's what you want.

Jamie: I'm sorry. But I can't go on much longer like this, Lisa. You want to keep your secret? You may have to keep it by yourself.

Lisa: Jamie.

Jamie: No, no, no. This is the only way to do it. You want my love... You want me help... All you gotta do is talk to me. Otherwise... I think it's maybe... maybe it's time for quits.

Lisa: No, Jamie, please--

Jamie: Now, don't start cryin' on me, ok? It's your decision.

Lisa: How can I tell you? Nobody can know. Nobody can know what I did.

Michael: Reg! Where is that son of a--

Clara: Michael, you know how I feel about that language.

Michael: Mom, I want to know where Reg is.

Clara: I drove him off quite a while ago.

Donna: You did?

Clara: Yes.

Michael: What did he say to Vicky? What kinds of things was he sayin' to her?

Clara: First he presented her with an expensive pocketbook. Then he started talking about making amends to everybody.

Michael: Yeah, well, I know what kind of talk that is.

Clara: I believe the polite name is fertilizer.

Michael: You know he'd do anything to come between me and Vicky.

Donna: Well, he hasn't, and he never will.

Michael: Mom, I gotta tell you, though, I would've loved to have seen him up against you.

Clara: I can handle Reginald Love. Now, where's your brother?

Donna: Uh, he's still at the beach house.

Michael: Yeah, we left him there when, uh, we heard Reg was here. We just came over.

Clara: Well, is he going-- is John going to do the work for you?

Michael: Yeah. I think he is.

Victoria: Isn't Grandfather still here?

Michael: Victoria, you just missed him.

Donna: You missed the fireworks.

[Victoria sighs]

Victoria: John's going to fix up the beach house, and I'm going to live there.

Michael: On the days you're not working.

Victoria: Yeah, well... Isn't that great, Grandma?

Clara: If your father and mother approve.

Victoria: Well, it'll be a great summer project for Donna and me. We can do the decorating and help John in the--

Donna: Uh, no. No.

Victoria: Well, I didn't mean you had to hammer nails or anything.

Donna: No, it's just that this is going to be a very busy summer. I mean, I will have time to help you with all the shopping, but I, uh...I just don't think I'm gonna be spending much time at a beach house at all.

John: That's probably for the best.

Victoria: Why?

John: I have a lot to do. I work best when no one gets in my way.

Cass: She loved you, you know.

Cheryl: When, uh... Mama went away... Pops was pretty broken up, and, uh... Kathleen and M.J. thought that they should take care of me.

Cass: You were the baby sister.

Cheryl: Kathleen tried everything she could to--to be the mom that I didn't have. She did everything from making me lunches to... Reading me bedtime stories when I couldn't fall asleep. And she'd take me shopping... And to the movies on Saturdays. And when I went away to school, she would--she would send me these stupid care packages.

[Cass chuckles]

Cheryl: What am I gonna do? Who's gonna do all that stuff now?

Cass: You know what I liked best about her?

Cheryl: What?

Cass: She was so smart. And she made me laugh, too.

Cheryl: Me, too. Oh, I wish M.J. was here.

Cass: I'm here.

Cheryl: Pops is really worried about M.J. He thinks that she's gonna need a lot of time to get over this thing with Adam.

Cass: For once, I agree with your father.

Cheryl: I need her now. I feel like I'm falling apart, Cass.

Cass: Oh, honey, everybody feels like that.

Cheryl: I don't understand how you can be so brave.

Cass: Brave? Me? Uh...You must be mistaken... Or kidding or something.

Cheryl: You are, Cass.

Cass: Being with you... And your family and my friends... Is the only thing that's getting me through each hour.

Cheryl: But that goes so slowly.

Cass: You stick with me, kid, and I promise you, we'll get through all of this. I promise.

Cheryl: You know, you're not such a bad guy after all, Cass.

Cass, chuckling: Thanks a lot.

[Both laugh]

Cass: I would never have known you or your family if it hadn't been for Kathleen. I'll always be grateful to her for that. She gave me the gift of you.

Cheryl: Oh...


Cass: Come on, now. Come on. Want to go inside? Huh? You all right?

Cheryl: Yeah. Guess so.

Cass: Come on.

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