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Another World Transcript Wednesday 7/9/03

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John: Oh, Donna. My, how your eyes sparkle.

Donna: You can see, can't you? Your eyesight's back, isn't it? Oh.

Chad: Sweetie, you're not going anywhere alone. I'm going with you.

M.J.: No.

Chad: Think about it.

M.J.: There's nothing to think about, Chad. It wouldn't work. Anyway, I really need to be alone.

Chad: M.J., I want to help you.

M.J.: Nobody can help me right now. I just thought you might want to know that I was leaving.

Chad: I'm all you've got, M.J. Don't push me away now. I love you... And I wanna be with you.

Mary: Well, if it isn't about M.J.'s wedding, what is it?

Vince: Why are you here, father?

Cass: He's here because I asked him to come.

Mary: Cass!

Vince: You called the priest?

Mary: I'm so glad to see you. We've been so concerned. Where's Kathleen?

Vince: What's the matter with your hands?

Cass: There was an accident.

Vince: Where's Kathleen?

Mary: Was she hurt?

Cass: She, um...

Vince: Tell us!

Mary: What happened to Kathleen?

Cass: We were--we were on a private plane. Um, the weather was bad.

Vince: We thought you were grounded.

Cass: I told Kathleen that we should wait until morning, but... That M.J. would understand, but she said there was no way she was gonna miss this wedding.

Mary: So what did you do?

Cass: Waited until it looked like we could take off, but we were in trouble the minute the plane got off the ground.

Vince: Where's my girl?

Cass: Kathleen doesn't like to sit by the window, so I ended up close to the emergency exit, and I guess that's why I was thrown clear.

Vince: What happened to the plane?

Cass: It all happened so fast.

Mary: What are you trying to tell us? Is Kathleen badly hurt?

Vince: That isn't it, is it? Is it?

Cass: I saw the flames as soon as I came to, and I ran back to get her out.

Vince: Oh, God!

Cass: The plane exploded.

Mary: No, not Kathleen.

Father: Come on, we all need to sit down.

Vince: What is the point of sitting down? My daughter's dead.

Mary: No! No, you're lying.

Cass: Oh, Mary, please.

Mary: Why would you lie to me? I just found her. I just found her again! Oh!

[Mary wails]

Cheryl: Becky couldn't sleep. Cass! Hi! How are you?

Cass: Hi, sweetie.

Cheryl: Where's Kathleen?

Vince: Honey.

Cheryl: Where's Kathleen? Where's my sister?

Donna: You--you really can see.

John: I don't even need glasses.

Donna: John, when did this happen?

John: Just now. I turned around and the first-- the first thing I saw was your face.

Donna: Well, this is wonderful. Do you think it's going to last this time? Should I call Jamie?

John: No, it--it's different this time. It's very different.

Donna: Why? I don't understand. What do you mean?

John: All the headaches, the pain, they're gone.

Donna: Well, John, then this is permanent. This is going to last this time.

John: I don't know, Donna. I just don't wanna jinx it.

Donna: Well, how much can you see?

John: Everything.

Donna: John, this is-- this is a miracle.

John: Yeah, it is. Things like this usually don't happen to me. I'll be damned.

Donna: You know, I think I should call Jamie.

John: Listen, I got a good idea. When you call him, why don't you ask him if he'll move in here with us? I mean, you're on the phone to him every 5 minutes anyway. Why not?

Donna: I don't believe I'm seeing you like this.

John: Like what?

Donna: Well, you're laughing, you're not depressed, you're not griping about anything.

John: Oh, come on. I wasn't that bad, was I?

Donna: Oh, please. You were no day at the beach.

John: Well, maybe my luck is changing. Maybe I'm finally a winner. What do you think?

Clara: John.

Donna: Clara, um...

Clara: I couldn't sleep.

John: Well, you look good, Mom.

Clara: What?

John: This is a nice nightgown. Do you do this lace yourself? You used to do that.

Clara: What--oh, my... Goodness!

John: Now, don't get too excited just because I can see again.

Clara: Oh! Oh! John. Oh ho ho. I told you you'd get your sight back. I told you not to give up hope.

John: Right again, Mom.

[Clara laughs]

Clara: When did this happen?

John: Just now.

[Clara gasps]

Clara: I just pray this will last.

John: Well, you're not the only one.

Clara: Ooh. But why? Why now? What--what caused it?

John: I don't know. I don't know. I just turned around and... I saw Donna.

Clara: Oh, John, this is going to be a new beginning for you.

John: I hope so.

Clara: Just wait till we tell Michael.

Donna: Oh, yes. We should tell him now.

Clara: Yes, maybe we can call him--

John: No, no, let's--let's not. Why don't we, uh, we wait? We'll surprise him when he comes home tomorrow.

Donna: I think that's a good idea.

Clara: Oh, Donna. You must be so relieved.

Donna: I am. I'm--I'm just so happy for John.

Clara: I'm happy for all of us. You know, you've been acting like a grouchy old bear.

John: Oh, ma.

Clara: Yes. From now on, nobody's gonna be waiting on you.

John: Bu--but you know, I got this pesky old bad back.

Clara: Oh, isn't that tough? You're well and strong. You can start waiting on us.

John: Come here. Where are you going?

Donna: Um... You know, this has really been quite a night. I'm going upstairs to change. I'm going for a drive or something.

John: You be careful.

Donna: I will.

Clara: John. What are you going to be doing now?

John: Change this shirt, I think.

Clara: Oh, come on. You know what I mean. You've been given a gift. I'd like to know how you're going to be using it. Are you going to stay here with us?

Reginald: Victoria's coming back?

Peter: Didn't anybody tell you?

Reginald: You tell me.

Peter: Well, it seems that she worked herself into some debt in Las Vegas.

Reginald: Ha ha. That sounds like the Vicky I know. Ha ha.

Peter: So Hudson had to go out there and rescue her and bring her back.

Reginald: Leaving his brother and Donna alone in the house?

Peter: Well, I'm there... And of course old Mother Hudson.

Reginald: But Michael isn't there, and Victoria is coming back. I think you've just made my evening.

Chad: Why are you in such a hurry? Why do you have to leave everything behind?

M.J.: I can't think here, Chad. I have to get away.

Chad: I can't let you run away from me anymore, M.J.

M.J.: It's not you. It's everything. Please, Chad. Just let me go.

Chad: Not until you say I can go with you.

Felicia: Hi.

Wallingford: Hi, where have you been?

Felicia: The office. Mitch called.

Wallingford: Felicia, why the strange look on your face?

Felicia: What strange look?

Wallingford: Weren't you glad to hear from him?

Felicia: Oh, sure, I was. I--you're just not gonna believe what happened to him.

Wallingford: Oh, honey, at this point, I would believe anything.

Felicia: Seems that a private plane went down near his motel.

Wallingford: Oh, that's gotta be true. Nobody would make up a story like that.

Felicia: He grabbed his camera bag and went to see if he could help.

Wallingford: Were there any survivors?

Felicia: Yeah, he said one guy survived.

Wallingford: I hate small planes.

Felicia: Yeah.

Wallingford: Mitch is all right, isn't he?

Felicia: Oh, yeah, yeah, he's fine, really. He took pictures and did what he could and then got out of there.

Wallingford: Then what are you worried about?

Felicia: Oh, it's probably nothing.

Wallingford: What?

Felicia: I don't know. I just--I get the feeling he's not telling me something.

Wallingford: A lady Eskimo.

Felicia: No, no, I don't think it's that.

Wallingford: Well, then what could it be, Felicia?

Felicia: I don't know. It's funny, I just can't seem to shake this feeling.

Cheryl: Kathleen is never coming back.

Becky: Who's Kathleen?

Cheryl: She's my sister. She was the one who gave me this book, because it's about Paris.

Becky: Why isn't she coming back?

Father: God wanted her to come live with him.

Mary: Why? Why Kathleen?

Father: We can't understand God's will. We just have to accept.

Vince: Uh, I guess, uh, we ought to start to tell people.

Cass: Have M.J. and Adam already left?

Mary: There wasn't a wedding.

Cass: But I thought...

Vince: Was your sister home when you left?

Cheryl: I thought she was here.

Mary: Look at your poor hands.

Cass: Oh, it'll be ok.

Father: Vince, let me take care of the calling.

Vince: No. No, no, no, I just-- I just wanna find out where M.J. is.

Mary: Did you--did you burn them getting out of the plane?

Cass: When I went back, um, I was pulling at the door, but by then, the flames were so hot, I, uh...

Cheryl: God.

Cass: I couldn't even see her.

Mary: Oh, Kathleen.

Vince: Look, I'm, uh... I'm gonna make a pot of coffee.

Father: He's taking this badly.

Cass: What other way is there to take it?

Mary: Cass? I want you to know how sorry I am... That you had to go through this alone.

Cass: Oh, there was an emergency crew there, you know, firemen and medics, but they all got there too late.

Mary: I can't bear this. I just can't bear it.

Vince: Ohhh. It'll be all right. I'll take care of you.

Mary: What about you?

Vince: Well, I just gotta find M.J. She has to know.

Mary: No, don't tell her on the phone, Vince.

Vince: I'll just tell her to come here. I gotta find her.

Mary: Ok. Ok.

Cass: So tell me who your friend is.

Cheryl: Her name's Becky.

Becky: I live at Cheryl's house now.

Cass: Really? Aren't you a lucky girl? Can I see the book? Hmm? "To Cheryl... Someday I'll show you the real Paris. Kathleen."

Cheryl: I guess she never will.

Cass: I'll take you there. I know everything she loved about Paris.

Cheryl: Did you ever go there?

Cass: Yeah, a couple of months ago. I never walked so much in my entire life.

Vince: I, uh, want to talk to officer M.J. McKinnon. This is her father.

Cass: I was ready for a wine bar by 3:00, but she wanted to see the architecture. I mean, all of it. I'm not just talking museums and churches. We'd, uh, be in front of the, I don't know, the division of motor vehicles or something, and she'd say... "Hey, look at this," and I'd say, "big deal," and she'd say, "but, Cass, it was built in 1495," and she knew the architect, too. She knew everything about that city. She knew everything.

[Vince slams phone down]

Mary: What--what--what's wrong?

Vince: You work with people all those years... And they don't care about you.

Mary: Well, what's the matter?

Vince: You know what that jerk at the precinct just said? "I think she isn't supposed to come in today. She's probably on her honeymoon."

Mary: Well, he doesn't know.

Vince: He's a jerk.

[Vince sighs] where is she?

Mary: Should we call Adam?

Vince: I don't wanna talk to that guy.

Mary: Right, she's probably not with him anyway. I have something I want to say to Cass.

Cass: So you got your own room at Cheryl's?

Becky: Uh-huh, with blue wallpaper.

Cheryl: It's Ben's room.

Mary: Cass, we would like you to come and stay with us. Both of us would.

Cass: I don't think so.

Mary: But you're part of the family.

Cheryl: You are, Cass.

Cass: A hotel room is kind of neutral, you know? But that house. I can remember the first day I knew I loved her.

Cheryl: Must have been beautiful.

Cass: She was-- she was on her hands and knees in her slip in the kitchen, uh, crying and wiping spaghetti sauce off of Prometheus.

Mary: Sweet girl.

Cass: I can't go back to that kitchen, not yet.

Mary: I understand.

Cass: Felicia has a suite at Tops, doesn't she? Maybe she could put me up.

Vince: Hey, Tops, maybe that's where M.J. Is.

Mary: Why would she be there?

Vince: Well, maybe that guy Chad Rollo's seen her.

Cass: Vince.

Vince: What?

Cass: Don't say anything if Felicia or Wallingford answers. I have to tell them myself.

Vince: Right.

Mary: So many people loved her.

Cheryl: I keep thinking it isn't true. I keep thinking she's gonna walk right through that door.

Mary: You know, you don't have to stay here any longer. We can call you tomorrow.

Cass: Thanks for being here, father.

Vince: Yeah, this is Vince McKinnon. I wanna know if anybody's seen my daughter.

Mary: Thank you. I--I wanna find M.J.

Cheryl: She's gonna be a mess after all she's been through today.

Cass: The wedding didn't happen, huh? Poor kid.

Mary: It's already been the worst day of her life. I don't know how she's gonna handle this.

Vince: Yeah, I'm looking for M.J. McKinnon. I wanna talk to her right away.

Chad: I did everything I could to prevent Adam from finding out, M.J.

M.J.: I know, Chad. I'm not blaming you.

Chad: Well, then don't blame yourself, either.

M.J.: I do blame myself. I blame myself for being too young and too ambitious in trying to take the easy way to the top.

Chad: No, nothing you did ever was easy.

M.J.: And I blame myself for not telling Adam the truth. How can he love me now that he knows I used to be a hooker?

Chad: M.J., I know everything about you, and I still love you. I'll always love you.

M.J.: Good-bye, Chad.

Wallingford: Hi, Vince, this is Wally. Uh, bartender said that you were looking for M.J.

Vince: Yeah, Wally. Have you seen her?

Wallingford: Well, she was here. I think she left, though.

Vince: Well, can you stop her? I have--I have to talk to her.

Wallingford: Oh, you mean before she goes on her trip?

Vince: Trip?

Wallingford: Oh, I--I overheard her say she was gonna get out of town for a while. You knew about that, didn't you?

Vince: Yeah... But I thought...

Wallingford: Vince, how about if I see her again, I'll tell her that you're trying to find her, ok?

Vince: You do that, huh.

Wallingford: Yeah.

Wallingford: Hey, kid.

Chad: Hey, Wally.

Wallingford: Is there anything I can do to change that expression on your face?

[Chad laughs]

Chad: The only thing that can do that just left. Thanks.

Reginald: Donna? Out alone at this time of night?

Peter: I wonder what that's all about. It seems we're about to find out.

Felicia: Hi.

Donna: Hi, I'm glad you're here.

Felicia: Well, I'm glad you're here. What's up?

Donna: John has gotten his sight back.

Felicia: You're kidding? I mean, just like that?

Donna: Yes, I just hope it lasts this time, but, um...

Felicia: What? What is it?

Donna: Well, when he got his sight back, he was looking at me.

Felicia: So?

Donna: Felicia, it was the way he was looking at me.

Felicia: Oh, boy. Come on, let's go and talk.

Donna: All right.

Felicia: Sit down.

[Indistinct talking]

Vince: M.J. Was there.

Mary: What was she doing at Tops?

Vince: Well, Wallingford said that he overheard her saying something about taking a trip, going away for a while.

Mary: Oh, no, she can't do that now.

Vince: Well, what was I supposed to say to him? "Find her, hey, I gotta tell her her sister's dead"?

[Mary sighs] I'm sorry. Ugh, I don't understand any of this.

Cass: Vince.

Vince: Oh, listen, uh... uh, where is she? Where's the-- where'd they take her?

Mary: Vince, not now.

Vince: No, I have to know. I have to... Did they take her to the hospital or, um... Morgue?

Mary: Vince.

Vince: I want to know.

Cass: I don't think there's anything left.

Vince: Oh, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, take care of her. Keep her with you.

Cass: Look, I gotta get out of here. Uh, I have to talk to Felicia before she sees something in the papers.

Mary: Of course.

Cass: So I'll be back in the morning. I'll tell you everything I can, m--make some arrangements.

Vince: I can take care of the arrangements.

Chad: I know this sounds incredibly stupid, but I'm so sorry.

Vince: Sorry?

Cass: I loved her. I loved her so much, and this family, it's like my family.

Mary: You get some rest if you can, and we'll talk tomorrow.

Cass: Ok. I wi-- I wish there was something else I could say. I'll see you tomorrow.

Vince: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Mary: Vince.

Vince: No, no, no! He thinks he can just walk out of here. Now I want you to tell me something right now. You promised to take care of Katie. Why didn't you?

Vince: I gave you my daughter. You said you'd take care of her.

Cass: I tried.

Vince: Tried?! You walk in here, and you tell me she's dead, and you say you tried?

Cass: Don't you know I wish it would have been me?

Vince: All I know is that I sent a living, breathing child away with you. Now you tell me that she doesn't exist. Jeez, it's some kind of... Abstraction.

Cass: Oh, Vince.

Vince: I don't even know where she is.

Cass: Look, you know I'm not the hero type, but I swear to you, I did everything I possibly could.

Vince: Did you?

Cass: The outside of that plane was white hot. I could see my flesh burning, but I kept pulling at that door, screaming her name.

Vince: Just leave!

Cass: Some guy tried to pull me away. Uh... I tried to fight him off. I just wanted to get to Kathleen, but he pulled me away from the plane, and then... I don't know, the flames must have hit the fuel tank.

Vince: You were supposed to take care of her.

Cass: I did the best I could.

Peter: Dad, our, um, our agreement still stands. I'll tell you anything you want to know about life on the Hudson family commune.

[Reginald laughs]

Reginald: I'd like you... To do more than that.

Peter: What's this, a camera?

Reginald: Don't be misled by its size. It's very powerful.

Peter: Where'd you get it?

Reginald: I'd rather not say.

Peter: Oh, this is straight out of John le Carr. Do you want me to spy for you?

Reginald: Well, let's just say that I have a plan and I need your assistance.

[Peter laughs]

Peter: This is great.

Reginald: Oh, I'm very happy that Victoria is coming back. She could fit into things very nicely.

Peter: Uh-huh. And you want me to take pictures of John and Donna?

Reginald: Well, I don't think that would be very difficult, do you?

Peter: Oh, no, I don't.

[Camera clicks] just call me Bond, James Bond.

[Reginald laughs]

Peter: Shall we?

Felicia: Oh, but, Donna, it's wonderful that John has his sight back.

Donna: Yes, yes, I know it is.

Felicia: All right. Tell me. Is he planning on staying in the house with you?

Donna: I don't know, but I hope not.

Felicia: Honey, he always talks about how he hates everything here. Why would he stay?

Donna: Because I don't think he hates everything.

Felicia: That's what you meant when you said it was the way that he was looking at you?

Donna: Yes. And what's more, I think his mother saw it. In fact, I'm sure she did.

Felicia: Well, if she did, I'm sure she wants him out of that house as much as you do.

Donna: Maybe. Listen, I've got to get back to the house. If Michael calls, and I'm not there, he'll be worried.

Felicia: Well, listen, call me if you want to talk about anything. I've got a lot of time on my hands. Mitch is away.

Donna: All right, and that goes for you, too. If you need anything, you call me.

Felicia: Ok, all right.

Wallingford: So, uh, how is Donna?

Felicia: Ok, I guess.

Wallingford: Did she notice that the old man and Peter were here?

Felicia: They were? Really? Where?

Wallingford: Felicia, they were right at that table. I couldn't believe you didn't see them.

Felicia: Well, she sort of had a lot on her mind, and I guess so did I.

Wallingford: Are you still worried about Mitch?

Felicia: No, I'm not worried, really. I just wish he was here.

[Wallingford laughs] Wally, is that lemonade? Did you make it for me because you know I like it?

Wallingford: Felicia, I know how to handle you.

Felicia: Well, let's just hope it works.

Cass: I think I'm gonna need something a little stronger.

Felicia and Wallingford: Cass.

Wallingford: Cass!

Felicia: Oh, I don't believe it.

Wallingford: Welcome home.

Felicia: Honey, it's so good to see you.

Cass: Thanks, it's great to see you, too.

Felicia: You know, we weren't sure you were gonna make it.

Cass: Well, here I am.

Wallingford: Something's wrong.

Felicia: Something is wrong. You look like you just lost your best friend.

[Cass sobs]

Cass: As a matter of fact, that's exactly what happened.

Wallingford: I knew I hated small planes.

Felicia: Was it... Was it fast?

Cass: Uh-huh.

Felicia: She must have been so frightened.

Cass: We knew it was bad when the plane was going into a nosedive. She grabbed me and she said, "I've never loved anybody but you..."

Felicia: Cass...

Cass: And the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. Um, the plane was a few yards away from me, and it was already burning.

Wallingford: Where did this happen, Cass?

Cass: Just outside Fairbanks.

Felicia: Was there... A man who came to help you there?

Cass: Well, yeah. How did you know that?

Felicia: It was Mitch Blake, wasn't it?

Cass: Of course. I--I--I didn't recognize him at first. I was out of it.

Felicia: That's what he was keeping from me.

Cass: Well, I asked him not to say anything to anybody back here. I wanted to do it myself.

Felicia: Have you told the McKinnons?

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Oh, boy. How are they doing?

Cass: How do you expect them to be doing? I walked in and told them they were never going to see their daughter again.

Felicia: I can't believe it. Not Kathleen.

Cass: It's just, um... Oh, God, it's... it's so unreal.

Felicia: I know all about that feeling.

Cass: Yes, I know you do. I keep hoping that I was just watching some really bad in-flight movie, you know.

Felicia: Ok, now, listen to me. You're going to be ok because we're gonna take care of you. So... How about some food? You hungry?

Cass: There is something that I would really like to do.

Wallingford: You name it.

Cass: Kathleen always said that she would like nothing more than for people to have a big, old-fashioned Irish wake when she went, and I would like it very much if we could start on that right now.

Felicia: You got it.

Wallingford: Steve? Give me a bottle of Irish. Thank you.

Cass: Irish whiskey, perfect.

[Wallingford sniffles]

Felicia: Ok, baby.

Cass: To Kathleen.

Felicia: To Kathleen.

Wallingford: To Kathleen.

Cass: Hit me again.

[Wallingford coughs]

Felicia: Another.

Cass: Waste not, want not.

Wallingford: We've got plenty.

Felicia: Ready? To Kathleen.

Wallingford: To Kathleen.

Vince: I guess we should close this place for a while.

Mary: Probably.

Vince: Yeah. In the old days, they put black wreaths on the door.

Cheryl: You're not gonna do that, Pops, are you?

Vince: Mmm. They don't do that old stuff much anymore. When I was a kid... They used to-- when somebody died-- they, uh... Laid 'em out in a house, and, uh, the ladies would all sit in the parlor crying, and the men would be in the kitchen telling stories. They cried, too.

Mary: Are you all right?

Vince: Mm-hmm, oh, yeah. I just wanna know where M.J. is.

Cheryl: Well, she'll call. She always does.

Vince: Yeah. I gotta get in touch with Ben. You know, I gotta know where all my kids are.

Becky: Everybody's so sad.

Cheryl: Well, Becky, it's been a really sad day.

Mary: Poor M.J.  [Gasps] you don't think this will be on the radio?

Vince: Not from what Winthrop said.

Mary: I don't want her driving somewhere and hearing about it on the radio.

Vince: We'll find her, and we'll tell her ourselves. Oh, this book.  [Chuckles] I read that a few times.

Mary: To Kathleen?

Vince: Yeah. She had the whole thing memorized. I couldn't skip a line.

Becky: I like it.

Vince: She did, too. Did I ever tell you... About the day she was born?

Mary: No. Tell me now.

Vince: In those days, fathers didn't go in the delivery room. They went in the waiting room. You know, they smoked cigarettes and read fishing stories, and they tried to pretend that they were doing the hard part.

Mary: What were you thinking about?

Vince: I couldn't wait. I knew it was gonna be a boy. I mean, just the way it was kicking inside of you, it had to be a boy. Nurse came out and said, "Mr. McKinnon." I was just about 20, and she said, "Mr. McKinnon." She said, uh, "your wife and your daughter are doing fine." I said, "my daughter?"

Mary: Oh, were you disappointed?

Vince: I couldn't believe it. See, you were asleep. So I went right up to the nursery to see for myself, you know. There she was.

Mary: And was she beautiful?

Vince: She was... The homeliest newborn baby I ever saw.  [Laughter] she had this kind of flat nose. She had this red hair sticking out.

Mary: She couldn't have been that bad.

Vince: She was, she was, and there was this other guy standing there. He was admiring his kid, and he goes, "boy," and he looked over at her. He didn't know she was mine, and he said, "oh, boy. Too bad, you know, she's a girl, 'cause she's gonna have a rough time with looks like that."

Mary: And what did you say?

Vince: Well, I told him that that baby's name was Kathleen Mary McKinnon, and she was gonna go farther and do more than any boy that was even born.

Cheryl: Come on, Becky. Let's go home.

Becky: I don't want to go home.

Cheryl: I'll tell you what. We can sleep in my room. I'd like that.

Becky: I'm not sleepy.

Cheryl: Becky, please.

Vince: Hey, now, wait a minute. Maybe the kid needs a bedtime story.

Becky: Yeah.

Cheryl: Pops, you really don't have to do that.

Vince: What else I gotta do?

[Vince clears throat] let's see. "In an old house in Paris..."

Becky: "That was covered with vines."

Vince: Uh-oh, no skipping lines with you, either, huh? "Lived 12 little girls..."

Becky: "In 2 straight lines."

Vince: Oh, come here.  [Vince grunts] there we go. Let's see. "In 2 straight lines, they broke their bread..."

Becky: "And brushed their teeth..."

Vince: "And went to bed."

Clara: Why are you looking at me like that?

John: You weren't just about ready to tell me to leave town again, now, were you?

Clara: You must think I'm a very foolish woman.

John: I didn't say that.

Clara: Oh. You think I was trying to tell you that you should leave home again?

John: Aren't you?

Clara: I tried to run your life 20 years ago, and look what it cost me. I'm not going to make that mistake again.

John: Why are you so anxious to know what I'm gonna do?

Clara: John, I just hope you'll decide to start living again.

John: Living again?

Clara: Yes.

John: What does that mean? Settling down? Selling insurance?

Clara: You just won't tell me, will you?

John: I can't... Because I don't know.

Clara: Well, for the record, I hope you won't leave home.

John: Well, I'm through running. I do know that.

Clara: Oh, John, I want so much for you to be happy.

John: Well, you're not the only one.

Clara: And I think getting your sight back, that's a sign.

John: A sign?

Clara: Yes. That your life is going to be better. Maybe you'll find someone to share it with.

John: Maybe.

Clara: I want you to have what Michael has with Donna. Oh, hello, Donna.

Donna: Hello.

John: How was your drive?

Donna: Um, it was fine. How's your eyesight?

John: 20-20.

Donna: Good.

Clara: Well, then... I think I can sleep now. I guess I'll go on up. Unless you'd like to try to beat me at a game of checkers.

John: No, I know an impossible task when I see one.

[Clara chuckles]

Clara: Think about what I said.

John: I will. And don't worry. I can take care of myself.

Clara: Oh, John, I'm so very happy for you. Good night, dear.

Donna: Good night.

Donna: Why are you looking at me like that? John...  You know, suddenly, you're making me very uncomfortable here.

John: Sorry.

Donna: I, uh, I'm going to get a club soda. Can I get you something?

John: Where'd you go for your drive?

Donna: Actually, I went to talk to Felicia.

John: Tell her the good news?

Donna: Yes, and she was thrilled for you.

John: I'll bet.

Donna: John, we, uh, we talked quite a bit about you. I hope you don't mind.

John: No, I guess not.

Donna: Well, she's very concerned about you. So am I.

John: Lucky me.

Donna: It's just that now that you have your eyesight back, I--I hope this will be a new beginning for you.

John: Thanks. So do I.

Donna: Have you made any plans?

John: Just happened 45 minutes ago. Let's see if it sticks.

Donna: Right, I'm sorry. It's just that now that you have your eyesight back, I'm sure there are a lot of things you want to do, um, I don't know, like... Maybe get a job, find your own place. I don't know, j-- what?

John: Calm down.

Donna: I'm fine.

John: No, you're not.

Donna: John. You lost your eyesight because you tried to rescue me, and I felt horribly about that.

John: Well, you shouldn't.

Donna: Well, I have.

John: Look, I know things haven't always gone the way that you'd hoped or that you wanted them to... But I truly hope that changes for you now.

John: I'm gonna make sure it does.

Donna: Good. You know, I'm sure that there is a woman out there who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. I hope you find her.

[Door closes]

Cheryl: Thanks, Pops. You haven't lost your magic touch.

Vince: Mmm. Now, you sure you don't need help?

Cheryl: No.

Vince: Up.

Mary: Are you all right to drive, honey?

Cheryl: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Mary: I love you.

Cheryl: I love you, too. Both of you.

Vince: We'll be home soon as we lock up.

Cheryl: Ok. Good night.

Mary: Good night, baby.

Mary: Is this what it felt like when they told you I was dead? Did it hurt this much?

Vince: I don't know how to compare.

Mary: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. I don't think I really understood until now. What are we gonna do?

Vince: I don't know.

[Mary sobs] you don't expect to outlive your kids. Come on, Mary. Let's go home.

[Felicia sighs]

Wallingford: 1, 2, 3.

Felicia: Ok.

[Wallingford slurps]

[Felicia chuckles]

Wallingford: Rats.

Felicia: What?

Wallingford: Told Jeannie to meet me at the late movie. If I don't go over there, she'll be waiting around for me all night.

Cass: Jeannie?

[Felicia chuckles]

Felicia: Well.

Cass: Je--well, why don't you bring Jeannie over here?

Wallingford: It'll be too late by then.

Cass: I don't know.

Wallingford: Cass. She was a wonderful dame. I loved her.

Cass: I know you did, Wally.

Wallingford: I love you. Good night, you two.

Felicia: Good night, honey.

[Cass chuckles]

Cass: You think he was, uh, really gonna see someone?

Felicia: No.

Cass: No.

Felicia: He just thinks that maybe we should spend some time together. So... What do you wanna drink to now?

Cass: I don't know.

Felicia: I can't stand that I don't know what to do for you.

Cass: You can give me a room for the night.

Felicia: Done.

Cass: I don't think I could stay anywhere else.

Felicia: This from the guy who spent 6 months in some tacky room above Smiley's Diner?

Cass: While wearing a dress no less. I'd forgotten about that.

Felicia: The infamous Crystal Lake. Nobody ever looked more darling in a size 18.

Cass: I was kind of cute, wasn't I?

Felicia: Tony the Tuna certainly thought so, unless, of course, you drop the wig.

[Cass and Felicia laugh]

Cass: To the Tuna.

Felicia: Yes, to the Tuna. Mmm.

Cass: Oh ho ho. I should get in touch with him.

Felicia: Why?

Cass: Well, he never had much use for me obviously, but... He did love Kathleen. You know, I don't think she really knew how many people loved her. Oh, Felicia. What am I gonna do, huh? What am I gonna do now?

[Cass sobs]

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